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April 24th, 2019
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The Fast and strong Music Team was founded at Halloween of 1996 by two brave metallians, who had considered that this world needed their team very much. For now you can see us below:

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Artyom 'Sava' Zinoviev
Dmitriy 'Delis' Slavutskiy

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We greet all persons who contributed something to our web-site, made corrections of our content, etc.

If you contributed something to our web-site and we didn't put you here, please contact us then we'll correct our omission.

They are:
Adam SmithIlium information
Ademar FarinhaShaman correction
Adrian JonesTarot Sutra information
Adriano BendixViper All My Life lyrics, albums information, line up changes; Powersteel lyrics; Brainstorm (Brazil) information
Al CandelloAspire information
Alan TranouezDol Ammad information
AlastorTragedy Begins information, pictures
Albert MontaneSPMML supporting
Aldo CarmineInformation about his participation in the bands Abrasion, Hedgear, Kebra Nozzes, Mantris and solo project.
AlekseyIron Savior bonuses information
Alessandro BonassoliShaman information
Alex (acesix66)Black Majesty addition
Alex MartinThe Mystery information
Alex TakayamaHate for Revenge lineup
Alex WienerSacrament information
Alexander FroloffSome Viper lyrics, Helloween information, SPMML supporting, CDs supporting
Alexey ZverkovRage bonuses lyrics, some albums art covers, Running Wild bonuses lyrics, CDs supporting
Allan ScottAgankast - Insanita information
Alois Martin BinderGallows Pole (Austria) information
AndersSupreme Majesty lineup changes
Andre BastosAngra, Skyscraper, Twilight (Brazil), Shaman, Andre Matos additional information.
Andre OsokinRoyal Hunt rare lyrics
Andrew 'Coroner' NarkevichSPMML supporting
Andrew HaunerSyris's tribute to Black Sabbath information.
AndroRevoltons line up changes
Andy HaasOmen line-up changes
Andy MckeinExalt Cycle information
Andy ProsowskiKratos information correction
Angelo MarruzziSteel Assassin information
Anguish ForceAnguish Force information
Angus BidoliFingernails information
Anthony CiarleglioStar Unknown information
Antonis RousoudisArmed Death information
AppiesE-X-E information
AquariaAquaria information
AshleyCellador addition
Beto Vazquez Infinity tour managerBeto Vazquez Infinity information
Bill RampAxehammer information
Binis BelevRare Grave Digger album art cover
BlackfishSonata Arctica line up correction
Blaz GovekarSPMML, side projects list supporting
Bogdan CosteaMagica line-up changes
BoogiMetal Mercy line-up changes and brief band's history
BOXARage XIII lyrics
Bryan MartinWitch Meadow information
Carl CasagrandeScelerata information
Casey SladeSkull Fist new line up
Casio VazClavion information
Celestial OdeCelestial Ode information, CDs supporting
Chris BoltendahlExclusive chat with Chris and Grave Digger exclusive photos
Chris CafferySavatage history, news, support, communications
Chris KlapperCustard information
Chris PassasElephant information
Christi SoutherlandHelstar information
Christof WojtysiakVolfeed/Vader correction
ClaudioViper new album (All My Life) information
Clayton BushongSanctuary Records / Noise Records bands supporting
Crofty ThorpThrust information
Cymara Regina OshiroBrainstorm (Brazil) additions
Dan LorenzoDan Lorenzo projects information
Daniel FariaDrop D information
Danny Klupp5nine5, New Gards, Festering Saliva information about Danny Klupp participation on these projects.
Dario BerettaDrakkar line up changes
David HartKunvuk information
David PennaInformation about his work
David ReidAbout his participation in Severe Warning.
David SagarraBootlegs and videobootlegs information, CDs supporting
David Villanueva C.Royal Hunt rare lyrics
Davide CottiProphecy/Prophexy additions
Dean BurgessLuthor supporting, CDs supporting
Dean TavernierSkullview line-up changes
Deki StanojevicWarnament information
DerisKreyson lineup changes
Dieter WittbeckerPyracanda information
Dimitrios TsiktesJester's Tears changes
Dirk WichterichInformation about Dirk's participation on Doro album and about his band Temple of Your Soul
Dmitriy MagistrMagister (Russia) addition
DogSavage Steel correction
Dominick GregorioInformation about Deadly Blessing
Dominik GenetoInformation about Dystera.
