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July 31st, 2014
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Mercyful Fate

Mercyful Fate logo

Country: Denmark

Mercyful Fate's official web-site on our links web-page

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Current/Last MERCYFUL FATE Lineup:
Kim Bendix Petersen 'King Diamond'vocal
Micke Wickstrom 'Mike Wead'guitar
Petter Andreason 'Sharlee d'Angelo'bass guitar
Rene Krolmark 'Hank Shermann, Hank de Wank'guitar
Bjarne T. Holm 'Bob Lance'drums

Previous Members:
Morten Nielsendrums
Tommy Hellgeson 'Snowy Shaw'drums
Timi Grabber 'Timi Hansen'bass guitar
Michael Dennerguitar
Kim Thyge Jensen 'Kim Ruzz'drums
Benny Petersenguitar
Nick Smith 'Old Nick'drums
Carsten Volsingguitar
Jan Musendrums

Johnny Marshallkeys
Lars Ulrichdrums
Kol Marshallkeys
We thank the following people:
Kim Sandrehav - Mercyful Fate rare lyrics
MERCYFUL FATE Discography:
(a link on an album can have a floating small review from here)
Band status: It's completely supported band.
Demo 1'1981
Demo 2'1981
Demo 3'1981
Burning the Cross'1981
Live in Harlev, Denmark'1981
All Witches Night'1981
House of Satan'1981
A Corpse Without Soul (Rave On Sessions)'1982
Black Masses'1982
Curse of the Pharaohs'1982
Live in Copenhagen / Return of the Living Dead'1982
Mercyful Fate (Nuns Have No Fun)'1982
Mercyful Fate'1982
Live in Holland'1982
Live in London'1983
Live in Dynamo, Eindhoven, Netherlands'1983
Live in Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Netherlands (video)'1983
Live in Copenhagen'1983
Live Aardschok Day'1983
Crush the Cross'1983
Nuns Have No Fun'1983
Black Funeral'1983
The Curse of Evil'1983
Shadow Nights'1983
Live in Copenhagen'81 / Live in Hilversum'84'1984
Live in Hilversum'1984
Werewolves in Hilversum'1984
Live from the Depths of Hell'1984
Live in Milan'1984
Don't Break the Oath'1984
First US Show'1984
Live in Sacramento, California'1984
Live in Portland, Oregon'1984
Live at Spectrum, Montreal, Canada'1984
Live in Chicago, Illinois'1984
Live in Washington'1984
Live in New York'1984
Live in Holland'1984
Black Angel's Lair'1984
Live in Copenhagen'1985
The Beginning'1987
Return of the Vampire'1992
In the Shadows'1993
Live in Denmark'83 / Live in US'93'1993
Nuns Have No Fun / Live Dynamo Open Air, Eindhoven'1993
Shadows in the Dark'1993
Live in City Limits, Dallas'1993
Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (video)'1993
The Bell Witch'1994
Live in Axis, Boston'1995
Live in Washington, D.C.'1995
Live in Baltimore, Maryland'1995
The Oath (=The Live Oath?) (Live in Philadelphia)'1995
Angel of Light'1995
The Mad Arab (Live in Minneapolis)'1995
Live in Minnesota (video)'1995
Into the Unknown'1996
Stay Heavy'1996
Live at Highlander'1996
Live in Santos, Sao Paulo'1996
Live in Curitiba, Brazil'1996
Desecration of Live'1997
Lucifer, Live in Sweden'1997
Live in Sweden (= live in Halmstad (video)?)'1997
Live in Montreal (video)'1997
Theater of the Vampires parts I&II'1998
Dead Again'1998
Live in Minneapolis (video)'1998
Live in Santiago (video)'1999
Live in Philadelphia (video)'1999
Live in Montreal (video)'1999
The Lost Tapes (1979-1984)'2000
The Best of Mercyful Fate'2003
The Curse of Evil'2009
double DVD' This album is coming soon
Compilations, splits, etc.:
Metallic Storm'1982
Hell on Earth'1983
Metal Battle'1983
Evil's Message (split)'1984
Welcome to the Metal Zone'1985
Rave-On Hits Hard'1985
Deeper into the Vault'1991
A Dangerous Meeting'1992
Rock Hard Classix'1994
Dynamit vol.3'1996
Metal Eruption'1996
A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1'1996
Taste the Blade - 15 Years of Metal Blade Records'1997
A Tribute to Judas Priest (US)'1997
Metal Blade Records - 15th Anniversary'1997
Stahlmaster collection vol.2'1997
Metalmeister vol.3'1998
Metalliliitto 2'1998
Metal Millenium'1998
KnuckleTracks XIV'1999
KnuckleTracks XVIII'1999
Dynamit vol.17'1999
Best of Wacken Open Air'1999
Metallic Era vol. II'1999
King Diamond / Mercyful Fate. The Videos'2000
Tales from the Crypt: Monsters of Metal'2000
Unholy Cross No.10'2000
Metal Warriors Wacken 1999'2001
The History of Rock'2001
Metalmeister DVD vol.1'2002
Metal Blade 20th Anniversary Box Set'2002
Lords of Chaos'2002
Full Metal Garage - The Songs That Drove Metallica'2006
Heavy Metal Box'2007
Additional information

