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August 17th, 2018
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Vivaldi Metal Project / TRAGIC SERENADE - World Premiere! Live in Kitee (Finland) 2018
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
TRAGIC SERENADE world premiere at 'Kitee International Music and Art Festival' (Kitee, Finland) on July 15th 2018. A new song by Vivaldi Metal Project based on Franz Schubert's Serenade arranged and composed by Mistheria.

Concept and production by Mistheria. Lyrics by Douglas R. Docker. Digital artwork by Adrian Olebinski. Production assistance by Zhivko Koev.

Performers: Angel Wolf - Black, Dimitar Belchev, Tsena Stefanova (vocals) - Abigail Stahlschmidt (violin) - Mistheria (piano) - Quentin Cornet (guitar) - Joonas Tuuri (contrabass).

Staff: Samppa Hirvonen (audio), Joonas Tarkkonen (lights), Ukko Torni (video), Zhivko Koev (digital artwork live sync), Plamen Dimov (management).

Imperative PR / De Profundis release powerful new video for 'Martyrs' and announce gig with Vallenfyre
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
De Profundis' incredible visual realisation of their latest album, The Blinding Light Of Faith continues with the release of the powerful video that portrays the song Martyrs. As the band have explained, this album confronts head on the power of the three Abrahamic religions and with Martyrs they take an unflinching stand against Islamic extremism. Guitarist Paul Nazarkardeh explains the band’s stance on what can be a controversial subject... "Martyrs continues The Blinding Light of Faith's exploration of the evils committed in the name of Abrahamic religion. We invite people from ALL nations, creeds, colours, origins and walks of life to unite in condemnation against those who justify the cold blooded murder of the innocent with a perverted vision of sexual conquests in the afterlife. For those upset by the nature of the song or the video... You should be. It's an upsetting subject."

Together with the creator of the unfolding series of videos, Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art, De Profundis have created a brave and powerful artistic statement that tackles an issue which impacts on all of our lives.

The Martyrs video is being hosted exclusively by the band's record label, the Indian powerhouse of extreme Metal, Transcending Obscurity.

In other exciting news De Profundis have been announced as special guests at Vallenfyre's last ever show! On the 29th of September at Nambucca in London, Vallenfyre will say a fond farewell to their fans with De Profundis and Hex Morbidity in support - definitely a show not to be missed!
GlobMetal Promotions / Karmian released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Italian Melodic Death Metal band Karmian released their debut album Surgere et Cadere. The album was recorded at ZetaFactory Studio and Dysfunction Studio. Recorded, mixed, engineered by Giuseppe Bassi of Dysfunction Productions and mastered by Giuseppe Bassi.

Karmian was formed in 2005 under the name of When the Storm Broke at Modena, Italy. The first songs are written, but many line-up changes make the band split up in 2009, after a demo. In 2011 the founding members Andrea Baraldi, Mauro Leone, Nicholas Badiali asked Andrea Bertolazzi, former Bad To The Bone Singer, to join the band. The four restart the project under the name Karmian. In 2012 the band released their debut EP Ways of Death and after the band start touring Italy and Europe.
Imperative PR / Solitary release an expanded 20th Anniversary Edition of their renowned debut album, Nothing Changes, through Doc Records
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Back in the '90s Thrash Metal was on its last legs, hearts and minds turning away from its high energy approach and crisp, crunching riffs. The old bands were slipping from the magazine covers, back into the shadows and even the gods of the scene were struggling and second guessing themselves. It was into this environment that Rich Sherrington launched his new band, Solitary – a pure, heads-down Thrash Metal unit. The scene might be trying to dictate otherwise, but as far as Rich was concerned Thrash Metal was never going to die.

