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May 24th, 2015
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FaST Metal news

Posted by: Denis / 21.05.2015
Disfago were put together by a trio of hardened veterans of the UK's underground extreme Metal scene, who decided to take a stand against conformity and convention. Tired of the unwritten rules of metal and punk these three warriors have unleashed the sound of lawless, alcohol fuelled rage. Totally unconcerned with outside opinion, this is the sound of wanton rebellion. In the band's own words...

"...If you lack originality then you're not rebelling and if you're not rebelling you've missed the fucking point of rock n roll..."

Mastered by Thomas Taube (Ascension, Reign Of Decay, Saeculum Obscurum), this is noise, this is filth, this is fury, this is rebellion – this is DISFAGO!
  1. Whiskey Breath
  2. 400K
  3. Midnight Marauder
  4. Scrvmpyfyre
  5. Tyrant Skull (Poverty & Lust)
METALMESSAGE Promotion / German Epic Melodic Death Metal virtuoso NOTHGARD announce new bass player: Nico Kolja
Posted by: Denis / 21.05.2015
The band says about:
"Almost 4 weeks ago our dear friend Vik S. has left the band due to unforeseen circumstances and private issues. However, Vik will remain within our Band-Family of course. Further more he will support the band with taking care of the homepage and more. On the other hand we are very happy to present you the first pic of the new musician behind the bass.
Again we say thank you to Vik for all the past years and dearly welcome Nico."

For more impressions check out the video.
SOM DO DARMA / Pop Javali to embark for its first European tour in October
Posted by: Denis / 21.05.2015
The Brazilian Hard/Heavy power trio Pop Javali will embark for its first european tour in October. The group already has four confirmed shows: 09/10 at Downi in Worblaufen/Switzerland, 10/10 at Cart And Horses in London/England, 14/10 at Marias Ballroom in Hamburg/Germany and 17/10 at Razorblade Festival in Datteln/Germany.

For more than 20 years on the road, Pop Javali is formed by the Mystical Warning former members Jaéder Menossi (guitar) and Loks Rasmussen (drums), besides the bassist and vocalist Marcelo Frizzo.

In Brazil, Pop Javali became popular after playing big shows with legendary bands such as Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. Its new album, The Game Of Fate was produced by Andria and Ivan Busic, the brothers of the band Dr. Sin, and has conquering press and public all around the country. "One of the best Hard/Heavy albums of the latest years", published, for example, the most important Brazilian rock magazine Roadie Crew. On the same magazine, The Game Of Fate was elected among the 'Best Of The Year' in three categories: Best Album, Best Bassist and Best Drummer.

"It's with big proud that we announce this European tour", says the guitarist Jaéder Menossi. "For us it means a very important conquer, an achievement of a goal we outlined since the beginning of our history. I can hardly believe that we are going to play at Cart And Horses in London, same pub where Iron Maiden was formed back in 1976, and at the Razorblade Festival in Germany, same festival where already have played big names in Metal and our Brazilian mates of Uganga and Hellish War. It will certainly be a terrific experience that will add a lot to our career."

Besides the announced dates, Pop Javali shall play other five shows in October, totaling nine gigs. The new dates will be announced soon.
Limb Music / HEAVENS GATE - Best For Sale!
Posted by: Denis / 20.05.2015
From their first days in 1987 until their break in 1999, HEAVENS GATE were among the top representatives of German Heavy Metal. They had a large fan community, especially in Japan, and their albums are in high demand until today... Which justifies some special release, of course – Best For Sale! is a perfect choice for the newbie and the stalwart longtime fan. Let's take a trip down memory lane and recap the development of the band.

16 years after one of the best German Heavy Metal was heard of last, Best For Sale! offers a great compendium of the quintet's creative years. No doubt they have left their mark, and their albums are still in high demand. HEAVENS GATE were an integral part of the German Heavy Metal scene, and Best For Sale! epitomises their unique sound: be it fast smashers or classic ballads – the boys deliver them with their impressive and distinctive style. Enjoy Best For Sale! either as an introduction to the HEAVENS GATE catalogue or as a great essential legacy.

Punihsment 18 Records / Raging Death - listen to new Raging Death song
Posted by: Denis / 20.05.2015
The new self titled album from Polish Thrash metallers Raging Death was released on April, 27th by italian label Punihsment 18 Records. Available on-line on YouTube the self titled song, Raging Death. Band play an old school Thrash Metal influenced by 80s Teutonic Thrash scene.
SPV / EAT THE GUN drive to 'Howlinwood'
Posted by: Denis / 20.05.2015
EAT THE GUN up the ante: in August 2015 the band will release studio album No. 5 and will once again collaborate with label partner Steamhammer/SPV. The musical reorientation on the 2013 release Stripped To The Bone was game-changing for Eat The Gun and rewarded by the European music press with tremendous praise of album and band. Starting 2015 the band was literally living in the studio, working nonstop to finish the songs for the much anticipated new album. Band and label were once again able to bring in Stephan 'Gudze' Hinz (H-Blockx) as producer, who already in 2013 helped the band redefine their sound. One thing's for sure: captivating modern Alternative Rock, great songs and amazing live performances are on the menu for 2015. There isn't just one place for good music, Howlinwood is everywhere.

"Stripped To The Bone was a liberation for us as a band and completely changed the way we write and record songs, maybe even our entire approach on how to make music. Back then we suddenly realized what kind of music we always wanted to make and this is what the new album is about, taking something that feels good and develop it into something even better." Hendrik

Over the next weeks band and label will announce the album title, artwork and present the first listening material, followed by single and video releases before the final album release end of August. The first tour dates in 2015 are already confirmed.

Eat The Gun got together in 2002, have released the studio albums Cross Your Fingers (2006), Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion (2009), RUNNER (2011) and Stripped To The Bone (2013). The band is a permanent resident in the German Rock/Alternative radio and DJ charts and even made it to the top 20 of the American college radio charts in 2011. The band has played more than 600 concerts to date, inspiring fans at Open Flair Festival, Summer Breeze, Bochum Total, Taubertal Festival, Big Day Out and Wacken, appearing alongside acts such as Die Toten Hosen, HIM, Danko Jones, Duff McKagan, Donots, Mustasch, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar.
    Festivals 2015
  • 11.07. D-Bonn, Rockaue Festival
  • 31.07. D-Anröchte, Big Day Out Festival
  • 15.08. D-Brunsbüttel , Dith Rockt Festival
    Howlinwood – Tour 2015
  • 28.08. D-Münster , Sputnikhalle – Howlinwood Release Show!
  • 24.09. D-Essen, Turock
  • 25.09. D-Frankfurt, Nachtleben
  • 01.10. D-Munich, Backstage
  • 02.10. D-Geislingen, Seemühle
  • 04.10. D-Berlin, Comet
  • 15.10. D-Cologne, Underground
  • 16.10. D-Osnabrück, Westwerk
  • 17.10. D-Hamburg, Molotow
  • 18.10. D-Hannover, Lux
  • 30.10. D-Oldenburg, Cadillac

Posted by: Denis / 20.05.2015
Ulterium Records are proud to announce the release of a limited double gatefold vinyl edition of the STRYPER live album Live at the Whisky. A deal was inked with Frontiers Records and the European release date is set to August 7th. The edition is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide.

The vinyl edition features new artwork created by Jan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design.

Live at the Whisky is available for pre-ordering at the Ulterium Records Store.
    Track listing
    Side A
  1. Legacy
  2. Marching Into Battle
  3. You Know What To Do
  4. Loud N' Clear
    Side B
  5. Reach Out
  6. Calling On You
  7. Free
  8. More Than A Man
    Side C
  9. The Rock That Makes Me Roll
  10. No More Hell To Pay
  11. Jesus Is Just Alright
  12. Always There For You
    Side D
  13. All For One
  14. The Way
  15. To Hell With The Devil
  16. Soldiers Under Command

Nuclear Blast / SYMPHONY X – Announce New Album 'UNDERWORLD', out in July
Posted by: Denis / 19.05.2015
New Jersey's Progressive Metal masters SYMPHONY X are set to release their brand new, ninth studio album called Underworld on July 24th via Nuclear Blast Records.

SYMPHONY X have triumphed, creating a panoramic 'album rock' experience in an era cursed with diminishing attention spans. "This new one is about the song, really crafting each one on its own, to be as strong as it could be" says Michael Romeo, chief writer in the band, and proprietor of The Dungeon, the tricked-out studio in which the album was crafted, newly equipped with the latest in technology required to execute the band's famous symphonic and orchestrated touches.

"Musically, Underworld has things reminiscent of the bands previous albums but this one definitely has its own individuality," stated Michael. "Every element added was in service of the song, so the album flows and becomes a total listening experience from start to finish. Every song is to-the-point and fine-tuned, with us paying a lot of attention to the hooks, voices, riffs, and keeping the interest and the energy high for the entire record. It is heavy and aggressive as fuck when it needs to be, yet soaring and emotional at other times. I think the balance is just right. It had to have all the elements of what we normally would do, just tweaked up a notch and really fine-tuned. You know, industry people have talked about how we'll never see a complete album again, and that idea. I wanted to defend the reputation of the album, and really try to make Underworld worth listening to as a whole record. It's what I love about great individual songs, but still an album experience. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching, but it was a point we wanted to make. It was about the progression of the whole record. It speeds up here and then it dips down here. It all makes sense together, it all works together and it all flows together."

Although Underworld is not a concept album, Michael stated "like the last couple of records, there's a theme that carries through, without it being storytelling. We try to find something to key in on and get the juices flowing, and here the goal was to find something a little dark but with emotional content. I started looking at Dante, and Orpheus in the underworld, where he's going to go to Hades or hell to save this girl. So there's the theme of going to hell and back for something or someone you care about." Heavily inspired by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, Underworld draws on the themes from 'Divine Comedy' most notably the part on 'Inferno'. As homage to Dante's use of the number 3 and its multiples, the band utilizes this motif in its music either in a lyrical or melodic context. The first song on the album is a three syllable, three note melodic phrase, and in the verses there are three references to three songs on the bands third album, The Divine Wings Of Tragedy. "There's cool shit like this all over the record," Romeo reports.

For Underworld's cover art, SYMPHONY X went with their established illustrator Warren Flanagan (Watchmen, The Incredible Hulk, 2012), who similarly tapped into the 'secret knowledge' vibe Michael and band embedded in the record. "Warren went with the masks, similar to the first record," explains Romeo. "But when I discussed with him Dante and the underworld, he did his own research and designed a little symbol for each of the nine circles of hell. So there are these little geometric symbols that mean something. That's just what he does. He gets in there and finds these things that maybe no one really besides us knows what it means and yet it has meaning."

Nuclear Blast / HELLOWEEN video premiere for 'My God-Given Right'
Posted by: Denis / 19.05.2015
HELLOWEEN are one of the most influential and internationally successful acts of the global Metal scene. With the release of their 15th studio album My God-Given Right, due on May 29th (EU), June 1st (UK) and June 2nd (US), the pumpkin heads are set to further cement their title as the founding fathers of German Melodic Speed Metal.

Now, HELLOWEEN appropriately premiere their new music video for My God-Given Right on

Director Oliver Sommer (AVA Studios) comments: "The story tells itself with the first look on the artwork: it seems to be a film still and you only have to press the 'play'-button...
So the female protagonist flees - reminiscences to different (post)apocalyptic films and stories are deliberated - from an army of robotic pumpkin soldiers through an empty world. On the other side, the band performs in frightfully beautiful, rocked out ambience. When the tough girl realizes, that she won't escape, she turns around and kills her chasers with a grenade which looks like the torch from the Statue of Liberty... it is immersed in snow on the cover artwork and in sand in the clip. Our post-apocalyptic world is a white desert, which exists in reality in Germany. The industrial disaster area, our hero is fleeing in and the band is performing in, is an incredible and giant area of the ex-steelworks (Heavy Metal!) Maxhütte - both locations are real wastelands..!"

Frontiers Records / Kelly Keeling - the solo album entitled 'Mind Radio'
Posted by: Denis / 19.05.2015
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of KELLY KEELING'S new solo album entitled Mind Radio on July 3rd in Europe and July 10th in North America.

Kelly Keeling is a Louisiana-born multi-instrumentalist in high demand as songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and producer. He began his musical career with Baton Rouge with whom he released 3 albums. Later he joined Blue Murder's 2nd album, Nothin but Trouble, wrote and recorded 2 albums with John Norum (Europe) following extensive tours of Norway & Sweden. Keeling joined Heaven & Earth for 'Windows to the World', then 3 albums and world tour with Michael Schenker's MSG, 4 albums with Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus, featuring legendary guitarists Brian May, Yngwie Malmsteen, Neal Schon, Slash, Zak Wilde, Steve Morse, Paul Gilbert, and Vivian Campbell. After 3 years as lead vocalist touring and recording with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Keeling returned to independent projects including the recent album, Red Zone Rider, featuring UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore and Scot Coogan.

Amid all these collaborations, Kelly debuted as a solo artist with the album Giving Sight to the Eye which was released in March 2005, featuring Roger Daltrey, Denny Laine, Kerry Livgren, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin. Now in 2015, Kelly Keeling is back with another solo album entitled, Mind Radio, which is produced by the very-much-in-demand Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Bonfire, Graham Bonnet, Hardline etc.).

"This album is a culmination of the last 5 years on a journey to revive my old band amidst considerations of not playing music anymore for a while due to a much needed break" says Kelly. "But during the process I found direction, actually traveling and ending up all over the world on tour with Baton Rouge, and as a solo artist at various festivals and venues. This album Mind Radio is very honest, walking the listener through what I endured on this journey. I love my band. Alessandro Del Vecchio! What a genius that guy is. I've produced and been a part of many albums but this guy is so brilliant! What a great musician singer, writer, producer and brother to me. I'm so very happy to have him onboard as he surely simplified a focused direction, taking a load of effort off of me through a masterpiece of work which seems to have taken lifetimes to get here."

With songwriting contributions from Robert Sall (RIDE OUT THE STORM, FROZEN IN TIME), VON GROOVE's Michael Shotton, guitarist Mario Percudani and Del Vecchio himself. Musically and sonically, this is a brilliant Melodic Rock album showcasing the impeccable vocal talents of one of the most underrated Hard Rock singers of our time. Also included on the album are three songs written by Keeling together with his BATON ROUGE cohorts Jack Ponti and Lance Bulen (WRITTEN IN FIRE, MONKEY HOUSE and WHO DO YOU RUN TO).

Enjoy an album trailer
    Mind Radio tracklisting includes:
  • This Love Our Paradise
  • Isolated Man
  • Sunshine Over Me
  • Still Need You In My Arms
  • Written In Fire
  • Take Me To The Limit
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • No Man's Land
  • Frozen In Time
  • Monkey House
  • Ride Out The Storm
  • Who Do You Run To
AFM Records / Burning Point new lyric video and single 'Find Your Soul' available
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2015
Finnish Power metallers BURNING POINT have released their new (digital) single Find Your Soul, accompanied by a lyric video.

Find Your Soul comes off the band's upcoming album, simply tiled Burning Point, which will be unleashed on June 12th (EU) / July 7th in the US.

