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March 20th, 2018
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Roadie Metal / Faces Of Death: band offers single 'New Age'
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
Faces of Death just make available exclusively on YouTube, the single New Age, music that is present in the EP Consummatun Est officially launched at the end of 2017.

The song New Age is the third track from the EP recently released, the music is harsh criticism the way universal Church alienates his followers, transforming entire families in sheep that are slaughtered by untruths imposed by these sects aimed solely and exclusively seize money from more convalescidos.

Faces of Death is working on new compositions, aiming in 2018 launch the new album, but the group did not reveal the date and even a possible forecast for such release.
Sonic Night Music / WAR OF THRONES announce new music video
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
WAR OF THRONES, featuring former members of Crimson Glory, Rob Rock, have released a new music video, Aftermath, from their debut album. The album, Conflict In Creation, released worldwide on March 9th, 2018 via Sonic Night Music Club.

The band is set to appear at Rocklahoma 2018. WAR OF THRONES continues to thrill audiences live as they share the stage with bands such as Kamelot, Drowning Pool, Marty Friedman, Anvil, Mushroomhead.
GlobMetal Promotions / Harvest Time released new album
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
Russian symphonic Metal band Harvest Time (Russian - 'Vremya Zhatvy') released their new album Chtoby Vzoshlo Zavtra Solntse. The album was recorded/mixed and mastered in REDHORSE STUDIO by Valentin Suldin.

Harvest Time was formed in 2011 at Moscow by Nikolay Temnoyarov (Keyboards/Guitar), Maria Guseva (Vocals) and Vitaliy Belov (Lyrics). In 2012 the band released their first self-titled album, and the second album Chas Marodyora was released in 2015.
Imperative PR / Blood Of The Dragon unleashed! Frozen Ocean feature on new Therion tribute album
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
We all know that Therion are one of the most innovative, dramatic and expansive bands operating in the Metal scene today. From Death Metal beginnings they have gone on to break boundaries and redefine genres with their symphonic and operatic musical creations. The Swedish band have just released one of the most remarkably ambitious albums of their career in Beloved Antichrist and have now given their seal of approval to the equally ambitious Blood Of The Dragon project.

Being released on March 15th through Stygian Crypt Productions, Blood Of The Dragon is a sprawling double album. Disc one features rare cover versions of iconic bands like Metallica, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy recorded by Therion as bonus tracks or for compilations. The second disc of this collection features no less than sixteen bands offering up their own, original versions of classic Therion tracks. Amongst the sixteen bands you will find Frozen Ocean, the solo project of Russian enigma Vaarwel, delivering a stunning version of The Wings Of The Hydra, taken from Therion's fourth album Lepaca Kliffoth. Vaarwel has retained the spirit of the original song but the icy touch of Frozen Ocean is unmistakable in the delivery.

This contribution to Blood Of The Dragon is the first release from Frozen Ocean in 2018 and follows on from last year's spectacular compilation, Transience – now available as a free download - and 2016s highly praised The Prowess Of Dormition EP.
Gasoline Guns new single
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
Gasoline Guns proudly presents a new single Nightriders! You can listen to it at their official Bandcamp page add more fuel to the fire!

Roadie Metal / Heroes Of War: band offers single 'Smell of Death'
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
The band's debut album Heroes of War is related in name, essence, choices and ideology, using themes focused on the wars, be they historical or current, Saints and Sinners presents compositions in homage the main combatants of the epic battles throughout the evolution of society.

One of the songs that symbolizes this tribute with more sharpness is the track Smell of Death, the fourth song on the album Saints and Sinners, the letter symbolizes the fears and pains that a soldier in the battlefield, but never without losing your glory and honor will never be swayed by fatigue and be always ready for the big fight, getting with motto a single phrase, 'live or die, but I never give up'.

The music that has 6 min duration, is considered by fans one of the epics of the band Heroes Of War, possessing elements that mix between the traditional Heavy and the Speed Metal, the band is strong and proves that the Brazilian Metal is full of great musicians.

The band originally from São Carlos/SP, is actively performing in your city and region already points to new compositions, leaving in the air the question of whether a new Studio record is on its way.
Roadie Metal / Tupi Nambha releases teaser of the video Anthropophagy
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
Tupi Nambha band gets their inspirations in Brazilian folklore, more specifically in the Indian tribes 'Indians', who came to have more than 100,000 inhabitants by the 16th century. The group originally from Brasilia launched in 2017 your first Studio record, the well-received album Invasão Alienígena, an album which features seven songs with lyrics sung in Tupi, the native language of the Indians and that covers stories and customs of the tribe.

The group enjoying a good time in his career, released on the YouTube channel the teaser of the first clip, the music chosen to portray the image of the band, was an ideal that has one of the scariest lyrics, Anthropophagy. The letter addresses the post rituals the battle of Indian tribe 'Tupinambá', who lived in constant wars and after capturing their enemies, the devoured in a cannibalistic ritual.

The music video was written, directed and acted, by members of the group, Rogério Delevedove (guitar) and Marcos Loyola (vocals), synthesized the hatred and vengeance that the Indians needed in their rituals and celebrations after victory in their battles.

The clip has the weather forecast be made available within 20 days, the band is finishing the image issues and preparing a concept unlike anything already prepared in the country.
Roadie Metal / Macumbazilla: one of the more aggressive bands of Brazil is resuming the activities in 2018
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
After two years without any major news, the musicians of the band Macumbazilla prepare a lot of new information to the year 2018. Aggressive and fearless, the band released in 2015 the debut EP that takes the name of the group.

In a short time, Macumbazilla, received great attention from the Brazilian media with the three tracks of your first record, one of the main reasons for this is the determination to create a sound, no frills and which summarized the energy coming from the three experienced musicians who formed the band in the year 2012, André Nisgoski (vocals/guitar), Carlos Schner (bass) and Julio Goss (drums).

One of the main features presented in your debut record, is knowing that the music of the band flees from labels and specifications, Macumbazilla manages to distill fast riffs and heavy, cohesive and powerful vocals kitchen, leaving the sound intimate and of course free for evaluation of unknown listeners. In 2015, the band released the official music video of the track The Ritual and in a little less than 2 years, the same is already at 30000 views only on YouTube.

The experience of each member, the high level of own work quality, both in production and in mastering, come to think of it, the group chose Mike Supina (A Wilhelm Scream) to mix the debut EP and Roy Z, famous in the Brazil for your work with the vocalist Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), which masters all the three tracks present in Macumbazilla-Macumbazilla (2015).

If you're thirsty for a fierce brutality, something that makes you forget about everything and just focus on music, weight and consistency, that something that will mesmerize and hypnotize, so start now to listen to the work already released by the Macumbazilla, and wait for 2018, it is on like Donkey Kong! The band guarantees this.
Roadie Metal / Gutted Souls lyric music video 'Snakes in Suits'
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
Recently the brutal Death Metal band Gutted Souls, released in the official YouTube channel, the new lyric video of the track Snakes in Suits.

The music is present in the newly released album, The Illusion of Freedom, considered by many as one of the best albums by 2017. Available in main streaming platforms, the new album of the group is an avalanche of heavy riffs and absurd technique. A work that will appeal, fans of extreme music.

The musicians of Gutted Souls are preparing new videos for fan appreciation, the initial concept and provide a lyric video for all 09 tracks present on the album The Illusion of Freedom.
Roadie Metal / Netto Mello - Bunker
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
The launch of the first solo album by guitarist Netto Mello, Bunker, is now available to complete hearing in the main streaming platforms in the world.

The disc with songs, presents 08 all the technique and feeling of one of the greatest guitarists in the Midwest. Officially launched at the beginning of 2018, Bunker, has received great attention of musicians, fans and suppliers of instruments, which, through the quality of guitarist mark partnerships on ending the career of a musician.
Roadie Metal / Falls Of Silence makes all the tracks from the EP 'Necromancia' in YouTube official channel
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
In preparation for the new studio work, the band Falls of Silence of Death/djent, just make the songs on the debut EP of the career, the album Necromancia.

With four tracks, the album features a band with a lot of energy and weight, singing in Portuguese the group discusses several issues and concepts covered in a smart way.
GlobMetal Promotions / Age of Arcadia released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 16.03.2018
German Folk/Thrash Metal band Age of Arcadia have released their debut album Eleysis. The album was recorded by Nick Mylonas and George Tsantilas in Core Media Studios at Athens (Greece) and mixed/mastered by Logan Mader.

Age of Arcadia is an inherent band established in 2017 in Germany (Berlin) which rose mainly from the ashes of a band called Insidead. The band consists of George Tsantilas (Vocals and Rhythm/Lead Guitars), Quentin Ducreux Lerebours (Rhythm/Lead Guitars), Gus Kontos (Bass Guitar), Veit Schmoll (Drums).
One-woman UK based atmospheric Black Metal project, YYLVA
Posted by: Denis / 08.03.2018
A message from Clare Webster, the founding member of one-woman UK based atmospheric Black Metal project, YYLVA:
"I have recently shot and just released a music video for my debut single A Sidhe in Throes directed by the very talented Kathryn Gee of Zen Zero Images. The music video was premiered recently by Echoes and Dust...

