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September 19th, 2014
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FaST Metal news

Alltheniko's new album release
Posted by: Denis / 18.09.2014
The Italian band ALLTHENIKO has announced its 5th album FAST AND GLORIOUS release on 5th December 2014 under the German Metal label Pure Steel Rec. Listening to some extracts of the album available on the band's official website

Moreover, the new songs will be performed during two live concerts: Friday 19th September in Madrid (Spain) and Saturday 20th September in Valencia (Spain).

Metal Media / X-EMPIRE new video clip 'End Of Times' is available
Posted by: Denis / 18.09.2014
The Brazilian Metal act X-EMPIRE has just released the second video clip taken from the EP End Of Times. This time for the title track.

The clip was again produced by M&H Studio, with executive production by Monia Aires and the team: Litsuko Yoshida (Camera 1), Vanda Marques (Camera 2) and Ana (Tourist Guide). Was chosen an extremely special location: Alto da Serra, in the resort town of Serra Negra/SP.

The work features special guest vocalist Raphael Dantas (P3rception) and guitarist Cauê Leitão (Andragonia).
Metalmessage / TOXIC WALTZ official new music video 'Decades Of Pain'
Posted by: Denis / 18.09.2014
Bavarian Thrash Metal high-flyers TOXIC WALTZ released their first official music video on September, 14., which can be seen here.

Recorded and produced by a professional film team, the video includes inter alia extra performers and some extraordinary cool views, filmed by a drone with a GoPro camera. It has been produced for the title song of their highly successful debut album Decades Of Pain, out since January 2014.
Cruz del Sur Music / CONVENT GUILT releases good and bad news
Posted by: Denis / 18.09.2014
Cruz del Sur Music are extremely sorry but because of to a production delay at the pressing factory outside of our control, the label is forced to postpone the release of CONVENT GUILT's Guns For Hire to November 6th.

Luckily, it's not all about bad news: in fact, the good news is that Cruz del Sur Music have made public another song off the album. The track Don't Close Your Eyes can be streamed now at label's Bandcamp page.

Guns For Hire vinyl edition will be released with an A2 poster, insert with lyrics and download code for your digital files. Be prepared for a pummeling, punishing ride across the badlands of purest NWOBHM-inspired Heavy Metal!
High Roller Recors / STALLION - Rise and Ride out now!
Posted by: Denis / 18.09.2014
2014 might as well turn out to be the year of the Stallion. They are one of the most promising up and coming traditional Heavy Metal bands from Germany. The re-issue of their debut mini-album Mounting The World via High Roller Records sold out in no time. Earlier in the year, the band took the prestigious Keep It True festival by storm. "Playing Keep It True, standing on this very stage in front of this legendary backdrop was a dream come true for me," says guitarist Äxl. "Paul and me have attended this festival for such a long time as fans. Now being able to play there with Stallion was just unbelievable. The audience at Keep It True is very special, they support each and every band. Even when the opening act comes up on stage, people are already there banging their heads and singing along."

And now it is time for Stallion's first longplay album... The ten songs on Rise And Ride carry on where Stallion have left off with Mounting The World. Due to popular demand, the band has re-recorded two old numbers, namely The Right One as well as the fans' favourite Canadian Steele. Äxl explains: "Well, yes, our fans have demanded that, really. And, to be honest, after such a long time, I still do love the song Canadian Steele, which is a good sign, isn't it? It was not set out to become a hymn. Our fans made it a hymn and I am very grateful for that. You have to bear in mind that the success of Stallion did not come over night. I have been sharing a flat with Paul for years. We had been waiting until we felt everything was just the way we wanted it. There's a couple of very catchy numbers on Rise And Ride as well but I am of the opinion that only fans can turn a song into an anthem. Let's wait and see what happens." The title track Rise And Ride is quite an epic number, Wooden Horse will turn a few heads as well with its Spanish-flavoured bridge. Stigmatized is the hardest song on the album. All in all, Rise And Ride again offers a well-balanced mixture of Speed Metal, Hard Rock and a bit of Thrash. It's a much more rounded effort in comparison to the debut mini-album, which was a collaboration of Äxl and Paul (who shared all the instruments). Nowadays, Stallion is a full-fledged band consisting of: Pauly (vocals), Äxl (guitar), Oli G. (guitar), Nicki 'Schnicki' (bass) and Aaron (drums). Äxl takes over the story: "Well, yes, Rise And Ride is very much a group effort. We have a constant line up now. And all the new members fit in very well. Their musical tastes are as broad as Paul's and mine. There are too many Metal hearts beating in our body for limiting our style and just playing one style of Metal music. It's the mixture of different influences that makes Stallion great. Take a song like Watch Out from the new album for example. The new guys have contributed a lot of intricate parts to this number, which Paul and me would not have thought of, really. We are really proud of our new songs."

If you look at successful German bands like The Scorpions, Accept or even Helloween (with their Wagnerian pomp), they all had this kind of 'Teutonic' flair going for them in one form or the other. So is Stallion 'Teutonic' in any shape or form? Äxl reflects: "That's a difficult question to answer. As I said, our influences are really broad. There are bound to be some German bands we have been influenced by, like Running Wild, Accept or Warrant. But we are surely not striving to sound German or 'Teutonic' per se. It's got to be fitting the actual song. And if that song in question sounds 'Teutonic', then that's okay with us. I do not have a problem with that at all."

On their debut mini-album Mounting The World Stallion covered Heavy Metal Rock 'n' Roll by Rock Goddess. There's no cover tune on the new album but the band surely plays a few more covers in their practice room, as Äxl explains: "Yeah, it's fun. We wanted to concentrate on our own material for the new album, so we didn't really have time to play too many covers lately. We tried Out In The Streets by Atlain. And we did Flame Of The Show by the German Warrant. Not a lot of people know of this song as it was only included on a re-issue but in my book it's one of the greatest Speed Metal anthems ever written. That's why we are planning to record it for the B-Side of our next 7" single. This song really deserves to be heard by more people."

Stallion already have a solid local fan base here in Germany and with their first album Rise And Ride and a long list of live dates later this year (including a full-blown European tour in autumn supporting Bullet and Striker), there's surely no stopping them in 2014!
SOM DO DARMA / All female Brazilian Metal band Girlie Hell launches EP on vinyl and discuss about violence and oppression against women
Posted by: Denis / 17.09.2014
Think about a highly flammable all female Brazilian Hard Rock/Metal band! This is Girlie Hell. Weaker sex? Bullas, Carol, Fernanda and Júlia are willing to show you not. Do you want to face them?

These girls are not messing around. They are for seven years on the road and have played on the most important Brazilian festivals, including shows with bands like Bad Religion, Kyuss Lives, Sepultura and Crucified Barbara, with whom they completed a small tour in Brazil. Get Hard, the debut album, was produced by Gustavo Vazques (Black Drawning Chalks, Uganga) and was released in 2007 by Monstro Discos. The album was very well received by several Brazilian journalists: "Consistent and convincing Hard Rock", declared back then Silvio Essinger from Jornal O Globo, one of the most important Brazilian daily newspapers.

After the release of several music videos and some digital singles, the Girlie Hell ladies now announces the release of Hit And Run. The EP will be launched on vinyl and will bring only two tracks: Gunpowder on the A Side and Till The End on the B Side. Hit And Run was recorded at Mr. Som Studio in Sao Paulo and produced by the Latin Grammy winners Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench. The mastering was done at the West WestSide Music in the United States by the Death Metal specialist Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Death, Deicide, Krisiun, Mastodon).

Musically, Hit And Run brings a heavier and more intense Girlie Hell, with a very sharp speech.

"Hit And Run is, until now, Girlie Hell's better prepared work", says the drummer Carol Pasquali. "Everything is loaded with meanings and feelings. We're talking about overcoming difficulties, breaking barriers and unravel problems that tries to prevent us from following our path. This was also illustrated on the cover art signed by Wildner Lima which has two stages: the first that alludes to the violence suffered by women and the difficulties of the feminine universe, showing the anguish and the marks of the struggle for what is believed, and the side of awareness that the fight is worth."

Still according to Carol, the tittle Hit And Run is a direct reference to one of the band's main influence. Musically and ideologically. "The album takes the same name of the Girlschool song, which is one of our main references in the world of female rock. And this connection is no accident. Times have changed and so the difficulties, but they still exist. And as the British rockers, we want to arose attention to this force and this claw that we need to have daily and say that we are here to face the problems and support women of our generation."

Did you get the message? So be prepared because Hit And Run will hit the stores in October in Brazil by Monstro Discos. European, US and Asian releases are still being planned.

Meanwhile, check out Gunpowder music video.
Alberto Rigoni new video: Ubick! (Prog Rock Metal)
Posted by: Denis / 17.09.2014
Ubick is one of the song of Alberto Rigoni upcoming album Overloaded, probably one of his favorites. It's a mix of Prog, Rock and Metal with some experimental bass sounds too. Simone Mularoni on guitars, Federico Solazzo on keys and Denis Novello on drums.
Posted by: Denis / 17.09.2014
German Epic Melodic Death Metal band NOTHGARD released an new OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for the title-song of their upcoming 2nd full-length Age Of Pandora, which can be seen here.

Their 2nd full-length Age Of Pandora was released at Sept., 12. (Vocalist & lead-guitarist Dom R. Crey recently joined German top-notch Epic Metal act EQUILIBRIUM!)

