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October 25th, 2016
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FaST Metal news

Imperative PR / Russia's female fronted dark industrial Metal band CONFLICT release stunning dystopian promo video
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
Imperative PR are pleased to announce the release of an incredible new promo video from Russia's number one industrial Metal band, Conflict. Mechanism Of Life is taken from the band's devastating second full length album, Transform Into A Human and presents a disturbing vision of a dark future, where the lines between man and machine have become irrevocably blurred. The band explore fundamental questions about the nature of humanity over a sonic backdrop of steel-plated riffs, machine driven rhythms and swathes of bleak melody. Front woman Anna provides a fiery focal point, a visually and vocally commanding presence that draws you into the dystopian world of Mechanism Of Life.

Conflict's metallic muscle has been honed to fearsome perfection by engineer Greg Reely, who has worked with the likes of Fear Factory, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, which allows the breathtaking power of the song to shine through the dark shadows of the video's imagery.
GlobMetal Promotions / Atonismen released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
Russian chamber Gothic-Metal band Atonismen released their debut EP Wise Wise Man. The EP was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sergey Lazar (Arkona) at CDM Records.

The band was formed by composer and singer Alexandr Orso in 2016. In November the band will go on their first tour with Russian folk band Izmoroz and going to support The 69 Eyes and Graveworm, shows in Moscow on October.
VITA! new official lyric video by Vivaldi Metal Project
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
You can watch now the NEW LYRIC VIDEO by Vivaldi Metal Project: track #3 - VITA (Spring, 2nd movement, 'Light' arranged by Zhivko Koev) from THE FOUR SEASONS album.
VARG MEDIA GROUP / Antagonia released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
Russian Melodic Death Metal band Antagonia released their debut album Web of lies. The recording process took place at home,while reamping, mixing and mastering were made in RockBros Studio (Saint Petersburg) and vocal sessions were recorded in Melnik Studio (Simferopol).
    Release includes 9 tracks:
  1. Intro
  2. Predestined path
  3. Web of lies
  4. Antagonia
  5. Sword for freedom
  6. Black wings
  7. Welcome to my nightmare
  8. Firewind
  9. Outro
Boyz Tyme Records / Sergeant Steel - title and artwork of new single revealed
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
The title of Sergeant Steel's upcoming single is Winter Wonderland. The cover-version of the world-renowned winter/Christmas-classic was produced by Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Metallica, Skid Row, etc.).

Sergeant Steel's version of Winter Wonderland was recorded by multi-platinum rock producer Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Alice Cooper, etc.). He travelled from Nashville/Tennessee/USA to Vienna/Austria to produce the song.

Lead singer Phil Vanderkill about the single: "We have recorded a cover-version for the first time. Fans probably will be surprised, because the original song is a winter/Christmas-classic. Obviously our version of Winter Wonderland became a piece of driving Hard Rock!"

The song will be released on November, 2nd as download and via streaming services. The cover artwork is already available.
Broad Horizon Records / American Idol Megan Ruger New TV Show & CD Release
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
Broad Horizon Records is pleased to announce that after doing the country thing in Nashville for a few years while appearing on American Idol (Season 10) and The Voice (Season 6 - Team Blake) Megan Ruger has reverted back to her rock n roll roots on the latest CD entitled appropriately; Rockstar.

Rockstar showcases 7 original songs; sort of a cross between Halestorm & Pink with musicians from Taylor Swift, Leanne Rimes, Lonestar, Cinderella, and features the single RED.

While Megan just completed a 2 month engagement at The Plaza in Las Vegas with Idol Contestant James Durbin and Voice contestant Will Champlin, she is currently back home in Nashville filming AMERICAN SUPERGROUP for POP TV which airs on TUES nights (check local listings for times).

Her powerful voice and command of the stage combined with her punk rock look help her to stand out in any crowd, but it's her genuine, spunky personality that leaves a lasting impression on everyone around her.

A 'non hippie version of Janis Joplin' according to American Supergroup house bandmate, Megan brings her style to an old classic on the Season opener prompting one of the band to exclaim, 'the girl's got pipes!'.

She has opened for Joe Nichols, Foreigner, and Joan Jett (who she cites as her musical influence) as well as sung the National Anthem on Network Television for NASCAR at The Dover Speedway.

Megan continues to inspire people through her music as well as with her volunteer work for children with special need and underprivileged children. "I just like making people smile", says the singer with the million dollar grin, "and if I can bring a little happiness through my music or my actions, what a great thing, you know?"

Yes, we know, and YOU can too - download her latest single at any online retailer including iTunes and Amazon.
METALMESSAGE / SKULLWINX (Epic Speed Metal) new album 'The Relic'
Posted by: Denis / 25.10.2016
German EPIC SPEED METAL newcomers SKULLWINX hit hard with their second album The Relic. The band is faster, stronger and more epic than ever before. The perfectionistic, diverse but still catchy songwriting, combined with the highclass production of the Grotesque Studios makes The Relic become one of the most anticipated albums of 2016. This time SKULLWINX presents themselves more mature than on their 2014 debut full-length release The Missions Of Heracles, they developed but still kept their unique sound.

The Relic is again a concept based album, this time about historic tales and legends from mid-Europe, plus the titletrack which describes the name SKULLWINX . It is the Sign Of Fallen Kings, the deadly prove of gods existence, a doomy view to theodicy - short The Relic Of An Angel.

The Relic has been released on 24th of September via Metalizer Records.
Mistheria / Mixing studio for new album GEMINI announced
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
It's with great pleasure that Mistheria announces that Ivan Moni Bidin at ARTESONIKA Recording Studio will mix project's upcoming instrumental Metal album GEMINI! The mixing session starts on October 3rd, 2016. After a colossal mixing/mastering job for the Vivaldi Metal Project, Mistheria happily renews the collaboration with the 'mixing man' Ivan Moni Bidin for this new work.
    Upcoming Shows
  • Wednesday, December 7, Jailbreak Live Club, Rome, RM, IT, 7:00pm
  • Thursday, December 8, B-Side, Rende (Cs), IT, 8:00pm
  • Friday, December 9, Bike&Rock, Manduria, TA, IT, 8:00pm

Furia Music Press / Shadowside begins the shooting of new video in the USA
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
Following the activities related to the release of Brazilian female fronted Metal band Shadowside's new album, recently recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden, under the production of Fredrik Nordström (Arch Enemy, Hammerfall, Evergrey) and Henrik Udd (Architects, Arch Enemy), the band flew to Orlando, USA, to film their new music video.

The band is gathered with director Daniel Stilling, known for his works on movie The Martian and TV series Criminal Minds, and initiated on Wednesday, September 28th, the first part of the filming at Adrenaline Studios.

The video will be the single of Shadowside's new album, which marks the official debut of bass player Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall) and promises to be the biggest production ever made in the band's career.

GlobMetal Promotions / Sky Crypt released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
Russian Melodic Death Metal band Sky Crypt released their debut album Incipit Anarchia: The Element of Anger. The album was recorded at CDM Records with Andrey Ishchenko (Arkona, Melancholy) on drums and Sergey Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar) as a producer.

Sky Crypt was formed in 2011 by Alexander Mikhailov and Marina Kuznetsova when they played in a band Volnovoy Front. After the band decided to make a break up Alexander and Marina moved to Moscow where they continue to work on Sky Crypt.
Som do Darma / Sunrunner: 'we were able to confirm that Brasil is indeed home to many true rock and heavy metal fans'
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
The Heavy-Prog trio from the state of Maine, USA, played four shows in Brazil and was very well received by the local audience.
These were good reactions from the Brazilian press to Heliodromus, the third and newest studio album of the North American Heavy Prog band Sunrunner. This excellent response was the best justification for the four show tour that the group held in Brazil back early August. The group played in Sao Jose do Rio Preto/SP at Vila Dionizio with the Brazilian Prog Rock band Maestrick; at Favela Chick in Uberaba/MG with the bands Broken Jazz Society and Project Black Pantera; at Ferro Velho in Avare/SP with the bands Siod, Aggressors, D.I.E. and they finished the tour with a memorable performance at Palco Livre Festival in Votorantim/SP.

Formed by David Joy (vocal/bass), Joe Martignetti (guitar) and Ted MacInnes (drums), Sunrunner was beyond welcomed by the Brazilian audience.

David Joy said that the experience to tour Brazil will be in their hearts and minds forever. "The entire experience was amazing! The management was very professional and the tour was flawless. Everyone we met was excited to meet us and just seemed to be happy in general. The climax was the final show, though each show had its high points. We may have performed our best at the second show and the first was a warm welcome. We were able to confirm that Brazil is indeed home to many true rock and Heavy Metal fans! Thank you for the great hospitality! We will see you all again!"

Formed in 2008 in Portland, Meine, USA, Sunrunner debuted with the album Eyes Of The Master (2011), a Prog Rock record with Heavy Metal leanings. Since then, their second album Time In Stone (2013), Sunrunner had solidified more into a Metal band with Prog Rock influence, using elements of Jazz and acoustic instruments such as violin, flute, bouzouki and percussion. Heliodromus, the third full length released in September 2015 by Minotauro Records (Italy), is the most epic one to date, defining the term Heavy-Prog as the bands genre. The track Star Messenger was released as a lyric-video.

The band now prepares to start the pre-production of its next studio album. They also plan to release a live album with from the Brazil tour at the end of 2016.
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
As 2016 rolls to a close the Wax Maniax will celebrate their first anniversary with a deluxe vinyl reissue for SODOM's 1985 debut MLP, In the Sign of Evil. The one-sided disc features a laser-etching of the iconic axeman image on the b-side and includes an eight-page booklet featuring rare and previously-unreleased photos plus liner notes and first-hand accounts of the early days of SODOM by Snakepit Magazine founder Frank Stöver plus TANKARD frontman, Gerre. The Halloween horrors don't end there, as Maniac, the 1983 sophomore skull-smasher from ACID also receives a long over-due vinyl reissue that includes a 12" x 24" featuring photos, liner notes and an interview with the band.

Looking forward to 2017, the Wax Maniax plan to pick up the pace with a very busy schedule of deluxe vinyl reissues from cult Metal legends such as VENOM, SADUS, WHIPLASH, CLOVEN HOOF and many others.
Imperative PR / Kevin Lawry of Crowned in Earth releases first solo album
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
It's been a long journey for Kevin Lawry to reach this defining moment in his musical career. Beginning with the epic doom of Silent Winter, through his contributions to Khthon, to the increasingly progressive Crowned In Earth, each release has seen Kevin reveal a little more of his musical personality. With each album he has shaken off another shackle, freed himself from another preconception and finally, now, after more than a decade of growth and development he is ready to be completely and only himself.

The Shadows Stole The Dawn is an intensely personal album, but so honest and open that it speaks to everyone; its stories unique and individual but its themes universal. With the last remnants of his past mantles cast aside, Kevin is able to let his music flow directly from his heart and the guitar playing in particular throughout The Shadows Stole The Dawn is a revelation. Every chord, each individual note rings out with emotion, playing a vital role in the telling of Kevin's stories. There's a freshness in the tone and you can almost taste the abundant possibilities...

Explaining the thoughts behind his decision to work solo and under his own name Kevin says: "I feel that now is the time to move on and begin a fresh musical chapter without expectations of what a previous band name and history might suggest, to continue creating engaging music without boundaries! It's the end of a long era but an open door to a whole new musical landscape!"

If you choose to step through that doorway with Kevin you'll discover a truly beautiful landscape of music to explore. The longer you wander through its hills and valleys the more you'll come to love it. The Shadows Stole The Dawn is an album that will stay with you long after the last note has faded.
  • Line-up: Kevin Lawry – all music and vocals
  • Genre: Progressive Rock. For fans of: Genesis, Caravan, Camel
  • RELEASE DATE: 11.11.16
VARG MEDIA GROUP / Ne Spitsya released new EP
Posted by: Denis / 24.10.2016
Russian Hard Rock band Ne Spitsya released their new EP Drugaya Storona (The Other Side).
  1. Drugaya Storona
  2. Vals i Bluz
  3. Ne Otvechai
The EP is available for free download on the band page.
Y.O.C. new songs
Posted by: Denis / 02.10.2016
Y.O.C. is in the course of new songs recording. One of them is Znöwhite cover Something Wicked (This Way Comes)!

Everything will be available on our band's page!

Underground Symphony / Killin’ Kind new deal
Posted by: Denis / 29.09.2016
Underground Symphony is proud to announce a deal with Italian band Killin' Kind for the second full-length album release, after the success of the debut Metal Rage.

The Heavy Metal band plays 80's classic Metal with heavy riffing, vocals and guitars polyphonies, lightspeed solos and thundering drums. This masterpiece of exquisite songwriting and arrangement aware us all about the horrible future that our kind is slowly building, through a perfect match between music and lyrics.

Three different voices, orchestral arrangements, introspective melodies and apocalyptic mood for an astonishing listening experience.

Enjoy the amazing cover art by Genzoman (Street Fighter, World of Warcraft, Double Dragon Neon...) and the 'guitar battle' with Mr. Dave Linsk (Overkill) on song Raijin.

Dying Earth is a masterpiece for fans of Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Rage and it will be available at 30th November under Underground Symphony Records in deluxe digipak edition.

SPV / MOB RULES release new lyric video and announce new tourdates
Posted by: Denis / 29.09.2016
Northern German Metal band MOB RULES release a new lyric video for the song Somerled taken from their new studio album Tales From Beyond.

The North German Melodic Metallers MOB RULES will hit the stages in autumn again. On their headlining tour, the band will play this time a comprehensive set of new songs and especially band classics – this is why the tour is titled 'Beyond The Classics'. The program will include tracks of all previous eight albums and beside some surprises, the fans had also the opportunity to directly affect the setlist via Facebook by voting their 'favorite songs' personally!
    MOB RULES 'Beyond The Classics Tour 2016' special guest: LAST DAYS OF EDEN
  • 01.10. CH-Wetzikon – Hall Of Fame
  • 02.10. D-Weiher – Live Music Hall
  • 04.10. D-Munich – Backstage
  • 05.10. D-Siegburg – Kubana
  • 06.10. D-Wilhelmshaven – Pumpwerk
  • 07.10 B-Roeselare – De Verlichte Geest
  • 09.10 D-Bochum – Matrix

Nuclear Blast / TESTAMENT release 3rd 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' video trailer
Posted by: Denis / 29.09.2016
Vocalist Chuck Billy and guitarist Eric Peterson of legendary bay area Thrash Metal giants TESTAMENT discuss some of the lyrical themes that inspired their upcoming 12th album, Brotherhood Of The Snake, in this brand new third video trailer.

Frontiers Music / Enuff Z'Nuff - Clowns Lounge
Posted by: Denis / 29.09.2016
Enuff Z'nuff is the living, breathing example of what a rock/ pop group should be. In fact, the band is the very chrome-glinted definition of it.

With every album and live performance packed to the brim with rock/ pop perfection, there are no signs of the band slowing down. You can catch the band on tour through 2017 in support of its soon to be released album Clowns Lounge.

Clowns Lounge is a collection of rarities and early demos that have been reworked and re-recorded by the band and will be released December 2nd via Frontiers Music Srl. This exceptional collection also features a guest appearance from the late Jani Lane of Warrant as well as an appearance from James Young of Styx.

As people have been clamoring for a new release from Enuff Z'nuff, the band just happened to receive a call from Derek Shulman, and the rest was history: "We had unfinished, unreleased material in the vault, and I went back into the studio in Chicago and started working on all the songs. Guitars, bass, vocals, it all needed to be tweaked, and with help from Chicago Recording Company and Chris Steinmetz of Stonecutter recording studios, we were able to create another rock solid record. It is basically an archival record featuring original band and Enuff Z'nuff as it is today. The record showcases the best elements of Enuff Z'nuff in the early days; in your face glitter rock with pop overtones. This is a true must have rock record for the diehard Enuff Z'nuff fans worldwide."

Chip on how the songs came about: "Donnie and I wrote the songs in the later part of 1988-89. They were recorded in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on 2" inch analog tape, during the time of our debut. The tracks were never finished, as we were very prolific and focused on laying down as many ideas as possible. Through the resources provided to us: recording studio, production, etc., we had a plethora of songs during that era and for one reason or another this batch slipped through the cracks. To restore the record we returned to the studio to record guitar, bass vocals, etc. which took us about six weeks in my studio and at CRC (Chicago Recording Company) along with Stonecutter studio in downtown Chicago. The skeleton of the song was already in place and we wanted to make sure the record had the feel of where the band is today. We also added a bonus single track (Dog on a Bone) that we plan on releasing as the first single."

Of course a huge contributing member to this release was Donnie Vie. "Donnie and I wrote the songs together, as we have on all the Enuff Z'nuff albums. In 2013 Donnie left the band, disillusioned by the business and facing related health issues, and although he will not tour with the band he still shares in our vision of putting out great music. As he is dealing with his medical condition, we have his blessings on the record and moving forward with me as lead singer. When Peter Gabriel left Genesis, Phil Collins took over lead vocal duties. That is exactly the template we used here as now I front the band and look forward to moving it into the future", says Chip.
    Clowns Lounge Track Listing:
  1. Dog On A Bone
  2. Runaway
  3. Back In Time
  4. She Makes It Harder
  5. Rockabye Dreamland
  6. The Devil Of Shakespeare (Feat. Jani Lane and James Young)
  7. Radio
  8. Good Luv
  9. Round And Round
  10. Nothing
  11. Backstreet Kids
  12. One More Hit
    Enuff Z'nuff Live:
  • 9/30: Boilingbrook, IL @ Tailgaters
  • 10/6: Las Vegas, NV @ Vamp’d
  • 10/7: Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky
  • 10/8: Fresno, CA @ Fulton 55
  • 10/9: Laguna Niguel, CA @ The Karmann Bar
    - W/ Tracii Guns
  • 10/12: Oklahoma City, OK @ OKC City Limits
  • 10/13: Memphis, TN @ Rockhouse Live
  • 10/14: Marietta, GA @ 120 Tavern
  • 10/15: Tampa, FL @ District 3
  • 10/16: Delray Beach, FL @ Arts Garage
  • 10/18: Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
  • 10/19: Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus Bar
  • 10/20: Haverhill, MA @ Whiskey Barrel
  • 10/21: Ronkonkoma, NY @ Backstage Pass
  • 10/22: Narragansett, RI @ Wheel House
  • 10/24: Ottawa, ON @ The Brass Monkey
  • 10/25: Toronto, ON @ The Rock Pile
  • 10/26: Saginaw, MI @ Hamilton Street Pub
  • 10/27: Joliet, IL @ Rock n Skull @ Tree
  • 10/28: Battle Creek, MI @ The Music Factory
  • 10/29: Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
  • 10/30: Indianapolis, IN @ 8 Seconds Saloon
  • 11/1: Kansas City, MO @ Harrah’s Casino
  • 11/4 – 11/9 – Miami, FL The KISS Kruise – Creatures of the Deep
    2017: - With Ace Frehley
  • 1/19: Houston, TX @ Scout Bar^
  • 1/20: Corpus Christi, TX @ Brewster Street Ice House^
  • 1/21: Tyler, TX @ Clicks Live^
  • 1/26: Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre^
  • 1/27: Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee^
  • 1/29: Agoura Hills, CA @ The Canyon^
  • 1/30: Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up^
  • 2/2: Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl^
  • 2/3: Beverly Hills, CA @ Saban Theatre^
  • 2/10: Portland, OR @ Aladdin Theatre^
  • 2/11: Seattle, WA @ Neptune Theater^
  • 5/27 & 5/28: Sturbridge, MA @ Music-Con at Sturbridge Hotel (Appearance by Chip)

Cruz del Sur Music / SACRED STEEL presents 'LET THERE BE STEEL' video
Posted by: Denis / 29.09.2016
Three more weeks and the new, anticipated SACRED STEEL album Heavy Metal Sacrifice will finally see the light. Now Cruz Del Sur Music and the band present a second track out of it, Let There Be Steel, a manifesto of Sacred Steel's music and philosophy.