Michael Denner solo album

Mike Wead solo album

Snowy Shaw solo album

Hank Shermann solo album

As the rule there are deifferences in music and lyrics between old and new versions of renamed tracks.
  • Burning the Cross: it is on Demo 2, on Curse of the Pharaohs and Return of the Vampire. It is nowhere, MF hadn't it.
  • Combat Zone: it is on Brats Demo and on Curse of the Pharaohs.
  • Corpse: it is on one of version Live in Milan, Italy'84. Is this song same to 'A Coprse Without Soul'?..
  • Death Kiss: it is on Brats Demo and on Return of the Vampire. Now it is known as A Dangerous Meeting on Don't Break the Oath, renamed in 1982.
  • Dreams: it is on The Brat's Paere Punk.
  • Evil Lord (by Black Rose): it is on The Lost Tapes (1979-1984).
  • Happy Birthday: it is on The Lost Tapes (1979-1984).
  • Hard Rocker: it is on Demo 1 and on Curse of the Pharaohs. Is this song same to 'Not Amusing' from the unknown source?..
  • I Do What I Wanna Do: it is on The Brat's Paere Punk.
  • I'm Allright: it is on The Lost Tapes (1979-1984).
  • Leave My Soul Alone: it is on Return of the Vampire. Is this song same to 'Killed For Love' from the unknown source?..
  • Love Criminals: it is on Demo 1, on Brats Demo and on Curse of the Pharaohs. Now it is Into the Coven on Melissa, renamed when Brats was renamed MF.
  • Magazine: it is on The Brat's Paere Punk.
  • M. D. A. (Mission - Destroy Aliens): it is on Curse of the Pharaohs and on Return of the Vampire.
  • On a Night of Full Moon: it is on Return of the Vampire. Now it is Desecration Of Souls on Don't Break the Oath, renamed in 1981.
  • Persecution: it is on House of Satan.
  • Return of the Vampire: it is on Curse of the Pharaohs, on Return of the Vampire. It is on something live albums (bootlegs), It is nowhere. It was as bonus track on In the Shadows later. Is this song same to 'Powers of Darkness' from the unknown source?..
  • Reyarp Sdrol: It's usually King reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards. Are there any words else? It is on Live From the Depths of Hell.
  • Running Free: it is on Demo 1, on Curse of the Pharaohs. FYI: Running Free = Leave My Soul Alone.
  • Shadow Night (Devil's Daughter): it is on bootleg Harlev. Now it is Nightmare on Don't Break the Oath.
  • Some Day: it is on Brats Demo. Now it is Desecration of Souls on Don't Break the Oath.
  • The Witch: it is on Shadow Nights.
  • Truck Driver: it is on House of Satan.
  • Walking Back to Hell: it is on Demo 1 and on Curse of the Pharaohs. Now it is known as A Dangerous Meeting on Don't Break the Oath. FYI: Walking Back to Hell = Death Kiss.
  • You Asked For It: it is on Return of the Vampire. Now it is Black Masses on single Black Funeral.

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