In 1998 the first Solitary album was released on Holier Than Thou Records and against all the odds, Nothing Changes was greeted with cautious approval from the Metal press. Even major magazines like Terrorizer couldn't deny the power and potency that this new band, flying in the face of public opinion, had achieved. Buoyed by the positive reaction to their debut Solitary hit the road and began a relentless touring schedule around the UK which continues to this day. Subsequent albums like Requiem and The Diseased Heart Of Society have cemented Solitary's position at the top of the UK Thrash scene and while their music has become, nothing has changed when it comes to their fierce determination and total dedication to Thrash. Now, twenty years on from its original release, with the backing of new label Doc Records, Solitary have revisited the album that announced their arrival on the battlefield. Nothing Changes has returned with new artwork, a host of bonus tracks drawn from their early demos and just a little injection of modern studio wizardry. Sounding heavier and more aggressive than ever before this is one battle scarred veteran that has lost none of his venom and fighting spirit. In a nod to the past this special 20th Anniversary edition of Nothing Changes will only be available on CD, not on any digital platform, so pick up a copy while they're around or miss out forever. Celebrate the true spirit of Thrash, raise a glass to the unbowed and unbroken and pledge your allegiance to the band that promised to Thrash forever.
  1. Within Temptation
  2. The Downward Spiral
  3. A Second Chance
  4. Bitterness
  5. Nothing Changes
  6. Clutching Straws
  7. No Reason
  8. Twisted
  9. Fear
  10. A Second Chance - 1996 Demo
  11. The Bottom Line - 1996 Demo
  12. What Price - 1996 Demo
  13. No Reason - 1996 Demo
  14. Fear - 1996 Demo
GlobMetal Promotions / Santtu Niemelä update from the studio
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Finnish Power/Progressive Metal musician Santtu Niemelä entered the studio few month ago to record his new album Road To Hell that will be released this autumn. The album is recorded in Flying Camel Studio, and mixing/mastering will be done by Riku Jaakkola.
    Also the new album tracklist was revealed:
  1. Brave At Heart (instrumental)
  2. Towards The Avalon
  3. I Am Alone
  4. Mega City One
  5. Thanatos (instrumental)
  6. The Moorhill Witch
  7. Tolling Of The Bell
  8. Power Of The Night
  9. This Is My World (instrumental)
  10. Road To Hell
Santtu Niemelä is a Heavy Metal artist from Loimaa, Finland. In December of 2016 he released his first cover album Boat on the River of Blood, where he made Metal covers of some old pop/rock songs and songs from popular games and movies. In August 2017 Santtu released his second album Forgotten Souls.
Imperative PR / Kill Everything premiere crushing new video at Slam Worldwide
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Kill Everything have unveiled the second video in support of their forthcoming debut album, Scorched Earth. Laid To Waste is a brutal assault on the senses and a perfect example of the inhuman bludgeoning to be found throughout the Scorched Earth album - surely destined to be one of the heaviest releases of this or any other year.

The video is premiering on the Slam Worldwide channel, notorious for promoting the most skull crushing Metal around and is sure to whet the appetite of the death obsessed worldwide.

Scorched Earth will be released on August 17th through Comatose Music and preorders are open now at the label website.

There's not long to wait now until Scorched Earth is let loose upon the world, but for now head to Slam Worldwide and bathe in the bloody brilliance of Laid To Waste!
Imperative PR / De Profundis release deluxe vinyl version of their monumental The Blinding Light Of Faith album through Lusitanian Music
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Imperative PR are delighted to announce a further chapter in one of their great success stories of 2018. Having achieved worldwide critical acclaim for their magnificent The Blinding Light Of Faith album, released through Transcending Obscurity Records in May, De Profundis have signed a deal for a limited edition vinyl release of their greatest ever album.

On September 7th Lusitanian Music will unveil a stunning new version of The Blinding Light Of Faith, on luxurious red and black marbled vinyl (limited to just 100 copies) and brilliant, rich orange vinyl (limited to 200 copies). The album has been completely remastered for the ultimate vinyl listening experience – a treat for audiophiles, vinyl collectors and Death Metal junkies alike.

The intricate, nightmarish album artwork created by Alex Tartsus (Sinister, Depravity etc.) comes to grotesque life, spread across the 12" vinyl sleeve, allowing full appreciation of De Profundis' hammer blow attack on the corrupt organised religions of the world, while the band's new logo, designed by Gary Ronaldson (Napalm Death, Misery Index, Kreator etc.) stands proud against the burning sky.
VARG MEDIA GROUP / War of Shards debut single available for streaming
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Russian Metal opera War of Shards?released their debut single from the upcoming album.

The band was formed in 2018 at Moscow by Anton Razdorov. The music was created and recorded by Roman Levin.?War of Shards tell us the story of an alternative world where there are a fight for rule the galaxy.
Imperative PR / Furious Portuguese Death Metallers Cronaxia release their debut, Collapsing The Outer Structure, through Lusitanian Music
Posted by: Denis / 15.08.2018
Imperative PR herald the release of a maelstrom of wickedly intense Death Metal, in the form of Cronaxia's debut full length album, the staggering Collapsing The Outer Structure. Cronaxia have been stalwarts of the Portuguese Death Metal underground for twenty years, with previously just one EP release to their name, 2008s The Solution Above Continuity. The sheer stamina, dexterity and technical skill required to perform Cronaxia's music has left band members burnt out and used up, hindering their progress.

