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April 24th, 2019
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Blind Guardian

It's a famous German Speed Metal band. They've got fantasy oriented lyrics and speed oriented music.

Hansi Kurschvocal
Marcus Armin Siepen 'Magnus'guitar
Andre Olbrichguitar
Barend Courboisbass guitar
Frederik Ehmkedrehleier, percussion

Previous Members:
Thomas Stauch 'Thomen the Omen'drums

Olaf Senkbeilback-vocal
Billy Kingback-vocal
Matz Ulmerkeys
Michael Schurenkeys
Barend Courboisbass guitar
Thomas Hackmann 'Hacky'back-vocal
Stefan Schmidtback-vocal
Jen Majuraback-vocal
Dirim Ceserogluviolin
Klaus Marquardtviolin
Eberhard Hahnflute
Oliver Holzwarthbass guitar
Douglas Fieldingvoice
Norman Eshleyvoice
Mar Zelznerflute
Matthias Wiesnerkeys
Rolf Kohlerback-vocal
Otto Sideniusorgan
Paul Christensen 'Ronnie Atkins'back-vocal
Jacob Moth 'The Mysterious Mr. Moth'guitar
Patrick Benznerkeys
Martin G. Meyerkeys
Peter Rubsambagpipes
Stefan Willkeys
Kalle Trappback-vocal
Piet Sielckback-vocal
Kai Hansenguitar
Alex Holzwarthdrums
Sascha Pierrokeys, sound effects
Boris Schmidtkeys, sound effects
Pad Benderkeys, sound effects
Oliver Hartmannbass guitar
Stefan Willvocal
Peter Rubsamvocal