The band will held a release party on October 15 in their home-town Ludwigsburg with Tankard, Stallion, Tragedy Divine and label mates Septagon.

AFM Records / HERMAN FRANK 'The Devil Rides Out' limited metal box edition detailed
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
HERMAN FRANK's new album The Devil Rides Out will be released on November 18th. We offer a special metal box edition (limited to 500 units worldwide), incl.
  • the Digipak
  • an exclusive Herman Frank t-shirt, exclusive bonus CD with demos from the album (most of them with different working titles and sung by Herman instead of Rick Altzi)
  • hand-written lyric notes by Herman
  • aigned autogrpah card
  • certificate of authenticity

Century Media / Dark Tranquillity release 'The Pitiless' video
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
On November 4th, 2016, DARK TRANQUILLITY will release their 11th album Atoma worldwide through Century Media Records and start their North American headlining tour.

The band is proud to present the first single and video for the song The Pitiless.

The band comments: "Selecting the first single from an album as diverse as Atoma is always a hard task, but we felt that The Pitiless gives a good representation of the general vibe of the material. It's fast, melodic and with a sense of urgency that permeates the whole album. Enjoy!"

The video was filmed during their stay at the German Turock Open Air Festival 2016 in Essen by the director Dirk Behlau. The next video will be filmed by Vesa Ranta (ex-Sentenced drummer) in Northern Sweden and you can expect something very epic!

Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC is pleased to announce the release of HAMMER KING's second album King Is Rising!

Recorded at POWERWOLF's 'Studio Greywolf', King Is Rising is once more packed with the truest Heavy Metal in this and all possible other worlds – Heavy Metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest with more than a reference to German Power Metal.

The band consists of former ROSS THE BOSS' vocalist Titan Fox, former SALTATIO MORTIS' drummer Dolph A. Macallan rounded out by K.K. Basement on bass and Gino Wilde on guitars.

King Is Rising contains 12 Metal anthems literally made for live shows – with a nod towards faster paced songs compared to their debut Kingdom Of The Hammer King.

The second chapter of the Hammer King's saga thematically centers about war and revolt, while the King's battle stories drastically bespeak today's global crises.

For the album's artwork, the band decided to set up again a partnership with brilliant German artist Timo Würz and the result speaks for itself: Timo is the kind of artist who guarantees quality in every aspect of his job!

King Is Rising will be released on November 11, 2016 through Cruz Del Sur Music on Compact Disc (with 1 bonus track), Vinyl and Digital.

The album will have its release party on November 12, at Cruz Del Sur Music own's 'Burn This Town' Festival in Rome, also featuring Sacred Steel, Rosae Crucis, Battle Ram, Graal.
Inner Wound Recordings / Persuader studio video posted online, new member announced
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
The Swedish Power Metal band PERSUADER have released a studio video from the creation of the fifth PERSUADER studio album, currently in the pre-production phase. The album is scheduled to be released in 2017 through Inner Wound Recordings.

PERSUADER also welcomes Fredrik Mannberg (Nocturnal Rites, Guillotine) as the bands new guitar player, to replace Daniel Sundbom that left the band recently.

Emil Norberg of PERSUADER comments: "Daniel left the band a while ago and we want to thank him for a great decade of Metal! It feels great to welcome Fredrik into the band as he fits perfect into the band chemistry and he also did very well on the recent shows where he filled in for Daniel. Welcome Fredrik!"

InsideOut Music / Leprous announce 'Live At Rockefeller Music Hall' live album release + North American tour starting this week
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
Norwegian Prog metallers LEPROUS have announced the release of the band's very first live DVD/CD/LP package titled Live At Rockefeller Music Hall, which will come out worldwide on November 25th, 2016 on InsideOut Music.

Recorded live at a hometown show in Oslo on June 4th of this year, Live At Rockefeller Music Hall will arrive on various formats, including a limited DVD+2CD Digipak, standalone DVD, 2CD Jewelcase, Gatefold 3LP + 2CD & as Digital Download audio.
    LEPROUS Live At Rockefeller Music Hall tracklist:
  1. The Flood
  2. Foe
  3. Third Law
  4. Rewind
  5. The Cloak
  6. Acquired Taste
  7. Red
  8. Slave
  9. The Price
  10. Moon
  11. Down
  12. The Valley
  13. Forced Entry
  14. Contaminate Me
    Additionally, the DVD contains the following bonus materials:
  15. Behind The Scenes
  16. Slave (Lyric Video)
  17. Restless (Video Clip)
  18. The Cloak (Video Clip)
  19. The Price (Video Clip)
  20. Leprous At Rockefeller 13 Years Earlier
Next up, LEPROUS kicking off a North American headline tour this week and have recently also locked in a massive run of dates supporting Devin Townsend Project and Between The Buried And Me in Europe as well as Devin Townsend Project and Tesseract in the UK early 2017.
    LEPROUS - North American headline tour with Earthside, Binary Code, Dissona:
  • 27.09.2016 Atlanta, GA - Vinyl at Center Stage
  • 28.09.2016 Baltimore, MD - Cafe 611
  • 29.09.2016 Philadelphia, PA - Voltage Lounge
  • 30.09.2016 New York City, NY - Gramercy Theater
  • 01.10.2016 Buffalo, NY - Waiting Room
  • 02.10.2016 Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
  • 03.10.2016 Montreal, QC - Club Soda
  • 05.10.2016 Quebec City, QC - Salle Multi
  • 06.10.2016 Toronto, ON - The Garrison
  • 07.10.2016 Detroit, MI - Token Lounge
  • 08.10.2016 Chicago, IL - Reggie's
  • 09.10.2016 Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
  • 11.10.2016 Calgary AB - Distortion
  • 12.10.2016 Vancouver, BC - Red Room
  • 13.10.2016 Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
  • 14.10.2016 Portland, OR - High Water Mark
  • 15.10.2016 San Francisco Bay Area, CA - The Phoenix Theater
  • 16.10.2016 Los Angeles, CA - Complex
  • 17.10.2016 Phoenix, AZ - Joe's Grotto
  • 19.10.2016 San Antonio, TX - Rockbox
  • 20.10.2016 Fort Worth, TX - Tomcats West
  • 21.10.2016 Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
  • 22.10.2016 Mexico City, MX - Foro Indie Rocks * Only LEPROUS
    LEPROUS - European festival dates 2016:
  • 04.11.2016 Barcelona (Spain) - AMFest
    LEPROUS - European tour with Devin Townsend Project, Between The Buried And Me:
  • 28.01.2017 Antwerpen (Belgium) - Trix * No BTBAM
  • 30.01.2017 Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) - Rockhal
  • 31.01.2017 Paris (France) - Bataclan
  • 01.02.2017 Bordeaux (France) - Rockschool Barbey
  • 03.02.2017 Madrid (Spain) - La Riviera
  • 04.02.2017 Barcelona (Spain) - Razzmatazz 2
  • 05.02.2017 Marseille (France) - Le Moulin
  • 07.02.2017 Milan (Italy) - Live Club
  • 08.02.2017 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7
  • 09.02.2017 Stuttgart (Germany) - LKA Longhorn
  • 10.02.2017 Munich (Germany) - Backstage
  • 12.02.2017 Zagreb (Croatia) - Tvornica Club
  • 13.02.2017 Budapest (Hungary) - A38
  • 14.02.2017 Vienna (Austria) - Arena
  • 16.02.2017 Prague (Czech Republic) - The Roxy
  • 17.02.2017 Leipzig (Germany) - Täubchenthal
  • 18.02.2017 Kraków (Poland) - Kwadrat
  • 19.02.2017 Warsaw (Poland) - Stodola
  • 21.02.2017 Hamburg (Germany) - Grünspan
  • 22.02.2017 Aarhus (Denmark) - Voxhall
  • 23.02.2017 Göteborg (Sweden) - Pustervik
  • 25.02.2017 Bergen (Norway) - Blastfest
  • 26.02.2017 Oslo (Norway) - Sentrum Scene
  • 28.02.2017 Helsinki (Finland) - The Circus
  • 01.03.2017 Seinajoki (Finland) - Rytmikorjaamo
  • 03.03.2017 Stockholm (Sweden) - Berns
  • 04.03.2017 Malmö (Sweden) - KB
  • 05.03.2017 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Amager Bio
  • 07.03.2017 Berlin (Germany) - Columbia Theater
  • 08.03.2017 Dortmund (Germany) - FZW
  • 09.03.2017 Tilburg (The Netherlands) - 013
  • 10.03.2017 Amsterdam (The Netherlands) - De Melkweg
    LEPROUS - European tour with Devin Townsend Project, Tesseract:
  • 12.03.2017 Bristol (UK) - Colston Hall
  • 13.03.2017 Manchester (UK) - Academy
  • 14.03.2017 Glasgow (UK) - Barrowlands
  • 16.03.2017 Birmingham (UK) - Institute
  • 17.03.2017 London (UK) - Hammersmith Eventim Apollo
  • 17.03.2017 Nottingham (UK) - Rock City

Limb Music / SYMPHONITY interview, part III available
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
The third part of the video interview, conducted by Spark TV, about the upcoming SYMPHONITY album King Of Persia is available on YouTube.

Composer and guitarist Libor Křivák talks about the progress of the band, lyric topics, songwriting process and much more. King Of Persia will be released on September 30th (EU), November 18th in North America and is out now in JAPAN!

Napalm Records / HAMMERFALL special guests & support band for upcoming tour announced
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
One of the most distinctive Metal bands in the past 20 years and sometimes hailed as the saviours of Heavy Metal, HAMMERFALL recently announced the release of their upcoming album Built To Last, set to be released on November 4th on Napalm Records.

In the wake of what will be the band's 10th studio effort, HAMMERFALL will embark on another celebrated tour over Europe, beginning on January 12th 2017 in Bremen, Germany. Now the band announced special guests GLORYHAMMER to be joining HAMMERFALL on their extensive European Tour, and the support will come from LANCER!

"We got exactly the support bands we wanted", says guitarist Oscar Dronjak. "There is no doubt in my mind that Lancer will be thoroughly enjoyed by all our fans, and Gloryhammer's mighty and epic music will be the perfect lead-in to the HammerFall show that will follow. The World Wide (r)Evolution was a resounding success on every level with half of the shows sold out, and we can't wait to get back on stage again to have a gigantic Heavy Metal party every night with all our Templar friends!"

Known for their energetic and engaging live shows, HAMMERFALL have been masters of ground-breaking Metal anthems since the start of their remarkable career. With an extensive world tour taking place over the past 2 years, the band is now gearing up for another run following the release of their upcoming album Built To Last.

LANCER sign to Nuclear Blast; new album and tour with HAMMERFALL
Posted by: Denis / 28.09.2016
Up-and-coming Swedish Heavy metallers, LANCER, can proudly announce that they have signed a contract with German Metal giants in Nuclear Blast. The first results of this fruitful union can be reaped very soon: after work on their third record, Mastery, has been finished now, the ten-track opus is set for an January 13th, 2017 release. Once again, the cover artwork was created by Dimitar Nikolov (ROSS THE BOSS, MAJESTY). The final layout was done by Marcelo Vasco (SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD,..). Mark the release date in your calendars to not miss this full load of traditional stainless steel - more info to follow soon!

As if this wasn't enough, LANCER will be opening for iconic heavy metallers HAMMERFALL on their upcoming European tour, 'Built To Tour', in January 2017. Intergalactic space metallers GLORYHAMMER will be completing this powerful touring package. This tour is not to be missed!

Singer Isak Stenvall stated: "I'm super excited, all the songs are killers, the cover artwork is fantastic and the sound and production is flawless. The fact that we will release the album on Nuclear Blast, and that I just got the news that we're playing in Tokyo in November, plus a European tour with HAMMERFALL and GLORYHAMMER in the beginning of next year just makes me even more excited over this release!"

Iced Earth - new guitar player
Posted by: Denis / 27.09.2016
Jon Schaffer statement:
"Brothers and Sisters,
Please join us in welcoming Jake Dreyer, our new lead guitar player, to the Iced Earth family. We're excited for Jake to be a part of the team as he has the talent, drive, and the personality we were looking for. Jake joined Stu and I last week to do some tracking at Independence Hall and he hammered out some ripping guitar solos on several songs from the new album. Jake will play on the upcoming Iced Earth studio album and will perform his first live show with us in November at Hammerfest in Germany.
I want to personally thank all of the guitarists who auditioned for the position, it was an overwhelming response, and there are many very talented guys out there. So again, thank you for your passion and interest.
We are progressing at an excellent rate on the new record and I can say with all sincerity that this will be one of the most significant albums in the Iced Earth catalog. We are pumped. It's the next level.
Stay tuned, and best to you all."

Posted by: Denis / 27.09.2016
Utopia, the first single from Progressive Metal band Noveria's new album Forsaken is available for streaming.

Forsaken is a concept based on the theory of the five stages of death by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and written in memory of a brilliant young woman who was taken away from her family by an aggressive cancer. Each track describes the different states of mind of a person facing a fatal illness, taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster through denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance at the end of the journey. Musically every song reflects a specific lyrical theme. Francesco Corigliano's vocals impersonates the emotions of a victim of sudden illness and their inner journey to redemption. Francesco Mattei's violent guitar riffing is contrasted by Julien Spreutels' atmospheric keyboards, creating dynamic pieces where lyrics, melody and harmony unite to touch the multiple aspects of each emotion described in the songs. Omar Campitelli's drum grooves and Andrea Arcangeli's sturdy bass lines add depth to the songs, steadily accompanying them through every mood. Dueling solos between the guitar and keyboard reflect the inner conflict to move from one emotional stage to the other and the electronic drum loops depict the relentlessly advancing tumor. Forsaken has one purpose: trying to understand the emotions of a person confronted with an existential crisis. It's also a reminder for those who are affected by cancer that a diagnosis is not to be intended as the end. Not even those who have been forsaken by fortune are lost while their memory lives on in our hearts.

Forsaken will be available starting from October 28th.
Metal Mind Productions / Ceti 'Wild and Free' video premiere
Posted by: Denis / 27.09.2016
Polish Heavy Metal band Ceti return this Autumn with their tenth studio album entitled Snakes Of Eden.

The follow up to the acclaimed album Brutus Syndrome (2014) is scheduled for the worldwide release on October, 7th 2016 via Metal Mind Productions.

Now the band release their first promo video. Wild And Free video was directed by Dominik Czech.
GlobMetal Promotions / Black Smiths released new single
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
Russian Alternative Metal band Black Smiths released their new single Out Of You from the upcoming EP The Road Has Just Begun.

Black Smiths was formed in 2009 at Rostov-on-Don, Russia by Eduard Sokolov and Yuri Demida. The band released their debut EP FirstShot in 2013 and now work on the second.
Metal Media / Creptum: Black Metal in its pure state on new music video
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
Brazilian Black Metal band CREPTUM stream their first video clip taken from the album Of lies, curses and blood. The chosen song is On The Pale Horse. The video was directed and produced by Tandi Verissimo.

Of lies, curses and blood was recorded at studio Ponto Zero, in Brazil, and produced by guitarist Deimous Nefus, the cover was in the hands of the very singer Tanatos. The mastering was the responsibility of Absolute Master.

The album has the participation on the song An Inevitable End of the multi-instrumentalist musician Paolo Bruno, known especially for his work with the bands Desdominus and Thy Light.
AFM Records / Eden's Curse 'The Great Pretender' lyric video released
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
Multinational Melodic Hard Rock/Metal band EDEN'S CURSE issue their second single off the band's upcoming album Cardinal (out October 14th). Check out the lyric video for The Great Pretender.

Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
French Heavy Metal pioneers NIGHTMARE release the first single and video Ikarus, taken from their new album Dead Sun, out on November 25th!

Century Media / Witchery upcoming album details, new line-up and cover artwork reveal
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
A full six years after their latest studio album release, Linköping / Sweden based blackened Metallers WITCHERY finally return with their long-awaited 6th studio album, programmatically entitled In His Infernal Majesty's Service and announced for a worldwide release on November 25th, 2016.

WITCHERY had played a score of festivals in support of their latest release Witchkrieg (2010), did a tour of Japan together with Vader and Watain, but unfortunately the band's line-up rotation continued. While former Dark Funeral vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula assumed live-session duties for a while (replacing ex-Marduk/Devian frontman Legion), it was only recently that guitarist and band-leader Jensen managed to gather the right new members for the recordings of In His Infernal Majesty's Service, as he explains:
"We've sadly had to part ways with two members prior to this album; long time band member Martin Axenrot and live member (and recording member-to-be) Emperor Magus Caligula. Martin's departure is purely down to him being too busy with his other musical endeavors and Caligula had to leave the band over an unfortunate medical condition involving his hearing. These are both serious losses for the band and we wish them all the best in the future. We have however been able to find more than able replacements for our two lost brethren: Chris Barkensjö on the drums and Angus Norder on vocals. They both bring fresh blood and fresh ideas to the band and you can clearly hear that they both have made it necessary for us 'old members' to step up our game a notch or two!"