With their new and second album Age Of Pandora NOTHGARD is heading straight towards to originality, technical finesse and maturity. The outstanding formation stands out for 3 technical guitars and epic orchestral parts combined with influences of Folk, classic, Melo-Death and Hard Rock.
Jolly Roger Records / Fangtooth '...As We Dive Into The Dark'
Posted by: Denis / 17.09.2014
New, second album from Italian doomsters FANGTOOH, titled ...As We Dive Into The Dark will be out on 27th October (CD / LP) by Jolly Roger Records.

The band has filmed a promotional video-clip for Of Flesh And Bolts track, you can see it following this link.

Fangtooth will play live at Malta Doom Metal Festival warm-up gig on 23rd October.
Alberto Rigoni: Overloaded video teaser and the concept behind the new album
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2014
After the release of Three Wise Monkeys album which featured amazing contributions from legendary musicians such as Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater), Göran Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen), Italian bassist and Prog Rock composer Alberto Rigoni is now going to release his fourth album entitled Overloaded (October 1st 2014).

More heavy and progressive than its predecessors, the new album, fully instrumental, is inspired by Alberto's vision of our contemporary society. "I think that everything is going too fast today and one of the reasons is technology: hyper fast communications (mostly through social networks), multitasking activities, tons of information as well as misinformation, products, services... In a couple of words - we are OVERLOADED! The Internet has changed our lives, and even though it is indeed a great tool we have to be careful and use it judiciously. Excessive use may cause several diseases such as stress, depression, and social isolation." explains Alberto.

You can watch the Overloaded video teaser directed by Gustavo Arteaga.

Spanning genres from Progressive Metal to Rock to ambient and atmospheric, Overloaded also features top class Italian musicians: drummer Denis Novello, keyboard player Federico Solazzo, guitarists Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie), and Fabrizio 'Bicio' Leo.

The album is dedicated to the great bassist Randy Coven (Steve Vai, Ark) who sadly passed away on May 20th 2014. "R.I.P. Randy, you will always inspire my music!" - Alberto Rigoni. Corruption, song in memoriam of Randy.

Alberto Rigoni's Overloaded will be released by Any and All Records on October 1st 2014 and it will be distributed worldwide by PowerProg (Europe), Nightmare Records (USA & Canada), Disk Union (Japan), Mylodon Records (Chile), BTF (Italy), La Mazakuata Records (Mexico), Record Heaven (Sweden).
Mistheria update
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2014
Concerning Mistheria's new instrumental Metal album GEMINI, it's finally the time to lay down some guitar tracks! The first week of September, his great friend and amazing guitarist Roger Staffelbach recorded on 7 songs. Roger's 'low, heavy & dark' sound is ready to forge the album and shred on! Other tracks will be recorded later on. The terrific and superb rhythmic section composed by drummer John Macaluso and bass players Steve DiGiorgio and Dino Fiorenza have already already laid down their tracks, the result is nothing less than majestic!

The Vivaldi Metal Project, co-produced with 'all-in-one' restless brain bassist Alberto Rigoni, is getting huge and huge with many amazing Metal stars involved!

Mistheria's thoughts are on the KLAVITARA Zagreb Rock Festival 2015. This month of September is the decision time. Mistheria and the staff want to go for the second edition, all their efforts are in that direction... in a few weeks, they will know more and, hopefully, Mistheria can start seriously working on it. It's one of his first goals to reach for the next year.

Also, Mistheria's really proud to be featured among the 'Artists that love the Xkey'. He invites you to check the CME XKey, small & cool mobile keyboard which sets you free! Watch the XKey in action, here Mistheria play Y. Malmsteen's 'Eclipse' song with the left hand only.

Metal Media / PANZER: Streaming lyric video for the song 'The Last Man On Earth'
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2014
Brazilian Thrash/Stoner act Panzer has just released a new lyric video on their YouTube channel, for the second track of the album Honor, The Last Man On Earth. The work of editing and sync was made by Wolff Videomaker.

The band continues to promote the album and preparing news. Among them is the release of a newly recorded DVD that is in the editing process.

Nuclear Blast / PANZER (Germany) - Teutonic supergroup to unleash first strike 'Send Them All To Hell'
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2014
Nuclear Blast is thrilled to announce the signing of the true Teutonic Heavy Metal trio PANZER! The new German supergroup is comprised of yet three undisputed genre legends: Vocalist & bass-player Schmier, best known as fronter of DESTRUCTION, guitarist Herman Frank (ACCEPT, VICTORY) as well as drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ACCEPT, ex-RUNNING WILD). "If you are a METALHEAD you will love PANZER, I m a 100% sure about it," vows Schmier.

To celebrate the nearing end of the year with a real killer release, the first PANZER onslaught entitled Send Them All To Hell will roll down onto the unholy European soil on November 28th 2014.

The initial idea was born when drummer Stefan Schwarzmann, who has relocated to Switzerland about seven years ago, had a chat with the owner of renowned Swiss club Z7 in Pratteln. The two tried to figure out a way to fill the empty space within touring and recording, the venue has been facing with its most frequently playing bands. To make a long story short: Nobert Mandel (owner of Z7) had the idea of a trio, with both Stefan and Herman in it. The only vacancy for bass and vocals wouldn't stay open for long, as Stefan had the phone number and mail address of DESTRUCTION's Schmier right at hand - and so 'The German Panzer' was born!

Commented vocalist & bass-player Schmier: "When Stefan Schwarzmann, drummer of ACCEPT and an old friend came to me with the idea of putting a band together, I first thought he tried to fool me... hahaha! But the idea sounded amazing from the beginning and after the first meeting with Herman Frank, the German guitar legend, that everybody knows from his work with ACCEPT and VICTORY and Stefan, we realized really fast, that this team could really kick some serious ass together. And instead of talking too long about it, we started writing songs right away and within some weeks had half of the album recorded and it sounded wicked! We don t wanna re-invent the Metal-wheel. We play the music we love, easy as that and it's great fun cause we all dig this shit since we are teenagers!"

Naming a band after fierce war machinery might seem a bit off for some, but if you take a look at the lyrics, this is picture perfect. The lyrics provoke, criticize and are part of the art. "My lyrics criticize... I don t pray," adds Schmier.

And as difficult as the search for a name was at first, with all members being German die-hards and organizers of the Teutonic scene, PANZER seemed to be the name everybody remembers right away.

As for the album title, Send Them All To Hell was almost mandatory, as these are the first words to be heard on the record, with Schmier whispering them into the mic. With the exception of two tracks that feature all three members, all songs are written entirely by Herman Frank and Schmier.

If you like it heavy, more melodic or if you dig Speed Metal, then PANZER will hit right on - Or to say it with Hermann Frank: "No left - no right! Just straight forward like a Panzer!"

Watch the first trailer to get an idea of this Teutonic explosion here.
Som do Darma / Amazon inks worldwide record deal with Ravenheart Music
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2014
If you are a symphonic Metal fan and are into the Brazilian bands, you surely knows Amazon. After all, the band's debut album Victoria Regia (Hellion Records - 2005), was very well received by press and public at the time and allowed Amazon to play important shows with Nightwish and Epica in Brazil. In 2010 the band's second album was released, Nature's Last Ride, and it got the same warm reception that its predecessor.

Four years later, the band formed by Sabrina Todt (vocal and flute), Renato Angelo (guitar and keyboards), Andre Pedral (bass) and Marcos Frassao (drums) announces the release of its third studio effort.

Titled RISE!, the album will bring the tracks
  • The Path
  • Ball Of Vanities
  • New Horizons
  • Prisoners Of The Sea
  • Sins
  • Time
  • Immortal
  • Three Lives
  • Bittersweet
  • Suicide Note
RISE! was recorded at The Rock Station studios in Reuver, Holland, and brings two very respected producers: Sander Gommans, founding member of After Forever, and Amanda Somerville, famous vocalist with participations in bands like Avantasia, Aina, Epica, Edguy and Kamelot.

Besides appearing as producers, both also co-wrote some songs from RISE!" and Gommans also does some special participations in some songs as musician.

With half the band now living in Europe, Amazon invested in the possibility of signing an international record deal. They were very successful and inked a deal with nothing but Ravenheart Music, British label that is specialized in female Rock/Metal bands.

"We are very proud to have a partnership with Ravenheart", says guitarist Renato Angelo. "This is a fantastic chapter in the history of Amazon because of the commitment and dedication that the people involved have provided to our third album. We worked with great musicians, made friends and partners, and Ravenheart was exactly what was needed to complete the package: a label that is honest, dedicated and passionate for music. This is for Amazon the essence of making music, especially in the Metal scene: always seek the best quality possible, but never give up the spirit and relationships that should be the essence of any band. Making music for music and reap these results is everything you could hope for, and we believe that the philosophy of Ravenheart aligns perfectly with ours. Could not be more pleased, and now, along with Dave and Aimee, write the next chapters in the history of Amazon. Get Ready To RISE!"

The official release date of Amazon's new studio album RISE! will soon be announced by Ravenheart Music.
Y.O.C. new records
Posted by: Denis / 14.09.2014
Y.O.C.'s new songs recording is already underway. The brand new song is Jeff Hanneman tribute, SLAYER cover SKELETONS OF SOCIETY that will be released very soon and will be appeared on our web-site only.

