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July 15th, 2018
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GlobMetal Promotions / Satyr released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
American post-Hardcore Metal band Satyr released their debut EP Neutrino. The release was recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed by Corey Bautista at his home studio in Snellville GA, and mastered by Jesse Cannon.

Satyr was formed in 2016 at Atlanta, Georgia by Michael 'Soup' Campbell (Guitar/Vocals). After a short time Calvin 'Dolphin' Cox (Bass), Janald 'JD' Long (Vocals/Guitar) and Brody Smith (Drums) joined the band and the lineup was complete. In June 15 the band released their new video clip Andromeda which appears on our debut EP Neutrino.
Imperative PR / The Thrash Machine rolls on! Solitary on the road again in the UK and Europe
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Imperative PR are pleased to announce another selection of live dates from Thrash masters Solitary, starting with an appearance at the Mosh Against Cancer festival in Coventry. They will be headlining the Hordes Of Belial festival in Scotland, heading across the North Sea for a run of headline shows in The Netherlands and rounding off the year with an appearance at Lawnmower Deth's festive bash at the Camden Underworld.
  • July 21st - Rebellion, Manchester (with Shrapnel
  • August 4th - The Foundry, Dudley
  • September 29th - Hordes Of Belial Fest 9, Dundee (Headliner)
  • October 12th - Jays In Extase, Tilburg, Netherlands
  • October 13th - Musicon, Den Haag, Netherlands
  • October 14th - Muziek Cafe, Helmond, Netherlands
  • December 15th - Camden Underworld, London (with Lawnmower Deth)
Speaking about the upcoming shows, front man Rich Sherrington said, "We are really pleased to be heading back to The Netherlands again! We had a blast there last year and having The Doc Agency on board has made things much easier for us this time around. It was literally all booked in an afternoon! And we're thrilled to get the opportunity to go back to Scotland and play at Hordes of Belial - that's going to be something special. Also, this year it's been 20 years since we released Nothing Changes so we might just have to slip in a couple of tracks from that album.We retired almost all of that material years ago."

As for being part of Lawnmower Deth's special Xmas show in London, Rich couldn't be happier and is looking forward to the challenge. "I don't think we could have wished for a better show to end the year. It's an absolute honour to be asked to join a bill of that magnitude and as always we'll be firing on all cylinders - we'll need to be at the top of our game considering the bands that we are opening for."

The band are of course always available for phone/email interviews about the impending live dates, their future plans and twenty plus years of thrashing harder and faster than the rest.
GlobMetal Promotions / Darchaic released new album
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Slovakian Melodic Death Metal band Darchaic released their new album Materia. The new album was recorded in Gila studio and mixed/mastered by Adam Gila Szabo. The album was released on Slovak Metal Army Records.

Darchaic was formed in 2008 at Galanta, Slovakia as a project of Norbert 'Sano' Sandor and Robert 'Kuna' Zsille when he was still member of the Thrash Metal band Dogma inc.
Furia Music Press / Shadowside finishes USA tour with Anvil
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Brazilian Metal band Shadowside has finished the first part of the tour in support of their new album Shades of Humanity, in a run alongside Canadian band Anvil.

The tour marked the official debut of Swedish bass player Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall) on stage with the Brazilian band with concerts that went through important venues in the United States, such as The Bossanova Ballroom (Portland, OR), The Phoenix Theater (Petaluma, CA), Count's Vamp'd (Las Vegas, NV), El Club (Detroit, MI), Rock Star Pro Arena (Dayton, OH) and legendary The Roxy (Los Angeles, CA).

This was Shadowside's first tour in the USA in 9 years. The band went through over 22,000km in 46 days, playing 29 shows in 20 States, making this the band's longest ever North American tour.

The tour featured special guests, such as multi-instrumentalist Douglas Jen on the bass on 11 shows, due to the temporary absence of bassist Magnus Rosén caused by unavoidable commitments he had. Magnus returned on June 3, at the show in Los Angeles at The Roxy, which had the special appearance as a guitarist of director of photography Daniel Stilling, who directed the highly praised video for Shadowside's single Alive, in a nostalgic moment with the band's drummer Fabio Buitvidas, recalling his former band Acid Storm, from the 90's, which at the time had material produced by Stilling.