Celebrating the 20th year of the group's existence, In His Infernal Majesty's Service showcases an illustrious and revamped line-up consisting of original members Jensen (Guit., The Haunted), Rikard Rimfält (Guit., Seance) and Sharlee D'Angelo (Bass, Arch Enemy), alongside new additions to this nocturnal guild Angus Norder (Vox, Nekrokraft) and Chris Barkensjö (Drums, LIK).

Self-evidently, WITCHERY stays the stylistic course and continues their infamous tradition of combining the best elements of old school Thrash, Speed, Death, Black and ultimately pure Heavy Metal with dead-on songwriting precision for maximum listening pleasure. In regards to the musical approach and the recording procedure goals with the new album, which was produced and mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at Dug Out Studio (Behemoth, In Flames, Meshuggah), Jensen adds the following:

"Musically, I wanted to make this album more raw than the previous ones. Perhaps as raw as the first album even. I really didn't want to over-work things, as I myself enjoy music that comes more from feeling and enthusiasm than music that has been contemplated and construed. This album is recorded by Daniel Bergstrand at his Dug Out Studio in Uppsala, Sweden. Even though Daniel has been a high profile name for ages within the Metal community, I've never had the opportunity to work with him before. I have to say that Daniel is really easy to work with. All around a great guy and he immediately understood what I was looking for production-wise when I spoke to him about the album. My main request was that I wanted a raw and unpolished production. I really dislike productions where you can hear that the band has had ages to complete just one song. Where there might be a month's worth of coffee breaks between the guitar takes etc. I wanted it to sound like a real band that is playing together. My second request was that I wanted the drums to sound like on Van Halen's 1984 album. I seriously love that aggressive middy drum sound. I think Daniel did an amazing job and I know that he rates this production very highly on his own personal list of albums he's worked on..."

WITCHERY's In His Infernal Majesty's Service comes packaged in classy artwork designed by Andreas Diaz Pettersson. Jensen comments on the cover as follows:
"Long-time friend of the band - and designer of many things associated with WITCHERY - Andreas Diaz Pettersson was once again called upon to create the artwork for our new album. He has a great ability to create artwork that really stands out within the scene, without compromising on quality or with the essence of the band. We are very pleased with what he has created for us, and we think the artwork is a great addition to the overall massive quality and appeal we truly believe this album to have. Stoked!"

Inner Wound Recordings / Enbound 'The Blackened Heart' details revealed
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
The Swedish Melodic Metal band ENBOUND will release their new album The Blackened Heart on November 18th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

The Blackened Heart contains a nice mix of heavy and up tempo songs, all with their own strong and grasping melodies. Enbound prove with The Blackened Heart that they can handle any angle of Melodic Metal. Like on their debut album, the characteristic powerful arrangements remain with the fantastic and emotional vocals from Lee Hunter on top.

The album was mastered by Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Volbeat, Primal Fear) and guests on the album includes Linnea Wikstrom (Kamelot, Therion) and Mike LePond (Symphony X).
    The Blackened Heart track listing
  1. Falling
  2. Give Me Light
  3. Crossroad
  4. Get Ready For
  5. Feel My Flame
  6. Twelve
  7. Holy Grail
  8. HIO
  9. They Don't Really Know
  10. Make You So Unreal

InsideOut Music / Riverside release statement on future of band
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
Polish prog masters RIVERSIDE have released a statement regarding the future of the band and you can find the full text below:

"Dear Friends,
We'd like to thank you again for your friendship and support throughout this most tragic time for us and we'd like to officially announce that we have made a decision about our future.
We have decided that we are not going to do a casting for a new guitarist. Thus we have ceased to be a quartet and have become a trio. In this line-up we will prepare our new studio album. Both in the recording studio and on tour - if we get back to touring - we will be playing with session guitarists, who are our friends, whom we know and like. But the line-up of Riverside will be as shown in the picture.

Yes, we do realise that this is not going to be the same band. We know that for many of you the story of Riverside ends here, this year, and that Eye of the Soundscape might be the last Riverside album you'll buy. We know that some of you can't imagine this band without the characteristic guitar of Piotr Grudzinski and for you Riverside has ceased to exist. But our story is not over yet; with a flaw, with a scar, with a wealth of new experiences, we have decided to go on.

We know stories of many bands that have survived and have been successful, in spite of all. And we want to be the living proof that giving up is not an option and that we can be an inspiration for others, too. For as long as we can, we'll continue to do our best to create and meet with you wherever the emotions are running high. Grudzien will still be with us. We are definitely not going to forget him. He's a part of our lives. But in order for the memory of him to survive, we have to continue. And we want to. So we're embarking on another journey and we are thankful to everyone who will join us.
Our plans for the nearest future?
Next year we're going to start working on a new album. Marked by the circumstances, it will probably be a return to heavier and more intense sound. But before that, in February 2017, on the anniversary of Piotr's death, we'd like to play our first gig. A very special gig which will be an exceptional event. We'd like to play it with guests, with friends, for Piotr, for us. And for you. We'd like our music to be the hero of that day, we'd like to let it speak for itself. We'll give you more details about it in the coming weeks.
The river will never be the same again but it doesn't mean it has to stop flowing.
Best regards,
Mariusz Duda, Piotr Kozieradzki, Michal Lapaj."

Napalm Records / HAMMERFALL release new single & video 'Hammer High'
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
Sweden's Heavy Metal master HAMMERFALL is back with the release of their hotly anticipated 10th studio album Built To Last, which is set to see the light of day on November 4th 2016 on Napalm Records. After leaving fans breathless with their first single The Sacred Vow, the band has now unleashed a brand new video for the track Hammer High.

Nuclear Blast / SONATA ARCTICA release video clip for 'Life'
Posted by: Denis / 26.09.2016
Finnish Melodic Metal titans, SONATA ARCTICA, will unleash their new studio album called The Ninth Hour on October 7th through Nuclear Blast. Now the band have released the music video for the brand-new song Life directed by Ville Juurikkala.

Y.O.C. new page on Twitter
Posted by: Denis / 25.09.2016
For the attention of rockers/metalheads: please check new Y.O.C.'s page on Twitter and follow it.

Stormspell Records / CLAYMOREAN
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
CLAYMOREAN's sophomore album entitled Songs From a Dying World is coming out soon. If you dig female fronted epic Metal with Folk influences, check it out here.
Spinefarm Records / AMARANTHE DROP 'THAT SONG'
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
AMARANTHE, the cutting edge rock band with the triple lead vocal attack, have dropped That Song from their upcoming album Maximalism, out October 21 via Spinefarm.

"The time has come to unveil That Song to the world", said guitarist Olof Morck. "Showcasing a new side of Amaranthe, the song combines an anthemic arena riff with an irresistibly groovy flow, creating maybe the most unique Amaranthe track yet! Describing the strife and hardships that follow with trying to pursue your dreams, That Song embodies the turning point in your life when your direction becomes clear. So stomp your feet and clap your hands to That Song!"

Maximalism is the follow-up to 2014's breakthrough MASSIVE ADDICTIVE.

Refusing to be pinned down by genre or convention, Amaranthe have consistently pursued the less-travelled path, blending different sounds and styles to create a signature hybrid approach. Maximalism sees their collective wide-angle vision laid out with greater skill and conviction than ever before.

The European tour begins on 25.Oct.
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
One Machine are pleased to announce the final dates on their tour in support of The Final Cull. Says Steve Smyth: "We're very grateful to have had The Final Cull so very well received in this past year! To be able to tour for a year on a record at the present level of the band is something generally unheard of, and we're very grateful to all of the fans we have made out there in the last few years, as well as all of the new fans we have welcomed over 2016 to the world of One Machine! Thank you! Without you, we are nothing! We will start these dates with the first show taking place as a headliner in Cremona, Italy at Midian, in between it all a stop at the mighty Mammothfest 2016 in Brighton, U.K., and the final show taking place on October 15th in Edinburgh, Scotland as a headliner at an all day festival called Fleshtival! We want to see every one of you that can make these shows come on out to our last dates in support of The Final Cull, and our last dates of 2016! See you on tour!"
  • 09-29 Midian Cremona Italy
  • 09-30 De Verlicht Geest Roeselare Belgium
  • 10-01 Mammothfest Concorde 2 Brighton UK
  • 10-07 The Cobblestones Bridgwater UK
  • 10-09 Sound Circus Bournemouth UK
  • 10-14 Da Rock Gourock UK
  • 10-15 Fleshtival (headliner) Edinburgh UK

NoiseArt Records / SUICIDAL ANGELS playthrough video of 'Eternally to Suffer'
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
The new album of Greek Thrash Metal tank SUICIDAL ANGELS, Division Of Blood, was released on May 27th via NoiseArt Records.

Now the band presents a playthrough video of the track Eternally to Suffer.

Progressive metal band Oni signs with Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
As Heavy Metal devotees may have noticed of late, rising Progressive Metal band Oni has been gearing up for something big. Now the band is pleased to reveal the news of their recent signing with Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. The label will unleash Oni's highly-anticipated Progressive Metal opus, Ironshore, on Black Friday, November 25th.

Blacklight Media is a new label launched this past February by Chris Santos, executive chef and managing partner of the New York City restaurants VANDAL, The Stanton Social and Beauty & Essex, in partnership with Metal Blade Records CEO/founder Brian Slagel. Santos states, "One of the things that I think will make Blacklight Media a label to watch for years to come is the diversity of our roster. Oni is our first crushingly heavy signing that matches their heaviness with incredible progressive precision and classically brutal breakdowns. I'm very excited to have them as part of the Blacklight Media family!"

Vocalist Jake Oni adds, "We are excited to announce our signing with Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records. It is an honor to be on the same roster as so many amazing bands. With the support of this legendary label at our side, the world is ours!"

Featuring the already-buzzing single Eternal Recurrence – an uncompromising anthem that upon release gave Metal fans an early look at Oni's undeniable technical talent – Ironshore takes listeners on an absorbing ride that provides ample opportunity for head-banging, singing along and deep introspection. To hear Eternal Recurrence, stream the track or watch the official video here.

Formed in 2014, the initial vision for Oni was, "to be the band I never got to see&quiot;, explains Jake Oni. With their influences rooted in Progressive Metal, Oni's sound can be compared to the genre's heavy hitters – The Human Abstract, Protest The Hero, Between The Buried And Me – yet they remain truly unique. With Jake Oni handling vocal duties, Martin Andres and Brandon White on guitar, Chase Bryant on bass and Joe Greulich on drums, they are also perhaps the first Metal band to feature a Xylo-synth player, in the form of Johnny D, which adds an intriguing dynamic to the nine tracks found on Ironshore.
br /> Oni has now set their sights on conquering the music world, one show at a time. After their upcoming performance at this year's Knotfest (which will feature a special guest appearance by Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe during their 11:55am-12:25pm set on the Nuclear Blast stage), the band will join up with Max & Iggor Cavalera's Return To Roots tour and perform on select dates through October 21st. Following that tour, Oni will join the 'I Worship Chaos' Tour line-up, beginning November 23rd and featuring headliners Children of Bodom and fellow special guests Abbath and Exmortus (the latter of which they will perform five off dates with prior).
    Oni tour dates
  • Sept. 22 – San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick (headlining show)
  • Sept. 25 – San Bernardino, CA @ San Manuel Amphitheatre (Knotfest)

    Oni tour dates w/ Max && Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots
  • Sept. 30 – Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans Music Hall
  • Oct. 1 – St Petersburg, FL @ State Theater
  • Oct. 2 – Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
  • Oct. 6 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s Rock Club
  • Oct. 7 – Detroit, MI @ Harpo’s Concert Theatre
  • Oct. 8 – Dayton, OH @ Oddbodys
  • Oct. 9 – Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rex Theater
  • Oct. 10 – Ottawa, ON @ Maverick’s Bar
  • Oct. 11 – Toronto, ON @ Opera House/44 Fest
  • Oct. 12 – Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
  • Oct. 14 – Quebec City, QC @ Imperial de Quebec
  • Oct. 16 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom
  • Oct. 17 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
  • Oct. 20 – Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theater
  • Oct. 21 – Tempe, AZ @ Club Red

    Oni tour dates w/ Exmortus
  • Nov. 17 – Oklahoma City, OK @ Thunder Alley
  • Nov. 18 – Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
  • Nov. 19 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
  • Nov. 20 – Indianapolis, IN @ 5th Quarter
  • Nov. 21 – Westland, MI @ The Token Lounge

    Oni “I Worship Chaos Tour” dates w/ Children Of Bodom, Abbath & Exmortus
  • Nov. 23 – Quebec City, QC @ L’Imperial Bell
  • Nov. 24 – Montreal, QC @ Metropolis
  • Nov. 25 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
  • Nov. 26 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
  • Nov. 28 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
  • Nov. 29 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave – Eagles Ballroom
  • Nov. 30 – Minneapolis, MN @ Mill City Nights
  • Dec. 2 – Denver, CO @ The Summit Music Hall
  • Dec. 3 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
  • Dec. 5 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
  • Dec. 6 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
  • Dec. 7 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Pressroom
  • Dec. 9 – Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Live!
  • Dec. 10 – San Antonio, TX @ The Aztec Theater
  • Dec. 11 – Houston, TX @ House of Blues
  • Dec. 13 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (Heaven)
  • Dec. 14 – Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre
  • Dec. 16 – Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
  • Dec. 17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of the Living Arts
  • Dec. 18 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
  • Dec. 19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw
Limb Music / SYMPHONITY video interview part II
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
Part II of the video interview that SYMPHONITY's Libor did with Spark TV is available now. Watch it on YouTube for some more info about the upcoming album titled King Of Persia, featuring Olaf Hayer and Herbie Langhans on vocals.

Frontiers Music / Welcome the reunion of Tracii Guns And Phil Lewis
Posted by: Denis / 23.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is delighted to welcome the reunion of Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis as L.A. GUNS to the label for the release of a brand new album set for release in the summer of 2017.

After a nearly 15 year break, Philip Lewis and Tracii Guns are back together for another chapter in their partnership that began in 1986, four years after Tracii formed L.A. Guns in 1982.

Their writing partnership spawned classic L.A. GUNS songs such as Sex Action, Never Enough, Electric Gypsy, The Ballad Of Jayne, and countless more in an impressive catalog of fan favorites. The last time Lewis and Guns joined forces was back in 2000 with legendary producer Andy Johns for the making of what would become Waking The Dead - an album that went on to receive tremendous critical acclaim and proved that their musical partnership was every bit as strong as the early days with all-killer-no-filler songs including Don't Look At Me That Way, Hellraisers Ball, The Ballad.

"I think we owe it to our fans who have stuck with us during the many ups and downs of the band's long and checkered career", says Lewis. "Tracii and I have written the songs to the soundtrack of many people's lives, and I think it's definitely worth investigating to see if the magic is still there."

As for Guns, he's been compiling song ideas over the last year and promises this one will be one of the band's heaviest records, simply stating, "It's good to be home";.

The band has already confirmed a bunch of UK shows in early 2017 and two shows at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles, CA with more surprises to be announced soon!
  • 03. Los Angeles, CA, Whisky A Go Go
  • 04. Los Angeles, CA, Whisky A Go Go
  • 10. Belfast. Limelight2.
  • 11. Phewelli. HRH fest.
  • 12. Swansea. Scene
  • 16. Bristol. Bierkeller.
  • 17. Basingstoke. Stage.
  • 18. Wolverhampton. Civic.
  • 20. Doncaster. Diamond.
  • 22. Sheffield. Academy2.
  • 23. Edinburgh. La Belle Angele.
  • 24. Glasgow. ABC2
  • 25. London. Academy2

Y.O.C. new songs
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
Y.O.C. presents you an unreleased track, new original studio song: BORN TO A NEW DAY OF REALITY - acoustic and midi-drums version, all versions are available on our web-site for free listening.

AFM Records / HERMAN FRANK to release new album 'The Devil Rides Out' in November
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
HERMAN FRANK is a German Metal legend. A guitarist and songwriter supreme, Frank was a member of both Accept and Victory. He also founded his own band Moon Doc (which released three albums in the 90's and early 2000's). In 2009, his first solo album Loyal To None was released, followed by Right In The Guts three years later. After re-issues of both Loyal To None and Right In The Guts by their new label AFM Records, HERMAN FRANK and his band are back with a brand new offering now! Titled The Devil Rides Out, this crushing piece of German Metal will make fans cry out in joy. It combines Frank's masterful guitar work with the raspy vocals of Swedish powerhouse Rick Altzi (Masterplan, At Vance), the powerful drumming of Andre Hilgers (ex-Rage) and the talent of Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) on bass.

The Devil Rides Out is a stunning piece of work, produced by Herman Frank and mixed by Charly Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, HammerFall, Helloween). It's a must have for the collection of every Accept- and Victory fan especially, but will amaze metalheads far beyond that.

The Devil Rides Out will be released on November 18th, available as CD, ltd. Digipak (incl. bonus track). ltd. silver Vinyl and ltd. Box Set.

Century Media / Dark Tranquillity announce 'Atoma' tracklist and album formats
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
On November 4th, 2016, DARK TRANQUILLITY will release their 11th album Atoma worldwide through Century Media Records and start their North American headline tour.
br /> Fans needing a first taste of the album can hear the new track, The Pitiless this coming Friday, over at Music Choice (USA) or pre-order the digital album via Apple Music, Amazon or Google Play. To keep the excitement going, DARK TRANQUILLITY will premiere a video for The Pitiless (filmed during their stay at the German Turock Open Air Festival in Essen), on Monday September 26th, over at the Century Media YouTube channel.
    Here is the complete tracklisting of Atoma:
    1. Encircled
    2. Atoma
    3. Forward Momentum
    4. Neutrality
    5. Force of Hand
    6. Faithless by Default
    7. The Pitiless
    8. Our Proof of Life
    9. Clearing Skies
    10. When the World Screams
    11. Merciless Fate
    12. Caves and Embers
    A limited edition double CD will be available as a digipak in North America and as a Mediabook in Europe. The bonus disc features the songs The Absolute, Time Out of Place that showcase a very different side of the band. Recorded and mixed by Anders Lagerfors at Nacksving studios, these tracks are among the darkest and most brooding ever from the band-but their experimental nature make them far removed from the usual metal territory.

    The band explains, "A lot of our songs start out as pieces of music written on piano/keyboards before getting transformed into guitar driven Metal. With this recording, we wanted to explore what would happen if we instead let the material take another direction, and we're extremely thrilled by the result."