Burning Point marks the first release with new vocalist Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast). The album consists of 5 brand new songs and 6 re-recorded Burning Point classic tracks.

Pure Steel Records / AXEMASTER promo video for 'Chylde' released
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2015
US Metallers AXEMASTER have released a promo video for the song Chylde. The song is taken from the new album Overture to Madness, the first in 25 years, which was released worldwide on March 6th 2015 through PURE STEEL RECORDS.

CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC to release DARK QUARTERER's 'Ithaca' on vinyl
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2015
CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is proud to announce the release of DARK QUARTERER's new album Ithaca on vinyl!

Ithaca has been originally released April 25 on compact discs by Metal on Metal Records, receiving a warm feedback from the fans.

Ithaca is a concept album inspired by the 1911's poem of the same title by a Greek poet, Konstantinos P. Kavafis (Constantine P. Cavafy), who used Odysseus's travel from the Trojan Wars back to his home-island as a metaphor for the journey of life; the goal is not important, but the journey itself. Stylistically, it's a mix of '80s epic Heavy Metal with '70s Progressive Rock, and some elements of Doom.

With a specific, suitable mastering for vinyl, the release includes two exclusive 2010-live bonus tracks which have been explicitly chosen by the band for its quality and uniqueness. The first is a version of band's own classic War Tears; the peculiarity of this version is that is sung in Italian, making the interpretation of singer Gianni Nepi particularly passionate. The second bonus is the long, touching piece Deep Wake another song that shows Dark Quarterer's incredible skills.

Besides over 70 minutes of stellar, Progressive Metal music, this deluxe DOUBLE LP GATEFOLD EDITION will also include a 4-page booklet with lyrics and a download-card.

Estimated release-date is September 19.
  1. The Path of Life
  2. Night Song
  3. Mind Torture
  4. Escape
  5. Nostalgia
  6. Rage of Gods
  7. Last Fight
  8. Peace
  9. War Tears (live)
  10. Deep Wake (live)

Posted by: Denis / 15.05.2015
Debut album from Italians Negacy (born from the ashes of Red Warlock) entitled Flames of Black Fire will be released on CD and Digital 15th June on Jolly Roger Records (Alive Distribution / Code7 Distribution).

Anticipated by single Nothing Changes, Flames of Black Fire contains 10 tracks of Us-style Heavy Metal, melodic, dark and technical at the same time. Featuring talented vocalist Marco Piu also in cult progressive band Memento Waltz, released the excellent album Division by Zero in 2013. Cover artwork by Stanis Decker (Stryper, Blackmore's Night, Place Vendome, Vanden Plas...)

4 audio tracks available for streaming here.

The Great Plague official videoclip, available here.
    LINE UP:
Nuclear Blast / CRADLE OF FILTH premiere fiendish video for 'Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych'
Posted by: Denis / 14.05.2015
Barbarous hellhounds CRADLE OF FILTH only recently announced the completion, release and cover artwork for their opus nocturne and 11th studio album entitled Hammer Of The Witches. Having been three years since the release of their previous album – this has been the longest gap in the band's murky history. And the wait is nearing completion.

Fans can get the first taste of the new album in the form of the official video for new track Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych, which has premiered online. Watch the video over on Metal Hammer's website. Or watch the uncensored version over on Vimeo.

The video was directed by Sam Scott-Hunter (Devilment, Sipknot, The 69 Eyes), who also took the band's promotional photos. As well as featuring Dani and his troop of reprobates, model and Kinbaku enthusiast Gestalta also makes an appearance.

Front man Dani Filth commented on the making of the video: "The video for Right Wing Of The Garden Triptych was an immense thrill to film as it was undertaken in a jet-engine testing hangar at a former U.S. Military base close to my home town of Ipswich, followed by an equally surreal afternoon spent under the aerobatic flightpath of the Imperial War Museum. Directed by Sam Scott-Hunter, the video is a realised phantasmagoria of horror and hell-bound heartistry, fully encapsulating the beautality of the first single from Hammer Of The Witches, and if my flagrant play-on-words doesn't pique your interest, then the fact that it features a renowned rope bondage queen and the band in full swing just possibly might."

Hammer Of The Witches is due for global release on 10th July via Nuclear Blast. It is the first Nuclear Blast album to have a Global Release Date.

Napalm Records / GRAVE DIGGER supporting BLIND GUARDIAN in the US
Posted by: Denis / 14.05.2015
After three decades of Heavy Metal history, GRAVE DIGGER is still one of the very best German Metal bands enjoying a leading role, when it comes to classic Heavy Metal! Dynamic, powerful and unique, that's how GRAVE DIGGER is known for & these trademarks will be proven also live on stage! The band has now announced that they will be supporting German Power Metal giants BLIND GUARDIAN on an extensive US-tour this autumn! Don't miss this Metal party live on tour!
  • 27.10.15 US - Baltimore / Soundstage
  • 29.10.15 CA - Toronto / Danforth Music Hall
  • 30.10.15 CA - Montreal / Corona
  • 31.10.15 US - Worcester / Palladium
  • 01.11.15 US - Philadelphia Union Transfer
  • 03.11.15 US - New York / Webster Hall
  • 04.11.15 US - Munhall / Carnegie Music Hall
  • 06.11.15 US - Pontiac / The Crofoot
  • 07.11.15 US - Cleveland / House of Blues
  • 08.11.15 US - Chicago / Concord Music Hall
  • 09.11.15 US - Minneapolis / Mill City Nights
  • 11.11.15 US - Denver / The Summit Music Hall
  • 13.11.15 CA - Calgary / MacEwan Hall
  • 14.11.15 CA - Edmonton / Union Hall
  • 16.11.15 CA - Vancouver / Commodore Ballroom
  • 17.11.15 US - Seattle / Studio Seven
  • 19.11.15 US - San Francisco / The Fillmore
  • 20.11.15 US - Sacramento / Ace Of Spades
  • 21.11.15 US - Anaheim City / National Grove of Anaheim
  • 22.11.15 US - Tempe / The Marquee
  • 24.11.15 US - Dallas / Gas Monkey Live
  • 25.11.15 US - Houston / Warehouse Live
  • 27.11.15 US - Atlanta / The Masquerade
  • 28.11.15 US - Orlando / The Plaza Live

Inner Wound Recordings / Pyramaze 'Disciples of the Sun' music video released
Posted by: Denis / 14.05.2015
PYRAMAZE just released the music video for the title track of their new album Disciples of the Sun online. The video was directed by Thomas Tjäder (The Haunted, In Flames, Jorn) for Acromacy Media and the editing & VFX was made by Craig Gowans for Disciples of the Sun will be released on May 22nd in Europe and on May 26th in North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

The IMPALA signs with GlobMetal Promotions
Posted by: Denis / 13.05.2015
Russian Industrial/Post Metal band the IMPALA has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

the IMPALA is a team of 5 people for whom music is an integral part of life. The musicians strive to reflect their ups and downs in their songs. The band's search for its own style ended up with instrumental Metal of all kinds, every song of which represents a story of band members' life. Musicians make an accent on drive, combining it with deep lyrics and a handful of Cosmos...

"We are happy to work with guys from GlobMetal Promotions. They'll help us to bring the music to our goal: the European listeners", — Gleb Galenko, the band leader, said about cooperation.

In April the IMPALA released an album Chapter One, made up in post Rock / post Metal / instrumental Metal / Rock styles.
Metal Blade Records / Armored Saint stream new song via LA Weekly
Posted by: Denis / 13.05.2015
Los Angeles, California's Armored Saint are set to release their seventh studio album this summer. The album, Win Hands Down, is all things Armored, a vintage crush of classic power propelled by a cathartic blast of life in the year 2015. The album is scheduled for release on June 2nd in North America, with release dates for June 1st in Europe/UK, and May 29th in DE/CH/AT.

The group have partnered with the LA Weekly to debut the new track, An Exercise In Debauchery, HERE.

METAL ALLEGIANCE signs with Nuclear Blast Entertainment; debut album from musical collective slated for release this fall
Posted by: Denis / 13.05.2015
After successful appearances at sea on MOTÖRHEAD's Motörboat and Shiprocked as well as an unforgettable show before NAMM in Anaheim this past January, METAL ALLEGIANCE has signed their first-ever record deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The world-wide deal stems from the popular musical collective uniting to write and record original material this past winter. Brought together by METAL ALLEGIANCE principal partner Mark Menghi, the original material came together from the creative minds of David Ellefson of MEGADETH, Mike Portnoy of THE WINERY DOGS and Alex Skolnick from TESTAMENT alongside Menghi. The four writers then reached out through their Metal rolodexes to a diverse lineup of performers, each adding their own personal musical stamp to the collection of nine original songs. More information on the performers and individual track lineups will be released in the near future. The debut album from METAL ALLEGIANCE is slated for release this fall.

Nuclear Blast Entertainment President Monte Conner offered up his label as the home for METAL ALLEGIANCE after several meetings. Upon hearing the demos and seeing the list of performers, he felt it was something he wanted to be a part of.

"I am incredibly fortunate to be able to work with legendary musicians and personal heroes like David Ellefson, Alex Skolnick and Mike Portnoy, as well as METAL ALLEGIANCE founder Mark Menghi. These guys wrote an amazing and diverse record that is 100% pure Metal, and lined up some killer guest vocalists and lead guitarists to bring it home in an epic, shredding fashion - just the leads on this record alone will blow people away!", exclaims Monte Conner, President, Nuclear Blast Entertainment.< "Perhaps the coolest part of all is that unlike similar projects in the past that existed as studio-only creations, METAL ALLEGIANCE were a touring entity first and have now organically evolved into a studio band that makes albums. I am very grateful to these guys for choosing me and the Nuclear Blast team as the vehicle to bring their music to the metal masses."

Stemming from an initial idea in 2011, METAL ALLEGIANCE was born as a way to unite a collection of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal's most notable musicians in a setting born under one ideal, a love of music and performing. In 2015, that ideal still holds true and has become the foundation for everything METAL ALLEGIANCE; furthered with the release of the upcoming debut album. While the lineup may change, the passion, the energy and the emotion all remain the same. METAL ALLEGIANCE is more than just a record or a concert, it's an experience and a lifestyle.

Previous participants in METAL ALLEGIANCE live events have included: Philip Anselmo/Rex Brown (PANTERA), Joey Belladonna/Frank Bello/Charlie Benante/Scott Ian (ANTHRAX), David Ellefson (MEGADETH), Gary Holt/Kerry King/Dave Lombardo (SLAYER), Chuck Billy/Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT), Troy Sanders (MASTODON), Mike Portnoy (THE WINERY DOGS) and Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA) to name a few. These unforgettable events have also spawned surprise appearances by the likes of Geezer Butler (BLACK SABBATH), Phil Campbell/Mickey Dee (MOTÖRHEAD), Steve Vai and Billy Sheehan (THE WINERY DOGS).
Stormspell Records / STARBORN - The Dreaming City
Posted by: Denis / 12.05.2015
STARBORN - The Dreaming City (Trend Killers #12) - sophomore release by the upcoming UK Heavy/Power quintet from Newcastle Upon Tune. Heavily influenced by the 80s US Power Metal masters, STARBORN is all about muscular guitar riffing, thundering rhythms, piercing vocals, and flaming guitar solos. If you like bands such as Fates Warning, early Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Liege Lord, and Metal Church, this one is for you!
CHAINSHEART joins Pitch Black Records - debut out in June
Posted by: Denis / 12.05.2015
CHAINSHEART are a classic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Cyprus comprised of seasoned musicians, all of whom are extremely passionate rockers and this is clearly evident throughout their music and performances. The band began in 2011 as the solo project of vocalist Yiannis Savva who soon after decided to form a band, thus CHAINSHEART were born.

In late 2012 the band released their first album (Just Another Day) as a self-release. A purely Hard Rock album, it received positive feedback from press and media. The band however underwent several line-up changes and has finally found its true sound and style – classic Heavy Metal.

CHAINSHEART are now back with their second album, titled Leaving Planet Hell, an album filled with anthemic Heavy Metal tunes, melodic lines, energy and passion and of course that somewhat 'old-school' sound reminiscent of the good old days! Make no mistakes here; fists will be up high while headbanging will be non-stop upon listening to this album!

Leaving Planet Hell features guest keyboards by Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND, OUTLOUD) and a guest vocal performance by Nicholas Leptos (WARLORD, ARRAYAN PATH). The album was mixed by Bob Katsionis at his own Sound Symmetry Studio in Athens, Greece. It will be out on June 5 (EU) / June 8 (UK) / June 9 (US) on CD and digital.
  • Yiannis Savva – Vocals
  • Kikis Apostolou – Lead guitar
  • Alex Chamberlain – Rhythm guitar
  • Paris Lambrou – Bass guitar
  • Marios Georgiou – Drums
    Album tracklist:
  1. Soul Kingdom
  2. Breeze
  3. Flames That Rise
  4. Mystery
  5. Final Destination
  6. Return to the Stage
  7. Points of you
  8. Never Stand Still
  9. Dangerous Drop
  10. Journey
  11. The Spell
Massacre Records / RONNIE JAMES DIO Tribute track list
Posted by: Denis / 12.05.2015
Massacre Records tribute to the legendary RONNIE JAMES DIO will be released soon!

Time to reveal the complete tracklisting of A Light In The Black - A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio. There you go:
    CD 1
  1. Crystal Ball - Sacred Heart
  2. MessengeR - Kill The King
  3. Gun Barrel - Evil Eyes
  4. Gloryful - Heavy Metal Will Never Die
  5. The Order - I Could Have Been A Dreamer
  6. Metal Inquisitor - King Of Rock 'N' Roll
  7. Circle Of Silence - One Night In The City
  8. Burden Of Grief - Neon Knights
  9. Love.Might.Kill - Stand Up And Shout
  10. Rebellion - I
    CD 2
  11. Iron Fate - Light In The Black
  12. MessengeR - Don't Talk To Strangers
  13. Crystal Ball - The Sign Of The Southern Cross
  14. Love.Might.Kill - Hungry For Heaven
  15. The Order - The Last In Line
  16. Gun Barrel - Voodoo
  17. Circle Of Silence - Time Machine
  18. Rebellion - Kill The King
  19. Gloryful - Holy Diver
  20. Wizard - Caught In The Middle
Jan Yrlund (, a huge DIO fan himself, created the cover artwork.

The 2-CD tribute album A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio) will be released on May 22, 2015 via Massacre Records!
Frontiers Records / Chaos Magic - Timo Tolkki and Caterina Nix
Posted by: Denis / 12.05.2015
Finnish Metal Icon TIMO TOLKKI creates CHAOS MAGIC with Chilean singer CATERINA NIX and a new Metal star is born! Debut album out on Frontiers in July.

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the impending release of CHAOS MAGIC's self-titled debut album on July 3rd in Europe and July 10th in North America.

The name CHAOS MAGIC encompasses the new alliance between Finnish songwriter/producer Timo Tolkki (former STRATOVARIUS) with Chilean-born singer Caterina Nix. The beautiful singer has already collaborated with Timo on the second chapter of the AVALON Rock Opera Angels of the Apocalypse, where she shared lead vocals on songs with such heavyweight singers as Simone Simons (Epica), Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), and Floor Jansen (Nightwish).

