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March 21st, 2019
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This band started as Avenger but then they renamed Rage. Their music is very melodic and really hard, it sounds like devilish mix of Thrash and Power Metal.

RAGE Lineup:
Peter Wagner 'Peavy'vocal, bass guitar
Marcos Rodriguezguitar, back-vocal
Vassilios Maniatopoulos 'Lucky'drums, back-vocal

previous members:
Andre Hilgers 'H.H., Hans Heringer'drums
Victor Smolskiguitar, cello, keys, sitar
Mike Terranadrums
Christos Efthimiadis 'Chris Midias'drums
Sven Fischerguitar
Spiros Efthimiadisguitar
Manni Schmidtguitar, back-vocal
Jorg Michael 'Gordon Perkins'drums
Rudy Grafguitar
Jochen Schroederguitar
Thomas Gruning 'Guiness'guitar
Stefan Gruningdrums

Lutz Thomasdidgeridoo
Dana Harngevocal
Jeannette Marchewkavocal
Henning Bassevocal
Thomas Hackmann 'Hacky'back-vocal
Hansi Kurschback-vocal
Christian Wolffkeys
Hansi Haberkornback-vocal
Thomas Braheback-vocal
Samantha Hilgersvocal
Jen Majuravocal
Thomas Fichtlguitar
Andreas Deris 'Andi Deris'vocal
Donald Christopher Cooper 'DC Cooper'back-vocal
Jorg Michael 'Gordon Perkins'drums
Efthimios Efthimiadisbuzuki
Alf Meyerratken 'The Reaper'guitar
Thomas Gruning 'Guiness'guitar
Manni Schmidtguitar
Rudy Grafguitar
Jochen Schroederguitar
Benjamin Rinnertviolin
Detlef Goycontrabass
Ulli Kollnerkeys
Zlatt! 'Zlatt!'back-vocal
Gary Marlowekeys