Punishment 18 Records / Burning Nitrum 'Molotov' promo video released
Posted by: Denis / 28.08.2014
Italian thrashers Burning Nitrum has posted on YouTube a promo video for the new full-length album Molotov that will be released on September 22 via Italian label Punishment 18 Records.
Nuclear Blast / THRESHOLD First track-by-track trailer released
Posted by: Denis / 28.08.2014
British Progressive Metal stalwarts THRESHOLD are set to release their forthcoming album For The Journey on the 19th of September and in anticipation of the new album, the band have been revealing a series of trailers documenting the making of and recording. Karl Groom has showed fans around his studio where the album was recorded and today sees the release of the first track by track trailer, featuring Damian Wilson and Richard West. For The Journey is the successor to the band's 2012 release March Of Progress and was produced by guitarist Karl Groom and Richard West at Thin Ice Studios in England. The album was mastered by Mika Jussila (THERION, AMORPHIS) at Finnvox in Finland and will be released on September 22, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

The new album also marks the band's second release featuring vocalist Damian Wilson since his departure from the band in 1997. In a recent interview with Prog Magazine, Damian spoke about the band's relationship and how easy it was recording the new album: "I think it's just the fact that we've become really good friends and it's the companionship in the band. We seem to care a lot about each other and we've become really close. So we thoroughly enjoy making music together."

Commented West: "For The Journey is one of our strongest albums and one of the most enjoyable to make. I've probably heard it a thousand times during the recording process but now that's it's over, I still can't stop listening to it!"

The album artwork was created by Polish Surrealism artist Leszek Bujnowski, who the band found on the internet. "He's designed some beautiful pieces and we thought this was a perfect TRESHOLD cover", states West.

Starting on Halloween, THRESHOLD will play the 'European Journey 2014' tour; presented by Rock Hard, Guitar and
  • 31.10 B Vosselaar - Biebob
  • 01.11 D Hamburg - Markthalle
  • 02.11 D Bremen - Tivoli
  • 03.11 D Flensburg - Roxy
  • 04.11 D Berlin - K17
  • 06.11 D Aschaffenburg - Colos Saal
  • 07.11 NL Weert - Boscul
  • 08.11 D Essen - Turock
  • 09.11 NL Zoetermeer - Boerderij
  • 11.11 D Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
  • 12.11 F Èragny - Covent Garden Studios
  • 14.11 D Rheine - Hypothalamus
  • 15.11 CH Aarau - Kiff
  • 16.11 IT Brescia - Circolo Cologny
  • 17.11 SK Bratislava - Randal Club
  • 18.11 D München - Feierwerk
  • 20.11 UK London - O2 Islington Academy
  • 21.11 UK Chester - The Live Rooms

METALMESSAGE Promotion / BLOODRED (Blackened Death Metal from Germany) new EP 'The Lost Ones'
Posted by: Denis / 27.08.2014
BLOODRED is a 'Blackened Death' band from Oberstenfeld (north of Stuttgart, Germany). Since it's founding in 2009 the band is the project of Ron Merz who is the songwriter and plays all instruments. The vocals and programming are also done by him. Due to the lack of other musicians in his area BLOODRED is currently a pure studio project such as SUMMONING or FALKENBACH.

The music of BLOODRED combines influences from Black and Death Metal and mixes it with late 80s Thrash and sometimes (British) Doom. Incorporating melodies and a certain epic feel into the music - like EMPEROR or MOONSORROW do - is always a key element. The lyrics cover a wide range from diverse literary sources to contemporary events and topics.

In December 2013 and March 2014 the time was right to record the first EP. The recording took place at Mastersound Entertainment Studio by renowned producer and Death Metal veteran Alexander Krull (ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES). On the new EP BLOODRED shows mainly the furious Black Death Metal site behind the band's name. All drums were played by Joris Nijenhuis (also ATROCITY, LEAVES' EYES). He shows his extraordinary skills in both songs and lifts the music to the next level.

The EP The Lost Ones was released June 20th 2014 digitally in advance. The physical release is scheduled for late August 2014.
Scarlet Records / Kaledon new album 'Antillius: The King Of The Light'
Posted by: Denis / 27.08.2014
One year and a half after the release of the much celebrated Altor: The King's Blacksmith, Kaledon are back with their new album Antillius: The King Of The Light, another powerful, symphonic masterpiece which confirms them as one of the leading forces in Power/Epic Metal today. Antillius narrates the life of the King of Kaledon, one of the characters that the band introduced with their previous Legend Of The Forgotten Reign saga. The album was produced by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, Italy. Kaledon have also teamed up with renowned artist Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rage, Rhapsody Of Fire, Iron Savior) for the soon to be revealed cover artwork.

Pure Steel Records / STEEL PROPHET 'Into The Void / Continuum' cover, tracklist, release date: 19th September 2014
Posted by: Denis / 27.08.2014
The release date of the STEEL PROPHET album Into The Void / Continuum on Double-CD is September 19th 2014. The preorder phase will start on September 5th 2014 in label's webshop.

After the glorious debut rerelease from STEEL PROPHET The goddess principle (1995) in the beginning of this year - first time on vinyl format - follows the next re-release Into the void. It's the second album from this US Power Metal band made in 1997. In addition there will be the EP Continuum on the Double CD!

Like the predecessor the vocals remind on AGENT STEEL and HELSTAR with perfect guitar leads done by Steve Kaschinsky. Epic structures are also the basis for biting uptempo parts combined with a special songwriting which is a trademark for this band. Also you will find the great cover of IRON MAIDEN The Ides of march / Purgatory which has it's one interpretation near to the original. The clear production shows again that STEEL PROPHET is one of the most underrated bands in the genre.

The 5-track-EP Continuum (three out of five songs are from the 80s and demo days) shows the band from another more 'mangy' side. Remember A distant thunder from HELSTAR and Refuge denied from SANCTUARY! The stronger production makes it even easier for the listener to find a lot of improvements in comparison to the already excellent debut album.
    CD 1: Into The Void
  1. The Revenant
  2. Death of Innocence
  3. Trapped in the Trip
  4. Your Failure inscribed in Stone
  5. Passage of Time (Amber Leaves)
  6. Of the Dream
  7. Ides of March-Purgatory
  8. What's behind the veils
  9. Idols
  10. Hate
    CD 2: Continuum
  11. Death
  12. Unconscious Man (Walks Erect)
  13. Life
  14. Environmental Revolt
  15. Sungazer
    Total Playing Time: 85:42 min

InsideOut Music / FATES WARNING European tour announced for October / November 2014
Posted by: Denis / 26.08.2014
U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING have announced their return to Europe in October / November for a headlining tour through 11 countries, continuing to support Darkness In A Different Light, their acclaimed newest album and first studio effort in almost a decade, released worldwide via InsideOutMusic last year. Here is a list of all dates:
    FATES WARNING - Live in Europe 2014:
  • 30.10. Maasmechelen (Belgium) - Jan Hertog
  • 31.10. Helmond (The Netherlands) - Cacaofabriek
  • 01.11. Hamburg (Germany) - Rock Café
  • 02.11. Nürnberg (Germany) - Rockfabrik
  • 03.11. Krakow (Poland) - Fabryka
  • 05.11. Stuttgart (Germany) - Universum
  • 06.11. Innsbruck (Austria) - PMK
  • 07.11. Uster (Switzerland) - Star Club
  • 08.11. Torino (Italy) - Audiodrome
  • 09.11. Brescia (Italy) - Colony Club
  • 11.11. Zagreb (Croatia) - Hard Place
  • 12.11. Belgrade (Serbia) - Dom Omladine
  • 13.11. Sofia (Bulgaria) - Mixtape 5
  • 14.11. Larissa (Greece) - Stage Club
  • 15.11. Athens (Greece) - Gagarin 205
All shows will feature the Italian group Headless in the support slot.

FATES WARNING's vocalist Ray Alder checked in as follows: "We are excited to announce that FATES WARNING will be returning to Europe in the fall of 2014! We're going to be all over the map on this next tour, and we will finally be playing for our friends in Poland, as well as Croatia and Serbia for the first time! We look forward to seeing each and every one of you at the shows. See you soon, Europe!"

Upon release, FATES WARNING's Darkness In A Different Light entered the official sales charts in Germany on #41, in The Netherlands on #90 and in the USA on #162 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, as well #50 on the Current Rock Chart, #14 on the Current Hard Music Chart, #142 on the Top Current Albums Chart and #5 on the Top New Artist Albums Chart.

Cruz del Sur Music / MAUSOLEUM GATE announces artwork, tracklist and song streaming
Posted by: Denis / 26.08.2014
Finnish MAUSOLEUM GATE releases the first track off their forthcoming, self-titled debut album to be released by Cruz Del Sur Music on October 10th in Europe and October 7th in USA.

Magic of the Gypsy Queen can be streamed here. It is total 80s Metal worship, with hypnotic riffs and dramatic, theatrical vocals. MAUSOLEUM GATE's influences emerge quite clearly from this song. Its debut album will be particularly appreciated by any lover of late 1970s Hard Rock (such as early Scorpions and Uriah Heep), and also early 80s Metal (principally Saxon and the weird twists of Cirith Ungol). The presence of unusual keys (Mellotron and Organ mainly) gives this album a spooky and somewhat tragic atmosphere, with long musical suites such as Lost Beyond the Sun and Mausoleum Gate that reach the highest peaks of an opera prima that will hardly pass unobserved.

MAUSOLEUM GATE's out-of-nowhere appearance on the scene came very unexpectedly and immediately turned some heads – the band has already been invited to play at the next edition of famous German 'Keep It True Festival' in April 2015. Their debut album will not just turn, but also behead quite a lot of others.

The cover artwork has been painted by Timo Raita. He is basically the 'sixth member' of Mausoleum Gate, having created the band's logo and illustrating its artworks from the very beginning.

The previous self-release Gateways for the Wicked & Obsessed by Metal Session, which includes all their previous releases (tape/7") in CD format, is also available through CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC STORE.

