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April 19th, 2019
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Bands H

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists H: 278

H-Bomb (France)
H.E.A.T. (Finland)
H.O.D. (UK)
Hacker (Russia)
Hackneyed (Germany)
Hacride (France)
Hadean (Germany)
Hades (US)
Hades (Argentina)
Hades Almighty (Norway)
Hagalma (Colombia)
Hagar, Sammy (US)
Hagen (Sweden)
Haggard (Germany)
Hail of Bullets (The Netherlands)
Hail! (international)
Hair of the Dog (US)
Haken (UK)
Halford (UK)
Hallowed (Ireland)
Halloween (US)
Hallowmas (US)
Hallows Eve (US)
Halor (Hungary)
Hame-leon (Russia)
Hamer (Russia)
Hamka (France)
Hamlet (Brazil)
Hamlet (Spain)
Hammer (Poland)
Hammer King (Germany)
Hammercult (Israel)
Hammerfall (Sweden)
Hammerforce (Russia)
Hammerhawk (The Netherlands)
Hammerhead (UK)
Hammerhead (The Netherlands)
Hammers of Misfortune (US)
Hammerschmitt (Germany)
Hammerschmitt (Germany)
Hands of Mercy (Belgium)
Hangar (Brazil)
Hanker (Canada)
Hannes Bauer Orchester Gnadenlos (Germany)
Hanoi Rocks (US)
Hanover Fist (Canada)
Hanselmann, David (Germany)
Hansen, Kai (Germany)
Haqq-Ed-Dumm (Mexico)
Harbour, David (US)
Hard Rain (UK)
Hardcore Superstar (Sweden)
Hardline (US)
Hardware (Germany)
Harem Scarem (Canada)
Harizma (Russia)
Harlott (Australia)
Harmony (Sweden)
Harmony Dies (Germany)
Harris, Michael (US)
Harrow (The Netherlands)
Hartmann (Germany)
Haste (US)
Hate (Bolivia)
Hate for Revenge (Brazil)
Hate Plow (US)
Hate Squad (Germany)
Hatebreed (US)
Hatedrive (Germany)
Haterush (Sweden)
Hatesphere (Denmark)
Hatework (US)
Hatework (Italy)
Hatred (Greece)
Hatred (Colombia)
Hatred (Germany)
Hatrix (US)
Haunted, The (Sweden)
Haven Denied (Portugal)
Havoc (Mexico)
Havoc (US)
Havoc Mass (US)
Havochate (US)
Havok (US)
Hawaii (US)
Hawk (US)
Hawkwind (UK)
Hazzard (Germany)
HDK (The Netherlands)
Headcrash (Germany)
Headhunter (Germany)
Headless (Italy)
Headline (France)
Headquakes (Italy)
Heads Or Tales (Sweden)
Headspace (UK)
Headstone Epitaph (Germany)
Headstrong (Canada)
Heart (US)
Heart of Sun (Italy)
Heartline (Germany)
Heat, The (Germany)
Heathen (US)
Heathen's Rage (US)
Heathendom (Greece)
Heavatar (Germany)
Heaven (Australia)
Heaven And Earth (US)
Heaven And Hell (UK)
Heaven Falls (Brazil)
Heaven Shall Burn (Germany)
Heaven Ward (Germany)
Heaven's Cry (Canada)
Heaven's Guardian (Brazil)
Heavenblast (Italy)
Heavenly (France)
Heavens Gate (Germany)
Heavenwood (Portugal)
Heavils, The (US)
Heavy Bones (US)
Heavy Load (Sweden)
Heavy Metal Kids (UK)
Heavy Metal Maniacs
Heavy Pettin (UK)
Heavy Weather (US)
Hecate (Slovakia)
Hecate Enthroned (UK)
Hedfirst (Poland)
Hedgear (Brazil)
Heed (Sweden)
Hefeystos (Poland)
Heidevolk (The Netherlands)
Heimdall (Italy)
Heir Apparent (US)
Hel (Germany)
