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May 24th, 2018
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Imperative PR / Californian cemetary dwellers Wurm Flesh sign to Comatose Music! Brutal Death-obsessed debut to follow
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2018
Imperative PR can announce another formidable addition to the Comatose Music roster, with Californian Death machine Wurm Flesh signing on the dotted line. Wurm Flesh began life as a one man band back in 2014, guitarist/vocalist Rob Calhoun breathing life into the fetid corpse after the demise of Siphon Soul. However, since then, Wurm Flesh has hatched new members like parasites on a carcass and they're now a four piece unit, ready to spread their unique brand of putrefaction around the world. This fall Comatose Music will release their debut album, Excoriation Evisceration and carnage will ensue.

Describing what made Wurm Flesh the perfect band for Comatose, label boss Steve Green gave us this statement... "Chaotic tempo changes, stomach churning gutturals, blistering down picked guitar riffs, frenzied blast beats coalesced with extended range, low-end bass carnage. This brutal Death Metal quartet rises from the rancid soils to consume all that is weak. For we all die and become fodder for the belly crawlers. Where kings and beggars are finally one and equal with the maggots!"

Get those shovels ready, because this is the kind of Death Metal you dig out of graves!
Sonic Night Music artist ALIAS debuts new music video 'Take The Light'
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2018
80s Progressive/Power Metal band ALIAS' self-titled debut album and follow-up Metal To Infinity have been remastered to celebrate the bands 30th anniversary and have released a new music video for Take The Light. The self-titled debut was released on November 3rd with Metal To Infinity due November 17th, 2017 via Sonic Night Music Club.

The band's rise coincided with the beginnings of the worldwide Progressive/Power Metal movement that was being led by such bands as Queensryche and Fates Warning. Within that new movement, the band was praised by publications such as Hit Parader, Kerrang, Aarschok America and Metal Forces and received airplay from a new breed of stations like KNAC in Los Angeles, WKNH, WFBG and WRTN in New York looking for the next big thing. The bands songs ran the gamut of Metal styles with Melodic Metal fair such as Prisoner of Dreams and Metal To Infinity with Progressive arrangements such as Alpha Omega and Dreamer and thrashy tunes such as Knight of the Realm, The System and Ultraviolence.
GlobMetal Promotions / Cumbomb released new album
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2018
Australian Grindcore band Cumbomb released their new album Does This Look Offended?. The album was released thru Disposable Culture label, and recorded/mixed and mastered in Oracle Sound Records by Jay Huxtable.

Cumbomb was formed in 2017 at Perth, Western Australia by Mike (Vocals, Bass) and Jay (Vocals, Guitars, Drums). Last year the band released 2 albums Forced Waste Consumption and Capitalism is Pretty Cool and start touring Australia.
Furia Music Press / Shadowside begins Shades of Humanity Tour in the USA
Posted by: Denis / 18.05.2018
Shadowside started past week the tour of their new album Shades of Humanity in the USA supporting legendary Canadian band Anvil.

The American tour goes through 28 cities and is the onstage debut with Shadowside of Swedish bass player Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall). The band already played in Buffalo (NY), New York (NY), Cambridge (MA), Portland (ME) and Philadelphia (PA), and continues today with a show in St Louis (MO) at Fubar.
  • May 02 - Buffalo, New York
  • May 03 - New York, New York
  • May 04 - Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • May 05 - Portland, Maine
  • May 06 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • May 10 - St Louis, Missouri
  • May 11 - Charleston, West Virginia
  • May 12 - Richmond, Virginia
  • May 13 - Washington, DC
  • May 17 - Atlanta, Georgia
  • May 18 - Memphis, Tennessee
  • May 19 - Dallas, Texas
  • May 20 - Austin, Texas
  • May 24 - Portland, Oregon
  • May 26 - Seattle, Washington
  • May 27 - Eugene, Oregon
  • May 30 - Petaluma, California
  • May 31 - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • June 01 - San Diego, California
  • June 02 - Fullerton, California
  • June 03 - West Hollywood, California
  • June 06 - Denver, Colorado
  • June 07 - Lincoln, Nebraska
  • June 08 - Rock Island, Illinois
  • June 09 - Chicago, Illinois
  • June 10 - Detroit, Michigan
  • June 14 - Lexington, Kentucky
  • June 16 - Canton, Ohio

Hacky Hackmann / Heavatar
Posted by: Denis / 09.05.2018
Just let you know that Hacky Hackmann did backing vocals again for the band Heavatar, who recently released their new album Opus II - The Annihilation.

METALMESSAGE / ATRIUM NOCTIS - symphonic Dark/Black Metal - new music video
Posted by: Denis / 09.05.2018
On April 23, the Cologne formation around keyboarder Hydra Gorgonia released their new music video for the song Zerberons Erwachen. Sascha Krüger of Imotion Factory was responsible for the shoot. It was filmed in a real stalactite cave and in the middle of the forest in a clearing that unfolded its special appeal through trees that had fallen from the storm.

While many bands in the Black Metal genre are constantly experimenting with new stylistic devices, ATRIUM NOCTIS continues to rely entirely on a traditional, mystic-occult performance. Thus, on the one hand, to the proven origins of this guild is paid homage, but the formation performs also with a good deal of autonomy.

Under the earth: the whole thing has been recorded under arduous circumstances at the beginning of January 2018 in the stalactite cave Wiehl, under a forest in the mystical Siebengebirge. The cave, located 50 km east of Cologne, is about 20 meters underground, there prevail about 8 degrees Celsius.

