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April 20th, 2019
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Asylum Pyre

Asylum Pyre logo

Country: France

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Current/Last ASYLUM PYRE Lineup:
Vincent Kreyderdrums
Johann Cadotguitar, vocal
Adeline 'Chaos Heidi'vocal
Arnaud Lavaina 'Armendar'keys

Previous Members:
Julien Peuchbass guitar
Herve Schiltzguitar
Tony Decaillonkeys
Emeric Arnaudeaudrums
Carole Al Cantara 'Carole Alcantara'vocal
Cedrik Djelassiguitar
Elodie Desbarbieuxvocal
Thomas Paillerkeys
Olivier Louis-Servaisbass guitar

Sylvie Grarevocal
Justine Andru Dutaillyvocal
Christophe Babinbass guitar
Didier Chesneauguitar
Vincent Kreyderdrums
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Johann Cadot - Asylum Pyre information
ASYLUM PYRE Discography:
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Band status: The World Speed / Power / Melodic Metal list supported.
Whispers of the Power'2007
Natural Instinct?'2009
Fifty Years Later'2012
Spirited Away'2015
Compilations, splits, etc.:
Additional information
The band's name
Asylum Pyre... Ringing like an original name, has a heavy meaning. The place where you burn the fools... and those considered as fool because of their differences!
The theme is developed in the songs "Taken Away To The Asylum" and in the eponymous song. The Asylum is not only material. It can be the result of exclusion or segregation. In the manner of the way the metal world is judged...
As the story who is unfolded in "The Asylum Pyre" explains it, the goal of this song, and of the band, is to reverse the pyre against all these baloneys and particularly the bias.
2003, March: After a brief meeting during their studies, Johann Cadot (guitar/vocals) and Julien Peuch (bass) meet again by chance several times and share their musical taste. They meet Cedrik Djelassi (Guitar) at work and discover they had common musical tastes like Helloween, Manowar or Dream Theater and so, they start to play together.
2004, December: Julien, Cedrik and Johann record the first demo of the song "Jester Of The Power" with programmed drum and keyboards.
2005 to 2006: The band becomes a quintet with the arrival of Emeric Arnaudeau (Drums) and Thomas Pailler (Keyboards). At the same time they find their name: "Asylum Pyre" and start arranging and composing new songs.
Half 2006: Due to its numerous musical projects, Thomas Pailler leaves the band and is replaced by Tony Decaillon. Then, Asylum Pyre decides to recruit a female vocalist, Anya, so as to give new colours to its universe. Shortly after, Asylum Pyre gives its first gigs.
2006, December: Anya, preferring to concentrate on her professional life, leaves her place to Elodie Debarbieux (who sings on the last song of "Natural Instinct?").
2007: Release of the band's first demo, "Whispers Of The Power", that receives a good welcome from the metal underground.
2008 to 2009: The band successfully plays many gigs for audiences as large as possible, even out of the metal sphere.
2009: Carole Alcantara and Herve Schiltz, respectively replacing Elodie and Cedrik forced to quit due to their private lives, join Asylum Pyre so as to complete the team! Then starts a new era for the band, going through the recording, the release and the promotion of their first Album "Natural Instinct?" that is now available!
Asylum Pyre sets cliches on fire!
The band:
At the crossroads, far from stereotypes, the Asylum Pyre's Melodic Metal tries to change the image that the majority has about the metal world, while satisfying the Metalheads!
Actually, Asylum Pyre sails in the Melodic Metal sphere and offers a music which is successively powerful, operatic, Progressive, Speed, Heavy, epic, ambient, sometimes dark...
In this fractal universe, the voices of Carole Alcantara and Johann Cadot come and join.
Carole is balancing between rock and metal voices while Johann (Also Guitarist), for his part, alternates, strong and clean vocals, soft vocals, narration or grunts. The duo then manages to create a large range of atmospheres and emotions... At the crossroads.
Emotions... All of the tracks are fed with them, as much through the melodies and the atmospheres as through the lyrics, full of meanings, with our world, mankind and nature. Asylum Pyre's lyrics can be divided into "sung" and "unsung" parts. The latter being the story-boards of the instrumental parts.
Asylum Pyre today releases its first album called "Natural Instinct?". Better than a long description, this album depicts the universe of this band, a band that is waiting for nothing but for the possibility to be known and recognized. In the meantime, Asylum Pyre keeps on giving gigs and invites everyone to come and see us live or to exchange through internet. Pleasure and shivers guaranteed! ... At the crossroad...
"Natural Instinct?" - The album
Starting with the ambient and frightening introduction "Taken Away to The Asylum" and then travelling between speed, Heavy, progressive tracks or the sing-along anthem "Laughing With The Stars", the songs distil here and there choirs, hooking melodies, narration, solo and rhythm(s?) giving priority to the efficiency.
Beauty and preservation of the nature are the main inspiration of the lyrics. Deviances of our world, like manipulation or intolerance, or the wrong use of science discoveries are also tackled.
Thus, Asylum Pyre offers you an album which can be listened, read and which invites everyone to think, meanwhile proposing a music which is both hooking, varied and captivating.
To finish, the cover artwork, to be watch in two stages, symbolizes the album's concept and its title. Here the words leave the place to the picture.

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