MAUSOLEUM GATE debut full length will be released on compact disc, limited gatefold vinyl and digital.
  1. Magic of the Gypsy Queen
  2. Demon Droid
  3. Lost Beyond the Sun
  4. Mercenaries of Steel
  5. There Must Be Demons
  6. Mausoleum Gate
Jolly Roger Records / Gunfire 'Age of Supremacy' videotrailer online
Posted by: Denis / 26.08.2014
Gunfire released a promotional video-trailer for new album Age of Supremacy, out on 8th September (CD / Digipack CD) by Jolly Roger Records.

You can see the video here.

SOM DO DARMA / The Leprechaun: Folk is not dead!
Posted by: Denis / 25.08.2014
We could say that The Leprechaun is the new incarnation of the Punk Rock band with the same name formed in 2009. But no. The new The Leprechaun is much more.

Reformulated in 2012, from the first line-up remained the musicians Eric Fontes (bass), Fernando Zornoff (drums) and Rafael Schardosim, who switched the guitar for banjo! Yup! That's it! They also started to listen to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and radically changed their sound. Called a girl to sing - Fabiana Santos - included two guitarists, Bruno Stankevicius and Paulo Sampaio, plus a violinist, Andrew Nathanael. The result of all this? An acoustic folk with punk energy like you never heard!

Caught the attention of the public and media since its debut, The Years Are Just Packed. How could a group come together into one package the beauty and subtlety of folk played with the energy and urgency of punk? Not forgetting the wonderful arrangements full of references in bluegrass, country and Celtic music.

The band has captivated many fans since then. Inside and outside Brazil. Their comprehensive sound still allows them to participate in different festivals. From intimate folk events to big festivals in celebration of the power of Mjöldir, the hammer of Thor!

Long Road is the title of the band's second album. Recently released by the Brazilian label Hearts Bleed Blue (the same of bands like Blind Pigs, Bullet Bane, Dance Of Days, Bidê ou Balde and Zumbis do Espaço), the album brings 12 tracks and was recorded in a farm on the countryside of Sao Paulo.

Punk or Folk. Country or Celtic. Doesn't matter, actually. The music itself must be bigger than any label. And The Leprechaun follows this philosophy without forgetting its roots. "Our history has developed naturally," says bassist Eric Fontes. "Today we do not miss the guitars to give more power to the sound, and the fact that we sound more energetic does not prevent us to create a quieter sound. I would say that simplicity is the punk feature that most appears in our sound today, in the way we could rummage a song with dozens of arrangements of lines, but the perfect music needs to have a simple and efficient base melody. And there is no better school to teach you this than Punk Rock."

Besides being able to purchase the physical edition on digipack through the Hearts Bleed Blue site Long Road is entirety available for listening on Soundcloud.
Nuclear Blast / SONATA ARCTICA to release re-recorded 'Ecliptica' 15th anniversary edition
Posted by: Denis / 25.08.2014
While currently on yet another successful World Tour, this time to support their latest studio-album Pariah's Child, Finnish Melodic Metal heroes SONATA ARCTICA swung by the studio to re-record their debut album Ecliptica, which was released 15 years ago.

This new version will be released on October 24th under the banner Ecliptica – Revisited; 15th Anniversary Edition on Nuclear Blast.

Back then, Ecliptica was recorded at Tico-Tico studios and mixed at Finnvox by Mikko Karmila (NIGHTWISH, CHILDREN OF BODOM and more). The album was promoted live on tour with STRATOVARIUS and RHAPSODY.

Henrik 'Henkka' Klingenberg comments: "When it first was suggested to us by our Japanese label that we'd re-record our debut album Ecliptica, it felt a bit weird, but somehow the idea grew on us. Being that only Tony and Tommy played on the original one, we thought that it would be a fun thing to do, to give these great songs another run. We're definitely not trying to re-write history, the original Ecliptica is the starting point of this band and a very special album with a certain feel of innocence and enthusiasm which cannot be recreated as such since we're not teenagers anymore. Having said that, this new version is more of a tribute and an update on how these songs sound when played by our current line-up. We wanted to stay true to the original album as much as possible and not turn this into some weird re-arranged project where you couldn't tell which song was being played. So here it is, the 15th anniversary version of Ecliptica. Hope you enjoy it, we certainly had a good time digging into these songs and laying down the tracks."
    The tracklist:
  1. Blank File
  2. My Land
  3. 8th Commandment
  4. Replica
  5. Kingdom For A Heart
  6. Fullmoon
  7. Letter To Dana
  8. UnOpened
  9. Picturing The Past
  10. Destruction Preventer
  11. I Can't Dance (by Genesis)
The first (digital) single of the CD will be Kingdom For A Heart, out on September 12th.

Pure Steel Records / BLOOD & IRON 'Voices Of Eternity' cover, tracklist, release date: 26th September 2014
Posted by: Denis / 25.08.2014
The release date of the BLOOD & IRON album Voices Of Eternity on CD is September 26th 2014. The preorder phase will start on September 12th 2014 in label's webshop.

India is on the metalic world map more or less an empty space. So it seems there are not too many Metallians under the more than 1 billion people. One of the few exceptions is BLOOD & IRON, who founded themselves in 2005 and made 2 long play albums. Voices of Eternity will be their third studio album via Pure Steel Records released worldwide.

Classic US-influenced Power/Heavy Metal with overwhelming melodies sung by the crystal clear vocals from ex-DRAGONSCLAW and ex-WARLORD frontman Giles Lavery should convince everybody who likes this kind of music. This means the 49 minutes will be a pleasure for every true Metalhead. BLOOD & IRON also include some progressive parts without losing the red line. For sure the riffs and guitar leads in combination with the double bass parts, the powering production and the high pitched screams fit together as its best.

Voices to Eternity is an iron masterpiece not only for fans of Metal from 'exotic' countries.
  1. Eternal Rites
  2. Your Own Voice
  3. Ascendant
  4. Legion
  5. Underground Rebellion
  6. Ghost Of A Memory
  7. Path Not Taken
  8. Burning Bridges
  9. Redemption Day
    Total Playing Time: 49:09 min
  • Ashish Shetty – guitars, bass
  • Vikram Bains – guitars
  • Praveen – drums
  • Giles Lavery – vocals
Metal Media / BLACK OIL: Track with musicians from Soulfly and Ministry is available
Posted by: Denis / 22.08.2014
Following the final preparations for the launch of the new album Resist to Exist, BLACK OIL released a song for listening.

The track Callate includes the participation of Tony Campos (Soulfly, Static-x) and Aaron Rossi (Ministry).

The band has added that this third studio album titled Exist To Resist, is being co-produced by the group along with Cristian Machado (Ill Nino), Logan Mader (Soulfly, Machine Head, Gojira) and Erik Reichers (SNOOP DOGG).

Among the distinguished guests who have already registered their participation in addition to Tony Campos and Aaron Rossi, are Raymond Herrera (FEAR FACTORY), Hector Guerra (PACHAMAMA CREW), among others.
SOM DO DARMA / Uganga track by track of the new album 'Opressor' available
Posted by: Denis / 22.08.2014
It's all set for the release of Opressor, the long-awaited new studio album of the Brazilian Thrashcore masters Uganga.

Opressor was produced by the experienced Gustavo Vazquez (Black Drawning Chalks, Macaco Bong, Krow, Hellbenders) and will bring the following tracks Guerra, O Campo, Veredas, Opressor, Moleque de Pedra, Casa, L.F.T., Modus Vivendi, Nas Entranhas do Sol, Aos Pés da Grande Árvore, Noite, Who Are the True (Vulcano cover) and Guerreiro.

Manu Joker (vocal), Raphael 'Ras' Franco (bass) and Marco Henriques (drums) filmed a track By track presenting all the songs of the album. The video is already available on the band's official Youtube channel.

Opressor will hit the stores in Brazil in September. The national release is by the record label Sapolio Radio, with distribution by Hellion Records and Voice Music. The band still studies proposals for European, U.S. and Asian releases.

Currently formed by Manu 'Joker' (vocal, ex-Sarcofago), Christian Franco (guitar), Thiago Soraggi (guitar), Raphael 'Ras' Franco (bass) and Marco Henriques (drums), Uganga is very popular in Brazil among those who are really into Heavy Metal and Hardcore. If you are in Europe you also have a chance to have heard about the band. After all, these five Brazilian musicians are for 20 years on the road, have released five albums - including a live one recorded in Germany and Portugal, and completed two tours in Europe, besides countless shows and big festivals appearances in Brazil.
Nuclear Blast / HAMMERFALL to premiere new video of 'Hector's Hymn'
Posted by: Denis / 22.08.2014
About one week left, until the release of the new HAMMERFALL record (r)Evolution, out on August 29 (Sweden: 27.08., UK: 01.09., USA: 02.09.) on Nuclear Blast.

Now Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, Metal Hammer (UK) and Rock Hard (Ger) premiere the brand new video clip of the album opener Hector's Hymn.

Hector's Hymn was directed by 11Frames Productions.

Nuclear Blast / RAGE 30 Years Of RAGE Anniversary Tour 2014 starts soon
Posted by: Denis / 22.08.2014
Two more weeks until the 30th anniversary tour of RAGE kicks off on September 3rd in Osnabrück/Germany. RAGE will be performing a special best-of-set with tons of surprises including a special acoustic session and a brand anniversary new stage set.

Watch their message about that here.