During the entire run through the United States, Shadowside collected photos and videos backstage and at the shows that will be posted over the following weeks in the band's social medias.

The band is already booking the next tour dates in other countries and more details will follow soon.

Pure Steel Records / ARTIZAN 'Curse Of The Artizan'
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
The release date of the album Curse Of The Artizan by the US-Metal band ARTIZAN as rerelease on CD is August 17th, 2018.

In 2009 the Florida-originated ARTIZAN unleashed - just a year after their formation - a self-released and -titled debut-EP, which reached great success in the underground-scene.

In 2011 the first complete album Curse Of The Artizan was released, which consistently continued the class of the progressive, pathos-dripping and extremely Melodic US Metal sound. It caused some euphoric reactions from the press and fans, because the band has a completely independent sound up to this day. With Ancestral Energy and The Furthest Reaches two more masterpieces have been released in the meantime and in this year's August the guys around drummer Ty Tammeus are going to unleash their next strike Demon Rider.

Since the debut is completely out of print, it's time for a reissue, for the first time also officially in the US.
  1. Trade the World
  2. Rise
  3. The Man in Black
  4. Fire
  5. Fading Story
  6. Game within a Game
  7. Torment
  8. Curse of the Artizan

Punishment 18 Records / Ibridoma 'City of Ruins' definitive tracklist
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Italian metallers Ibridoma has unveiled the definitive tracklist for their new full-length album City of Ruins. Recordings were realized by Ulag Zone by Mauro 'Ulag' Mancinelli (Speaking to the Deaf, Antagonism). Release will be handled by Punishment 18 Records.
  1. Sandness Comes
  2. Evil Wind
  3. T.F.U.
  4. Di Nuovo Inverno
  5. City Of Ruins
  6. Angel Of War
  7. My Nightmares
  8. Fragile
  9. Terminator
  10. I’m Broken

Punishment 18 Records / Razgate new album title and tracklist unveiled
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Italian Thrash metallers Razgate has revealed title and tracklist of their forthcoming full-length album that will be released by Punishment 18 Records. The new effort is titled Welcome Mass Hysteria and was mixed and mastered by Tai Fronzaroli at 7studio (New Horizons, Fall as Leap).
  1. Sacrifice/Rebirth
  2. Sweetest Poison
  3. Welcome Mass Hysteria
  4. The Agony Is Real
  5. Sons Of Rage
  6. Light Up The Flame
  7. Ride For A Fall
  8. Skinwalker
  9. Face Of Apocalypse
  10. 1348
Nuclear Blast / DORO release second single and video 'Lift Me Up'
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
On Friday, DORO will once again open her treasure trove and release Lift Me Up, the second single from their highly anticipated new album Forever Warriors, Forever United (release: 17.08.18 via Nuclear Blast).

"Lift Me Up is one of my absolute favorites", reveals DORO. "This song has a lot of good energy, it builds you up right. I also love the very catchy melody and the lyrics."

Nuclear Blast / MUNICIPAL WASTE release new music video + kick off EU tour later this month
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Richmond, Virginia's MUNICIPAL WASTE released their sixth studio album Slime And Punishment, a year ago via Nuclear Blast. In support of that release, the band are about to embark on a run of 20 club and festival dates, across nine countries in Europe (the whole itinerary can be found below). To mark the occasion, the guys have unleashed a brand new music video for the album's title track Slime And Punishment, over on YouTube.

