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April 21st, 2019
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Bands B

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists B: 312

Babylon Mystery Orchestra (US)
Babylon Whores (Finland)
Bach, Sebastian (US)
Back Sabbath (Canada)
Backslash (Germany)
Bad English (US)
Bad Influence (Germany)
Bad Karma (US)
Bad Lizard (Belgium)
Badlands (US)
Baena, Tony (Spain)
Bagira (Russia)
Bailey (UK)
Bajel (Spain)
Baker, Ginger (US)
Bal-Sagoth (UK)
Balance of Power (UK)
Balflare (Japan)
Balistik Kick (US)
Ballistic (US)
Balrog (Italy)
Baltimoore (Sweden)
Bane of Winterstorm (Australia)
Bangalore Choir (US)
Bangin' Moon (US)
Bankhead (US)
Banshee (US)
Baphomet (Germany)
Baphomet (US)
Barathrum (Finland)
Barilari (Argentina)
Baron Blade (Slovakia)
Baron Rojo (Spain)
Barque of Dante, The (China)
Barsoom (Russia)
Bassinvaders (Germany)
Bastion Sud'by (Russia)
Batcastle (US)
Bathory (Sweden)
Batio, Michael Angelo (US)
Baton Rouge (US)
Batten, Jennifer (US)
Battering Ram (Belgium)
Battle Beast (Finland)
Battle Bratt (US)
Battle Ram (Italy)
Battleaxe (UK)
Battlecross (US)
Battlefield (Germany)
Battleheart (The Netherlands)
Battlelore (Finland)
Battlerage (Chile)
Battleroar (Greece)
Baumgartner, Ken (US)
Bay Laurel (Sweden)
Bayan (Italy)
Beach, Reb (US)
Beast in Black (Finland)
Beast, The (US)
Beatles, The (UK)
Beau Nasty (US)
Beausoleil, Bobby (US)
Beautiful Sin (Norway)
Beck, Jeff (UK)
Becker, Jason (US)
Bee Gees (UK)
Bee, Johnny (US)
Before Eden (Brazil)
Behemoth (Poland)
Beholder (Italy)
Bejelit (Italy)
Belica (Brazil)
Belladonna (US)
Belphegor (Austria)
Beltz, Luther (UK)
Ben Granfelt Band (Finland)
Bendover (Finland)
Benediction (UK)
Benedictum (US)
Bercedes Menz (Norway)
Bereg Neba (Ukraine)
Berenice (Japan)
Berg, Rene (UK)
Berkut, Artur (Russia)
Berry, Robert (US)
Berserker (Italy)
Berzerker (Australia)
Beseech (Sweden)
Bethzaida (Norway)
Betoken (Italy)
Betray My Secrets (Germany)
Betrayer (Canada)
Betzefer (Israel)
Bewitched (Sweden)
Beyond Fear (US)
Beyond Reality (US)
Beyond the Embrace (US)
Beyond the Flesh (US)
Beyond the Grave (Brazil)
Beyond Twilight (Denmark)
Beyonders (France)
Bibleblack (Sweden)
Bif Naked (Canada)
Big Ball (Germany)
Big Cock (US)
Big Heat (Austria)
Big Iron (US)
Big Mouth (US)
Bill-Town Kids (Germany)
Billionaires Boys Club (Sweden)
Bio-Cancer (Greece)
Biohazard (US)
Biomechanical (UK)
Biscaya (Sweden)
Biss (Germany)
Bitch (US)
Bitches Sin (UK)
Bitter End (US)
Black Abyss (Germany)
Black Coffee (Russia)
Black Crowes, The (US)
Black Dahlia Murder, The (US)
Black Destiny (Germany)
Black Fate (Greece)
Black Fate (Germany)
Black Hawk (Germany)
Black Head (Germany)
Black Jester (Italy)
Black Knight (Canada)
Black Label Society (US)
Black League, The (Finland)
Black Led (Canada)
Black Majesty (Australia)
Black Messiah (Germany)
Black Obelisk (Russia)
Black Rain (France)
Black Rain (Canada)
Black Rose (Denmark)
Black Rose (Sweden)
Black Rose (UK)
Black Sabbath (UK)
Black Saint
Black Steel (Australia)
Black Succubi (Denmark)
Black Swan (Italy)
Black Symphony, The (US)
Black Tears (Germany)
Black Widow (UK)
Black Widow (US)
Blackend (Germany)
Blackened (Germany)
Blackeyed Susan (US)
Blacklace (US)
Blackmore's Kingdom