    30 Years Of RAGE Anniversary Tour 2014
    Presented by Rock Hard, Rock It, Guitar,, EMP & Blast
  • 03.09.2014 D Osnabrück - Lagerhalle*
  • 04.09.2014 D Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik*
  • 05.09.2014 D Andernach - JUZ*
  • 06.09.2014 D Burglengenfeld - VAZ*
  • 08.09.2014 CH Pratteln - Z7**
  • 09.09.2014 I Milano - Live Club**
  • 12.09.2014 ES Madrid - Copernico***
  • 13.09.2014 ES Bilbao - Santana 27***
  • 16.09.2014 D Nürnberg - Hirsch**
  • 23.09.2014 BE Vosselaar - Biebob *
  • 24.09.2014 D Bochum - Zeche *
  • 01.10.2014 HU Budapest - A 38*
  • 02.10.2014 AT Wörgl - Komma*
  • 03.10.2014 D Steinheim - Stadthalle*
  • 04.10.2014 D Burgrieden - Riffelhof*
  • 05.10.2014 D Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal*
  • 06.10.2014 D Hamburg - Markthalle*
  • 07.10.2014 D Bremen - Aladin*
  • 08.10.2014 D Köln - Essigfabrik*
  • 10.10.2014 D Speyer - Halle 101****
  • 11.10.2014 CZ Zlín - Masters Of Rock Café *****
  • 12.10.2014 SK Bratislava - Randal Club*
  • 13.10.2014 D Augsburg - Spectrum*
  • * Support: Tri State Corner + Lion Twin
  • ** Support: Soundchaser + Lion Twin
  • *** Support: Lion Twin
  • **** Support: Tri State Corner + Lion Twin + Sapiency
  • ***** Support: Tri State Corner + Törr + Lion Twin

Century Media / Sanctuary premieres new track, 'Arise and Purify'
Posted by: Denis / 22.08.2014
Seattle's Metal legends, SANCTUARY, have premiered the first single from their upcoming album, The Year The Sun Died, via Brave! Hear Arise and Purify here - the first new material from the band in 25 years.

Due out October 6 in Europe and October 14 in North America via Century Media Records, The Year The Sun Died is the long-awaited follow-up to SANCTUARY's first two studio albums that were released on Epic Records: Refuge Denied (1987) and Into the Mirror Black (1989). Singer Warrel Dane's sky-high vocals combined with guitarist Lenny Rutledge's more mature take on classic thrash riffs separated the band from the throes of Metal acts struggling to get noticed at the time. With The Year The Sun Died, SANCTUARY continues that legacy that they started decades ago, delivering yet another fresh take on 'classic-sounding' Metal. Featuring artwork by Travis Smith (OPETH, NEVERMORE) and mixed/produced by Zeuss (ROB ZOMBIE, SUICIDE SILENCE, CROWBAR, etc.), this upcoming album promises to be worth the wait.

Nuclear Blast / NIGHTWISH third 'making-of' album trailer ('Inside his head') online
Posted by: Denis / 21.08.2014
NIGHTWISH are currently working on their new album. The yet-untitled creation will be the first NIGHTWISH studio-record to feature Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen. It's set for a release in spring 2015 via Nuclear Blast.

Now the band put up the third album trailer, check it out here.

In this third 'making-of' episode, NIGHTWISH give an insight on the song writing process.

Commented keyboardist and main composer Tuomas Holopainen: "When I come up with a subject for the song, I always see it as a short movie. Each song is like a soundtrack for that movie in my head… it takes at least 12-18 month to write an album."

Nuclear Blast / HAMMERFALL New '(r)Evolution' online trailer revealed
Posted by: Denis / 21.08.2014
After taking a creative break last year, Swedish Heavy Metal pioneers HAMMERFALL are fully recharged and back with a vengeance. Entering a new chapter of the HAMMERFALL success story, (r)Evolution will be out on August 29 (Sweden: 27.08., UK: 01.09., USA: 02.09.) via Nuclear Blast.
For more info, enjoy the new album trailer.

Pure Steel Records / SALEM official video to 'Forgotten Dreams' and Livedate published
Posted by: Denis / 21.08.2014
The NWoBHM band SALEM from England has released a new video for the song Forgotten Dreams. The song is from the album Forgotten Dreams, which was released on CD, vinyl and on digital download by Pure Rock Records.

  • Produced by: Xperimental Production
  • Directed by Dave Bradfield & Lou Embalsado
  • Vision Editors: David Bradfield & Adrian Jenkinson
  • Cameras Operators: Dave Bradfield & Lou Embalsado
  • Makeup Artist: Dan Bryan
  • Girl of the Forgotten Dreams: Sophie Steele
    Documentary Crew:
  • Camera Operators: Martin Credland
  • Sound Man: Chris Capriani
  • Location: Fort Paull
  • Simon Saxby - vocals
  • Paul Macnamara - guitars
  • Mark Allison - guitars
  • Adrian Jenkinson - bass
  • Paul Mendham – drums
The band will be playing some live concerts. Here are the dates:
  • 6th September 2014 Stereo, Glasgow (Scotland) - with SPARTAN WARRIOR, AMULET, DISASTER AREA
  • 11th October 2014 Lets Rock Diabetes, Trowbridge (England) - with JAGUAR, DIAMOND HEAD and many more
  • 18th October 2014 Le Black Pearl, Laigneville (France) - with IRMINSAL
  • 19th October 2014 Le Klub, Paris (France) - with THE TRAPS, DREAMCATCHER, GLIMMERS
  • 8th November 2014 Rock You To Hell Festival, Athens (Greece) - with GRIM REAPER, Q5, PRAYING MANTIS, PERSIAN RISK, MARTYR and many more
  • 28th November 2014 Music Rooms, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Pure Steel Records / TRAUMA present new bass player
Posted by: Denis / 21.08.2014
TRAUMA are very pleased to announce Steve Robello as new bass player. He was in a band called Dublin Death Patrol who had Chuck Billy and Steve Souza in it.

Bandstatment: "They put a couple of records out and played a bunch of festival dates a little while back. He was the bassist who played with us at the HOA festival. We are glad to have him."

METALMESSAGE Promotion / NOTHGARD new ALBUM TEASER for 2nd full-length 'Age Of Pandora'
Posted by: Denis / 20.08.2014
German epic Melodic Death Metal band NOTHGARD released an ALBUM TEASER or their upcoming 2nd full-length Age Of Pandora, which can be seen here.

Their 2nd full-length Age Of Pandora will be released at Sept., 12.! Vocalist & lead-guitarist Dom R. Crey recently joined German top-notch epic Metal act EQUILIBRIUM!

With their new and second album Age Of Pandora NOTHGARD is heading straight towards to originality, technical finesse and maturity. The outstanding formation stands out for 3 technical guitars and epic orchestral parts combined with influences of Folk, Classic, Melo-Death and Hard Rock.

"With Age Of Pandora we've made, what we haven't reached with it's album predecessor. Aggression combined with harmony, technical parts combined with silent nuanced, more emotional, orchestral passages. Even on lyrical level I'm very satisfied this time. There are no clichés at all on these new album, but true real-life topics and very own feelings, which have a deep meaning for me and the band. Simply perfect for our fans to get eventually 'lyrical mirrored' so to say." - Dom R. Crey.

In April 2011 NOTHGARD has released their debut album called Warhorns Of Midgard, which received rave reviews. In the same month they performed their first European tour together with Skyforger, Heljareyga, Gernotshagen, Kromlek and Northland.

In 2012 Skaahl of the mighty WOLFCHANT joined NOTHGARD as their 3rd guitarist. Since then the line-up is constant and stronger than ever.

The new material of NOTHGARD will be bombastic, epic and very technical simply because all three guitars establish a new way of a harmonic interplay between rhythm and double-leads. Beside this 'Guitar-Orchestra' the orchestra parts of the keys ensure pure epicness and heroic power all along the line.

Please note the special guest appearance on the new album: EQUILIBRIUM singer Robse participated with his martial voice at the new NOTHGARD song Obey The King!
Metal Media / Red Front - presenting new lineup and video clip
Posted by: Denis / 20.08.2014
The Brazilian Thrash Metal band RED FRONT, presents its new lineup and a new video clip. The video was edited by Michel Marcos, from M&H Studio.

Since the release of the album Memories Of War (2011), there were more than 250 shows, including tours in Europe and South America and more than 3,000 records sold. Of course we cannot forget the notorious 'porn' video for the song We Like The Bad Girls first of the segment in Brazilian underground.

The clip released in early 2013 also marked the end of this cycle in RED FRONT, with the separation of the musicians by 'differences of vision'. Now the band returns with a new formation and is preparing a new record.
Pure Steel Records / WOLFEN 'Evilution' cover, tracklist, release date: 12th September 2014
Posted by: Denis / 20.08.2014
The release date of the new WOLFEN album Evilution on CD is September 12th, 2014. The preorder phase will start on August 29th, 2014 in label's webshop.

It was two years ago now that WOLFEN from Cologne (the band saw the light of day in 1996) released their album Chapter IV via Pure Legend Records. Evolution will be the following strike and available in September. Fans will be happy that the four guys continue the way they started with the predecessors!

This means their Power Metal with Melodic Thrash influences is perfectly up to date and on highest level. Sometimes rough, sometimes clean vocals combine with relaxed but powerful played twin lead guitars. The fat tight doublebass supports the guitars in any part of the album including groovy sounds without loosing the feeling.

WOLFEN is the best missing link between traditional old school and modern sounds!

MindMaze signs with Inner Wound Recordings
Posted by: Denis / 19.08.2014
Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the signing of the US Progressive Power Metal band MindMaze to the label. Their new album Back From The Edge will be released on October 24th in Europe and October 28th in North America.