    These songs will exclusively be available on the physical deluxe edition of Atoma and won't appear on the digital edition of the album. A vinyl 7" is planned for early 2017.
      The gatefold vinyl LP will contain the 12 track CD and is available in different vinyl colors:
    • Black vinyl: worldwide
    • Blue vinyl: limited to 400 copies exclusive through Bengans in Sweden
    • Dark Green: limited to 200 copies exclusive through CDon in Scandinavia
    • Clear vinyl: limited to 400 copies in North America
    • Transparent Blue vinyl: limited to 300 copies exclusive through in North America
    • Transparent Red vinyl: limited to 200 copies exclusive available through in Europe
      Special pre-order bundles will be announced soon!
    Atoma was recorded at Rogue Music in Gothenburg, the studio owned by Dark Tranquillity keyboardist Martin Brändström. Mixing duties were handled by David Castillo, known for his work with bands such as Katatonia, Opeth, Candlemass. The striking cover artwork was once again created by the band's guitarist Niklas Sundin.
      US headlining tour dates with Swallow The Sun, Enforcer, Starkill:
    • 11.04.2016 The Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
    • 11.05.2016 Palladium Upstairs, Worcester, MA
    • 11.06.2016 Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA
    • 11.07.2016 The Filmore, Silver Spring, MD
    • 11.08.2016 Upstate Concert Hall, Clifton Park, NY
    • 11.09.2016 Foufonues Electriques, Montreal, Canada
    • 11.10.2016 Le Cercle, Quebec, Canada
    • 11.11.2016 Mavericks, Ottawa, Canada
    • 11.12.2016 The Opera House, Toronto, Canada
    • 11.13.2016 Token Lounge, Westland, MI
    • 11.14.2016 The Altar Bar, Pittsburgh, PA
    • 11.15.2016 The Agora Theatre & Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
    • 11.16.2016 Park Street Saloon, Columbus, OH
    • 11.19.2016 Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN
    • 11.20.2016 Fubar, Saint Louis, MO
    • 11.22.2016 Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO
    • 11.25.2016 Rickshaw Theatre, North Vancouver, Canada
    • 11.26.2016 El Corazon, Seattle, WA
    • 11.27.2016 Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, OR
    • 11.28.2016 PBJ's, Reno, NV
    • 11.29.2016 Slim's, San Francisco, CA
    • 11.30.2016 City National Grove, Anaheim, CA
    • 12.01.2016 Brick By Brick, San Diego, CA
    • 12.02.2016 LVCS, Las Vegas, NV
    • 12.03.2016 Club Red, Mesa, AZ
    • 12.05.2016 Trees, Dallas, TX
    • 12.06.2016 Cine El Rey, Mcallen, TX
    • 12.07.2016 Scout Bar, Houston, TX

Frontiers Music / Hevidence - Nobody’s Fault
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl announces the release of Hevidence's debut album, Nobody's Fault on December 2, 2016.

Hevidence is the brainchild of Italian guitar player Diego Reali, founding member of Italian Prog Metal masters DGM. After he left the band in 2006, he started dabbling in some different musical styles, but his heart called for him to get back to Metal! Thus Hevidence were born and Diego joined up with DGM bass player Andrea Arcangeli, singer Corrado Quoiani and drummer Emiliano Bonini.

"This band is highly inspired by the classic Hard and Heavy sounds from the '70s and '80s, that's why we worked hard to make this album sound the most vintage that was possible", tells Diego. "We are convinced that a huge dose of improvisation during the recording sessions is needed for the success of an original product. Everyone of us has many different musical influences and they came out in a very spontaneous way within the song writing process, we just believe in the word 'ROCK'!!!"

Hevidence offer a mature and personal vision of Hard Rock and Metal with a style reminiscent of the classic official Yngwie Malmsteen albums mixed with Power Metal and Melodic Hard Rock influences (think early Europe).

The band will be launching the album with a special 'Release Party' show in Roma at the JAILBREAK LiveClub on December 1st.
    Nobody’s Fault tracklisting includes:
  1. Dig In The Night
  2. Nobody' Fault
  3. Miracle
  4. So Unkind
  5. Ave Maria
  6. Overdrive
  7. I Want More
  8. Out Of This Time
  9. Pack Your Bags
  10. All I Ever Needed
  11. Note
Frontiers Music / Eternal Idol - The Unrevealed Secret
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ETERNAL IDOL's debut album, entitled The Unrevealed Secret, on December 2nd.

Eternal Idol is a new band formed in early 2016 and that marks the start of a new musical adventure for Rhapsody Of Fire, Angra singer Fabio Lione, together with the experienced Italian guitar player Nick Savio (ex HOLLOW HAZE) and a line-up completed by the young vocal rising star Giorgia Colleluori, Camillo Colleluori (both also from Hollow Haze) on drums and Andrea Buratto (Secret Sphere, Hell in the Club) on bass.

While all the musicians have solid pedigrees and musical history behind them, ETERNAL IDOL have a brand new and original sound which will certainly catch many fans by surprise. Fabio Lione says, "After all the experiences with bands such as KAMELOT, Rhapsody of Fire, Angra and many more, I think it is time to show the world a new side of myself with this amazing new band. Musically, ETERNAL IDOL offer an intriguing mix of classic metal, symphonic rock and a few progressive twists which is truly unique, thanks to the combination of female and male vocals."

Fabio took care of most of the lyrics and vocal melodies, along with three gorgeous tracks he wrote, while Nick Savio worked hard on songwriting and arrangements. "The Unrevealed Secret is the album where all our ideas came to the light", says the axeman from Vicenza. "Heavy classic rock with symphonic elements and the magic atmosphere of two lead vocals, male and female, create a contrast between good and bad as the main subject, as it is possible to see on the impressive and mysterious cover artwork."

The album was recorded in the summer of 2016, produced by Nick Savio and mixed by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Sunstorm) and promises to be one of the melodic Metal releases of the year. Fans of Kamelot, Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall, MasterPlan, Avantasia should pay attention. "There is a story to be told with this album, and the secret will be revealed on the next Eternal Idol releases, so please take your time to listen this first chapter and enjoy... A new story has begun," Nick concludes.
    The Unrevealed Secret tracklisting is:
  1. Evil Tears
  2. Another Night Comes
  3. Awake in Orion
  4. Is the Answer Far from God?
  5. Blinded
  6. Sad Words Unveiled
  7. Desidia
  8. Hall of Sins
  9. Feels Like I'm Dying
  10. A song in the wind
  11. Stormy Days
  12. Beyond
Frontiers Music / Dario Mollo’s CrossBones - Rock the Cradle
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Dario Mollo's CROSSBONES new album, Rock the Cradle on December 2nd.

Best known for his partnerships in the The Cage with Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath) and Voodoo Hill with Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion, Deep Purple, California Breed), Italian guitarist Dario Mollo began his career in 1981 with the band CROSSBONES. With them, he released his first studio album in 1989, which was produced by Kit Woolven (Thin Lizzy, MAGNUM, UFO, among others) before getting involved in the production side of things himself.

For this new CROSSBONES album, the Italian axeman brought back original drummer, Ezio Secomandi with the line-up completed by his regular collaborator Dario Patti on bass and keyboards. The choice for the singer was Carl Sentance (Nazareth, Don Airey Band, Persian Risk, KROKUS), who came at the suggestion of Don Airey of Deep Purple, during a recent visit to Dario's home.

"I think this record has a strong identity and character", tells Dario. "It is a mature production and the songs range on many styles of Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal, but every song has a catchy chorus. I also think this album shows how much I liked working with Carl. He is easily one of the best singers I have ever worked with. I am certain our cooperation will not end with this CD!" concludes Dario. The quality of the material presented here is witness to that statement.
    Rock the Cradle tracklisting:
  1. Red
  2. Take Me High
  3. Navigation
  4. Rock The Cradle
  5. Gates Of Time
  6. I Got This Feeling
  7. In My Blood
  8. Running From The Shadow
  9. Speed
  10. Fright
Nuclear Blast / OPETH release new song 'The Wilde Flowers'
Posted by: Denis / 22.09.2016
Sweden's musical alchemists, OPETH, have premiered a new song called The Wilde Flowers. The track is featured on the band's highly anticipated, 12th studio album, Sorceress, which is scheduled for release on September 30th via the band's imprint label Moderbolaget Records with Nuclear Blast.

Speaking with Metal Hammer, vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt says, "This was the first song I wrote for this album. It's kind of an OPETH standard, in a way, like from the last two albums. It's very dynamic. It has a chorus, I guess. Then there's a big QUEEN-sounding bit in the middle just before this massive solo... oh, and harps! They're hidden in the mix but they're there. The title comes from the band CARAVAN – they were originally called Wilde Flowers. I always liked those weird spellings."

Punishment 18 Records / Adversor cover artwork for 'Rise To Survive' revealed
Posted by: Denis / 21.09.2016
Italian thrashers Adversor have posted on-line the cover artwork of their debut album titled Rise To Survive. The new effort in studio will be released by Punishment 18 Records later this year.
Punishment 18 Records / Mindwars European tour dates
Posted by: Denis / 21.09.2016
Thrashers Mindwars has revealed the European tour dates in promotional supporting their new studio full-length titled Sworn to Secrecy. The album was released last April 26th by Italian label Punishment 18 Records.
Debackliner sign with Pitch Black Records
Posted by: Denis / 21.09.2016
Pitch Black Records is pleased to welcome DEBACKLINER into its artist roster and announce the band's self-titled debut, out on October 21st!

Heavy Metal outfit DEBACKLINER from Marseille, France, were originally formed in 2006 as The Omega and quickly got to work gradually developing and perfecting their style. About five years later and after numerous live appearances, including an opening slot for BLAZE BAYLEY, their unique style had reached perfection. The band's name also changed to DEBACKLINER.

DEBACKLINER's truly authentic style combines melodic Heavy Metal with some occasional Death growls, some speed outbursts and even a sprinkle of some 'pirate Metal' as well as a touch of symphonic/operatic parts. Pure energy is just flowing out of DEBACKLINER, a result of a superb blend of old school Metal with a powerful modern sound. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Freaky Dog Studio in their hometown, this is a debut album that simply sounds mind-blowingly glorious!
  • Bob Saliba: Vocals
  • Thomas Pognante: Bass
  • Rémi Caleca: Guitars
  • Serge Servise: Drums
  • Eric Luvera: Rhythm Guitars
    Album tracklisting:
  1. Pandora
  2. Rise of Angel
  3. Children of the Night
  4. Werewolf
  5. Erase the Hordes
  6. Mr. Jack
  7. The Omega
  8. Jolly Roger
  9. Circle
Nuclear Blast / EPICA announce 'The Nordic And Russian Principle Tour'
Posted by: Denis / 21.09.2016
Dutch symphonic Metal band EPICA have announced their return to Russia and the Nordic countries early next year in support of their upcoming album The Holographic Principle. It will mark the band's first ever club show in Denmark and the band's first performance in Norway in 7 years!

The band's guitarist Mark Jansen is excited about the tour and commented: "We hope to welcome all of our Scandinavian and Russian fans to the upcoming 'Nordic And Russian Principle Tour'! It's good to be back! Let's heat up the cold February nights with you guys and the band being on fire!"

Icelandic metallers SKÁLMÖLD will be supporting the band on this part of the tour.
    Tour dates
  • 2017-01-12 Wiesbaden (Schlachthof) DE
  • 2017-01-13 Köln (Palladium) DE
  • 2017-01-14 Ludwigsburg (MHP Arena) DE
  • 2017-01-16 Geneve (Salle Des Fetes De Thonex) CH
  • 2017-01-17 Zürich (Volkshaus) CH
  • 2017-01-18 Milan (Live Club) IT
  • 2017-01-20 München (Tonhalle) DE
  • 2017-01-21 Wien (Gasometer) AT
  • 2017-01-22 Budapest (Barba Negra) HU
  • 2017-01-24 Warsaw (Progresja) PL
  • 2017-01-25 Berlin (Huxley's) DE
  • 2017-01-27 Oberhausen (Turbinenhalle) DE
  • 2017-01-28 Prague (Forum Karlin) CZ
  • 2017-01-29 Hannover (Capitol) DE
  • 2017-01-31 Hamburg (Mehr! Theater) DE
  • 2017-02-01 Brussels (Ancienne Belgique) BE
  • 2017-02-03 London (o2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire) GB
  • 2017-02-04 Paris (Zenith) FR
  • 2017-02-24 Moscow (Bud Arena) RU
  • 2017-02-25 Ekaterinburg (Tele Club) RU
  • 2017-02-26 St. Petersburg (Aurora) RU
  • 2017-02-28 Helsinki (Tavastia) FI
  • 2017-03-01 Stockholm (Debaser Strand) SE
  • 2017-03-03 Copenhagen (Amager Bio) DK
  • 2017-03-04 Oslo (Vulkan Arena) NO
  • 2017-03-05 Malmö (KB) SE
  • 2017-08-09 Villena (Leyendas Del Rock) ES

GlobMetal Promotions / Radtskaffen released new EP
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2016
Danish Groove/Thrash Metal band Radtskaffen released their debut EP Worldwide Anarchy. The EP was fully recorded and produced by Ben Radtleff.

The band was formed at Jaegerspris in 2014. Radtskaffen current line up is Ben Radtleff (Guitars, Vocals), Bjørn Hjortgaard (Bass) and Christian Maj Albrektsen (Drums).
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2016
With origins dating back to early- to mid-'80s acts Deus Vult and Divine Right, New Orleans, LA's THEE FINAL CHAPTRE got its start around 1989, when guitarist Gary Wilson was driven to put together a new, more intense and resolute group of musicians. The band laid its foundation performing a mix of covers and originals around area bars, eventually solidifying its lineup with David Osbourn on drums, Paul Starnes handling bass duties, and frontman Andrew 'Tripp' Whittington.

Drawing influences from an assortment of Hard Rock and Metal UFO, Kiss, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Exodus, etc. as well as their Christian Metal predecessors such as Stryper, Deliverance, Tourniquet; THEE FINAL CHAPTRE forged an explosively diverse sound centered around hard-charging guitar riffs, a locked-in rhythm section, and Whittington's soaring vocal prowess. This ultimately landed the group a deal with WEI Records for the release of their lone six-song album, It Is Written, in 1991.

However despite capturing the interest of Polygram subsidiary Jaguar Records due to limited touring opportunities, managerial mishaps, burgeoning creative differences, and the changing landscape of the Metal scene, THEE FINAL CHAPTRE had fallen apart before the end of 1992... thus unable to capitalize on the true potential of their songwriting firepower.

But now, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original cassette release through WEI, Divebomb Records is proud to announce for the first time ever on CD this expanded edition of THEE FINAL CHAPTRE's It Is Written. Sourced directly from the DAT master, the album has been digitally remastered alongside nine previously unreleased live bonus tracks; packaged with updated cover art by Steven Cobb, archival photographs straight from the band, and an all-new interview with founder Gary Wilson conducted by Olaf Becker. For the fans, by the fans!

  1. Day After Day
  2. The Key
  3. The Hallowed Hymn
  4. Come As You Are
  5. All For One
  6. Don’t Let It Run You Down (Thunder Trilogy, Part I)
  7. Just A Memory (Demo)
  8. Blood In The Sand (Live)
  9. Insane (Live)
  10. Wisdom’s Call (Live)
  11. Whisper To Scream (Live)
  12. Edge Of Sadness (Live)
  13. Just A Memory (Live)
  14. Bullet In The Chamber (Live)
  15. Armageddon (Live)
  16. Black Rain (Live)
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2016
When your music is described as 'more intense than a pitbull on crack', you know you're doing something right. Although Green Bay's legendary ANTAGONIST has not performed in over 20 years, their diabolical, full-throttle assault continues to gain popularity with Heavy Metal fans worldwide. For many years, a single used copy of their much sought-after six track EP has routinely sold for over $100, and in this age of downloading, that's no small sign of respect or credibility.

Suspiciously little is known about ANTAGONIST. Since their disappearance in the mid-'90s, there have been no signs of life nor any internet presence. It would seem as though ANTAGONIST always knew to leave the world wanting more. Some people claim they still gig on the weekends... in Hell.

ANTAGONIST formed in 1993 as a direct consequence against their weaker, trend-driven surroundings. When the band entered Simple Studio in October 1993 to record their debut (and only) release, no one would have foreseen the impact it would have for years to come. Expertly produced and engineered by the band's lead architect, Todd Tousey, and digital wizard, Eric James, the material is more relevant to the Metal scene of 2016 than it was upon its release in January 1994. Walking a perfect line between melodic Death Metal and chaotic Thrash, the material infuses hectic speeds with interesting melodies and a tactful sense of musical muscle—dark and aggressive, yet loaded with energy. Combining elements of traditional Metal with the intensity of Extreme Metal, the band has referred to their music as 'Heavy Black Thrash'.

Now, more than two decades later, Divebomb Records is proud to bring new life to ANTAGONIST's scorching debut with Damned And Cursed... To Life On Earth; including lyrics, archival photographs, an all-new retrospective band interview, plus a full live set recorded in 1993 all fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios. Or, to be more accurate, in the words of ANTAGONIST's Todd Tousey himself, "This is neither a reissue nor remaster, as it was never mastered the first time. This is the first official release actually; it only took Divebomb Records 22 years to make it happen."

  1. Black Sands Of Time
  2. Dead Priest
  3. Lies After Death
  4. Good Day To Die
  5. Live In Fear
  6. Cracking Skulls
  7. Dead Priest (Live)
  8. Mad As Hell (Live)
  9. Lies After Death (Live)
  10. Good Day To Die (Live)
  11. Live In Fear (Live)
  12. Hell Awaits (Live)
  13. Balls To The Wall (Live)
  14. Leather Rebel (Live at Soundcheck)
  15. Black Sands Of Time (Demo)
  16. Dead Priest (Demo)
High Roller Records / HIGH SPIRITS - Motivator
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2016
13 years of High Roller Records. What better way to celebrate than with a brand new studio album by the most promising heavy metal band of the current decade? Motivator by High Spirits is going to be catalogue number 500 on High Roller Records!

Following their self-titled debut album and follow-up Another Night High Spirits have already put their 'difficult third album' behind them. You Are Here has been widely regarded as the band's most accomplished work to date. So after four albums are High Spirits a 'mature' band now? Chris 'The Professor' Black reflects: "We're all in our 30s, so I'd say that's very mature indeed to be having these kind of rock and roll dreams, ha, ha, ha! Some might say that's too old! But that doesn't matter at all, because what we do is for all ages. By the way, I think most people will count Another Night as the debut album, whereas the self-titled was actually a demos collection."