Held Under (US)
Heldar (Spain)
Helheim (Italy)
Helicon (Germany)
Helix (Canada)
Helizer (Argentina)
Helker (Argentina)
Hell (UK)
Hell Fire (Japan)
Hell in the Club (Italy)
Hell Theater (Italy)
Hell's Thrash Horsemen (Russia)
Hell-Born (Poland)
Hell-On (Ukraine)
Hellacopters, The (Sweden)
Hellanbach (UK)
Helldorados (Germany)
Heller (Yugoslavia)
Hellfire (Poland)
Hellfueled (Sweden)
Hellhammer (Switzerland)
Hellhound (Japan)
Hellion (US)
Hellish War (Brazil)
Hellmasters (Germany)
Helloise (The Netherlands)
Helloween (Germany)
Hellraiser (Russia)
Hellspawn (Australia)
Helltrain (Sweden)
Helmet (US)
Helreid (Italy)
Helstar (US)
Hemina (Australia)
Hemisfear (Sweden)
Hemisphere (Italy)
Hemoptysis (US)
Henceforth (Brazil)
Hendrix, Jimi (UK)
Hendrix, Regi (US)
Henker (Italy)
Hensley, Ken (UK)
Her Whisper (Sweden)
Herald (Estonia)
Heraldry (Italy)
Heresy (Italy)
Heretic (US)
Heritage (Japan)
Hermetica (Argentina)
Hermh (Poland)
Hernando, Tony (Spain)
Hero for the World, A (Philippines)
Heroik (Canada)
Hersey, Iain Ashley (US)
Hexenhaus (Sweden)
Hexfire (Poland)
Hexx (US)
Hibria (Brazil)
Hide with Spread Beaver (Japan)
Hieronymus Bosch (Russia)
Hierophant (US)
High Power (France)
High Tension (Germany)
High'n Dry (Germany)
Highland Glory (Norway)
Highlord (Italy)
Highway Killer (Germany)
Higuchi, Munetaka (Japan)
HIM (Finland)
Hirax (US)
Histeria (Argentina)
Hit the Ground Runnin' (US)
Hittman (US)
Hiverland (Spain)
Hjallarhorn (Norway)
HMR (Russia)
Hobbs Angel of Death (Australia)
Hoffmann, Wolf (Germany)
Hollenhunde (Germany)
Hollenthon (Austria)
Hollow (Sweden)
Hollow Haze (Italy)
Hollywood Rose (US)
Holocaust (UK)
Holy Cross (France)
Holy Dragons (Kazakhstan)
Holy Grail (US)
Holy Knights (Italy)
Holy Martyr (Italy)
Holy Moses (Germany)
Holy Mother (US)
Holy Rage (UK)
Holy Sagga (Brazil)
Holy Soldier (US)
Holy Terror (US)
Holyhell (US)
Honeymoon Suite (Canada)
Hooters, The (US)
Horakane (US)
Horcas (Argentina)
Horfixion (Canada)
Horizon (Germany)
Horizon's End (Greece)
Horna (Finland)
Horrifier (US)
Horrorscope (Poland)
Hot, Emir (Croatia)
Hourglass S.O.E. (Greece)
Hourglass, The (Syria)
House of Lords (US)
House of Shakira (Sweden)
House of Spirits (Germany)
Howe II (US)
Hoyry-Kone (Finland)
Hronos (Russia)
Hughes, Glenn (US)
Human Clay (US)
Human Fortress (Germany)
Humanside (US)
Humble Pie (UK)
Hummerstein Projekt (Germany)
Humungous Fungus (Germany)
Hundred Years (Finland)
Hunted (UK)
Hunter (Germany)
Hunters (Russia)
Huntress (US)
Hurricane (US)
Hurry Scuary (Japan)
Hyades (Italy)
Hybrid (Greece)
Hyde (US)
Hyksos (US)
Hyperchild (Germany)
Hyperion (Italy)
Hyperion (US)
Hypernoid (UK)
Hypnos (Czech Republic)
Hypocrisy (Sweden)
Hypocrite (Sweden)
Hysteria (Czech Republic)

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