Blackmore's Night (UK)
Blackmore, J.R. (Germany)
Blackshine (Sweden)
Blacksmith (Sweden)
Blacksmith (US)
Blackstar (UK)
Blackthorne (US)
Blackwelder (international)
Blade of Spirit (Greece)
Blakk Totem (Sweden)
Blanc Faces (US)
Blasdead (Japan)
Blasthrash (Brazil)
Blaze (UK)
Blazon Stone (Sweden)
Bleed the Sky (US)
Bleeding Through (US)
Blennerhed, Robert (Sweden)
Blessed Death (US)
Blessed Realm (US)
Blezqi Zatsaz (Brazil)
Blind Faith (Japan)
Blind Fury (UK)
Blind Guardian (Germany)
Blind Illusion (US)
Blind Passengers (Germany)
Blind Petition (Austria)
Blind Rover (Russia)
Blinded by Faith (Canada)
Blitzkrieg (UK)
Blockk 16 (US)
Bloden-Wedd (Chile)
Blodwen (Indonesia)
Blonz (US)
Blood Divine, The (UK)
Blood Exile (Mexico)
Blood Feast (US)
Blood Thirsty Demons (Italy)
Blood Tsunami (Norway)
Bloodbath (Sweden)
Bloodbound (Sweden)
Bloodgood (US)
Bloodlust (US)
Bloodsessions (The Netherlands)
Bloodshoteye (Canada)
Bloodstained (Greece)
Bloodthorn (Norway)
Bloody Herald (Italy)
Bloody Six (Switzerland)
Bludgeon (US)
Blue Cheer (US)
Blue Murder (UK)
Blue Oyster Cult (US)
Blue Season, The (Germany)
Boals, Mark (US)
Boanerges (Argentina)
Bob Pressner Band, The (US)
Bocci, Ricardo (Brazil)
Bodin, Tomas (Sweden)
Boikot (Spain)
Boiler (US)
Bolt Thrower (UK)
Bomb And Scary (US)
Bombarder (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Bombnation (Canada)
Bon Jovi (US)
Bonded by Blood (US)
Bone Shaker (US)
Bonecracker (Russia)
Bonehouse (Germany)
Bonfire (Germany)
Bonnet, Graham (UK)
Boo-Yaa Tribe (US)
Book of Reflections (Finland)
Booke, Steve (US)
Boomerang (Germany)
Borealis (Canada)
Borelius, Erik (Sweden)
Borknagar (Norway)
Born from Pain (The Netherlands)
Born of Fire (US)
Boslinge, Die (Austria)
Bourbon Street (Germany)
Bowie, David (UK)
Box, Edward (US)
Bozzio Levin Stevens (US)
Brain Dead (Italy)
Brain Drill (US)
Brain Police (Iceland)
Brainfever (Germany)
Brainicide (US)
Brainstorm (Germany)
Brainstorm (Brazil)
Brainstorm (Sweden)
Brand New Sin (US)
Brats, The (Denmark)
Brave (Brazil)
Brazen Abbot (Sweden)
Breaker (US)
Breaker (Germany)
Breakpoint (France)
Breathless (Belgium)
Brecha (Spain)
Briar (UK)
Brick Bath (US)
Brick Mistress (US)
Bride (US)
Bride Adorned (Finland)
Bridge to Solace (Hungary)
Brilien (Czech Republic)
Brimstone (Sweden)
Britny Fox (US)
Brocas Helm (US)
Brodsky, Daniel (US)
Broken Arrow (Italy)
Broken Bones (UK)
Broken Glazz (Italy)
Broken Hope (US)
Broken Melody (Italy)
Bronx Casket Co., The (US)
Brosh, Ethan (US)
Brujeria (Mexico)
Brutal Godz (Germany)
Brutal Hand (US)
Brutal Noise (Argentina)
Brutal Truth (US)
Brutality (US)
Bud Tribe (Italy)
Budgie (UK)
Buffalo (UK)
Bulldog (Sweden)
Bulldozer (Italy)
Bullet (Germany)
Bullet (Sweden)
Bulletboys (US)
Bullheadz, The (Germany)
Bullhorn (Sweden)
Bumblefoot (US)
Burden of Grief (Germany)
Buried in Black (Germany)
Burned in Effigy (US)
Burning Black (Italy)
Burning in Hell (Brazil)
Burning Point (Finland)
Burning Rain (US)
Burning Starr (US)
Burnt by the Sun (US)
Burnt Colonels (Canada)
Burzum (Norway)
Bush, Stan (US)
Butler, Andreas (Germany)
Butterfly Temple (Russia)
Byfist (US)
Byfrost (Norway)
Byrd (US)
Byron Band, The (UK)
Byron, David (UK)

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