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March 21st, 2019
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Bands D

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists D: 429

D'Priest (US)
D-Age (Germany)
D-Ray (Finland)
D.A.D. (Denmark)
D.I.V. (Russia)
D.I.V.A. (Russia)
D.R.I. (US)
D.V.C. (DVC) (US)
Da Willys (US)
Daddy Dynamite (US)
Daedalus (Italy)
Daemonarch (Portugal)
Dagan (US)
Dagger (Canada)
Dagger (US)
Dagger, The (Sweden)
Dagoth (Mexico)
Dakrua (Italy)
Daksha (Argentina)
Dale, Dick (US)
Dali's Dilemma (US)
Damad (US)
Damage (Brazil)
Damaged (Australia)
Damien (US)
Damien Thorne (US)
Damnation (Argentina)
Damnation Angels (UK)
Damned Nation (Sweden)
Dane, Warrel (US)
Dangel (Brazil)
Danger (Belgium)
Danger (Germany)
Danger Danger (US)
Danger Zone (Denmark)
Danger Zone (Italy)
Dangerous Toys (US)
Dantesco (Puerto Rico)
Danton (Germany)
Danzig (US)
Daphne (US)
Darcloud (Italy)
Dark (Germany)
Dark Age (Germany)
Dark Angel (US)
Dark at Dawn (Germany)
Dark Avenger (Germany)
Dark Avenger (Brazil)
Dark Breed (Germany)
Dark Fate (Germany)
Dark Fortress (Germany)
Dark Funeral (Sweden)
Dark Horizon (Italy)
Dark Illusion (Sweden)
Dark Mirror (US)
Dark Moor (Spain)
Dark Quarterer (Italy)
Dark Rain (Germany)
Dark Reality (Germany)
Dark Side of the Moon (US)
Dark Sky (Germany)
Dark Star (UK)
Dark Suns (Germany)
Dark Tower (Spain)
Dark Tranquillity (Sweden)
Dark Witch (Brazil)
Darkane (Sweden)
Darkest Hour (US)
Darkfire (Italy)
Darking (Italy)
Darkness (Germany)
Darkness Eternal (Canada)
Darkness, Michelle (Germany)
Darkness, The (UK)
Darkology (US)
Darkseed (Germany)
Darkside Symphony (Mexico)
Darksky (Italy)
Darkstar (US)
Darksun (Spain)
Darkthrone (Norway)
Darktribe (France)
Darkwater (Sweden)
Darkwoods My Betrothed (Finland)
Darna (Spain)
Darxon (Germany)
Darzamat (Poland)
Das Ich (Germany)
Das Jungste Gericht & Die Gerechte Strafe
Das Zeichen (Germany)
Dawn of Dreams (Austria)
Dawn of Eternity (Finland)
Dawn of Glory (Sweden)
Dawn of Oblivion (Sweden)
Dawn of Silence (Sweden)
Dawn of Winter (Germany)
Dawnrider (Germany)
Dawnsight (Germany)
Day (Russia)
Daylight Torn (Austria)
Dayne, Taylor (US)
Days of Yore (Canada)
De Ros (Brazil)
Dead by Dawn (Poland)
Dead Head (The Netherlands)
Dead Means Nothing (Germany)
Dead Poetic (US)
Dead Poets Society (Slovakia)
Deadlands (US)
Deadline (Italy)
Deadline (Sweden)
Deadlock (Germany)
Deadly Blessing (US)
Deadly Fate (Brazil)
Deadly Sin (1) (Germany)
Deadly Sin (2) (Germany)
Deadnature (Brazil)
Deadringer (US)
Deadsoul Tribe (US)
Deadxhead (Russia)
Deafening Silence (France)
Dealer (UK)
Deamon (Canada)
Dearly Beheaded (UK)
Death (US)
Death Angel (US)
Death Dealer (Canada)
Death Dealer (US)
Death Or Glory (Italy)
Death Over Threat (Spain)
Death Riders (Italy)
Death SS (Italy)
Death Vomit (Russia)
Deathrow (Germany)
Deathstars (Sweden)
Deathwish (UK)
Deathwitch (Sweden)
Debase (Sweden)