Doru IstudorM.S. information
Edilson PichilianiRunning Wild, X-Wild, Stratovarius, and Rage bootlegs and videobootlegs information, SPMML supporting, CDs supporting
Emiliano AreseSPMML supporting (Rata Blanca)
Enis KizilkayaSPMML supporting (Comma)
Eric GaumannRare Grave Digger information
Erick AvilaSPMML supporting (Six Magics), CDs supporting
Erik HirschhaeuserBrainfever information correction
Erwin SuetensDouble Diamond, Fireforce information
Ezequiel WiurnosDreammaster information
Fabiano RutiglianoShadowside addition
Felipe ZarorAlta Densidad additions
FelixRage demos information
FlegontInformation about Running Wild bootleg
FrancescoDerdian lineup changes
Francesco NardelliTerzoLivello information
Frank IneredDedication information correction
Frank J. NorasWolfen update
Frank KnightX-Wild exclusive information, his exclusive photos, communications
Fred GorhauExxplorer information, 'Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse' correction
FroizFerdy Doernberg, Doc Eisenhauer information
Gabriel MacedoHelloween rare lyrics
Gary HoltzmanJacobs Dream supporting
Geno Ramirez AlanisDarkside Symphony additions
Gerardo AbbenanteSperanthas additional information
Giovanni de NichiloDarcloud information
GlenRare Running Wild lyrics
GodivaGodiva updates
Graham NoelLör information
Gregory EscovSPMML supporting
GrimlordGrimlord information
Gustavo ZavalaTren Loco information
HackiFalcon correction
Hacky SteelSubcutane information and news
HascheAbout his participation in Running Wild
Heavenwood ManagementHeavenwood news, picture
HenkRoyal Hunt information correction
Henning AndersenMagna Carta Sampler tracks, Royal Hunt disks information
HernanGamma Ray rare lyrics, information about Land of the Free part II album
InnerWishInner Wish news
J. DavisBorn of Fire, Karma information
J. MedeirosSome rare lyrics
JackSavatage rare lyrics
Jack 'BlackjacK' GalouninSPMML supporting
JagoDesdemona information
James Oweninformation about Endless Void.
James ReesPreyer information
James WynneBroken Glazz information correction and additions
Janchi 'The Halfling'Saurom information
Jarmo HavukunnasMoonchild / Jari Kainulainen information
Jean-Baptiste AppertCDs supporting, bootlegs information
Jeff PlateSavatage history, news, communications
Jeff RolandPowermad information
Jens BornerLonewolf information
Jer JacksonDestiny Calling information
Jerome GressetHelloween rare lyrics
Jesse MartinezDeviant Remorse information
Jim LastScimitar information
Jimmy SantrazamiEmerald Sun information
Joakim NestingAviation addition and correction
Joe EderSpeed Limit information
Joe KurlandArmory information
Joe Simsinformation about Inner Terror
Joel MaitozaBrick Bath information
Joern MildnerPit line up correction
Johann CadotAsylum Pyre information
John Duminiakabout Rick Criniti (Cinderella)
John KnightThe Thinking Principle, Fifth Season, Inner Sanctum information
John TSome rare Blind Guardian lyrics
John TsantakisGothic Knights addition
Jon BainChaotic Order information
Jonas HornqvistTreasure Land information
Jonatan BergShadows Past line-up changes
Jose "Cito" VitulliEl Dragon pictures
Jose A. GazzoAevum information
Jose Maria Vera SomozaDominio information
Joseph Ellis10 Kingdoms information
Juan CarlosSolarstorm information
Juan Pablo VerniAuvernia information
Jukka KyroNational Napalm Syndicate information
JulioSoul Source's Heroes information
Jym HarrisCruella line-up update
Kai NergaardGriffin information
KatharsisHiverland information
KermitCorrections and addition information for some bands
Kevin KurekDestiny Calling information
Keyper7Helloween and Gamma Ray information
KimForce of Evil info
Kim SandrehavMercyful Fate rare lyrics
KingcrowKingcrow information
Knights of TethysKnights of Tethys information
Konstantin 'holoKOSTA'SPMML supporting, Iron Savior rare lyrics
Kostas AthanasoglouSPMML supporting (some Greek bands)
KrisAll info about Khigh
Kris GustofsonInformation about St. Elmos Fire, Jon Dunmore, Moon Dog Mane, Mechanizm, Kurt Fry
Lars BorupSeven Thorns information
Lars ChrissLion's Share history, supporting, communications
Laszlo ZsigaA Tribute to Led Zeppelin information, some Grave Digger information, rare lyrics, Helloween tracks information
Lefteris Nasosinformation about his participation in Hatred, Rocka Rolla projects.
