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March 21st, 2019
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It's Melodic Metal, very Melodic Metal, sometimes with chorus and electronic music, but always pretty melodic.

ANGRA Lineup:
Rafael Bittencourtguitar, vocal, back-vocal, keys
Felipe Andreolibass guitar, back-vocal
Fabio Tordiglione 'Fabio Lione, Joe Terry'vocal
Marcelo Barbosaguitar
Bruno Valverdedrums, back-vocal

Previous Members:
Pedro Henrique Loureiro 'Kiko Loureiro'guitar, back-vocal
Ricardo Confessoridrums, percussion
Eduardo Falaschivocal
Luis Eduardo Mariutti Pereirabass guitar
Andre Matos 'Coelho'vocal, keys
Aquiles Priesterdrums
Marco Antunesdrums, percussion
Andre Luiz Linhares Bastos 'Andre Biloide'guitar
Andre Hernandes 'Andre Bilaidol, Zaza'guitar
Tito Falaschibass guitar
Fabio Ribeirokeys

Sandy Leah Limavocal
Alissa White-Gluzvocal
Pedro Henrique Loureiro 'Kiko Loureiro'guitar
Tiago Loeipercussion
Wellington Sanchopercussion
Dede Reispercussion
Gus Soularisback-vocal
Claudia Francaback-vocal
Georgia Melloback-vocal
Livia Debarianback-vocal
Alirio Nettoback-vocal
Nei Medeiroskeys
Alessio Lucattikeys
Francesco Ferrinikeys
Patrik Johansson 'Pata'back-vocal
Tony Lindgrenback-vocal
Juliana Pasiniback-vocal
Ronaldo Diasback-vocal
Fernanda Gianesellaback-vocal
Bruno Sutterback-vocal
Mattias Hjelmkeys
Kaspar Dahlqvistkeys
Andre Alvinzikeys
Henri Wilkinsonkeys
Jon Phippskeys
Eduardo Espasande 'Cubano'percussion
Maria Ilmoniemikeys, organ
Simone Simonsvocal
Doro Peschvocal
Uli Jon Roth 'Ulrich Roth, John Arangel'guitar
Daniel Dos Santoskeys
Fabio Tordiglione 'Fabio Lione, Joe Terry'vocal
Tarja Turunenvocal
Amilcar Christofarodrums
Rodrigo Ninrodback-vocal
Zeca Loureiroback-vocal
Tito Falaschiback-vocal
Felipe Grytzkeys
Fabrizio di Sarnokeys
Yaniel Matoscello
Amon Limaviolin
Guga Machadopercussion
Kai Hansenvocal
Tuto Ferrazpercussion
Sascha Paethkeys
Mauricio Alvespercussion
Rita Mariaback-vocal
Patricia Zanzotiback-vocal
Douglas las Casaspercussion
Silvia Goeskeys
Glauco Masahiro Imasatoviolin
Gustavo Pinto Lessaviolin
Helena Imasatoviolin
Alejandro Ramiresviolin
Michael Rodenberg 'Miro'keys
Dennis Wardback-vocal
Milton Nascimentovocal
Sabine Edelsbachervocal
Hansi Kurschvocal
Roman Mekinulovcello
Gunter Wernokeys
Carolin Wolfvocal
Maria Ritavocal
Andre Kbelovocal
Michael Tangermannharmonica
Stephan Lillguitar
Andreas Lilldrums
Andy Kuntzvocal
Sylvie Grarevocal
Bernd Basmerguitar
Leck Filhokeys
Reginaldo Gomesvocal
Monica Thielevocal
Celeste Gattaivocal
Paulo Bentoflute
Ricardo Kubalaviola
Holger Stonjekcontrabass
Ben Bischoffdidgeridoo
Pixu Floresberimbau
Castora 'Castora'percussion, whistles, tambourine
Thomas Nackdrums
Alex Holzwarthdrums
Dirk Schlachterguitar