Debauchery (Germany)
Debustrol (Czech Republic)
Deceased (US)
Deceiver (Germany)
December (US)
December 9th (Russia)
December XII (Russia)
Deceptor (Greece)
Decoryah (Finland)
Decoy (international)
Decrepit Birth (US)
Ded Engine (US)
Dedication (Sweden)
Dedringer (UK)
Deep Purple (UK)
Def Leppard (UK)
Defecation (US)
Defender (Germany)
Defender (Sweden)
Defender (The Netherlands)
Defending the Faith (Germany)
Defiant (Ukraine)
Defleshed (Sweden)
Defy (Austria)
Deicide (US)
Deimos (Italy)
Deja Vu (Germany)
Dekapitator (US)
Delany (Germany)
Delight (Poland)
Delirious (Germany)
Delirium Tremens (Germany)
Delpht (Brazil)
Delusive Dream (US)
Dementia (US)
Demolition (Austria)
Demolition Hammer (US)
Demon (UK)
Demon Angels (Italy)
Demon Eyes (France)
Demon Flight (US)
Demon Lord (Hungary)
Demon Pact (UK)
Demon's Whip (Italy)
Demoniac (UK)
Demoniac (Yugoslavia)
Demonic Christ (US)
Demonica (Denmark)
Demons & Wizards (international)
Demons of Dirt (Sweden)
Demons Seed (Germany)
Denander, Tommy (Sweden)
Denial Price (Greece)
Denner - Shermann (Denmark)
Denner, Michael (Denmark)
Denners Trickbag (Denmark)
Dentler, Willi (Germany)
Departure (US)
Depression (Greece)
Depressive Age (Germany)
Der Bote (Germany)
Der Riss (Germany)
Derdian (Italy)
Deris, Andi (Germany)
Dervish (UK)
Desaster (Germany)
Desaster (Italy)
Desdemon (US)
Desdemona (Italy)
Desekrator (Norway)
Desequilibrios (Brazil)
Desert (Israel)
Desert Rain (Germany)
Desert Sin (Austria)
Desolate Ways (Brazil)
Despair (Germany)
Desperado (US)
Desperados (Germany)
Desperation (Germany)
Desspo (Norway)
Destillery (Germany)
Destination's Calling (Germany)
Destinia (Japan)
Destiny (Sweden)
Destiny Calling (Canada)
Destiny Program, The (US)
Destiny's End (US)
Destra (Brazil)
Destroyer (Poland)
Destroyer 666 (Australia)
Destruction (Germany)
Destructor (US)
Destynation (Sweden)
Desultory (Sweden)
Detente (US)
Detest (Sweden)
Dethrone (Finland)
Deti Labirinta (Russia)
Detonator (Ukraine)
Detroit (UK)
Devastacion (Argentina)
Devastate (Colombia)
Devastator (US)
Deviant Remorse (US)
Devil Driver (US)
Devil on Earth (Brazil)
Devil's Day Off (Germany)
Devil's Train (Germany)
Devil'smile (Switzerland)
Devlin (Sweden)
Devyatyy Val (Russia)
Dew-Scented (Germany)
Dezperadoz (Germany)
DGM (Italy)
Di'Anno, Paul (UK)
Diablo (Finland)
Diablo Swing Orchestra (Sweden)
Diabolical Masquerade (Sweden)
Diabolicum (Sweden)
Dial (The Netherlands)
Diamond (Brazil)
Diamond Dust (France)
Diamond Head (UK)
Diamond Plate (US)
Dickinson, Bruce (UK)
Diecast (US)
Dies Irae (Poland)
Dies Ire (Italy)
Diesel Fly (Canada)
Diesel Machine (US)
Diesense (Finland)
Diet of Worms (US)
Digger (Germany)
Digi Wni (US)
Digital Ruin (US)
Dignity (Austria)
Dillinger Escape Plan (US)
Diluvium (Serbia)
Dimension Act (Norway)
Dimension Zero (Sweden)
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's PowerSquad (Ukraine)
Dimmu Borgir (Norway)
