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April 19th, 2019
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Bands C

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists C: 331

C.I.A. (US)
C.O.E. (Germany)
C4 (US)
Cabal (Germany)
Cabal (US)
Caceria (Argentina)
Cacophony (US)
Cacumen (Germany)
Cadacross (Finland)
Caesar (Russia)
Caffery, Chris (US)
Cage (US)
Cain's Dinasty (Spain)
Cain's Offering (Finland)
Cairo (US)
Calderone (Germany)
Caliban (US)
Caliban (Germany)
Calibos (Czech Republic)
Callejon (Germany)
Callenish Circle (The Netherlands)
Calvaria (Mexico)
Campese, Mike (US)
Campiglio, Guido (Italy)
Cancer (UK)
Candiria (US)
Candlemass (Sweden)
Cannae (US)
Cannibal Corpse (US)
Cannon (Germany)
Cans (Sweden)
Cantrell, Jerry (US)
Canvas (UK)
Canvas Solaris (US)
Capital Joke (Germany)
Capital Rose (Germany)
Capital Sin (US)
Capricorn (Germany)
Caravan of Souls (Germany)
Carcass (UK)
Carcinoma (Italy)
Cardiant (Finland)
Cardinal Sin (Puerto Rico)
Carjalanpiirakat (Finland)
Carmine (Brazil)
Carnal Forge (Sweden)
Carnarium (Argentina)
Carnica (Brazil)
Carnivore (US)
Carpe Tenebrum (Norway)
Carptree (Sweden)
Carrier Flux (US)
Casablanca (Portugal)
Casanova (Germany)
Casket (Germany)
Cast Away (Germany)
Cast Iron (Finland)
Castillo, Billy (Bolivia)
Castillos de Cristal (Mexico)
Castle Well (Germany)
Casus Belli (Greece)
Catamenia (Finland)
Cataract (Switzerland)
Catastrophic (US)
Catch 22 (US)
Catch the Rainbow (Germany)
Catchin' 22 (Canada)
Catena, Chris (Italy)
Catharsis (Russia)
Cathedral (UK)
Catley, Bob (UK)
Cattle Decapitation (US)
Cauldron (Canada)
Cauldron Born (US)
Cave, Nick (Australia)
Cea Serin (US)
Celestial Ode (Greece)
Celesty (Finland)
Cell Division (Switzerland)
Cellador (US)
Celtic Frost (Switzerland)
Celtic Legacy (Ireland)
Cemetary (Sweden)
Cemetery of Scream (Poland)
Centaur (Germany)
Centers (Germany)
Centinela (Spain)
Centr Tyazhesti (Russia)
Centurion (Italy)
Cephalic Carnage (US)
Cerbero (Brazil)
Cerebus (US)
Ceremonial Embrace (Finland)
Ceremonial Oath (Sweden)
Chain Lightning (UK)
Chainsaw (Germany)
Chainsaw (The Netherlands)
Chalice (Germany)
Channel Zero (Belgium)
Chaos Control (Japan)
Chaos Magic (international)
Chaosstar (Slovenia)
Chaotic Order (US)
Chapter Eleven
Charger (Germany)
Charisma (Germany)
Charn (Germany)
Charnel House (US)
Charon (Finland)
Charon (Germany)
Charred Walls of the Damned (US)
Chased Crime (Germany)
Chasing Violets (France)
Chasm, The (Mexico)
Chastain (US)
Chastain - Harris (US)
Chastain, David (US)
Chateau (Germany)
Chateau Disaster (Germany)
Cheap Trick (US)
Cheaper Than Therapy (Canada)
Chernyshyov - Bulgakov (Russia)
Chess (Argentina)
Children of a Lesser God (Austria)
Children of Bodom (Finland)
Children of Wrath (Germany)
Children, The (Canada)
Chimaera (Germany)
Chimaira (US)
China (Switzerland)
China Beach (UK)
Chinchilla (Germany)
Chlasciak, Mike (US)
Cholane (Germany)
Chown, Kevin (US)
Christian Death (US)
Christian, James (US)
Chroma Key (US)
Chrome Division (Norway)
Chrome Masters (Russia)
Chrome Molly (UK)
Chroming Rose (Germany)
Chronical Diarrhoea (Germany)
Chronology (Hungary)
Chryztyne (Germany)
Chyornyy Angel (Russia)
Chyornyy Kuznets (Russia)
Cidesphere (Turkey)
Cinderella (US)
Cipher (US)
Circle II Circle (US)
Circle of Elements (Germany)
Circle of Pain (Germany)
Circle of Silence (Germany)
Circles of Mind (Mexico)
Circus Maximus (Norway)
Cirith Ungol (US)
Cita (US)
Citadel (Finland)
