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April 21st, 2019
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It's a legend of Speed and Power Melodic Metal!

Andreas Deris 'Andi Deris'vocal
Michael Ingo Joachim Weikathguitar
Sascha Gerstnerguitar
Markus Grosskopfbass guitar
Dany Lobledrums

Previous Members:
Ingo Schwichtenbergdrums
Kai Hansenguitar, vocal
Michael Kiske 'Ernie'vocal
Uli Kusch 'Patrick Duval'drums
Roland Grapowguitar
Mark Crossdrums
Stefan Schwarzmanndrums

Kai Hansenguitar, vocal
Matz Ulmerkeys
Peter Crowleykeys
Michael Kiske 'Ernie'vocal
Olaf Senkbeilback-vocal
Billy Kingback-vocal
Peter Byford 'Biff'voice
Ron Derisback-vocal
Eberhard Hahnflute
Rob Fardellback-vocal
Jan-Eric Kohrsback-vocal
Lawrence Whiteback-vocal
Jo Forbesback-vocal
Gerry o'Beimeback-vocal
Richard Collierback-vocal
Chris Ticknerback-vocal
Dan Hoadleyback-vocal
Johnny Clucasback-vocal
Richard Naxtonback-vocal
Kalle Karlssonguitar
Johan Bringhedkeys
Harriet Ohlssonvocal
Nippy Noyapercussion
Andreas Becker 'Skull'guitar
Albie Donnellysax
Gero Drneck 'Gero Drnek'accordeon
Thomas Hackmann 'Hacky'back-vocal
Rolf Kohlerback-vocal
Friedel Amonkeys
Candice Night 'Candice Lauren'vocal
Oliver Hartmannback-vocal
Joern Ellerbrockkeys
Paul Spongback-vocal
Tim Sandersback-vocal
Roddy Lorimerback-vocal
Simon Clarkeback-vocal
Tommy Hansenkeys
Axel Bergstedtorgan
M. Drechslergong, tam tam
Harris Johnskeys
Andre Matos 'Coelho'vocal
Mark Crossdrums
Michael Delaouglu 'Mikkey Dee'drums
Christina Hahne 'Biene'back-vocal
Ralf Maurer 'Fummel'back-vocal
Jutta Weinholdback-vocal
Lenny Wolfvocal
Ralf Scheepersvocal
Piet Sielck

