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April 21st, 2019
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Bands I

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists I: 145

I (Norway)
I Compagni di Baal (Italy)
Ibridoma (Italy)
Icarus (Finland)
Icarus Witch (US)
Ice Age (US)
Iceberg (Chile)
Iced Earth (US)
Icewind (Canada)
Ichabod Krane (US)
Icon (US)
Icon in Me (Russia)
Icy Steel (Italy)
Icycore (Italy)
Idiots Rule (Sweden)
Ignition (Sweden)
Ignitor (US)
III Milenio (Brazil)
Ilium (Australia)
Ill Nino (US)
Ill Prophecy (Germany)
Illdisposed (Denmark)
Illogicist (Italy)
Illusion (China)
Illusion of Clarity (Sweden)
Illwill (Sweden)
Image (US)
Images of Eden (US)
Imagika (US)
Imaginery (Greece)
Imago Mortis (Brazil)
Immaculate (Sweden)
Immaculate Mary (US)
Immolation (US)
Immortal (Norway)
Immortal Choir (Brazil)
Impact (US)
Impakt (Russia)
Impaled Nazarene (Finland)
Impaler (US)
Impaler (Japan)
Impellitteri (US)
Imperanon (Finland)
Imperial (France)
Imperial Rage (US)
Imperio (Argentina)
Imperium (The Netherlands)
Impulse Manslaughter (US)
Impulsia (Sweden)
In Extremo (Germany)
In Flames (Sweden)
In Search For (Belarus)
In Solitude (Portugal)
In Solitude (Sweden)
In Spite (Turkey)
In the Woods (Norway)
In This Moment (US)
In Virtue (US)
Inc (Greece)
Incantation (US)
Incapacity (Sweden)
Incubus (US)
Incubus (UK)
Indica (Finland)
Indigo Dying (US)
Infantry (US)
Infernal Majesty (Canada)
Infernal Method (Australia)
Inferno (US)
Infinita Symphonia (Italy)
Infinite Horizon (Germany)
Infinity (Argentina)
Infinity Overture (Denmark)
Inishmore (Switzerland)
Injuria (Argentina)
Inme (UK)
Inmoria (Sweden)
Inner Fear (Czech Republic)
Inner Sanctum (UK)
Inner Terror (US)
Inner Wish (Greece)
Innerload (Italy)
Inquested (Norway)
Inquisicao (Brazil)
Inquisicion (Chile)
Insaintfication (Brazil)
Insania (Sweden)
Insania (Germany)
Insanity (Germany)
Insecticide (US)
Insectocutor (UK)
Insomnium (Finland)
Inspector (Belarus)
Instanzia (Canada)
Intense (UK)
Intense (Hungary)
Interitus Dei (Romania)
Interstellar Overdrive (Germany)
Into Desolation (Sweden)
Into Eternity (Canada)
Intrinsic (US)
Intruder (US)
Invictus (France)
Invocator (Denmark)
Iommi, Tony (UK)
Ion Vein (US)
Ira (Mexico)
Ira Regia (Spain)
Irencros (Italy)
Iron Angel (Germany)
Iron Breed (Germany)
Iron Butterfly (US)
Iron Clad (Belgium)
Iron Fire (Denmark)
Iron Force (Germany)
Iron Fortress (US)
Iron Horse (US)
Iron Maiden (UK)
Iron Maidnem (Hungary)
Iron Mask (Belgium)
Iron Monkey (UK)
Iron Rainbow (US)
Iron Savior (Germany)
Iron Sphere (Finland)
Ironfist (Germany)
Ironheart (Germany)
Ironsword (Portugal)
Ironware (Sweden)
Irony (Germany)
Irreverence (Italy)
Is Pain (Spain)
Iscariot (US)
Isegrim (Germany)
Isengard (Sweden)
Issa (Norway)
Ita Saksa (Finland)
Item (Russia)
Ivan Tsarevich (Russia)
Ivanhoe (Germany)
Ivory Gates (Brazil)
Ivory Knight (Canada)
Ivory Moon (Italy)
Ivory Tower (Germany)
Ixion (Bolivia)

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