As a harpist, I have been keen to harmonise the raucous resonance of Black Metal with the ethereal tones of this instrument which has seldom been done before, if not at all. I wholeheartedly believe that the music I have written is a first for the Metal world and I think it deserves to be showcased in the best way possible."
Furia Music Press / Shadowside joins Continental Concerts USA booking roster
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
Brazilian Metal band Shadowside is working hard on the promotion of their latest release Shades of Humanity and has just signed a contract with Continental Concerts USA, one of the most respected booking agencies worldwide.

The company that features artists like Sepultura, Krisiun, Destruction, Iced Earth, Orphaned Land, The Agonist, Threat Signal in their roster will be in charge of Shadowside's booking in North America, Central America and South America.

Shadowside is looking to repeat the success of the tour in support of the previous album Inner Monster Out, which took the band to almost 60 cities in 19 countries. The band is scheduling the 2018 tour.

Jolly Roger Records / DISTRUZIONE 'Inumana' and new videoclip
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
Distruzione just released La Torre della Muda videoclip, unreleased track from upcoming new EP Inumana, available from 9th March on LP+CD (first 100 copies green wax), Cardboard CD, Digital, on Jolly Roger Records. Video-recordings and editing were done by Axel O' Mill, an Argentinian professional video-maker and friend of the band, last year winner of the prestigious Goya award in Spain.

Inumana will be the first official release with drummer Emanuele Collato, already with Bulldozer and Death Mechanism, playing live with the band since the last summer and will contain also a second unreleased track, entitled Uomini contro Uomini and three tracks recorded live at Metal Italia Fest 2016.
    Inumana Tracklist:
  1. Uomini Contro Uomini
  2. La Torre della Muda
  3. Stultifera Navis (Live)
  4. Ossessioni Funebri (Live)
  5. Senza Futuro (Live)
VARG MEDIA GROUP / Enclave of Dreams released 'In a Captivity of Colourless Daydreams'
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
Bryansk (Russia) Doom Metal band Enclave of Dreams (Anklav Snov) released their new album In a Captivity of Colourless Daydreams on the Russian label FONO LTD.
  1. Shram 06:27
  2. Esli My Umryom 05:06
  3. Ad Vnutri 06:02
  4. Zima 07:28
  5. V Plenu Bestsvetnyh Gryoz 05:52
  6. Okean 06:40
  7. Gorech' 05:53
Enclave of Dreams – is one of the most active and demanded Doom Metal bands in Russia and, in eight years of its existence, has managed to leave a significant vestige in country's gloomy music. The band already has three LPs in its service record, namely, The Road to Inevitability (2013), That Which Can Never Be Getting Back (2015) and In a Captivity of Colourless Daydreams (2018), several singles and participation in the collections of tributes to My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Lake of Tears. The band has several tours, plenty of live shows, including ones with foreign masters of gloomy music, under its belt. Band's live shows are a powerful performance, improbable drive and heaviness of melodic, melancholic Death-Doom Metal with the violin and monumental guitar riffs. Each band's album finds new fans.
Imperative PR / Dreamfire sign with Minotauro Records
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
Imperative PR are thrilled to be able to announce that Dreamfire have signed with Minotauro Records. Minotauro have a fine reputation as supporters of artists who stand outside perceived boundaries, those who create truly unique music that fires the imagination and transports the listener beyond the mundane and the everyday.

The first Dreamfire release from Minotauro will be a new CD edition of Atlantean Symphony, completely remastered, with stunning new artwork and booklet design plus two bonus tracks; a 2018 reworking of the original album's grandiose finale, An Epitaph Engraved In Water and the Dreamfire interpretation of Ramin Djawadi's The Rains Of Castamere – as featured in the HBO series, Game Of Thrones.

And this is only the beginning... the gateway to the world of legend is open once again and dreams are but a heartbeat away.

Release dates are 27 April for Europe and 04 May for USA.
    Track Listing:
  1. Across The Ageless Ocean
  2. Approaching Atlantean Monoliths
  3. Embraced By The Light Of The Final Dawn
  4. The Opening Of Eternity
  5. A Reflection Of Rebirth Through The Eyes Of The Forlorn
  6. Into The Temple Of The Elements
  7. (Immersion Into) The Azure Mirror Of Infinity
  8. Tears Of The Enlightened
  9. Of Grandeur And Fragility
  10. A Timeless Lamentation Carried Upon The Storm
  11. Through Fire Into Legend
  12. An Epitaph Engraved In Water
  13. The Rains Of Castamere
  14. An Epitaph Engraved In Water MMXVIII
GlobMetal Promotions / Black Vatican released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
American symphonic Gothic Metal band Black Vatican released their debut album The Black Vatican. The album was recorded at Vatican Vault Studio and mixed/mastered by Erick Ramos.

Black Vatican was formed in 2014 at Kansas City, USA by Erick Ramos (singer/bassist). After several auditions Cole Roberts (guitar) and Isaac Byrd (drums) joined the band, and the lineup was completed.
Roadie Metal /Netto Mello debut album 'Bunker' is available for free listening
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
Guitarist Netto Mello recently released the first solo disc Bunker with eight tracks of a work credited as exceptional by various experts in instrumental music.

Bunker disk is available for free on the official channel of the hearing a musician, with passages by various groups, Netto stood out the front of the Hard Rock band Sunroad, project that was a guitarist for six years, recording and producing the albums Long Road, Wings Seven.

Operating since 1998 as a guitarist, Netto Mello already made tours beside musicians consecrated as Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Michael Schenker), Joe Lynn Turner, Michael Angelo Batio and shared stage with names like Doogie White, L.A. Guns, Narnia, Petra, WhiteCross, Stryper, Mad Max.
Roadie Metal / Gutted Souls released lyric video for 'Being Human'
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
Important name of Brazilian Death Metal group Gutted Souls released on the YouTube official channel the lyric video for Being Human present on the disc The Illusion of Freedom recently released by the band.

The song Being Human features in your essence, the whole concept of criticizing the inhumanities that occur around the world nowadays. Criticizing the secret wars, where staunchly is only discovered after thousands of innocent deaths and hidden attacks, maneuvers made always so cruel and inhumane. The band Gutted Souls raises the question of how to be empathetic, courteous, rational, after losing a child or loved one and innocent, after a bombing in a region of civilians.

The album The Illusion of Freedom is available for hearing in the main streaming platforms, just search for Gutted Souls and enjoy one of the Heavy Metal albums.
Imperative PR / Aborted Fetus - The Ancient Spirits of Decay (brutal Death Metal on Comatose Music)
Posted by: Denis / 07.03.2018
The cold winds have gathered in the foothills of the Ural Mountains and a storm beyond all storms is about to be unleashed. An implacable, merciless beast has stirred from its slumbers and an avalanche of raging violence is tearing down the icy slopes, ready to bury the world...

For nearly two decades Aborted Fetus have been unflinching in their pursuit of ruthless savagery. Nothing has been able to stand in their path as they have careered headlong into the very mouth of hell itself. Many thought that the Russian gorelords had achieved the ultimate expression of their bloody art with 2017s intimidating The Art Of Violent Torture, but now even that monumental act of sonic mutilation has been surpassed. The Ancient Spirits Of Decay towers over Aborted Fetus' previous atrocities, like a warlord standing triumphant on the broken bodies of his defeated enemies. Old school bludgeon and wanton destruction collides head on with modern complexity and technicality, while screaming, howling solos tear through the guts of each heart-bursting track. Vocalist Igor conducts the resulting carnage with his most imperious performance to date, spearheading what can only be described as total annihilation.

Many bands know how to lay down brutal sounds over a torrent of blast beats, but precious few can write songs like Aborted Fetus. This band take extremity to the very edge, but each track is exquisitely crafted, steeped in chilling atmosphere and viciously addictive. Swathed in bewitching artwork, courtesy of Armaada Art, The Ancient Spirits Of Decay sees Aborted Fetus setting new standards for brutal Death Metal.

When these Russian beasts descend from their mountain lair there is no place to hide, there is no question of mercy... there is only death.
  • Alexander 'Meatgrinder' Andreev - Guitar
  • Sergey Shchapov - Bass
  • Sergey 'Hammer' Kulakov - Drums
  • Igor Stafeev - Vocals
  • Genre: Brutal Death Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: MAY 11th 2018
  • For fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Brodequin, Devourment
  1. The Wind of Agonizing Spirits
  2. Eaten by Pigs in the Trough
  3. Drenched Eyes in Boiling Oil
  4. Nailed to the Cross
  5. Beheaded on the Guilotine
  6. Cradle of Revulsion
  7. Cold Lake of the Sinner
  8. Flame of Death (Instrumental)
  9. Rack of Torment
  10. Roasted Alive in the Copper Bull's Stomach
  11. Genital Torture by the Alligator Tongs
  12. Iron Petals of the Blasphemer's Pear
  13. Follow Into the Darkness (Instrumental)
Roadie Metal / One Thousand Dead: check out first-hand the new clip 'Guerra'
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
One Thousand Dead has just officially made available first official video clip in the career, the song War is now available for viewing on the band's official channel on YouTube.

The song is one of the first official Brazilian group compositions, mixing Thrash Metal and Death Metal with lyrics in Portuguese, the band is presenting a strong visual concept and well produced.