Concerning the content of their new music video, ATRIUM NOCTIS hope that the inclined spectators will be able to surprise as mystically as possible - at the visualized threshold between this world and the hereafter whose boundaries are thematically blurred in Zerberons Erwachen.
Season of Mist / Rotting Christ
Posted by: Denis / 09.05.2018
ROTTING CHRIST have released a brand new live video for the track Κατά τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού taken from their latest release Their Greatest Spells. The video was shot during the band's headlining anniversary concert in Athens, Greece last year.

ROTTING CHRIST front-man Sakis comments: "We present you our brand new official live video for the track Κατά τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού, a song that is present in almost all our live set lists. It represents the band's attitude in metal and life in general; 'Do what thou wilt, this is the whole of the law.' See you soon in the battle!"

Posted by: Denis / 09.05.2018
Adelaide-based Thrash Metal three-piece Hidden Intent have signed a deal with Scarlet Records for the release of their new album Fear, Prey, Demise. The Aussie band have been carving their way through the masses with their unabashedly unapologetic '80s-throwback Thrash Metal, a form of music that wholly embraces its American and European roots in the Bay Area, Scandinavian and Teutonic Thrash scenes. Being lauded for their 'energetic' live show and the 'party Thrash' they play for their audience, the Adelaide trio have continued to build their name well into the now.

With lead vocalist/bassist Chris McEwen (ex-Abyzmal, ex-Obsidian Aspect) at the helm, and the lead guitars of riff-lord and backing vocalist Phil Bennett (ex-Desert Eagle/TKBF), the trio is completed with the more recent addition of Paul Lewis (Hawkai, ex-Death Boundaries, ex-Tidal) on drums.

Entering into 2018, Hidden Intent ride off the back of such accomplishments as releasing their first full-length album, Walking Through Hell in 2014; supporting Danish Thrash Metal icons Artillery for their 'Made in China' tour in 2015; sharing the stage in their hometown with Helloween, Queensrÿche, Anvil, Venom Inc; achieving national support for Nuclear Assault Australian tour; playing large festivals in both Australia and abroad, including Full Terror Assault in the US, Bangkok Thrash Festival in Thailand, The New Dead Metal Festival and Blacken Open Air in Australia. Their highly anticipated new album, Fear, Prey, Demise, was mixed and mastered by Andrew Kite at Against The Grain Studios and will be released on July 6th. 2018 is the year of Thrash!
Imperative PR / The new video from De Profundis
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2018
De Profundis soon to be released new album, The Blinding Light Of Faith is having an incredible impact on the Metal world, with rapturous reviews springing up wherever it lands. In support of this monumental Death Metal release the band have entered into a partnership with Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art to create a visual realisation of the entire album. Each song will be represented by a stunning video with interlinking narrative themes and atmospheric palettes and these will all come together, over the course of 2018, to bring to life a wholly different way of immersing yourself in the glorious darkness of The Blinding Light Of Faith.

We have already seen the Godforsaken video and now follows the breathtaking imagery summoned up for the opening track of The Blinding Light Of Faith, Obsidian Spires. The Obsidian Spires video launches now.
METALMESSAGE / INFINITAS aim at the Swiss charts with their new single 'Skylla'
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2018
INFINITAS aim at the Swiss charts! On May 4th the Swiss band around singer and energy bundle Andrea Böll releases their new 4-track single Skylla! For the title track of the single, INFINITAS also released an official music video on April 15th.
  1. Skylla 4:50
  2. Conclusio 0:59
  3. Samael (Acoustic Version) 3:35
  4. Leprechaun 3:59
GlobMetal Promotions / TE?RATOMORF released new single
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2018
Russian Heavy Metal band TE?RATOMORF released their new single World of Illusions. The single was recorded at the band home studio and mixed/mastered by Nikolai Bazhenov.

TE?RATOMORF is one of the most recognizable bands in Moscow Heavy Metal underground scene. The fame came to the musicians after publication of the first EP I am legend that was released in January, 2014. The song Sudba recorded in a duet with Arthur Berkut (ex-Aria) became the hallmark of the group. In 2017 the band released their debut album Tvorez Zhelani.
Imperative PR / Black Metal demons Formicarius announced as special guests on De Profundis' UK Tour
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2018
Fearsome Black Metal troupe Formicarius will be joining the masters of dark, Death Metal, De Profundis on their summer 2018 UK Tour. Formicarius will be very special guests on all De Profundis' UK headline dates by arrangement with Artery Global and in association with Zero Tolerance Magazine, which means visits to Manchester, Glasgow, Ipswich, Plymouth and London for the feral fivesome.

Formicarius are still riding high on the success of their debut album, Black Mass Ritual which was released by Schwarzdorn Productions on July 21st last year. The band are currently hard at work writing the follow up to Black Mass Ritual and hope to have their second offering of symphonic darkness ready for release in early 2019.

While we wait for more glorious drama and ferocity to emerge from the studio, don't miss the Formicarius live experience heading to a venue near you soon...
  • 9th June – Star & Garter – Manchester
  • 10th June – Ivory Blacks – Glasgow
  • 15th June – The Swan – Ipswich
  • 16th June – Underground – Plymouth
  • 17th June – Black Heart - London
darkSIGN-RECORDS / Gothic Rock act Cradle of Haze new single 'Stupid Boy'
Posted by: Denis / 08.05.2018
German Gothic Rock act Cradle of Haze surprises with a remake of a 20 year old song.