"Teaming up with Norman Cabrera for this video was a match made in horror. His 35 years experience with practical FX in film shined through as you'll see in this latest WASTE clip. Not only a fan of monsters, he's a metal lifer like us, so we saw eye to eye on the aesthetic of everything involved. Initially, Norman approached me to make a mask for MUNICIPAL WASTE, which has been his specialty for many years. I said why don't you do us one better and make a damn video?! He leaped on the opportunity and even stepped up as the director, as well as the effects designer, making multiple masks and creating the horrific world of Slime And Punishment. We all grew up on VHS and that played a major inspiring role in the video as well. It was like making a movie, all the work that went into this and there are countless people to thank. I have to give shoutouts to Slasher Dave for composing the intro score and Joel Grind for taking us out with the synth outro, bookending this nightmare perfectly." - Ryan Waste.
  • 27.07. SLO Tolmin - Metaldays
  • 28.07. DEU Bausendorf - Riez Open Air
  • 29.07. DEU Munich - Free & Easy (w/ HATEBREED, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, TOXIC SHOCK)
  • 31.07. NLD Rotterdam - Baroeg (w/ SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER)
  • 01.08. DEU Hanover - Béi Chéz Heinz (w/ EASTWOOD)
  • 02.08. DEU Oberhausen - Kulttempel (w/ KARMAGEDDON, DESTROY THEM)
  • 04.08. FRA Albi - Xtreme Fest
  • 05.08. FRA Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans - Sylak Open Air
  • 07.08. DEU Karlsruhe - Die Stadtmitte (w/ SKELETON PIT)
  • 08.08. AUT Vienna - Arena (w/ TERROR)
  • 09.08. CZE Jaroměř - Brutal Assault
  • 10.08. DEU Wiesbaden - Schlachthof (w/ ANTIPEEWEE)
  • 11.08. BEL Kortrijk - Alcatraz Metal Festival
  • 12.08. PRT Vagos - Vagos Metal Fest
  • 14.08. ITA Brescia - Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto
  • 15.08. ITA Cordenons - Rock Town (Admission free!)
  • 16.08. DEU Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze
  • 17.08. NLD Eindhoven - Dynamo
  • 18.08. FRA Paris - Le Gibus (w/ MONSTER SQUAD, DEMERIT, DEAD 77)
  • 19.08. FRA St. Nolff - Motocultor Festival
  • 06.10. MEX Monterrey - Tecate México Metal Fest

Imperative PR / Kill Everything unleash Scorched Earth through Comatose Music - the ultimate in brutality
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Imperative PR's relationship with Comatose Music continues to yield bands of the utmost savagery, bringing to our roster albums of unfathomable brutality and shocking intensity. They now welcome perhaps the most bludgeoning and nihilistic album they have ever dealt with, in the form of Scorched Earth, from Texan platoon Kill Everything.

Featuring two of the founding members of legendary gore monsters Devourment and two men from the ranks of the punishing Primordius, Kill Everything offer not the slightest suspicion of mercy. Bleak, terrifying and devoid of humanity, Kill Everything are a band for devotees of the ultimate in extremity. Not a single chink of light penetrates the all pervading darkness that radiates from the brutal grooves of Scorched Earth. The onslaught is relentless, the thick, diseased riffs falling in an incessant cascade of blinding sludge and offal and the humour in tracks like It's A Wonderful Knife is as black as old blood.

On August 17th Comatose will unlock the cage and send Kill Everything's debut out into the world, a pitiless predator with no aim but total, wanton destruction. There have been whispers in the depths of the underground about this release for some time now, the devoted followers of the heaviest, darkest Death Metal waiting impatiently to test themselves against its harsh horrors, eager to experience a new level of barbaric butchery. The time is now upon us. Kill Everything are coming. Be prepared for thermal liquidation!
  1. Kill Everything
  2. Scorched Earth
  3. Intrinsic Vexation
  4. Bereft Of Humanity
  5. Thermal Liquidation
  6. It’s A Wonderful Knife
  7. Laid To Waste
  8. Carnivorous Lunar Activities
GlobMetal Promotions / Munson Fletcher released new single
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Russian Alternative Rock/indie Rock band Munson Fletcher released their new single Zakoni Stai. The single was recorded in Chemodanov Production and mixed/mastered at Voshod Studio. Artwork by Leonid Bye.

Munson Fletcher was formed in 2017 at Moscow by Michail Kalmikov (vocals) and Leonid Leshenko (guitars). Right now the band work on their debut album, that will be released this year.
Imperative PR / Consecration - Remembrance (funeral Doom/Death Metal)
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Beneath the endless, foreboding skies of East Anglia, the region of England most steeped in tales of witchcraft and witch burnings, where the dark, empty fens stretch out to become the labyrinthine reed beds and marshes and eventually the cold North Sea comes a sound of desolate doom, aching emptiness, nightmare and shadows...