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BOXA - Rage XIII lyrics
Edilson Pichiliani - Rage bootlegs and videobootlegs information
Pavel Shaptsev - Rage rare lyrics, tracks, art-covers, information
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 RAGE Complete Discography
Attention! It's just the complete discography, it's NOT anyone's collection of albums! For those about to Rock who'd like to see albums from collection, we salute you here. Also we don't sell anything!
as Avenger:
Avenger album art-cover Prayers of Steel'1985
Avenger album art-cover Depraved to Black'1985
as Rage:
Rage album art-cover Reign of Fear'1986
Live in Zeche Bochum, Germany'1986
Live in Bonn (video)'1986
Rage album art-cover Execution Guaranteed'1987
Rage album art-cover Perfect Man'1988
Live at Metal Mania Festival, Katowice, Poland (video)'1988
Rage album art-cover Live in Eissporthalle Braunschweig, Germany (video)'1988
Live in Luttenberg, Germany'1988
Live at Den Bosch, Germany'1988
Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Invisible Horizons'1989
Rage album art-cover Secrets in a Weird World'1989
Rage album art-cover Reflections of a Shadow'1990
Rage album art-cover Extended Power'1991
Live at Zeche, Bochum'1991
Live in Ludwigshafen, Germany'1991
Trapped! (demo)'1992
Rage album art-cover Trapped!'1992
Live in Kawasaki, Japan'1992
Rage album art-cover Beyond the Wall'1992
Live in Germany'1992
Trapped tour (video)'1993
Live in Vorde, Germany'1993
The Missing Link (demo)'1993
The Missing Link (EP)'1993
Rage album art-cover The Missing Link'1993
Rage album art-cover The Video Link'1993
Rage album art-cover Don't Fear the Winter'1993
Live in Osaka'1994
Rage album art-cover 10 Years in Rage'1994
Rage album art-cover Black in Mind'1995
Live in Munchen'1995
Rage album art-cover The Crawling Chaos'1995
Live in Toyama, Japan'1995
Live in Tokyo'1995
Live in Ludwigshafen, Germany'1995
Rage album art-cover Lingua Mortis'1996
End of All Days (demo)'1996
Rage album art-cover End of All Days'1996
Live in Kawasaki'1996
Live Thirteen'1996
Higher And Higher'1996
Rage album art-cover Higher Than the Sky'1997
Live Acoustic in Sao Paulo'1997
Rage album art-cover Live from the Vault'1997
Live at Wacken'1997
Rage album art-cover From the Cradle to the Grave'1998
Rage album art-cover XIII'1998
Live in E-Werk, Koln (video)'1998
Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover The Best of Rage'1998
Rage album art-cover Live Thirteen'1998
Rage album art-cover In Vain Acoustic'1998
Rage album art-cover In Vain edit I'1998
Rage album art-cover In Vain edit II'1998
Rage album art-cover In Vain edit III'1998
Live in Dortmund, Germany'1998
Lingua Mortis (live video)'1998
Live in Madrid'1999
Ghosts (demo)'1999
Live at Wacken'1999
Rage album art-cover Ghosts'1999
Live in Turin, Italy'1999
Live in Kaufbeuren, Germany'1999
Rage album art-cover Welcome to the Other Side'2001
Live in Madrid'2001
Live at Wacken'2001
Rage album art-cover Metal Meets Classic Live'2001
Rage album art-cover Best of All G.U.N. Years'2001
Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Unity'2002
Live at Rockmachina Festival'2002
Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover 8CD Box'2002
Rage album art-cover Integrity'2002
Live in Nagoya, Japan'2002
Live in Bochum, Germany'2002
The Lingua Mortis - Trilogy'2002
Rage album art-cover The Dark Side'2002
Live in Bochum'2002
Rage album art-cover The Video Link (DVD)'2003
Soundchaser (demo)'2003
Live in Coburg, Germany'2003
Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Soundchaser'2003
Rage album art-cover Live & Unplugged'2003
Rage album art-cover 20 Years Anniversary - From the Cradle to the Stage (DVD)'2004
Rage album art-cover 20 Years Anniversary - From the Cradle to the Stage'2004
Rage album art-cover Full Moon'2006
Rage album art-cover Speak of the Dead'2006
No Fear'2006
Rage album art-cover Full Moon in St. Petersburg (DVD)'2007
Rage album art-cover Full Moon in st. Petersburg (CD)'2007
Rage album art-cover Carved in Stone'2008
Rage album art-cover Rage album art-cover Gib Dich Nie Auf'2009
Rage album art-cover Into the Light / Purified'2010
Rage album art-cover Strings to a Web'2010
Rage album art-cover 21'2012
Rage album art-cover LMO'2013
Rage album art-cover The Soundchaser Archives'2014
Rage album art-cover The Refuge Years'2015
Rage album art-cover My Way'2016
Rage album art-cover The Devil Strikes Again'2016
Rage album art-cover Blackened Karma'2017
The Early Years - From Avenger to Rage'2017
Rage album art-cover Seasons of the Black'2017
Compilations, splits, etc.:
X-Mas Project'1985
Various Artists - X-Mas Project X-Mas Project'1987
Rage/Scanner promo'1988
Various Artists - Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1 Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1'1988
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1 (video)'1989
Various Artists - Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 2 Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 2'1989
Various Artists - Grim Tales Grim Tales'1990
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 2 (video)'1990
Ich Zahl' Nicht Mehr!'1990
Thrash the Wall'1991
Various Artists - Extreme Noise Extreme Noise'1991
Various Artists - Melodic Metal Strikes Back!!! Melodic Metal Strikes Back!!!'1993
Pure Metal No. 1'1993
Various Artists - Power of Metal Power of Metal'1994
Various Artists - Power of Metal (video) Power of Metal (video)'1994
Metal 1 vol. 1'1994
Various Artists - X-Mas Project X-Mas Project'1995
Various Artists - 12 Years in Noise. Metal & Beyond 12 Years in Noise. Metal & Beyond'1996
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.3 Dynamit vol.3'1996
Various Artists - A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1 A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1'1996
Various Artists - Gods of Noises Gods of Noises'1997
Great Unlimited Noises'1997
Various Artists - GUN the Videos 1997 GUN the Videos 1997'1997
X-Mas Project'1997
Various Artists - Stahlmaster collection vol.2 Stahlmaster collection vol.2'1997
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.10 Dynamit vol.10'1998
Various Artists - Power of Metal. 2nd Attack Power of Metal. 2nd Attack'1998
Various Artists - Best of Wacken Open Air Best of Wacken Open Air'1999
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.18 Dynamit vol.18'1999
Various Artists - Off Road Tracks vol.24 Off Road Tracks vol.24'1999
Various Artists - Dynamit vol.25 Dynamit vol.25'2001
Metal Warriors Wacken 1999'2001
Various Artists - Rockhard 5 Rockhard 5'2002
Various Artists - Heavy Metal Rebellion (DVD) Heavy Metal Rebellion (DVD)'2002
Various Artists - Heavy Metal Rebellion Heavy Metal Rebellion'2002
Knuckle Tracks XLI'2002
Knuckle Tracks XLIII'2002
Hearts of Metal'2002
Heroes of Steel'2002
Various Artists - Still Alive - Metal Ballads 1980-95 Still Alive - Metal Ballads 1980-95'2003
20 Years in Noise'2003
Various Artists - Monsters of Metal vol.2 Monsters of Metal vol.2'2004
Various Artists - Monsters of Metal vol.4 Monsters of Metal vol.4'2005
Various Artists - Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection'2006
Various Artists - Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light Various Artists - Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light'2007
Various Artists - Rock S'Cool Vol. II Rock S'Cool Vol. II'2007
Various Artists - 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD) 20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD)'2007
Various Artists - Power And Glory - The Best Power Metal Hymns vol. 1 Power And Glory - The Best Power Metal Hymns vol. 1'2008
Various Artists - The Devil Strikes Again / Second to None The Devil Strikes Again / Second to None'2016
Additional information