The site chosen for the recording of the images was the 'English farm', historical site situated in the municipality of Gaul next to the Bauru/SP. The abandoned environment, is at the top of a hill and has a Baroque church with Gothic visual, the monument was erected around 1930 and succumbed in 1956 after the coffee crisis in the region. A place frequently visited by tourists and researchers.
Alberto Rigoni announces new prog solo album feat. drummer Marco Minnemann
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
After the release of Duality album in September 2017, Italian Prog Rock bassist & composer Alberto Rigoni (solo, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, Kim Bingham etc.) announces that he is now working on a new Prog Rock ambient solo album which will feature worldwide known natural born drummer Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, etc.).

"The composition and production of this new album will be quite challenging. The album will consist in a 33 mins track divided in 6 chapters and it will be just basses and drums. I always dreamed to compose something like this and together with Marco Minnemann we creating something quite interesting (at least we hope!)!!" - Alberto Rigoni.

Marco Minnemann says: "Alberto approached me with the idea of adding drums to a fairly long piece composed mainly on the bass guitar. It goes in chapters and takes you on a trip through a variation of sensitive and dynamic soundscapes, leads through heavy rock song like parts, odd meter prog or jazz orientated sections and many more surprises. I was immediately up for this adventure and also enjoyed the musical freedom I was given for this production. Truly an enjoyable and great time being part of this release."

As an independent artist, Alberto Rigoni is looking for supporters who can help him in reaching the budget for the production (recordings, mix, mastering, artwork etc.) of this new album and started a fundraising campaign that will end on April 10 2018.

GlobMetal Promotions / Morbid Reich released debut EP
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
Chilean Death/Black Metal band Morbid Reich released their debut EP An Endless Heretic Advocacy. The EP was recorded at Pignoize Studios and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Myrkur, Ghost).

Morbid Reich was formed in 2017 at Santiago de Chile, by Walpurgis (Bass, Guitars) and Oor Nephilimm (Drums, Vocals), both from established local Thrash bands that want to play more 'darker' music. The psychical copies of the debut EP will be released on 21 April via Narcoleptica Productions.
Roadie Metal / Death Chaos: new album will be pressed and distributed in Argentina
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
Death Chaos very soon will be making the new album, Bring Them to Die in physical form to the delight of the fans of extreme music. The material that had been all written and is in the process of pressing, will be for sale to the public through social networks of their own band.

Important information that has just been carried out, is that the album will also receive a special and international press, the Argentine seal Polution Records had produced a limited number of copies of the album Bring Them to Die.

Formed in 2014, the group born in Curitiba/PR, launched in 2016 your first record, Prologue in Death & Chaos, which quickly fell into the graces of the fans and just increased the anxiety at first full of career, interested in purchasing with advance the new album Bring Them to Die.
Imperative PR / Flesh Hoarder - Homicidal Necrophile
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
In the darkest recesses of the Metal world, where death hides in every shadow, is a place where brutality is king, where depravity is a virtue and savagery is valued above all else, where the only law is survival of the sickest! In this dungeon of disgust, this pit of perversion is where you'll find Flesh Hoarder...

Flesh Hoarder emerged, dripping with viscera, into the blazing Texas sun in 2011, vomiting the Infatuation With Menstruation demo into the ears of the demented and disturbed the following year. Now they are finally ready to unveil their ultimate offal-ridden offering, the stomach churning sacrifice to the gods of sickness that is Homicidal Necrophile. Featuring eleven tracks of sewer trawling vocals, unrelenting drum battery and riffs like thick, choking sludge – including new recordings of the three much beloved, bestial hymns that made up Infatuation With Menstruation – Homicidal Necrophile takes you deeper into the filth than you have ever gone before. Ritualistic Rape Victims sucks you into a world of blood and pain where the guitars of the perversely named Angel Tarin and ex-M.O.D., current Phillip H. Anselmo & The Illegals man, Mike DeLeon shred your skin with wicked, barbed leads. Tortured Beyond The Grave drowns you in unstoppable waves of gore, Human Drapery enfolds you in nightmares, suffocating you with fear and panic... and the onslaught on your senses just keeps coming. There is no mercy, no moment of respite when you are in the hands of the Homicidal Necrophile!

When you've become desensitized to the horrors that the world has to offer, but your dark side calls out for more – more adrenalin, more terror, more blood and perversion – then you know where to go. Flesh Hoarder are waiting, in the kingdom of ruin and despair, the home of the Homicidal Necrophile, with agonies beyond your most abhorrent fantasies. One visit and you'll never be the same...
  • Adam DeLeon - Bass
  • Nick Moreno - Vocals
  • Angel Tarin – Guitars
  • Mike DeLeon – Guitars
  • Rene Martinez - Drums
  • Genre: Brutal Death Metal
  • For fans of: Suffocation, Mortician, Ingested, Cannibal Corpse
  • RELEASE DATE: MAY 11th 2018
  1. Between Life and Death
  2. Ritualistic Rape Victims
  3. Tortured Beyond the Grave
  4. Ejaculating on the Faces of the Aborted
  5. Human Drapery
  6. Hogtied and Deep Fried
  7. Necrotic Slut Chunks
  8. Infatuation with Menstruation
  9. Abuse of a Corpse
  10. Counterweight Suicide
  11. Burnt, Scraped, Dumped
Arthorium Records / Wild Witch
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
Brazilian traditional Heavy Metal group WILD WITCH is promoting a trailer with samples of its upcoming debut The Offering.

First full-length by the band, The Offering will be released on CD in September 9th via Arthorium Records. The album succeeds EP Burning Chains, which gained WILD WITCH notoriety among NWoTHM fans, and presents the band as a trio, transition phase between the line-up of the previous material and the current one. The cover photo, which recalls books and movies of the 70s and 80s, was taken by Mateus Cantaleäno. Recording and mixing were achieved by Maiko Thomé, from Avant Garde Studio, while Arthur Migotto was responsible for final mastering.
Roadie Metal / Falls of Silence: album 'Necromancy'
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
In 2011 was born in Brasília/DF a strong band and with a unique concept in the region, Falls of Silence and Death/Djent presented the world a perspective of merging technique and weight with smart and introspective lyrics.

In the first official record released 2014, the EP Necromancy with four tracks sung in Portuguese and melodies well built with direct influences of more modern names of extreme Metal.

The album was made available on various platforms and also streaming on the group's official channel on YouTube, possess a clip and some lyrics videos. The track Punição won images of a unique moment in the career of the group, after a masterful presentation, the musicians gathered the best moments and released music.

Currently Falls of Silence is preparing several news for fans of the group still in 2018, relevant news and that will further leverage the work of the group around the world.
BATTLESWORD (Melodic Death Metal from Germany)
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
The year 2018 will continue to be characterized by ambitious creativity for BATTLESWORD. In addition to new live appearances at the Metaldays Open Air or the Metal Inferno in Paderborn, Germany, as support for Grave and Holy Moses, the five musicians are already in the middle of songwriting for a new album!

Since 1999, BATTLESWORD on the Lower Rhine have kept the heavy flag of MELODIC DEATH METAL resolutely high in the storm of stylistic trends and musical fashions. With a mighty live performance and unspeakably powerful songs, the capable five-piece regularly provides extensive neck pain and happy moods among the fans. In the camp of the authentic, because completely sincere troupe clearly is preferred class instead of mass. Since the existence of the band, therefore, only two demos and two albums have been released.

For the preparation of their second long player, BATTLESWORD have taken the necessary time even longer than usual. But in 2015, the recordings and the mix for the long-awaited album Banners Of Destruction were successfully completed. Official release date for Banners Of Destruction was April 1st, 2016.

Banners Of Destruction pops with a true bomb sound that rages as voluminously forward as it can shine with transparency. The tastefully oriented songs, despite the rich and cutting hardness, show BATTLESWORD again in their old strength and the record convinces persistently old and new fans alike. During the songwriting this time care was taken to keep the music a bit more variable than at the beginning. In addition, the compositions were expediently extended by some classic Heavy Metal elements. The result is an original composed, homogeneously rounded and therefore perfectly functioning mix of everything that sets the charm of this metallic kind of loud art.

Consistently outstanding live qualities were massive proven by the highly ambitious formation at various festivals, such as 2017 at the Metaldays Open Air in Slovenia, or the German indoor festival Battle of Otzenhausen. And also at concerts, f.e. as support for more well-known bands such as Moonsorrow, Thyrfing, Suidakra, Warpath, Debauchery, the five convinced ones let it crash powerfully.
GlobMetal Promotions / Michael Mackert release new album
Posted by: Denis / 01.03.2018
American Heavy Metal musician Michael Mackert released his new solo album Finale. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Seraphic Records by Michael Mackert himself.

