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March 26th, 2019
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Henning Andersen - Magna Carta Sampler tracks
pitevinter - Doomsday news 2 information and covers
Rodrigo V.M.G. - Stahlmaster III information
Rolf Simonsen - We Wish a Metal Xmas And a Headbanging New Year information
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Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track'1977
Pære Punk sampler'1979
The Brats / Tyrantz (split single)'1980
CBS's Pair Plank compilation'1980
Metallic Storm'1982
Solidarnosc Rock for Poland'1982
Rock from Hell'1983
Debut No.1'1983
Hell on Earth'1983
Metal Massacre 4'1983
Metal Battle'1983
Obscure NWoBHM Masterpieces'1984
Death Metal'1984
Evil's Message (split)'1984
Welcome to the Metal Zone'1985
Rave-On Hits Hard'1985
Metal Attack vol. 1'1985
X-Mas Project'1985
German Metal Tracks No. 4'1986
Speed Kills 2'1986
Power Chords vol. 1'1987
X-Mas Project'1987
Headbangers Ball, Live on MTV'1987
Rage/Scanner promo'1988
Lethal Noise - A Blade Sample'1988
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1'1988
Kerrang! Video Kompilation 4'1989
3-Way Thrash'1989
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 1 (video)'1989
Hard N' Heavy vol.5 (video)'1989
Killed by Death vol.007'1989
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 2'1989
In Glorious Metalvision'1990
Twisted Metal'1990
Gamma Ray / Lisa Dominique'1990
Grim Tales'1990
Noise's Doomsday News compilations No. 2 (video)'1990
Ich Zahl' Nicht Mehr!'1990
The Best of Metal Decade'1991
Deeper into the Vault'1991
Best of Hard N' Heavy (video)'1991
German Rock Project - Let Love Conquer the World'1991
Thrash the Wall'1991
Extreme Noise'1991
Metal Monday vol. 1'1992
A Dangerous Meeting'1992
Crushed by Love'1992
Power Metal / Only Time Will Tell'1993
Testament - Overkill - Savatage - Split Promo EP'1993
Heavy Metal Collection vol.1'1993
The Long Loud Silence (Astaroth) / Lords of the Crimson Allaince (Lords of the Crimson Allaince)'1993
Hard 'n Heavy Rarities - Collectors Series vol. 13'1993
Heavy Metal Collection vol.2'1993
10 Metal Stars 2'1993
Melodic Metal Strikes Back!!!'1993
Pure Metal No. 1'1993
Heavy Metal Collection vol.3'1993
Oracle / Excalibur (Oracle / The Bitter End)'1993
Eyes of Time'1994
Power of Metal'1994
Power of Metal (video)'1994
Pure Metal No. 2'1994
G.U.N. Label Sampler / Metal Hammer'1994
Master Volume Project Compilation Series vol. 7'1994
Metal 1 vol. 1'1994
Rock Hard Classix'1994
Pure Metal No. 3'1994
The Resurrection of Metal vol. 1'1994
The Best of Master Volume Project'1994
Metal 1 vol. 2'1995
Rare, Heavy & New'1995
The Finest of Hard-Rock, vol. 2'1995
Satyricon - The Forest Is My Throne / Enslaved - Yggdrasill'1995
In Your Face'1995
Pure Noise'1995
X-Mas Project'1995
Pure Metal No. 4'1995
A Tribute to Pink Floyd - The Moon Revisited'1995
Silent Crying'1995
Off Road Tracks vol.2'1996
Youth Gone Wild: Heavy Metal Hits of the '80s, vol. 2'1996
12 Years in Noise. Metal & Beyond'1996
Piercing Your Mind'1996
Dynamit vol.3'1996
Metal Eruption'1996
A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 1'1996
Working Man - Rush Tribute'1996
Silent Crying vol.2'1996
A Tribute to Judas Priest vol. 2'1996
Hard Roxx Taster vol. 1'1996
The Nurnberg Dolphin Orchestra'1997
Hard Roxx Taster vol. 2'1997
Dynamit vol.5'1997
