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October 20th, 2018
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Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2018
Striving to resuscitate the aggressive, driving Metal of the mid-'80s Thrash scene, VERMITHRAX was forged in 'Steel City' Pittsburgh, PA during 2012 by vocalist Chris 'Croy' Roy (Reading Zero, Emancipation) and drummer J.R. Jameson (Nunslaughter, Icarus Witch, Mercenary). Joined by guitarist Scott 'Hagz' Haggerty and bassist Tom Donaldson (Mercenary, Eye) to round out the lineup, the quartet issued its debut EP, Volume 1, which was met with immediate praise—the metal press hailing the band's deft blend of progressive and thrash elements, thundering drums, shredding solos, as well as Croy's multi-faceted vocals.

Sharing the stage with such heavy-hitters as Iced Earth, Metal Church, Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Overkill, Sabaton, Lizzy Borden, While Heaven Wept, Evergrey has aided VERMITHRAX in sharpening their skills in preparation for their sophomore outing, Imperium Draconus—recorded at the band's personal studio, The Lair, and mixed in part by Christopher Lee Simmonds (Thought Industry, Filter, Emancipation Syndicate) and Jim Dofka (Dofka, Psycho Scream, etc.).

The anthemically epic vibe of Enoch and brooding chug of Crucified by Hate are definitive emblems of VERMITHRAX's balanced yet varied approach—their classic metal-inspired sound featuring an array of blistering guitar solos and animated, identifiable vocals. Road to Athkatla emerges as the album's razor-sharp foray into the adventurous worlds of progressive and power metal; while River Crour immediately breathes thrashing mad fire. Written as an homage to Slayer's Jeff Hanneman on the day he passed, it lends the perfect counterbalance to the intricately nuanced yet powerful Spellbound and the pummeling, prog-tinged driver, Calling My Name. The disc closes with a steamrolling thrasher that combines VERMITHRAX's unique approach branded deep into a medley of two Flotsam and Jetsam staples — Hammerhead and Hard on You — as a heartfelt tribute to one of their favorite classic Thrash influences. With Imperium Draconus, Divebomb Records is proud to assist VERMITHRAX in igniting the world with their fiery brand of Progressive-and Power Metal-infused Thrash!

  1. Sacred Keys Of...
  2. Enoch
  3. Crucified By Hate
  4. Road To Athkatla
  5. River Cruor
  6. Spellbound
  7. Calling My Name
  8. Hammerhead/Hard On You
Sonic Night Music / CLOCKWORK REVOLUTION new music video 'Test My Pride'
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2018
CLOCKWORK REVOLUTION, featuring former members of Yngwie Malmsteen, Crimson Glory, Kamelot have released a new music video Test My Pride from their debut album which was released via Sonic Night Music Club.
Imperative PR / The Drowning hit the road with death metal titans Vader and Entombed A.D.
Posted by: Denis / 20.09.2018
There's going to be all sorts of exciting news to come from The Drowning between now and the end of the year and Imperative PR are starting with the announcement of three massive live dates. The Welsh Doom Death kings will be joining Death Metal royalty on the UK leg of the huge European Chaos Tour. Co-headlined by Vader and Entombed A.D., this tour is sure to be one of the biggest underground Metal events of 2018.
Back in 2017 The Drowning joined Vader and Immolation for their UK run and this time the venues are bigger and the buzz surrounding the tour is even more intense. Catch the heaviest tour of the Autumn at the following venues...
  • November 2nd Cardiff The Globe
  • November 4th Coventry Empire
  • November 5th London The Dome
These three fantastic shows will form the opening barrage in a campaign that will see The Drowning march out from their Welsh stronghold, with conquest on their minds. In the silent shadows the band have been working tirelessly, building on the foundations laid down by the majestic Senescent Signs album and now the time is nigh for a new era to begin, a new chapter in their tale of sorrow and inevitable mortality to be written. Be prepared, your doom is nigh!
GlobMetal Promotions / Resurrection of Fetal Remains released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
South African Death Metal band Resurrection of Fetal Remains released their debut EP Lords of Gore. The EP was recorded in Sadistic Embrace Studio and mixed/mastered by Theo Durand and Johan van Zyl.

Resurrection of Fetal Remains was formed in 2016 in Middelburg, South Africa by Theo Durand (vocals), Desmond Cook (drums) and Wean van Vreden (Guitar). Soon after Karienus Janse van Vuuren joined the band as the second guitarist and the lineup was completed.
Imperative PR / Forged In Black release new play through video and join the bill of Chris Tsangarides tribute concert
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
Imperative PR are excited to unveil a new play through video from Forged In Black. This up close and personal recording of the band playing in their rehearsal space reveals every note that makes up the epic Crimson Echoes track, taken from the Sinner Sanctorum EP. With work on a new full length album nearing completion this should tide fans over until the first tasters of the band's next grand Metal extravaganza can be revealed.

In other news Forged In Black have been invited to join the bill of a special concert being held in memory of legendary producer Chris Tsangarides who sadly passed away earlier this year. The band became great friends with Chris when they worked together on both the Sinner Sanctorum and Fear Reflecting Fear EPs.
Som do Darma / New international project Holy Tide to release debut album Aquila with rock 'n' roll legends as special guests
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
Hailing from Salerno, Italy, Holy Tide is a new international Metal supergroup formed by the bass player Joe Caputo, Maestrick's vocalist Fabio Caldeira and the British drummer Michael Brush.

