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January 16th, 2019
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Lion's Share

Lion's Share logo

Country: Sweden

Current/Last LION'S SHARE Lineup:
Lars Christmansson 'Lars Chriss'guitar
Kay Backlundkeys
Nils Patrik Johanssonvocal

Previous Members:
Sampo Axelssonbass guitar, keys
Richard Evensanddrums
Johan Kullberg 'Johan Koleberg'drums
Pontus Egbergbass guitar
Tony Nivavocal
Anders Engbergvocal
Andy Loosbass guitar

Stefan Norgrenvoice
Mats Leven 'Mats Levén'back-vocal
Richard Evensanddrums
Conny Petterssondrums
Mike Romeoguitar
Glen Droverguitar
Bruce Kulickguitar
Goran Edmanvocal
Thomas Vikstromvocal
Tommy Denanderkeys
Mats Olaussonkeys
Magnus Lindgrenflute
Svante Henryssoncello
Magnus Rongedalvocal
We thank the following people:
Lars Chriss - Lion's Share history, supporting, communications
LION'S SHARE Discography:
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Ghost Town Queen / I'm on a Roll'1988
Sins of a Father'1995
Lion's Share'1995
Flash in the Night'1997
Fall from Grace'2000
Emotional Coma'2007
Dark Hours'2009
Compilations, splits, etc.:
A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1'1996
All for Metal'2007
Additional information
Founded in Sundsvall, Sweden in the spring of 1987, by guitarist Lars Chriss and keyboardist Kay Backlund, LION'S SHARE immediately began perfecting their brand of classy, commercial hard rock through intensive rehearsals and live performances, recorded the song I'm On A Roll, in June 1987. The band got aired on a Swedish national radio station (Rock Box) in August 1987 with this song, which eventually lead the band to a national band competition and won first prize, a free recording of a vinyl single.
In an effort to capitalize on their early momentum, the group entered the studio in February and March of 1988 to record the new single Ghost Town Queen, along with a new recording of I'm On A Roll, which was released in August 1988 and received a number of positive reviews in various hard rock publications all across Europe. This line-up consisted of Lars Chriss (g), Kay Backlund (keys), Mikael Hansson (b), Mark Norton (vo) and Jouni Niemi (ds).
LION'S SHARE won yet another national band competition in the summer of 1988, which again, the first prize was a free vinyl single recording. The band again entered the studios to begin recording a follow up single in October 1988. The A-side song was entitled Partners In Crime, and in early 1989, the band recorded some B-side tracks entitled If You Cut Us We Bleed, No Easy Way Out and In Your Shadow, an effort which sadly never saw the light of day due to internal problems within the group's line-up at the time. After parting ways with the rest of the band, Lars Chriss and Kay Backlund spent the bulk of 1989 and 1990 attempting to find suitable replacements, but without any success. Frustrated and disappointed, Lars Chriss and Kay Backlund decided to place the band on hold for the time being.
In 1991 Lars Chriss moved to Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden, in the search for the right band. After jamming with a couple of different groups, Lars Chriss ended up in Andy Engberg's band APHASIA.
In 1992, Lars Chriss received an offer from a small Belgian label to include a song on a compilation CD, which was to feature some of the most promising new groups from the European continent. Without a proper line-up, the guitarist quickly rounded up some of Sweden's top musicians to record the original track Nothing's Free, with the song's final version featuring Lars Chriss, Marcel Jacob (TALISMAN, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JOHN NORUM) on bass, Conny Lind (GREAT KING RAT, VISION, AMAZE ME) on vocals, P-A Danielsson (TIAMAT, VENI DOMINE) on keyboards, and Johan Koleberg on drums.