Awakening, Females in Extreme Music'1997
Dynamit vol.7'1997
Metalmeister vol.2'1997
Dynamit vol.8'1997
Gods of Noises'1997
Pure Metal No. 8'1997
Dynamit vol.9'1997
Hard Roxx Taster vol. 3'1997
10 Years Nuclear Blast'1997
Taste the Blade - 15 Years of Metal Blade Records'1997
Metal 1 vol. 3'1997
Great Unlimited Noises'1997
GUN the Videos 1997'1997
A Tribute to Judas Priest (US)'1997
X-Mas Project'1997
Metal Blade Records - 15th Anniversary'1997
Metal 1 Ballad vol.2'1997
Stahlmaster collection vol.2'1997
Rock & Metal Factory'1997
Knuckle Tracks V'1997
Bloodstains Across Denmark'1997
Magna Carta Label Sampler'1998
The Finest of Hard-Rock, vol. 4'1998
Dynamit vol.10'1998
Off Road Tracks vol.8'1998
Hard Rock No. 15'1998
Off Road Tracks vol.9'1998
Hansen Out in France'1998
Knuckle Tracks VIII'1998
Metalmeister vol.3'1998
Dynamit vol.13'1998
Powerquest - The Awakening'1998
Stahlmaster collection vol.3'1998
Off Road Tracks vol.12'1998
News from Nuclear Blast vol.1'1998
Off Road Tracks vol.13'1998
Metalliliitto 2'1998
Dynamit vol.14'1998
Hard Rock No. 17'1998
The Year of the Tiger'1998
Springtime in Belsen'1998
Hard Rock No. 21'1998
Die Herzensbrecher - Seid Glücklich Und Mehret Euch!'1998
Metal Dreams vol.1'1998
A Tribute to Iron Maiden - A Call to Irons'1998
Let There Be Rock'1998
Metal Millenium'1998
HellDorado II'1998
Metal Detector 2'1998
Metal 1 vol. 4'1998
Power of Metal. 2nd Attack'1998
Hard Rock No. 23'1998
Heavy Metal Rendez Vous'1998
KnuckleTracks XIV'1999
A Tribute to ABBA'1999
Evil (Evil's Message) / Sortilege (Sortilege)'1999
Planet Metal vol. 3'1999
A Tribute to Demon - Day of the Demon'1999
Crimson Glory / Parish demos'1999
As We Die for... Paradise Lost'1999
A Tribute to Alice Cooper'1999
Dynamit vol.15'1999
KnuckleTracks XVIII'1999
Death ...Is Just the Beginning V'1999
Dynamit vol.17'1999
Off Road Tracks vol.21'1999
Best of Wacken Open Air'1999
A Tribute to the Voice of Metal: Ronnie James Dio'1999
Planet Metal vol. 5'1999
Dynamit vol.18'1999
Identity 5: I Defy'1999
Dynamit vol.19'1999
Maiden America: Iron Maiden Tribute & American Metal Compilation'1999
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series vol. 18'1999
Off Road Tracks vol.23'1999
A Tribute to Judas Priest - Hell Bent for Metal'1999
A Tribute to Accept vol. 1'1999
A Tribute to Dream Theater'1999
Metal 1 vol. 5'1999
Metallic Era vol. II'1999
Off Road Tracks vol.24'1999
Stahlmaster collection vol.4'1999
Off Road Tracks vol.25'1999
A Tribute to Aerosmith'1999
King Diamond / Mercyful Fate. The Videos'2000
KnuckleTracks XXI'2000
Devil's Path / In the Shades of Life'2000
Aiming High - King of the Iron / Burning in Hell - World of Illusion'2000
Dynamit vol.20'2000
NTS Compilation Promo No.2'2000
Stratovarius And Rhapsody at Works'2000
KnuckleTracks XXIII'2000
Dehumanized Witch'2000
Off Road Tracks vol.29'2000
Rock Machina 2000'2000
Metal Dreams vol.2'2000
Knuckle Tracks XXIV'2000
A Tribute to Helloween'2000
Tales from the Crypt: Monsters of Metal'2000
A Tribute to Iron Maiden - Slave to the Power'2000
KnuckleTracks XXVIII'2000
A Tribute to Savatage - Return of the Mountain King'2000
Enred compilation vol.1'2000
Warning: Minds of Raging Empires - A Tribute to Queensryche'2000
Ave Cesar - La Insidia'2000
Unholy Cross No.10'2000
Death ...Is Just the Beginning VI'2000
A Tribute to Pink Floyd'2000
A Tribute to The Scorpions'2000