For the past eight years Consecration have been casting their eldritch spells, weaving words of forgotten wisdom and incantations of black imaginings through riffs of rot and decay, entwining oppressive atmosphere with beguiling melodies, encasing songs of sorrow in caskets of terror and bleak horror. From the malicious spite of their debut EP, Gut The Priest to the overwhelming sonic landscape of fear and shadows that is summoned up by their full length album Ephemerality, released through UKEM in the heart of winter 2014, this unique band have been building a formidable canon of work, a horde of gold and gems that has lain glittering in the caverns of the underground, treasured by the intrepid souls that have braved the descent into darkness to discover it.

As Consecration began to venture forth from their home territory, playing shows across the UK with the likes of Leafhound, Esoteric, Primitive Man, so the media began to take notice of their intoxicating blend of mournful magic and hellish visions from beyond the walls of sleep. Zero Tolerance Magazine, Metal Rules, Doomantia and more were captured by their insidious conjurations. The sound of Consecration could no longer remain hidden beneath the dank soil... An alliance formed with Imperative PR, Consecration have decided to open the black covers of their grimoire, to invite one and all to taste the darkness of not only Gut The Priest and Ephemerality, but an array of secrets that have lain too long in the deep places. Under the title of Remembrance you will find the first eight years of Consecration in their entirety, a digital compendium of their cursed litanies and lore - all fully remastered and restored to breathe a new life into the darkness. These are the hymns of heartbreak upon which a monolith will be built. These are the spirit-crushing sounds that will form the foundations of a legacy of mourning, an empire of tears. Beware, the future is bleak indeed...
  • RELEASE DATE: 29/06/18
  1. In Decayed Embrace
  2. Buried Alive
  3. Echoes Of The Dead
  4. The Visitant
  5. The Summoning Of Sufferance
  6. Purity Through Pain
  7. Inviting The Impure
  8. Thy Requiem Lament
  9. The Darkening (unreleased demo)
  10. Persecution Dominion (unreleased demo)
  11. Inviting The Impure (original unreleased version)
  12. Horse (unreleased instrumental)
  13. The Vine
  14. Consecration
  15. Gut The Priest
  16. The Ever Dying
  17. Cast Down For The Burning
  18. The Vine (Reprise)
Frontiers Music / GROUNDBREAKER first single and video
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of new project featuring singer Steve Overland of FM and Robert Säll of Work of Art & W.E.T. under the moniker GROUNDBREAKER.

The self-titled debut will be released on September 14th. First single and video, Over My Shoulder available now!

The album is simply everything that a Melodic Rock fan could hope for: soaring hooklines, magnificent melodies, amazing musical performances, and in Overland, a stunning vocalist. Mixing the British and Swedish Melodic Rock/AOR styles, Groundbreaker is truly the best of both worlds and surely destined to be one of the highlights of the year in an already stellar year for Melodic Rock!

GROUNDBREAKER came about when a conversation between Frontiers' President Serafino Perugino and Overland revealed that the latter was eager to collaborate with new and exciting musicians from the European Melodic Rock scene. The idea was immediately brought up to involve Robert Sall of Work of Art and use Alessandro Del Vecchio's production abilities. Overland loved the initial material that was submitted and consequently, they all started to work on songs. The process was very smooth and the final result was so good that everyone thought that the name GROUNDBREAKER was the right way to describe the power and the vibe of the music.

"I'm the main composer for about half of the songs, but Ale and Steve wrote a lot as well", tells Robert Sall. "I had to write songs with Steve's voice in mind and that was new, but very inspiring to me. But for any fan of FM or Work of Art, I think they will be very familiar with the sound of this record!"

"The idea for the album was to make a classic AOR album and I think between Robert, Alessandro, Pete Alpenborg and myself, we came up with a great collection of songs", adds Overland. "I think this is some of the best material I've worked on in a while and all of the musicians on the record are fantastic, not only as players, but to work with. I knew of Robert's writing talents on the Work of Art records, but it really turned out to be a great collaboration and I'm so proud of the results! My personal favourite song on the record is Will It Make You Love Me. We've shot a video for it and I think it's truly a future classic!"