Satisfied with the results, Lars Chriss set about reforming the group in a brand new incarnation, in which he was eventually joined by the returning keyboardist Kay Backlund, who at the time was performing with MOAHNI MOAHNA, drummer Johan Koleberg, ex-SORCEROR / APHASIA vocalist Andy Engberg and ex-GLORY bassist Andy Loos. LION'S SHARE was reborn in March 1993, and the first set of demos included, Judgment Day, Nothing's Free, Sins Of A Father, Holding On, Play By The Rules, Searching For Answers, Don't Look Back. Another two songs, Arabia and Taking On The World, were later recorded.
It wasn't long before this line-up of LION'S SHARE landed a deal with Japan's Zero Corporation and Germany's Long Island Records. The band entered Airplay Studios in Stockholm to start recording the group's self-titled debut album, which ultimately saw the light of day in December 1994 in Japan (the European release through Long Island Records took place several months later).
When it came time for promoting and touring in support of the new album, the band had to part ways with Andy Loos, due to the pressures and responsibilities of "family life". LION'S SHARE eventually enlisted the services of bassist Pontus Egberg (STEAMROLLER, incl. Bo Werner from Yngwie fame), but it was at this time that vocalist Andy Enberg was having throat problems and on doctor's orders, went through surgery and a long quite period of recovery. So needless to say, LION'S SHARE never toured in support of their debut album and Lars Chriss and Kay Backlund started writing new material for their second album.
At this time, Century Media Records, expressed interest with the band for worldwide rights, if the band would consider recording their second album more heavier than the debut outing. The recording of guitars and bass for the first five songs for the album were recorded in XTC Studios in February 1996. In April of 1996, the rest of the guitars and basses were recorded, and in May, the band moved over to Airplay Studios for the recording of the drumtracks. The vocals were done in Khabang Studios during the summer. Backing vocals were also, this time, performed by Mats Leven (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TREAT, SWEDISH EROTICA) and Thomas Vikstrom (CANDLEMASS, BRAZEN ABBOT). The album was mixed as with the debut, by Niklas Flyckt (EASY ACTION, GREAT KING RAT) at Khabang Studios in September 1996.
In the summer of 1996, the band contributed to the JUDAS PRIEST Tribute Vol.1, with a cover version of A Touch Of Evil, JUDAS PRIEST's Painkiller album. The CD also featured bands like SAXON, MERCYFUL FATE, HELLOWEEN, U.D.O., DEVIN TOWNSEND among others. This vocal performance was actually Andy Enberg's first since the surgery of his damaged vocal chords.
In November and December of 1996, LION'S SHARE supported Metal legends SAXON on their European tour.
  • 27.11.96 Vasteras/Extremes (Sweden)
  • 28.11.96 Gothenburg/Metron (Sweden)
  • 29.11.96 Salen/HC (Sweden)
  • 30.11.96 Karlstad/Cinema (Sweden)
  • 01.12.96 Uppsala/Sten Sture & Co. (Sweden)
  • 02.12.96 Stockholm/Gino (Sweden)
  • 03.12.96 Norrkoping/Kulturkammaren (Sweden)
  • 04.12.96 Copenhagen/Pumpehuset (Denmark)
  • 06.12.96 Vosselaar/Biebob (Belgium)
  • 07.12.96 Silvolde/Zaal Pan (Holland)
Century Media Records, pleased with the results of this tour, signed the band and released Two, on January 3, 1997 in Europe. A re-mastered version of the band's self-titled debut album, with new artwork and booklet, was released on the same date. Since Century Media Records have a label deal with JVC Victor in Japan, JVC Victor released the album on April 23, 1997.
In February 1997, LION'S SHARE did a playback performance at Swedish TV channel TV4, with the radio edited version (single) of Flash In The Night. In March 1997, LION'S SHARE made a promotional music video for the song Shadows, which later got aired all over Europe, including on MTV and Viva.
Another tour followed to promote the release, this time a package tour with ICED EARTH and NEVERMORE through Europe in April and May of 1997 for three and a half weeks.
  • 27.04.97 Novara/Blackman (Italy)
  • 28.04.97 Thessaloniki/Alone Metal Club (Greece)
  • 29.04.97 Athen/Rodon Club (Greece)
  • 30.04.97 Offenbach/Hafenbahn (Germany)