Leif ErikssonManinnya Blade current line-up
Leiv ArnesenEudoxis biography correction
Lenny RutledgeSanctuary line up correction
Leonardo TaitiFrozen Tears line up changes
Leonid SmetaninSPMML supporting
LesariBendover information
Lisa PrunedaThrust early biography changes
LolaMinstrelix information, communication
Lord TimDungeon, Lord information
Lou St. PaulWinters Bane information
Louis RodriguesSound Riot Records bands information
Luis GadeaCrom / Crossbones information
Luis TavaresMasterstroke information
Luit de JongMysto Dysto information
Luiz CorreraTribuzy information and news
Mads VolfManticora line-up changes
MaoloAzrael (Spain) information
MarbleMarble information
MarcelloPrimal Fear lyrics for bonus track, information correction
Marcelo FrancisTropa de Shock information
Marcio BritoAbout his participation in band's line up on Eternal Winds album.
Marco RuggieroSavior from Anger information
Marco TonalezziCerbero additions
Mariano RiosHelker new lineup, Resistir album information correction
Mark BishopZaxas 1st demo information
Mark BriodyJag Panzer information, exclusive picture
Mark KopernickyThe Exalted Piledriver current line-up
Massimo BarazzettaRare Angra lyrics
Mat SinnerSome Primal Fear lyrics
Mato AghettiBattle Bratt information
MattAspire additions
Matteo BallottariSPMML supporting (Arthemis)
Matteo ToniniRising Kingdom information
Max SalnikovKing Diamond news, and more
Maxime Leblanc (SKunKeD)Gaia Epicus corrections
MerlinADX news
Michael Mellingerinformation about 'Nails' album
Michael SpencerSentinel Beast lineup information
Michael WeikathSupporting, communications
Mick RacketTrojan additional info
Mihail MihaylovCDs supporting
Mike Campese ManagmentInformation about Mike Campese solo albums and his participation in other projects.
Mike GallagherGridlock XL information
Mike KischnickEmpyria information, his participation in Thor, Ten2Nine, Severed Serenity bands.
Mike MoyerExxplorer's correction
Mikel Eric RedondoSecret Sphere lyrics correction
Mikhail DiakovCDs supporting
Mikki C SuviaInformation about new Zaxas album
MiroGamma Ray rare lyrics
mleadc00Blind Guardian rare lyrics
Morten SkuteWitchhammer news and updates
Neil MGrave Digger, Digger, Helloween rare lyrics
Oganalp CanatanInformation about Maegi
Olaf BartmannSPMML supporting (Avalanche)
Olaf DietzelAsgard (Germany) information
Ole EmkenBlack Destiny line-up changes
Oleg & LenaTank information
Oskar NorbergAssailant information
Panagiotis DiakogiannisGuardian Angel information
PatanScelet information
Paul OlsenGuardians of Time line up changes
Pavel ShaptsevRage rare lyrics; Rage, Avenger, Stranger information; Terrana, Smolski solo cross projects information
Peder SundqvistAssailant information
PedroThe Stormrider info
Pedro BertussiAngra, Viper rare lyrics
Pedro RodriguezRare lyrics
PetePredator and Xiron lineup changes
Peter DerksMytholic information
Philip GriffithsAlias Eye information
Philip LeitePhilip Leite's projects information
Piet Sielckcorrections for Savage Circus
PiledriverPiledriver information
pitevinterDoomsday news 2 information and covers
PitmanRoyal Hunt supporting
PolydeykisSacred Blood, Zion information
PsychoguitarzDofka projects information
Rachel PhillipsHammerfall - a lot of additional information.