Despite nearly unanimous praise for the songwriting on their debut album Mask of Lies, the band has strived harder than ever to craft amazing songs filled with first-class musicianship, memorable hooks, and powerful melodies and riffs. The new album sees the band moving further towards forging a strong identity rather than borrowing little bits and pieces from all over their map of influences.

Mike LePond Symphony X performs bass on all tracks on Back From The Edge. The artwork was created by Carl-Andre Beckston (Seventh Wonder, Harem Scarem, Brazen Abbot). Legendary Stratovarius keyboardist Jens Johansson lends an expectedly awesome solo and harmony to the progressively-tinged track Moment of Flight.
Punishment 18 Records / Ancient Dome cover of the new album
Posted by: Denis / 19.08.2014
Recently, Italian Thrash metallers Ancient Dome has signed a new record deal with Punishment 18 Records for the release of the new, third full-length album of their career, Cosmic Gateway to Infinity.

Artwork was realized by Mario Esturado Lopez Morales, best known for his work with Endovein, Game Over, Repulsor, Critical Solution, Evil Invaders, Sabbat.

The group had already released two albums with Punihsment 18 Records, Human Key (2009) and Perception of this World (2010).

Punishment 18 Records / Mindwars 'Crash' promo video posted on-line
Posted by: Denis / 19.08.2014
A promo videoclip of Crash, a brand new song from the full-length Mindwars album The Enemy Within can be seen on-line.

The Enemy Within is the debut album of the Thrash Metal band Mindwars featuring Holy Terror and Jester Beast members.

The CD will be released this fall by Punishment 18 Records.
Broad Horizon Records / Mighty Swine to join Doro on N. Am. Tour
Posted by: Denis / 18.08.2014
Broad Horizon Records is pleased to announce that The Mighty Swine will be joining the legendary Doro for her North American tour in support of their latest release, Last Man Standing. This is their first N. American tour since 2012 and will highlight songs from their newest release including; Last Man Standing, Two Graves, and All That is Evil.

Doro will be bringing her 30 Years Strong & Proud Anniversary Tour to North America in October 2014. Doro says, "The Anniversary Tour was incredibly well-received everywhere and we know there are many more places we need to get to. I'm always super excited to play in the USA and Canada. Looking forward to seeing all our great fans, friends, and metalheads again. See you soon... Raise Your Fist!"

Tickets are currently available for the following dates/venues:
  • 10.10.2014 USA - Racine, WI RT20
  • 11.10.2014 USA - Spring Lake, MN POVs 65
  • 12.10.2014 USA - Joliet, IL Mojoes
  • 14.10.2014 USA - Cleveland, OH The Agora Ballroom
  • 15.10.2014 USA - Pittsburg, PA The Altar Bar
  • 16.10.2014 CAN - Toronto CAN Hard Luck Bar
  • 18.10.2014 CAN - Quebec CAN Salle Multi
  • 19.10.2014 CAN - Montreal CAN Petit Campus
  • 20.10.2014 USA - New York, NY Gramercy Theatre
Nuclear Blast / HELLOWEEN Festival summer 2014 completed, studio session begins!
Posted by: Denis / 18.08.2014
After successfully concluding Helloween's world-tour in support of the 2013 output Straight Out Of Hell, the party has been concluded upon the festival summer.

Clearly no time to sit back & relax, as the pumpkin heads will heading right for their very own MiSueno Studios, located on the isle of Tenerife to start working on the successor of Straight Out Of Hell in October. Joining the band to handle production duties will be long-term companion Charlie Bauerfeind. The new album which is set for a release in May 2015 will be the first since HELLOWEEN have inked a new deal with old label home Nuclear Blast, where they released two albums The Dark Ride (2000) and Rabbit Don't Come Easy (2003), both of which have been re-issued with extended bonus material in 2013.

Last but not least, HELLOWEEN would like to send out a big 'Thank You' to all the Helloween Maniacs worldwide with some live impressions of the title track of the charting success Straight Out Of Hell turned out to be, landing on a sensational #4, their highest German chart entry to date, holding this position for five long weeks. Additionally they made another five Top ten entries in Europe and also cracked the US Billboard Charts.

Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2014
Alltheniko made it available to listen to the Saxon's cover Power And The Glory released with the participation of various singers from the European Heavy underground. The subtitle IN UNION WE STAND! gives to the song the symbolic meaning of cohesion and sense of identity (as contained in the message preceding the listening).

The track will be also included as bonus track in the Alltheniko's album Fast And Glorious, 5th studio work soon to be released by the German label Pure Steel Records.

In the song there are the voices of (in order of appearance):
  • Dave Nightfight - Alltheniko (Italy)
  • Samuel San José - Agresiva (Spain)
  • Tiziano 'Hammerhead' Sbaragli - Etrusgrave/Angel Martyr (Italy)
  • Alfonso 'Steelscreamer' Giordano - Steel Raiser (Italy)
  • Bobby Bald - Secutor (Germany)
  • Elisa Over De Palma - Spidkilz/ElisaOver (Italy)
Listening is available here.

Century Media / Sanctuary reveals artwork and details for new album 'The Year The Sun Died'
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2014
Sanctuary's new album will be released in North America on October 14 (October 6 in Europe) and will feature 11 tracks. There will be a deluxe media book, available exclusively at CM Distro in the United States, which features expanded packaging and the bonus track, Waiting for the Sun, originally recorded by THE DOORS. The vinyl version will come with a CD featuring this bonus track as well.
    SANCTUARY live:
  • Nov. 14 - Seattle, WA - S7
  • Nov. 15 - Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw
  • Nov. 16 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne
  • Nov. 19 - Anaheim, CA - The Grove
  • Nov. 20 - Las Vegas, NV - LVCS
  • Nov. 21 - Phoenix, AZ - Club Red
  • Nov. 22 - San Diego, CA - Ramona Mainstage

Nuclear Blast / BULLET second 'Storm Of Blades' album trailer released
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2014
Swedish Heavy Metal institution, BULLET is sharpening its swords for the release of their new record Storm Of Blades. To give you another hint on what to expect of the album, BULLET put up a second trailer revealing some info on the musical direction of the album.
Check out the clip here.

Metal Media / Coldblood 'Metastasis (Christ)' music video is available on YouTube
Posted by: Denis / 14.08.2014
Metastasis (Christ), new video clip of the Brazilian Death Metal band Coldblood, is available.

The video was produced by the company CS Music Videos.

Coldblood was founded way back in 1992 and promotes the latest work Chronology of Satanic Events from where the song of the music video was taken.
Cruz del Sur Music / CONVENT GUILT announces debut cover artwork and tracklist
Posted by: Denis / 13.08.2014
CONVENT GUILT announces today the artwork of their much anticipated debut full-length Guns for Hire which will be released on LP by Cruz del Sur Music and on CD by Shadow Kingdom Records. As you can see, the painting of these four Heavy Metal horsemen riding onto a barren horizon hints at the best graphic tradition of classics such as MANILLA ROAD, CIRITH UNGOL and other obscure and timeless classic Hard Rock and Metal.

This is what CONVENT GUILT from Sydney, Australia amply delivers: it sounds like a mix of the glorious and gritty '70s Hard Rock, the darker side of the NWOBHM and early '80s Heavy Metal from both sides of the Atlantic. Formed in 2010, the Guilt released their initial 4 track demo in mid-2012 and recently recorded their debut LP Guns for hire. Featuring veterans of the Aussie Metal scene, CONVENT GUILT is a relatively new name – but it's destined to conquer the heart and soul of any fan devoted to the early 80s Metal sound.

In the classic tradition of every NWOBHM band, CONVENT GUILT's debut contains 8 killer tracks:
  1. Angels in Black Leather
  2. Don't Close Your Eyes
  3. Perverse Altar
  4. They Took Her Away
  5. Helldriver
  6. Desert Brat
  7. Convicts At Arms
  8. Stockade
Raw, dirty and yet terribly catchy guitar riffs (some even hinting at early AC/DC!) will carry you back to the golden age of Metal: song titles such as Angels in Black Leather, Desert Brat or Perverse Altar tell more of what you will get in this album than any words could... CONVENT GUILT's filthy vocals and its massive rhythmic section finally produce an overdose of muddy rock and roll that will find its best expression during savage live shows. This is an album that smells of dust, sweat and energy – basically what Metal is made of!
Nuclear Blast / NIGHTWISH release 'Planet Hell' (special clip)!
Posted by: Denis / 13.08.2014
While NIGHTWISH are currently working on their upcoming new studio album, fans can enjoy a series of five special clips, with impressions of the Imaginaerum world-tour.

Now marks the start with an impressive clip for the NIGHTWISH classic Planet Hell.

Nuclear Blast / ACCEPT live video 'Teutonic Terror' released (taken from the 'Blind Rage', Bonus-DVD)
Posted by: Denis / 13.08.2014
Only few more days left, until the release of the forthcoming new ACCEPT album called Blind Rage, which will be out on August 15th via Nuclear Blast.

Now ACCEPT release an official live video-clip for their hit Teutonic Terror, taken from the bonus DVD, which is part of the limited edition of Blind Rage.

Punishment 18 Records / Burning Nitrum: to release 'Molotov' in September
Posted by: Denis / 13.08.2014
Italian Thrash metallers Burning Nitrum will release their new studio album, Molotov, on September 22 via Punishment 18 Records.

The artwork was created by artist Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Massacre, Vio-Lence, Toxik, Uncle Slam and many more).
Primal Fear parts ways with Randy Black
Posted by: Denis / 12.08.2014
Due to irreconcilable differences between singer Ralf Scheepers and drummer Randy Black, Primal Fear announce that Randy Black will leave the band effective August 16th, 2014 - one day after the band's performance at the Summer Breeze Festival, Randy's final show with the band.