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Neil M - Helloween rare lyrics
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Gabriel Macedo - Helloween rare lyrics
Yoli - Information about Helloween albums
Jerome Gresset - Helloween rare lyrics
Art CoverHELLOWEEN Complete Discography
Attention! It's just the complete discography, it's NOT anyone's collection of albums! For those about to Rock who'd like to see albums from collection, we salute you here. Also we don't sell anything!
Helloween album art-cover Walls of Jericho'1985
Live in Bochum, Germany'1985
The Walls of Marsella'1985
Walls of Jericho / Judas'1986
Heavy Metal Is the Law'1986
Live at Aardshock Festival, Amsterdam'1986
Live at Aardshock Festival, Amsterdam (video)'1986
Reptile / Live in Eindhoven'1986
Live in West Germany (Bang That Head That Doesn't Bang)'1986
Not Faking It (live in Germany)'1986
Live-Live-Live (live in Germany)'1986
Helloween album art-cover Live in Germany'1986
Judas / Guardians / Ride the Sky'1986
Ride the Sky (live in Germany)'1986
Halloween (pic. disk)'1987
1st Demo Session'1987
Helloween album art-cover Future World'1987
Future World / Halloween'1987
Helloween album art-cover Keeper of the Seven Keys part I'1987
Ride the Sky (Live in Tilburg, Holland)'1987
Helloween album art-cover Live at Metal Mania'1987
Helloween album art-cover Live in Hamburg'1987
Helloween album art-cover Live in Madrid'1987
Future World / Live in Vienna'1987
Live in Bochum'1987
Live in Tuttlingen, Germany'1987
Live in Copenhagen'1987
Live in Dusseldorf (video)'1987
Helloween album art-cover Giant Pumpkin'1987
Masquerade Pumpkin (Live in Tilburg, Holand)'1987
Live in Reggio, Italy'1987
Monsters of Rock (Live in Nurnberg)'1987
Live in Barcelona'1987
Helloween album art-cover First Alive in USA'1987
Live in Manchester'1987
Z-Rock (Live in Cleveland)'1987
Helloween album art-cover Live in Mineapolice (Live in 1st avenue)'1987
Live in St. Paul, US'1987
Helloween album art-cover Seven Keys'1987
Helloween album art-cover Pumpkin Iron'1987
Helloween album art-cover Keepers of'1987
A Tale That Wasn't Right (Live in Koln)'1987
Live in Locomotive, Paris'1987
Helloween album art-cover Helloween / Walls of Jericho / Judas'1988
Save Us'1988
Helloween album art-cover Dr. Stein'1988
Dr.Stein / Savage'1988
Happy Halloween / I Want Out'1988
Talking to You'1988
Helloween album art-cover Keeper of the Seven Keys part II'1988
Helloween album art-cover Live in Donington / Monsters Fly Free'1988
Pumpkin Bomber'1988
Helloween album art-cover I Want Out'1988
Helloween album art-cover Rise And Live / Live in Winterthur, Switzerland'1988
Helloween album art-cover Live in Madrid'1988
Helloween album art-cover Live in Barcelona'1988
Helloween album art-cover We Will Remember...'1988
Helloween album art-cover Live in Gothemburg, Sweden'1988
Helloween album art-cover Keeper Tour / Live in Hamburg'1988
Helloween album art-cover Iced Pumpkin'1988
Helloween album art-cover Lovelife (Live in Munchen)'1988
Helloween album art-cover Live in Birmingham'1988
Live in London'1988
Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London'1988
Live in Zurich'1988
Twilight of the Gods / Halloween (Live on MTV)'1988
I Want Out Live (Single)'1989
I Want Out (live)'1989
Helloween album art-cover Live in the UK'1989
Live in Springfield'1989
Helloween album art-cover Helloween album art-cover Pumpkins Fly Free'1989
Helloween album art-cover Don't Party with Me (Keeper Lost the 3 Keys)'1989
Eagle Fly Free (Live in Japan)'1989
Helloween album art-cover A Tale That Wasn't Right / Live in Tokyo'1989
Live in Munich'1989
I Want Out / How Many Tears'1989
Keepers Live'1989
Pumpkins Tracks'1990
Gostosinho de Amar'1991
Helloween album art-cover The Best, the Rest, the Rare'1991
Helloween album art-cover Pink Bubbles Go Ape'1991
Helloween album art-cover Kids of the Century'1991
Judas (CD single)'1991
Halloween / Keeper of the Seven Keys'1991
Live in Bonn'1992
Live in Augsburg'1992
Helloween album art-cover Paris Bubbles Go Ape'1992
Kids on Party'1992
Live in Koln, Germany (video)'1992
Helloween album art-cover Heavy Metal Pumpkins'1992
Heavy Metal Pumpkins (Live in Koln'92 and Japan'89)'1992
Helloween album art-cover Number One'1992
The Collection '84-'88'1992
Helloween album art-cover Rockin' Bubbles'1992
Helloween album art-cover Chameleon'1993
Helloween album art-cover When the Sinner (Germany)'1993
Helloween album art-cover When the Sinner (Japan)'1993
Keeper of the Seven Keys Parts 1 & 2'1993
Helloween album art-cover Windmill'1993
Helloween album art-cover Step Out of Hell'1993
I Believe / Revolution Now / Step Out of Hell'1993
Helloween album art-cover Music at Melody'1993
Helloween album art-cover Rare Chameleon / Live in Oslo'1993
Helloween album art-cover I Don't Wanna Cry No More'1993
Helloween album art-cover Chameleon in the East / Live in Tokyo'1993
Helloween album art-cover Master of the Rings'1994
Helloween album art-cover Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)'1994
Helloween album art-cover Perfect Gentleman'1994
Helloween album art-cover Where the Rain Grows'1994
The Pumpkin Video'1994
Live in Milano'1994
Mr.Ego Collectors Box'1994
Helloween album art-cover Live at Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden'1994
Helloween album art-cover Master of the Situation'1995
Helloween album art-cover Perfect Pumpkin'1995
Helloween album art-cover Sole Survivor'1995
Helloween album art-cover Helloween album art-cover The Time of the Oath (EP)'1996
Helloween album art-cover Power'1996
Helloween album art-cover The Time of the Oath'1996
Steel Tormentor'1996
Live at Fnac'1996
Helloween album art-cover Live at Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden'1996
Live in Stuttgart'1996
Live in Hannover'1996
Live in Milano'1996
Live in Madrid'1996
Helloween album art-cover High Live'1996
High Live (video)'1996
Live in Colmar, France'1996
How Many Tears / Live in Osaka'1996
Helloween album art-cover Forever & One (Neverland)'1996
Helloween album art-cover Forever & One (Neverland) (Japanese)'1996
En Vivo en Obras Argentinas'1996
Live in Buenos Aires (video)'1996
Helloween album art-cover The Pumpkin Box'1996
The Great Pumpkin vol. I'1997
Helloween album art-cover I Can'1998
Helloween album art-cover Better Than Raw'1998
Helloween album art-cover Better Live'1998
Live in London (video)'1998
Live in Madrid'1998
Better Than Helloween / Better Than Live'1998
Helloween album art-cover Pumpkin Raw'1998
