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March 21st, 2019
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Bands F

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists F: 197

F.B.I. (Germany)
F.K.U. (Sweden)
F5 (US)
Face Down (Sweden)
Facelift (Denmark)
Faces of Madness (Brazil)
Factor V (US)
Factory of Art (Germany)
Factory of Dreams (Portugal)
Fading Starlight (Germany)
Fahrenheit (Mexico)
Fahrenheit (Chile)
Fair Warning (Germany)
Fairy Mirror (Japan)
Fairyland (France)
Fairytale (Brazil)
Faith Factor (US)
Faith No More (US)
Faith Or Fear (US)
Faithealer (US)
Faithful Breath (Germany)
Fakkulty (US)
Faktor Straha (Russia)
Falanx (Hungary)
Falaschi, Eduardo (Brazil)
Falcon (Germany)
Falcone, Arthur (Italy)
Falconer (Sweden)
Falkenbach (Germany)
Falkirk (France)
Fallen Angel (Spain)
Fallen Angel (US)
Fallen Angels (Germany)
Fallen Angels (US)
Fallen Skies (UK)
Fallin' Time (Italy)
Falling Angel (Germany)
Falling Dusk (Portugal)
Fanai, Dina (US)
Fantasy Opus (Portugal)
Fantasyy Factoryy (UK)
Fantom (Ukraine)
Far'n'High (France)
Fareed Haque Group, The (US)
Farewell (Greece)
Farmer Boys (Germany)
Fast Eddie Clarke (UK)
Fast Taker (Puerto Rico)
Faster Pussycat (US)
Fastkill (Japan)
Fastway (UK)
Fatal Embrace (Germany)
Fatal Force (Denmark)
Fatal Opera (US)
Fatal Smile (Sweden)
Fatal Violence (US)
Fate (Denmark)
Fate Keeper (Brazil)
Fates Prophecy (Brazil)
Fates Warning (US)
Fatima Hill (Japan)
Faust (Russia)
Faustus (US)
FB1964 (Germany)
Feanor (Argentina)
Fear Factory (US)
Feinstein (US)
Feline Melinda (Italy)
Felony (Switzerland)
Fenris (The Netherlands)
Fenris (2) (Germany)
Ferngully (Germany)
Ferrari, Marc (US)
Ferrigno-Leal-Kuprij (US)
Festering Saliva (Germany)
Fictional Prison (US)
Fifth Angel (US)
Fifth Reason (Sweden)
Fifth Season (UK)
Fight (US)
Fighterlord (Brazil)
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (Portugal)
Filter (US)
Filthy Asses (Finland)
Final Breath (Germany)
Final Chapter (Germany)
Final Cry (Germany)
Fingernails (Italy)
Finntroll (Finland)
Fire Trails (Italy)
Fireball Ministry (US)
Firebox (Brazil)
Firecracker (Sweden)
Fireforce (Belgium)
Firehouse (US)
Fireland (Chile)
Fires of Babylon (US)
Firesign (Brazil)
Firewind (Greece)
Firewolfe (US)
Firkins, Michael Lee (US)
First Aid (Russia)
Fisc (France)
Fischel's Beast (US)
Fist (UK)
Fjoergyn (Germany)
Flame (US)
Flaming Anger (Germany)
Flash of Aggression (Russia)
Flashback of Anger (Italy)
Flaw (US)
Flegma (Sweden)
Fleischman, Robert (US)
Flesh And Blood (US)
Fleshcrawl (Germany)
Fleshgod Apocalypse (Italy)
Floating Widget (Canada)
Flotsam & Jetsam (US)
Flower Kings, The (Sweden)
Flowing Tears (Germany)
Flying Circus (Germany)
Flying Skull (Germany)
Fogalord (Italy)
Fogerty, John (US)
Forbidden (US)
Force Majeure (Finland)
Force Majeure (Denmark)
Force of Evil (Denmark)
Forced Entry (US)
Ford, Lita (US)
Foreigner (US)
Foreseen (US)
Foreskin 500 (US)
Forever Say Die! (US)
Forgotten Realm (US)
Forgotten Suns (Portugal)
Forgotten Tales (Canada)
Form (The Netherlands)
Formula 1 (Russia)
Forsaken (Sweden)
Forsaken, The (Malta)
Forsazh (Russia)
Forte (US)
Fortune (Sweden)
Four Ways (Spain)
Fozzy (US)
Fragen zur Zeit (Germany)
Fragile Vastness (Greece)
Frameshift (US)
Frampton, Peter (UK)
Frank, Herman (Germany)
Fraternity (Australia)
Freak Kitchen (Sweden)
Freak of Nature (US)
Freakeys (Brazil)
Freaknation (US)
Frederiksen - Phillips (US)
Fredianelli, Tony (US)
Freebase (UK)
Freedom Call (Germany)
Freefall (Sweden)
Freefall (UK)
Freehand (Brazil)
Freezeebee (Germany)
Frehley, Ace (US)
Frequency (Sweden)
Freternia (Sweden)
Friedman, Debbie (US)
Friedman, Marty (US)
From Beyond (Germany)
From the Inside (Australia)
From Thy Ashes (Germany)
Front (Russia)
Front Line Assembly (Canada)
Frontears (Germany)
Frontline (Germany)
Frost Bite (US)
Frost, Jack (US)
Frozen Cross (China)
Frozen Fire (Brazil)
Frozen Sun (The Netherlands)
Frozen Tears (Italy)
Fry, Kurt (US)
Fuga (Colombia)
Full Circle (US)
Full Strike (Sweden)
Fun da Mental (UK)
Funeral Fog (Canada)
Funeral Nation (US)
Funeris Nocturnum (Finland)
Furious Trauma (Denmark)
Fury (Australia)
Fury I Hide, The (Mexico)
Fury of Five (US)
Furyon (UK)
Future Tense (The Netherlands)
Fyredogs (Germany)

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