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We thank the following people:
John T - Some rare Blind Guardian lyrics
mleadc00 - Blind Guardian rare lyrics
Pedro Rodriguez - Lucifer's Heritage rare lyrics
Vladimir - Blind Guardian rare track information
 BLIND GUARDIAN Complete Discography
Attention! It's just the complete discography, it's NOT anyone's collection of albums! For those about to Rock who'd like to see albums from collection, we salute you here. Also we don't sell anything!
as Lucifer's Heritage:
Lucifer's Heritage album art-cover Symphonies of Doom'1985
Lucifer's Heritage album art-cover Battalions of Fear'1986
as Blind Guardian:
Live in Krefeld, Germany'1987
Blind Guardian album art-cover Battalions of Fear'1988
Banish from Sanctuary / Hall of the King'1989
Blind Guardian album art-cover Follow the Blind'1989
Live Guardians'1989
Blind Guardian album art-cover Yes We're Blind Guardian ...And So?'1990
Blind Guardian album art-cover Tales from the Twilight World'1990
The Last Candle'1990
Live in Berlin'1991
Blind Guardian album art-cover Somewhere Far Beyond'1992
Blind Guardian album art-cover Tales from the Dark Side'1992
Tales from Far Beyond'1992
Woodland Rock'1992
Live in Germany (video)'1992
Blind Guardian album art-cover Tokyo Tales'1993
Blind Guardian album art-cover A Past And Future Secret'1995
Live in Archaic Hall, Japan'1995
Blind Guardian album art-cover Imagination from the Other Side'1995
Live Firenze (video)'1995
Blind Guardian album art-cover Bright Eyes'1995
Live in Mannheim, Germany'1995
Best from the Mystery Side'1995
Blind Guardian's Legendary Songs'1995
Live in Kawasaki'1995
Blind Guardian album art-cover Santa Guardian'1995
Blind Guardian album art-cover Mr. Sandman'1996
Blind Guardian album art-cover The Forgotten Tales'1996
Live in Tubingen, Germany'1996
Blind Guardian album art-cover Imaginations from Hamburg'1996
Live in Vasteras, Sweden'1996
Blind Guardian album art-cover Blind Guardian Plays Beach Boys'1996
Various Covers And Tributes'1996
Blind Guardian album art-cover Guardians of the Rings'1998
Blind Guardian album art-cover Nightfall in Middle-Earth'1998
Blind Guardian album art-cover Mirror Mirror'1998
Blind Guardian album art-cover War of Wrath'1998
Prisoners of Fantasy'1998
The Dragons Breach'1998
Return of the Elven Kings'1998
Live at Wacken'1998
Live in Sao Paolo'1998
Nightfall in East'1998
Blind Guardian album art-cover Italian Metal Monster'1998
Live Nightfall'1998
Live in Thessaloniki, Greece'1998
Nightfall in Rome'1998
Mordred's Tales'1998
Overseing the Nightfall'1998
Live in ?'1998
Live in Dusseldorf'1998
Harvest of Acoustics'1999
Blind Guardian album art-cover Lucifer's Heritage demos'2001
Blind Guardian album art-cover And Then There Was Silence'2001
La Cosecha del Dolor'2002
Blind Guardian album art-cover A Night at the Opera'2002
Live in Lansen, Germany'2002
Nightfall at the Opera'2002
Blind Guardian album art-cover Symphonies of Doom / Batallions of Fear'2002
Opera in Lichtenfels'2002
Live in ?'2002
Live at Festival Nit de Reis, Barcelona'2003
A Night in Langen'2003
Blind Guardian album art-cover The Bard's Song'2003
Blind Guardian album art-cover Live'2003
Live at BGS Open Air Arena, Coburg, Germany'2003
Blind Guardian album art-cover Imaginations Through the Looking Glass'2004
Blind Guardian album art-cover Fly'2006
Blind Guardian album art-cover A Twist in the Myth'2006
Blind Guardian album art-cover Another Stranger Me'2007
Blind Guardian album art-cover Wacken 2007'2008
Blind Guardian album art-cover A Voice in the Dark'2010
Blind Guardian album art-cover At the Edge of Time'2010
Blind Guardian album art-cover Memories of a Time to Come'2012
Blind Guardian album art-cover Twilight of the Gods'2014
Blind Guardian album art-cover Blind Guardian album art-cover Beyond the Red Mirror'2015
Blind Guardian album art-cover Live Beyond the Spheres'2017
Compilations, splits, etc.:
Metal 1 vol. 1'1994
Metal 1 vol. 2'1995
Various Artists - A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 2 A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 2'1996
Various Artists - Gods of Noises Gods of Noises'1997
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.10 Dynamit vol.10'1998
Various Artists - Off Road Tracks vol.9 Off Road Tracks vol.9'1998
Various Artists - Best of Wacken Open Air Best of Wacken Open Air'1999
Various Artists - A Tribute to the Voice of Metal: Ronnie James Dio A Tribute to the Voice of Metal: Ronnie James Dio'1999
Various Artists - Identity 5: I Defy Identity 5: I Defy'1999
Metal 1 vol. 5'1999
Various Artists - Metal Dreams vol.2 Metal Dreams vol.2'2000
A Tribute to Uriah Heep'2001
Various Artists - Wacken Rocks Wacken Rocks'2001
Ave Cesar - La Luz Y la Oscuridad'2001
Ave Cesar - El Jardin de las Delicias'2001
Ave Cesar - La Subasta'2001
Various Artists - Rockhard 3 Rockhard 3'2002
Various Artists - Rockhard 5 Rockhard 5'2002
Metal Attitude'2002
KnuckleTracks XXXIX'2002
Various Artists - Metal Dreams vol.4 Metal Dreams vol.4'2002
Heroes of Steel'2002
Beast of Metal'2003
Various Artists - Monsters of Metal vol.1 Monsters of Metal vol.1'2003
Various Artists - Rock Hard Live Mania 2003 Rock Hard Live Mania 2003'2003
Various Artists - Cover It Up vol. 1 Cover It Up vol. 1'2005
Various Artists - Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light Various Artists - Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light'2007
Various Artists - Metallic Emptions Metallic Emptions'2007
Various Artists - 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (DVD) 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (DVD)'2007
Various Artists - 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD) 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD)'2007
Metal Hymns, vol. 1'2010
Nuclear Blast Clips vol.1'2011
Various Artists - Monsters of Metal vol. 8 Monsters of Metal vol. 8'2012
Additional information
Blind Guardian in Moscow'2002
Their signatures before
Their signatures after

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