Helloween album art-cover Revelation in the East'1998
Live in Nakano, Japan (video)'1998
Live in Gotanda, Japan (video)'1998
Better Than in Helsinki'1998
Karaoke album vol. 1'1998
Karaoke album vol. 2'1998
Helloween album art-cover Hey Lord'1998
Helloween album art-cover French Pumpkin Soup: Improved Flavour'1998
Better Than Live Curitiba / Live in Curitiba, Brazil'1998
Helloween album art-cover Live in Santiago (video)'1998
Helloween album art-cover Live in Curitiba, Brazil'1998
Live in Brazil (video)'1998
Revelation Raw'1998
Live in Eindhoven (video)'1998
Live in Circo Volodor, Mexico (video)'1998
Helloween album art-cover Lay All Your Love on Me'1999
Helloween album art-cover Metal Jukebox'1999
If I Could Fly'2000
Helloween album art-cover The Dark Ride'2000
Mr. Torture'2000
Helloween album art-cover The Dark Ride Videos'2000
Helloween album art-cover The Live Ride'2001
Burn in Your Flame'2001
Helloween album art-cover Time Flys'2001
The Dark Ride in Paris'2001
Helloween album art-cover Live for Your Pain / Live in Malmo, Sweden'2001
Sao Paulo Sold Out / Live at Via Funchal'2001
Helloween album art-cover Perfect Pumpkin'2001
Dark Ride to Monterrery'2001
Live in Mexico (video)'2001
Live in Stockholm'2001
Live in Seoul'2001
Helloween album art-cover Direct to Armageddon'2001
The Dark Ride / If I Could Fly'2001
Keeper of the B-Side. The Nippon Visitor'2001
Helloween album art-cover Helloween album art-cover Treasure Chest'2002
Live in Sao Paulo'2002
Rabbit Don't Come Easy (promo)'2003
Just a Little Sign'2003
Helloween album art-cover Rabbit Don't Come Easy'2003
Live in Sao Paulo'2003
Live in London'2003
Rabbit Eats the Pumpkin'2004
Helloween album art-cover Mrs. God'2005
Helloween album art-cover Mrs. God (digi)'2005
Hellish Videos: the Complete Video Collection'2005
Helloween album art-cover Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy'2005
Helloween album art-cover Light the Universe'2006
Helloween album art-cover The Singles Box (1985-1992)'2006
Helloween album art-cover Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live on 3 Continents (DVD)'2007
Helloween album art-cover Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live in Sao Paulo'2007
As Long As I Fall'2007
Helloween album art-cover Gambling with the Devil'2007
Helloween album art-cover Unarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary'2009
Are You Metal?'2010
Helloween album art-cover 7 Sinners'2010
Helloween album art-cover Burning Sun'2012
Helloween album art-cover Nabataea'2012
Helloween album art-cover Straight Out of Hell'2013
Helloween album art-cover Battle's Won'2015
Helloween album art-cover My God-Given Right'2015
Helloween album art-cover Ride the Sky - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1985-1998'2016
Helloween album art-cover Pumpkins United'2017
Helloween album art-cover Sweet Seductions'2017
Helloween album art-cover Starlight: The Noise Records Collection'2018
Compilations, splits, etc.:
Various Artists - Death Metal Death Metal'1984
Various Artists - Metal Attack vol. 1 Metal Attack vol. 1'1985
Various Artists - Speed Kills 2 Speed Kills 2'1986
Headbangers Ball, Live on MTV'1987
Various Artists - Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1 Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1'1988
Kerrang! Video Kompilation 4'1989
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1 (video)'1989
Various Artists - The Best of Metal Decade The Best of Metal Decade'1991
Thrash the Wall'1991
Various Artists - Extreme Noise Extreme Noise'1991
Metal 1 vol. 1'1994
Metal 1 vol. 2'1995
Various Artists - The Finest of Hard-Rock, vol. 2 The Finest of Hard-Rock, vol. 2'1995
Various Artists - Pure Noise Pure Noise'1995
Various Artists - Youth Gone Wild: Heavy Metal Hits of the '80s, vol. 2 Youth Gone Wild: Heavy Metal Hits of the '80s, vol. 2'1996
Various Artists - 12 Years in Noise. Metal & Beyond 12 Years in Noise. Metal & Beyond'1996
Various Artists - A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1 A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1'1996
Various Artists - Gods of Noises Gods of Noises'1997
Hard Roxx Taster vol. 3'1997
Metal 1 vol. 3'1997
A Tribute to Judas Priest (US)'1997
Various Artists - Off Road Tracks vol.8 Off Road Tracks vol.8'1998
Metal Detector 2'1998
Metal 1 vol. 4'1998
Various Artists - Power of Metal. 2nd Attack Power of Metal. 2nd Attack'1998
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.18 Dynamit vol.18'1999
Metal 1 vol. 5'1999
Various Artists - Metal Dreams vol.2 Metal Dreams vol.2'2000
Various Artists - Death ...Is Just the Beginning VI Death ...Is Just the Beginning VI'2000
Various Artists - A Tribute to The Scorpions A Tribute to The Scorpions'2000
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series vol. 24'2000
Various Artists - Power of Metal vol. 3: Symphonies of Steel Power of Metal vol. 3: Symphonies of Steel'2001
Various Artists - Metal Dreams vol.3 Metal Dreams vol.3'2001
Metal Warriors'2002
Knuckle Tracks XLIII'2002
Carnival of Chaos!'2002
Death ...Is Just the Beginning VII'2002
Various Artists - A Tribute to Kiss A Tribute to Kiss'2003
Various Artists - Metal Dreams vol.5 Metal Dreams vol.5'2003
20 Years in Noise'2003
Beast of Metal'2003
Various Artists - News from Dr. Blast vol.9 News from Dr. Blast vol.9'2003
KnuckleTracks LI'2003
Various Artists - Monsters of Metal vol.1 Monsters of Metal vol.1'2003
Various Artists - Monsters of Metal vol.2 Monsters of Metal vol.2'2004
Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004'2005
Various Artists - Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection'2006
Various Artists - Bang Your Head!!! 2006 Bang Your Head!!! 2006'2007
Various Artists - Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light Various Artists - Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light'2007
Various Artists - Metallic Emptions Metallic Emptions'2007
Heavy Metal Box'2007
Various Artists - Rock S'Cool Vol. II Rock S'Cool Vol. II'2007
Various Artists - 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD) 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD)'2007
Various Artists - Power And Glory - The Best Power Metal Hymns vol. 1 Power And Glory - The Best Power Metal Hymns vol. 1'2008
Rock S'Cool vol. III'2008
Various Artists - The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner / Bring Them to Light The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner / Bring Them to Light'2011
Additional information