Caterina's career started by singing lead vocals for the Chilean Metal band Aghonya with whom she opened shows for such bands as After Forever, Edguy and Within Temptation.

"I met Timo in Chile some years ago, during one of his visits to the country with Stratovarius," tells Caterina. "I remember going to a meet-and-greet with the band, and Timo and I just started talking like we had known each other for ages. We developed a very nice sort of father to daughter friendship and we have been in contact ever since. One day I decided to send him my music, just to know his opinion about it, and thankfully, he was pleasantly surprised. That's how it all started really."

The CHAOS MAGIC album was written, performed and produced by Tolkki to develop the vocal talent of Caterina and shows a diverse side of Timo's musical talents. Musically, we are in a territory not too far away from the recent WITHIN TEMPTATION releases, melting beautiful and sweeping melodies with symphonic and grandiose musical landscapes. "I feel the music Timo created for this project is very current, it's strong and also shows some more delicate moments, without losing its edge," continues Caterina. "It was a joy for me to sing these beautifully contagious songs. I did my best to bring emotion and passion into the songs, which I guess wasn't so hard, since I was truly so excited."

"I hope this album reaches several layers of music listeners, it's quite captivating and nothing would make me happier than singing these songs live... giving myself to the audience and feeling that connection, which is truly priceless to me," concludes Caterina.
AFM Records / Burning Point to release new album on June 12th!
Posted by: Denis / 12.05.2015
Finnish Power metallers BURNING POINT will release their new album, simply titled Burning Point, on June 12th (EU) / July 7th (US). Burning Point includes 5 brand new songs and 6 re-recorded tracks from the band's first three albums.

In 2014, former Battle Beast vocalist Nitte Valo joined the band, so this the first release with her fronting BURNING PIOINT.

Guitarist Pete Ahonen states:
"It was clear from the start that we wanted this album to be an absolute best representer of the new improved line-up, as well as a breath of new life to some of the old BURNING POINT-classics! This self-titled album is a perfect example of where we come from, where we are and to where we are heading to."

Borealis sign with AFM, new album teaser available
Posted by: Denis / 12.05.2015
Canadian melodic metallers BOREALIS have inked a deal with AFM Records and will release their new album Purgatory on June 19th (EU) / July 21st (North America). So far this young and talented band may mostly be known to insiders and a smaller but devoted fanbase, but their new (3rd) album Purgatory proves that BOREALIS belong to the best bands in the genre.

After the self-released World Of Silence (2008) and 2011's Fall From Grace (Lion Music/Hydrant Music), now with Purgatory the band reaches a whole new level. Their surprisingly high recognition value not only comes from the tasteful instrumentations but also from Matt Marinelli's expressive voice which elegantly guides through the twelve songs on Purgatory. BOREALIS create atmospheric depth like only few others are able to do. Their partly quite modern guitar riffs merge with classic Power Metal, Progressive elements and a symphonic touch, to build a heavy and intense, yet melodic sound which fans of bands like Evergrey, Kamelot and Nocturnal Rites will embrace to the fullest.

A first teaser is available here.
    Purgatory tracklisting:
  1. Past the Veil
  2. From the Ashes
  3. The Chosen One
  4. Destiny
  5. Darkest Sin
  6. My Peace
  7. Place of Darkness
  8. Welcome to Eternity
  9. Sacrifice
  10. Rest My Child
  11. Purgatory
  12. Revelation

Massacre Records / STORMHAMMER artwork
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2015
STORMHAMMER are back with a new album! Echoes Of A Lost Paradise will feature 12 songs and a nice mix of true Power Metal, speedy thrash songs and mid-tempo tracks. And yes, there will also be a ballad!

The stunning cover artwork was created by none other than Jan Yrlund.

Echoes Of A Lost Paradise was recorded at SH Studio, mixed by Mario Lochert and mastered by Jan Vacik at Dreamsound Studio - both in Munich, Germany.

STORMHAMMER's new album Echoes Of A Lost Paradise will also be available as limited vinyl LP and is set to be released on June 12, 2015 via Massacre Records!

Massacre Records / BLOODLOST Track List
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2015
Lovely Sion in Switzerland hasn't only given birth to mighty Samael - BLOODLOST are also ready to leave their mark on the world of extreme Metal! Their upcoming third album Evil origins is thrashing like a maniac!

It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Izakar (Blazing War Machine) and Sébastien Castan at Full Metal Studio in Marseille, France. Romain Vuille (Linda Photography) has created the cover artwork.
    The complete tracklisting is as follows:
  1. Azazel
  2. Hammer On Your Face
  3. El Diablo
  4. I Am Evil
  5. The Doors
  6. Legion From Hell
  7. Demolition
  8. Bring My Bitch
  9. Born From Fire
  10. The Undertaker
BLOODLOST's new album Evil Origins will be available for an attractive newcomer price and is set to be released on May 22nd via Massacre Records.
Massacre Records / CRYSTAL BALL New Guitarist
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2015
Meet CRYSTAL BALL's new guitarist Tony Castell! He replaces Markus Flury who has decided to leave the band due to lack of time and for professional reasons.

"We want to thank Markus for the great time we had together and we wish him the very best for his private and professional future!
We're very happy that we've found a worthy substitute: Tony 'T.C.' Castell (ex-Krokus, ex-Fox). Together we'll take the next steps forward and we'll rock the stages of the world!"

CRYSTAL BALL's new album LifeRider will be released on May 22nd via Massacre Records.

Pure Steel Records / SHADOWKILLER teaser video for 'Until The War Is Won' released
Posted by: Denis / 07.05.2015
Progressive Power metallers SHADOWKILLER from North California have released a teaser video for their forthcoming second album Until The War Is Won.

High Roller Records / ALCOHOLATOR 'Escape from Reality' out now
Posted by: Denis / 07.05.2015
Alcoholator from Montreal, Canada, play Thrash Metal, their lyrics are mainly about 'alcohol, violence and moshing' and they are – no, they are not just the Canadian answer to Tankard! Guitarist Matt Butcher is of course familiar with that comparison, but he can easily explain why things are not as simple as that: "Well, of course people will automatically associate us with Tankard since we play thrash metal and we like to talk about beer, we like to party, and we like our shows to turn into parties; so when we first started, we figured we'd write some drinking songs that people at the shows could sing along to, but musically, I think most of our songs are much more inclined towards fast and aggressive pissed-off thrash metal than happy party Thrash Metal! Not to take anything away from Tankard, I love them, I just think we are a distinct band on a different pole of the thrash metal universe." That's already a very good description, but to get an even better taste of how Alcoholator sound, add some Razor, Exodus, S.O.D., Kreator, Anthrax and Destruction and spice it with some Megadeth, Sacrifice and Voivod – those are the flavours of Alcoholator's second full length album "Escape from Reality.

Alcoholator's debut Coma got a bunch of great reviews, and now Escape from Reality is the much-feared second full album – is that a reason for Alcoholator to wet their pants? Matt doesn't really think so, even though he's aware of the expectations people might have: "Hahaha! Well, I'm not losing any sleep over it, but it's always a very stressful thing to release a new record, you never know if the world will think it's as good as you think it is, you know, every one has different tastes in music, and we as songwriting musicians will write songs that we feel are what we would like to hear on an album you buy from a record store. But we are very proud of what we have accomplished with this new one. I think it has what it takes to be a good follow-up to our first one, and hopefully people will be as excited as we are when they hear it!"

A lot has changed for Alcoholator since the release of the first album. The band have become much more experienced, having played many shows around Canada, they found their own inner chemistry as a band and are tighter than ever. They also had their fair share of Spinal Tap moments, as Matt reveals: "Hahaha, yeah, we went through about 6 or 7 bass players!" For Escape from Reality, Fred Bizier replaced Jesse Mamano on bass – a pretty tough change for both Alcoholator as a band and for the new album: "Mamano was a very good bass player and an integral part of our sound, but due to some unfortunate circumstances we had to part ways with him. We were never lucky with bass players. Even before he was in the band, I think we had 2 other bass players that didn't fit in. When he left the band, we got Marc who toured with us for all of 2012, then when that didn't work out for us, either, we went through some auditions but didn't find a permanent replacement. Then we wanted to start recording the new album. So the original plan was that I should play the bass, but when we asked our friend Fred Bizier from Reanimator if we could borrow his bass, he offered to record the album for us instead as a session player in exchange for a 24. Sounded like a pretty fucking fair deal!!! And he's a great bass-player! Then after completing the album, we did more shows with another new bass player named Gord from the band Warcall. He decided to stick around for the following year until recently. Now our new official bass player is Francis Louis-Seize, an old school Montreal thrasher from back in the days! It's hard to keep track of all those fucking bass players! I think it's a curse or something, it's really starting to remind me of Spinal Tap with their drummers, hahaha."

Now that it'll see the light of day: What's new about Escape from Reality? On facebook Alcoholator showed the world that there are both fast parts and heavy parts (mandatory), but apart from that, what else can we expect to hear on the new release? "Well there are some more complex song structures, more riffs, the songs are generally a little more thought out! We also integrated some 12-string guitars and a fretless bass in one of the songs, and that one also includes a guest solo from one of the best bass players in Metal, Dominic 'Forest' Lapointe, who has played with the likes of Atheretic, Augury, Beyond Creation and Quo Vadis. We also tried to be more diverse with the tempos, less unidirectional, so there are some tempo and time signature changes within the songs, which help to keep the album interesting throughout."

While alcohol, antisocial behaviour and violence in general have been the main lyrical topics on the first album, Alcoholator have now matured. Well. Not really, or just a bit: "Yeah, I tried to be a little more diversified in my lyrical subjects. There are still some good old drinking songs, but there are also more serious subject matters. Some of the songs deal with the struggles a lot of people have with the 'party lifestyle', some are addressing global issues as well as the current social and political climate we witness these days, and some are just wordplays that I find humorous."

Writing and recording Escape from Reality worked out quite smoothly, and the band also proved the 6Ps-rule to be true: "We started writing the album right after we had finished recording Coma. For the songwriting, what usually works best for me is to fuck around on the guitar for a while and try some random riffs. Once I have a good idea, it just naturally evolves from a riff into an almost complete song very quickly. Then I try it out with the drums and from there everything falls into place, structure, bridges, everything, and then at the very end I write lyrics. That's the toughest part for me, being French already adds a challenge as the words don't come that naturally.
As for the recording process, well, we came in well rehearsed, recorded some very tight rhythm tracks to create a nice big wall of guitars and then put all the rest in between that! Phil did an amazing job with recording all the drum tracks in only 2 days, and I'd say the whole tracking process took around 2 or 3 weeks."
So you see, there's some truth in saying that proper preparation prevents piss-poor performance. But still, Escape from Reality almost turned into Alcoholator's very own 'Chinese Democracy' as they put it – rumour had it that some of their recording equipment had been stolen, while the album was still being recorded..? "Oh man, so many things went wrong... but the biggest blow was definitely when the studio got robbed. We were going there to listen to our final mix, and when we got there, there were cop cars and we heard something about a robbery. Instantly, we knew that with our luck that meant bad news. So yeah, studio equipment and computers had been stolen, but thankfully, our engineer still had a hard drive with an older version of the mix, so we only lost a couple of weeks worth of work. Imagine having to go back into the studio and recording everything again?! That would have been a bad blow. But all is well that ends well."

That's right, isn't it? Escape from Reality was recorded in two different studios in Montréal: guitars, bass and vocals were recorded at Humanoise Studio in Montreal, the drums at Studio CME. Mathieu Marcotte (Humanoise Studio again) did the recording as well as the mixing, while the mastering was done by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. The artwork was done by Andrei Bouzikov.

Being from Montreal, Alcoholator surely must know Annick Giroux, the 'Morbid Chef', Cauchemar vocalist, editor of Morbid Tales and so on... with co-inhabitants like her Montreal must be a really good place for Metal? "Of course! Annick has been a friend of mine for many years, even before I moved to Montreal! She was the Metal DJ (and still is from time to time) at a club here called Katacombes, where I played my first show in Montreal with my old band Abusor. I even tasted one of the meals she cooked for the book, because she didn't like seafood, so she invited me over to judge it! Hahaha. Montreal is a great metal city, we have a lot of legendary bands as well as a very thriving local scene. All the big shows come through here, and we have some amazing underground festivals such as 'Wings Of Metal' (created in part by Annick) and RRROOOAAARRR fest! Right now I wouldn't wanna live anywhere else."

Sounds as if Montreal definitely is a good place for all things Metal. Still, Alcoholator are more than keen on doing some transatlantic traveling to come over here and tour the land of beer and glory: "Oh fuck yes! As soon as we can!!! Hopefully we will not drink ourselves to death, haha! We've heard amazing things about Germany, and it's one of our top destinations!!! Onwards to beer and glory!"

Now even if Alcoholator do not ONLY think about booze and hutch, one thing remains to be asked: What's Alcoholator's favourite drink? Beer or Jägermeister and Bacon (as seen on the internet...)? "BEER! BEER! BEER! I must admit Jagermeister and Bacon was quite a brilliant idea tho! Try it!"
Napalm Records / POWERWOLF release second 'Road To Blessed & Possessed' video
Posted by: Denis / 06.05.2015
Heavy Metal masters POWERWOLF are back with their sensational new album Blessed & Possessed, set to be released on July 10th via Napalm Records. This masterpiece is already considered as a monument of a whole genre presenting metal hymns with emotiveness and pure magic!

The wolves have released the second part of 'The Road To Blessed & Possessed' series giving an insight of the recordings. See the brand new video here!

POWERWOLF will present Blessed & Possessed live on their 'Wolfsnächte Tour 2015'. Find all tour dates below & make sure to get your tickets fast!
  • 03.09.15 CH - Pratteln / Z 7
  • 04.09.15 DE – Speyer / Halle 101
  • 05.09.15 DE – Cologne / Live Music Hall
  • 09.09.15 UK – London / 02 Academy Islington
  • 10.09.15 FR – Paris / Trabendo
  • 11.09.15 CH - Vevey / Rocking Chair
  • 12.09.15 FR – Strasbourg / La Laiterie
  • 01.10.15 DE – Bremen / Aladin
  • 02.10.15 DE – Oberhausen / Turnbinenhalle
  • 03.10.15 DE – Hamburg / Grosse Freiheit
  • 22.10.15 DE – Berlin / C-Club
  • 23.10.15 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
  • 24.10.15 DE – Munich / Backstage
  • 29.10.15 DE – Ravensburg / Oberschwabenhalle
  • 30.10.15 DE – Geiselwind / Music Hall
  • 31.10.15 DE – Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn
  • 01.11.15 BE – Antwerp / Trix
  • 07.11.15 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage

Punishment 18 Records / Mindwars: working on material for their new album
Posted by: Denis / 06.05.2015
Mindwars, band featuring Holy Terror and Jester Beast members, is ready to enter in studio to put on work the songwriting of their new full-length album, follow-up of the previous effort The Enemy Within released in October 2014 by Punishment 18 Records.
Intromental / Leprous
Posted by: Denis / 06.05.2015
Prog Metallers LEPROUS are set to release their newest studio album The Congregation on May 25th, 2015 in Europe and June 2nd, 2015 in North America via InsideOutMusic. The Norwegian act is therefor now debuting another new song off the upcoming album.

