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March 21st, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists A: 479

Aaron, Lee (Canada)
AB-CD (Sweden)
Abadon (Ecuador)
Abandoned (Germany)
Abattoir (US)
Abighor (Italy)
Abigor (Austria)
Abordazh (Russia)
Abrasion (Brazil)
Abraxas (Germany)
Abrin (Russia)
Abrogation (Germany)
Abruptum (Sweden)
Abscess (US)
Absolute (Germany)
Absolute Power (UK)
Absolute Steel (Norway)
Abstrakt Algebra (Sweden)
Absu (US)
Absurd (Sweden)
Abused Majesty (Poland)
Abuser (Italy)
Abydos (Germany)
Abyss (Spain)
Abyss, The (Sweden)
AC-DC (Australia)
Acacia Strain, The (US)
Accept (Germany)
Accomplice (US)
Accuracy (Germany)
Accuser (Germany)
Ace the Raven (US)
Achard, Cyril (France)
Acheron (US)
Acid (Belgium)
Acid Reign (UK)
Aclla (Brazil)
Acrimony (UK)
Acrimony (Turkey)
Acron (Italy)
Acrosstorm (Chile)
Acrostichon (The Netherlands)
Act of Defiance (US)
Activator (Russia)
Adagio (France)
Adagium (Argentina)
Adamant (Russia)
Adamanter (Italy)
Adamantra (Finland)
Adams, S.A. (US)
Adastra (Finland)
Addict (US)
Adem (Ukraine)
Adgar (Spain)
Adiastasia (Brazil)
Adolf Castle (Russia)
Adramelch (Italy)
Adrenalin Kick (UK)
Adrenaline Mob (US)
Adrenicide (UK)
Adrian (Germany)
Advocate (US)
ADX (France)
Aedra (Russia)
Aegirson (France)
Aella (Russia)
Aemerald (Italy)
Aethra (Mexico)
Aevum (Peru)
Afer Ventus (Italy)
Affector (international)
Afflicted (Sweden)
After All (Belgium)
After Forever (The Netherlands)
After Omega (Puerto Rico)
Aftermath (US)
Aftermath (US)
Afterworld (Finland)
Agankast (UK)
Agartha (France)
Agathodaimon (Germany)
Agatta (Brazil)
Age of Artemis (Brazil)
Age of Nemesis (Hungary)
Age of Rebellion (Germany)
Age of Silence (Norway)
Agent Metal (France)
Agent Steel (US)
Agents of Rock (Germany)
Aggression (Canada)
Aggression (Spain)
Aggression A.D. (Canada)
Aghora (US)
Agmen (Czech Republic)
Agnostic Front (US)
Agonizer (Finland)
Agony (Sweden)
Agony Creeps (US)
Agressor (France)
Agro (South Africa)
Ahrcana (Italy)
Ahriman (Italy)
Aillion (Belarus)
Aime, Alain (France)
Aiming High (Japan)
Aina (Germany)
Air Force (US)
Air Raid (Sweden)
Airborn (Italy)
Airdash (Finland)
Airged Lamh (Greece)
Airwolf (Germany)
Akashic (Brazil)
Akela (Hungary)
Akercocke (UK)
Akilla (US)
Akilles (Sweden)
Akphaezya (France)
Alabama Thunder Pussy (US)
Alaska (UK)
Alaska Fire (Germany)
Alastis (Switzerland)
Albatrhoz (Mexico)
Albert Carey Project (US)
Albion (Russia)
Alcatrazz (US)
Alchemist (Australia)
Alchemy X (US)
Alchil (Italy)
Alcoholic Force (Colombia)
Alegory (Argentina)
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Wild (US)
Alekseevskaya Ploschad (Russia)
Alestorm (UK)
Alex Parche Project (Germany)
Alex Skolnick Trio (US)
Alexis (Chile)
Alfie, Carina (Argentina)
Alghazanth (Finland)
Alias Eye (Germany)
Alice Cooper (US)
Alien Force (Denmark)
Alien on My Mind (Germany)
Alkana, Danney (US)
Alkasar (Russia)
Alkemyst (France)
All Ends (Sweden)
All Kinds of Problems (US)
All Shall Perish (US)
All That Remains (US)
All the Usual Suspects
Allegro (Brazil)
Allen, Russel - Lande, Jorn (international)
Allergie, Die (Germany)
Alligator Dave (US)