We are looking for the following rare Rage lyrics:

  • 7 Gates of Hell
  • Forever Free
  • Here Comes the Night
  • In My Dark Room
  • Inside Out
  • Like a Gun with a Twisted Barrel
  • Michi-Shi Tsuki (English writing)
  • Rock of Ager
  • Ten Thousand Seconds Away
  • The Grip
  • The Past Means Nothing
  • The Speed of Sound
  • Victim of Rock
  • Waterfalls
This(ese) track(s) may be the cover version(s), instrumental(s), or track(s) renamed later.

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Victor Smolski solo albums

Mike Terrana solo albums

Manni Schmidt solo album

Rage live in Moscow (06.11.2007):

A presentation live album "Full Moon in St. Petersburg" in Moscow (04.03.2007):
Peter signed
Victor signed

Rage in St. Petersburg and Moscow'2005:
signed old photo
Smolski signed
ticket signed
Wagner signed

Rage in Moscow'2002:
Trading centre 'Souyz' has never seen such an event - Rage is here at last!
The wizard of drums is doing his job...
Denis with people which have inspired him for a long time.
Unity as it is - Victor, Mike, Peavey.
Mike feels slack.
One of lively moments of the concert. True professionals are on stage.
Victor and Peavey - how fervently they look at each other!
In a moment Victor will be quite near to audience.
Victor is absolutely concentrated on his playing.
Victor and Peavey - they are full of energy.
A moment of unforgettable performance - living legends in Moscow.
Personal contacts with fans - Victor is signing something, Mike is photographed with people...
It's almost unreal - Victor is too near to his fans...
It's quite clear from the photo that they can behave naturally and make a real show at the same time.
Peavey and Vera - my impressions are beyond description... Peavey knows how to pose.
Promo picture

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