Refusing to be delayed any further, band members Felipe (guitarist and founder member), Renato (guitars) and Sergio (vocals) enlisted the help of a session rhythm section, both from the band Grog - drummer Rolando Barros and bassist Alex Ribeiro – to help bring their complex creations to life. The result of this alliance is an album of blistering, hyperactive death metal that goes by the name of Collapsing The Outer Structure.

On September 7th Lusitanian Music will release this collection consisting of eight pieces of wild, inventive, planet-crushing force. Mixed and mastered by Paulo Viera, known for his production work with Ironsword and Ravensire, Collapsing The Outer Structure is a work that walks the tightrope between genius and insanity. With a lyrical concept as brain melting as the music, Cronaxia's first album is bewildering yet incredible, almost too much to comprehend.

The countdown has begun to that September 7th launch date. Prepare to be consumed, to be undone, to have your brain restructured. This is Death Metal from beyond the event horizon, from the unfathomable heart of darkness.

This release represents the first step in a new working relationship between Imperative PR and Lusitanian Music. Great things lie ahead!
  1. Collapsing The Outer Structure
  2. Logarithmic Cavitation
  3. The Core Condition
  4. Dimension Ratio
  5. Continuous Signal
  6. Embryonic Reanimation
  7. Plasmatech
  8. Tangential Threshold
GlobMetal Promotions / Satyr released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
American post-Hardcore Metal band Satyr released their debut EP Neutrino. The release was recorded, produced, engineered, and mixed by Corey Bautista at his home studio in Snellville GA, and mastered by Jesse Cannon.

Satyr was formed in 2016 at Atlanta, Georgia by Michael 'Soup' Campbell (Guitar/Vocals). After a short time Calvin 'Dolphin' Cox (Bass), Janald 'JD' Long (Vocals/Guitar) and Brody Smith (Drums) joined the band and the lineup was complete. In June 15 the band released their new video clip Andromeda which appears on our debut EP Neutrino.
Imperative PR / The Thrash Machine rolls on! Solitary on the road again in the UK and Europe
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Imperative PR are pleased to announce another selection of live dates from Thrash masters Solitary, starting with an appearance at the Mosh Against Cancer festival in Coventry. They will be headlining the Hordes Of Belial festival in Scotland, heading across the North Sea for a run of headline shows in The Netherlands and rounding off the year with an appearance at Lawnmower Deth's festive bash at the Camden Underworld.
  • July 21st - Rebellion, Manchester (with Shrapnel
  • August 4th - The Foundry, Dudley
  • September 29th - Hordes Of Belial Fest 9, Dundee (Headliner)
  • October 12th - Jays In Extase, Tilburg, Netherlands
  • October 13th - Musicon, Den Haag, Netherlands
  • October 14th - Muziek Cafe, Helmond, Netherlands
  • December 15th - Camden Underworld, London (with Lawnmower Deth)
Speaking about the upcoming shows, front man Rich Sherrington said, "We are really pleased to be heading back to The Netherlands again! We had a blast there last year and having The Doc Agency on board has made things much easier for us this time around. It was literally all booked in an afternoon! And we're thrilled to get the opportunity to go back to Scotland and play at Hordes of Belial - that's going to be something special. Also, this year it's been 20 years since we released Nothing Changes so we might just have to slip in a couple of tracks from that album.We retired almost all of that material years ago."

As for being part of Lawnmower Deth's special Xmas show in London, Rich couldn't be happier and is looking forward to the challenge. "I don't think we could have wished for a better show to end the year. It's an absolute honour to be asked to join a bill of that magnitude and as always we'll be firing on all cylinders - we'll need to be at the top of our game considering the bands that we are opening for."

The band are of course always available for phone/email interviews about the impending live dates, their future plans and twenty plus years of thrashing harder and faster than the rest.
GlobMetal Promotions / Darchaic released new album
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Slovakian Melodic Death Metal band Darchaic released their new album Materia. The new album was recorded in Gila studio and mixed/mastered by Adam Gila Szabo. The album was released on Slovak Metal Army Records.