Alloy (US)
Alltheniko (Italy)
Almafuerte (Argentina)
Almah (Brazil)
Almanac (international)
Almas Militares (Mexico)
Almora (Turkey)
Alpha Tiger (Germany)
Alsion (Germany)
Alta Densidad (Chile)
Alta Tensao (Brazil)
Altair (Italy)
Altar (Costa Rica)
Altar Boys (US)
Altaria (Finland)
Altars of Destruction (Finland)
Altura (US)
Alvacast (Uruguay)
Alves, Rodrigo (Brazil)
Alyson Hell (Germany)
Am I Blood (Finland)
Amadeus (Ukraine)
Amalteya (Russia)
Amaran (Sweden)
Amaran's Plight (US)
Amartia (France)
Amaseffer (Israel)
Amazon (Denmark)
Ambassador (Germany)
Amberian Dawn (Finland)
Ambition (The Netherlands)
Amen (Switzerland)
Amenta, The (Australia)
Amethyst (Canada)
Amon (Russia)
Amon Amarth (Sweden)
Amorphis (Finland)
Amplifier (UK)
Amulance (US)
Amun Re (Austria)
Anacrusis (US)
Anarion (Australia)
Anathema (UK)
Anathema (Italy)
Ancestral (Italy)
Ancient (Norway)
Ancient Bards (Italy)
Ancient Ceremony (Germany)
Ancient Cross (US)
Ancient Dome (Italy)
Ancient Rites (Belgium)
Ancient Wisdom (Sweden)
Ancient Wyrm (Italy)
And Oceans (Finland)
Andem (Russia)
Andersen, Andre (Denmark)
Andersen, Andre - Laine, Paul - Readman, David (international)
Anderson, Steven (Sweden)
Andersson, Richard (Sweden)
Andi Deris And the Bad Bankers (Germany)
Andralls (Brazil)
Andrew W.K. (US)
Andromeda (Peru)
Andromeda (Guatemala)
Andromeda (Sweden)
Andy & the Traceelords (Germany)
Andy Boy (Brazil)
Anekdoten (Sweden)
Anesthesia (Germany)
Aneurysm (Italy)
Angband (Iran)
Angel Corpse (US)
Angel Dust (Germany)
Angel of Eden (Switzerland)
Angel Witch (UK)
Angelcrypt (Malta)
Angelica (Canada)
Angelknight (Greece)
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel) (Germany)
Angels Fall (Italy)
Angels Grace (Italy)
Angelus Apatrida (Spain)
Angeluz (Chile)
Angizia (Austria)
Angra (Brazil)
Angry Angels (Austria)
Anguish (Germany)
Anguish Force (Italy)
Angus (The Netherlands)
Animal (US)
ANJ (Russia)
Ankhara (Spain)
Annathema (Serbia)
Annihilator (Canada)
Antacid (Malaysia)
Anthem (Japan)
Anthem (Germany)
Anthenora (Italy)
Anthony (The Netherlands)
Anthrax (US)
Anthriel (Finland)
Anthropia (France)
Anti-Nowhere League (UK)
Antichrisis (Germany)
Antidote (Finland)
Antikira (Russia)
Antimatter (UK)
Antitese (Brazil)
Antithesis (US)
Antonini, Eddy (Italy)
Anvil (Canada)
Anvil Bitch (US)
Apart (Denmark)
Apartment 26 (UK)
Aphasia (Canada)
Apoc Death (US)
Apocalipsis (Mexico)
Apocalypse (Serbia)
Apocalypse (Switzerland)
Apocalyptica (Finland)
Apocrypha (US)
Apokalipsis (Russia)
Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die (Germany)
Apollo Ra (US)
Apollyon Sun (Switzerland)
Apologist (Japan)
Apoplexy (Turkey)
Apostle (US)
Apostles (US)
Apotheosis (Germany)
Appearance of Nothing (Switzerland)
Aquaria (Brazil)
Aquarius, The (Russia)
Arabesque (The Netherlands)
Arachnes (Italy)
Aradin Azun (Turkey)
Aragon (Germany)
Arakain (Czech Republic)
Arc Angels (US)
Arcade (US)
Arcadia (Japan)
Arcana XXII (Namibia)
Arcanum (Switzerland)
Arch - Matheos (US)
Arch Enemy (Sweden)
Arch Nemesis (Norway)
Arch Rival (US)
Arch, John (US)
Archetype (US)
Archie Bunker (US)
Architects (UK)
Architects of Chaoz (Germany)
