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March 21st, 2019
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Bands G

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists G: 182

G, Luca (Italy)
G, Tracy (US)
G-Reizzt (Germany)
G., Mike (Greece)
G.B.H. (UK)
G3 (US)
Gae Bolg (France)
Gaia Epicus (Norway)
Gaias Pendulum (Colombia)
Gaina (Russia)
Gaisen March (Japan)
Galactic Cowboys (US)
Galadriel (Slovakia)
Galathea (Russia)
Galaxy (Russia)
Galderia (France)
Gallego, Jose Juan (Spain)
Galloglass (Germany)
Gallows Pole (Germany)
Gallows Pole (Austria)
Galneryus (Japan)
Galope Mortal (Panama)
Gama Bomb (UK)
Game Over (Italy)
Gamma Ray (Germany)
Gammacide (US)
Gandalf (Finland)
Gang Green (US)
Gang Loco (Germany)
Garcia & Garcia (Brazil)
Gardenian (Sweden)
Gardner, Hirsh (US)
Gargola (Argentina)
Gargoyle (US)
Gasoline Guns (Ukraine)
Gate, The (Germany)
Gates of Ishtar (Sweden)
Gates of Winter (Canada)
Gathering, The (The Netherlands)
GB Arts (Germany)
Geezer (UK)
Geff (Sweden)
Gehenna (Norway)
Geisha (Denmark)
Generation X-Ed (UK)
Genitorturers (US)
Genius (Italy)
Genocide (Japan)
Genocide (Germany)
Genocide Superstars (Sweden)
Gentle Storm, The (The Netherlands)
Gentry (Germany)
Geordie (UK)
Gep (Hungary)
Germany (Germany)
Geyser (Greece)
Ghost (Sweden)
Ghost Machinery (Finland)
Ghost Ship Octavius (US)
Giant (US)
Giant X (Germany)
Giants Causeway (Germany)
Gideon Smith And the Dixie Damned (US)
Gigantor (Germany)
Gilbert, Paul (US)
Gilbert, Paul & Kidd, Jimi (US)
Gilbert, Paul & Nelson, Freddie (US)
Gilgamesh (Mexico)
Gilgamesj (The Netherlands)
Gillis, Brad (US)
Gillman (Venezuela)
Gilmore, Peter H. (US)
Girls Under Glass (Germany)
Girlschool (UK)
Giuffria (US)
Giuntini Project (Italy)
Gladiators (Germany)
Glassjaw (US)
Glenmore (Germany)
Gloomy Grim (Finland)
Glorian (Turkey)
Glory (Sweden)
Glory Bell's Band (Sweden)
Glory Opera (Brazil)
Gloryhammer (UK)
Glossy Teria (Russia)
Gluecifer (Norway)
God Dethroned (The Netherlands)
God Forbid (US)
God's Army (Germany)
Goddess of Desire (The Netherlands)
Goddess Shiva (Germany)
Goddo (Canada)
Godflesh (UK)
Godgory (Sweden)
Godiva (Switzerland)
Gods of Fire (US)
Godsend (Norway)
Gojira (France)
Golden Dawn (Austria)
Golden Earring (The Netherlands)
Golden Farm (Spain)
Golden Resurrection (Sweden)
Golem (Germany)
Goo Goo Dolls (US)
Gordian Knot (US)
Gorefest (The Netherlands)
Gorgons Eyes (Germany)
Gorgoroth (Norway)
Gorguts (Canada)
Gorilla Monsoon (Germany)
Gorky Park (Russia)
Gothic Fate (Germany)
Gothic Knights (US)
Gothic Slam (US)
Gotthard (Switzerland)
Gowan (Canada)
Graaf (Germany)
Grabesmond (Austria)
Gran-Kurazh (Russia)
Grand Cross
Grand Magus (Sweden)
Granite Heart (Germany)
Granovskiy, Alik (Russia)
Grapow, Roland (Germany)
Grave (Sweden)
Grave Digger (Germany)
Grave Forsaken (Australia)
Gravestone (Germany)
Graveworm (Italy)
Graveyard (Sweden)
Graveyard Ghost (Italy)
Great Discord, The (Sweden)
Great Kat, The (US)
Great Master (Italy)
Great White (US)
Green (Italy)
Green, Peter (UK)
Greenhaven (US)
Greenleaf (Sweden)
Gridlock XL (US)
Grief of Emerald (Sweden)
Griffin (Norway)
Griffin (US)
Grim Reaper (UK)
Grimlord (Poland)
Grimmett, Steve (UK)
Grinder (Germany)
Grip Inc. (US)
Grip, The (France)
Ground Control (Italy)
Groundhogs (UK)
Grudge (US)
Guardian (US)
Guardian Angel (Greece)
Guardian's Nail (Japan)
Guardianes del Imperio (Argentina)
Guardians of Andromeda (UK)
Guardians of Mankind (Finland)
Guardians of the Flame (US)
Guardians of Time (Norway)
Guarnerius (Mexico)
Guerrilla (Germany)
Guilt Machine (The Netherlands)
Guitar Heroes (US)
Guitar Zeus (US)
Gun Barrel (Germany)
Gunfire (Italy)
Gunjah (Germany)
Guns N' Roses (US)
Guns, Tracii (US)
Gurd (Switzerland)
Gus G. (Greece)
Gutbucket (Germany)
Gutrix (Denmark)
Gutter Sirens (Poland)
Guttural (France)
Guy Mann-Dude (US)
Gyongyver (Hungary)

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