Darchaic was formed in 2008 at Galanta, Slovakia as a project of Norbert 'Sano' Sandor and Robert 'Kuna' Zsille when he was still member of the Thrash Metal band Dogma inc.
Furia Music Press / Shadowside finishes USA tour with Anvil
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Brazilian Metal band Shadowside has finished the first part of the tour in support of their new album Shades of Humanity, in a run alongside Canadian band Anvil.

The tour marked the official debut of Swedish bass player Magnus Rosén (ex-Hammerfall) on stage with the Brazilian band with concerts that went through important venues in the United States, such as The Bossanova Ballroom (Portland, OR), The Phoenix Theater (Petaluma, CA), Count's Vamp'd (Las Vegas, NV), El Club (Detroit, MI), Rock Star Pro Arena (Dayton, OH) and legendary The Roxy (Los Angeles, CA).

This was Shadowside's first tour in the USA in 9 years. The band went through over 22,000km in 46 days, playing 29 shows in 20 States, making this the band's longest ever North American tour.

The tour featured special guests, such as multi-instrumentalist Douglas Jen on the bass on 11 shows, due to the temporary absence of bassist Magnus Rosén caused by unavoidable commitments he had. Magnus returned on June 3, at the show in Los Angeles at The Roxy, which had the special appearance as a guitarist of director of photography Daniel Stilling, who directed the highly praised video for Shadowside's single Alive, in a nostalgic moment with the band's drummer Fabio Buitvidas, recalling his former band Acid Storm, from the 90's, which at the time had material produced by Stilling.

During the entire run through the United States, Shadowside collected photos and videos backstage and at the shows that will be posted over the following weeks in the band's social medias.

The band is already booking the next tour dates in other countries and more details will follow soon.

Pure Steel Records / ARTIZAN 'Curse Of The Artizan'
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
The release date of the album Curse Of The Artizan by the US-Metal band ARTIZAN as rerelease on CD is August 17th, 2018.

In 2009 the Florida-originated ARTIZAN unleashed - just a year after their formation - a self-released and -titled debut-EP, which reached great success in the underground-scene.

In 2011 the first complete album Curse Of The Artizan was released, which consistently continued the class of the progressive, pathos-dripping and extremely Melodic US Metal sound. It caused some euphoric reactions from the press and fans, because the band has a completely independent sound up to this day. With Ancestral Energy and The Furthest Reaches two more masterpieces have been released in the meantime and in this year's August the guys around drummer Ty Tammeus are going to unleash their next strike Demon Rider.

Since the debut is completely out of print, it's time for a reissue, for the first time also officially in the US.
  1. Trade the World
  2. Rise
  3. The Man in Black
  4. Fire
  5. Fading Story
  6. Game within a Game
  7. Torment
  8. Curse of the Artizan

Punishment 18 Records / Ibridoma 'City of Ruins' definitive tracklist
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Italian metallers Ibridoma has unveiled the definitive tracklist for their new full-length album City of Ruins. Recordings were realized by Ulag Zone by Mauro 'Ulag' Mancinelli (Speaking to the Deaf, Antagonism). Release will be handled by Punishment 18 Records.
  1. Sandness Comes
  2. Evil Wind
  3. T.F.U.
  4. Di Nuovo Inverno
  5. City Of Ruins
  6. Angel Of War
  7. My Nightmares
  8. Fragile
  9. Terminator
  10. I’m Broken

Punishment 18 Records / Razgate new album title and tracklist unveiled
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Italian Thrash metallers Razgate has revealed title and tracklist of their forthcoming full-length album that will be released by Punishment 18 Records. The new effort is titled Welcome Mass Hysteria and was mixed and mastered by Tai Fronzaroli at 7studio (New Horizons, Fall as Leap).
  1. Sacrifice/Rebirth
  2. Sweetest Poison
  3. Welcome Mass Hysteria
  4. The Agony Is Real
  5. Sons Of Rage
  6. Light Up The Flame
  7. Ride For A Fall
  8. Skinwalker
  9. Face Of Apocalypse
  10. 1348
Nuclear Blast / DORO release second single and video 'Lift Me Up'
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
On Friday, DORO will once again open her treasure trove and release Lift Me Up, the second single from their highly anticipated new album Forever Warriors, Forever United (release: 17.08.18 via Nuclear Blast).

"Lift Me Up is one of my absolute favorites", reveals DORO. "This song has a lot of good energy, it builds you up right. I also love the very catchy melody and the lyrics."