The band's debut album is going to be titled Aquila, which means 'Eagle' in Italian, and it's an apocalyptic concept album. Aquila will bring 13 tracks:
  1. The Age Of Darkness
  2. Chains Of Enoch
  3. Godincidence
  4. Curse And Ecstasy
  5. Exodus
  6. Eagle Eye
  7. The Crack Of Dawn
  8. Lord Of The Armies
  9. Sunk Into The Ground
  10. The Shepherd’s Stone
  11. Lamentation
  12. Return From Babylon
  13. The Name Of Blasphemy
According to the bass player, main composer and mastermind of the band, Joe Caputo, the idea of creating Holy Tide came on the spring of 2017. "Back then, I decided to quit the band I was working with, to achieve something more. I wanted to be able to express my creativity with no limits", says the musician that mentions, as Holy Tide's influences, names from Iron Maiden and Slayer to Bach and Wagner.

All guitars on Aquila were recorded at Rroarrr Sound Studio in Sassari, Italy, by Kris Laurent (ex-Cadaveria) who also signs the production of the album. Basses and vocals were recorded at Studio 35 Live in Salerno, Italy, while drums at CapsaArx Studios, in Birmingham, England. "Holy Tide is a very ambitious project, that reflects the power of music", Caputo says. "This is the result of twenty years of studying, struggling, suffering, dreaming and so on. There is a very strong team, working hard 'behind the scenes', that allowed me to gather an amazing line-up, divided between two continents, and everyone has been working really hard to give their best in this record, embracing my vision about the music in this concept album."

Aquila is expected to bring some very special guests. The band won't reveal the names right now, but at least two of the guests had already recorded their contributions to the album. "Trust me, they are real rock 'n' roll legends! That's all I can say right now", ends Caputo.

Holy Tide's Aquila is expected to reach the stores before the end of 2018. The first single will soon be announced and available on digital platforms.
Sonic Night Music Club / KINLIN have announced a new music video for 'Stand Or Fall'
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
KINLIN featuring former Yngwie Malmsteen drummer Patrick Johansson have released a new music video for the track Stand Or Fall off their latest album The Last Stand released via Sonic Night Music Club.
GlobMetal Promotions / Age of Reborn released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
Colombian Speed/Thrash Metal band Age of Reborn released their debut self-titled EP.

Age of Reborn was formed in 2015 in Bogota, Colombia by JD Reborn (Guitarist, Composer & ex-member of BARBARIAN), Johan Zummon (Composer, Vocalist, Guitarist and member of CHAINSAW KILLER) and Rafa Zummon (Drummer, Composer and member of CHAINSAW KILLER, ROTTING BLOOD). In 2016 David Bustos (bass player, composer & ex-member of OF WHAT) joined the band and the lineup was completed.
  1. Stupid Minds 04:14
  2. Desire of Vengance 03:03
  3. Promotors of Violence 05:04
  4. Labyrinth (Maze and Cobweb) 04:17
  5. Age of Reborn 05:08
  6. World of Lies 04:27
Avantegarde MNGT / New Mecanica sign with Italian label Wormhole Death Records, Lost Paradise video streaming
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
Portuguese Metallers NEW MECANICA signed a deal with Wormhole Death Records, a sub-label of the Italian Aural Music Group, for the international release of their brand new and 3rd album VEHEMENT, later this year. Japanese release will be done by Wormholedeath Japan / Space Shower; Usa: Wormholedeath Usa; Digital: The Orchard (Sony Music Ent.).

Vehement was produced by the band and mix & mastered at Wrecords Studio, Lisbon by Wilson Silva (MORE THAN A THOUSAND).
    It features the following 10 songs:
  1. A Second
  2. Chronophobia
  3. Lost Paradise
  4. Two Worlds
  5. Reflect
  6. Written
  7. Clouded
  8. Vehement
  9. Never Fade
  10. Journey
The official music video for Lost Paradise, the second single from VEHEMENT, is already streaming online.
GlobMetal Promotions / Rognir released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
American Black Metal band Rognir released their debut album Skull of Gold. The album was recorded in Mayday productions by Derek May, and mixed and mastered by him.

Rognir was created in 2012 by Los Angeles musician Derek Thomas May. In 2017 Derek brought his long time friend Ross Rocco to the band as the lead guitarist/back up vocalist, and the lineup was complete.
  1. Eruption 03:37
  2. Path to Survival 03:10
  3. Personal Warpath 03:36
  4. Arise 03:44
  5. Mass Burning 03:28
  6. The Hateful Warrior 03:38
  7. The Climb 03:10
  8. Colossal Encounter 02:36
  9. Bloodthirst Initiates 03:08
  10. Decipher 04:15
  11. Goddess Demoness 03:24
  12. For Lacey Weitz 02:59
Sonic Night Music Club / Nashville Metal band KILLING GRACE announce new music video 'Say My Name'
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
Nashville's award-winning Metal band KILLING GRACE have released a new music video, Say My Name, for their new album Speak With A Fist.

Killing Grace is not afraid to genre bend with straight-up Southern Rock like One Finger Salute or something more hard-core as Screaming In Silence. From the slamming and revved-up track Say My Name and groove anthem Living Like A Suicide, to the melodic and progressive Take Me With You, this new release has something for everyone.
GlobMetal Promotions / Terrorize released self-titled EP
Posted by: Denis / 13.09.2018
Canadian Death Metal band Terrorize released their debut self-titled EP. The release was recorded at Vomit Studios and mixed/mastered by the band members themselves.

Terrorize was formed in 2017 at Toronto, Canada by Gabe Vassellucci (vocals) and Greg Seberras (guitars). In the beginning of 2018 Ben Blue from his solo band Transmundane joined the band on the drums, and the lineup was complete.
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5. Adagio

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12. Vyper
13. Venom Inc.
14. Hell in the Club
15. FB1964

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