The new edition of the song Stupid Boy is not just any old song but the first song that Cradle of Haze founder Thorsten Eligehausen wrote and recorded completely on his own during his music career - and that on May 3, 1998, exactly 20 years ago.

The original and first version of Stupid Boy was never released, only one variation made it to the fourth Cradle of Haze album In the Name of the Cross, which was released in 2003 - also on May 3rd.

"The original versions of Stupid Boy are good but not good enough to be released today. The equipment available to me at that time was not sufficient to produce music that can be released today. Unfortunately, due to various hard disk crashes and other accidents, only mp3 versions are left to me, which cannot be saved anymore or can be adapted to today's music standard", says Eligehausen.

Why re-release such an old song?

"We didn't plan this! It was all about testing a bunch of new software and hardware and because I couldn't think of anything better I reproduced this song 'in a hurry' and something completely new developed. Whether it was the new, better sound of the newly bought equipments or the song that reminded me of my beginnings or the beginning at which I made the decision to go my own musical way I do not know, but the more the result formed, the more fun it was and at some point I realized that I just invented the future sound of Cradle of Haze and there was no stopping it", says Eligehausen.

After the 2017 album Sirenen Cradle of Haze now deliver a remake of a historically important song from the founder's point of view and surprise with new sound and - for the newer fans of Cradle of Haze - additionally with English lyrics.

Who has followed the development of Cradle of Haze a little bit knows that one has never committed oneself to a musical direction but has always produced music, as the mood required it straight. So it's not surprising that the song Stupid Boy moves a little bit in the direction of Dark Wave from the usual genre Gothic Rock. A driving rhythm, a lot of lyrics and melodic vocals distinguish this song from the productions of the recent past. The story behind the song follows the usual Cradle of Haze standard or was brought to life with this song. You hold up a mirror to humanity and sometimes say relatively bluntly what doesn't fit or package it in morbid and bizarre messages that convey the same thing when you listen more closely - if you are receptive to it as a listener and engage in it. Motivated and inspired by the new equipment and the resulting possibilities, after the completion of Stupid Boy Eligehausen started to re-release further 'lost' or little-noticed songs from the past and it is quite conceivable that by the end of 2018 there will be an album that will bring the old treasures of the Cradle of Haze world to the surface in a new guise.
Ethernity signs with AFM
Posted by: Denis / 04.05.2018
Belgian Progressive Melodic Metal band ETHERNITY is the newest addition to the AFM Records roster. The group's self-released debut album Obscure Illusions was released in March 2015 and featured guest appearances by Tom S Englund (Evergrey), Kelly Sundown (Civil War (the band)) and Mark Basile (DGM). It was produced by DGM's Simone Mularoni.

A new ETHERNITY album will be released in late Summer.
  • Julie Colin: Vocals
  • Julien Spreutels: Keyboards
  • Nicolas Spreutels: Drums
  • Francesco Mattei: Lead Guitar
  • François Spreutels: Bass
  • Thomas Henry: Guitar
AFM / ROSS THE BOSS 'Devil's Day' lyric video released
Posted by: Denis / 04.05.2018
Well, at least if it's up to the mighty Ross The Boss and his Ross The Boss Band - here is a lyric video for Devil's Day, taken from the band's new album By Blood Sworn. Play it loud & enjoy!

Cruz del Sur Music / BATTLEROAR reveals cover art, tracklisting for ‘Codex Epicus’
Posted by: Denis / 04.05.2018
Greek epic/Power Metal force BATTLEROAR has revealed the cover art and track listing for their forthcoming studio album, Codex Epicus. Due on June 15 via Cruz Del Sur Music, the Codex Epicus album art was created by Vagelis Petikas of Revolver Design.

The follow-up to 2014's Blood Of Legends was recorded at Devasoundz Studios in Athens, Greece and features a guest appearance from MANILLA ROAD guitarist/vocalist Mark Shelton on the song Sword of the Flame, reprising a role he first took on with The Wanderer, which appears on BATTLEROAR's 2005 album, The Age of Chaos.

Comments BATTLEROAR guitarist Kostas Tzortzis: "Mark is one of my biggest musical influences, my mentor and my brother. I am lucky enough to know him personally for more than 16 years and we have shared many experiences in many different places on this planet! So, during the creation of this album, I found myself drained of inspiration, with a nice song on my hands half-finished, but with absolutely no idea how to get it done. Time was running out and I was getting desperate, so I thought of asking Mark for help. Mark has never failed me and this time was no different. He wrote the lyrics, created the vocal lines, sang them and he even added a guitar solo in the end of the song. The rest is history..."

BATTLEROAR will support Codex Epicus with extensive live shows across Europe.

Nuclear Blast / EPICA launches new music video for 'Universal Love Squad'
Posted by: Denis / 04.05.2018
Dutch symphonic Metal giants EPICA have launched a brand new music video for the track Universal Love Squad. The video was filmed at their recent sold out 1000th Show Anniversary at 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands in front of 3000 ecstatic fans! Universal Love Squad shows a different and more intimate side to the band, as it is the acoustic version of another EPICA track entitled Universal Death Squad, released earlier in 2016 on the album The Holographic Principle. In occasion of their 1000th show anniversary, EPICA performed this track for the very first time live, which resulted in this astonishing music video!