Primal Fear will announce their new drummer in September.

The band wishes Randy all the best in his future career!

25 years later... Swedish Melodic Rockers DALTON return with 'Pit Stop', out on Frontiers in October
Posted by: Denis / 12.08.2014
Swedish Melodic Rockers DALTON return after a 25 years break with their brand new album Pit Stop coming out on Frontiers Music Srl on October 17th in Europe and October 21st in North America.

Together with Europe and Treat, for a few years in the late 80's, DALTON was a force to be reckoned with in Sweden. They enjoyed successful touring, teen media coverage, TV appearances and a string of radio hits. Even world stars such as Bon Jovi and Michael Bolton provided original songs to their two albums.

The band, formed by ex-Treat drummer Mats Dahlberg and named after his nickname, went all in with the current trends in melodic hair Metal. Their image was cutting edge with designer outfits and enough hair spray every night to challenge the average user's yearly consumption. The band was killed by grunge in the early 90's, a destiny shared by many bands of the 80's.

"I left the band because I wanted a harder edge while the rest of the guys wanted to go softer", Mats explains. He formed the short lived band Speedy Gonzales with guitarist Tommy Denander and Therion-singer Thomas Vikström, but the project folded before it took off. The rest of the Dalton members continued with a replacement drummer, but shortly called it a day. Dalton was left behind in the pit stop, dried out of gas.

25 years after their debut album The Race Is On, the original members came back with a vengeance and a reunion filmed for TV. "That's how it started", Mats explains. "A producer called me and asked if we would reunite and if they could film it for a documentary. I thought it was a joke". "So did I", Bosse laughs, "but it was true - and from the first rehearsal it was like time had stood still. It was so much fun!"

Old hits were polished to shine and the success at premiere gig when opening for THE SCORPIONS in Sweden in December 2012 was a fact. "That night back in December ignited the fuse, we all felt the same", says Bosse"let's get the Dalton wheels in motion again. We want to celebrate the legacy of the 80's rock scene by putting out a new album and take it on tour. Just like we did back in the days".

Loaded with inspiration and dedication the band went through demos made for the never recorded third album along with some newly written songs. They ended up with 11 pure excellent tracks crafted for a 80's flavored Melodic Rock album in a contemporary suit, recorded in good company with magic minded producer Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.).

A first shimmering taste of the songs from album was revealed at the Frontiers Rock Festival where the band premiered the track Hey You in front of an ecstatic crowd. DALTON is fueled up and back on the race track, ready to go – the race is on!

DALTON will also appear live on the Rockklassiker and Sweden Rock Festival boat cruise on October 10/12.
Metal Media / SECRET SERVICE RECORDS / Orquídea Negra's new album officially released
Posted by: Denis / 11.08.2014
London based label SECRET SERVICE RECORDS announces the official release of the Brazilian Heavy Metal band Orquídea Negra throughout Europe.

The work bears the title of Blood Of The Gods and marks the return of the band twenty years after the release of self-titled album.

Blood Of The Gods has nine songs plus four bonus tracks, including a cover for Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath), and was produced by keyboardist Daniel Dante Finardi along with the band.

Check a song here.
METAL GODS #1 Magazine
Posted by: Denis / 11.08.2014
Webzines, webzines, webzines..? Here is something you can hold in your hands! A real printed magazine to read, archive, collect! This is number 1, the year is 2014! Yeah, this is old fashioned but magazine crew are proud of it! METAL GODS Magazine! It just has Heavy Metal in it – old fashioned, classical, traditional! HARD ROCK, HEAVY METAL, DOOM METAL, EPIC METAL, SPEED METAL, THRASH METAL! Nothing more and nothing less! No modern sounds, Crossover, Hardcore, Death, Black etc.! 64 pages full coloured glossy paper! Written in English and small part in German!

New writers, distributors, mailorders, bands, labels – get in touch! with:
  • and many more...
InsideOut Music / Neal Morse launches video for 'Heaven Smiled'
Posted by: Denis / 11.08.2014
Neal Morse is set to release a brand solo album on the 18th August 2014 titled Songs From November, and the first track to be revealed from the record is finally here. Heaven Smiled is the album opener, and you can watch the video for the song here.

Neal had this to say about Heaven Smiled: "Heaven Smiled began when I was sitting in my backyard playing guitar and hanging out with my family on a really nice day. Maybe not that exciting, but after all the years that I've spent miserable, the simple things are miraculous to me. I've had a lot of times like that lately... just amazed at the wonder of it all. So I'm writing about that feeling.
In the video is Gabe Klein on drums, Asa Wiggins on bass, my son Wil Morse on piano, and the Mccrary sisters on background vocals."
    The full track-listing can be found below
  1. Heaven Smiled
  2. Whatever Days
  3. Flowers In A Vase
  4. Love Shot An Arrow
  5. Song For The Free
  6. Tell Me Annabelle
  7. My Time Of Dying
  8. When Things Slow Down
  9. Daddy's Daughter
  10. Wear The Chains
  11. The Way Of Love
Songs From November sees Neal Morse in singer/songwriter mode much like his album It's Not Too Late, and has enlisted the help of Chris Carmichael and Jim Hoke as well as the McCrary sisters on the record. Whittled down from 21 songs, this album is made up mostly of songs written in November 2013 as well as some older songs from his vast back catalogue.

SOM DO DARMA / Noturnall new Brazilian supergroup featuring ex-members of Angra and Shaman launches DVD with participation of Russell Allen
Posted by: Denis / 08.08.2014
Noturnall! This is the name of the new Brazilian Metal supergroup formed by Shaman members, Thiago Bianchi (vocal), Fernando Quesada (bass), Leo Mancini (guitar), Junior Carelli (keyboards) besides the worldwide famous drummer Aquiles Priester (Hangar, ex-Angra).

How it was supposed be, the band was already born being considered the new sensation of the Brazilian Rock/Metal scene, but not only because is formed by this true 'dream team', but mainly for bringing an innovative musical approach: modern, heavy and aggressive music, but still melodic and progressive as never heard before!

Recorded at Fusao VM&T Studios in Sao Paulo and at The Shanty Shack Studios in New Jersey (USA), Noturnall's debut album has as one of the producers the Symphony X and Adrenaline Mob vocalist, Russell Allen, and has beaten some records since its release in February. For five consecutive weeks the album held the first position among the 'Best Sellers' of Die Hard Records - one of the major Brazilian CDs stores - besides have beaten the record for pre-orders. The album also appeared on the second position on the charts of Roadie Crew Magazine, the most important rock magazine from Brazil, achieving better position than bands like Within Temptation and Epica.

Noturnall debuted on March 29th with a historical show at Carioca Club in Sao Paulo. On the occasion, none other than Russell Allen made a special guest appearance on a set list that counted with all the songs from the CD besides some surprises that thrilled the fans.

Completely sold-out, the event was filmed for Noturnall's first DVD: First Night Live. Several tons of equipment were used, including 15 cameras, three cranes and a 10 feet long led screen.

Produced by three different Brazilian companies, FX Render, Foggy Films and Fusao Studios, Noturnall's DVD First Night Live will be released during Expomusic Fair that this year takes place from September 17th to 21th at Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo.

Noturnall launched a video of the song Hate extracted from First Night Live.
Nuclear Blast / ACCEPT third 'Blind Rage' album trailer revealed, live on German TV
Posted by: Denis / 08.08.2014
Heavy Metal pioneers ACCEPT just played in incredibly successful show at Wacken Open Air 2014 last week. In case you missed ACCEPT at the annual festival madness, their full show will be airing on the German TV stations 3Sat and ZDF Kultur at the following dates:
  • Saturday, August 09 at 20:15 CET on ZDF Kultur
  • Monday, August 11 at 03.00 CET on 3sat
All info on the show is available at the following link.

Additionally the ACCEPT show is available as an on-demand video at ARTE.

Now ACCEPT release the third online trailer, featuring guitar player Wolf Hoffmann, talking about different topics of their forthcoming new album Blind Rage, which will be out on August 15th via Nuclear Blast.

Punishment 18 Records / Mindwars: band reveals new album tracklist
Posted by: Denis / 08.08.2014
Mindwars, the new band featuring Holy Terror and Jester Beast members, has revealed the tracklist of their forthcoming debut full-length album titled The Enemy Within.
  1. Upside Down
  2. Crash
  3. Speed Kills
  4. Retrobution
  5. Time in the Machine
  6. Lost
  7. Chaos
  8. Final Battle
  9. Masters of War
  10. Death Comes Twice
  11. Walking Alone
The release will be expected in October 2014 by Italian label Punishment 18 Records.
Massacre Records / VANISH album artwork and tour dates
Posted by: Denis / 07.08.2014
VANISH recently revealed several details of their upcoming album!

Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove) created the artwork of Come To Wither. It was mixed by Axel Heckert mixed and mastered the album at Studio22 and the band's guitarist Philipp Schönle also took part in the mixing process.

VANISH also revealed the guest musician on Come To Wither. None other than Primal Fear's Ralf Scheepers himself is featured on the album's final track!

The video clip for the song Silence, which is the 7th song on the album, is already available.

    You can see the band live here:
  • 26.10.2014 DE Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
  • 08.11.2014 DE Königsbrunn - YouZ
  • 29.11.2014 DE Tübingen-Bühl - Schützenhaus
  • 12.12.2014 DE Pforzheim - Kupferdächle
  • 13.12.2014 DE Stuttgart - Gabys Gruft
  • 01.02.2015 DE Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn
The band's website has also been redesigned.