Michael Mackert is a Washington, D.C. based Heavy Metal/Hard Rock guitarist and composer. Beside his instrumental solo project, Michael also play guitars on American Heavy Metal band Blood Corps.
Imperative PR / This Machine Kills Zombies! The second full length album from Foul Body Autopsy detonates March 24th!
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
Imperative PR are proud to announce that they will be promoting This Machine Kills Zombies, the eagerly anticipated second full length album from Foul Body Autopsy. This eight track amalgamation of Thrash Metal riffing and Death Metal power is a concept album about the zombie apocalypse, inspired by the cinematic works of George A. Romero. Like Romero's revered films, the songs on This Machine Kills Zombies carry threads of sharp social commentary wound around the tales of gore, guts and flesh consumption. Musically as well as lyrically this is Foul Body Autopsy's most advanced work to date, with the songs being built from intricate riffs and incisive solos alongside the savage attack that fans know and love. The incredible sonic assault is available for pre-order now, exclusively from the Foul Body Autopsy bandcamp site and will be unleashed on the world on March 24th.

This Machine Kills Zombies is all the more remarkable when you remember that Foul Body Autopsy is all the work of one man – the fiercely dedicated Tom Reynolds. Tom summoned Foul Body Autopsy to life back in 2010, armed with just his drum machine, guitar and irrepresible creativity. Since then he has shared the stage with the likes of Thy Art Is Murder, Aborted, General Surgery and many more greats of the underground. He has also recorded a raft of well received singles and EPs and the self-titled Foul Body Autopsy debut album.

Now Tom with his tools of dissection and dismemberment has carved out his most dynamic, powerful and brutalising album to date. This Machine Kills Zombies takes every element of the Foul Body Autopsy sound to the next level; the next level of intensity, the next level of heaviness, the next level of horror. Be prepared to fight for your life because the day of the dead is here... they’re coming to get you Barbara!
Roadie Metal / Faces of Death: band releases lyric video of the song 'Killer in the Name of God'
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
Thrash/Death band Faces of Death provided in the official YouTube channel the second lyric video of his career, the song Killer in the Name of God features images of the musicians and real scenes of wars have been declared in the name of gods and churches.

Protesting with fury, the music is an acid criticism to rulers who hide behind their dogmas intentions of mass slaughter, destruction and chaos, all being related to the metaphysical.

The Faces of Death released in 2017 your EP Consummatum Est. and is currently preparing to begin the recording of their first full of career, the group already has more than 20 years of history, and after a long hiatus, he returned recently with very breath to a sound destruction in their songs.
Roadie Metal / Quintessente introduces the concept of 'My Last Oath'
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
Officially launched 05 May Day 2017, the debut album of the group Quintessente Songs From Celestial Spheres has received to this day much praise by several musical layers that are proposed in the musicality of the group. Elements of Death, Heavy, Dark, Doom and Gothic are present in the harmonies created, giving the album a unique authenticity and extraordinary quality.

Another important factor in if take into consideration is the letters submitted within the work Songs From Celestial Spheres. The central ideas addressing the relationship between man and heaven, using of cosmology, beliefs and past references. The band presents a conceptual work which studies the evolution of the universe and the individual in all, worrying so much about the origin and evolution itself.

After releasing the concept of the first three songs on the disc, now the Quintessente discloses the idea behind the song My Last Oath, the fourth track on the album. Approach is the search for the man in the reconciliation with the spirit in which the same lying near the end and sees their reflections on what has been and is being lived, leading to a thorough evaluation and a private trial. The band raises a question of how to face and meet their own ghosts and how their fears give way to a possibility of change, until you come to repentance, through the examination of conscience and culminating in your own resilience.

The album Songs From Celestial Spheres is available for purchase and physics also available for audition in main streaming platforms.
Roadie Metal / Phrenesy watered the beer, band released the music video for 'The Power Comes from the Beer'
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
Completing 15 years of career, the Phrenesy group is currently working on the finalization of the compositions of your second album. The band that in 2014 launched the irreverent The Power Comes from the Beer and through him received numerous opportunities to perform in the main heavy music festivals in the country, presents to the public the fun and humorous music video the album title The Power Comes From the Beer.

The clip, as well as the disc, has as main theme the beer, using real-life stories with the musicians of the group, after several drinking, shows what it's like to be forgotten by his friends at a bar if you don't have control over your alcoholic boost.

Focusing on fun themes compositions, the band Phrenesy also bothered to make harsh criticism of society in songs like This Is Extreme, F.U.C.K., Songs of Truth, all present on the disk Power Comes From the Beer. The disc released in physical format and are available for audition in main streaming platforms in the world.
GlobMetal Promotions / Infallible released new album
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
Russian symphonic Black/Gothic Metal band Infallible released their debut album Aeterna Veritas. The album was recorded at Crystal Crown Studio and mixed/mastered by Anton Matveev at BlastWave Studio.

Infallible was formed in Tyumen, Russia in 2014 by Mysteria (vocals, orchestration and keyboards) and Lord Heretic (guitars). These days the band is working on new material for the next album and music videos.
Roadie Metal / Netto Mello: check out first official clip of the solo career of the renowned Brazilian guitarist
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
Guitarist Netto Mello has just been release in the official YouTube channel, the first official solo clip. The musician who plays since 1998 is one of the main references in your instrument in the State of Goiás.

After a brilliant pass in front of the Sunroad group, the musician Netto Mello opened the personal project and launched the first official solo record, the album Bunker, available on all platforms streaming for free.

The song chosen to give visual body the work of guitarist Netto Mello was the track Day 1, the video had several contributions, directed by images of Anderson Tikin, editing images by own Netto Mello, as guest star Andrew Adonis, all filmed by Rec_in Visual Productions.

The musician will be releasing in the next few days several and important information about your debut album Bunker. Be sure to watch the work of one of the main Brazilian guitarists.
Roadie Metal / Gutted Souls album 'The Illusion of Freedom' will be released in physical format for European record labels
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
The album The Illusion of Freedom released recently by Death Metal band Gutted Souls will be released in physical form by two European labels in the coming days.

The disk is available for audition in main streaming platforms in the world, will be pressed and distributed by Envenomed of Ukraine and the Narcoleptica of Kazakhstan, that in partnership will launch the album in physical format in high quality.

The Illusion of Freedom has received praise by the media and many fans around the planet, this will be the first physical version and current official record of the Gutted Souls, the material will be available for purchase in almost the entire European continent, will also have a limited distribution to the Brazil.

The launch is forecast for the next few days, between the end of February and early March, the album will be available for sales.
Imperative PR / The new era of De Profundis begins
Posted by: Denis / 22.02.2018
The silence has been broken and a new age has begun - a new age of darkness, rage and war! It's been a long wait but finally the fifth album from the UK's masters of Death De Profundis is about to be unleashed, through their new label Transcending Obscurity Records. The Blinding Light Of Faith will be loosed from its chains on May 10th and pre-orders for this staggeringly heavy creation are live now!

The Blinding Light Of Faith is available to order in three formats - eight panel, full colour hardcover digi-pak, digital download and limited edition, gold embossed box set. The limited edition box sets contain:
  • autographed and hand numbered certificate cards, signed by the whole band
  • the massive eight panel digi-pak edition of the album
  • a gloss finished coaster
  • a patch featuring the new De Profundis logo
  • a guitar pick, also featuring the new band logo
  • an exclusive album artwork sticker
The artwork of the amazing album artwork and new band logo was created by Alex Tartsus who has previously worked with Sinister and Depravity and the logo was created by none other than Gary Ronaldson of Bite Radius Design. Gary is known throughout the Metal world for his work with the likes of Napalm Death, Kreator, Misery Index, Benighted.
Roadie Metal / Death Chaos: band features new guitarist
Posted by: Denis / 19.02.2018
The group Death Chaos has been preparing for the release of your new album, Bring Them To Die and while not enough material in the industry, the group has been performing live in the main events of extreme Metal in the southern region of the country.

Taking advantage of the good phase, the musicians end up presenting to the public the new guitarist of the group, the musician Gabriel Maciel that over 15 years operates in the Brazilian scenario, obtaining tickets for bands like Soul Crusher, Mark Shafer, Sadsy, well-known bands of the extreme Metal fans in the State of Paraná.

Asked about the feeling of being in front of the guitars and which influences the musician will get to the core of creation of Death Chaos, Gabriel M commented: "It was an opportunity that I longed for was stopped for a few years. I identified with the sound as I am big fan of bands like At The Gates, Kataklysm and Carcass which are large the band's influences. Be part of a band that does serious work and focused, this was my goal. I'm happy to take one of the guitars of Death Chaos".

The musician did not take part in the recordings of the album Bring Them To Die, but will have an important role in the songs performed live, the same will have freedom in solar conjunction other guitarist of the group, Julio Bona.
Roadie Metal / Attività Power Trio presents the concept of the song Berimbau
Posted by: Denis / 19.02.2018
Recently released the new studio album by the band ATTIVITÀ POWER TRIO, from Rio de Janeiro, entitled Confusão. Among the eleven tracks that make up the album, one of them is a re-reading of the song Berimbau, authored by the guitarist Baden Powell in partnership with the great Brazilian poet Vinicius de Moraes.

Vinicius de Moraes caught contact with the music of Baden Powell for the first time in 1962. Both shared an interest: the Afro-Brazilian culture. While the poet Vinicius was interested in the mystical and poetic side of this culture, Powell sought to delve into the musical and harmonic side of it. The two met and composed together for three months a total of 25 songs. Eight of them entered the album Os Afro-Sambas, of 1966, a classic of Brazilian popular music. However, one of the greatest successes of this partnership did not enter this album, the music Berimbau.