  • 01.05.97 Hamburg/Markthalle (Germany)
  • 02.05.97 Katwijk/Scum (Holland)
  • 03.05.97 Brussel/Biebob (Belgium)
  • 04.05.97 Nijmegen/Staddijk (Holland)
  • 06.05.97 Wien/Rockhaus (Austria)
  • 07.05.97 Wels/Alter Schlachthof (Austria)
  • 08.05.97 Bulle/Ebullution (Switzerland)
  • 09.05.97 Pratteln/Z7 (Switzerland)
  • 10.05.97 Freiberg/Tivoli (Germany)
  • 11.05.97 Ludwigsburg/Rockfabrik (Germany)
  • 13.05.97 Ubach/Rockfabrik (Germany)
  • 14.05.97 Cologne/Live music hall (Germany)- TV filmed
  • 15.05.97 Essen/Zeche Carl (Germany)
  • 16.05.97 Berlin/Knaack Club (Germany)
  • 18.05.97 Falkenberg/Smedjan (Sweden)
  • 19.05.97 Stockholm/Studion (Sweden)
On June 27, 1997, the official Lion's Share home page went public. The autumn of 1997 was spent playing a couple of small headline shows and writing new material for the third album. The first fan-made LION'S SHARE's home page was done by Diego Renzini from Italy during this period aswell.
Another tour with SAXON followed a year after the first one.
  • 10.12.97 Uppsala/Fredmans (Sweden)
  • 11.12.97 Umea/Corona, Universum (Sweden)
  • 12.12.97 Eskilstuna/Josefs (Sweden)
  • 13.12.97 Hono/Trubaduran (Sweden)
  • 14.12.97 Bollnas/Tranan (Sweden)
  • 15.12.97 Stockholm/Underground (Sweden)
  • 16.12.97 Helsingborg/The Tivoli (Sweden)
  • 17.12.97 Jonkoping/Eldslandet (Sweden)
Lion's Share started 1998 by touring again, this time with ex: ACCEPT vocalist's band U.D.O...
  • 29.01.98 Vasteras,Extreme's (Sweden)
  • 30.01.98 Norrkoping, Kulturkammaren (Sweden)
  • 31.01.98 Eskilstuna, Josefs (Sweden)
  • 01.02.98 Uppsala, Sten Sture & CO (Sweden)
  • 03.02.98 Malmo, KB (Sweden)
  • 04.02.98 Stockholm, Kolingsborg (Sweden)
  • 06.02.98 Helsinki (F), Tavastia Club (Finland)
  • 07.02.98 Tampere (F), Tulli Club (Finland)
The spring was spent writing and demoing new songs, since Century Media wanted to have the new master delivered by mid July at the latest. Although Lion's Share took some time to do a couple of headline shows with TREASURE LAND supporting.
  • 02.04.98 Stockholm, Daily's (Sweden)
  • 03.04.98 Hono, Trubaduran (Sweden)
  • 04.04.98 Halmstad, Diezel (Sweden)
On June 5, the group entered Soundtrade Studios in Stockholm with Ronny Lahti (SAIGON KICK, EUROPE, GLENN HUGHES, TALISMAN, CLOCKWISE, MASQUERADE, ELECTRIC BOYS etc.), to start recording what would become their masterpiece so far, Fall From Grace. "The recordings went on very smoothly, and we felt all the touring paid back". Svante Henryson (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), played cello on the ballad Remembrance, and Thomas Vikstrom and Magnus Rongedal (BIG MONEY) did help out with the backing vocals, since Mats Leven was on tour with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN.
During the recordings, it became clear that Century Media Records were having big economical problems. The advance to producer Ronny Lahti didn't show up, neither did the money for the studio time. Lion's Share did see the chance to have the contract terminated (C.M. had 4 options!), and simply offered to pay the invoices if C.M. agreed to terminate the contract. After a couple of weeks of negotiations, C.M. had no other alternative than to agree.
It was quite hard for the band to be creative in the studio and at the same time negotiate the legal stuff with Century Media, but the vibes within the band was on top during the whole period, and on July 16, the last song was mixed.
So far everyone that have heard the final results, agree on that it's for sure the best LION'S SHARE album to date.
LION'S SHARE is firmly committed to following their hearts and not the current musical trends when it comes to their songwriting, an attitude and approach which the group themselves find much more personally fulfilling. It is the band's hope and belief that the sincerity and the passion which they pour into their music will ultimately help them find their audience and provide the quintet with the recognition that they deserve.

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