EPICA's Mark Jansen (band founder & guitarist) comments: "At the 1000th show we performed for the first time ever the acoustic version of Universal Death Squad which became Universal Love Squad. As many fans kept asking us to play something acoustic live, we couldn't resist any longer. We want to thank our fans from all over the world for all these fantastic shows and hopefully there will be a 1000 more to come! :)"

After two years of literally non-stop touring worldwide, this summer EPICA will perform their last batch of festivals of their current touring cycle! With performances on the legendary Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico City, Wacken Open Air in Germany or at Slovenia's magical Metaldays, among other festivals, EPICA will give all Metal fans one last party before their well-deserved touring break!
    Festival shows of EPICA:
  • 05.05. MX Hell & Heaven Festival
  • 15.06. E Zamora - Z! Live Rock Fest
  • 21.06. N Halden - Tons of Rock
  • 05.07. CH Pratteln - Z7 Open Air (w/ ELUVEITIE, EXCELSIS)
  • 06./07.07. RO Bucharest - Metalhead Meeting
  • 25.07. H Székesfehérvár - Fezen Festival
  • 27.07. SLO Tolmin - Metaldays
  • 03.08. D Wacken - Wacken Open Air
  • 11.08. B Kortrijk - Alcatraz Metal Festival
  • 17.08. CZ Moravský Krumlov - Rock Heart
  • 18.08. A Graz - Metal on the Hills

Nuclear Blast / AMORPHIS release third album trailer, talking about the studio recordings
Posted by: Denis / 04.05.2018
Melancholic progressive metallers AMORPHIS are about to unleash their latest offering entitled Queen Of Time on May 18th via Nuclear Blast! Now the band releases their third album trailer, talking about the studio recordings and revealing first journalists reactions during the album presentation.

Imperative PR / NecroticGoreBeast sign to Comatose Music! Debut album set for 2019
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2018
Imperative PR are excited to announce a new signing for our partners at Comatose Music. Canadian brutal slam Death outfit NecroticGoreBeast have taken their place in the Comatose ranks. Comatose Music are notorious throughout the metal world for their dedication to the most crushing music in existence, so when label boss Steve Green describes NecroticGoreBeast's forthcoming debut album as "one of the heaviest and most brutal releases ever" you know you're in for something staggeringly savage and mind blowing in its ferocity.

Formed in May 2017, NecroticGoreBeast is a slamming brutal Death Metal band from Quebec, Canada. Influenced by bands like Analepsy, Cryptopsy, Devourment, Pathology, the band brings their own twist to the slam scene with a technical approach like few in the genre can achieve. With their debut album scheduled for late 2019, NecroticGoreBeast is poised to make a murderous assault on the Death Metal underground. Be prepared for one of the heaviest and most brutal releases ever that is certain to be an absolute bone crusher!
GlobMetal Promotions / Motör Militia released new album
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2018
Bahraini Thrash Metal band Motör Militia have released their new album World in Flames. The album was recorded and mixed by Hani Taqi at Studio 77 Bahrain. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music NY, USA.

Formed in 2001 at Sar, Bahrain by Abdulla Muijrers and his school mates Motör Militia is regarded as one of the first Metal bands in the Arabian Gulf and Middle East to record and release a full-length album of original material on an independent label.The band debut album The Sound of Violence was released in 2004. In 2007 the band regrouped with a new lineup and continued where they left off. In 2011 the band released their second album Cloaked in Darkness which became the cultivation of the work of a band that refused to lie down.
  • Abdulla Muijrers Drums (2001-present)
  • Hisham Alawadhi Guitars (2007-present)
  • Ahmed Janahi Guitars (2014-present)
  • John Baker Vocals (2016-present)
  • Mohammed Alkhuzaie Bass (2017-present)
ALBERTO RIGONI feat. MARCO MINNEMANN - New promo materials available from GerMusica Promotion
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2018
After the release of six albums between 2008 and 2017, Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (soloist, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, founder of Bassists Alliance Project, ex Twinspirits) is now going to release EvoRevolution, an instrumental Prog/Rock/ambient concept album which features worldwide known drummer Marco Minnemann (The Artistocrats, Paul Gilbert). EvoRevolution consists in a 33mins 'concept' suite divided in 6 chapters and in a second track called Back to Life.

Minnemann: "Alberto approached me with the idea of adding drums to a fairly long piece composed mainly on the bass guitar. It goes in chapters and takes you on a trip through a variation of sensitive and dynamic soundscapes, leads through heavy rock song like parts, odd meter Prog or Jazz orientated sections and many more surprises. I was immediately up for this adventure and also enjoyed the musical freedom I was given for this production. Truly an enjoyable and great time being part of this release."

Alberto: "The composition and production of this album have been the most challenging I've ever done. I tried to bring my bass to another level and, together with Marco's drumming, I think (and hope) we created a unique sound."
Imperative PR / Russian dark metal gods Dominia visit the UK for the first time, for special London show
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2018
Imperative PR are pleased to be part of the team promoting a very special gig that will take place at The Lounge, on London's Archway Road, on June 15th. In conjunction with Rock Solid Promotions, MSH Music Group are bringing Russian masters of darkness, Dominia to the UK for the very first time. Since forming in 1999 Dominia have developed their music into a heady blend of doomed atmospherics, symphonic, gothic drama and powerful, Melodic Death Metal. With albums like Divine Revolution and Stabat Mater they have stolen the hearts of many a fan and have just released a brand new single, Suprema, through MSH Music Group.