Almost half a century later, the Rock trio Attività Power Trio decide to create their version for Berimbau. The band did not want to turn the music into a Rock itself, but he intended to preserve the essence and characteristic elements of the original version, adding his vision of Rock'n'Roll.

Check out right after the version Berimbau, launched by Attività Power Trio. The band's new album, Confusão, can be heard on the main streaming platforms on the Internet.
Roadie Metal / Heroes Of War: listen to the song "Holy Grail" that talks about the battles of the Knights Templar
Posted by: Denis / 19.02.2018
The group Heroes Of War comes slowly releasing to the public the songs from the first studio record, the album Saints and Sinners. The track released for free on the hearing official channel on YouTube was Holy Grail, track three of the musicians' debut album.

The Saints and Sinners disk addresses in your thematic historical facts involving the Crusades and holy wars, in Holy Grail the group the band deepened in the tales of the 'Holy Grail' and all your mystique behind the battles between the Christians and the Muslims, causing one of the biggest and deadly conflicts in the history of mankind.

The band Heroes Of War can be considered one of the major renovation of the traditional Heavy Metal, mixing Brazilian modernism and influences of big names, the group managed to create a unique identity in the musicality and has been raising many fans across the country with their intelligent songs and well built.
Roadie Metal / Em Chamas: promoting Heavy Metal inside the Espirito Santo
Posted by: Denis / 19.02.2018
In 2012 began the story of a band that would mark the name in an inner city of Espirito Santo, the Ablaze comes up with the proposite with the Guaçuí structures with all your weight and Heavy Metal as well structured.

Not only the band's music remains, being one of the main developers of the style in the city, the group performs each year various festivals by granting the opportunity for new groups can present themselves to the public in the region hungry, forming in this way a leads to new fans and being considered by many the leading exponent of heavy music in and out of the spotlight of major centers and Brazilian capitals.

The band currently has been preparing and finalizing the compositions of your upcoming first album, but wrong who think that the band does not have quality materials, Em Chamas already has two professional drummer and recorded clips and the group's founder, Guilherme Mandrake, besides being one of the responsible for festivals in the city of Guaçuí, in addition to other members, is also host of 'Balcony of Rock' they interview the local bands in the official YouTube channel with the aim of bringing musicianship, concept and ideals of each band interviewed on the show.

The Em Chamas build a solid career and prove that the determination and attitude are key to that style will not perish on the difficulties that are found on the national scene, and to be ahead of that fight is one of the main reasons for keep believing that any Brazilian city is able to have a quality scene with many involved in a general context.
darkSIGN-RECORDS / New Rock act 'Toxic Violet Inc.'
Posted by: Denis / 19.02.2018
Initialized by German songwriter / producer duo Marc Vanderberg and Thorsten Eligehausen, Germany's promising newcomer Rock act Toxic Violet Inc. releases its first single. The Rock duet, sung by Chris Divine and Tave Wanning, was written by Vanderberg and produced by Eligehausen for his label DarkSIGN Records.

After the joint Industrial Metal project Eli van Pike - Vanderberg and Eligehausen enter new musical territory with the new project Toxic Violet Inc.. "With This Romance, a duet that sounds like a hit has emerged, which in our view has the potential to appeal to a much broader audience", says Vanderberg. "The catchy melody and the perfectly orchestrated vocal performance of Chris Divine and Tave Wanning underline the radio capability of the song", said Eligehausen. "We spent about three months on This Romance. Again and again, we questioned and adapted the song structure and production until we were finally 100 percent satisfied", Vanderberg describes the development process. "Feedback from our test listeners has strengthened our opinion of the song. The feedback was very positive", adds Eligehausen.

The song is now available in all major internet and streaming portals.
Imperative PR / Strangle Wire - The Dark Triad
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
Behind the locked doors that lie in the shadows, at the end of forgotten passageways, in the depths of every human mind... madness waits, scratching at the splintered wood with bleeding fingers. Insanity and depravity in all its many hues and colours – blood red to pitch black – kept concealed and restrained for the sake of our society; that thin wall of laws and empathy that saves us from ourselves. But sometimes those locks fail, or the keys are purposefully turned, unleashing the monsters from within. Strangle Wire's The Dark Triad is the sound of the monsters set free, the sound of broken minds and twisted personalities, the sound of an insidious assault on the light that keeps the night at bay.

Summoned into existence in Belfast, Northern Ireland, barely a year ago, Strangle Wire's ineffable darkness and intimidating power is the result of a fusion of talent and experience. Between them, the members of this most potent death machine can boast decades of experience in the catacombs of the metal underground but together they have created something greater than all their past endeavours; something so severe, so saturated in dire cruelty and undiluted poison as to be unstoppable.

The dungeon doors first creaked open in June of 2017, when Grindscene Records sent Strangle Wire's first EP, Narcissism, out into the world. The two tracks from that limited edition release now form the first chapter of the colossal new album, The Dark Triad. Divided into three sections, entitled Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism, The Dark Triad takes the listener into the dark heart of the human condition, propelling them ever onward with a musical force of savage intensity, Death Metal possessed of speed, groove and supreme heaviness. Produced by Chris Fielding (Hooded Menace, Primordial, Witchsorrow etc) this album hits with skull-splintering force.

With an imminent performance at Decimation Fest II in Madrid, with Haemorrhage and Disavowed, to be followed by a prestigious slot at the Las Vegas Deathfest in May, alongside Dying Fetus and Incantation - Strangle Wire are set to deliver their message of madness to the world.
  • Genre: Psychological Death Metal
  • For fans of: Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Sinister
  • RELEASE DATE: 23/03/18
Roadie Metal / Stonex: music inspired by the character "Captain Marvel" is made available to audition
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
While the new album of Stonex doesn't make it to the world, the group is offering in the official YouTube channel songs that are part of the first studio record, the EP Seeds of Evil originally released in 2014, but now only available in digital format.

The music released by the group's three track called Maggots (in my Brain), written in narrative form, the lyrics are sung in first person and tells the story of a man who has your life abused when worms invade your mind and spend control your life, leading him to madness and murder of your own family.

Stonex musicians with this song created a metaphorical allusion to the popular Brazilian expression that says 'fill your head worms' and the damage caused to life itself when you allow others to influence negatively your destiny.

Another inspiration for the song Maggots (in my Brain) are the stories of Dr. Silvana, eternal antagonist of Cap. Marvel (now 'Shazam') that controls minds through their worms, introduced secretly by the ear and allowing it to control all those who he manages this feat.

The Stonex is currently working on the completion of your first full career and still in 2018 the band plan to be offering the new record in physical and digital format for all fans of good old Heavy Metal.
Roadie Metal / TORTURE SQUAD - drum cam Amilcar Christófaro recording 'on Fate'
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
The Torture Squad released the second drum cam recording session of the new album Far Beyond Existence. Check out the song In Fate on the official YouTube channel of the band.

"This song is, without doubt, one of the more aggressive, not only of the album as the band's history. And this recording took a lot out of me. As I opted for a lower pitch, the skin was more loose, so I had to take the sound of the drums with more grip, which is difficult when you have a lot of things fast. It was tiring, but rewarding. I was very happy with everything, with the entire structure of the (Studio) Orra Man and Loud Factory and with the production of the 'Wizard' Wagner. We talked a lot and we were with the same focus on sound, since the first preproduction, we understand each other", says drummer Amilcar Christófaro.

Roadie Metal / Fred Mika: renowned Brazilian drummer presents first solo album with several national and international participation
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
One of the main musicians of the Brazilian Hard Rock drummer and founder of the Sunroad, Fred Mika, the front of the Group Brazilian has released seven studio albums, a DVD and a compilation album with the main band classics, announces the production of the first job in a solo career with several cameos of Brazilian and international musicians. Titled Withdrawal Symptoms that record is set to be officially released 08 March day in physical and digital format, taking advantage of the proximity of the release, Fred Mika, released two videos on the official channel producer 'Musik Records' some parts of the songs that will be part of this new venture of the musician.
Bergsvriden sign management Deal with GlobMetal Promotions
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
Swedish Black/Folk Metal band Bergsvriden has inked a worldwide management deal with GlobMetal Promotions.

Bergsvriden was formed at Stockholm in 2013 by Anton 'Trollmania' Tordas, Sten-oskar 'Trollpung' Johansson, Stefan 'OLtomten' Stolica. Last year the band released their new album Hellsemyr that was recorded at 'Fnattgrottan Studios' and mixed/mastered by Anton Tordas.
Roadie Metal / Seventh Sign From Heaven released song 'Judgement of Egypt'
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
The group Seventh Sign From Heaven initiates the release in the official YouTube channel songs that are part of the first official record of the band, the album Judgement of Egypt, first released in physical format and After Streaming platforms, now you have the track-to-track available on the main platform of world music and videos, the YouTube.

The track takes its name from the disc, Judgement of Egypt is the first to be made available, in addition to the official clip The Return which is already published since the official release of the album in mid-2017. Search music present the listener so historic migration of the Hebrew people that with this fact, brought the plagues imposed on the Egyptian people that kept the Hebrews as slaves.