After three albums, or two according to Chris' way of counting, it surely must have been extremely difficult to keep that 'naivety' of the early days? "Definitely, and it's not something you can fake", he remarks. "Another Night was a bit of a surprise, and that goes for me too! I put way too much pressure on myself for You Are Here, but I couldn't help it. There were other aggravating factors besides the pressure. Some were under my control and some were not. For example it was recorded during the harshest winter in Chicago in 40 years. I had a blanket over my legs while playing the guitar tracks. But the pressure to follow Another Night was immense, yes. By comparison, You Are Here felt very easy to follow."

According to main man Chris 'The Professor' Black the motivation behind Motivator was a different one this time around: "The challenge was to not work too fast, because believe me, the inspiration hit me hard! It was only a few months after I had finished You Are Here that I had a complete vision for the music, lyrics, title, and album cover, for Motivator, and it was very hard to be patient and let things breathe. I was so excited about the new songs that I almost released a demo in the summer of 2014."

One of the catchiest songs on the new album, This Is The Night, might sound familiar to die-hard fans of the band. It has been a constant in the live set since May 2014 and also appeared on the 'Official Bootleg'. The rest of the nine songs, including the intro Up And Overture, is brand new though. Songs like the memorable Reach For The Glory or the upbeat Do You Wanna Be Famous carry on where You Are Here has left off. Haunted By Love may sound like a ballad, but it's surely been done the way it has to be done: the High Spirits way. The mentioned Reach For The Glory turns out to be one of the more melodic and accessible tunes on the new album. A sure winner without the shadow of a doubt... "Someone told me it sounds 'athletic'", reveals Chris. "I like that! This one went through a lot of revisions, there's kind of a lot going on so it's a 'maybe' for the live set." Another sure highlight of Motivator is a little number entitled Do you Wanna Be Famous. Are the lyrics of the song open to interpretation at all? I could well imagine that it refers to a certain kind of band (no names mentioned) playing music just for the sake of becoming famous, and not for the art itself. So the total opposite of High Spirits, actually... "It might be hard to explain", states 'The Professor', "but I think this song asks the question: how big is your ambition? Once you've had some success, once you've reached an initial goal, where do you go from there? How big do you dare to dream, versus being satisfied with what you've already accomplished? These are questions that any band will ask themselves and I'm sure it can apply to many other situations." The last song on Motivator is called Thank You. The obvious question is: Who is this number called Thank You dedicated to? "Surely you are included Matthias", jokes Chris. "Actually, I thought about making a list for the liner notes this time! Thank You is dedicated to... and then a huge long list but of course the fear is that you forget someone very important and I can't take that chance. We have encountered so many outstanding people who have given us such great memories during our short time as a band, it's really overwhelming to think about it all. That's why I made the song! It was actually written and partially recorded for You Are Here, but it didn't fit the mood. But it's the perfect ending to Motivator, and we're looking forward to doing it live!"

Talking of playing live, High Spirits are one of the very few American bands to have appeared at the legendary Brofest in Newcastle. So how was it like playing amongst all those semi-legendary N.W.O.B.H.M. bands? "It was great", beams Chris. "And a bit chilling to see our logo on the poster with so many legendary acts. I saw lots of great bands that weekend. The venue and organization were also excellent. We will play at Brofest again, next time with the full five-piece band."
Nuclear Blast / TWILIGHT FORCE - The Lore Of Blackwald
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2016
TWILIGHT FORCE's label debut called Heroes Of Mighty Magic, was released last month via Nuclear Blast. After several lore clips during the last weeks, the sixth and final video of the band's character series has been revealed now. Learn more about Blackwald here.

VARG MEDIA GROUP / TomCat released new album
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
Russian Heavy Metal band TomCat released new album Spokoinoi nochi Moskvichi (Good night Moscow). The album was recorded in VARLAMOV Studio and Astalavista Records by Sergei Varlamov and Michail Suhorukov.

TomCat was formed at 1992 in Moscow by Andrei Salichev. The band released 11 albums and played more then 500 gigs all over Russia.
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
This September sees the start of Myrath's first ever headlining tour throughout Europe. Kicking off in Munich, Germany on September 25th, the 'Legacy Tour 2016' will take the Tunisian Metal band from Germany to the Netherlands, from France to Bulgaria and Romania.

Having already supported bands such as Symphony X, HIM, W.A.S.P., it is about time for Myrath to introduce their unique and effortless fusion of bombastic Progressive Metal and traditional oriental tunes on their own headlining shows. The band is celebrating their upcoming live dates by premiering the lyric video for their song Endure The Silence taken from their recent studio album Legacy. Once again, Myrath surprise with a powerful, one of a kind video that sets the bar in regards to storytelling, quality and – of course – musically. The video definitely fuels the excitement for Myrath's energetic live performance and strengthens Myrath's position as one of the biggest Metal revelations.
    LEGACY TOUR 2016
  • 10.09. – Raismefest, Raismes (FR)
  • 24.09. – Eleven Rock Prog, Solothurn (CH)
  • 25.09. – Backstage Club, Munich (GER)
  • 26.09. – Nachtleben, Frankfurt (GER)
  • 27.09. – Underground, Ehrenfeld (GER)
  • 28.09. – Rockpalast, Bochum (GER)
  • 29.09. – Headcrash, Hamburg (GER)
  • 01.10. – Epic Metal Fest – with Epica, Tilburg (NL)
  • 08.10. – Loud Park Festival, Saitama (JP)
  • 11.11. – Brainstorm Festival, Apeldoorn (NL)
  • 12.11. – Patronaat, Harleem (NL)
  • 16.11. – MJC Ô Totem, Lyon (FR)
  • 17.11. – Le Metronum, Toulouse (FR)
  • 18.11. – Café Charbon, Nevers (FR)
  • 19.11. – Le Forum, Vauréal (FR)
  • 25.11. – Joy Station, Sofia (BG)
  • 27.11. – Timisoara (RO)
  • 01.12. – Quantic Club, Bucharest (RO)

Inner Wound Recordings / Dark Sarah 'The Puzzle' details revealed
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
The cinematic Metal band DARK SARAH will release their new album The Puzzle on November 18th in Europe and North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

The new album The Puzzle is a concept album and it continues the story from Behind The Black Veil. The Puzzle tells a story of Dark Sarah who has been send to an island where the banished souls live. To get off the island she needs to solve the puzzle and find three keys.

Dark Sarah's music combines Metal, film music and theatrical elements. On The Puzzle album Dark Sarah's thoughts are best depicted in the dialogues (duets) with the guests: FATE: Manuela Kraller (ex. Xandria), EVIL SIREN MERMAID: Charlotte Wessels (Delain) and DRAGON: JP Leppaluoto (Charon, Northern Kings).
    The Puzzle track listing
  1. Breath
  2. Island In The Mist
  3. Little Men
  4. Ash Grove
  5. For The Birds
  6. Deep And Deeper
  7. Dance With The Dragon (feat. JP Leppaluoto)
  8. Cliffhanger
  9. Aquarium (feat. Charlotte Wessels)
  10. Rain (feat. Manuela Kraller)
Napalm Records / CIVIL WAR reveal new album details
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
Fear an eruption of Sweden's landmass! Fear the fire, creaking steel and scattered mud!

Civil War are back and shooting martial anthems into the darkened sky. On November 4th the proud Heavy Metal-hitmakers are releasing their third epos The Last Full Measure. The quintet with former Sabaton-members present twin guitars, keyboard-fanfares and doublebass-marches. Full of honor they are flying the flag as high as possible. Astral Doors-singer Nils Patrik Johansson proves that his powerful voice was marked by destiny. It offers guts for more. It's the call of duty. "Heaven can wait 'cause we have so many more battles to win", shouts the opening track Road To Victory. Their debut album The Killer Angels was purified with gold already - their triumph is inevitable. If you hear the bloodcurdling barking of the dogs from Civil War you will pray that you are not standing on the other side of the battlefield.

Comment of Nils Patrik Johannson: "After The Killer Angels and Gods & Generals, we are extremely proud and can't wait to share the last part of the trilogy! This is our best work so far, at least this is what we think, but I'm sure you won't be disappointed!"

The Last Full Measure will be released worldwide on November 4th 2016.
  1. Road To Victory
  2. Deliverance
  3. Savannah
  4. Tombstone
  5. America
  6. A Tale That Never Should Be Told
  7. Gangs Of New York
  8. Gladiator
  9. People Of The Abyss
  10. The Last Full Measure
  11. Strike Hard Strike Sure (Bonus Track)
  12. Aftermath (Bonus Track)

Nuclear Blast / IN FLAMES announce new drummer
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
After the departure of their longtime friend and drummer Daniel Svensson, the Swedish heavy music institution IN FLAMES was looking for a new rhythm master - now their search is finally over and the new fifth member of the band is... Joe Rickard!

Meet Joe in this newest webisode, where he speaks about his first meeting with IN FLAMES and gives a little guided tour through the studio where Battles was recorded.

"As you know — our longtime drummer, friend, and brother that is the almighty Daniel Svensson has left IN FLAMES to pursue other dreams. He is still with us in spirit when we write our music, in our lives, and someone whom we will cherish forever. We are truly grateful for the nearly 20 years that Daniel devoted to IN FLAMES", the band states. "Because of each other, we've grown exponentially as musicians and brothers. Our 12th studio album is the first we will release without Daniel since 1998, so entering the studio this time around was a bittersweet moment. At the time, we didn't know who could even replace him, and making new music without him felt strange. We were missing a piece of IN FLAMES."

But, of course, the show must go on and now the band is back with a new man behind the drumkit, who first joined the band while they recorded their upcoming album Battles: "From February to April of 2016 we recorded our newest album, Battles with legendary producer, Howard Benson. Howard and his team pushed our boundaries and kept our energy high every day while navigating us through a new process. Suddenly, we felt at home. Howard introduced us to one of his trusted and so talented studio drummers, Joe Rickard. Joe had formerly been a member of Grammy nominated RED, toured with numerous bands such as Islander and RED, and has played drums on many successful albums for artists such as RED, Vamps, Starset, Brian 'Head' Welch and our very own Battles. Joe had such natural talent behind the kit; it seemed effortless. Once we witnessed him laying down drums to our own songs with parts we couldn't have imagined better ourselves — we knew we had to have him join IN FLAMES. During nearly two months recording in Los Angeles with Howard Benson, Joe quickly became not only a musician that we highly respected, but also a friend. We are proud and excited to finally announce that Joe Rickard will be taking over the drums for In Flames. We feel by adding such a talented and pure musician to our band and brotherhood that we are doing Daniel a great justice in ensuring his hard work and talent will continue on. Daniel, thank you for your incredible talent and time dedicated to this band and family that is In Flames. We are so honored to have had the privilege of playing music with you all of these years and we couldn't have achieved so much without you.
Jesterheads, please welcome JOE RICKARD to IN FLAMES and make him feel welcome! We will see you all out on the road very soon."

Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
Melodic metallers Temperance have released the video of their new single Unspoken Words, taken from their brand new album The Earth Embraces Us All out on Scarlet Records.

This is how bassist Luca Negro commented: "This is probably the most representative song of our new album, with plenty of melodies and great instrumental parts, including unusual sounds such as those of the Scottish bagpipes. Close your eyes and listen to Marco and Chiara's astonishing duet: you will feel the Northern winds on you!"
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
AIRBOURNE have dropped the video for new single Rivalry from the band's forthcoming studio album, Breakin' Outta Hell. The album will be released on September 23.

The Rivalry clip was filmed in the UK and Ireland by Dark Fable Media and contrasts the spectacle of the Airbourne live setup with an underground tale of one-on-one conflict.

"The lyric probably came from us watching Football Factory or The Firm, one of those kind of films", explains frontman Joel O'Keeffe. "And I think at the time there was a big Grand Prix race on, lots of intense rivalries being reported in the media. Plus, as with other songs we've done, there's an aspect here of rock 'n' roll taking a stand against those corporate forces that seek to restrict our freedoms, that try to shut down the little live venues, leaving bands with nowhere to really hone their craft..."

Musically, Rivalry represents something of a different groove for Airbourne. It's a barrel-chested stomper shot through with typical bite and power, as is the whole of Breakin' Outta Hell (the album). It boasts 11 brand new numbers produced by Bob Marlette and engineered/mixed by Mike Fraser.
Stormspell Records / BLAZON STONE news
Posted by: Denis / 19.09.2016
The cover art for the upcoming BLAZON STONE's 3rd album, entitled War of the Roses unveiled. Painted by Yannick Bouchard in the best Andreas Marschall traditions. To be released fall 2016.

And a song Voici La Grande Peur to give you an idea of what to expect, and introduce the amazing voice of Erik Forsberg!

AFM Records / Kryptos
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
Want some Old school Heavy/Thrash Metal from India? Kryptos' new single One Shot To Kill is out now! Taken from Burn Up The Night (out on September 23rd EU/September 30th USA).

Frontiers Music / Anette Olzon / Jani Liimatainen together for a new studio album
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is very pleased to announce the launch of a new musical partnership between singer Anette Olzon and producer/songwriter/guitar player Jani Liimatainen for a new studio album, which will see release on the label in 2017.

Anette is mostly known for being the immaculate voice on hit albums from Nightwish such as Dark Passion Play and Imaginareum. Jani has recently been busy in Cain's Offering alongside Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto, but left a deep mark on the minds of all Power Metal fans thanks to his time in Sonata Arctica. They are now working together on a record which promises to be a huge statement in the European Metal scene for years to come!

Jani says, "I have always been a big fan of Anette's voice and when the opportunity to work with her arose, writing and producing an album, it was something I just couldn't say no to! It has been a blast working on the songs already and I can't wait for the final result, this will be epic! The songs will be extremely melodic and to the point. My goal has been to write catchy songs with hooks that will haunt your dreams, and I think it's pretty much 'mission accomplished'. Stay tuned for something special!"

Anette adds, "I am so looking forward to sing on an album with Jani and to finally work with Frontiers. I believe it will be a perfect match and I am really happy that Jani and Frontiers asked me to do this with them!"

Frontiers President Serafino Perugino concludes, "I originally envisioned the musical alliance between those two musical giants and the fact that they liked the concept proposed makes me incredibly proud! Working with two high class musicians like Jani and Anette is a true honor and we will do our complete best to please them and to release a record which will make all the Melodic and Power Metal fans very happy!"

Frontiers looks forward to releasing this record in mid to late 2017!
Frontiers Music / Stephen Pearcy his fourth original solo album Smash
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is thrilled to announce the signing of STEPHEN PEARCY for the release of his fourth original solo album, Smash.

Stephen Pearcy, best known as the original vocalist and founding member of the platinum Rock band RATT, has been working hard to complete his highly anticipated new album, while at the same time keeping busy performing shows across the U.S. "I am very happy with the new music and the diversity of the songs. It's taken some time. I'm sure all the fans will be excited too. Also, to be involved with the Frontiers Music Srl family is way cool", says Stephen about the new songs which are coming to life now.

The good news is that the first taste of new music has been already made available! Check out I Can't Take It.

Smash will be mixed and mastered by none other than the legendary Beau Hill, the producer of RATT's first four albums, among many other hit records. Stephen will be supporting Smash with live dates in the U.S. and internationally.

With over 15 million records and gold and platinum long form videos sold in the U.S. alone with RATT, touring the world with over 20 albums to his credit with other ventures, solo projects, compilations, best of records, and other bands he created, there is no slowing Pearcy down.

Pearcy is an accomplished songwriter with credits on all of RATT's records through the years (including Out Of The Cellar, Invasion Of Your Privacy, Dancing Undercover and more). More recently, RATT's last studio album, Infestation was released to a few years ago to rave reviews around the world. Stephen is also a producer, composer, television program creator, art director, marketing director, and owner/product creator of 'Mic Knuckle' (hands free mic holder) and has also been involved in music for ESPN2 NHRA Drag Racing. Additionally, he has been involved in sponsoring several top fuel dragsters and funny cars since the mid 80's-90's thru the 00's.

Smash is planned for release in early 2017.

InsideOut Music / Fates Warning debut video clip for 'Seven Stars'
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
In promotion of their much acclaimed new album Theories Of Flight, U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING are debuting a promotional video for the song Seven Stars, which was directed by David Brodsky for MyGoodEye.

FATES WARNING vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the following comment about the video: "We are happy to debut the new video for Seven Stars from our latest album Theories Of Flight. This song is very special to me. The lyrics for this song were the first that I had written for the new album. I knew that my life was changing, I had met my lovely (now) wife who lived in Madrid, Spain and she was the inspiration for this song. I knew that I would be moving to Madrid soon, so the lyrics tended to come very organically. That theme would develop more as the writing progressed. Stories of change and moving on. Living life really. I found the flag of Madrid quite interesting. Seven white stars surrounded by red... Hence the inspiration for the title. I figured I would give a little tour of the city in the video since I'm now here. Enjoy!"

Massacre Records / GUN BARREL line-up changes
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
The line-up of GUN BARREL underwent a few changes recently. Following the departure of vocalist Patrick Sühl last month, Thomale Nathan stepped into his shoes.

Now the dirty Metal Rock 'n' Roll outfit has welcomed another new band member: Guitarist Heiwi Esser!

The band stated: "Heiwi 'Doc' Esser has joined our ranks on guitar! The composer and guitarist of Substyle, Shanai and Nathan/Esser will add yet another facet to Gun Barrel! His classic rock attitude matches us perfectly! Heiwi is an experienced musician and producer both in the studio and on stages worldwide, having supported bands like Slayer, Motörhead or In Extremo in the past."

NoiseArt Records / SUICIDAL ANGELS animated video clip of 'Image Of The Serpent'
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
The new album of Greek Thrash Metal tank SUICIDAL ANGELS, Division Of Blood, was released on May 27th via NoiseArt Records. Now, the band presents the official video clip of the track Image Of The Serpent.
br /> The clip was created by students at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia as part of the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program. Directors: Brandon Chung & Aonghas Shearer-Boyd. Animators: Veronika Aifeld, Laura Battista, Constance Boyce, Sean Carter, Kangsun Cho, Brandon Chung, Bonita Colles, Toby Garrow, Skye Henwood, Dylan Langmaid, Saskia Milledge, Thomas Murray, Madison Palmieri, Jaidon Powell, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd. Producers Aaron McLoughlin & Simon Norton spent around 3000 working hours with their team to create the Video.