Check out the intense track Rewind presented by Prog Magazine (UK) right here.

LEPROUS checked in to comment about Rewind as follows:
"Rewind is of the more dynamic songs of the album. It kind of shows everything that LEPROUS is about within 7 minutes, while still having a powerful and focused foundation. Not to mention it's rather catchy."
Posted by: Denis / 06.05.2015
Darktribe formed in 2009 and recorded their first EP Natural Defender that same year. The band quickly evolved into a powerful live act and in 2012 they released their debut album Mysticeti Victoria on German label Massacre Records. More touring followed, and shows with the likes of Girlschool, Crucified Barbara, Killers, Lacrimas Profundere, Nightmare and many other international acts.

In 2015 Darktribe entered the studio to record their second album, The Modern Age, which was mixed and mastered at Hansen Studios in Denmark by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Doro, Primal Fear). The album displays a mature and confident band, still influenced by everything Melodic in Metal but with a very personal approach, multilayered songwriting and brilliant musicianship. The Modern Age will be available starting from July 21st.

Century Media / Paradise Lost premieres new video for 'Beneath Broken Earth'
Posted by: Denis / 06.05.2015
Returning with opus number fourteen, The Plague Within (due to be released June 1st in Europe, June 2nd in North America), PARADISE LOST is once again refining the chemical equation to their sonic alchemy with the kind of creative invincibility few can afford. It's a collection of songs that will surprise even the most seasoned of fans in its ambition: a monochrome miasma of morbidly uplifting anthems and heart-aching melancholia.

In anticipation of this release, the band has now teamed up with Decibel for the premiere of the new video for Beneath Broken Earth, which can be seen here.

PARADISE LOST's Greg Mackintosh (lead guitar) comments: "I fucking hate Metal band performance videos, so when I got told that we needed to do one I was obviously annoyed but then came the idea to do a performance video of utter misery. The slowest song we have ever recorded. Beneath Broken Earth is an utterly old school PARADISE LOST Doom/Death song, and doing a performance video with our miserable, old faces barely moving in a crappy, old basement was too much to resist. The director Ash has done a great job of capturing the somber mood and has managed to make a performance video we can actually be proud of."

Imperative PR / De Profundis sign 2 album deal - cover and sample track revealed
Posted by: Denis / 05.05.2015
Imperative PR are delighted to announce that DE PROFUNDIS have signed a worldwide deal with WICKER MAN RECORDINGS.

WICKER MAN are a new label, but one put together by a knowledgeable team, with a wealth of experience in the music industry. The label is assembling a roster of original and exciting bands and with its excellent distribution throughout all major territories it's the perfect home for DE PROFUNDIS as they embark on the next chapter of their career.

The first fruits of this new relationship will begin on the 28th September with the release of the fourth DE PROFUNDIS album, entitled Kingdom Of The Blind. Featuring ten stunning tracks of Progressive, Melodic Death Metal, Kingdom Of The Blind is without any doubt the finest album to bear the DE PROFUNDIS name. More challenging, more extreme, more captivating and addictive than anything they have released before, Kingdom Of The Blind will thrill DE PROFUNDIS' devoted fans and draw many new listeners into their cult of technically breathtaking, atmospheric Death Metal mastery. The album will come complete with some wonderfully evocative artwork, courtesy of Costin Chioreanu, renowned for his work with Arch Enemy, Darkthrone, At The Gates, Grave and many others.

"De Profundis is excited to release our most brutal and ambitious work to date with Kingdom Of The Blind," comments band guitarist Shoi Sen "and we can't wait to start working with the guys at Wicker Man. We feel we now have the backing of a really enthusiastic and supportive team, the right people to help take De Profundis to the next level."

2014 was an excellent year for DE PROFUNDIS as they drew plaudits from around the globe for their fantastic Frequencies EP. The EP hit the top spot in the ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE readers' poll, running away with the award for the best self release of the year and bassist Arran McSporran also featured in the top ten bassists of the year – amongst some illustrious company like Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), David Vincent (Morbid Angel) and Glen Benton (Deicide). However, even these achievements look set to be eclipsed in 2015, when the monumental Kingdom Of The Blind is unleashed.

DE PROFUNDIS - KINGDOM OF THE BLIND - a teaser advance track is available here.
Welcome back MIKE HOWE to Metal Church
Posted by: Denis / 05.05.2015
Metal Church statement:
"Ladies and Gentlemen... please welcome back MIKE HOWE to Metal Church! We apologize for making you wait so long for this announcement!"

Legendary front-man Mike Howe returns to Metal Church! In the summer of 2014 the band suddenly found themselves in need of a new singer. As fate would have it, Kurdt was already in talks with Mike for another project that he was working on with Saxon drummer Nigel Glockler, so he decided to ask Mike to rejoin Metal Church. Mike agreed, but true to form, didn’t want to make it official until he knew for sure that the integrity of the new material was there. In Mike’s own words, "I didn't want to come back to Metal Church just for nostalgia, it had to be for the right reasons, it had to be the best stuff we've ever written together or it just wouldn't be worth it to anyone, especially the fans". Soon after, Kurdt and Mike began exchanging ideas and writing new material with the band. The end result sounds like "Classic Mike Howe era Metal Church, it's both heavy and melodic" says guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof and further states "Mike sounds the same as he did 20 years ago, this is going to be truly epic!"

Drummer Jeff Plate comments, "Mike Howe is the ONLY singer for Metal Church. He has a reputation of complete honor and respect. We can now take Metal Church to the next level!"

The band is currently in the process of working on their new album, which will be released later this year via Rat Pak Records.

Nuclear Blast / CRADLE OF FILTH 'Hammer Of The Witches' tracklisting
Posted by: Denis / 05.05.2015
Barbarous hellhounds CRADLE OF FILTH only recently announced the completion, release and cover artwork for their opus nocturne and 11th studio album entitled Hammer Of The Witches. Having been three years since the release of their previous album – this has been the longest gap in the band's murky history. And the wait is nearing completion.

CRADLE OF FILTH have revealed that Hammer Of The Witches will be released via Jewelcase CD, Limited Edition Digipak, Mail Order Edition and 2LP vinyl formats. This highly anticipated and caliginous creation was brought to fruition in Britain's Witch County, in darkest rural Suffolk at the reputedly haunted Grindstone Studios.

The album's title is named after the 'Malleus Maleficarum', a medieval document of guidelines regarding the persecution and torture of witches – but CRADLE OF FILTH's title version is more retributory. It's the Hammer Of The Witches; the hammer is in the witches' hands. It's payback time.

Hammer Of The Witches is due for global release on 10th July via Nuclear Blast. It is the first Nuclear Blast album to have a Global Release Date.

Nuclear Blast / HELLOWEEN My God-Given Right album trailer
Posted by: Denis / 05.05.2015
HELLOWEEN are one of the most influential and internationally successful acts of the global Metal scene. With the release of their 15th studio album My God-Given Right, due on May 29th (EU), June 1st (UK) and June 2nd (US), the pumpkin heads are set to further cement their title as the founding fathers of German Melodic Speed Metal. The band's first self-titled EP was released in 1985, making their new album My God-Given Right the celebratory marker for their impressive 30 year career.

Now HELLOWEEN releases a new album trailer, talking about the background of the CD, as well as giving an insight on their album presentation in Tenerife.

Y.O.C. new song
Posted by: Denis / 03.05.2015
Y.O.C.'s mix of Slayer's Tribute is delayed but it's almost complete. It will appear on our band's page very soon.

Metal Media / Espera XIII: New album officially released; check lyric video
Posted by: Denis / 30.04.2015
The Brazilian band ESPERA XIII has just released their first album, Unexpected Austral Lights, and alongside also features the lyric video for the song Black Moon Rising.

The release date in Brazil, April 22, was not chosen at random, is also part of this whole universe that the group set out to create, after all this day is celebrated the discovery of Brazil and Earth Day, key terms within the ESPERA XIII's lyrical content.

Unexpected Austral Lights was produced by guitarist Renan Brito and had the mixing and mastering made in Germany by the renowned producer Andy Classen at his studio Stage One. The album is already on sale directly with the band via email or Facebook. The digital format is now also available in

To learn more about the band, the EP – taken directly from the album – Alliance is also available for free hearing.
My Kingdom Music / Chaosborn - the first track off EVERSIN's new album Trinity: The Annihilation
Posted by: Denis / 30.04.2015
Sicilian technical Thrashers EVERSIN have revealed the first track off their new album Trinity: The Annihilation and it's Chaosborn for which Adhiira Art realised a devastating lyric video! It is now online for viewing on YouTube My Kingdom Music's channel.

Trinity: The Annihilation will be released on May 18th and will present as special guests James Rivera, HELSTAR's vocalist and Glen Alvelais (already with FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT).

The bass player Ignazio Nicastro commented: "We've worked very hard for months on this new album and we wanted that it could get the right attention and promotion. I think it's time for EVERSIN to do the big step towards a more international audience, because Trinity: The Annihilation is not an album like others and we really think that it could happen now!".
Metal Mind / Tank 'Valley Of Tears' pushed back to September
Posted by: Denis / 30.04.2015
Valley Of Tears, the new album by the British Heavy Metal legend TANK, has had its release date pushed back to September, 18th from the previously announced June, 8th. Cliff Evans, the band's guitarist comments the situation in an official statement:
"We've decided, along with our label Metal Mind, to put the release date for our 10th album Valley of Tears back until September 2015. Originally planned for release in June, we now feel that the album really deserves more time and attention during the mixing stage to get it exactly how we want it. Having ZP Theart on vocals has upped our game once again and the attention to detail in the albums production requires more time to get it exactly how we want it. Valley of Tears will definitely be worth the wait!"

Evans comments also the recording process: "Bobby (Schottkowski) recorded the drum tracks in Germany with his producer Waldemar Sorychta who's previous work includes albums for Lacuna Coil, Tiamat and Sodom to name but a few. The drums are the backbone of the album and they seriously kick ass! Barend (Courbois) laid down the bass guitar in Holland a couple of days before heading out on a sold out world tour with German Metal legends Blind Guardian. He'll be back with us for our festival shows later this summer. The guitars were recorded in London under the guidance of producer Phil Kinman who is the master at capturing the sound of a Les Paul through a Marshall amp. No frills. Just awesome power! The album will be mastered by Ade Emsley who recently undertook the task of remastering the entire Iron Maiden catalogue for 24 bit iTunes release. They'll be some teasers coming up over the summer including a video for the title track Valley of Tears and more tour dates will be announced soon."

Massacre Records new signing: HEADLESS CROWN
Posted by: Denis / 30.04.2015
HEADLESS CROWN - the Swiss classic Heavy Metal band was formed as a duo in 2011. Meanwhile, and after a few line-up changes, HEADLESS CROWN are destroying your ears and live stages as a quintet. The band plays powerful classic Heavy Metal with melodic vocals, but with a modern approach and sound.

Band statement: "Headless Crown is proud to have signed with the legendary label Massacre Records, and to be part of it's long history. We're looking forward to do some good work together and bring HEADLESS CROWN to the Metal crowds of the world!"

HEADLESS CROWN's debut Time For Revolution is expected to be released later this year via Massacre Records!
Massacre Records / A tribute to RONNIE JAMES DIO
Posted by: Denis / 30.04.2015
Ronnie James Dio was a hero and inspiration to many musicians, such as Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Doro Pesch or Axel Rudi Pell, and rumor has it that he's the main reason why every Metal head worldwide is familiar with the sign of the horns.

Now it's time for the label to pay tribute to him as well: 12 of label's bands covered Ronnie James Dio songs to honor this exceptional musician!

A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio) comes with 2 CDs with 20 songs by 12 different bands: CRYSTAL BALL, MESSENGER, GUN BARREL, GLORYFUL, THE ORDER, METAL INQUISITOR, CIRCLE OF SILENCE, BURDEN OF GRIEF, LOVE.MIGHT.KILL, REBELLION, IRON FATE and WIZARD are all part of this project.

The stunning artwork was created by Jan Yrlund, who is also a huge DIO fan himself: "I decided to go for an old school type of hand-painted look, like the classic Dio covers, but I still wanted to keep it original. You'll find many hints and details that refer to well-known DIO themes: The mountain has two peaks as if they were devil's horns, and of course the DIO mascot Murray is featured too, merging from the fire."

The 2-CD tribute album A Light In The Black (A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio) will be released on May 22, 2015 via Massacre Records!
InsideOut Music / Haken: to support Between The Buried & Me in Europe; start work on new album
Posted by: Denis / 29.04.2015
London-based Progressive metallers Haken have announced that they will join Between The Buried & Me on their European tour later this year as main support, and have also started work on their forthcoming new album. They had this to say:
"Excitement levels are off the scale in the Haken camp at the moment! Being offered a tour support slot with one of our favourite bands is an absolute dream come true. Their music has had a massive impact on us as a band and individual musicians over the years. Our new album is shaping up to be a real beast! We've written a bunch of sketches and are currently selecting which ones to develop further. We can't wait to share it with everyone."
    The band will be playing the following dates:
  • 16/9 Southampton, England @ Talking Heads
  • 17/9 London, England @ Electric Ballroom
  • 18/9 Manchester, England @ Gorilla
  • 19/9 Glasgow, Scotland @ The Garage
  • 20/9 Leeds, England @ The Key Club
  • 22/9 Nottingham, England @ Rescue Rooms
  • 23/9 Brighton, England @ The Haunt
  • 25/9 Paris, France @ La Maroquinerie
  • 26/9 Brussels, Belgium @ Magasin 4
  • 27/9 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Melkweg
  • 28/9 Hamburg, Germany @ Logo
  • 29/9 Berlin, Germany @ Magnet
  • 30/9 Munich, Germany @ Backstage Club
  • 1/10 Cologne, Germany @ Euroblast Festival
  • 3/10 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega Small Hall
  • 4/10 Gothenburg, Sweden @ Sticky Fingers
  • 5/10 Oslo, Norway @ John Dee
  • 6/10 Stockholm, Sweden @ Klubben/Fryshuset
  • 8/10 Helsinki, Finland @ Tavastia

    The band also have some select European festival appearances lined up:
  • 20/6 - Clisson, France @ Hellfest
  • 11/7 - Barcelona, Spain @ Be Prog My Friend
  • 12.7 - Newark, UK @ UK Tech Fest
  • 19/7 - Loreley, Germany @ Night of the Prog
  • 25/7 - Maidstone, UK @ Ramblin Man Fair

Punishment 18 Records: classic Despair album Decay of Humanity reissued
Posted by: Denis / 29.04.2015
Punishment 18 Records will re-release technical Thrash Metal classic album Decay of Humanity from German Metal band Despair. Originally, the album was released in 1990 via Century Media Records. The band formed in 1986 with vocalist Robert Kampf, although the group swapped Kampf shortly after the release of the their first full-length History Of Hate (1988) for new vocalist Andreas Henschel in 1988 as the former became head of record label Century Media Records. Afterwards, guitarist Waldemar Sorychta, for Century Media Records, produced band such Sentenced, Tiamat, Asphyx, Exumer, Grip Inc., Moonspell, Samael, Unleashed, Borknagar and many more.

