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March 21st, 2019
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Agankast logo

Country: UK

Comment: Renamed Insanita due to legal complications.

Current/Last AGANKAST Lineup:
Allan Scottvocal, bass guitar
Drew Gillbass guitar
Ciaran Wrightguitar
Dean Cookdrums

Previous Members:
Ava Robertsondrums
Jimmy Manninghamguitar
Rob Matthewguitar
James Savage 'James Savage'drums

We thank the following people:
Rob Matthew - Agankast information
Allan Scott - Agankast - Insanita information
AGANKAST Discography:
(a link on an album can have a floating small review from here)
Band status: It's special supported band.
Dance of the Dead'2005
Welcome to Insanitarium'2006
Walking with Angels - Running with Devils'2007
Compilations, splits, etc.:
Additional information
from Rob Matthew (21.07.2006):
Rob Matthew discusses the concept of the bands second CD Welcome to Insanitarium in an interview with Greece Behind the Veil webzine.
Below is an extract from the interview:
Agankast on Immigration in Europe "Welcome to Insanitarium" the title of the new album is and means exactly what you are thinking about and that is "Immigration". Immigration is the theme of the Album, it's the cover and it is the concept. My view is this: In Europe many people are getting tired of the amount of immigrants being allowed into their respective countries. I will speak now in terms of Britain although the same applies now to every country in Europe and others around the world. "I believe immigration has to stop now" because the natives are becoming restless and when that happens then Politicians should listen, but unfortunately they are not... and it's creating the rise of the far right again here in Britain and also across Europe.
I believe there is nothing wrong with protecting your own Culture... thousands and thousands of years of Culture is being destroyed today by our European Politicians, for the sake of cheap labour and keeping themselves in power. Please don't get me wrong I believe Black Africans "for example" deserve everything we in the rich west have... but take for example my country, here in Britain we are taking in tens of thousands of African Doctors... Why? to look after us Rich whites... but now there is a shortage of Doctors in the home countries were these people are migrating from... that leaves the people back in Africa with no Doctors because they are all here working for us (slaves again) they are greedy like us now and have come under the spell of money, chasing the Dollar while their own people suffer because of a health system that has no health workers because they are all here. It's all fucked up and my anger is at the Politicians messing the whole thing up... Culture, peoples health, peoples safety. I am a good person I say all of this out of concern for the future, I don't want to see any bad shit in my lifetime, but there are many people out there who are more extreme than me and you... I am only a songwriter and the tradition of songwriting is to reflect the times we are living in... and unfortunately the big "Multi-cultural experiment" is not working and I worry for the future of Europe.
People believe that what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust could not happen again believing foolishly that the German people of the 1930s and 40s were somehow monsters for allowing such a thing to happen. this is dangerous because they were all normal people... Hitler did not brainwash them, they were sick of Immigration because back then they felt multi-culturalism (the Jewish problem) was not for Germany, etc, etc... sound Familiar?.. are Muslims in Europe to be the next to suffer in the second Holocaust??? Cultural protection is good... it's been good for millions of years. I know some people will read this and totaly get it all wrong... they can label me with whatever, but if I can do something for my "own country" no matter how small then I will do it... to protect my own Heritage... "it's the least I can do". Finaly on the subject... I don't have a problem with immigration, as long as it's fair... and numbers are kept low in respect of any particular country... when the numbers get out of control as they are now, then things have to be said. You say it too... If they brand you a racist or a Nazi, then they are probably people with their own agenda that has nothing to do with caring for the Human Race.

from Rob Matthew (12.07.2005):
The band has been a line up change gone is Drummer Ava Robertson and Guitarist Jimmy Manningham. The two were not giving the sort of drive and commitment required of a proffesional Metal band so they were out... This however was unfortunate timing as the website and promotion of the band had just begun... But fortune favours the Brave as Original Drummer Drew Gill returned to Agankast. Gill was the original Drummer and Recorded all of the drums on Agankasts Mp3s he even appears on the debut Album, the reason for his temporary replacement was due to a Moutain bike accident which left Drew in Hospital with a serious knee injury so serious in fact it was possible that the 17 year old would not be able to return to the drums at all. Fortunately he has made a great recovery and is now reheasing with the band... Auditions have been taking place for a second guitarist which we have found... Ciaran Wright from Edinburgh joined the band in june and is a real find an excellent  player with pro-minded drive and ambition. It has to be stated that all guitar work on all Agankast recorded Material Mp3 and Debut album is Rob Matthew... All Vocals are Allan Scott... The songwriting of Matthew and Scott remains as Agankast... And the sound will stay exactly the same the True Agankast line up is and always has been: Rob Matthew, Allan Scott and Drew Gill... and  now with the added second guitarist Ciaran Wright Agankast are set to Destroy all Live with their Celtic Metal Onslaught. Finnally  t the band has just posted a Video clip of new song Suffocator featuring the new line up. Also our Debut CD is coming very soon.

from Rob Matthew (19.06.2005):
Agankast was formed in September 2004, myself: Rob Matthew - Guitar, Allan Scott - Vocals, Jimmy Manningham - Guitar and Ava Robertson on Drums. The band signifies a coming of full circle for myself, and a wish to create something special.
Most of the Mp3s you hear on the site had already been written, since the formation of the band in September 2004... and the website was ready to go online... yet I still did not have a band name... I needed something that was going to reflect the classic metal approach of Agankast. After two weeks of soul searching I came up with the name.
Their are offers on the table at this moment and much interest in the band but it is still very early days for Agankast, The reaction is almost one of surprise... who are you - where have you come from... we have arrived with great impact due to the quality of our song Mp3s and our website... obviously we are not going to rush into any deals... we want to establish ourselves with our fanbase and this is the reason for the Free music on the site.
We have almost finished what will be Agankasts Debut Album... It will feature entirely new songs... and it will be available to buy through the website... these will not be free downloads.
Also a DVD is in the pipeline. Of course all this could change overnight especially with the Buzz thats now surrounding the band.
Three of the Mp3s are Atomkraft songs Which Agankast have re-Recorded. for copyright laws they will not appear on the album, However I am considering Recording more Atomkraft which may possibly lead to a Atomkraft tribute in the future who knows? All of the songs on the "Agankast" Debut are New. On the free Downloads.
Most peoples Favourite is "Butcher and the Clown" that song hit a peak, Which our New material would have to match and better... this we have done... with New songs: "Suffocator - Dance of the dead - Fallen evil - and Study of a Dying man".
Agankast follows the rules of Classic Heavy Metal, like say: Judas priest or Maiden... Old school Heavy Metal bands did not follow trends... they made them. That is why they all sounded different to one another... Ozzy, Sabbath, ACDC, Rush, Motorhead, thats my "old school", I am not saying we are in that league they are the Metal gods, but Agankast have it within them.

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