The supporting cast for this historic performance is as diverse as it is exciting, featuring the wild, genre crossing irreverence of Raised By Owls, the pure Death Metal of Cadaver Soiree, the technical brutality of Sphinx and the uncompromising Metal of Parabyss.

Tickets are available from seetickets, priced at just £9 for standard entry. There is also a limited V.I.P. ticket option which includes:
  1. A free Cadaver Soiree cassette
  2. 2) A free beer
  3. 3) Access to soundcheck
  4. 4) The chance to meet all the bands performing
One of these V.I.P. tickets is currently up for grabs in a competition – just 'like' the Rock Solid Promotions Facebook page by May 30th to be in with a chance of winning!
Imperative PR / De Profundis announce UK Tour for Summer 2018 and Bloodstock Festival appearance
Posted by: Denis / 28.04.2018
The new album from De Profundis, The Blinding Light Of Faith, will be released through Transcending Obscurity Records on May 10th. The media reception to this darkest, heaviest release by one of the UK's finest Death Metal bands has been nothing short of rapturous and tracks that have premiered at sites like Metal Injection and Decibel Magazine have created a huge sense of anticipation for the album's release.

Now there is even more for death metal fans to look forward to, as De Profundis announce their first leg of touring in support of The Blinding Light Of Faith. Now Imperative PR can reveal the details of a six date headlining UK tour, by arrangement with Artery Global and in association with Zero Tolerance Magazine, taking in Manchester, Glasgow, Ipswich, Plymouth and London – as well as an appearance at the mighty Bloodstock Open Air festival with Judas Priest and Emperor.
  • June 9th – Star & Garter – Manchester
  • June 10th – Ivory Blacks – Glasgow
  • June 15th – The Swan – Ipswich
  • June 16th – Underground – Plymouth
  • June 17th – Black Heart – London
  • August 9th-12th – Bloodstock Open Air – Derbyshire
Don't miss what promises to be one of the most intense live experiences of the year, as The Blinding Light Of Faith shines out across the UK.
GlobMetal Promotions / Caesarius released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 21.04.2018
Russian Power Metal band Caesarius released their debut EP Dreamland. The EP drums were recorded at Blues Minus Studio by Victor Farafontov, and all the other were recorded in the band home studio.

Caesarius was formed at Moscow by Vasi Lichtenberg in 2017, that wanna play old school Power Metal. Soon after Andrew Gluss (guitar), Slava Salinger (guitar), Sergius Harrington (bass) and Vitaly Virbul (drums) joined the band and the lineup was completed.
  1. Werewolf
  2. Kingdom Of Fun
  3. Dragon
  4. Dreamland
Som do Darma / Imagery: Brazil's Progressive Power trio launches new music video 'The Ordeal'
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2018
Joceir Bertoni (vocal/guitar), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass) and Bruno Pamplona (drums/vocal) are collectively known as Imagery, the most dangerous power trio of the Brazilian Progressive Rock scene!

When Imagery came to light they surprised even the most optimistic forecast. Definitely! After all, who would expect that a power trio from the countryside of Brazil that plays Progressive Rock mixed with Heavy Metal and Jazz would reap many fruits with so little time of career and just one album released?

It all started with the release show of The Inner Journey, their debut album, which came during the opening for Focus, the legendary Progressive Rock group, in 2012.

Then, the impact of the album in the national press might not have been better. The Inner Journey was also nominated for Dynamite Prize as one of the 'Best Brazilian Heavy Metal Albums' of 2012.

Right on the next year, Imagery gave one of the most important steps in its career that was the signing of a distribution agreement with the U.S. label Cleopatra Records (Tangerine Dream, Nektar, Hawkwind, Motörhead, Yes, Asia) that already released the album The Inner Journey in North America, Europe and Asia.

In 2014, the paths of Imagery and Focus crossed again. Imagery performed two more shows with Focus in Curitiba and Florianopolis. Imagery also visited many other cities in Brazil during the tour in promotion for The Inner Journey.

Since then, the band have been working on the compositions for its next album, still untitled. And after the release of three singles, Blinded Nation, People Say, End Of The Line, the band now presents a new one, The Ordeal.

"Like Start The War from our debut album, The Ordeal is a new version for an old song - Depois from Revoult's album I, the embryo of Imagery", explains drummer Bruno Pamplona, composer of lyrics and music. "The Ordeal comprehensively addresses, in retrospect, the human tribulation. It's almost a 'look back' at strenuous situations and difficult times in anyone's life trajectory."

Song and video were recorded at Plugue Estudio in Londrina/Brazil with the production by Júlio Anizelli and Bruno Pamplona. The video production is signed by Usina de Ideias.
Imperative PR / Death Metal superpower Posthuman Abomination unleash their debut album, Transcending Embodiment, on Comatose Music
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2018
Imperative PR are proud to welcome to the roster a new superpower in the world of brutal Death Metal. Posthuman Abomination may be an epithet freshly inscribed in the annals of annihilation, but this brutal Death Metal machine was spawned in the imaginations of men well versed in the arts of clinical cruelty. Bringing together current and ex- members of Devangelic, Fecal God, Natrium, Modus Deliciti, Pit Of Toxic Slime, Vomit The Soul, Posthuman Abomination is an elite unit of twisted, bludgeoning, blasting, technical death metal destruction. Originally formed as a long distance, collaborative studio side project, the members of Posthuman Abomination quickly realised they had summoned to life something far too potent and powerful to be given anything less than their full devotion and dedication. Their 2017 demo, Crafting Life, drew the attention of Comatose Music – one of the world's leading labels when it comes to all things malevolent and battering. An alliance was quickly forged and now it is time to unveil the first diseased fruits of this union – Transcending Embodiment!