The band states: "What an honor it is, when a piece of your music becomes the project of work from some students, obviously really talented, in the other side of the world! An absolutely killer animated video for the song Image of the Serpent, from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia which gives another view and different approach to the world of animation. Thank you very much guys, best of success to anything you do in the future!"
    Don't miss SUICIDAL ANGELS on tour:
    DIVISION OF BLOOD - WORLD TOUR: Suicidal Angels, Skull Fist, Evil Invaders, Crisix
  • 29/09/2016 - NL - Enschede - Atak
  • 30/09/2016 – GER – Essen - Turock
  • 1/10/2016 - NL - Leeuwarden - Neushoorn
  • 2/10/2016 - UK – London - Underworld
  • 3/10/2016 - GER - Osnabrueck - Bastard Club
  • 4/10/2016 - GER - Hamburg - Bambi Galore
  • 5/10/2016 - FR - Colmar - Le Grillen
  • 6/10/2016 - GER - Neunkirchen - Stummsche Reithalle
  • 7/10/2016 - BE - Vosselaar - Biebob
  • 8/10/2016 - FR - Paris - Petit Bain
  • 9/10/2016 - FR - Nantes - Ferrailleur
  • 11/10/2016 - ES - Madrid - Penelope
  • 12/10/2016 - POR - Lisbon - RCA Club
  • 13/10/2016 – ES - Murcia - Garaje
  • 14/10/2016 – ES - Barcelona - Salamandra 1
  • 16/10/2016 - IT- Brescia - Circolo Colony
  • 19/10/2016 – GER - Weinheim - Café Central
  • 20/10/2016 – GER - Nuremberg - Der Cult
  • 21/10/2016 – GER - Munich - Backstage
  • 22/10/2016 – AT - Dornbirn - Schlachthaus
  • 23/10/2016 - CH - Zurich - TBA
  • 24/10/2016 – AT - Vienna - Viper Room
  • 25/10/2016 – CZ - Prague - Modra Vopice
  • 26/10/2016 – HU - Budapest - Barba Negra
  • 27/10/2016 - PL - Warsaw - Hydrozagadka
  • 28/10/2016 - PL - Cracow - Zascianek
  • 29/10/2016 – GER - Leipzig - Hellraiser
  • 30/10/2016 – GER - Berlin - Bin Nuu
  • 31/10/2016 - GER - Cologne – MTC

Nuclear Blast / TANKARD working on new album
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
Legendary German alcohol soaked Thrash Metal act TANKARD are currently working on the follow up to their highly acclaimed 2014 album, R.I.B.. The guys will enter Gernhart Studios in Troisdorf with producer Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, Accuser, Perzonal War, Suidakra, etc.) in January 2017 to kick off the recordings of their 35-year-anniversary album. The currently untitled album is planned for a 2017 release via Nuclear Blast.

SPV / ASSASSIN to present Frank Blackfire (ex Sodom, Kreator) as new guitarist
Posted by: Denis / 16.09.2016
After a 10 year stint with German Thrash Metal legend Assassin, Michael Hoffmann decided to quit the band. His departure showed up on the horizon, as the band worked on the last album Combat Cathedral, were he did hardly contribute. After a long period of thinking and in awareness of the musical direction, Assassin was taking, he made this personal decision. A replacement had to be found quick, as the band is preparing to hit the stages, from mid September on, to present their actual output and the band classics live. Luckily they found not only a replacement, but an addition to the groups ranks: Frank Blackfire, best known for his work with Kreator and Sodom will be the man on the second guitar! Be prepared for some merciless live shows! More EU dates to follow soon.
    ASSASSIN live:
  • 16.9. Little Devil- Tilburg / NL
  • 7.10. Magnapop – Krefeld
  • 8.10. Night of Desaster Festival- Heilbronn
  • 12.11. Sojus 7 – Monheim
  • 18.11. Lezard OZ Metalfest – Saint-Dizier / France
  • 13.1. Kulttempel-Festival – Oberhausen
  • 14.1. Kuzifest – Emden

GlobMetal Promotions / Atonismen released new video
Posted by: Denis / 15.09.2016
Russian chamber Gothic-Metal band Atonismen premieres a new music video for Wise Wise Man, taken from the band's taken from the band upcoming EP.

The band was formed by composer and singer Alexandr Orso in 2016. In November the band will go on their first tour with Russian folk band Izmoroz and going to support The 69 Eyes and Graveworm, shows in Moscow on October.
Posted by: Denis / 15.09.2016
Ulterium Records will release a LP edition of Enlighten, the debut album from the symphonic Metal band SLEEPING ROMANCE. The LP will be strictly limited to 300 copies and the release date is set to October 7th.
    Enlighten LP track listing:
    Side A
  1. Hybrid Overture
  2. Enlighten
  3. The Promise Inside
  4. Soul Reborn
  5. Free Me
    Side B
  6. December Flower
  7. Finding My Way
  8. Passion Lost
  9. Devil's Cave
  10. Aeternum
Posted by: Denis / 15.09.2016
Light & Shade have revealed the details of their debut album The Essence Of Everything. The tracklist is as follows:
  1. Essence Of You
  2. Drown In The Absurdity
  3. Spirit Of Anne
  4. Burned
  5. You Are
  6. Meet Me In Summer
  7. Brokenhearted
  8. Lionhearted
  9. Wander So Far
  10. Welcome The Cold
  11. The Essence Of Everything
The artwork has been handled by Tiziano Spigno (Secret Sphere).

Light & Shade is a new, young supergroup whose members have already acquired extensive live and studio experience having being part or shared the stage with renowned acts such as Nightwish, Dream Theater, Amaranthe, Sonata Arctica, Rhapsody, Within Temptation, Arch Enemy, Slipknot, Fleshgod Apocalypse and many more, and having received recognition and awards from the Lollapalooza Festival and the International Portuguese Music Awards among others for their expertise in Rock/Metal.

Featuring vocalist Adrienne Cowan (USA/Seven Spires), guitarist Marco Pastorino (IT/Temperance, Secret Sphere), bassist Luca Negro (IT/Temperance) and guest drummer Alex Landenburg (DE/Luca Turilli's Rhapsody), their debut full-length The Essence of Everything has been produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM) and is set for release on November 18th (USA) and November 25th (EU) on Scarlet Records.
Nuclear Blast / ALMANAC new tour dates announced
Posted by: Denis / 15.09.2016
ALMANAC, the symphonic metallers led by ex-RAGE guitarist Victor Smolski, released their debut album, Tsar, in March via Nuclear Blast. Now the band have announced new tour dates to present this outstanding record to their fans again.
  • 21.10. CH Wetzikon - Hall Of Fame
  • 22.10. D Hechingen - The Ranch Festival
  • 11./12.11. D Weissenhäuser Strand/Ostsee - Metal Hammer Paradise
  • 17.11. PL Warszawa - Progresja
  • 18.11. CZ Chmelnice - Exit
  • 22.11. F Colmar - Le Grillen
  • 23.11. F Paris - Le Petit Bain
    More shows to be announced soon
  • 26.11. RUS Moscow - Aria Fest
  • 17.12. D Karlsruhe - Knock Out Festival
  • 07.01. CH Wasen - Ice Rock Festival

Nuclear Blast / IN FLAMES release lyric video for 'The Truth'
Posted by: Denis / 15.09.2016
"We are the truth that hurts the most" - since their forming in 1990, IN FLAMES walked their own path and never cared much about rules or hurt Feelings of naggers. And with their new melodic anthem The Truth, the Swedes once again prove that their diversity is endless and that their previously released clip for The End was only the beginning of a new era.

AFM Records / NIGHTMARE new album in November
Posted by: Denis / 14.09.2016
French Heavy Metal pioneers NIGHTMARE with brand new line-up will release their new album, Dead Sun on November 25th via AFM Records.

World premiere of the new video clip + digital single Ikarus will be on Friday, September 23rd at 12:00pm CET.

The album has been arranged in France by the band's long time friend and producer Patrick Liotard together with Joost Van Den Broek (The Gentle Storm, Epica), produced and mixed by Joost Van Den Broek at Sandlane Studios in The Netherlands, and recorded at Noise Factory Studio in Belgium with Gerald Jans behind the desk. Cover artwork of Dead Sun was created by Julien Spreutels (Epysode).
    Dead Sun track list:
  1. Infected
  2. Of Sleepless mind
  3. Tangled In The Roots
  4. Red Marble & Gold
  5. Ikarus
  6. Indifference
  7. Dead Sun
  8. Seeds Of Agony
  9. Inner Sanctum
  10. Serpentine
  11. Starry Skies Gone Black
The new NIGHTMARE band made its live debut with new singer Maggy Luyten and new drummer Olivier Casula on June 19th 2016 at Hellfest in France, on July 29th at Metaldays in Slovenia and on August 19th at the Sabaton Open Air in Sweden. Next show will be at FEMME Metal Female Event on Sunday September 25th in Eindhoven (The Netherlands).

To celebrate the album release, the band will be preparing a special night and 'release party show' in their hometown of Grenoble (France) at La Belle Electrique on November 25th 2016.

Frontiers Music / Kane Roberts next solo album in 2017
Posted by: Denis / 14.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of KANE ROBERTS to the label for the release of his next solo album, sometime in 2017.

Kane says, "Once you strap on a guitar and make the hard coded decision to play music in the face of everything you know and don't know, you find that 'the life' (of a musician) has its way with you no matter what and WILL tear you up if you try and wander too far away. I may have stepped into other enterprises and projects, but I was never far from the jet stream that I was lucky enough to have been a part of in the 80s and 90s. Now, because of the new songs inside of me, my guitar and the fans I'm in contact with, I know the creative fire will burn me down if I don't step back inside the flames. I believe the people at Frontiers Music Srl also feel that creative heat, the need to be an integral part of the music industry (their output is resoundingly prolific) and I don't know of a better place for me to record and release my new album.

Over the last few years the songs, the messages, and the fans have been burning a hole on my insides. This new album has been gearing up for a while and the songs and messages I'll be forging will emerge from the fire.

Sorry it took me so long, all kinds of life happened that will definitely find it's way onto the record and yeah, I'm gonna hit this one hard."

Kane has recorded a total of four solo albums so far (also including the Phoenix Down project released on Frontiers in the late 90's). Kane's name and abilities first came to prominence on Alice Cooper's Constrictor album, which was soon followed by his self-titled debut solo album in 1987. More albums and tours with Alice followed, making Kane a well known face in the business especially for his guitar skills, but also for his body-builder image and his now iconic machine-gun guitar.

As a solo recording artist, he has landed a few Top 40 hits and his varied musical background includes recording, writing and touring with artists such as Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, KISS, Diane Warren, Alice in Chains, Berlin, Guns N' Roses, Garland Jeffries and more. He's also written or recorded music for films like Light Sleeper, Penelope Spheeris' Decline of Western Civilization, Friday the 13th IV Jason Lives, John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness, and more. In 1991, his second solo album, Saints and Sinners for Geffen Records included the Top 40 Billboard hit Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?, originally written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.

Limb Music / SYMPHONITY video interview out now
Posted by: Denis / 14.09.2016
Watch SYMPHONITY's Libor giving some background information about the new King Of Persia album in a little video conducted by Spark TV.

Napalm Records / KOBRA AND THE LOTUS debut new single 'TriggerPulse'
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2016
Canadian Hard Rockers, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS recently signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. They are set to release their fourth album and Napalm Records debut Prevail I + II as two separate volumes of a double album. The first part will be released in February 2017 with the second part to follow in October of 2017.

But don't worry as today KOBRA AND THE LOTUS are debuting their new single TriggerPulse taken from Prevail I.

Of the song, KOBRA says: "We are ecstatic to finally be releasing a new track from KOBRA AND THE LOTUS! After two years it's time to unleash something new and tasty so here we go... TriggerPulse is coming for you and it's ready to make some waves in the Omnivers!e!! See you out there in space!!!"

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS will take to the road this fall in Europe alongside label-mates Delain. Fans can expect to hear a mix of KOBRA AND THE LOTUS classics and new songs from Prevail I + II.
  • 24.09.2016 NL - Eindhoven, Poppodium de Effenaar (with Arch Enemy)
  • 30.09.2016 LT - Kaunas, Lemmmy*
  • 01.10.2016 LV - Riga, Nabakab*
  • 02.10.2016 EE - Tallinn, Tapper*
  • 05.10.2016 FI - Helsinki, Elmun Baari*
  • 06.10.2016 FI - Tampere, Yo-talo*
  • 07.10.2016 FI - Oulu, Hevimesta*
    *Headline Shows

    With Delain
  • 14.10.2016 DE – Köln, Essigfabrik
  • 15.10.2016 DE – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann
  • 16.10.2016 DE – Hamburg, Gruenspan
  • 17.10.2016 DK – Copenhagen, Pumpehuset
  • 19.10.2016 DE – Berlin, Columbia-Theater
  • 20.10.2016 PL – Cracov, Kwadrat
  • 21.10.2016 PL – Warsaw, Progresja
  • 22.10.2016 CZ – Zlin, Masters of Rock Club
  • 25.10.2016 SK – Bratislava, Majestic Music Club
  • 27.10.2016 AT – Vienna, Szene
  • 28.10.2016 DE – Munich, Backstage
  • 29.10.2016 DE – Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
  • 30.10.2016 CH – Pratteln, Z 7 3
  • 01.10.2016 FR – Lyon, Ninkasi Kao
  • 02.11.2016 ES – Madrid, Arena
  • 03.11.2016 FR – Toulouse, Metronum
  • 04.11.2016 FR – Paris, Elysee Montmartre
  • 05.11.2016 FR – Lille, Le Splendid
  • 06.11.2016 BE – Antwerp, Trix
  • 08.11.2016 UK - Birmingham, O2 Institute 2
  • 09.11.2016 UK - Glasgow, Classic Grand
  • 11.11.2016 IE - Dublin, The Button Factory
  • 12.11.2016 UK - Manchester, O2 Ritz
  • 13.11.2016 UK - London, Koko
  • 15.11.2016 UK - Southampton, Engine Rooms
  • 16.11.2016 UK - Cardiff, Tramshed

Napalm Records / HAMMERFALL first single 'The Sacred Vow'
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2016
Without a shadow of a doubt HAMMERFALL is among the top forces in Heavy Metal and bringing back the melodies and honesty in music! HAMMERFALL have been the undisputed masters of groundbreaking anthems since the start of their remarkable career in 1993! Now these Swedish legends are back with their 10th studio effort in 20 years: Built To Last!

The first single The Sacred Vow has already been premiered worldwide with a stunning lyric-video.

The band commented on their first single release The Sacred Vow: "Choosing a track for this was not easy, as we had several suitable songs. But The Sacred Vow is a pretty classic HammerFall tune and very representative of the album as a whole: speed, power, energy and with a catchy chorus that oozes of Heavy Metal spirit!"

The upcoming HAMMERFALL album Built To Last will be released on November 4th, 2016 via Napalm Records. The first single The Sacred Vow is now available as Standalone digital single through all digital outlets! Digital album pre-orders are now up and ready! The Sacred Vow is the first Instant Gratification track for all of you ordering via iTunes!

Often credited with delivering high-quality music as well as furious live shows for the past two decades, HAMMERFALL will be heavily hitting the road on a recently announced extensive tour all over Europe!
    Built To Tour 2017 Presented by Metal Hammer, EMP, MusiX and
  • 12.01.17 DE - Bremen / Aladin
  • 13.01.17 DE - Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle 1
  • 14.01.17 DE - Bamberg / Brose Arena
  • 16.01.17 NL - Utrecht / Tivoli Vredenburg
  • 17.01.17 BE - Antwerpen / TRIX
  • 18.01.17 DE - Fulda / Wartenberg Oval
  • 20.01.17 DE - Langen/Frankfurt / Stadthalle
  • 21.01.17 CH - Pratteln / Z7
  • 22.01.17 CH - Pratteln / Z7
  • 25.01.17 DE - Saarbrücken / Garage
  • 26.01.17 DE - Filderstadt / Filharmonie
  • 27.01.17 DE - München / Backstage
  • 28.01.17 DE - Kaufbeuren / AllKart Halle
  • 29.01.17 IT - Mailand / Live Club
  • 31.01.17 HU - Budapest / Barba Negra
  • 01.02.17 AT - Wien / Arena
  • 02.02.17 AT - Graz / Orpheum
  • 03.02.17 CZ - Zlin / Hala Euronics
  • 04.02.17 PL - Warsaw / Progresja
  • 06.02.17 DE - Berlin / Huxley´s Neue Welt
  • 07.02.17 DE - Hamburg / Große Freiheit 36
  • 08.02.17 DK – Copenhagen / Amager Bio

Metal Media / Endrah releasing new EP for free and new music video
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
Along with the release of new EP, Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up, the Brazilian Death/Hardcore band ENDRAH, which feature the North American singer Relentless, also released a music video for the song Bully.

The EP Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up has five songs and is available for free listening and free download.
GlobMetal Promotions / Beyond the Darkness released new video
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
Belarusian Death/Doom Metal band Beyond the Darkness premieres a new music video for Avid Hunger, taken from the band's latest album Blind Shadows.

Beyond the Darkness was formed in 2007 by Mihail Stefanovich and Denis Pavluchenko. The band released their debut album Blind Shadows in 2015, and now work on the second album.
InsideOut Music / Fates Warning announce European tour + Film video clip
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING have confirmed their first touring run in Europe for their much acclaimed new album Theories Of Flight.

The tour will be taking place in January/February 2017 and will feature Armored Dawn in the opening slot and one further band to be announced soon. Here is a list of the dates:
    FATES WARNING - Theories Of Flight tour 2017:
  • 24.01.2017 Hamburg (Germany) - Logo
  • 25.01.2017 Cologne (Germany) - Underground
  • 27.01.2017 Essen (Germany) - Turock
  • 28.01.2017 Uden (The Netherlands) - De Pul
  • 29.01.2017 Haarlem (The Netherlands) - Patronaat
  • 30.01.2017 Aschaffenburg (Germany) - Colossaal
  • 01.02.2017 Brno (Czech Republic) - Metro Music Bar
  • 02.02.2017 Budapest (Hungary) - A38
  • 03.02.2017 Bratislava (Slovakia) - Majestic Music Club
  • 04.02.207 Munich (Germany) - Backstage Halle
  • 05.02.2017 Stuttgart (Germany) - Universum
  • 07.02.2017 Nuernberg (Germany) - Hirsch
  • 08.02.2017 Aarau (Switzerland) - Kiff
  • 09.02.2017 Bologna (Italy) - Zona Roveri
  • 10.02.2017 Brescia (Italy) - Circolo Colony
  • 12.02.2017 Athens (Greece) - Gagarin205
FATES WARNING vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the following comment: "Hello all! We are happy to finally announce the tour dates for the first leg of our world tour for Theories Of Flight! We are very excited and cannot wait to hit the road with the new album! There will be more dates announced soon, as well as a few surprises, so keep an eye out... We look forward to seeing you all on this next tour! See you soon!"

