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Mambo Kurt; Sabotazh; Monster; Night Flight Orchestra, The; Wisdom; Agonizer; Desaster; Cemetery of Scream; Tsepnaya Reaktsiya; Activator; etc.
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April 28th, 2017
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists J: 67

J.B.O. (James Blast Orchester) (Germany)
Jack Cracker (Denmark)
Jack Frost (Austria)
Jack's Hammer (Germany)
Jackal (Denmark)
Jackal (The Netherlands)
Jackyl (US)
Jacobs Dream (US)
Jaded Heart (Germany)
Jadis (UK)
Jag Panzer (US)
Jagger, Mick (UK)
Jaguar (UK)
Jamilya (US)
Jamison, Jimi (US)
Jansson, Benny (Sweden)
Jason (Argentina)
Javelin (Germany)
Jaww (Canada)
Jeff Healey Band, The (US)
Jekyll & Hyde (Sweden)
Jelly Jam, The (US)
Jeremy (Korea)
Jeriko (Argentina)
Jerusalem (Sweden)
Jerusalem Slim (US)
Jester (US)
Jester's Funeral (Germany)
Jester's Tears (Germany)
Jesus Chrysler (US)
Jet Black (US)
Jetboy (US)
Jewel (The Netherlands)
Jezabel (Argentina)
Jimsonweed (Finland)
Jin (Russia)
Joal (Germany)
Johansson (Sweden)
Johansson Brothers, The (Sweden)
Johansson, Anders (Sweden)
Johansson, Anders - Johansson, Jens - Holdsworth, Allan (Sweden)
Johansson, Jens (Sweden)
Johnson, Eric (US)
Johnson, Rob (US)
Johnson, Robert (US)
Jonas Hansson Band (Sweden)
Jonas Hellborg Group (Sweden)
Jones, Steve (UK)
Jormundgard (Germany)
Jorn (Norway)
Joshua (US)
Journey (US)
Judas Priest (UK)
Judgement (US)
Judicator (US)
Jughead (US)
Juglans Regia (Italy)
Juicio de Dios (Spain)
Juliet (Germany)
Jumper Lace (France)
Junk Monkeys (US)
Junkies (Hungary)
Junkyard (US)
Jupiter (Japan)
Just (Brazil)

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