The Seventh Sign From Heaven is based on harmonic lines aimed at the traditional Heavy Metal with direct influences of Metal greats. The EP Judgement of Heaven is available for sales and interested in acquiring the work's only contact with the band through the social networks of the group.
Divebomb / Tyrranicide & Betrayel
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
BETRAYEL Death Shall Overcome, Street Date: 2/9/2018
BETRAYEL formed in Fresno, CA in 1985 with Chris Campise on bass/vocals, guitarists James Carter, James Johnson, and Arlie Patton on drums. Influenced by the burgeoning sounds of Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, BETRAYEL quickly announced their primal Thrash Metal fury by opening their debut demo—1986's Helpless Souls with a bold mission statement: 'Attention posers: prepare to die!'

The following year found the group appearing on Godly Records' Raging Death compilation alongside early incarnations of future greats Atheist (as R.A.V.A.G.E.) and Obituary (as Xecutioner), before work ensued on a second demo: Death Shall Overcome. BETRAYEL then secured its highest-profile appearance to date in 1990 with the opening track on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre Ten compilation, all the while respectfully maintaining their singular focus on intense, raging Thrash.

Even early on, BETRAYEL had opened for names such as Anthrax, Death Angel, Overkill, etc.; and would go on to share the stage with a huge number of impressive acts such as Autopsy, Dark Angel, Kreator, Lääz Rockit, Voïvod. Having amassed an impressive cache of songs that had yet to be recorded, the band was prepping to sign with Mechanic Records, before management issues saw BETRAYEL passed over for Vio-lence instead. By the end of 1990, BETRAYEL was finished.

Finally, almost three decades after the fact, Divebomb Records is proud to grant BETRAYEL's recordings a long overdue discography collection: Death Shall Overcome. The 20-song CD includes tracks from the Helpless Souls and Death Shall Overcome demos, the Raging Death and Metal Massacre Ten compilations, plus eight previously unreleased live cuts recorded in 1988. Fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, the disc is housed alongside an extensive booklet loaded with archival photos/flyers and a retrospective interview with the band.

COMRADES IN ARMS: Nasty Savage, Hallows Eve, E-X-E, Harter Attack, Slayer, Exodus

ARSENAL: Limited edition CD – only 500 units pressed worldwide – Cover art by Steven Cobb – digitally remastered – band supplied photos – full color 24 page booklet with new band interview
    Helpless Souls – 1987
  1. Betrayel
  2. Helpless Souls
  3. Destruction, Death & Pain
  4. Cathedral
  5. Beyond The Gates
    Death Shall Overcome – 1987
  6. Death Shall Overcome
  7. Born Of The Jackal
  8. Blood Of Nam
    Raging Death Sessions – 1987
  9. Hypocrite’s Reign
  10. Scream In Darkness
    Raging Death LP – 1987
  11. Another Sacrifice
    Metal Massacre Sessions – 1989
  12. Sick Or Sane?
    Live At Casino Intl (Merced, CA) – 1988
  13. Another Sacrifice
  14. The Daily Sin
  15. Face The Flames
  16. Eternal Life
  17. Hellborn
  18. The Dreaded Incubus
  19. Demonic Dreams
  20. Deadly Possession
    TYRRANICIDE God Save The Scene (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD, Street Date: 2/9/2018
    TYRRANICIDE originally formed on Halloween of 1984 in Pleasanton, CA under the name of Mayhem. The group eventually solidified its lineup of guitarists/vocalists Jeff Hill and Tim Narducci, drummer Mike Serafin, and Ty Turner on bass before being rechristened TYRRANICIDE prior to recording their first demo in 1986. Existing on the fringe of the fabled Bay Area Thrash scene's heyday, TYRRANICIDE rubbed elbows with everyone from future legends such as METALLICA, EXODUS, to second-wave favorites like SACRILEGE B.C., ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. The band was initially adamant, however, that their thrashing attack not be pigeonholed as simply 'speedcore' or 'crossover', desiring instead for their inclusive attitude to welcome a range of different fans.

    After securing an appearance on the Metal Blade/Death Records Complete Death II compilation LP in 1987 alongside contemporaries from IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER to ANGKOR WAT, TYRRANICIDE hit the studio in October of 1988 to track their lone full-length LP, God Save the Scene. Recorded for a mere $800 and self-released through Hill's own Whirling Dervish Records, the album would go on to become an influential force in the local scene with regard to the D.I.Y. ethic—and a cult classic, no less.

    In the years that followed with new bassist Sean Kinnick in tow TYRRANICIDE's final recording sessions were originally intended to comprise a second full-length. In the end, however, the darker and harder-hitting material yielded a pair of EP releases in 1992: a two-song 7" on French label Bad Card Records; and two more songs on a split 8" flexi with Liquid Courage. TYRRANICIDE would ultimately endure a few more lineup changes before finally throwing in the towel before the end of 1993.

    But now, nearly 25 years later, Divebomb Records is excited to announce this definitive double-CD reissue of God Save the Scene. The 27-song collection includes the full-length album itself, Don't Label Me from Complete Death II, 1986's Hiding Under White demo, plus the complete sessions from what would have been TYRRANICIDE's sophomore full-length—four songs of which have never before been released! Fully remastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording, the set is rounded out by an extensive 24-page booklet loaded with photos, flyers, press clippings, and a retrospective interview with the band.
      Disk 1
    1. Hiding Under White
    2. Nails On The Chalkboard
    3. Was It Worth It?
    4. Think For Yourself
    5. One That I Am
    6. Facing Reality
    7. Denial (Of Hate)
    8. Drink, Drive And Die
    9. Peer Pressure
    10. Pull The Plug
    11. Inner Peace
    12. Holy War
    13. By His Own Hand
      Complete Death II (LP – 1987)
    14. Don’t Label Me
      Disk 2
      Hard Like A Machine (LP Sessions – 1992)
    15. Hard Like A Machine
    16. His And Hearse
    17. University Of Life
    18. Inertia
    19. Bite Your Tongue
    20. Fool’s Gold
    21. Kill The Messenger
    22. No More Gore
      Hiding Under White (Demo – 1986)
    23. Hiding Under White
    24. Summoned To Die
    25. Facing Reality
    26. Epilogue
    27. Cripple’s Revenge
VARG MEDIA GROUP / The Faceless Hunter new album streaming
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
Imagine yourself a music mix of such bands like Bloodbath, Cradle of Filth, Behemoth, Kataklysm and you will receive the debut album The Shadows of The End of Russian Dark Metal band The Faceless Hunter. The concept of the album talk about Christian eschatology - the study of 'end things', whether the end of an individual life, the end of the age, the end of the world and the nature of the Kingdom of God.
  1. Tracklist:
  2. The Final Journey 07:45
  3. The Victim 05:38
  4. Purification 07:09
  5. Through the Sea and the Storms 05:42
  6. The Prophet 05:56
  7. Awaiting the Dawn 05:54
  8. The Phoenix 05:31
  9. Halo 05:43
    The band members are:
  • Denis Antokhin - guitars, vocals
  • Aleksandr Eshkinin - guitars
  • Vladislav Ermolaev - drums, backing vocal
  • Elena Komlackaya - keyboards
  • Dmitry Slutov - Bass
Roadie Metal / R.I.V. announced the official date of launch of the new album
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
The Brazilian band R.I.V. has just announced the official release date of your new Studio disc and titled Prog-Core.

The album that took 19 years to emerge, due to the long hiatus the band suffered from nearly 20 years is anticipated with much anxiety and anticipation before fans of the group.

The band resumed its activities in 2015 and 2016 released the demo Welcome To Progcore if restructured and with the new line-up, the group already has all the instruments and recorded the new album is already in the process of final mastering.

The disc Prog-Core will be officially launched in the second half of the month of April, including various elements in your sound, the R.I.V. group merges Progressive Thrash, Crossover and Metal core, being the forerunner of the style in the country.

The album was produced by vocalist and guitarist of the band, Sandra de Sá, the recordings were made at the renowned studio 'Eminence', even by the veteran and traditional band Thrash Metal mining.
Roadie Metal / Navighator project reveals bassist of Almah as one of the participants
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
The musician Marcos Medina is responsible for the creation of the project Navighator, this work consists of creating an album gathering various artists to Metal recording an album epic and glorious.

The musical proposal of the group will have as its main theme stories about pirates and charged emotions and passion. The group which will feature Brazilian musicians, Hungarian, English and Romanian, begins to make body and after releasing the name and concept of what will be the Navighator, it is time to reveal the first member you will be part of super music project Brazilian.

The first named is the Brazilian bassist and important scenario-musician, Raphael Dafras. The bassist from 2012 is the front of the creations of bass with Almah by the singer Edu Falaschi and recently ended the tour Brazilian 'Rebirth of Shadows Tour' in which the singer sings the hits who recorded ahead of Angra.

The project is at the stage of recordings and artists have obtained their instruments recorded and finalized. Marcos Medina plans to release in the next few days on YouTube some videos of the making-off of the recordings of artists who will be part of the Navighator.
GlobMetal Promotions / Psycho Pass Crown released new EP
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
Japanese Melodic Death Metal band Psycho Pass Crown released their new EP The First Cry. The EP was recorded at Void Lab and mix/mastered by Mr.Inari.