Citadel (2) (Russia)
Citadel (Russia)
Cities (US)
Citizen Lane (US)
Citron (Czech Republic)
City Nord (Germany)
Civil Defiance (US)
Civil War (Sweden)
Civilian (US)
Civilization One (Germany)
Clairvoyants (Italy)
Clapton, Eric (UK)
Clavion (Brazil)
Clawfinger (Sweden)
Claymore (Serbia)
Claymore, The (Germany)
Clenched Fist (Brazil)
Climatic Terra (Argentina)
Clone (Sweden)
Cloudscape (Sweden)
Cloven Hoof (UK)
CMKY (Italy)
Coal Chamber (US)
Coalesce (US)
Cobra (Germany)
Cobra (US)
Codex, The (Sweden)
Coffin Texts (US)
Coldseed (Germany)
Coldspell (Sweden)
Collage (Poland)
Colloseum (UK)
Colossus (Sweden)
Comecon (Sweden)
Comedy Club (Germany)
Comma (Turkey)
Commandment (US)
Communic (Norway)
Communion (US)
Company of Snakes, The (UK)
Concept (Italy)
Conception (Norway)
Concerto Moon (Japan)
Condition Critical (US)
Condition Red (Finland)
Confessor (UK)
Confessor (US)
Conquest (Sweden)
Conquest (Finland)
Conquest (Ukraine)
Conquest of Steel (UK)
Consortium Project (international)
Conspired Legends (Germany)
Constancia (Sweden)
Contagious (UK)
Contraband (US)
Contradiction (Germany)
Control Denied (US)
Conviction (Sweden)
Cooper, DC (US)
Core Device (US)
Cornerstone (Denmark)
Coroner (Switzerland)
Corrosion of Conformity (US)
Corvus Corax (US)
Corvus Corax (Germany)
Cosmosquad (US)
Count Raven (Sweden)
Courage (Russia)
Couragous (Germany)
Courbois, Barend (The Netherlands)
Coven (US)
Coven, Randy (US)
Coven-Pitrelli-Reilly (US)
Covenant (Norway)
Coverdale Page (UK)
Cowers (France)
Crack of Doom, The (Germany)
Crack Up (Germany)
Cradle of Filth (UK)
Cradle to Grave (Canada)
Cranium (Sweden)
Crank County Daredevils (US)
Crashdiet (Sweden)
Crawler (Italy)
Craydawn (Finland)
Crazy World (Finland)
Creation's End (US)
Creature (Germany)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (US)
Creepin' Death (Italy)
Crematorium (US)
Crematory (Germany)
Cresent (US)
Criminal (Chile)
Crimson Cult (Austria)
Crimson Glory (US)
Crimson Reign (US)
Crimson Wind (Italy)
Crises (Germany)
Crisis (US)
Crisis de Fe (Italy)
Critical Solution (Norway)
Crom (Spain)
Crom (Germany)
Cromwell (Germany)
Cronos (UK)
Cronos Titan (Germany)
Cross Borns (Hungary)
Crossage (Russia)
Crossbones (Spain)
Crossfire (Belgium)
Crossfire (Turkey)
Crossroads (Germany)
Crosswind (Greece)
Crowbar (US)
Crown of Autumn (Italy)
Crown of Glory (Switzerland)
Crown of Thorns (US)
Crown, The (Sweden)
Crowning Glory (UK)
Crownless (Spain)
Crows (Germany)
Crucified Barbara (Sweden)
Cruel (Czech Republic)
Cruel Adiccion (Argentina)
Cruella (US)
Cruise (Russia)
Crusader (Belgium)
Crusader (US)
Crush 40 (US)
Crusher (Ukraine)
Crushing Blow (France)
Cry Wolf (UK)
Cryhavoc (Finland)
Crying Steel (Italy)
Crylord (Poland)
Cryonic (Sweden)
Cryonic Temple (Sweden)
Cryptic Carnage (Germany)
Cryptic Slaughter (US)
Cryptic Visions (US)
Cryptopsy (Canada)
Crystal Age (Sweden)
Crystal Ball (Switzerland)
Crystal Blaze (Finland)
Crystal Castle (Canada)
Crystal Clear (Greece)
Crystal Eyes (Sweden)
Crystal Pride (Sweden)
Crystal Shark (Germany)
Crystal Tears (Greece)
Crystal Viper (Poland)
Crystallion (Germany)
Culprit (US)
Cult Disciples (Sweden)
Cult of the Fox (Sweden)
Cult, The (UK)
Cultus Sanguine (Italy)
Curare (Ecuador)
Custard (Germany)
Cutty Sark (Germany)
Cyan Bloodbane (Spain)
Cyclone (Belgium)
Cyclone Temple (US)
Cydonia (Italy)
Cymoryl (France)
Cynic (US)
Cypher Seer (US)
Cyrcle IX (US)

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