From the opening, title track onwards Transcending Embodiment is a full frontal assault on the senses. The guitars weave intricate razor wire patterns around your body, neatly and effectively dissecting the flesh while the bass and drums pound your bones to dust. Vocalist Lorenzo Orrù adds the final terrifying touch with his bestial roars and intimidating intonations, completing a sound spawned in nightmares.

This band, this album, possess firepower that few can comprehend, let alone match. Prepare for destruction, prepare for transformation and reconstruction, prepare for Posthuman Abomination!
  1. Transcending Embodiment
  2. Systematic Ecophagy
  3. Cyberbrain Drain
  4. Autogenetic
  5. Apocatastasis
  6. Crafting Life
  7. Simulacra-Simulation
  8. Planned Obsolescence
  9. Posthuman
Som do Darma / Maestrick inks deal with Marquee/Avalon from Japan
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2018
The subjective and artistic fulfillment always came first for the members of Maestrick, the Brazilian Prog Rock/Metal band. Cultural relevance versus the market tendencies. When you can align this with the economic incentive coming from the market, surely one has the best configuration for the production and diffusion of a musical project. This is the case of Maestrick who has just signed a three-album deal with Japan's largest record label and one of the most important record labels in the world, Marquee/Avalon.

Same label of bands like Yes, Epica, Foreigner, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Edguy, Haken, Queensrÿche, Cavalera Conspiracy, among others, Avalon was founded in 1997 as a division (for the phonographic market) of Marquee Incorporated Co Ltda. First Maestrick's release on the label will be the album Espresso Della Vita: Solare that will hit the stores in Japan on May 23th.

Espresso Della Vita: Solare is the group's new studio album, successor of the acclaimed debut album, Unpuzzle!, and the EP The Trick Side Of Some Songs that included new versions that Maestrick did for classics of Beatles, Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rainbow. Espresso Della Vita: Solare is the first part of a conceptual album that makes an observation of the human life by the perspective of a train trip. The album was produced by Adair Daufembach (Tony Macalpine, Hibria, Hangar) that was also responsible for recording all the guitars of the album.

"How many times I got caught up on the site of a major record company, looking at the cast and dreaming that one day a band I was part of would have a work artistically relevant enough to be in the midst of my idols. Basically this is what this contract with Marquee/Avalon represents for me and for my brothers in Maestrick", said Fabio Caldeira, lead singer of Maestrick.

Besides Fabio, Maestrick is also formed by Heitor Matos (drums), Renato Montanha (bass) and Neemias Teixeira (keyboards). The quartet is in fact prepared to take advantage of every opportunity a contract of this magnitude can provide to a band like the Maestrick.

"It's a dream come true, it's a new stage that starts and more than anything we're ready for the new horizons that this trip will take us", added the singer.

Espresso Della Vita: Solare will bring the tracks
  1. Origami
  2. I a.m. Living
  3. Rooster Race
  4. Daily View
  5. Water Birds
  6. Keep Trying
  7. The Seed
  8. Far West
  9. Across The River
  10. Penitência
  11. Hijos De La Tierra
  12. Trainsition
  13. The Creation - Japanese version bonus track
GlobMetal Promotions / Piercing Immortality released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2018
American Heavy Metal band Piercing Immortality have released their debut EP Systematic Global Poisoning. The EP was recorded at Dexters Lab Studios and mixed by Nick Bellmore, mastered by Chris Zeus Harris.

Piercing Immortality was formed in 2016 Bristol, Connecticut by guitarist Keith Pearson. In 2017 Scott Wawrzyniak (vocals) and John Gagne (drums) joined the band and the guys went to the studio to record their debut release.
Jolly Roger Records / Arca Progjet album, feat. Mauro Pagani (P.F.M.), Arti & Mestieri
Posted by: Denis / 20.04.2018
Jolly Roger Records is proud to announce Arca Progjet's self-titled debut album, born from an idea of Alex Jorio (Elektradrive drummer) and his best friend Gregorio Verdun (bass, keys), together with Sergio Toya (vocals), Carlo Maccaferri (guitar) and Filippo Dagasso (keys, programmings) will be available on LP (first 100 copies blue vinyl), CD, digital from 11st May.

Arca Progjet, an elegant and tasteful Hard Rock Progressive with Italian lyrics, features as very special guests heroes of the Italian Prog scene as Mauro Pagani (P.F.M. and collaborations with artists as F. De Andre', Timoria, Gianna Nannini, Ligabue, ...), Gigi Venegoni and Arturo Vitale (Arti & Mestieri).

At this link is possible to listen to 3 audio tracks in streaming and pre-order from Jolly Roger Records.

Arca videoclip, featuring Arturo Vitale on sax.
    Arca Progjet tracklist:
  1. ARCA
  11. AQUA (CD Bonus Track)
AXEMASTER signs new management deal
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2018
AXEMASTER is very proud to announce that the band has signed with Smoke N Phire Productions for complete management services. Smoke N Phire is a young company that has quickly risen in both scope and stature to where they have become a force in the music business. Axemaster joins a great roster of artists the company works with that includes bands such as Stonebreed and Dopesick.