Punihsment 18 Records / Raging Death new album teaser available on-line
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2015
The new self titled album from Polish Thrash metallers Raging Death will be released tomorrow on April, 27th, by Italian label Punihsment 18 Records. Available on-line on YouTube the official promo videoclip teaser.
Napalm Records / KAMELOT reveal new video
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2015
Symphonic Metal masters KAMELOT are ready to enthrall with their upcoming masterpiece Haven! Now the sensational music video for the track Insomnia has been premiered!

KAMELOT mastermind Thomas Youngblood states: "Kamelot returns with a sci-fi inspired thriller for the song Insomnia. In a post apocalyptic world, surveillance is everywhere and over population is rampant. Deep in the underground of the Wasteland Monarchy lies the Insomnia Division, the housing for some of the chosen ones, only allowed to live in an Insomniatic state!"

It's time to step into the cinematic, epic and emotionally dynamic world of Haven. Check it out!

Haven will make KAMELOT history as it will be released worldwide (excl. Asia) on Napalm Records/Universal and Napalm Records/ADA/Warner as an exclusive licensing deal through the band's KAMELOT MUSIC LLC on May 4, 2015 (North America) and May 8, 2015 (Europe and rest of the world) and will showcase KAMELOT at their finest!

Following the release of Haven, KAMELOT will embark on a massive WORLD TOUR, starting with North America in April/May 2015 followed by European shows in the Summer 2015 and with The Haven European Tour in September/October 2015 the band will return to Europe for their biggest headliner tour to date.

Cruz del Sur Music / Hammer King 'Aderlass; Blood Of Sacrifice' streaming online
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2015
Cruz del Sur Music are pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Hammer King's new track Aderlass; Blood Of Sacrifice. The song is taken from the band's new album on the label, Kingdom Of The Hammer King, out now in Europe, and May 5th in the US. It is published through New Noise Magazine at this link.

Vocalist/Guitarist Titan comments: "Aderlass; The Blood Of Sacrifice – how old-school can a riff be? When we first played the riff that the King gave us at Castle Rockfort we knew that this was a battle song. When you hear the huge chorus you stand on a battlefield.

We love the idea of calling a battle 'blood letting', but the German word 'Aderlass' is so much more radical, like the Germans! This song was great before we went into the studio – and it got amazing when we recorded it."

Hammer King represent the perfect, balanced heavy sound of the German Power Metal tradition, highlighted by the right dose of epic tones. The music moves around the figure of singer/guitarist/composer Titan Fox (Ross The Boss' singer). The line-up is completed by former Saltatio Mortis drummer Dolph A. Macallan, K.K. Basement on bass and Gino Wilde on guitar. All the musicians involved in this band have an aged and trained background in Metal music, as demonstrated through the masterful Kingdom of the Hammer King!

Kingdom Of The Hammer King was recorded and produced at the Greywolf Studios by Powerwolf's own Charles Greywolf. The cover artwork was created by German artist Timo Würz who was able to capture with his art the essence and power of the band. The LP version will include a bonus track Leather Indians (of Steel).

Please check out the music video for the title track from Kingdom Of The Hammer King.
earMusic / Stratovarius new album
Posted by: Denis / 27.04.2015
Stratovarius have broken their year long silence to reveal they are in the studio completing a new record. Its release will be preceded by a performance at Wacken Open Air Festival and followed by a full tour soon after release.

Eternal is the fourth studio album by the Finnish symphonic Metal originators for the earMUSIC label. The trilogy of albums Polaris, Elysium and Nemesis were released close to each other as the consequence of the renewed creative energy the band gained following the arrival of new members to support the historical members Kotipelto, Johansson and Michael. The previous three albums by Stratovarius showcased the many talents of guitarist Mattias Kupianen (prolific songwriter and producer of all the albums, including Eternal), virtuoso bass player Lauri Porra and, on the third of the three, the young talent Rolf Pilve, one of the best drummer of his generation who had to replace Jörg Michael after the latter decided to move into a new role in Stratovarius management. The most recent album Nemesis included the single Unbreakable, which became one of the most streamed songs ever released by Stratovarius.

Kotipelto and Johansson proudly carry the torch of the glorious Stratovarius tradition, but now many fans of the band consider the current line-up 'classic Stratovarius'. The new album Eternal has been the longest album in the making from the band.

"Since Polaris we have released a new studio album pretty much every two years" - reflects Jens Johansson"but after Nemesis, we all decided to take a little bit of time off after we finished the world tour. Now we're all tanned and rested and it's about f***ing time to get back into the saddle. Everybody has been busy the last few months writing lots of new songs, and only the best has been recorded for Eternal."

Song details and formats (including a limited deluxe edition as in the Stratovarius tradition) will be revealed in the next weeks as well as details for a tour in Finland. In rest of the World, the first shows in support of Eternal are as follows:
    ETERNAL WORLD TOUR With Special Guests
  • 10/05 Tallinn – Factory (EST)
  • 10/06 Riga - Melna Piektdiena (LIT)
  • 10/07 Vilnius - Galaxy Event Hall (LIT)
  • 10/09 Cracov – Fabryka (PL)
  • 10/10 Warsaw – Progresja (PL)
  • 10/11 Berlin – C-Club (GER)
  • 10/13 Vienna – Szene (AT)
  • 10/14 Budapest – Club 202 or Barba Negra (HUN)
  • 10/16 Geiselwind – Musichall (GER)
  • 10/17 Lindau – Vaudeville (GER)
  • 10/20 Munich – Backstage (GER)
  • 10/21 Milano – Live Club (IT)
  • 10/23 Bilbao – Santana (ESP)
  • 10/24 Madrid – Sala BUT (ESP)
  • 10/25 Sevilla – Custom (ESP)
  • 10/27 Valencia – Koh-Tao (ESP)
  • 10/28 Barcelona – Razzmatazz (ESP)
  • 10/30 Pratteln – Z-7 (CH)
  • 10/31 Besancon – La Rodia (F)
  • 11/01 Paris – Trabendo (F)
  • 11/03 London – O2 Islington Academy (UK)
  • 11/04 Vosselaar – Biebob (BE)
  • 11/05 Eindhoven – Effenaar (NL)
  • 11/06 Cologne – Essigfabrik (GER)
  • 11/07 Bochum – Matrix (GER)
  • 11/09 Frankfurt – Batschkapp (GER)
  • 11/10 Stuttgart – LKA (GER)
  • 11/11 Hamburg – Gruenspan (GER)
  • 11/12 Karlsruhe – Substage (GER)
  • 11/13 Kufstein – Kulturfabrik (AT)

InsideOut Music / Next To None release video EPK for upcoming debut album
Posted by: Denis / 27.04.2015
Next To None, the teen prodigy band recently signed to InsideOut, have released a video EPK in advance of their upcoming album A Light in the Dark. The group's debut album is due for release on June 30th in the US and June 29th in Europe. You can view the video here.

Based in Pennsylvania, Next To None features Max Portnoy on drums, Ryland Holland on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and <>Thomas Cuce on keyboards and lead vocals. The band have been honing their craft for several years, recording a self-released EP and playing various live gigs, including a slot at the Progressive Nation At Sea 2014 cruise. Later that year, the band went into the studio to record their debut album. At the ripe young ages of 15 and 16, they emerged with an album they and producer Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Flying Colors, ex-Dream Theater) are extremely proud of. A Light in the Dark also features guest appearances by Bumblefoot (Guns N Roses) and Prog legend Neal Morse.

Drummer Max Portnoy says, "It's so exciting to be signing with InsideOut... the home of the greatest Prog bands in the world! We are honored to be part of the family."

Says producer Mike Portnoy, "Producing the Next To None album was like a trip back in time for me. I couldn't be prouder of this album and think that Next To None represents the next generation of Progressive Metal."

A Light in the Dark available June 30th, 2015 in the US and June 29th in EU.

Prior to the album's release, the band will be opening shows for English labelmates Haken on that band's April/May US tour.
    Tour Dates supporting Haken:
  • 4/25 Detroit, MI - Token Lounge
  • 4/26 Chicago, IL - Reggie's
  • 4/27 Toronto, ON - Hard Luck
  • 4/30 New York, NY - Studio at Webster Hall
  • 5/1 Philadelphia, PA - Bull Shooters Saloon
  • 5/3 Springfield, VA - Empire
SPV / RAVEN release new video and announce European Tour
Posted by: Denis / 24.04.2015
NWoBHM legends RAVEN release a new video for the song Battle March/Tanks Treads (The Blood Runs Red) taken from the forthcoming album ExtermiNation, which marks the first new studio album since 5 years and is hailed by many who heard it already as one of their best albums ever.

ExtermiNation will be released in Scandinavia on April 22nd, in Germany on April 24th, in Europe on April 27th and in the USA on April 28th as a digipak version (incl. 1 bonus track), 2LP gatefold green vinyl version and download through SPV/Steamhammer.

RAVEN also announce a massive European tour for September and October 2015:
    RAVEN live 2015:
  • 16.09. D-Berlin – Comet
  • 17.09. D-Hannover – Lux
  • 18.09. D-Lünen – Lükaz
  • 20.09. NL-Zwolle – Hedon
  • 22.09. F-Paris – Maroquinerie
  • 23.09. F-Bordeaux – Le Rocher Palmer
  • 24.09. E-Oviedo – Sala Whippoorwill
  • 25.09. E-Zaragoza – Centro Civico Delicias
  • 26.09. E-Valladolid – Sala Porta Caeli
  • 27.09. E-Valencia – Sala Rock City
  • 29.09. F-Lyon – Le Marche Gare
  • 30.09. D-Freiburg – Slow Club
  • 01.10. D-Munich – Backstage
  • 02.10. D-Burglengenfeld – VZA Pfarrheim
  • 03.10. D-Dresden – Metal Festival
  • 04.10. CZ-Prague – Nova Chmelnice
  • 06.10. A-Vienna – Escape
  • 07.10. HU-Budapest – Dürer Kert
  • 08.10. SK-Kosice – Colloseum
  • 09.10. SK-Bratislava – Randal Club
  • 10.10. A-Innsbruck – Weekender
  • 11.10. SLO-Ljubljana – Orto Bar
  • 13.10. I-Milan – Club Legend
  • 14.10. CH-Luzern – Schüür
  • 15.10. D-Bruchsal – Fabrik
  • 17.10. D-Rheine – Hypothalamus
  • 18.10. D-Krefeld – Kulturrampe

Punishment 18 Records / In Malice’s Wake 'Eternal Nightfall' reissued with 'Blackened Skies'
Posted by: Denis / 24.04.2015
Recently, Punishment 18 Records is proud have signed Australian thrashers In Malice's Wake for the new full-length album expected out in 2015. At the moment, the label has reissued their debut album Eternal Nightfall plus 2005 Blackened Skies (EP) as bonus material.
InsideOut Music / Spock's Beard announce new album 'The Oblivion Particle'; European tour scheduled
Posted by: Denis / 23.04.2015
Legendary progressive-rockers Spock's Beard are pleased to announce that they will return with their brand new 12th studio album The Oblivion Particle, to be released at the end of August 2015. They will also head back to Europe later this year for a string of live dates in support of the record. The band will be joined by young UK act Synaesthesia and Hungarian band Special Providence.
    The full list of dates are as follows:
  • 16.09 - Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium
  • 17.09 - De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
  • 18.09 - Framus & Warwick Music Hall, Markneukirchen, Germany
  • 19.09 - Progresja, Warschau, Poland
  • 20.09 - Metro Club, Brno, Czech Republic
  • 21.09 - Ship A38, Budapest, Hungary
  • 23.09 - Legend, Milan, Italy
  • 24.09 - Kantine, Augsburg, Germany
  • 25.09 - Sudhaus, Tübingen, Germany
  • 26.09 - Alte Seilerei, Mannheim, Germany
  • 27.09 - Essigfabrik, Köln, Germany
  • 29.09 - O2 Academy Islington, London, UK
  • 30.09 - Assembly, Leamington Spa, UK
  • 1.10 - The Classic Grand, Glasgow, UK
  • 2.10 - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK
  • 3.10 - Club Academy, Manchester, UK

Posted by: Denis / 22.04.2015
Nearly 6000 Ayreon fans from 49 different countries will flock to Rotterdam (NL) this September to witness the once-in-a-lifetime theater production 'The Theater Equation' based on Ayreon's The Human Equation. The album's original vocalists James LaBrie, Devon Graves, Heather Findlay, Eric Clayton, Marcela Bovio, Magnus Ekwall and Irene Jansen will reprise their roles on 18th, 19th and 20th of September in the new Luxor theater. Rounding out the cast are Ayreon veterans Wudstik, Anneke van Giersbergen and Mike Mills.
For years fans of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's rock operas have begged for a live performance. The creative team of Shadow Freaks, a theater production company lead by Lucassen's former manager Yvette Boertje, now answers that call by staging a fan favorite; The Human Equation.

The Human Equation tells the story of comatose man who battles his emotions that have come to life in a frightening and bizarre world: his own mind. After a 20-day emotional rollercoaster ride filled with good and bad memories, shocking revelations and hope-filled desires, the man has to make a decision: wake up or die?

The band features some of Lucassen's finest guest musicians: Ed Warby, Johan van Stratum, Jeroen Goossens, Ben Mathot and Maaike Peterse. Joost van den Broek is music director and arranger for the band that also features Marcel Coenen, Freek Gielen, Erik van Ittersum and Ruben Wijga. The Epic Rock Choir, assembled especially for this show, will bring an extra dimension to this production as a finishing touch.

The Theater Equation's spectacular cast, band, stage design and costumes promise to turn this production into the Prog event of 2015! The first three shows sold out so fast, that a fourth (and final) show was added later. Tickets for this show are available now via
  • 18 September (SOLD OUT) Showtime: 20.00hrs
  • 19 September (TICKETS AVAILABLE) Showtime: 15.00hrs
  • 19 September (SOLD OUT) Showtime: 20.00hrs
  • 20 September (SOLD OUT) Showtime: 15.00hrs

Intromental / VOTUM
Posted by: Denis / 22.04.2015
Intromental Worldwide are very proud to announce the signing of one of the really exciting artists, to emerge from Poland in the recent years - VOTUM. The Polish Melodic post-Rock/Metal scene is thriving and Votum is a fantastic ambassador for this particular style of music. Ambience, aggression, melody, catchiness... they have it all. They'll be a great add, to an already splendid Intromental roster, and the label expect big things to happen for the band.
Nuclear Blast / CRADLE OF FILTH unveil the cover artwork for forthcoming album 'Hammer Of The Witches'
Posted by: Denis / 21.04.2015
CRADLE OF FILTH the UK's most visionary and hellish outfit have unveiled the serene and alluring, yet harrowing cover artwork for their upcoming 11th studio album and opus nocturne entitled Hammer Of The Witches.