The Metal Merchant vol.11'2000
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series vol. 24'2000
Rockhard 11'2000
Soundi 2001'2000
Knuckle Tracks XXIX'2000
A Tribute to Uriah Heep'2001
Knuckle Tracks XXX'2001
NTS Compilation Promo No.9'2001
Death ...Is Just the Beginning VI (DVD)'2001
Dynamit vol.25'2001
Knuckle Tracks XXXI'2001
Knuckle Tracks XXXIV'2001
Power of Metal vol. 3: Symphonies of Steel'2001
KnuckleTracks XXXVII'2001
Metal Dreams vol.3'2001
Metal Warriors Wacken 1999'2001
Wacken 2000 Special Report'2001
A Tribute to Philipp Paris Lynott'2001
Rockhard 9'2001
Wacken Rocks'2001
Rockhard 10'2001
The History of Rock'2001
A Tribute to Jason Becker'2001
Ground Zero'2001
Westcoast Canadian Metal Feast vol. 1'2001
Ave Cesar - La Luz Y la Oscuridad'2001
Conquer with Steel (Double Diamond) / Armaggedon Come (After All)'2001
German Rock Stars - Wings of Freedom'2001
Ave Cesar - El Jardin de las Delicias'2001
Ave Cesar - La Subasta'2001
A Tribute To Accept vol. II'2001
Sonic Residue from Vapourspace'2001
Metal Rocks'2001
Irond compilation'2002
Rockhard 3'2002
A Tribute to Iron Maiden'2002
KnuckleTracks XXXVIII'2002
Rockhard 5'2002
Metalmeister DVD vol.1'2002
Metal Attitude'2002
KnuckleTracks XXXIX'2002
News from Dr. Blast vol.7'2002
Heavy Metal Rebellion (DVD)'2002
The Metal Years: Power Metal'2002
The Metal Years: Progressive Metal'2002
Busan International Rock Festival'2002
Metal Dreams vol.4'2002
Rock the Bones'2002
Heavy Metal Rebellion'2002
Knuckle Tracks XL'2002
Procession of Power'2002
Metal Warriors'2002
Limb Promo CD vol.3'2002
Knuckle Tracks XLI'2002
News from Dr. Blast vol.8'2002
A Tribute to Manowar - Revenge of ...'2002
KnuckleTracks XLII'2002
Knuckle Tracks XLIII'2002
A Tribute to Led Zeppelin'2002
Metal Blade 20th Anniversary Box Set'2002
Spinefarm Metal'2002
Dynamit vol.34'2002
Knuckle Tracks XLVI'2002
Hail to the Stonehenge Gods - A Tribute to Black Sabbath'2002
Tales from the Underworld - A Tribute to Blind Guardian'2002
Melody & Power'2002
A Tribute to Helloween / The Keepers of Jericho II'2002
Carnival of Chaos!'2002
A Tribute to Judas Priest - A Tribute to the Priest'2002
Hearts of Metal'2002
Heroes of Steel'2002
A Tribute to Metallica'2002
A New Generation of Rock'2002
Lords of Chaos'2002
Death ...Is Just the Beginning VII'2002
A Tribute to Kiss'2003
A Tribute to Thin Lizzy'2003
Knuckle Tracks 49'2003
Still Alive - Metal Ballads 1980-95'2003
Metal Dreams vol.5'2003
Stratovarius / Thunderstone. Live in London'2003
The Heart of Roadrunner Records'2003
Metal Power vol. 1'2003
20 Years in Noise'2003
Metal by Metal'2003
Beast of Metal'2003
News from Dr. Blast vol.9'2003
Dr. Blast Show'2003
A Tribute to Celtic Frost - Order of the Tyrants'2003
KnuckleTracks LI'2003
A Tribute to Iron Maiden - A Tribute to the Beast vol. 2'2003
Monsters of Metal vol.1'2003
KnuckleTracks LXXIV'2003
KnuckleTracks LXXVI'2003
Mausoleum - The Official 20th Anniversary Concert Album'2003
ZOR compilation'2003
A Tribute to Motorhead - Motomorphosis part 2'2003
A Tribute to Uriah Heep - A Return to Fantasy'2003
Rock Hard Live Mania 2003'2003
The Best of Melodic Rock'2003
Classic Video Collection # 1'2003
The Second Wave'2003
Classic Video Collection # 2'2004
Louder Than the Dragon'2004
Essential Music Videos: '80s Hard Rock'2004
Visual: Rebellion'2004
Monsters of Metal vol.2'2004