In other news, FATES WARNING have just completed working on a first promotional video for Theories Of Flight, so look out for the clip for the song Seven Stars to make a debut soon...

Metal Blade / Armored Saint launches PledgeMusic campaign for new live album
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
Having toured with Metallica, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, The Scorpions, and many other artists since their inception in the early 80s, Armored Saint has always been a highly regarded live act – not only in their hometown of Los Angeles, but also around the world. The only official release to capture this, however, is 1989′s live album, Saints Will Conquer – until now.

After reforming with their original line-up in 1999 (John Bush – vocals, Joey Vera – bass, Phil Sandoval – guitar, Jeff Duncan – guitar, Gonzo Sandoval – drums), and releasing subsequent albums, La Raza (2010) and Win Hands Down (2015), to critical acclaim, Armored Saint has been delivering their Heavy Metal mastery around the globe, joining the likes of Saxon, Metal Church – and even Queensryche in November/December 2016 – on the road. Of all of these performances, the band recorded their 2015 Wacken festival set as well as their headlining show in Aschaffenburg, Germany, with the intention of giving fans another live release that holds up to Saints Will Conquer.

In conjunction with PledgeMusic, this special live album is now available in various formats and bundles, with every 'pledge'/purchase receiving a digital download of the tracks, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes content (including footage from Wacken 2015, plus 2016′s Ozzfest and Queensryche appearances, and more!).

Armored Saint comments: "Why PledgeMusic? Our fans have been extremely supportive over the years. We want to share the process of realizing this project with you by giving you the chance to be a part of it, from start to finish. How does it work? You place your orders here and when the album is released, you will get your items in the mail. But throughout the process, you will have access to the regular updates that we will post on this page."
    Armored Saint tour dates
  • Sept. 23 – San Bernardino, CA – Ozzfest Meets Knotfest kick-off party w/ Havok, Exmortus, Thrown Into Exile
  • Oct. 8 – Tokyo, Japan – Loud Park Festival
    Armored Saint tour dates w/ Queensryche, Midnight Eternal
  • Nov. 15 – Showbox At The Market – Seattle, WA
  • Nov. 16 – Ace of Spaces – Sacramento, CA
  • Nov. 17 – Riverside Municipal Auditorium – Riverside, CA
  • Nov. 18 – House of Blues – San Diego, CA
  • Nov. 19 – Club Red – Mesa, AZ *
  • Nov. 21 – Jakes Backroom – Lubbock, TX *
  • Nov. 22 – Alamo City Music Hall – San Antonio, TX
  • Nov. 23 – Scout Bar – Houston, TX
  • Nov. 25 – Clicks – Tyler, TX
  • Nov. 26 – Trees – Dallas, TX
  • Nov. 29 – Mavericks at the Landing – Jacksonville, FL
  • Nov. 30 – Culture Room – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Dec. 1 – The Cuban Club – Tampa, FL
  • Dec. 2 – The Music Farm – Charleston, SC
  • Dec. 3 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
  • Dec. 4 – Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
  • Dec. 6 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY
  • Dec. 7 – Rex Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dec. 8 – Diesel Concert Lounge – Chesterfield, MI
  • Dec. 9 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
  • Dec. 10 – The Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI *
  • Dec. 11 – Limelight – Peoria, IL
  • Dec. 13 – The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
  • Dec. 14 – Kanza Hall – Overland Park, KS
  • Dec. 15 – The Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
    *=Armored Saint only

Metal Mind Productions / Ceti revealed the first track from their new album 'Snakes Of Eden'
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
Polish Heavy Metal band CETI return this Autumn with their tenth studio album entitled Snakes Of Eden. The follow up to the acclaimed album Brutus Syndrome (2014) is scheduled for the worldwide release on October, 7th 2016 via Metal Mind Productions.

Now, the band revealed the first promo single entitled Wild and Free.
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
Forsaken is the new album by Progressive Metal powerhouse Noveria. The album is a concept based on the theory of the five stages of death by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and written in memory of a brilliant young woman who was taken away from her family by an aggressive cancer. Each track describes the different states of mind of a person facing a fatal illness, taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster through denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance at the end of the journey.

The album trailer is available here.

Musically every song reflects a specific lyrical theme. Francesco Corigliano's vocals impersonates the emotions of a victim of sudden illness and their inner journey to redemption. Francesco Mattei's violent guitar riffing is contrasted by Julien Spreutels's atmospheric keyboards, creating dynamic pieces where lyrics, melody and harmony unite to touch the multiple aspects of each emotion described in the songs. Omar Campitelli's drum grooves and Andrea Arcangeli's sturdy bass lines add depth to the songs, steadily accompanying them through every mood. Dueling solos between the guitar and keyboard reflect the inner conflict to move from one emotional stage to the other and the electronic drum loops depict the relentlessly advancing tumor.

Forsaken has one purpose: trying to understand the emotions of a person confronted with an existential crisis. It's also a reminder for those who are affected by cancer that a diagnosis is not to be intended as the end. Not even those who have been forsaken by fortune are lost while their memory lives on in our hearts.

Forsaken will be available starting from October 28th.
SPV / ROCK WOLVES release debut single and video
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
ROCK WOLVES feat. Herman Rarebell, Michael Voss, Stephan 'Gudze' Hinz, release their debut single Rock For The Nations in digital format. The song is taken from the forthcoming album Rock Wolves out on October 28th. They also release the video for the single.

Herman Rarebell: "Rock for the nations is better than war for the nations!!! Rock Wolves bring the nations good rock music!!! See you soon at our concerts!!!"

Rock Wolves will be released worldwide (ex Japan) as digi, LP and download on October 28th,2016 through Steamhammer/SPV.
UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY / Hidden Memories - New Deal
Posted by: Denis / 12.09.2016
UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY is proud to announce the sign of a new record deal with the band HIDDEN MEMORIES for the release worldwide of their new album Empirical Fragments produced by Giulio Capone of Temperance and available this autumn as CD and digital.

This is going to be a direct, no frill album, lead by the amazing guitarwork of Jader Phan Van and Andrea Agliardi, by the thunderous drums of Michael Borghi, by the amazing bass of Andrea Boccarusso and by the pristine vocals of Filippo Riganti. The album will feature songs as Over the Edge, First step in the dark, Insane equilibrium and the band's style could be described as a powerful mix between classic Metal, catchy melodies, shredding solos and a very punchy approach improved by some keyboards elements.

Gianni Galli made the original artwork of this new album.
Posted by: Denis / 09.09.2016
On the CRUZ DEL SUR Soundcloud page, SACRED STEEL present the first single taken from their new album Heavy Metal Sacrifice.

The title track Heavy Metal Sacrifice, introduced by (Intro) Glory Ride, is a hymn that goes back to the band's roots and to their classic style of traditional Heavy Metal. Everything in it, from the music to the lyrics, is an act of devotion for the true metal gods.

Sacred Steel never compromised. Heavy Metal Sacrifice is the proof. Born to reign in iron glory, forever!

Frontiers Music / Labyrinth new album update
Posted by: Denis / 09.09.2016
Labyrinth are currently working hard on the songwriting for their highly anticipated comeback album, which is planned for release on Frontiers Music Srl in 2017.

"We have written, so far, seven complete songs which we are very pleased with", says guitar player Olaf Thorsen. "We have some very heavy and fast songs and a few more proggy and melodic. We will end up writing 10 or 11 songs for the new album. We think we know what the fans are expecting from us and I am absolutely confident that everyone will love the new songs. There are lots of killer melodies and the sound will be definitely and recognizably 100% Labyrinth!"

LABYRINTH's reunion line-up features founding members Olaf Thorsen and Andrea Cantarelli on guitars and the return of Roberto Tiranti on lead vocals along with none other than John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, James Labrie, Riot, Symphony X, Starbreaker, TNT, ARK) on drums, Oleg Smirnoff (Eldritch, Vision Divine, Death SS) on keyboards, and Nik Mazzucconi on bass.

"The new line-up is stronger than ever!" continues Olaf. "Me, Andrea and Roberto are enthusiastic for the contributions that the new guys are bringing to the band and their style will certainly enhance the Labyrinth sound and bring it into 2016 and beyond!"

LABYRINTH first show with this new line-up will be at the Frontiers Metal Festival at the Live Music Club in Trezzo Sull'Adda on October 30th. The band will be exclusively playing their entire hit album Return to Heaven Denied plus a few more fan favorites! More international shows are planned for next year in support of the release of the new album.

Massacre Records / HEAVENWOOD new song
Posted by: Denis / 09.09.2016
Portuguese occult emotive Metal outfit HEAVENWOOD has released a new video for the track The Empress, taken from their latest album The Tarot Of The Bohemians - Part 1!

Nuclear Blast / EPICA new music video for 'Edge Of The Blade' launched
Posted by: Denis / 09.09.2016
EPICA's new masterpiece The Holographic Principle will be available in stores in about three weeks' time. In anticipation of this album, a new music video for Edge Of The Blade has been launched!

Commented Coen Janssen (synths, piano): "Finally another video! We are very happy with the way it turned out! It gives a glimpse on what to expect from our upcoming live shows, so watch it a few times because I'm expecting to see you sing along with it soon!"

Nuclear Blast / TESTAMENT release 1st 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' video trailer
Posted by: Denis / 09.09.2016
Legendary bay area Thrash Metal giants TESTAMENT have released the first of several trailers for their upcoming 12th album, Brotherhood Of The Snake. Watch vocalist Chuck Billy and guitarist Eric Peterson, speak about the touring that lead up to recording and how that affected their song writing process.

Brotherhood Of The Snake will be released on October 28, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Imperative PR / De Profundis release stunning new video + tour info
Posted by: Denis / 08.09.2016
To mark their fast approaching co-headlining UK tour with Egyptian Death metallers Scarab, De Profundis have released a stunning new promotional video clip, for their song All Consuming.

All Consuming is taken from the critically acclaimed Kingdom Of The Blind album out on Wicker Man Recordings.

Beautifully shot, the video captures the atmosphere of the song and the supreme technical and song writing skills of the band. This should whet the appetite of fans around the country looking forward to those imminent live dates.
  • September 15th - Underground, Plymouth
  • September 16th - Firebug, Leicester
  • September 17th - Warhorns Festival, Selby
  • September 18th - Black Heart, London
  • September 19th - Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
Underground Symphony / S91 new deal
Posted by: Denis / 08.09.2016
Underground Symphony is proud to announce a deal with Italian band S91 for the second full-length album release, after the success of the debut Volontà Legata.

The Christian band plays Progressive Metal with modern shades, psychedelic atmospheres and complex time signature. Behold The Mankind is a masterpiece for fans of Delain, Darkwater, Shadow Gallery and it will be available at 7th November under Underground Symphony Records in deluxe digipak edition.

The album is produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Wind Rose) and Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Golden Resurrection, Divinefire, etc) is a very special guest on The Cry Of Life. The artwork, created by JahnVision Art.
  1. The Cry Of Life
  2. Wandering Souls
  3. Slaves And Kings
  4. The Calling
  5. Blind Revolutions
  6. The Son Of God
  7. Sacrificed
  8. The Bloody Revelation
Posted by: Denis / 08.09.2016
THEOCRACY will release their new album Ghost Ship on October 28th in Europe and North America through Ulterium Records. An album teaser video was just posted at YouTube.

Ghost Ship will be available on CD, 2LP and digital. The 2LP edition is strictly limited to 1001 copies worldwide. 750 copies comes with black vinyl discs and 251 copies comes with white vinyl discs.

Season of Mist / ROTTING CHRIST
Posted by: Denis / 08.09.2016
Greek Metal masters ROTTING CHRIST have already kicked off their previously announced North American tour. The band is joining MARDUK and Season of Mist label mates CARACH ANGREN, NECRONOMICON.
  • Sept. 7 Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
  • Sept. 8 Montreal, QC @ L'Astral
  • Sept. 9 Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
  • Sept. 10 Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa
  • Sept. 11 Chicago, IL @ Reggie's
  • Sept. 12 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
  • Sept. 13 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
  • Sept. 14 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
  • Sept. 16 Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theatre
  • Sept. 17 Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
  • Sept. 18 Portland, OR @ Bossanova Ballroom
  • Sept. 19 Oakland, CA @ Metro Opera House
  • Sept. 20 Las Vegas, NV @ LVCS
  • Sept. 21 Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theater
  • Sept. 22 Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto
  • Sept. 23 El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall
  • Sept. 24 Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
  • Sept. 25 Austin, TX @ Dirty Dog Bar

Punishment 18 Records / Vexed artwork and release date unveiled
Posted by: Denis / 08.09.2016
In the twenty year anniversary of activity, Italian thrashers Vexed will release Legion Deathblood, their new full-length by Italian label Punishment 18 Records. The album, that includes important guest musicians such as Andy Panigada (Bulldozer), Pier Gonnella (ex-Labyrinth, Necrodeath), Nico e Umbe (Total Death), Lore (Hyades), Mattia Stancioiu (ex-Labyrinth), will be released on next September 27th.
METALMESSAGE Global PR / Melodic Heavy Metallers OVERTURES new song 'Through The Storm' goes NFL Season on Mediaset Premium - Italy
Posted by: Denis / 07.09.2016
During the night of Monday 5th September on the Italian TV-Channel 'Premium Sport', the new OVERTURES' song Through The storm was introduced with a videoclip containing the best actions of the 2015-2016 NFL Championship.

OVERTURES' new composition has been commissioned by the Italian TV Show to be used as soundtrack for the entire NFL Season, from September to February with the Superbowl event! The main theme of Through The Storm will be used as soundtrack for all the matches, recap and TV Shows on Premium Sport.

Frontiers Music / Graham Bonnet Band - The Book
Posted by: Denis / 07.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Graham Bonnet Band's new album, The Book on November 4th!

Graham Bonnet is a rock legend. With a pedigree that includes Rainbow, MSG, Alcatrazz, Impellitteri, he is one of the finest vocalists of his generation. His is a recognizable and unique voice on a number of classic Hard Rock albums, including Rainbow's Down To Earth (1979), Michael Schenker Group's Assault Attack (1982), Alcatrazz's No Parole For Rock 'n' Roll (1983) and Disturbing The Peace (1985), and Impellitteri's Stand In Line (1988).

The recently formed Graham Bonnet Band, features Graham Bonnet on, of course, lead vocals, Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass, South American guitar sensation Conrado Pesinato on lead guitar, ex-Alcatrazz man Jimmy Waldo on keys, and Mark Zonder (known for his acclaimed work with Warlord, Fates Warning) on drums.

The new album, The Book offers 11 new songs where Bonnet lays down his legendary vocals over a selection of Hard Rock tunes that are chock full of great hooks and melodies. "The songs on the album are very similar to what I have done in the past with Rainbow, Alcatrazz and MSG";, says Graham. "I think this is what people want to hear from me and won't be disappointed". Graham Bonnet is in fine form and the album is easily his best in decades: 11 new tracks that will blow hard rock fans away! The album also includes a bonus disc featuring re-recorded versions of some of the most well known classics he has sung in his solo career and with Rainbow, Alcatrazz, MSG, Impellitteri.

The Graham Bonnet Band has spent the last 12 months touring solidly around the world, with performances at several major European festivals including an acclaimed set at Sweden Rock 2016. The Book will be supported with several shows in the UK and Spain in 2016, with more dates to be added.
    The Book tracklisting: CD 1 (new songs)
  1. Into The Night
  2. Welcome To My Home
  3. Earth's Child (I Am Your Son)
  4. Rider
  5. Dead Man Walking
  6. Strangest Day
  7. The Dance
  8. Where Were You?
  9. The Book
  10. Everybody Wants To Go There
  11. California Air
    CD 2 (re-recorded classics)
  12. Eyes Of The World
  13. All Night Long
  14. Lost In Hollywood
  15. Since You Been Gone
  16. Night Games
  17. S.O.S.
  18. Assault Attack
  19. Dancer
  20. Desert Song
  21. Island In The Sun
  22. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  23. God Blessed Video
  24. Will You Be Home Tonight
  25. Witchwood
  26. Stand In Line
  27. Here Comes The Night (Down Without A Fight)
  • 3 November Sala Chango, Madrid, Spain
  • 4 November Sala Totem, Pamplona, Spain
  • 5 November Sala Capitol, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • 8 November Boston Music Room, London, UK
  • 9 November Stourbridge, River Rooms, UK
  • 10 November Warehouse 23, Wakefield, UK
  • 11 November Pwllheli, Hard Rock Hell, UK
  • 12 November Manchester, Club Academy, UK
  • 13 November Edinburgh, Bannermans, UK
  • 15 November Doncaster, Diamonds, UK
  • 16 November Think Tank, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  • 18 November Derry-Londonderry, Nerve Centre, UK
  • 19 November Limelight 2, Belfast, UK
  • 20 November Monroes, Galway, Eire
  • 21 November Voodoo Lounge, Dublin, Eire
  • 22 November Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff, UK

Charred Walls Of The Damned’s Richard Christy launches drum play-through for new track, “My Eyes”
Posted by: Denis / 07.09.2016
Charred Walls Of The Damned – the brainchild of former Death/Iced Earth drummer Richard Christy – will release their third full-length, Creatures Watching Over The Dead, on September 23rd via Metal Blade Records. Now Richard Christy has launched a drum play-through for the new track, My Eyes.

For another preview of Creatures Watching Over The Dead, the first single, The Soulless.

With five years having elapsed since the quartet dropped Cold Winds On Timeless Days, it's understandable that fans have been yearning for more, but Charred Walls Of The Damned has not exactly been sitting around, kicking their heels. Christy – who has previously played with Iced Earth, Death, Control Denied, Burning Inside, Leash Law – played drums on Monte Pittman's Inverted Grasp Of Balance, wrote music for New York State's 'The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze' event, and co-wrote a Heavy Metal comedy Viking rock opera with guitarist Jason Suecof and Titmouse Animation, titled 'Majestic Loincloth'. Suecof is of course one of the most in demand producers in contemporary Metal. Then there's legendary bassist Steve DiGiorgio, who made a name for himself in the ranks of Death, Testament, Vintersorg, Dragonlord and a myriad of other great Metal bands; in recent years, he has laid down his inimitable style on records from Ephel Duath, Soen, Memorain and others. Which just leaves vocalist Tim 'Ripper' Owens, who for a time fronted Judas Priest, before lending his formidable pipes to Iced Earth, Yngwie Malmsteen's mighty compositions, touring relentlessly under his own name, and starting a new band (Project Rock).