Fiendish main man and vocalist Dani Filth explained the provocative artwork: "The artwork for Hammer Of The Witches was created by Latvian artist Arthur Berzinsh and is a lavish walk-through of the lyricism, drawing on rich Renaissance themes and displaying them in beautiful yet unsettling scenarios. Half of the detailed pieces are totally original for the release, others are Berzinsh classics cunningly tailored to the themes of the album, which are themes rife with heady witchcraft, be it persecution, retribution or unfettered spiritual liberation. The female form is rampant throughout the artwork, unashamedly displayed in its classical rendition of beauty... and horror."

Arthur Berzinsh is best known for his defiant neo-symbolism raster graphics and oil paintings, postmodern interpretations of classic myths and refined hooliganism in the playground of contemporary art. He has been proclaimed as a 'sacred monster of Latvian postmodernism'. And rightly so, his visually expressive and mannerly works tend to trigger emotions which can make thoughts fidget and wriggle, unable to find a comfortable position among the impressions gathered. His creative work is characterized by a varied range of voluptuous erotica, intensified imagery, dream-like scenes and decorativeness weighed down by visual metaphors and contrasts teetering on the edge of symbolism.

Arthur Berzinsh explains his artwork and concepts: "In terms of mood, I was looking for the inspiration of this set in the spirit of Faustian romanticism, the ambivalent art of Renaissance that reanimated motives of pagan mythology after the Middle Ages, and of course, the darkly beautiful and charming spirit of Goetia traditions that is filled with the atmosphere of hermetical rituals. My personal conceptual leitmotif that inspires me, is a conflict between the free-thinking and totalitarianism, where the raw power always gains the upper hand over individualism. The act of art is a theurgical act that creates existence in the Platonic reality - reality of ideas. So, at least in this Platonic dimension let's give the suppressed ones a chance to get their revenge. For me the Goat of Mendes on the cover symbolizes the scapegoat, who's tired of his humiliating role and wants a payback. This character is an archetypical symbol of libido and other primordial forces and instinctive aspects of a human being. And these forces always have been a menace for those who want to reign over the others, like it's schematically represented in George Orwell's '1984'."

CRADLE OF FILTH have been ensconced in creative purgatory for the last few weeks in Britain's darkest rural Suffolk, busy finishing the recording of their album at the reputedly haunted Grindstone Studios. It has been three years since the release of their previous album – the longest gap in the band's history. And the wait is almost over.

Hammer Of The Witches the fruit of their diabolical endeavours is due for global release this July via Nuclear Blast.

Century Media / Paradise Lost launches new track, 'No Hope In Sight', online
Posted by: Denis / 21.04.2015
Returning with opus number fourteen, The Plague Within (due out June 1st in Europe, June 2nd in North America), PARADISE LOST is once again refining the chemical equation to their sonic alchemy with the kind of creative invincibility few can afford. It's a collection of songs that will surprise even the most seasoned of fans in its ambition: a monochrome miasma of morbidly uplifting anthems and heart-aching melancholia.

In anticipation of this release, the band has now teamed up with Metal Hammer for the premiere of the new lyric video for the track No Hope In Sight which can be seen here.

PARADISE LOST comments: "Check out the first track from our new album The Plague Within. No Hope In Sight was one of the first tracks we wrote and it reflects a blend of styles. From Death Metal to Gothic to classic Rock. It's like all eras of Paradise Lost wrapped up into one track. We hope you all like it!"

Nuclear Blast / HELLOWEEN first single 'Battle's Won' out now, lyric-video available
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2015
HELLOWEEN are one of the most influential and internationally successful acts of the global Metal scene. With the release of their 15th studio album My God-Given Right, due on May 29th (EU), June 1st (UK) and June 2nd (US), the pumpkin heads are set to further cement their title as the founding fathers of German Melodic Speed Metal. The band's first self-titled EP was released in 1985, making their new album My God-Given Right the celebratory marker for their impressive 30 year career.

Now HELLOWEEN release their first single Battle's Won digitally.

Additionally, enjoy the brand-new lyric video of Battle's Won here.

Nuclear Blast / SLAYER release new track 'When The Stillness Comes'
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2015
The Southern Californian Thrash Metal pioneers SLAYER released the first track in nearly a year, When The Stillness Comes.

Check out the eerie new crusher When The Stillness Comes here.

SLAYER guitarist Kerry King was in an unusually bad mood when he wrote the band's crushing new single: "We were touring Europe and we had a three-hour ride in some fucking minivan, and I'm just miserable in the backseat, not into anything," he says of the song. "So I just stated jotting down hateful thoughts. It's about a dude who wakes up at a crime scene and realizes he's killed everybody. It's really cool."

The track, which begins with an eerie guitar line before evolving into a full-on doomy (and classic SLAYER) riff onslaught, will be coming out this weekend on a picture-disc seven-inch for Record Store Day. It's one of 12 new songs that will appear on the Thrash Metal titans' upcoming new record, their first since 2009's World Painted Blood. The LP, produced by Terry Date (PANTERA, WHITE ZOMBIE), will also be the band's first album since the death of founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman in 2013 and the departure of drummer Dave Lombardo that same year.

When The Stillness Comes will be available as part of Record Store Day on April 18. The song, accompanied by alive recording of Black Magic, from the band's 1983 album Show No Mercy and recorded live at the 2014 Wacken Open Air Festival, will be available as a limited-edition (only 5000 copies worldwide), 7-inch vinyl picture disc exclusively at all participating independent record stores worldwide.

Intromental / KINGCROW new album
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2015
Rome, Italy's Progressive Metal masters, KINGCROW, have wrapped up the final touches on the band's valiant sixth album, Eidos, and is preparing to release it through Sensory Records this June.

Describing the band today is quite a difficult task, but one could state that the influence of such artists as Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Opeth, Anathema, Pink Floyd, Meshuggah, Radiohead, King Crimson and Massive Attack are all present in the music of KINGCROW. With each release, the band has taken a step further away from their original roots as a classic Hard Rock/Metal band, and is today one of the most personal and exciting bands that Italy has to offer the scene.

Following the success of their In Crescendo album released through Sensory in February 2014, KINGCROW returns this year with Eidos, a new conceptual album about choices, consequences, dealing with regret and disillusion. After their album, Phlegethon, dealt with childhood, and In Crescendo about the end of youth, Eidos can be considered the third part of a trilogy about the path of life. Musically it sees the band exploring new territories and pushing the extremes of its complex soundscape with a darker atmosphere and a more progressive attitude. With over an hour of new material, Eidos is the next logical progression in the evolution of KINGCROW, and will open the next doorway for what lies in wait for them next.

Also responsible for the release of KINGCROW's In Crescendo album, Sensory Records - the metal subdivision of progressive music collective, The Laser's Edge - will unveil Eidos worldwide on June 23rd. Additional album details and audio samples will be released in the very near future.

ORPHEUS BLADE joins Pitch Black Records roster, debut album in May
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2015
Pitch Black Records announces the addition of Israeli Progressive Metal act ORPHEUS BLADE to its artist roster and the release of the band's debut album Wolf's Cry.

Progressive and Heavy Metal, film music and musicals, a concept fantasy that is really an allegory to real life endeavors – these are just some of the cornerstones of ORPHEUS BLADE, a project led by talented singer/songwriter Adi Bitran. Armed with an attitude of 'all or nothing' that has made her almost bleed for her creation and never choosing to take the easy road, Adi has selected only the best to accompany her in this journey for her first album.

Wolf's Cry has been in the making for nearly six years. This was necessary as Adi patiently waited for the 'right hands' that would help her shape it into the strong and unique piece of music it deserved to be. And when long-time friend Erez Yohanan (AMASEFFER) stepped in that was it – Adi and Erez spent endless hours and long months in the studio rewriting, rearranging, producing and polishing everything, creating a mature album with a strong backbone.

Apart from Adi's vocal performance, a male vocalist was also needed. Someone who would fully embody the story's character and accurately portray him through singing. After a worldwide search, Henning Basse (METALIUM, EPYSODE) was the perfect choice. As expected, Basse has done a wonderful job, perfectly stepping into character. To top it all off, the album received the full big sound it deserved after renowned producer Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios, Denmark) was assigned the task of mixing and mastering. The album's killer cover artwork was designed by Eliran Kantor.

Wolf's Cry is an eclectic collection of shapes and colors. It's metal that goes hand in hand with film music and orchestrations, offering layers upon layers of cruel guitars and carefully written lyrics. It will hold much of your own essence in it along with your life-long demons. It is not only the epic fantasy it holds inside, but also a journey into your deepest emotions, to the burning core of the beast that lurks inside. It's always dark there, always restless and maybe you too will find yourself in this scenery; one that Orpheus Blade have bled to create.

Wolf's Cry is out on May 8 (EU) / May 11 (UK) / May 12 (US) on CD and digitally.
Posted by: Denis / 17.04.2015
MORTHUS EP Into Oblivion was finally self-released on October 22nd in 2014. Into Oblivion delivers a devilish well composed and technical demanding 4-track orgy, to which the band wants to invite lovers of NAGLFAR, DISSECTION and DARK FUNERAL now.

Raised to serve the dark in fall 2011, the line-up of Blackened Melodic Death Metal enthusiasts MORTHUS was unholy completed at the end of 2013. First gigs were celebrated, the style of the formation got optimized.

The Teutonic encouraged hell-horde from the eastern part of Germany decided to besiege a record studio for their first Demo EP in early 2014. In summer 2014, after playing several sweat-driving club gigs, MORTHUS recorded four well chosen Satanic hymns at Nautilus Studio in Gera / Germany.
Napalm Records / POWERWOLF release first part of 'The Road To Blessed & Possessed' video series
Posted by: Denis / 17.04.2015
Following the release of the chart topping album Preachers Of The Night that garnered the band many new fans and critical acclaim worldwide, POWERWOLF are back with their the new masterpiece Blessed & Possessed. The band has released the first part of 'The Road To Blessed & Possessed' series giving an insight of the songwriting process. See the video here!

POWERWOLF recently finished the mix of their upcoming album Blessed & Possessed at Studio Fredman, with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at the helm of the desk. Jens Bogren laid final touches to the song, mastering the album at Fascination Street.

"We have just had the pleasure to listen to the mastered album for the very first time" reports Matthew Greywolf. "We're more than proud and satisfied with the result, and yet can hardly believe to have finished this intense production. Both Fredrik Nordström and Jens Bogren did killer jobs giving these songs exactly the sound they need."

Blessed & Possessed will be released in July via Napalm Records.

Punishment 18 Records / Bloodrocuted line up renewed
Posted by: Denis / 17.04.2015
Belgian thrashers Bloodrocuted are happy to announce the coming of a new drummer. His name is Sander Vogt, already in Deserter line-up. The reason why band parted with Gaëtan was that Gaëtan doesn't want to tour again. Their new record, titled Disaster Strikes Back, was released on March 30th by Punishment 18 Records. Artwork was created by artist Mario Lopez (Game Over, Sabbat, Warstorm, Sofisticator, Repulsor, Axe Battler and many more).
AFM Records / Iron Savior unveil Live DVD/CD details
Posted by: Denis / 17.04.2015
German Power metallers IRON SAVIOR will release their first ever DVD/Live CD Live At The Final Frontier on May 29th.

It includes the recordings of the band's show in their hometown Hamburg (from January 2015) and comes as exclusive DVD/2CD Digipak.

Posted by: Denis / 16.04.2015
Debut album from Italian WITCHWOOD (born from the ashes of Buttered Bacon Biscuits) entitled Litanies from the Woods will be released on CD and Digital (double LP will follow) 25th May on Jolly Roger Records (Alive Distribution / Code7 Distribution).

A long journey (79 minutes) from classic rock to Progressive rock, with blues and southern rock elements and with an obscure and 70's vintage attitude, enriched by insertions of hammond, piano, synth & moog, flute, armonica, mandolin. Fans of Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, Kansas take note!

A Place for the Sun videoclip, available here.
  2. LIAR
    LINE UP:
Posted by: Denis / 16.04.2015
Portuguese Metallers HEAVENWOOD have announced that the French Drum God, Franky Costanza (DAGOBA) will be a very special guest on The Tarot Of The Bohemians, their new album. Franky will appear on the tracks The Lovers and Wheel Of Fortune, two tracks chosen by his own and that fits very well his fantastic musical versatility and technique.

Commented HEAVENWOOD guitarist Ricardo Dias: "Franky Costanza is, nowadays, one of the best French Metal/Rock drummers. We always desired to melt the harmony, melody and HEAVENWOODs musical expression with the colossal rhythms developed by this true musical warrior. It is an honor to have Franky's musical DNA and Spirit through is percussive expression with HEAVENWOOD". Franky Costanza added that he is "Very Excited & Honored to play drums on the next HEAVENWOOD album! I LOVE their music and this upcoming album!"

As previously reported, HEAVENWOOD have announced the return of drummer Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA) to the group's ranks, who recorded the drums on the Redemption (2008) and Abyss Masterpiece (2011) albums and played with the band during this period. HEAVENWOOD are currently recording their fifth studio album, The Tarot Of The Bohemians to be released late September 2015. Bass and main vocal recording sessions took place at Stone Sound Studio, in Oporto, under the supervision of producer/ bassist Ricardo Oliveira; the drum recording session took place at Ultrasoundstudios in Braga with Pedro Mendes. Now HEAVENWOOD are at the Raising Legends Studio, where producer André Matos is at helm of the final recordings.

High Roller Recods / BLIZZEN - Time Machine
Posted by: Denis / 16.04.2015
Following the huge success of Stallion, High Roller Records is proud to announce the debut mini-album of Germany's newest Heavy Metal sensation Blizzen. Andi Heindl (guitars), Marvin Kiefer (guitars), Daniel Stecki (vocals, bass) and Gereon Nicolay (drums) formed the band in February 2014. In April of the same year they issued a three-track demo to download freely from the internet. In October 2014 Blizzen appeared live at the 'Manilla Road festival'. Now it's time for the first official release on High Roller Records entitled Time Machine.

"We have been influenced by classic Metal and Thrash Metal from the eighties," states singer/bassist Daniel Stecki. "But also classic rock from the sixties and seventies. If I go through the A-Z of bands having influenced us I'd start at Anthrax and end with ZZ Top. There'd be at least one band per letter in the alphabet. Iron Maiden, Tank, Diamond Head, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy – those were also bands that have influenced us quite heavily."

So the title of the mini-album Time Machine (featuring a lightning bolt on the album cover which looks exactly like the one from Raven's Wiped Out album) is to be taken literally after all? "I guess you could say this", laughs Daniel. "Our debut is a travel back in time to the glory eighties, a time in which all our heroes put out their best records."

Just listen to the opening riff of Gone Wild and you will instantly hear where Blizzen are coming from, classic Jaguar springs to my mind. "Yes, that might be true", says Daniel. "Jaguar are definitely one of the bands we adore. I have just listened to their new album Metal X and I must say it is really, really good."

There is a good chance that some people will describe Blizzen as the 'new Stallion', a description Daniel has no problem with: "That'd be a big honour for us. Stallion are not only a fantastic band, they are very nice people as well. In general though I don't think that we are the 'new Stallion'. Our style is a bit different from theirs, to be honest."