VANISH's new album Come To Wither will be released on October 24, 2014 via Massacre Records and will be available for an attractive 'Newcomer Price'.
Century Media / Adrenaline Mob: ANNOUNCE SEPTEMBER TOUR DATES
Posted by: Denis / 07.08.2014
Continuing with the support of their 2nd album, Men of Honor, ADRENALINE MOB announce 9 shows in September. Appearing with Adrenaline Mob will be Roadrunner Record's artist Bad Seed Rising, supporting their debut EP Charm City.
    Dates for the tour are:
  • Sat 06 - Sep - Pottsville, PA - Goodfellas
  • Sun 07 - Sep - Pittsburgh, PA - Altar Bar
  • Mon 08 - Sep - Cleveland, OH - Agora Theatre
  • Tue 09 - Sep - Newport, KY - Thompson House
  • Wed 10 - Sep - Nashville, TN - Exit In
  • Fri 12 - Sep - Rochester, NY - Montage Music Hall
  • Sat 13 - Sep - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
  • Sun 14 - Sep - Baltimore, MD - Fishhead Cantina
  • Mon 15 - Sep - Virginia Beach, VA - Shaka's

METALMESSAGE Promotion / STRAIGHTLINE (Melodic Skatepunk Thrash) New official VIDEO CLIP for Retrogressive
Posted by: Denis / 06.08.2014
Frenetic MELODIC SKATEPUNK THRASH topnotchers STRAIGHTLINE released the official video clip for their highly explosive track Retrogressive, which can be seen here.

    Three relevant questions in advance:
  • Giant demand about highest musical culture?
  • Urgently desires for rhythmic precision?
  • Big appetite for flipping out completely?
For many rebel souls & musical scale strikers there's only one answer these days: STRAIGHTLINE!

The new 7" EP Alteration Of The Rules of the 1998 founded formation offers their roundabout proven style at it's very best!
Nuclear Blast / THRESHOLD first 'For The Journey' album trailer released
Posted by: Denis / 06.08.2014
British Metal act THRESHOLD recently revealed the first track from their forthcoming album For The Journey and you can see the release of the first in a series of album trailers. Watch as guitarist and producer Karl Groom walks you through Thin Ice Studios and chats about the guitars used on the new album.

Posted by: Denis / 05.08.2014
WOLFEN go to their 15th year of band history. The Metal institution from Cologne has a new line up (bassist changed) and the new longplay album Evilution is ready for the market. Release: September 2014 / Pure Legend Records!

The typical trademarks of course were kept, so from Hard Rock to very heavy Metal there's all the fan expects from this band. The choirs and chorus lines are impressionable and catchy while the guitars will kill your ears. So after the outstanding Chapter IV the label now has the masterpiece of this glorious band.

See by yourself that WOLFEN are better than ever before and join in October of this year the 'German Metal Attack Tour 2014' with Grave Digger, Heavatar and Nitrogods. Be part of it when they will conquer Germany.

Pure Steel Records / MAD ALIEN 'Mad Alien' new promo trailer
Posted by: Denis / 05.08.2014
The MAD ALIEN album Mad Alien will be released on August 29th, 2014. The preorder phase will start on August 15th, 2014 in label' webshop. Now the band has releasing a new promo trailer.
Posted by: Denis / 05.08.2014
Nightmare Records is proud to bring you an exciting new debut... PROJECT ARCADIA!

Top Class Modern Melodic Metal with a touch of ProgPower A Time of Changes is the second album in the discography of this intriguing band hailing mostly from Bulgaria with the exception of their latest addition Swedish singer now living in the United States Urban Breed most known for his work in Tad Morose and Bloodbound.

Living up to the high expectations of Nightmare, they bring you a fantastic Power Prog album that any fan of the genres will appreciate, it has powerful guitars, vocals and serious powerhouse of a rhythm section!

Mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden (Sabaton, Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate) Video's coming shortly directed by Firewind's Bob Katsionis.
Raging Rob news
Posted by: Denis / 04.08.2014
In the beginning of 2014 after almost 30 years being the frontman, Robert Gonnella left Assassin and formed his own band Raging Rob with ex-Assassin drummer Frank Nellen on drums, Warrant's Dirk Preylowski on lead guitar and two ex-Human Bastard Maik Jansen (rythm guitar) & Rudi Görg (bass). Currently the band is preparing a live set including old Assassin songs & Raging Mob songs (Robert's former Chinese band which he won the Wacken Chinese Metal Battle 2010) and are composing new songs for a debut album to be released in 2015 and the band is also ready for booking in 2015.
Nuclear Blast / EXODUS reveals album art for 'Blood In, Blood Out'
Posted by: Denis / 04.08.2014
Legendary Thrash Metal band EXODUS have revealed the never-before-seen album art for their upcoming album, Blood In, Blood Out, hitting retail and digital outlets this fall via Nuclear Blast. The album art was illustrated by Swedish artist Par Olofsson, known worldwide for his incredible renderings that have graced the covers of countless Heavy Metal albums, including EXODUS' Let There Be Blood (2008).

The concept for the art was impressively envisaged by Olofsson based on the album title alone, as Gary Holt explains: "I fed him the title and he immediately came up with the final concept, and it's perfect! One of my favorite covers we've ever done and it fits the title and theme to a T!"

Blood In, Blood Out is EXODUS' tenth studio album and marks the band's first release with returning vocalist Steve 'Zetro' Souza since 2004's Tempo Of The Damned.

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett recently announced his special guest solo for one of the tracks on the album via Rolling Stone.

AFM Records / Kissin' Dynamite: DNA video clip
Posted by: Denis / 04.08.2014
German heavy rockers KISSIN' DYNAMITE deliver a taste of their upcoming album Megalomania (out on September 5th) with the single DNA - and its just released new video clip.

Intromental / CREATION'S END new video
Posted by: Denis / 04.08.2014
Intromental are excited to announce that CREATION'S END has signed a worldwide deal for the release of their upcoming sophomore album, Metaphysical, with Pure Prog Records (a subsidiary of Pure Steel Records). The release of Metaphysical will be August 29, 2014.

The band has released the first lyric video from the album for the song Push, you can view the video right here.

Posted by: Denis / 01.08.2014
On August 13th Tobias is going to join the club of vocalists who host their own radio show. Every Wednesday from 9:00PM to midnight Tobias is going to play his favourite Rock and Metal music and talk about whatever comes to his mind. Just like Alice Cooper's show the TOBIAS SAMMET ROCK SHOW is going to be broadcast on RADIO BOB. You can also stream it at

Scarlet Records / Planethard - new signing and new album ‘Now’
Posted by: Denis / 01.08.2014
Known for their powerful Melodic Rock sound and fierce stage presence, Planethard have signed a deal with Scarlet Records and are now ready to unleash a new, exciting chapter in their career. Having acquired a unique vocal talent and frontman in the person of new singer Davide Merletto, Planethard have pushed their musical limits in multiple directions, still keeping faith to their roots. Now, this is the title of the band's new album, displays a renovated sound made of heavy guitars, a solid rhythm section and addictive vocal lines, tightened together by the most powerful and modern production they have ever benefited from. These 12 new songs (13 in the Digipack version of the album) sound fresh and regenerating, having been inspired by their authors' souls and spirituality and handled with deep attention to every little detail. Now was produced by Matteo Magni and co-produced by the band's own guitarist Marco D'Andrea and will hit the stores this fall.
Ancient Dome signs new deal with Punishment 18 Records
Posted by: Denis / 01.08.2014
Italian Thrash metallers Ancient Dome has signed a new record deal with Punishment 18 Records for the release of the new, third full-length album of their career.

The group had already released two albums with Punishment 18 Records, Human Key (2009) and Perception of this World (2010).

Limb Music / FIREFORCE announce line-up change
Posted by: Denis / 01.08.2014
Fireforce, have two new band members. First of all drummer Sepp Coeck who replaces Christophe De Combe, who resigned due to personal reasons. Second newcomer is Thierry van der Zanden, who replaces Yves Vermeersch whose statement you can read below. Come and see them at the Fireforce European tour with Mystic Prophecy and Crystal Tears.

"It is with regret that I have to announce my departure from Fireforce. I've had great moments, gigs and experiences and have met some awesome people on the road, but due to personal circumstances I can no longer guarantee my 100% dedication to the band. After almost one and a half years of touring with these guys + releasing a new album, it's clear to me that Fireforce is ready for the big leagues and thus needs full devotion from all its musicians to keep pushing forward. While it's been a very hard decision for me, it was the right one to make in the band's best interest and so I've passed the torch to a great and talented guitarist: Thierry van der Zanden.

I want to thank my brothers from FireForce for all the great times we shared and for their understanding (From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best in the future!), the crew, the wives, R.D. Liapakis and Christian Schmid for their great work on producing the Deathbringer album and last but definitely not least, all you guys and girls I have met during my time with the band! You all Rock!!!

As for me, I'm crawling back in my studio to see what the future will bring..."

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3. Stamina

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6. Gamma Ray
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13. Liverani, Daniele
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14. Violent Omen

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18. Crusader (US)
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19. Angra
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20. Twilight Messenger
"The World Below"

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"Diginet Music Guitar Masters"

23. Pretty Maids
"Louder Than Ever"

24. Wolfen

25. Poison

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1. Astral Domine
2. Skyliner
3. Hammercult
4. Condition Critical
5. Violent Omen
6. Divul
7. Twilight Messenger
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