If you like, no LOVE Melodic Rock, then this is simply a must hear album!
  1. Over My Shoulder
  2. Will It Make You Love Me
  3. Eighteen Til I Die
  4. Only Time Will Tell
  5. Tonight
  6. Standing Up For Love
  7. Something Worth Fighting For
  8. The Sound Of A Broken Heart
  9. The First Time
  10. The Days Of Our Life
  11. The Way It Goes
  • Steve Overland - Vocals
  • Robert Sall - Guitars
  • Nalley Pahlsson - Bass
  • Herman Furin - Drums
  • With Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards
InsideOut Music / Fates Warning launch new single and unboxing video for 'Live Over Europe' release
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING are now presenting a third single for their upcoming new live album entitled Live Over Europe, which will be released June 29th, 2018 via InsideOutMusic worldwide. Check out Life in Still Water, which was recorded during the show in Aschaffenburg / Germany of FATES WARNING's latest European tour.

FATES WARNING vocalist Ray Alder checked in to comment about the track as follows: "Hola everybody! We are getting closer to the release of our new live album Live Over Europe and we are very excited! We thought we would give you guys another sample so you know what you're going to get. So here's Life in Still Water, originally from the album Parallels. We have always loved doing this song live and even though it was never really released as a single or had a video, it seems to always be a crowd favorite when we play it in concert. We hope you are all as excited as we are for Live Over Europe to be released soon!?"

Intromental / Persefone tour
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
The Andorran Prog-Death masters Persefone will be headlining their first ever tour in North America this August/September, in conjunction with their show at the prestigious ProgPower festival in Atlanta.

Persefone will bring ;The Aathma tour - The Cosmic Walkers;, to their rapidly growing audience in both Mexico, USA and Canada, following their latest release Aathma which has been unsurprisingly successful on this continent. The demand for the band has been very high among the North American fans, and Persefone is not a band that tend to ignore their fans!

Miguel Espinosa keys/clean vocals comments: "It's been a long time since we announced that we were preparing a North American Tour. Today, the day has finally come where we can announce the tour itself! In August we will finally cross the Atlantic to meet our fans and friends personally there and we simply cannot wait! Mexico, United States and Canada! A dream come true! See you all there!!!"

The 10-show tour will take Persefone to some of the largest cities on the North American continent, such as Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta.

Persefone is bringing along the Thrash/Power veterans Manticora from Denmark, as support act on the tour. Manticora are releasing their 8th album in August - a concept album, following the release of the novel 'To Kill To Live To Kill', written by the band themselves, so the timing is perfect. Manticora has previously been touring the US as support for Jon Oliva's Pain.
  • 26.08.2018: MEX - Mexico City, Foro Alicia
  • 29.08.2018: USA - Los Angeles, WhiskeyAGoGo
  • 30.08.2018: USA - Chicago, Reggie's
  • 31.08.2018: USA - Buffalo, Evening Star
  • 01.09.2018: CAN - Ottawa, Cafe Dekcuf
  • 02.09.2018: CAN - tba
  • 03.09.2018: CAN - Quebec City, L'Anti
  • o4.09.2018: USA - Boston, Middle East Club
  • 05.09.2018: USA - New York, The Mercury Lounge
  • 07.09.2018: USA - Atlanta, Progpower festival (Only Persefone)

Metal Blade / Kissin’ Dynamite launches new track, 'You’re Not Alone'
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Kissin' Dynamite will release their new studio album, Ecstasy, on July 6th. It is the follow-up to Generation Goodbye (2016), which reached #14 in the official German album charts.

Produced by Kissin' Dynamite singer Hannes Braun, Ecstasy harks back to the quintet's unpolished, energy-laden early days, while at the same time marking a turning point in their eleven-year history. In autumn, the group will embark on their first concert tour as special guest since changing labels; from October 26th on, Kissin' Dynamite will accompany Powerwolf, who are currently breaking all success records, for 16 joint gigs throughout Europe.