Mary Feller, head of Smoke N Phire Productions, stated: "We treat all our artists as family and give them the freedom to concentrate on their music and know that everything else is being taken care of. We are very honored to announce that Axemaster has been brought into that family for our management services. Look for more info on tours coming soon!"

METALMESSAGE / METALWINGS (classic symphonic Metal) debut album 'For All Beyond'
Posted by: Artyom 'Sava' / 13.04.2018
On April 19th is the release of the much-anticipated debut album, for which METALWINGS wrote beautiful anthems. It may legitimately be reckoned with a solemn, inspiring SYMPHONIC METAL highlight, which will be able to compete with the greats of the profession! Check the promising album trailer for For All Beyond.
The fact that the enthusiastic music of these Bulgarian big-hearts wanders directly into the soul, is due to several strengths of the exceptionally artistic minds.

METALWINGS with the classically trained frontwoman Stela Atanasova have an exquisite singer whose bell-light and beguilingly feminine, operetta-like voice stands out high from the mass of the genre. With her violin, the soulful vocalist also conjures magical moments of sound.

The hymn-melodic and epically uplifting CLASSIC SYMPHONIC METAL of the Sofia based formation combines the finest elements of classical music and the timeless world of opera.

The fact that such music can be extremely powerful, without going into excessive degrees of hardness, the Bulgarians prove with absolute artistic bravura. Crisply added, sovereignly played rock nuances also provide for extensive listening pleasure.

Founded by allrounder Stela in 2010, she had a clear musical vision in mind from the start, making the catchy songs so compact, homogenous, compositionally perfect and altogether masterful.

In May 2016, METALWINGS released their debut EP Fallen Angel In The Hell after several single releases, whereupon they convincingly show off their own definition of romantic Metal beauty with four excellent compositions.
Weight Of Emptiness sign management deal with GlobMetal Promotions
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2018
Chilean Doom/Melodic Death Metal band Weight Of Emptiness has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

Weight Of Emptiness was formed in 2012 at Santiago, Chile, when the former members from the missing band Twilight Mist, Juan Acevedo and Alejandro Bravo on guitars and Alejandro Ruiz on vocals, started to make their first compositions. The band debut album Anfractuous Moments for Redemption was released in March 2017. It was recorded at The Farm Studio by Juan Acevedo and mixed/mastered by Richard Iturra. On March 22, 2018 the album Anfractuous Moments for Redemption was re-edited in Mexico in a co-production of the labels Concreto Records and Sun Empire Productions.
Imperative PR / Mind Enemies - Revenge (Italian Progressive Melodic heavy Metal)
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2018
It's not often that you come across an album that combines an individuality of sound with technical prowess and an accessibility of song writing. It's even rarer to find such an album created entirely by one man...

Giuseppe Caruso is not your average Metal musician. He has studied percussion and guitar at some of the finest music colleges in Italy, taught percussion at the Institute of Science Poerio in Foggia and has experience of drumming with both thrash and traditional Metal bands. Giuseppe started the Mind Enemies project in 2010 and recorded his first songs at Nadir Music in 2011, under the guidance of Tommy Talamanca of Progressive Death metallers Sadist. In 2013 the first Mind Enemies EP was released. A tour of Russia followed before Guiseppe settled down to work on the first full length Mind Enemies album.

Revenge combines immaculately structured songs with wonderful, spiralling lead work that lifts everything to another level. Guiseppe's six string wizardry is breathtaking at times, but always woven expertly into the fabric of the songs it adorns, filling each song with life and colour. Songs like My World balance intricate rhythm work and complex riffs with simple, melodic vocal lines, giving that accessible quality to the virtuoso music. Each song captures different moods and feelings, with the positivity of Dream Time providing a bright contrast to the contemplative The Dark Life. Revenge is an album of depth that rewards repeated listening, revealing more with each play, although the dextrous solos can spellbind in an instant.

Revenge was first unveiled in late 2017, but with little promotional support its arrival went criminally unnoticed. Now the album is heading out into the world with the fanfare it deserves, where it will surely be welcomed with open arms by fans of top quality Metal music.
  • Giuseppe Caruso – voice, guitar, drums and bass
  • RELEASE DATE: 01/02/18
  • Genre: Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal
  • For fans of: Dream Theater, Nevermore, Tool, Engine
  1. The Black Warrior
  2. Goya
  3. Wild Existence
  4. My World
  5. Dream Time
  6. The Dark Life
  7. Angel of Consciousness
  8. The Rock Rite
  9. Revenge
Imperative PR / Solitary premiere the stunning new video for thrash masterpiece 'Wait'
Posted by: Denis / 13.04.2018
Imperative PR are pleased to announce the release of a brand new promo video from the kings of UK Thrash, Solitary. Wait is taken from the band's critically acclaimed album The Diseased Heart Of Society, which was released late last year.

Wait is a no holds barred thrash attack, full of precision riffing, anger and attitude and this simple, powerful but elegant visual presentation draws out every drop of concentrated intensity.

Meanwhile the band are currently running a special offer on all copies of The Diseased Heart Of Society purchased through their online shop. Everyone who picks up The Diseased Heart Of Society CD will also receive a copy of Solitary's neck-snapping live album, I Promise To Thrash Forever, absolutely free!