When it was time to lay the songs down, Charred Walls Of The Damned convened at Suecof's Audiohammer Studio, outside Orlando, FL. The nine resulting tracks are heavy, catchy, anthemic and downright killer music to wreck your neck to.
    Creatures Watching Over the Dead track-listing
  1. My Eyes
  2. The Soulless
  3. Afterlife
  4. As I Catch My Breath
  5. Lies
  6. Reach into the Light
  7. Tear Me Down
  8. Living in the Shadow of Yesterday
  9. Time Has Passed

Nuclear Blast / OPETH release new song 'Will O The Wisp'
Posted by: Denis / 07.09.2016
Sweden's musical alchemists, OPETH, have unveiled an earnest new track called Will O The Wisp. The track is found on the band's forthcoming, 12th studio album, Sorceress, that will be released on September 30th via the band's imprint label Moderbolaget Records with Nuclear Blast.

In a recent, exclusive track-by-track feature with Metal Hammer, vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt gave some insight behind the creation of the song: "It's a song inspired by Dun Ringill by Jethro Tull (from the album Stormwatch, 1979). I wanted to do a song with my capo really high, so it's up on the fifth fret. It makes the guitar sound really glittery. I just wanted to go for a simple, catchy vocal melody. It has a slightly positive vibe to it, but the lyrics are really, really dark. It's a beautiful song, I think. I'm really happy with that one."

Nuclear Blast / EPICA release guitar play-through videos for 'Universal Death Squad'
Posted by: Denis / 07.09.2016
The release of EPICA's new masterpiece The Holographic Principle is slowly approaching and the Dutch symphonic Metal stars are already prepared to give some music lessons! So get ready to watch axemaster Isaac Delahaye deliver an impressive demonstration of his shredding abilities on this play-through video of Universal Death Squad.

And a play-through for the same track is also available from drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek.

SPV / FREEDOM CALL release 'Master Of Light' in November
Posted by: Denis / 06.09.2016
New Freedom Call's studio album Master Of Light out on 11 November 2016 (USA/Canada 18 November).

Good news for all those who didn't get enough light during this, in meteorological terms, rather mixed summer. The coming of the light is near ... from 11 November 2016 (USA/Canada: 18 November 2016) the arrival of Master Of Light will put an end to all this weather-related tristesse and brighten the mood with the familiar positive Freedom Call aura. Frontman Chris Bay promises: "Our fans can look forward to a whole dozen new songs which once again present the different aspects of our Melodic Metal with lots of fast-paced numbers but also progressive references and balladesque moments. There's bound to be something for every Freedom Call fan." Master Of Light will be available on Steamhammer/SPV in a Digipak and double colour vinyl version, as a limited box set with lots of bonus material and a special give-away, as well as for digital download.

The album was recorded at the band's own Little Sun Creek Lounge studio near Nuremberg, with Chris Bay and Stephan Ernst, who already co-produced the predecessors Land Of The Crimson Dawn (2012), Beyond (2014) and Eternity – 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity (2015), manning the controls. The current line-up featuring the two founder members Chris Bay (vocals, guitars) and Ilker Ersin (bass) plus their two fellow combatants, guitarist Lars Rettkowitz and drummer Ramy Ali, has proved itself many times over, currently captivating audiences at major festivals worldwide with their lead single Hammer Of The Gods, which arrived at the physical and digital stores in July. Even before the release of the album, there will be a new video clip to support the album track Metal Is For Everyone, which is set to additionally whet our appetite for Master Of Light. Bay on the significant song title: "There's a bit of Heavy Metal in all of us, isn't there?"

Master Of Light will be released in three physical versions, each with a different cover:
  • Green: DigiPak incl. Poster
  • Blue: Double LP Gatefold, 180 g, printed inner sleeves, blue Vinyl, CD in paper sleeve
  • Red: Ltd. Boxset incl. DigiPak, Bonus CD, Sun Glasses, Sticker, handsigned Photocard
  • And exclusive Download Versions for iTunes and amazon.
    FREEDOM CALL Master Of Light-Tour 2016/2017
  • 09.09.US-Atlanta,GA – ProgPower
  • 24.09.A-Vorchdorf – Runen der Nacht Festival
  • 25.11.MEX-Mexico City – Circo Volador
  • 26.11.PER-Lima – Taste Of Evil Steel
  • 27.11.COL-Bogota – Powermetal Fest
  • 29.11.CH-Santiago de Chile – San Diego
  • 07.02.D-Cologne – Underground
  • 08.02.D-Aschaffenburg – Colos Saal
  • 09.02.D-Hamburg – Knust
  • 10.02.D-Erfurt – From Hell
  • 11.02.CH-Pratteln – Z7
  • 12.02.D-Stuttgart – Club Cann
  • 14.02.D-Munich – Backstage
  • 15.02.D-Nürnberg – Hirsch
  • 16.02.D-Bremen – Tivoli
  • 17.02.D-Bochum – Matrix
  • 18.02.D-Berlin – Badehaus

SPV / CREMATORY release new lyric video
Posted by: Denis / 06.09.2016
Germany's leading Gothic Metal band CREMATORY release a new lyric video for the song Die So Soon out of their new album Monument. The video was created by Ingo Spörl who also did lyric videos for bands like Sabaton, Sodom, Pain.

The new album Monument is out now on Steamhammer/SPV as digi / 2LP / download and mark an unmistakable return to their metallic roots.

Believe in you and especially in CREMATORY!
    CREMATORY live 2016
  • 30.09.D-Erfurt – From Hell
  • 01.10.D-Leipzig – Werk 2
  • 02.10.D-Dresden – Reithalle
  • 14.10.D-Dortmund – Piano
  • 15.10.D-Hameln – Autumn Moon Festival
  • 28.10.D-Stuttgart – Cann
  • 29.10.D-Mannheim – 7er Club
  • 30.10.D-Markneukirchen – Music Hall
  • 31.10.D-Burglengefeld – VAZ
  • 31.12.D-Nürnberg – Aqua Ruction Schiff

Pure Steel Records / ICHABOD KRANE 'Beyond Eternity' cover, tracklist, releasedate: 14th October 2016
Posted by: Denis / 06.09.2016
The release date of the ICHABOD KRANE album Beyond Eternity on CD is October 14th, 2016. The pre-order phase will start on September 30th, 2016 in label's webshop.

Pure Steel Records are friends with the US-Americans ICHABOD KRANE now for many years and already released their debut album Day Of Reckoning (2014).

In the line up you can see the still actual Halloween bass player George Neal but also the guitarist Rick Graig, who've been in this Michigan cult band until 2001, as well the Damien and Halloween drummer Rob Brug. New by ICHABOD KRANE is Lisa Hurt on keyboards. Classical US Metal, strongly influenced by Judas Priest, is presented on the second album of the US quintet.

Driven by a great production and powerful double bass, ICHABOD KRANE present nine great Metal tunes, which are driven by the outstanding voice of Wülfhook singer Jeff Schlinz.

A must have for every lover of US Metal and visitor of Keep It True!
  1. Black World
  2. Metal Messiah
  3. Pandora's Box
  4. Beyond Eternity
  5. When The Stars Fall
  6. Bring It Down
  7. Why So Sad
  8. Whiskey Angel
  9. Bitter Romance
    Total Playing Time: 41:27 min

Pure Steel Records / LEGION 'On The Pale Horse' official single from the album 'War Beast'
Posted by: Denis / 06.09.2016
LEGION On The Pale Horse official single from the album War Beast - official release date: 30th of September 2016 by PURE STEEL RECORDS.

With the New Jersey quintet LEGION the label is proud to present a new signing on Pure Steel Records.

Classical, Melodic Heavy Metal, deeply rooted in the American Steel of the 80s, is presented here. Already in 2005 the self released debut Shadow Of The King has been unleashed, where they gained their first success with. One year later it has been re-released through Majestic Rock Records.

After a long break the second album War Beast is ready. Driven by majestic leads, energetic high pitched screams from the new singer Ralph Gibbons and varied song writing LEGION offer everything an aficionado of American Steel adore.

Mixed by Black Label Society bassist John 'JD' DeServio, the eight tracks have been forged to a work they can be proud of.
Pay for Pleasure signed a contract with GlobMetal Promotions
Posted by: Denis / 05.09.2016
Italian Death/Thrash Metal band Pay for Pleasure has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

The band was formed at Bologna, Italy in 2014 by Anuar Arebi. The band debut self-titled album Pay for Pleasure was released in June 18th, 2016. The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Anuar Arebi at HowManySound Studios and mastered by Larsen at RecLAB studio, Milan, Italy.
Nuclear Blast / TESTAMENT release 'Brotherhood Of The Snake' title track
Posted by: Denis / 05.09.2016
Legendary bay area Thrash Metal giants TESTAMENT have released the title track for their upcoming 12th album, Brotherhood Of The Snake, which will be released on October 28, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Nuclear Blast / SONATA ARCTICA release third trailer for 'The Ninth Hour'
Posted by: Denis / 05.09.2016
Finnish Melodic Metal titans, SONATA ARCTICA, will unleash their new studio album called The Ninth Hour on October 7th through Nuclear Blast. Now the band have released the third trailer in support of this upcoming record.

Punishment 18 Records / Adversor revealed the definitive 'Rise To Survive' tracklist
Posted by: Denis / 05.09.2016
Italian thrashers Adversor, that have recently signed a worldwide deal with Punishment 18 Records are ready to promote their debut album titled Rise To Survive. Now you can see the first detail about it: the definitive tracklist.
  1. Echoes from uprising
  2. Triumph of Terror
  3. Envenomed
  4. Rise to survive
  5. Abandoned in hell... farewell!
  6. Beware of Soothsayer
  7. Abhor War Crimes
  8. Final Call
  9. Event Horizon
Frontiers Music / Rock Brock Project - The self-titled debut album
Posted by: Denis / 02.09.2016
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Roth Brock Project self-titled debut album on November 4th.

The Roth Brock Project is the exciting artistic union between guitarist John Roth (Winger, Starship, Giant) and singer Terry Brock (Strangeways, Giant, Leroux). The pair first met in 2009 while working on Giant's Promise Land record. They soon developed a unique songwriting chemistry and musical bond which all these years later has led to their debut release for Frontiers Music Srl. Powerhouse vocals and thundering guitars are at the forefront of this stellar collaboration from two of rock's most seasoned and underrated veterans.

John Roth landed his first gig at the age of 19, with Southern boogie rock legends Black Oak Arkansas in 1986, and soon found himself in demand for recording and touring with the likes of Jimi Jamison (R.I.P.) of Survivor, and 80's rock legends, Winger. Terry Brock's first job in the music business was as a vocalist on the Kansas album Drastic Measures in 1983, which was soon followed by a tour with the Steve Morse Band and two albums with Strangeways (who were signed to BMG/RCA Records). Terry is currently on tour with Louisiana's Leroux, while John is on tour with Starship featuring Mickey Thomas.

"The Roth Brock Project is the kind of record I've been wanting to make for a long time!" says John Roth. "Guitar-Driven High Energy Rock with Stellar vocals is the first thing you'll hear when you put this album on, so get ready to crank it up! Stay tuned to Frontiers. It for news on the Roth Brock Project debut record release date, as well as the premier of our first single and video, Young Gun!"
Massacre Records / GLORYFUL video
Posted by: Denis / 02.09.2016
GLORYFUL's new album End Of The Night was released last Friday. The band has now posted another video for a song off their latest record. Enjoy the official Hail To The King video.
Massacre Records / AETERNITAS album details
Posted by: Denis / 02.09.2016
The German symphonic Metal outfit AETERNITAS has revealed further details about their upcoming album.

House Of Usher is a concept album, based on the famous short story 'The Fall of the House of Usher' by Edgar Allan Poe. It was produced, recorded and mixed by Alexander Hunzinger at Serpina Studio, and mastered by Götz Kretschmann at Wonderlandstudio. Henning Basse produced the vocals at Vocalbase. The artwork's been created by Kurt Wörsdorfer (a.k.a. Headcrime Artwork).
    The album includes the following tracks:
  1. Le Coeur
  2. House Of Usher
  3. The Prophecy
  4. Roderick
  5. Madeline
  6. Fear
  7. Forbidden Love
  8. The Haunted Palace
  9. Tears
  10. Buried Alive
  11. Can You Hear The Demons
  12. The Fall
  13. Falling Star
  14. Open Your Eyes
  15. Ethelred
You can look forward to modern symphonic Metal with complex orchestral arrangements and groovy rock parts, all held together by the strong & catchy voices of Alma Mathar and Oliver Bandmann.

AETERNITAS' new album House Of Usher is already available for pre-order, and will be released on October 21, 2016 via Massacre Records.
Nuclear Blast / DESTRUCTION 'Europe Under Attack 2016' tour trailer released
Posted by: Denis / 02.09.2016
Legendary German Thrashers DESTRUCTION will return to the road with their Europe Under Attack 2016 Tour this month. The band will join forces with US-based Thrash Metal monsters FLOTSAM & JETSAM, Swedish Metal maniacs ENFORCER and Brazil's NERVOSA.

DESTRUCTION has just released the official tour trailer via YouTube.
    Tour dates
  • 2016-09-15 Pratteln (Z7) CH
  • 2016-09-16 München (Backstage) DE
  • 2016-09-17 Brescia (Circolo Colony) IT
  • 2016-09-18 Ludwigsburg (Rockfabrik) DE
  • 2016-09-20 Bochum (Matrix) DE
  • 2016-09-21 Strasbourg (La Laiterie) FR
  • 2016-09-22 Grenoble (La Belle Electrique) FR
  • 2016-09-23 Marseille (Le Moulin) FR
  • 2016-09-24 Toulouse (Metronum) FR
  • 2016-09-25 Barcelona (Razz2) ES
  • 2016-09-27 Sevilla (Custom) ES
  • 2016-09-28 Lisabon (RCA Club) PT
  • 2016-09-29 Porto (Hard Club) PT
  • 2016-09-30 Madrid (Arena) ES
  • 2016-10-01 Bilbao (Santana 27) ES
  • 2016-10-02 Paris (La Maroquinerie) FR
  • 2016-10-04 Glasgow (Audio) GB
  • 2016-10-05 Dublin (Voodoo Lounge) IE
  • 2016-10-06 Manchester (Club Academy) GB
  • 2016-10-07 London (Underworld) GB
  • 2016-10-08 Rijssen (Lucky) NL
  • 2016-10-09 Drachten (Iduna) NL
  • 2016-10-10 Rostock (M.A.U. Club) DE
  • 2016-10-11 Prag (Storm Club) CZ
  • 2016-10-12 Nürnberg (Hirsch) DE
  • 2016-10-13 Siegburg (Kubana) DE
  • 2016-10-14 Dornbirn (Conrad Sohm) AT
  • 2016-10-15 Hasselt (Muziekodroom) BE
  • 2016-10-16 Mannheim (7er Club) DE

Imperative PR / Apocalyptic Withchcraft release promo video for FROZEN OCEAN 'No Blizzard'
Posted by: Denis / 01.09.2016
Draw your attention to a brand new promotional video clip, just released by Frozen Ocean's label, Apocalyptic Witchcraft. The clip is to support the track No Blizzard, taken from the recent Frozen Ocean EP, The Prowess Of Dormition and it's a suitably chilly viewing experience. Icebergs, frostbite and freezing wastelands abound as the visual tale of polar exploration unfolds. Most importantly though, it's another reminder of the stunning music to be found on The Prowess Of Dormition.

The Prowess Of Dormition features four sprawling tracks of stirring, thrilling, melodic blackened Metal that draw you into a world beyond the everyday, offer you escape to a wild, fantastical ride so perfectly realised you can taste it and feel the cold winds of winter on your face. Let these songs bring your imagination to life, stir your blood and show you realms undreamt of.
Posted by: Denis / 01.09.2016
Portland traditional Heavy Metal outfit SPELLCASTER have announced a series of headlining shows along the West Coast this Fall en route to their upcoming performance at California's Frost & Fire II Festival featuring Cirith Ungol, Midnight, Omen and many more. SPELLCASTER will be joined by Pittsburgh NWOBHM act Midnight Chaser on select dates leading up to the festival in addition to one-off shows with Kataklysm, Visigoth, Hellchamber, Iron Kingdom.

Bassist Gabe Franco commented, "We're really looking forward to hitting the road again. We will be playing cities we have not hit in years and with MIDNIGHT CHASER no less. To top it all off we will be appearing at Frost & Fire Fest II in Ventura, CA with a multitude of killer bands old and new. See you all soon!"

Midnight Chaser vocalist Josh Rodstein also chimed in stating, "Midnight Chaser is stoked to announce five West coast dates leading up to Frost and Fire Fest II with our pals and old Heavy Artillery label mates, Spellcaster!!! Don't miss our triumphant return to the west coast. Bring your moms! Let's Party!"
    Dates are as follows:
  • 9/30 Vancouver, BC – Hindenburg (w/ Hellchamber)
  • 10/1 Victoria, BC – V Lounge (w/ Kataklysm)
  • 10/2 Seattle, WA – Highline * (w/ Visigoth)
  • 10/3 Bend, OR – 3rd St. Pub *
  • 10/4 Reno, NV – Shea’s Tavern *
  • 10/5 San Francisco, CA -Elbo Room *
  • 10/8 Ventura, CA – Frost & Fire II
  • 10/9 Oakland, CA – The Golden Bull
  • 10/10 Eugene, OR – Old Nicks Pub (with Iron Kingdom)
    * with Midnight Chaser
SPELLCASTER's debut PROSTHETIC RECORDS release Night Hides the World was released earlier this year to critical acclaim with likening to some of Metal's most notable acts, for their 'Iron Maiden-esque hooks with Ghost-ish melody' (Angry Metal Guy) and vocalist Tyler Loney's impressive high resonance with 'Queensryche meets Metal Church' swoons.

Nuclear Blast / TWILIGHT FORCE - The Lore Of Lynd
Posted by: Denis / 01.09.2016
TWILIGHT FORCE's label debut called Heroes Of Mighty Magic (Nuclear Blast), was unleashed last Friday. Now the time has come to present the Knights of Twilight's Might the lore of guitar wizard Lynd. Click here to learn more about him.

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"The Evil Divide"

6. Lancer

7. Haken

8. Artillery
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9. Accuser
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10. Voodoo Circle
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12. Mad Smile
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15. X-Japan
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18. Redemption
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20. Witchhammer

21. Witchhammer
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24. Aaron, Lee
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25. Aaron, Lee
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