We are looking for the following rare Helloween lyrics:

  • Desire to Rock
  • I'll Be Santa Claus
  • Kojo
  • Never Surrender
  • Sea of Fears
  • Surprise
These tracks may be the cover versions, instrumentals, or tracks renamed later.

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Kai Hansen japanese compilation

Andi Deris solo albums

Michael Kiske solo albums

Roland Grapow solo albums

From Elisa (03.04.2011):
Ingo Schwichtenberg's grave (August, 17th 2010)

Ingo Schwichtenberg's grave (13.09.2010): Rock To The River Festival, Imatra, Finland (12.08.2006): Helloween in Moscow'2003:

These photos are some moments of Helloween's visit in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2001 (by Artyom 'Sava' Zinoviev with his comments). The copyrights on each picture state that they all belong to Artyom, but they were made by Artyom as well as by his best friend Max and Artyom's friend Anna. (with the permission of Michael Weikath):
Attention! It's the first Helloween's photo on Russian land, in Saint-Petersburg! I was the first!!! A drawing that I gave to Markus is seen very well. Watch Roland's face.
The same. Watch Roland's face :).
The same. In the same place. Watch Roland's face, he is so funny  :).
Markus. Michael. It's the only photo. It seems, Michael liked my drawing that I gave him.
I give my drawing to Uli. I ask for an autograph.
Uli didn't refuse.
"Mr.Deris, would you please deign to give me an autograph?" "Of course!"
It's Uli in the bus, in which the band was travelling through St-Petersburg.
Uli is looking over the environs from the height of the bus. Markus is posing :).
It is the first photo in the "Liverpool" bar. "I want to eat", Markus thinks after the interview.
That's me and Roland. It seems Roland likes me :).
These are my friend Anna and Roland. The camera's flash is too bright for her eyes. But Roland is already used to such things.
These are my best friend Max and Roland. It is pretty dark in the bar; flash is too bright for Max.
Andi is signing something; there is a kind of commotion near the entrance and all are looking there.
Andi, his Hollywood smile, and me :).
This is Andi against the background of Anya. I wanted to make a picture of them together but security came to lead him out...
...but Andi decided to stand near the mirror and to pose a bit.
At this time no one of the band was in the bar except for Markus and technicians. It seems they liked the bar very much.
That's me and Markus in the Mayakovsky Street, another autograph, another photo!
Markus is walking down the Zhukovsky Street to the bus; several fans asking for his autograph are around him.
Markus is giving his autographs. It's the last photo that I took that day and during their visit.

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