Check the new single You're Not Alone here.
    Ecstasy track-listing:
  1. I’ve Got The Fire
  2. You’re Not Alone
  3. Somebody’s Gotta Do It
  4. Ecstasy
  5. Still Around
  6. Superhuman
  7. Placebo
  8. Breaking The Silence
  9. Waging War
  10. One More Time
  11. Heart Of Stone
  12. Wild Wind
  13. No Time To Wonder
    Kissin' Dynamite tour dates w/ Powerwolf
  • Oct. 26 – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof – Germany
  • Oct. 27 – Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle – Germany
  • Oct. 29 – Hamburg, Große Freiheit 36 – Germany
  • Oct. 31 – Berlin, Huxleys – Germany
  • Nov. 1 – Warschau, Progresja – Poland
  • Nov. 2 – Leipzig, Haus Auensee – Germany
  • Nov. 6 – Wien, Arena – Austria
  • Nov. 7 – Milan, Live Club – Italy
  • Nov. 9 – Munchen, Tonhalle – Germany
  • Nov. 10 – Ludwigsburg, MHP Arena – Germany
  • Nov. 11 – Eindhoven, Effenaar – Netherlands
  • Nov. 12 – London, Koko – UK
  • Nov. 14 – Lausanne, Les Docks – Switzerland
  • Nov. 15 – Zurich, Komplex 457 – Switzerland
  • Nov. 16 – Geiselwind, Music Hall – Germany
  • Nov. 17 – Saarbrucken, Saarlandhalle – Germany

INFINITA SYMPHONIA sign to My Kingdom Music
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
My Kingdom Music is pleased to announce the signing of Rome based Metal band INFINITA SYMPHONIA. Formed in 2008, after two great albums released in 2011 and 2013, INFINITA SYMPHONIA grew from the fertile underground Italian Metal scene and now, after a time spent in live shows and a very hard work on composing and recording the new album, they are ready to paint new epic, complex and melodic musical landscapes with their 3rd album titled Liberation. It will be released in December 2018 and we can already announce the presence of great special guests that honoured the band with their performances.

Luca Micioni, front-man of the band, commented on the signing: "We have worked very hard to this new album. Liberation is an important step for us because this is the right album to have finally an international recognition. It's our personal way of putting our everyday life experiences in music and we really look forward to share it with anyone will decide to listen to it and I'm sure My Kingdom Music will play an important role in giving the right value and promotion to our band and the new album."

INFINITA SYMPHONIA is arrived, ready and hungry for the next big steps.

Nuclear Blast / EPICA discuss the writing process for EPICA vs. Attack On Titan covers EP
Posted by: Denis / 19.06.2018
Dutch symphonic Metal giants EPICA are excited to release a covers EP for the highly successful Attack On Titan theme songs. With their legion of fans, Attack On Titan have conquered both the print world with over 70 million copies, and anime sector with an adaption that is currently airing worldwide. The EP entitled EPICA vs. Attack On Titan features Metal covers of the anime's theme songs and will be released worldwide - outside of Japan - on July 20th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Now the band releases the first trailer for the EPICA vs. Attack On Titan covers EP. Watch as guitarist Isaac Delahaye and keyboardist Coen Janssen discuss the journey of writing and adapting the theme songs to fit the EPICA sound.

Imperative PR / Abhorrent Deformity - Slaughter Monolith
Posted by: Denis / 08.06.2018
There are many ways to kill... some are simple, frenzied and bludgeoning. Others are more complex and more creative... more artistic. The edifice of horror that Abhorrent Deformity have created with their second album, the towering testament to death that is Slaughter Monolith, is compelling, enthralling, fascinating – at times breathtaking, both in its brutality and its magnificence.

Each band member forms an interlinking part in this finely honed murder machine, from the seemingly effortless double bass drum barrage laid down by Matthew Green, to the endlessly inventive riffs, carved from flesh by the cruel talents of seven-string slaughterer Jason Keating. The guitar parts fly into tortured upward spirals like a host of insane angels, slither like a cascade of serpentine entrails or lock in with the obscene bass under currents of David Wright to dredge the depths of sewers clogged with blood and offal.

There's more to Slaughter Monolith than foreboding atmosphere and heart-stopping heaviness though. Like Cannibal Corpse's staggering Gallery Of Suicide album, this collection of carnage anthems suggests there are stories to be told in Mark De Gruchy's inhuman howling, paths to be followed, enticing secrets to be found across the putrid, cloying Swamp Of Intestines. When these songs open themselves up, revealing an unsuspected vastness, the effect is addictive. A track like Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment becomes something you'd wade through blood to revisit. All these elements, the captivating dark beauty, the grandeur, the intricacy, the pitiless death lust are drawn together in Slaughter Monolith's cover art, putting the final perfect seal on Abhorrent Deformity's gloriously grotesque, godless creation.