Blizzen will be playing the warm-up show to 'Hell over Hammaburg' in 2015 and they have already started work on their first full-length album: "We have finished eleven songs. There are a few more to come but the material for the album is almost complete. Our live set at the moment is 45 minutes long including one cover version, namely Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden."
Royal Hunt new album 2015
Posted by: Denis / 15.04.2015
Band statement:
"We'd like to announce that we already completed the songwriting/pre-production process for our new (thirteenth) studio album due to release later this year. Recordings will start shortly at NorthPoint Productions with André Andersen producing.

As a new twist on proceedings we've also started our first ever pre-ordering campaign on Support us by sharing this information with your friends and other music fans, or even becoming a pledger."

BEAUVOIR FREE recreate the magic of Crown of Thorns debut on 'American Trash' - out on Frontiers in June
Posted by: Denis / 15.04.2015
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of American Trash the anticipated new album featuring Rock & Roll veterans Jean BEAUVOIR and Micki FREE on June 3rd in Europe and June 7th in North America.

Best known as the driving force behind the legendary Crown of Thorns self-titled debut album in 1994, Jean Beauvoir and Micki Free's collective credits read like a 'who's-who' Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with a list of collaborations that includes the likes of the Ramones, KISS, Debbie Harry, The Pretenders, John Waite, Lionel Richie, N'Sync, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, Bill Wyman, Carlos Santana and Prince to name but a few.

The duo both coincidentally moved back to LA in 2003 and re-connected. They discussed joining forces again for a new project and after a few shows in Europe in 2013, a deal with Frontiers was inked for a brand new album to be recorded in 2014.

The result is American Trash, an album that shaped up as "the continuation of the BEAUVOIR FREE sound as the writing team for the Crown of Thorns debut,” explains Jean Beauvoir. "When we write together there really is this magic. We know we want killer guitar riffs and major melodic chorus... and this is what turns out in our songs, in Beauvoir Free style."

All the new songs came out like 'rocking-babies' in the BEAUVOIR FREE fold. "...And all represent the sound only Jean and I create together. The 'inimitable' sound of BEAUVOIR FREE," tells Micki Free.

Joining forces once again, Jean and Micki can truly unleash the magic that they can only create when they write together, of that there is no doubt!

"We both feel this CD is some of the best work we have done, right up their next to the Crown of Thorns debut" concludes Jean. "We want to get out on the road and bring it to the fans. We receive a lot of enquires of when are you guys coming back out on tour and people telling us they can't wait to hear the new material. Frankly we can't wait for our fans to hear American Trash as well!"
AXEMASTER Webstore now open
Posted by: Denis / 14.04.2015
Axemaster would like to let everyone know that the store in the Axemaster website is now stocked and open for business! It not only includes the new album Overture to Madness and standard merchandise, but there are also several other Axemaster releases, some non-Axemaster releases done by current band members, and some very rare collectible items. Something any fan of Axemaster and metalheads in general should definitely check out!

Posted by: Denis / 14.04.2015
SIGNUM REGIS just released a lyric video for the track My Guide In The Night online. Their upcoming EP entitled Through The Storm will be released on May 8th in Europe and on May 12th in North America through Ulterium Records.

Pure Steel Recprds / DSG 'Still A Warrior'
Posted by: Denis / 14.04.2015
The new album of DSG Still A Warrior is now available in label's webshop. Safe 1 Euro during the preorder time. The official release date of the album is the 24th of April 2015.

"I'm very happy to say that I feel this is the best DSG record to date," says Shankle. "I also feel this is the best DSG band out of all three of them so far. I'm very proud of everyone of these guys great job they did on the record." Joining Shankle in DSG are vocalist Warren Halvarson, bassist Mike Streicher, and drummer Gabriel Anthony. "With new singer Warren Halvarson, new bass player Mike Streicher, and our new drummer Gabriel Anthony, this is by far the BEST line up to date."

For 13 years, Shankle has been enjoying a solo career, as evidenced by the two albums, Ashes To Ashes (2003) and Hellborn (2007). And Still A Warrior does not disappoint, as it features both metallic anthems (the title track) and instrumentals (The Hitman) with such guest artists as Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, and Parker Lundgren from QUEENSRYCHE. Also, the 'Demonic Solo' (from the movie 'Jezebeth') is being hailed as one of the fastest guitar solos in the world.

Shankle: "I think the new DSG record, Still A Warrior, is a combination of the best from the Ashes to Ashes and Hellborn CD's. A lot of great melodic vocals and full neo-classical shred guitar in your face." Still A Warrior confirms: friends of US Metal with a classical shred guitar influences will completely be satisfied by their old hero again!

Punishment 18 Records / Hyades 'The Wolves Are Getting Hungry' artwork unveiled
Posted by: Denis / 14.04.2015
Italian Thrash masters Hyades will release a new record titled The Wolves Are Getting Hungry by Italian label Punishment 18 Records soon.

Now you can see the artwork for this album.
Punishment 18 Records / Running Death listen to new Running Death song, 'Psycho'
Posted by: Juliette / 14.04.2015
Posted on YouTube Psycho, a brand new song from Running Death new album titled Overdrive, recently released by Italian label Punishment 18 Records. Artwork was created by talented artist Gyula Havancsak (Annihilator, Tyr, Sear Bliss, Jorn, Destruction, Grave Digger, Jungle Rot, Elvenking, Tankard and many more).
Kontra - Italian Thrash Metal band
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2015
Kontra, the Italian Thrash Metal band from Naples existing from 1999 to 2007 made a reunion. The band influenced both by Bay Area Thrash and by German Thrash Metal, now is composed of 3 member which the only original one is the singer/rhythm guitar and founder of the band Marco Barraco.

Kontra played live in many stages in Naples and suburbs producing also 2 demo: Strike Zero in 2003 limited in only 100 copies, and Demo 2005 never published because the band splitted up.
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2015
ACCEPT... Wolf Hoffmann, Peter Baltes, Mark Tornillo, Uwe Lulis, Christopher Williams... proudly announce their upcoming BLIND RAGE TOUR 2015 Part II! See you in MEXICO, BRAZIL, GERMANY, GREECE, HUNGARY, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, FINLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVENIA, FRANCE, SPAIN, AUSTRIA, DENMARK, SWEDEN, BELGIUM and MORE to come!

Symphony X new album
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2015
Symphony X is happy to report that the mixing and mastering of the new CD is complete! The process was handled by Jens Bogren, who also did last two CDs, and who did an amazing job as always.

As for the artwork, they turned once again to Warren Flanagan. Warren has worked on band's last two CDs as well, and can also be relied upon for amazing work.

Symphony X will be wrapping up the booklet layout and finalizing things over the next couple of weeks. The band is really excited about this one, and they anxiously look forward to getting it out there to everyone.

Frontiers Records / House of Lords - Indestructible
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2015
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of the HOUSE OF LORDS tenth studio album aptly entitled Indestructible on June 3rd in Europe and June 7th in North America.

The new album shows once again what HOUSE OF LORDS stands for: powerful and heavy songs, with major hooks and melodies and grandiose arrangements. "The name Indestructible was chosen because we all felt that we have been through a lot in our long careers and what better way to say 'Hey, I'm still Here' than by giving the CD a BOLD title," says singer James Christian.

Indestructible features eleven brand new songs, which masterfully combine the best of Heavy and Melodic Hard Rock. "The album is heavier in the beginning, but we love songs that are both Melodic and Heavy" continues Christian, "and the idea was to fill the best of both on one CD without sounding like two different bands. I think we have accomplished that. A good example would be the song Pillar of Salt especially gives a good representation of how the new album sounds: a combination of heavy, melodic, and thoughtful lyrics. This song is one of my favorites!"

Besides being HOUSE OF LORDS tenth studio album, the new record sees the new line-up celebrating their first ten years together. "It is amazing to work with BJ, Chris and Jimi" tells James Christian, "they are all very aware of what HOUSE OF LORDS represents and they are committed to making records that complement the history of the band. No matter which HOUSE OF LORDS album you listen to, there is a common thread, which comes from the fact that the four of us are musically in sync. This is the real reason why we have been able to produce records of this calibre".

HOUSE OF LORDS will exclusively appear at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (MI) next Sunday, April 12 and start a European tour in September, with a very special surprise show to be announced soon.

Y.O.C. songs
Posted by: Denis / 12.04.2015
You can download all Y.O.C. songs for free from our band's page!

In Malice’s Wake: talented thrashers sign for Punishment 18 Records
Posted by: Denis / 10.04.2015
Punishment 18 Records is proud to announce to have signed Australian thrashers In Malice's Wake for the new full-length album expected out in 2015. In Malice's Wake is Australia's premier Thrash band combining relentless speed, iconic riffs and haunting melodies.
Napalm Records / POWERWOLF have finished mix of upcoming album
Posted by: Denis / 10.04.2015
POWERWOLF have just finished the mix of their upcoming album Blessed & Possessed at Studio Fredman, with Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at the helm of the desk. These days Jens Bogren laid final touches to the song, mastering the album at Fascination Street.

"We have just had the pleasure to listen to the mastered album for the very first time" reports Matthew Greywolf. "We're more than proud and satisfied with the result, and yet can hardly believe to have finished this intense production. Both Fredrik Nordström and Jens Bogren did killer jobs giving these songs exactly the sound they need."

Blessed & Possessed will be released in July via Napalm Records.
    POWERWOLF will present Blessed & Possessed live at their 'Wolfsnächte Tour 2015':
  • 04.09.15 DE – Speyer / Halle 101
  • 05.09.15 DE – Köln / Live Music Hall
  • 09.09.15 UK – London / 02 Academy Islington
  • 10.09.15 FR – Paris / Trabendo
  • 12.09.15 FR – Strasbourg / La Laiterie
  • 01.10.15 DE – Bremen / Aladin
  • 02.10.15 DE – Oberhausen / Turnbinenhalle
  • 03.10.15 DE – Hamburg / Grosse Freiheit
  • 22.10.15 DE – Berlin / C-Club
  • 23.10.15 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser
  • 24.10.15 DE – München / Backstage
  • 29.10.15 DE – Ravensburg / Oberschwabenhalle
  • 30.10.15 DE – Geiselwind / Music Hall
  • 31.10.15 DE – Stuttgart / LKA Longhorn
  • 07.11.15 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage

Napalm Records / CIVIL WAR new 'Bay Of Pigs' video revealed
Posted by: Denis / 10.04.2015
The finest Swedish Heavy Metal - that's what CIVIL WAR stands for! This breathtaking six-piece features former members of Sabaton and Astral Doors. Their forthcoming release Gods And Generals is the band's latest masterpiece following their successful debut Killer Angels in 2013. Gods And Generals features galloping Heavy Metal riffs that melt into epically sweeping melody lines, which serve as an opus magnum filled to the brim with anthems.

CIVIL WAR has released the brand new music video for the track Bay Of Pigs from the new album Gods And Generals (11th in the UK & May 12th US/CAN on Napalm Records)!

Get ready and be prepared for a CIVIL WAR in 2015 with a new masterpiece full of catchy melodies & Heavy Metal arrangements!

Burning Point sign with AFM Records!
Posted by: Denis / 10.04.2015
Finnish Power metallers BURNING POINT have signed with AFM Records. Being an active part of the European Power Metal scene for the last 15 years, the band around mastermind/guitarist Pete Ahonen has added former Battle Beast vocalist Nitte Valo to the group's ranks in 2014 and is set to release their new album soon.

Ahonen comments: "To me AFM Records has always been a label of quality releases and the words can't describe of how happy and excited I and we are to be a part of the AFM family! It has been very clear from the start that they have a heart full of fire and huge load of enthusiasm towards the bands in their roster. I have to say that first time in YEARS we (label and the band) work as a TEAM."

A first song snippet (re-recorded 2015 version of the band's track All The Madness) is available for streaming here.

Graveworm sign with AFM Records, new album coming in June
Posted by: Denis / 10.04.2015
Italian dark metallers GRAVEWORM have signed with AFM Records.

AFM has already re-released the band's early albums As The Angels Reach The Beauty, Scourge Of Malice and When Daylight's Gone / Underneath The Crescent Moon in 2012 and will now follow up to release GRAVEWORM's brand new studio album, entitled Ascending Hate, which will see the light of day on June 19th.

Posted by: Denis / 09.04.2015
New GRAAL album, titled Chapter IV, will be released on Cd and Digital, 24th May 2015 on Jolly Roger Records. (Alive Distribution / Code7 Distribution). The Italian quintet GRAAL first came to prominence in 2005 when it released its full-length debut album Realm of Fantasy (self-released on CD and LP). Since then the band has hooked up with label Bloodrock Records, and two new more productions have seen the light: Tales Untold in 2007 and Legends Never Die in early 2011. Also in 2013 Bloodrock reissued on double LP their debut.

Chapter IV, the brand new album, is far by the most mature and complete of their discography, underlining a constant and progressive growth. Musically Graal is placed well inside the retro-oriented Hard Rock universe: some details heralding a plausible Deep Purple influence, others with similarities closer to Iron Maiden and early 80's UFO, with occasional additional flavorings folk-oriented.

At this link 3 audio tracks available for streaming.
    LINE UP:
Posted by: Denis / 09.04.2015
The Melodic Metal band WITHIN SILENCE just released a lyric video for the track Road To The Paradise online. Their upcoming debut album Gallery of Life will be released on May 8th in Europe and on May 12th in North America through Ulterium Records.
Metal Blade / Armored Saint to release 'Win Hands Down' this summer
Posted by: Denis / 09.04.2015
Los Angeles, California's Armored Saint are set to release their seventh studio album this summer. The album, Win Hands Down, is all things Armored, a vintage crush of classic power propelled by a cathartic blast of life in the year 2015. The album is scheduled for release on June 2nd in North America, with release dates for June 1st in Europe/UK, and May 29th in DE/CH/AT. A brand new video was recently shot by director Andrew Nethery, and is available for streaming now at, where album pre-order bundles are also ready for order. Additionally, a behind the scenes video from the photo shoot for the Win Hands Down album cover is on youtube now here.

Win Hands Down – mixed by Jay Ruston, produced by Joey Vera.

VH1 Classic's centerpiece in original programming, That Metal Show, returned earlier this year with an episode that welcomed Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed alongside John Bush and Joey Vera of Armored Saint. Jamey Jasta talked about the upcoming Hatebreed tour, the podcast he hosts, recounted how a recent tour they did with Black Label Society was one of the best he had ever done, and even gave a compilation CD to each member of the audience. John Bush and Joey Vera talked about their forthcoming seventh album Win Hands Down, their upcoming tour with Saxon and recalled memories from their time in Anthrax. Watch the full episode, along with bonus clips of John and Joey, on now here.

While in New York for the TV taping, Jamey Jasta sat down with Bush and Vera for an episode of 'The Jasta Show'. Subscribe and listen via iTunes, or stream the episode on soundcloud here.