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We thank the following people:
Massimo Barazzetta - Rare Angra lyrics
Pedro Bertussi - Angra rare lyrics
Roberto Sonnino - Angra information
Wheat Williams - Angra history spelling correction
Andre Bastos - Angra additional information.
Art CoverANGRA Complete Discography
Attention! It's just the complete discography, it's NOT anyone's collection of albums! For those about to Rock who'd like to see albums from collection, we salute you here. Also we don't sell anything!
Angra album art-cover Reaching Horizons'1992
Angra album art-cover Angels Cry'1993
Live in Circo Voador'1994
Angra album art-cover Evil Warning'1994
Brazil (video)'1994
Angra album art-cover Live from Holy Land'1995
Live Acoustic at FNAC'1995
Special Radio Acoustic Show'1995
Milano (video)'1995
Eyes of Christ'1996
Angra album art-cover Make Believe'1996
Angra album art-cover Holy Land'1996
The Gates of Holy Land'1996
The Holy Box'1996
The Judgment Day'1996
Angra album art-cover Freedom Call'1996
Milano (video)'1996
Angra album art-cover Acoustic... And More'1996
French Promo Collector Sampler'1996
All Acoustic'1996
Angra album art-cover Angels Cry / Holy Land'1997
Crossing (live in Tokyo)'1997
Angra album art-cover Holy Land in the East'1997
Angra album art-cover Angels of the Night'1997
Angra album art-cover Holy Live'1997
Live in Nagoya'1997
Angra album art-cover Unplugged Live in Argentina'1997
Make Believe'1997
Freedom Call / Holy Live'1997
Live Acoustic'1998
Angra album art-cover Lisbon'1998
Angra album art-cover Fireworks'1998
Angra album art-cover Carolina VI Baptism of Fire'1998
Painkiller Live at Far East'1998
Run to the Hills (Live at Far East)'1998
Fire in the Wall'1998
Live After Midnight'1998
Angry Maiden'1999
Live Acoustic at FNAC'1999
Rainy Nights'1999
Fire Eyes'1999
Live in le Zenith, Paris'1999
Live in Sao Paolo'1999
Brazil (video)'1999
Live at Cultura Studios, Sao Paulo'1999
Acid Rain'2001
Angra album art-cover Rebirth'2001
Live acoustic in Ponta Gross'2001
Live Acoustic at Ao-Vivo'2001
Angra album art-cover Paris 2002'2002
Live in Rio de Janeiro'2002
Angra album art-cover Hunters And Prey'2002
Angra album art-cover Unplugged And More'2002
Ao Vivo Musikaos Live'2002
Angra album art-cover Rebirth World Tour (Live in Sao Paolo'01)'2003
Angra album art-cover Rebirth World Tour (Live in Sao Paolo'01) (Video)'2003
Angra album art-cover 5th Album Demos'2004
Temple of Hate'2004
Ceara Music'2004
Angra album art-cover Temple of Shadows'2004
Wishing Well'2004
Live at Loudpark Festival'2006
Angra album art-cover The Course of Nature'2006
Angra album art-cover Aurora Consurgens'2006
Angra album art-cover Arising Thunder'2010
Angra album art-cover Aqua'2010
Angra album art-cover Best Reached Horizons'2012
Angra album art-cover Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour (DVD)'2013
Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour (CD)'2013
Angra album art-cover Newborn Me'2014
Angra album art-cover Secret Garden'2015
Angra album art-cover 5 original albums in 1 box'2017
Angra album art-cover ØMNI'2018
Compilations, splits, etc.:
Pure Metal No. 2'1994
Metal 1 vol. 1'1994
Pure Metal No. 3'1994
Various Artists - Silent Crying Silent Crying'1995
Various Artists - Silent Crying vol.2 Silent Crying vol.2'1996
Various Artists - A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 2 A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 2'1996
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.13 Dynamit vol.13'1998
Various Artists - Off Road Tracks vol.12 Off Road Tracks vol.12'1998
Let There Be Rock'1998
Heavy Metal Rendez Vous'1998
Various Artists - Best of Wacken Open Air Best of Wacken Open Air'1999
Various Artists - Identity 5: I Defy Identity 5: I Defy'1999
Metal 1 vol. 5'1999
Various Artists - Rockhard 10 Rockhard 10'2001
Ave Cesar - La Subasta'2001
Metal Attitude'2002
Various Artists - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin A Tribute to Led Zeppelin'2002
Hearts of Metal'2002
Various Artists - Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection'2006
Various Artists - Rock S'Cool Vol. II Rock S'Cool Vol. II'2007

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