Archontes (Russia)
Archtype (Brazil)
Arctic Flame (US)
Arcturus (Norway)
Arda (Russia)
Arena (UK)
Ares (Russia)
Argenthea (Italy)
Arghon (Brazil)
Argile (France)
Argos (Mexico)
Argument Soul (Japan)
Arida Vortex (Russia)
Arion (Finland)
Ariya (Russia)
Ark Storm (Japan)
Ark, The (Norway)
Arkayic Revolt (Canada)
Arkham Witch (UK)
Arktida (Russia)
Armada, The (Germany)
Armagedda (Sweden)
Armageddon (Cyprus)
Armageddon (Yugoslavia)
Armed Death (Greece)
Armed Force (US)
Armed Forces (US)
Armed Forces (US)
Armored Saint (US)
Armory (US)
Arrest (Germany)
Arrival (Finland)
Arrow, The (Russia)
Arruga, Lorenzo - Lombardo, Dave And Friends (US)
Arryan Path (Cyprus)
Arsenic (France)
Arsis (US)
Art Cinema (Denmark)
Artas (Austria)
Artch (Norway)
Artemisia (Italy)
Artension (US)
Arteriya (Russia)
Arthemis (Italy)
Artical (Greece)
Artillery (Denmark)
Artisan (US)
Artizan (US)
Artlantica (international)
Artrosis (Poland)
Artsonic (France)
Arwen (Spain)
Asaian (Germany)
Asaru (Germany)
Ascension (UK)
Asferix (Russia)
Asgard (Germany)
Asgard (The Netherlands)
Ash Inheritance (Germany)
Ashbury (US)
Ashbury Faith (Belgium)
Ashen Light (Russia)
Ashent (Italy)
Ashes of Ares (US)
Ashes to Ashes (Norway)
Ashes to Ashes (US)
Ashes You Leave (Croatia)
Asia (UK)
Asinesia (Argentina)
Aska (US)
Asking Alexandria (UK)
Asmegin (Norway)
Aspera (Norway)
Asperity (Sweden)
Asphyxia (Belgium)
Aspid (Russia)
Aspire (US)
Assailant (Sweden)
Assailant (Sweden)
Assassin (Germany)
Assassin (US)
Assault (Canada)
Assedium (Italy)
Assignment (Germany)
Astaroth (Italy)
Astarte (Greece)
Asterius (Germany)
Astral Domine (Italy)
Astral Doors (Sweden)
Astronomikon (Cyprus)
Asylum (UK)
Asylum Pyre (France)
At the Gates (Sweden)
At Vance (Germany)
Ataraxia (Italy)
Atavica (Argentina)
Atheist (US)
Athena (Italy)
Athlantis (Italy)
Athorn (Germany)
Atkins - May Project (UK)
Atkins, Al (UK)
Atlain (Germany)
Atland (Spain)
Atlantida (Brazil)
Atlantis Rising (US)
Atmosfear (Germany)
Atomic Rooster (UK)
Atomic Soul (US)
Atomic Tornado (Japan)
Atomkraft (UK)
Atrocity (Germany)
Atrophy (US)
Atrox (Norway)
Attack (Germany)
Attack Attack! (US)
Attacker (US)
Attention Deficit (US)
Attick Demons (Portugal)
Attika (US)
Attila (US)
Attila (The Netherlands)
Auberon (Sweden)
Audiopain (Norway)
Audiovision (Sweden)
August Redmoon (US)
Aura (Italy)
Aurion (Italy)
Auron (Russia)
Aurora Borealis (US)
Autumn Silence (US)
Autumn Tears (US)
Autumnblaze (Germany)
Auvernia (Argentina)
Avalanch (Spain)
Avalanche (Germany)
Avalanche (UK)
Avalon (Germany)
Avalon (Finland)
Avalon (Japan)
Avanish (Germany)
Avantasia (Germany)
Avantgard (Brazil)
Avatar (US)
Avenger (Germany)
Avenger (UK)
Avernal (Argentina)
Avgust (Russia)
Avian (US)
Aviation (Sweden)
Awacks (France)
Awad, Amadeus (Lebanon)
Awake (UK)
Axe la Chapelle (Germany)
Axehammer (US)
Axemaster (US)
Axenstar (Finland)
Axevyper (Italy)
Axon IV (UK)
Axxis (Germany)
Axya (Brazil)
Ayreon (The Netherlands)
Azazello (Russia)
Azeroth (Argentina)
Azoria (Sweden)
Azotic Reign (Sweden)
Azrael (Spain)
Azrael (Japan)
Azrael's Bane (US)
Aztec Jade (US)

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