Dimple Minds (Germany)
Dio (US)
Dionysus (Sweden)
Dirty Deeds (UK)
Dirty Looks (US)
Dirty Strangers (UK)
Disasterpeace (US)
Disbelief (Germany)
Discharge (UK)
Discovery (US)
Disdain (Sweden)
Disforia (Italy)
Disharmonic Orchestra (Austria)
Disincarnate (US)
Dislocated Planets (US)
Dismal Euphony (Norway)
Dismember (Sweden)
Dissection (Sweden)
Distant Thunder (US)
Distrust (US)
Divine Lust (Portugal)
Divine Regale (US)
Divine Ruins (US)
Divine Symphony (Germany)
Divine: Decay (Finland)
Divinefire (Sweden)
Divinity (Canada)
Divinity (Canada)
Divinus (Germany)
Division (US)
Divul (Russia)
Djizoes (Switzerland)
Djugdish (US)
Doc Eisenhauer (Germany)
Doc Holliday (US)
Doernberg, Ferdy (Germany)
Dofka (US)
Dog Fashion Disco (US)
Dogface (Sweden)
Dogma, The (Italy)
Dogs d'Amour (UK)
Dogs with Jobs (Canada)
Dokken (US)
Dokken, Don (US)
Dol Ammad (Greece)
Dom Vetrov (Russia)
Domain (Germany)
Domine (Italy)
Dominici (US)
Dominio (Argentina)
Dominus Praelii (Brazil)
Don Patrol (Sweden)
Donahue, Tim (US)
Donots (Germany)
Doom Squad (US)
Doomed And Disgusting (Australia)
Doomfoxx (Australia)
Doomsword (Italy)
Doors, The (US)
Doppelbock (Germany)
Dorian Gray (Germany)
Dorn (Germany)
Doro (Germany)
Dose Lethal (Brazil)
Double Action (Germany)
Double Dealer (Japan)
Double Dealer (Canada)
Double Diamond (Belgium)
Down Below (Germany)
Downfall (Finland)
Downhill MC (Switzerland)
Dr. Butcher (US)
Dr. Mastermind (US)
Dr. Rock (Austria)
Dr. Sin (Brazil)
Dracko (Mexico)
Dracma (Brazil)
Draconian (Spain)
Draconian (Sweden)
Dragon Guardian (Japan)
Dragon Lord (Spain)
Dragon's Eye (Poland)
Dragoner (Mexico)
Dragonforce (UK)
Dragonhammer (Italy)
Dragonheart (Brazil)
Dragonlance (Japan)
Dragonland (Sweden)
Dragonne (US)
Dragonsfire (Germany)
Dragonslayer (Spain)
Dragonwyck (US)
Dragony (Austria)
Drakher (Chile)
Drakkar (Italy)
Drakkar (Belgium)
Dreadful Shadows (Germany)
Dreadnox (Brazil)
Dream Child (France)
Dream Devoid (Greece)
Dream Evil (Sweden)
Dream Quest (Canada)
Dream Steel (Italy)
Dream Theater (US)
Dream Tone (Turkey)
Dreamaker (Spain)
Dreamhunter (Italy)
Dreamland (Sweden)
Dreammaster (Argentina)
Dreamquest (Italy)
Dreams of Sanity (Austria)
Dreamscape (Germany)
Dreamsfear (Ireland)
Dreamtale (Finland)
Dreamtide (Germany)
Drearylands (Brazil)
Drecksau (Germany)
Dresden (US)
Drifter (Switzerland)
Drifting Mines (Italy)
Dritte Wahl (Germany)
Drive, She Said (US)
Driven (US)
Driver (US)
Drone (Germany)
Droogies (Germany)
Drop D (Portugal)
Drover, Glen (Canada)
Drowned (Brazil)
Drunken Bastards (Hungary)
DuBrow, Kevin (US)
Duke (Germany)
Dune, The (Germany)
Dunedain (Spain)
Dungeon (Australia)
Dunmore (UK)
Duo Mystica (Germany)
Duskfall (Sweden)
Duskmachine (Germany)
Dust Bolt (Germany)
Dyecrest (Finland)
Dying Fire (Finland)
Dying Tears (France)
Dyluvian (Brazil)
Dyslesia (France)
Dysrhythmia (US)
Dystera (Switzerland)

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