Kneel before the monolith and open your minds to unprecedented tales of torment!
  • Jason Keating - Guitar
  • Mark De Gruchy - Vocals
  • Matthew Green - Drums
  • David Wright - Bass
  • Genre: Death Metal
  • For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Origin, Suffocation
  1. Symptom Conception
  2. Sexually Transmitted Coma
  3. Ripped From A Mother’s Mutilated Womb
  4. The 2016 Esoteric Model
  5. Three Piece Flesh Suit
  6. Of Blood And Cum
  7. The Fine Art Of Amputation
  8. Swamp Of Intestines
  9. Necrotizing Fasciitis
  10. Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment
  11. Vermin Burial
  12. Unspeakable Perversity
GlobMetal Promotions / Addendum released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 08.06.2018
Norwegian Melodic Death Metal band Addendum released debut album Blacknoise. The album was recorded in Norse Studios Bergen and mixed/mastered by Lasse Amundsen.

Addendum was formed in 2016 at Bergen, Norway as a one-man band by Lasse 'Priest' Amundsen after he finished his last book 'Lucifers Manifesto'. The band text tells stories about deceit, demons, devils, darkness and dawn.
GlobMetal Promotions / Alice in Hell signed with STF-Records
Posted by: Denis / 08.06.2018
Japanese Thrash Metal band Alice in Hell signed a worldwide deal with German STF-Records. Last year the band released their second album The Fall that was recorded, mixed and mastered by Natsuki Iwamoto at Akseli Studio.

Alice in Hell was formed in 2011 at Tokyo, Japan by Daisuke Hamate. In 2014 the band released their first album Creation of the World and make their first tour all over Japan. The band both albums will be released in STF-Records store on July 4.
Pure Steel Records / WEAPON UK - Albumupdate
Posted by: Denis / 08.06.2018
Pure Steel Records artists WEAPON UK are near completion of their highly anticipated, forthcoming, new album titled Ghosts Of War.

Vocalist Danny Hynes offers an official update: "The guitar work was recently completed and off it went. We are extremely excited about the release of our new album Ghosts Of War. Currently, it is in the mixing stages. This album will aim to please. We're also looking forward the release of Rising From The Ashes and Set The Stage Alight on Vinyl. We'd tell you more but why spoil anything!"

In the meantime, fans of the NWOBHM pioneers can get their fix buy getting a copy of their current release Rising From The Ashes, on CD, or, their current Single of the THIN LIZZY classic, The Rocker available on DDL.
Nuclear Blast / BURNING WITCHES - announce tour with GRAVE DIGGER + new album details
Posted by: Denis / 08.06.2018
BURNING WITCHES are not only the hottest export from the Alpine Republic, the five piece from Switzerland are also one of the most thrilling newcomers of old school Heavy Metal across the last few years - worldwide! The band whose members are all die-hard Metal heads, have already bewitched the press with their first single Burning Witches (released in their founding year of 2016), and were subsequently awarded 'Demo Of The Month' in both Metal Hammer Germany and Rock Hard Germany. Their powerful sound is characterised by the strong compositions of band founding member Romana as well as by the expressive tone of vocalist Seraina, who has been dubbed as 'the female Rob Halford' (JUDAS PRIEST).

The young Swiss talents have already made a name for themselves with their self-titled debut album, and received attention from Heavy Metal fans worldwide. It's no surprise that the biggest Heavy Metal label of the world, Nuclear Blast, offered them a deal earlier this year!

The BURNING WITCHES don't understand the terms 'rest' or 'stagnancy', and so the next enchanting masterpiece is already brewing in their steel pot. The book 'Hexenhammer', which legitimised the witch-hunts of 1486, is the focus of the new record's lyrical content. It's about oppression, violence against the weak and manipulation of facts; all topics that are timeless and more significant now than ever. The forthcoming record was produced in the Little Creek Studio by the same team as its predecessor: V.O. Pulver (PRO-PAIN, DESTRUCTION, NERVOSA, PÄNZER) and DESTRUCTION legend Schmier, who helped and advised as a close friend of the band. The result is a truly brilliant Heavy Metal album, which will take away the breath of headbangers worldwide, and of course make the people bang their heads!