Nuclear Blast / MUNICIPAL WASTE release new music video + kick off EU tour later this month
Posted by: Denis / 11.07.2018
Richmond, Virginia's MUNICIPAL WASTE released their sixth studio album Slime And Punishment, a year ago via Nuclear Blast. In support of that release, the band are about to embark on a run of 20 club and festival dates, across nine countries in Europe (the whole itinerary can be found below). To mark the occasion, the guys have unleashed a brand new music video for the album's title track Slime And Punishment, over on YouTube.

"Teaming up with Norman Cabrera for this video was a match made in horror. His 35 years experience with practical FX in film shined through as you'll see in this latest WASTE clip. Not only a fan of monsters, he's a metal lifer like us, so we saw eye to eye on the aesthetic of everything involved. Initially, Norman approached me to make a mask for MUNICIPAL WASTE, which has been his specialty for many years. I said why don't you do us one better and make a damn video?! He leaped on the opportunity and even stepped up as the director, as well as the effects designer, making multiple masks and creating the horrific world of Slime And Punishment. We all grew up on VHS and that played a major inspiring role in the video as well. It was like making a movie, all the work that went into this and there are countless people to thank. I have to give shoutouts to Slasher Dave for composing the intro score and Joel Grind for taking us out with the synth outro, bookending this nightmare perfectly." - Ryan Waste.
  • 27.07. SLO Tolmin - Metaldays
  • 28.07. DEU Bausendorf - Riez Open Air
  • 29.07. DEU Munich - Free & Easy (w/ HATEBREED, A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, TOXIC SHOCK)
  • 31.07. NLD Rotterdam - Baroeg (w/ SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER)
  • 01.08. DEU Hanover - Béi Chéz Heinz (w/ EASTWOOD)
  • 02.08. DEU Oberhausen - Kulttempel (w/ KARMAGEDDON, DESTROY THEM)
  • 04.08. FRA Albi - Xtreme Fest
  • 05.08. FRA Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans - Sylak Open Air
  • 07.08. DEU Karlsruhe - Die Stadtmitte (w/ SKELETON PIT)
  • 08.08. AUT Vienna - Arena (w/ TERROR)
  • 09.08. CZE Jaroměř - Brutal Assault
  • 10.08. DEU Wiesbaden - Schlachthof (w/ ANTIPEEWEE)
  • 11.08. BEL Kortrijk - Alcatraz Metal Festival
  • 12.08. PRT Vagos - Vagos Metal Fest
  • 14.08. ITA Brescia - Festa di Radio Onda d'Urto
  • 15.08. ITA Cordenons - Rock Town (Admission free!)
  • 16.08. DEU Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze
  • 17.08. NLD Eindhoven - Dynamo
  • 18.08. FRA Paris - Le Gibus (w/ MONSTER SQUAD, DEMERIT, DEAD 77)
  • 19.08. FRA St. Nolff - Motocultor Festival
  • 06.10. MEX Monterrey - Tecate México Metal Fest

25 albums entered into our database lately are:
1. Operation: Mindcrime
"The New Reality"

2. Vyper
"Afraid of the Dark"

3. Vyper
"Prepared to Strike"

4. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die
"Der Rote Reiter"

5. Adagio

6. Alpha Tiger
"Alpha Tiger"

7. Leprous

8. Paradise Lost

9. Great White
"Full Circle"

10. Venom Inc.

11. Hell in the Club
"See You on the Dark Side"

12. Satyricon
"Deep Calleth Upon Deep"

13. Septic Flesh
"Codex Omega"

14. FB1964

15. Air Raid
"Across the Line"

16. Panzer (Germany)
"Fatal Command"

17. Section A
"Wall of Silence"

18. Accept
"The Rise of Chaos"

19. Steelheart
"Through Worlds of Stardust"

20. Vivaldi Metal Project
"The Extended Sessions"

21. Penna, David

22. Unity, The
"The Unity"

23. Elvenking
"Secrets of the Magick Grimoire"

24. Desperados
"Call of the Wild"

25. Heavy Load
"Metal Conquest"

15 bands entered into our database lately are:
1. Glory Bell's Band
2. Thunderstick
3. Pentakill
4. Silent Assassins
5. Keldian
6. Tower of Babel
7. Riddlemaster
8. Phantom V
9. Beast in Black
10. Joker
11. Vyper
12. Venom Inc.
13. Hell in the Club
14. FB1964
15. Air Raid

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