Rainer HeubelInformation about Roy Last Group, pictures of Roy Last Group, Mania, X-Wild.
Ralf HollmerVampyre detailed information
Ralph KerstenDystera line-up changes
RicardoAdditional information about Viper song and the band Legiao Urbana.
Ricardo BocciRicardo Bocci information about his solo work
Ricardo GordoSun of a Beach Blues Band information
Riccardo MecchiAnarion lineup changes
Richard CarnieAscension information correction
Richard ToborczResistance (Belgium) information
Rick BouwmanMartyr (The Netherlands) new line-up and last album informaion.
Rinaldo ZupelliPortrait (Brazil) information
Rob MatthewAgankast information
Robert KrimSteel Assassin spelling change, early demos information
Robert RyderRude Awakening information, communication
Roberto SonninoAngra information
Rodrigo PerezDracko information
Rodrigo SalinasStratovarius rare lyrics, Threshold bootlegs, Chinchilla demo information
Rodrigo V.M.G.Stahlmaster III information
Roland GrapowSupporting, communications
Rolf SimonsenCDs supporting, bootlegs information, Running Wild, Grave Digger, Iced Earth, Razor, Kreator information, Various Artists, Axel Rudi Pell addition
Ruben CrosaraSoul Mask new line-up
Rubens MelloClavion information
Sasch MenschlHIGHWAY KILLER information
SasquatchAggression / Cradle to Grave information
Sceptre membersSceptre information
Scott Braden SchwartzSamsarra information
Scott CluteOmen addition
Serge DubakovSPMML supporting
SergeiAdditional information about X-Wild
SevenGatesSeven Gates information
Shawn MizziAngelcrypt information
ShifletSide projects list supporting, Grave Digger rare lyrics
Sibylle Colin-TocquaineWitches information
Silvio RochaDominus Praelii additions
Simone PorfiriahPorfiriah information
SkiDeadly Blessing, Faith Factor information
Soul TakerSSoul TakerS information
Steen JepsenSavatage bootleg
Stefan 'Stealth Antiforce'Rage rare lyrics
Stefan KrollVectom additions
Stefan MullerStormhunter information
Stefano VaccariPropheXy addition
Stephan BachmannRunning Wild bootlegs information
Steve AddisAbout his participation on Endless World album
Steve VoltaPandaemonium, Perpetualfire information
SusanneBaltimoore information
Terry PapafylisBlack Led, Eudoxis, Back Sabbath information, pictures
Terry SpanAleister Wild information
Theodore GourlomatisBloodstained, Farewell information
Thomas Hackmanninformation about his musical activity
Thomas RettkeRedkey information
ThramThram information
Timofey VorobyovSPMML supporting
Tina KotarskiAce the Raven, Severe Warning information
Tom Umbainformation about bands where he was/is the member.
Tommi AhtilaAdamantra information
Tommy AsakawaHis photos of the various projects with his participation.
Trey XavierIn Virtue information
Udo KrauseMorbid Jester information
Uffe TillmanIsengard (Sweden) new URL
Uldis 'WrongTale' ShensSPMML supporting
VeraPerpetual Fire update
VicenteRipio information
Vitor VeigaEndless information
Vittorio BallerioInformation about new Adramelch album and about Adramelch in general, about his participation in the following bands: Anathema (Italy), Doomsword, Holy Martyr, Giulio Rossi.
VladimirBlind Guardian rare track information
W. AngelConquest (Ukraine) lineup correction
Wheat WilliamsAngra history spelling correction
WithinAnotheRWithinAnotheR information
XanaCrowless information
XtopherAevum changes
Y.O.C.Y.O.C. information, pictures, CDs supporting
YoliInformation about Helloween, Tropa de Shock, Desperados (Dezperadoz).
Youichi OikawaDragonlance information
ZISIS RAPTOPOULOSArmed Death information

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