Solitary have several high profile gigs coming up in the next few months, with appearances at Thrashersaurus, Metal 2 The Masses, Mosh Against Cancer, Dragonfest 6 and Hordes Of Belial all confirmed, as well as a special guest slot at Shrapnel's show at Rebellion in Manchester on July 21st.

In further Solitary news, front man Rich Sherrington's biography of the band he has led since 1994 – I Promise To Thrash Forever: The Solitary Story is now available from Amazon in Kindle format.

A final word of warning – with the 20th Anniversary of Solitary's debut album, Nothing Changes, just around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for a very special release...
Epiphany sign management deal with GlobMetal Promotions
Posted by: Denis / 05.04.2018
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal band Epiphany has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

Epiphany was formed by Robert Fulton-Hamilton in 2015 at Derby, England as a solo project dedicated to showcasing his song writing and performance with aggressive vocals and guitar work. The band released their debut album Epiphany Presents: The Noah Darke Series Vol. 1 was released thru Headwires Records in summer 2017, and was mixed and mastered by Callum Wimhurst with Headwires.
Sonic Night Music artist PERFECT DEFECT debuts new music video 'My People'
Posted by: Denis / 05.04.2018
Hard Rock band PERFECT DEFECT has released a new music video for Love Song. The self-titled debut was released on October 27th, 2017 via Sonic Night Music Club.

New Southern Hard Rock band PERFECT DEFECT's debut reflects a deep trip through a vinyl album collection of both laidback and down and dirty tracks. The band combines unequal parts Hard Rock, blues, and country to create something new yet familiar.

The album's loose grooves were achieved by recording the rhythm tracks (drums, bass, guitar) live in single takes with no overdubs. Then, the guitar solos and vocals were added to complete the feel of being right there. PERFECT DEFECT deftly move from rockers like Rollin’ With G and Bad Girls to the bluesy Ultra Blue and Southern-infused tracks like Treat Your Man and Used To Believe on a journey through deep album tracks.

They are currently in rotation on over 120 radio stations in the U.S. including TOP 30 listings in major markets such as New York City, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Dallas.
GlobMetal Promotions / Santtu Niemelä will release his new album in October
Posted by: Denis / 05.04.2018
Finnish Power/Progressive Metal musician Santtu Niemelä entered the studio to record his new album Road To Hell that will be released this autumn. The album will be recorded in Flying Camel Studio.

Santtu Niemelä is a Heavy Metal artist from Loimaa, Finland. In December of 2016 he released his first cover album Boat on the River of Blood, where he made Metal covers of some old pop/rock songs and songs from popular games and movies. In August 2017 Santtu released his second album Forgotten Souls.
Imperative PR / Cypriot Punk Metal troupe Infected Syren premiere their latest video
Posted by: Denis / 05.04.2018
Imperative PR are delighted to be working with the Cypriot high-energy explosion Infected Syren – a Molotov cocktail of Metal, Punk and madness! They will be helping the band to take their epic new video for the track Sick to every corner of the metal world, starting with an exclusive premiere with Breathing The Core.

Infected Syren first came together in 2011 but the members of the band had been playing in various Punk and Metal bands since the late '90s, with individual highlights including support slots with the likes of Discharge, GBH, Stratovarius. Now they are united and dedicated to the Infected Syren cause. They have already thrilled crowds with prestigious support slots with Uriah Heep and Mnemic and a further show with Blaze Bayley is booked for July. Nothing will stand in their way as they invade the hearts and minds of music fans worldwide with what they brand their 'sick music for sick people'.

Sick is taken from Infected Syren's self titled debut album which was independently released in January of this year. It perfectly encapsulates the focussed rage, attitude and diversity of influences that characterise the eleven track album. Directed by Andreas 'Splash' Kyriacou the Sick video manages to combine the incendiary Infected Syren on stage performance with a crazed ride through their warped imaginations.

Follow us down the rabbit hole and join Infected Syren in a twisted mirror world where nothing is quite what it seems. Dance through the lunacy to the exhilarating, energising soundtrack of Sick. Infected Syren are here to warp your world!
25 albums entered into our database lately are:
1. Operation: Mindcrime
"The New Reality"

2. Vyper
"Afraid of the Dark"

3. Vyper
"Prepared to Strike"

4. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die
"Der Rote Reiter"

5. Adagio

6. Alpha Tiger
"Alpha Tiger"

7. Leprous

8. Paradise Lost

9. Great White
"Full Circle"

10. Venom Inc.

11. Hell in the Club
"See You on the Dark Side"

12. Satyricon
"Deep Calleth Upon Deep"

13. Septic Flesh
"Codex Omega"

14. FB1964

15. Air Raid
"Across the Line"

16. Panzer (Germany)
"Fatal Command"

17. Section A
"Wall of Silence"

18. Accept
"The Rise of Chaos"

19. Steelheart
"Through Worlds of Stardust"

20. Vivaldi Metal Project
"The Extended Sessions"

21. Penna, David

22. Unity, The
"The Unity"

23. Elvenking
"Secrets of the Magick Grimoire"

24. Desperados
"Call of the Wild"

25. Heavy Load
"Metal Conquest"

15 bands entered into our database lately are:
1. Pentakill
2. Silent Assassins
3. Keldian
4. Tower of Babel
5. Riddlemaster
6. Phantom V
7. Beast in Black
8. Joker
9. Vyper
10. Venom Inc.
11. Hell in the Club
12. FB1964
13. Air Raid
14. Unity, The
15. Liv Sin

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