Essential Music Videos: Pop Metal'2004
Evil Lives: a True Metal Tribute to Black Sabbath'2004
Armageddon Over Wacken 2003'2004
Knuckle Tracks LXXXI'2004
The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi Hendrix Revisited vol. 1'2004
Muerte al Falso Metal - Tributo Argentino a Manowar'2004
New Found Power'2004
Knuckle Tracks 82'2004
The Spirit Lives On - The Music of Jimi Hendrix Revisited vol. 2'2004
Rock Station Compilation 3'2004
French Seel'2004
Visual Rebellion 2'2004
Monsters of Metal vol.3'2004
A Tribute to Metallica - Metal Militia'2004
Kabbala sampler disk 10'2004
A Tribute to the Glory of '80s Metal'2004
Subdivisions: a Tribute to Rush'2005
Cover It Up vol. 1'2005
Holysin #4 Compilation 2'2005
Eagleunion - a Tribute to Saxon'2005
Roadrunner United - The All-Star Sessions'2005
Monsters of Metal vol.4'2005
Rough Diamonds - A Tribute to Running Wild'2005
Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004'2005
The Revivalry - A Tribute to Running Wild'2005
Suoni da un Altro Pianeta vol. 1'2005
Metalmania 2005'2006
Iron Clad / Lion's Pride - For Folk And Land / Fortress Europe'2006
Rock S'Cool - A Spanking Good Clip Collection'2006
Full Metal Garage - The Songs That Drove Metallica'2006
Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2005'2006
Al Sur del Abismo - Tributo Argentino a Slayer'2006
Magna Carta 2006 sampler'2006
A Tribute to Immortal'2006
Heavy Naples Live 2007'2007
Bang Your Head!!! 2006'2007
Nuclear Blast Allstars - Into the Light'2007
Guitar Greats volume 1'2007
A Tribute to Tankard'2007
Metallic Emptions'2007
Misanthropica Enterprises - Teaser volume I'2007
Heavy Metal Box'2007
Rock S'Cool Vol. II'2007
All for Metal'2007
20 Years of Nuclear Blast (DVD)'2007
20 Years of Nuclear Blast (CD)'2007
The Heroes of Glam And Heavy Metal vol.1'2007
Heart Breakers'2007
Tattoed Forever'2008
Held Under / Discovery - Anthology'2008
Tetovo Rocks'2008
Thrash Clash Volume 1'2008
Rock the Bones: vol. VI'2008
Metal & Hard Rock Hammer World HWCD 2008/04'2008
Thrash Clash Volume 2'2008
Power And Glory - The Best Power Metal Hymns vol. 1'2008
Thrash Clash Volume 3'2008
Mir Russkogo Heavy Metal - Ukradeno iz Studii'2008
Getting Crazy'2008
We Wish a Metal Xmas And a Headbanging New Year'2008
Long Live Metal'2008
Tribute to Steel - a Tribute to Warlock'2008
Let the Hammer Fall vol. 71'2008
Rock S'Cool vol. III'2008
Defenders of the Faith vol.1'2008
Thrash Clash Volume 4'2008
Roadrunner United the Concert'2008
Guitars That Ate My Brain'2009
Outbreak of Metal vol. 1'2009
Heavy Metal Killers'2009
Outbreak of Metal vol. 2'2009
A Tribute to Running Wild - ReUnation'2009
SPV - 25 & Alive'2009
Monsters of Metal vol.7'2009
Metal Chaos Around the World'2010
A Fistful of Metal - Free Label Sampler'2010
Metallic Dawning'2010
Remedy Records - Promo Sampler vol. 4'2010
Power Ballads vol. 1'2010
Mir Russkogo Heavy Metal - Ukradeno iz Studii 2'2010
Metal Hymns, vol. 1'2010
Nuclear Blast Clips vol.1'2011
The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner / Bring Them to Light'2011
2 Way Split Thrashera & Galope Mortal'2011
15 Years - Metal Addiction'2011
10 Let v Seti'2011
Help! For Japan'2012
Monsters of Metal vol. 8'2012
Australis Records Promotional Disc 2013'2013
The Devil Strikes Again / Second to None'2016
Inside My Crosshairs / Warmongers'2016
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