The new, as of yet untitled album will be released this winter via Nuclear Blast.

In January, BURNING WITCHES will head on an extensive tour throughout Europe as special guests on GRAVE DIGGER's 'Tour Of The Living Dead'.

Romana commented: "We were really happy when Chris Boltendahl came to us at the Bang Your Head!!! Winter Festival to ask if we were interested in joining GRAVE DIGGER out on tour. That'll be the first big tour for us and it's an honour to get a chance like this as a new act. Since our second record will be released in November, the timing of this run couldn't be more perfect! We're super excited & READY TO FIGHT!"
    'The Tour Of The Living Dead' w/ GRAVE DIGGER - presented by Rock Hard (D)
  • 11.01. D Hanover - MusikZentrum
  • 12.01. D Andernach - JUZ Live Club
  • 13.01. CH Pratteln - Z7
  • 14.01. D Munich - Backstage
  • 15.01. D Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
  • 16.01. D Saarbrücken - Garage
  • 17.01. D Bochum - Zeche
  • 18.01. D Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
  • 19.01. D Neuruppin - Kulturhaus
  • 20.01. NL Rotterdam - Baroeg
  • 22.01. D Hamburg - Martkhalle
  • 23.01. D Berlin - Lido
  • 24.01. D Bamberg - Live-Club
  • 25.01. D Regensburg-Obertraubling - Airport-Eventhall
  • 26.01. D Memmingen - Kaminwerk
  • 27.01. D Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
  • 28.01. F Paris - Petit Bain
  • 29.01. UK London - Camden Underworld
  • 30.01. B Vosselaar - Biebob
  • 31.01. F TBA
  • 01.02. E Bilbao - Santana 27
  • 02.02. E Madrid - Sala Mon Live
  • 03.02. E Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
    More BURNING WITCHES dates:
  • 30.06. CH Winterthur - Gaswerk (w/ ICED EARTH, GONOREAS)
  • 06.07. HR Pula - Uljanik Open Air
  • 12. - 14.07. D Balingen - Bang Your Head!!!
  • 30.08. CH Lucerne - Schüür (w/ NERVOSA, IRONY OF FATE)
  • 01.09. A Satteins - Hard N' Heavy
    'Metal Storm Tour 2018' w/ GONOREAS
  • 05.10. E Madrid - Boveda
  • 06.10. E Vitoria-Gasteiz - Urban Rock Concept
  • 07.10. E Barcelona - Sala Bóveda
  • 08.10. E Valencia - Paberse Club
  • 09.10. E Puertollano (Ciudad Real) - Krater Rock City
  • 10.10. E Zaragoza - Carpa Rock Interpeñas
  • 14. - 21.10. E Mallorca - Full Metal Holiday
Nuclear Blast / TWILIGHT FORCE reveal new vocalist Alessandro Conti
Posted by: Denis / 08.06.2018
Silence has been reigning in the camp of Swedish adventure metallers TWILIGHT FORCE since they conquered European stages once again as support to DRAGONFORCE last autumn. Whilst secretly working on new anthems for their next output, the band has extensively been searching for a new singer and is pleased to finally unveil their new bard - Alessandro Conti, known from LT's RHAPSODY, TRICK OR TREAT and more.

"Hear ye! Hear ye! We are overjoyed, elated and proud to finally present to you, our brave and patient Knights, the new singer of TWILIGHT FORCE. Please welcome Alessandro Conti! He has now joined our alliance, and will be a beacon of glory, hope and inspiration to us all. His astounding musicality and delivery of emotional and star-spangled vocals is in our opinion, without a shadow of a doubt, unparallelled within the genre today. And his radiant persona and wonderful character was a perfect match for everyone. We are honoured and delighted to henceforth raise our swords, bows, daggers and staffs by his side in the adventures to come.
So now, join us, in a future illuminated by the fire of eternal light! And may the power of the dragon guide you all.
/Twilight Force"
    Stay tuned for more updates from the fabulous musical forge of TWILIGHT FORCE and don't miss them at the following gatherings:
  • 07.06. FIN Hyvinkää - Rockfest
  • 11.07. D Balingen - Bang Your Head!!!

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