Armored Saint are also proud to be joining the legendary Saxon for a few select, high profile shows across the country from May 12th through May 30th.
    ARMORED SAINT Tour with Saxon
  • 05/12 New York, NY BB Kings
  • 05/13 Worcester, MA The Palladium
  • 05/23 San Antonio, TX 210 Kapone’s Live
  • 05/24 Dallas, TX Gas Monkey Live
  • 05/29 San Jose, CA Rockbar
  • 05/30 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues

    ARMORED SAINT European Tour Dates
  • 06/19 Clisson, FR Hellfest
  • 07/30 Wacken, DE Wacken Open Air
  • 08/02 Munich, DE Free & Easy Festival
  • 08/03 Amsterdam, NL Melkweg w/ Queensryche
  • 08/04 Eindhoven, NL Effenaar w/ Queensryche
  • 08/06 London, GB Electric Ballroom w/ Queensryche
  • 08/07 Derby, GB Bloodstock Festival
  • 08/08 Kortrijk, BE Alcatraz Festival
  • 12/04 Hamburg, DE Waterkant X-Mas Bash
  • 12/05 Oberhausen, DE Ruhrpott Metal Meeting

SPV / MAGNUM Bob Catley video message, summer schedule updated
Posted by: Denis / 08.04.2015
British Melodic Rock icons MAGNUM are releasing a new live album which was recorded at selected venues from their successful 'Escape From The Shadow Garden' European tour in the spring of 2014. The set list comprises songs chosen from 7 of their 18 studio albums, the band have produced this album so that fans can fully appreciate the songs penned from Magnum's beginning, in the 1970s, right up to the present day.

Escape From The Shadow Garden – Live 2014 will be released in Scandinavia on May 06th, in Germany on May 08th, in Europe on May 11th and in the USA on May 12th as a super jewel case version, double gatefold vinyl version and download through SPV/Steamhammer.

Furthermore the band is already working hard on their new studio album which will be released by the beginning of 2016.
  1. Super Jewel Case
  2. Live 'til You Die
  3. Black Skies
  4. Freedom Day
  5. Dance of the Black Tattoo
  6. Blood Red Laughter
  7. Unwritten Sacrifice
  8. How Far Jerusalem
  9. Les Morts Dansant
  10. Falling For the Big Plan
  11. All England's Eyes
  12. Vigilante
  13. Kingdom of Madness
    LIVE 2015:
  • 17.07. GB-Derbyshire – Rock and Bike Fest
  • 18.07. SE-Väsby – Väsby Rock Festival
  • 31.07. SE-Rejmyre – Skogsröjet Festival
  • 01.08. D-Seebronn – Rock Of Ages Festival
  • 08.08. CH-Brienz – Brienzersee Festival
Nevereven live with Dog Fashion Disco - April 11
Posted by: Denis / 07.04.2015
The next show that Nevereven have to offer you is one they are particularly psyched for. The mighty Dog Fashion Disco is coming to town on their national Performance Enhancement tour and Nevereven will be helping them out at their Brooklyn appearance. Also on the tour are Beeb$ and her Money Maker$ and Shinobi Ninja.

It's all going down at The Shop Brooklyn. This new venue in Bushwick is quickly becoming one of band's favorite places for live music. Doors at 7, the band plays at 8. 21+. More details about this show can be found here.

It's also Gary's birthday show, so if you want to see him get hit in the face with a cake, this is probably the best place to see it. Nevereven'll see you this Saturday, April 11th!

SKID ROW and Solinger split
Posted by: Denis / 07.04.2015
After 14 years of touring and 4 releases, SKID ROW and singer Johnny Solinger have parted ways.

Founding member Snake Sabo said, "We had a lot of great times together and created a lot of great music. We wish him nothing but the best."

"Sometimes things just end. People go in different directions and grow apart and you have to make a decision. He will always be our brother" adds co-founder Rachel Bolan.

The vacancy for a new front man has been filled by powerhouse vocalist Tony Harnell. This news comes hot of the heels of his departure from Norway based band, TNT. "Tony's experience, power and undeniable range made our decision an easy one" commented guitarist Scotti Hill. Drummer Rob Hammersmith added, "I believe this will be a great year for SKID ROW. I'm looking forward for things to come."

When asked about joining forces with SKID ROW Harnell said, "I'm so excited and honored to be a part of such a great band with an amazing legacy and legions of faithful fans! The guys and I have known each other for many years and this is such a natural fit. I look forward to getting out there and playing live together and being a part of making new music and creating our future together. It's time to rock!"

The band will head into the studio to record the third chapter of the United World Rebellion trilogy this summer. They will also hit the road for another world tour in support.

GlobMetal Promotions / FS PROJEKT released new single
Posted by: Denis / 06.04.2015
Russian Heavy/Power Metal band FS PROJEKT released their new single ELFIYSKIY MARSH (The Elven March). The song is dedicated to the third and final installment of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. It is also a tribute to all those who left their hearts in Middle - Earth forever and ever.

FS PROJEKT is the result of the creative effort and cooperation of its mastermind Efes Efesov with Oleg Mishin, a renowned Russian musician (Catharsis).
Posted by: Denis / 03.04.2015
Dave Mustaine:
"I first met Kiko around 8 years ago for a cover shoot for Burrn! magazine. I had no idea who he was, other than the fact he was tremendously talented and that the staff from Burrn! held him in high regard. Since then I've come to see what a guitar virtuoso he is, and I'm deeply encouraged by his depth and talent. Very few Megadeth alumni have had the same feel and ability as Kiko. As Frank Sinatra says, 'the best is yet to come!'"

Pure Steel Records / STARBLIND first album teaser released
Posted by: Denis / 03.04.2015
STARBLIND from Sweden have started the recording of their upcoming album at Studio 2-Takt together with their producer Cedrick Forsberg (Rocka Rollas) and released a first teaser video.
Nuclear Blast / ALMANAC Victor Smolski reveals new band
Posted by: Denis / 03.04.2015
Few weeks ago, the announcement about the separation of the current RAGE line-up caused some furor within the Metal scene. While founding-member Peavy Wagner decided to continue RAGE with new members, guitar player Victor Smolski set his mind on following his passion for neo-classical, orchestral Metal and continue on the path that ended up with the LINGUA MORTRIS ORCHESTRA debut LMO. This marks the birth of new band called ALMANAC .

"Almanac is the continuation of the concept, which I started back in 2013 with LMO", says the guitar player and adds: "The well-known faces of LMO stay the same: both female singers Jeannette Marchewka and Dana Harnge, as well as the Orquestra Barcelona Filharmonia. On top of that I am proud to announce that we also have two outstanding male singers joining us: Andy B. Franck (BRAINSTORM) and David Readman (PINK CREAM 69)! All of them offer me the possibility to add more variety and a new musical dimension to the new tracks' arrangements."

At a later point, Victor Smolski will announce the bass player and drummer of ALMANAC – but their baptism of fire is close: "I will present the whole new band on our first live appearance on the 'Musikmesse Frankfurt'", reveals the guitar wizard. ALMANAC will perform on April 16th at 17.30 CET on the Agora Stage.

Furthermore, Victor Smolski plans to enter the studio even in 2015 and record their debut album.
Napalm Records / KAMELOT 'Veil Of Elysium' lyric video revealed
Posted by: Denis / 03.04.2015
Symphonic Metal masters KAMELOT have returned after two years of touring the globe and twelve months of intense writing and recording. The new album titled Haven will make KAMELOT history as it will be released worldwide (excl. Asia) on Napalm Records/Universal and Napalm Records/ADA/Warner as an exclusive licensing deal through the band's KAMELOT MUSIC LLC on May 4, 2015 (North America) and May 8, 2015 (Europe and rest of the world) and will showcase KAMELOT at their finest!

Now a breathtaking lyric video for the track Veil Of Elysium has been unveiled! It's time to step into the cinematic, epic and emotionally dynamic world of Haven.

Following the release of Haven, KAMELOT will embark on a massive WORLD TOUR, starting with North America in April/May 2015 followed by European shows in the Summer 2015 and with The Haven European Tour in September/October 2015 the band will return to Europe for their biggest headliner tour to date.
    KAMELOT North American Tour With Special Guest Dragonforce:
  • 4/27: Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage
  • 4/28: Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theater
  • 4/29: New York, NY @ Webster Hall
  • 5/1: Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
  • 5/2: Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
  • 5/3: Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theater
  • 5/5: Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall
  • 5/6: Joliet, IL @ Mojoes
  • 5/7: Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
  • 5/9: Winnipeg, MB @ Garrick Centre
  • 5/10: Saskatoon, SK @ Louis Pub
  • 5/11: Calgary, AL @ MacEwan Hall
  • 5/12: Edmonton, AB @ Union Hall
  • 5/14: San Francisco, CA @ Regency Center
  • 5/15: Anaheim, CA @ City National Grove
  • 5/16: Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee
  • 5/18: Denver, CO @ Ogden Theater
  • 5/20: Austin, TX @ Emo’s
  • 5/21: New Orleans, LA @ New Orleans Civic Theater
  • 5/22: Birmingham, IL @ Iron City Live
  • 5/23: Orlando, FL @ House of Blues
  • 27.06.2015 BG – Kavarna / Kavarna Rock Festival
  • 04.07.2015 RO – Romania / I Am The Rocker Festival
  • 09.07.2015 CZ – Vizovice / Masters Of Rock Festival
  • 17.09.2015 FR – Paris / La Cigale
  • 19.09.2015 CH – Pratteln / Z7 Konzertfabrik
  • 25.09.2015 SE – Gothenburg / Trädgår'n
  • 26.09.2015 NO – Oslo / Sentrum Scene
  • 27.09.2015 SE – Stockholm / Debaser Medis
  • 29.09.2015 FI – Jyväskylä / Lutakko
  • 01.10.2015 FI – Joensuu / Kerubi
  • 02.10.2015 FI - Seinäjoki / Rytmikorjaamo
  • 03.10.2015 FI – Helsinki / Circus
  • 05.10.2015 LT – Vilnius / Forum Palace
  • 06.10.2015 PL – Warszawa / Club Progresja
  • 08.10.2015 IT – Milano / Live Music Club
  • 16.10.2015 NL – Tilburg / Poppodium 013

Napalm Records / AMBERIAN DAWN studio news and new bass player
Posted by: Denis / 03.04.2015
Finish Symphonic Metallers AMBERIAN DAWN are pleased to announce that they've started working on a new studio album to be released via Napalm Records. Together with AMBERIAN DAWN's co-producer Mikko P. Mustonen, vocalist Capri and band's composer Tuomas Seppälä the band are hard at work right now in the studio polishing the vocal arrangements.

Tuomas had the following to say about the new album: "The new album is going to be the most vocal-driven one in AMBERIAN DAWN's history. This album continues the style which Magic Forest started and takes it even further. Very melodic stuff coming up. I just realized that I've written over 60 songs for Amberian Dawn during these years and it's really amazing to realize that I haven't lost 'The Flame' to do this. I feel like reborn with each and every AMBERIAN DAWN album. This album is going to be the best so far, no doubt of it!!!"

AMBERIAN DAWN is also introducing new bass player Jukka Hoffren, a very experienced and talented Finnish musician (Adamantra, Epicrenel, Ragged Saints). "Now it's official! Jukka isn't actually so new with us. He played all the base parts on our previous album Magic Forest as a session player. Now everyone will have a chance to meet Jukka on our next gig which is held on 22th of April in Nosturi/Helsinki/Finland. Welcome to Amberian Dawn, Jukka!!!"

Season of Mist / SEPTICFLESH new video 'Prometheus'
Posted by: Denis / 02.04.2015
SEPTICFLESH are now premiering a spectacular video for Prometheus, a song taken from the Greek demons' latest album Titan. The clip has been created by the band and director Jon Simvonis and is now exclusively streaming via the official media partners.

SEPTICFLESH comment: "We now present our second video clip since our founding. The first was The Eldest Cosmonaut from the album A Fallen Temple. This time we chose the song Prometheus from our latest album Titan. The storyline revolves around the theme of transformation and crossing the thin line between predator and prey. It is something that literally delivers food for thought. Provoking, disturbing, resisting, surviving the ordeal..."

METALMESSAGE Promotion / HALO CREATION (Female fronted DEATH METAL from Austria) debut album in autumn
Posted by: Denis / 01.04.2015
HALO CREATION is a DEATH METAL band from Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2014. Their unequivocal message is: BANG YOUR FUCKIN' HEAD!!!

The five members of the band bring you real, powerful and straight Metal. And also live, you can feel and see the brute force of HALO CREATION. It began in a small rehearsal room in the middle of Vienna. Since the very beginning they rehearse regularly and so the first songs accrued. In summer of 2014 a Demo CD with four songs on it was recorded. In September, HALO CREATION played their first live show, together with ILLDISPOSED. Since this show, they play live regularly, and already shared the stage with GRAVEWORM or JINJER.

These days they are busy with songwriting for their first album and in summer 2015 they will enter the studio. The release of the full-lenght is scheduled for autumn.

For HALO CREATION, it is important to produce elaborated and very powerful music. When they're playing live, the crowd should go crazy and while listening to their songs, any kind of emotions should arise. The music should be real Death Metal, which means, there will be no clean vocals nor Nu Metal parts in it. Moreover, outstanding chorus lines are important. Further, excesses in speed, or changes in rhythm should be a big part of this music.
Limb Music / WIZARD remastered reissues
Posted by: Denis / 01.04.2015
The opinion of the international press that Wizard is Germany's answer to Manowar is not entirely incorrect. The band with singer Sven D'Anna take their fast, furious true Metal sound from similar sources as Joey DeMaio's American band. Despite that, Wizard's songs are not lacking in individuality.

"Nobody told us that Metal was dead – believe me", Snoppi says with a deadpan face, "we didn't notice that in the rehearsal room..." This totally naive and very honest statement, taken from an early interview, is WIZARD in a nutshell. WIZARD have remained true to themselves – and they are the only real choice for anyone searching for the true Metal spirit.

Limb Music reissues three classic albums, remastered by Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Mob Rules, Symphony X, Neal Morse, Saga and Ian Parry's Consortium Project): Head Of The Deceiver, Odin, Magic Circle.

25 albums entered into our database lately are:
1. Hatedrive
"Population: 0"

2. Razor Fist
"Metal Minds"

3. Hard Rain
"When the Good Times Come"

4. Hard Rain
"Hard Rain"

5. Guns, Tracii
"Killing Machine"

6. Hjallarhorn
"Iron Clad Soldiers"

7. Guerrilla
"Kickstart Revolution"

8. Guerrilla
"On Target"

9. Heavens Gate
"Best for Sale!"

10. Symphony X
"Underworld "

11. Prowlers, The

12. Gates of Ishtar
"At Dusk And Forever"

13. Gates of Ishtar
"The Dawn of Flames"

14. Warcry (Germany)
"In Battle for Vengeance"

15. Gandalf
"Rock Hell"

16. Gandalf
"Deadly Fairytales"

17. Lanfear
"This Harmonic Consonance"

18. Gallows Pole (Austria)
"And Time Stood Still"

19. Frozen Sun

20. Frozen Sun

21. Frederiksen - Phillips

22. Transnight
"The Dark Half"

23. Freak of Nature
"Gathering of Freaks"

24. Freak of Nature
"Freak of Nature"

25. R.U.S.T.

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1. Deja Vu
2. Fallen Angels (US)
3. Wishdoom
4. Arkham Witch
5. Enchanter
6. Arion
7. Zephaniah
8. Yawarhiem
9. Winter's Verge
10. We Are Legend
11. Scintilla Project, The
12. Witches Mark
13. Vorpal Nomad
14. Vacant Throne
15. Overdrive (UK)

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