Psycho Pass Crown was formed at Tokio in 2015 by Yuki (vocals) and Kengo (drums). In August 2016 the band released their debut EP Revenge For The Revenge. This days the band playing mainly in Tokyo and as a support band in foreign bands' Japan tours.
Imperative PR / Krepuskul - Hybrid
Posted by: Denis / 16.02.2018
Transylvania is a land steeped in myth and legend, known for its mist shrouded forests, ancient peaks and darkly dreaming castles... but if you listen, there's a voice shouting loud from the Transylvanian heartland, the voice of a band that stands firmly in the present, looking to the future not the past, a band screaming at the world to wake the fuck up! Krepuskul are here to shake you from complacency, to blast the cobwebs of sleep from your brain, to open your eyes, re-energise your brain and light a fire in your heart.

Since 2007 Krepuskul have been raging against the machine with their powerful modern Metal, playing hundreds of shows with the likes of Arch Enemy, Sepultura, Dark Tranquillity, Evergrey, storming stages at major festivals like Bloodstock Open Air with Machine Head and Alice Cooper.

Now the Romanian road warriors have unleashed their most powerful and potent album to date – Hybrid. Hybrid brings together nine tracks that all exude passion, musicality, drive and energy, verve and vigour. Be it the great drumming, powerful vocals and driving riffs of Awake 17, the crushing combination of sonic elements that form the multifaceted The Disciples or the raging yet musically playful Psychotherapy – wherever you turn Hybrid hits hard with its commanding call to arms. Marrying Death Metal power to complex rhythms, deep rooted emotion and a primal roar in the face of a society sleepwalking to its doom, Hybrid is a vibrant, vital explosion of sound.
  • RELEASE DATE: 15/02/18
  • Genre: Metal
  • For fans of: Sepultura, Machine Head, Lamb Of God, In Flames
GlobMetal Promotions / I'mone premiere new music video 'Don't stay'
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
Russian indie Metal band I'mone released their new music video Don't stay. The song was produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Anssi Kippo at 'Astia-studio A' (Lappeenranta, Finland) and filmed by Corona-film.

I'mone was formed at Moscow in 2012 by Tim Zhulin (vocals and bass), Andrey Logashin (guitar) and Stefan Morgachev (drums). In 2014 the band released their debut album It's Time.... Right now the band is working on their second album that will be released in 2018.
Roadie Metal / Quintessente
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
Quintessente released music concept A Sort of Reveries on YouTube channel.

Quintessente was one of the most interesting and peculiar bands of the year 2017 after the release of the record, Songs From Celestial Spheres. Receiving many positive reviews of the Brazilian press, the debut album of the group that owns 23 year history, gradually being dismembered and getting your concept revealed to fans.

The lead singer and founder of the group, Andre Carvalho, unveiled the inspirations and your approach to the letter of the third track of the album A Sort of Reverie: "A Sort of Reverie is a song about the State of digression, about moments of contemplation and deep thoughts, leading to growth and transmutation. Talk about a scenario in which the real world in intertwined with illusions and dreams. A kind of anguish between reality and reverie. The chorus discusses the search for self-knowledge through introspection. Talk of fantasy about a new phase and also a reflection about what has passed. Is an internal war over escape of real and face the existence of fact. Is as an offshoot of Delirum, but now it is when lucid starts to bring light."

The album Songs From Celestial Spheres is available for audition in main streaming platforms in the world, including all tracks individually and in single track on the Group's official channel at YouTube.
Roadie Metal / Krakkenspit
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
KrakkenSpit - a giant of traditional Heavy Metal, check out the video for Fear my Name.

Formed by a team of experienced musicians, the group KrakkenSpit, a native of the city of Goiânia has become as the main name of the traditional Heavy Metal in the state.

After a long hiatus, the friends Marcio Cruvinel (vocals), Aldo William (guitar) and Julian Stella (bass), resumed your love for music and so formed the KrakkenSpit group, along with drummer Bruno Dias.

In little more than a year and a half of training, the band has released in physical format the first studio record, the EP Fear My Name which includes three tracks of great technique and direct influences of established names like Saxon, Accept, Iron Maiden and other so many names.

The KrakkenSpit recently released the music that gives its name to the debut EP, Fear My Name, the video is available on the official channel of the group and has been touting many fans around the world by visual quality and harmonic of the members of the band. The clip also has the participation of the Italian drummer Brunno who left the group at the end of 2017.
Roadie Metal / Grinding Reaction
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
Grinding Reaction band undergoes internal changes and features the same training, but with a new guitarist.

A few days ago, to officially launch your new studio record, the long-awaited album Time, persistence and fury planned to be released in physical format with limited copies and also in the main streaming platforms in the world, the group Grinding Reaction reports on a major change in the current line-up of the band.

The group with the vocals and the guitars the musician Ricardo, now will have the same with all your attention and focus on the voices one of the presentations of the group by the country and no more guitar lines, in the place, an old friend of the whole group of Grinding Reaction takes the six strings, Rafael Santos, experienced musician scene in Sao Paulo's mission is to keep the weight off and the band's musical aggression.

Rafael Santos, known as 'family', plays the scene for over 20 years, being ahead of names like 13 Element and Articulate, renowned groups ABC region in São Paulo. The musician enters the band with the whole process of recording and disc creation time, persistence and fury finished in the studio, the same shall be responsible for the guitar in the band events and the creation of new music from now on side by side guitarist Victor.

The band Grinding Reaction released a home video in which the musicians feature the new guitarist, Rafael 'Family' Saints fans of the group.
Roadie Metal / Valley of Armored Heart
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
Valley of Armored Heart third video for the trilogy of Payal already has data to be released. The band announces that in the coming days the new song by the band will be available in the media of the band with fans.

The track The Evil One of The River (Caboclo D'agua) will continue to work that the group has been showing to the public. Created in a form of trilogy, the new song will be released first official clip-shaped, continuing in history created in the two tracks that are already available on the Group's official channel on YouTube and that mark the debut of the group Folk Metal in the national scene.

The conceptual idea of the group is to present a plot based on the Warrior Guaraci, a spirit brother of the native Indians who together have shed your blood fighting for nature and survival of your people.

The songs Brave Armored Heart and Celebration of Native, respectively started the story created by the group that will soon be completed with the clip The Evil One of The River (Caboclo D'agua).

The clip will be officially launched in late February, after the release of the new video, the group intends to begin to present to fans the new material which will be part of the group's debut album and it has expected to launch in mid-2018.
Roadie Metal / Ravenous Mob: ever closer to announce the release of new album
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
The Ravenous Mob band finalized the process of recording the first full career, still without revealing details about the design of the successor in title of the debut EP Unholy Secrets that was released in the second half of stoking the 2017 interest from Thrash Metal fans in general.

What is known about the new album is that it will have nine tracks, unreleased and four of those five EP Unholy Secrets with a new look and production. The CD was recorded live in the Studio 'F productions' and was responsible for recording and mastering the band's drummer, Philip Zimmermann.

The group in the next few days will commence in the disclosure of all the elements that will be part of the new album, name, cover, single, video and concept, will be revealed to the public and fan of the Ravenous Mob go enjoying slowly a new and promising work to emerge.
Roadie Metal / Prison Bäit: new guise and all rewritten from scratch, check out the relaunch of 'Who the F *** Are You'
Posted by: Denis / 09.02.2018
Originally recorded in 2014, Who the Fück Are You received much praise being reviewed in major media outlets in the country, that when the current Prison Bäit was called Jäilbäit.

In 2017 many news started to happen in the band's career, one of them was the name change, another important change was the entry of guitarist Tiago Godoi which brought with it great strength, renewal, technique and experience. Said that an important step has been taken, the group after all your reformulation decided to rewrite from scratch the disc Who DA Fück Are You with new production, new instruments, new instruments and toasting the fan with a better-quality material.

This is now the definitive work and terminated the group, the album is now available for free in the main hearing streaming platforms in the world and will soon be available for sales in physical format with limited copies.

A news to comfort the fans awaiting since 2014 1 new Prison Bäit registry is that the band is already with almost any recording process finalized the new album, still in the band 2018 promises to be registration with the music released unreleased.
GlobMetal Promotions / Wail released debut album
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
Norwegian Heavy Metal band WAIL released their debut album Resilient. The album was recorded by Kjartan Hesthagen and Chris Skjenken. Produced by Kjartan Hesthagen and Ronni Le Tekrø.

WAIL was formed in 2008 at Lillehammer, Norway under the name Mental Shutdown but in 2015 the band changed the name and begin the work on the debut album.
Roadie Metal / Heroes Of War
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
The group Heroes Of War released in official YouTube channel, the video for the song Hellfire which is part of the debut album?Saints and Sinners.

