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March 21st, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists L: 221

L.A.Guns (US)
Laaz Rockit (US)
LaBrie, James (US)
Labyrinth (Italy)
Lacrimas Profundere (Germany)
Lacrimosa (Switzerland)
Lacuna Coil (Italy)
Lake of Tears (Sweden)
Lamb of God (US)
Lammoth (Czech Republic)
Lancer (Sweden)
Lancia (US)
Land of Mordor (Spain)
Lande, Jorn & Holter, Trond (Norway)
Landevir (Spain)
Landguard (Italy)
Landscapes (Brazil)
Lane, Lana (US)
Lanfear (Germany)
Lankmar (Canada)
Lanvall (Austria)
Lanzer (Germany)
Laos (UK)
Lapadakis, Giorgios (Greece)
Larsen (Italy)
Las Cruces (US)
Laser (US)
Last Autumn's Dream (Sweden)
Last Breath (Canada)
Last Chapter (US)
Last Empire (US)
Last in Line (US)
Last Kingdom (Sweden)
Last Rebels (Italy)
Last Temptation (Sweden)
Last Things, The (US)
Last Tribe (Sweden)
Last Vegas, The (US)
Last Warning (Italy)
Late Nite Romeo (Germany)
Laudamus (Sweden)
LaVaque, Rob (US)
Lavey, Anton Szandor (US)
Lavina (Denmark)
Law of the Plague (US)
Lawdy (Germany)
Lawless (UK)
Lazarus Sin (US)
Lead Weight (Kazakhstan)
Leader (The Netherlands)
Leaf (Croatia)
Leash Law (US)
Leather (US)
Leather Nun (US)
Leatherwolf (US)
Leaves' Eyes (Germany)
Lechery (Sweden)
Led Zeppelin (UK)
Lee, Tommy (US)
Lefay (Sweden)
Left Hand Solution (Sweden)
Legacy (US)
Legacy (Colombia)
Legen Beltza (Spain)
Legend (UK)
Legend Maker (Colombia)
Legend of Valley Doom (Norway)
Legenda (Finland)
Legion (Russia)
Legion (Sweden)
Legion of the Damned (The Netherlands)
Legs Diamond (UK)
Lemming Project (Germany)
Lemur Voice (The Netherlands)
Leonardo (US)
Leprous (Norway)
Leprycorn (Mexico)
Lerche, Peter (Finland)
Lessman - Ziller (Germany)
Lethal (US)
Lethal Dose (US)
Lethal Fear (Brazil)
Lethal Guest (Russia)
Lethal Saint (Cyprus)
Letter X (Germany)
Level 10 (international)
Levels Rising (Portugal)
Leverage (Finland)
Leviathan (US)
Leviathan (Argentina)
Leviathan (US)
Leviticus (Sweden)
Levl (Canada)
Lian, May (Russia)
Liar (Germany)
Liar of Golgotha (The Netherlands)
Liar Symphony (Brazil)
Liberty n' Justice (US)
Lid (US)
Liege Lord (US)
Liesegang (US)
Life After Death (US)
Life Divided, A (Germany)
Life of Agony (US)
Ligeia (Germany)
Light Years (Brazil)
Lightmare (Germany)
Lightning Strikes (US)
Like Moths to Flames (US)
Lillian Axe (US)
Limbonic Art (Norway)
Limelight (UK)
Lindenberg, Udo (Germany)
Lindisfarne (UK)
Lion's Pride (Belgium)
Lion's Share (Sweden)
Lions Breed (Germany)
Lionsheart (UK)
Lionsoul (Italy)
Lipstixx'n'Bulletz (Sweden)
Liquid Horizon (Germany)
Liquid Steel (Austria)
Liquid Tension Experiment (US)
Liquid Trio Experiment (US)
Liquid Visions (UK)
Liquido (Germany)
Lithium (Russia)
Little Angels (UK)
Little Caesar (US)
Liv Sin (Sweden)
Liverani, Daniele (Italy)
Livin' Parazite (Sweden)
Living Colour (US)
Living Death (Germany)
Living Loud (US)
Lizzy Borden (US)
Loaded (US)
Loader (Norway)
Loch Vostok (Sweden)
Lock Up (UK)
Locomotive Breath (Sweden)
Lofgren, Nils (US)
Logar's Diary (Germany)
London (US)
Lone Rager (US)
Lone Wolf (Germany)
Lonewolf (France)
Looking Glass Self (Germany)
Loomis, Jeff (US)
Loonatikk (Germany)
Loosely Tight (US)
Lor (US)
Lord (Australia)
Lord Belial (Sweden)
Lord Brummell (Italy)
Lord Grey (US)
Lord Haunted (Brazil)
Lord Symphony (Indonesia)
Lord Vader (Poland)
Lord Volture (The Netherlands)
Lord Weird Slough Feg, The (US)
Lordi (Finland)
Lordian Guard (US)
Lords of Black (Spain)
Lords of the Crimson Alliance (US)
Lorenguard (US)
Lorenzo, Dan (US)
Lorien (Spain)
Lorien (UK)
Lorihen (Argentina)
Los Asesinos del Pentagrama (Panama)
Los Gusanos (US)
Los Suaves (Spain)
Losers, The (Italy)
Lost Boyz, The (UK)
Lost Breed, The (US)
Lost Century (Germany)
Lost Fate (Greece)
Lost Horizon (Sweden)
Lost in Misery (The Netherlands)
Lost Innocence (Italy)
Lost Johnny (Canada)
Lost Society (Finland)
Lost Souls (Sweden)
Loud Crowd (Finland)
Loudness (Japan)
Loureiro, Kiko (Brazil)
Love History (Czech Republic)
Love Like Blood (Germany)
Love-Hate (US)
Loverboy (Canada)
Loveslide (Germany)
Lowbrow (US)
Lucassen, Arjen Anthony (The Netherlands)
Lucid Dreaming (Germany)
Lucifer's Heritage (Germany)
Luciferion (Sweden)
Lucretia (France)
Lucyfire (Sweden)
Luddite Clone (US)
Lujuria (Spain)
Lukather, Steve (US)
Lullacry (Finland)
Lunachicks (US)
Lunar Explosion (Italy)
Lunatic Asylum (Italy)
Lunatica (Switzerland)
Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc. (The Netherlands)
Lunch, Lydia (US)
Luomonero (Italy)
Lust (France)
Luthor (Australia)
Lux Occulta (Poland)
Luzbel (Mexico)
Lvzbel (Mexico)
Lycosia (France)
Lynch - Neil (US)
Lynch Mob (US)
Lynch, George (US)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (US)
Lyriel (Germany)

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