The clip was recorded at Le Boot merging images of musicians in the Studio and a presentation held at the SESC of São Carlos/SP.?The band Heroes Of War which has in your theme cover letters about battles, wars, Crusades, in Hellfire letter discusses the history of air-to-surface missile called 'AGM-114 Hellfire', as the composer and founder of the band the drummer Marcelo Chiarelli:?the?AGM-114 Hellfire is an air-to-surface missile designed primarily to use ant.?Car.?He has the ability to engage multiple targets with precision, in various types of missions, and can be launched from land, sea and air platforms.?The Hellfire missile is the main weapon of air-surface accuracy of the armed forces of the United States and many other countries.?The missile has been used in combat since 1980.?Since that went into production, the Hellfire missiles have proven your effectiveness in combat in the invasion of Panama, the Gulf war, Operation Allied Force, operation enduring freedom in Afghanistan, and the war in Iraq, where they were fired successfully from?attack helicopter AH-64 Apache, AH-1 and OH-58 Kiowa sur-snake, plus unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-1 Predator.
Roadie Metal / Sons Of Rage
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
Sounds Of Rage: band announces start of the recordings of the new album and releases music in demo version for an appreciation of the fans.

The new and first album Sounds of Rage is already scheduled to begin the recordings, soon after the Brazilian Carnival, the group reported that all the songs are already created, melodies, arrangements and lyrics, have already been closed, with only start recordings officers.

While the new album is being worked, some songs in demo version are presented to the public, the band made available in your official YouTube channel the EP/DEMO Light And Darkness officially released in digital format in 2016.

One of the songs that are part of the EP is the The Two Faces of A Man, one of the songs that the band chose to sing in English, with other songs like Dark Paths and Debris have lyrics in Portuguese. The idea is to be able to take your ideas and concept for all who enjoy the heavy music regardless of your source language.

The lyrics to The Two Faces of A Man addresses as main theme the falsity of people who aim to achieve higher status vis-à-vis the use of lies and libel on them that are part of your cycle.

Check out the demo version of The Two Faces of A Man.
Imperative PR / UK Thrash Kings Solitary hit the road again - First leg of 2018 UK Tour Dates Announced
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
Having played some fantastic, incendiary shows throughout 2017 – including appearances at Hammerfest, Thrashersaurus and with Acid Reign at the Camden Underworld – the band are keen to hit the road again. So here we have Solitary's first set of live dates for 2018, featuring an array of slots at some of the UK's top underground festivals and all day metal extravaganzas.
  • February 23rd – PENTRE FEST – Queensferry Special guests on a bill that includes Red Rum, Foetal Juice, Rabid Bitch Of The North and more
  • May 7th – THRASHERSAURUS – Norwich with Xentrix, One Machine and many more Further information June 15th – METAL TO THE MASSES – Wrexham Special guest appearance
  • June 30th – MOSH AGAINST CANCER – Coventry Special guests on a bill that also features Fury, Basement Toture Killings, Xerosun etc
  • July 6th – DRAGONFEST 6 – Bradford A special guest slot on a bill featuring Charger, Internal Conflict and many more
  • July 21st – REBELLION – Manchester Main support to Shrapnel Further information September 29th – HORDES OF BELIAL – Dundee with King Leviathan and many more
With Solitary celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Nothing Changes, this year, there's every chance of a few surprises sneaking into the set list at these shows – alongside the devastating material from the critically acclaimed The Diseased Heart Of Society.
Roadie Metal / Faces Of Death
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
Faces of Death: after 20-year hiatus band shows all your strength and aggressiveness in new lyric video.

In the years 90 few bands could if clash and receive recognition at the national level, take into account the limited accessibility to the internet and that most headbanger to obtain physical material of great names, or had to spend a high financial amount, or had to buy?zines and magazines for the trade model send tapes?K7?to other stakeholders.

A band to emerge in the year 1997 and immediately received praise conquering a large influx of fans was the?Faces of Death?with?Thrash Metal, heavy and well worked.?The group that through a self-employment and solid came encouraging the style within the Brazilian scenario, had to shut down their activities and for more than 20 years was inactive, returning in 2017 with a great EP and titled?Consummatum Est..

The weather brought experience and maturity to the musicians, in addition to relive the nostalgic feeling to run the instrument and the music so much love,?Laurence?(vocals/guitar),?Charles Maher?(guitar),?Sylvio Miranda?(bass) and?Sidney Ramos?(Drums), who are already in the process of songwriting to a new album in advanced process.

Still on the EP?Consummatum Est., the band?Faces of Death?released in the official?YouTube channel, a?lyric video?official music which gives its name to the disk.?Directed and edited by?'Alt Designstudio', the images show all the rage about the wars and sovereignty imposed on society by the man.?The music was in charge of mastering and production of the?'Absolute Master'.
Roadie Metal / Grinding Reaction
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
Grinding Reaction released the first single of the new album name and one of the leading names of the Brazilian Hardcore.

One of the most important groups of Hardcore/Thrash Metal from Brazil, the Grinding Reaction, has just revealed the first details about the launch of the new Studio record.

On the road since 2000, the band has released in your story a demo in 2001, and two EPs, respectively in 2004 and 2015, and now advises that until the middle of the year 2018 will be officially launched the first full career and titled chaos WILL BE your inheritance.

Grinding Reaction as well as inform the date and name of the new album, has released the first single which will be part of the album the CHAOS WILL BE your inheritance. The song chosen to present to fans and new followers the new work was the ends justify the means.

Composed by bassist Renato Spadini, the lyrics of the ends justify the means makes a critical analysis on organizations of the Western societies that were founded on the principles burghers. The group questions why the exploitation under the employee and how the profits are more important than the man.

The band reports that the new album will have a footprint more Metal, Thrash/Death will be key in the whole process of rhythmic one of the largest and leading Hardcore bands from Brazil.
GlobMetal Promotions / Third Reich Announce 2018 European Tour
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
Mexican Thrash Metal band Third Reich announced their first European tour in October 2018. The band will visit Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and play their new album Degeneration that was released in April 2017.

Third Reich was formed at Leon, Mexico in 2014 and since then has achieved to grow among the greatest bands of Mexican Thrash Metal and become one of the biggest promises of the scene, playing in the most important cities around the country, sharing stage with very important bands known in the Thrash Metal Scene national and international.
Roadie Metal / Exylle
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
One of the leading names of the Brazilian Thrash Metal, the group Exylle, has just been release in the official channel YouTube music Destruction part of the EP Dead When Born By the Church.

The tune Destruction that possess great influence of big bands of Thrash/Death Metal, features a unique feature in music, proving that there are no barriers in time to compose so that the songs sound more intense and streamed the possible. Following this line of thought, the group released the first EP with four tracks titled Dead When Born by the Church in March 2016. This material brought prominence and visibility.

The lyrics to Destruction is a symbolic about the impulse to destroy everything in your surroundings, making several allusions about the wickedness of the human being to each new day.

Currently the band Exylle has been working on the recordings of the new Studio record that possess expected to launch even in 2018.
Sonic Night Music Club / CLOCKWORK REVOLUTION New Music Video 'Fade Away'
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
CLOCKWORK REVOLUTION, featuring former members of Yngwie Malmsteen, Crimson Glory, Kamelot have released a new music video Fade Away from their debut album which was released September 22th, 2017 via Sonic Night Music Club.
Imperative PR / Mind Enemies - Revenge
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
It's not often that you come across an album that combines an individuality of sound with technical prowess and an accessibility of song writing. It's even rarer to find such an album created entirely by one man...

Giuseppe Caruso is not the average metal musician. He has studied percussion and guitar at some of the finest music colleges in Italy, taught percussion at the Institute of Science Poerio in Foggia and has experience of drumming with both thrash and traditional Metal bands. Giuseppe started the Mind Enemies project in 2010 and recorded his first songs at Nadir Music in 2011, under the guidance of Tommy Talamanca of Progressive Death metallers Sadist. In 2013 the first Mind Enemies EP was released and The Darkest Way received great reviews from around the world. A tour of Russia followed before Guiseppe settled down to work on the first full length Mind Enemies album...

Revenge combines immaculately structured songs with wonderful, spiralling lead work that lifts everything to another level. Guiseppe's six string wizardry is breathtaking at times, but always woven expertly into the fabric of the songs it adorns, filling each song with life and colour. Songs like My World balance intricate rhythm work and complex riffs with simple, melodic vocal lines, giving that accessible quality to the virtuoso music. Each song captures different moods and feelings, with the positivity of Dream Time providing a bright contrast to the contemplative The Dark Life. Revenge is an album of depth that rewards repeated listening, revealing more with each play, although the dextrous solos can spellbind in an instant.

Revenge was first unveiled in late 2017, but with little promotional support its arrival went criminally unnoticed. Now the album is heading out into the world with the fanfare it deserves, where it will surely be welcomed with open arms by fans of top quality Metal music.
  • Giuseppe Caruso – voice, guitar, drums and bass
Genre: Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal
For fans of: Dream Theater, Nevermore, Tool, Engine
  1. The Black Warrior
  2. Goya
  3. Wild Existence
  4. My World
  5. Dream Time
  6. The Dark Life
  7. Angel of Consciousness
  8. The Rock Rite
  9. Revenge
WAR OF THRONES New Music Video
Posted by: Denis / 05.02.2018
WAR OF THRONES, featuring former members of Crimson Glory, Rob Rock, have released a new music video, Rule The World, from their forthcoming debut album. The album, Conflict In Creation, will hit stores worldwide on March 9th, 2018 via Sonic Night Music Club.
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"Der Rote Reiter"

5. Adagio

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"Alpha Tiger"

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5. Vyper
6. Venom Inc.
7. Hell in the Club
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10. Unity, The
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