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April 24th, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists M: 431

M-Pire of Evil (UK)
M.A.C.E. (Italy)
M.ILL.ION (Sweden)
M.O.D. (US)
M.S. (Romania)
M.Z. (France)
Macabre (US)
MacAlpine - Aldridge - Rock - Sarzo (M.A.R.S.) (US)
MacAlpine, Tony (US)
Macbeth (Italy)
Macbeth (Germany)
Machine Head (US)
Machine Men (Finland)
Machinery (Germany)
Machines of Grace (US)
Mactatus (Norway)
Mad Architect (Sweden)
Mad Butcher (Germany)
Mad Dragzter (Brazil)
Mad Max (Germany)
Mad Smile (Russia)
Madam X (US)
Madball (US)
Madd Hunter (US)
Made of Hate (Poland)
Made of Iron (Germany)
Madison (Sweden)
Madog (Austria)
Madrigal (Sweden)
Madryghal (Italy)
Madsword (Italy)
Maegi (Turkey)
Maelstrom (Brazil)
Maesstro (Norway)
Maestro Alex Gregory (US)
Mafia (Russia)
Magane (Japan)
Magellan (US)
Magic Kingdom (Belgium)
Magica (Romania)
Magician (Brazil)
Magister (Brazil)
Magister (Russia)
Magisterium (Russia)
Magistral (Chile)
Magnalucius (Chile)
Magnit (Russia)
Magnitude 9 (US)
Magnum (UK)
Mago de Oz (Spain)
Magri's (Russia)
Mahangoe, Anand (The Netherlands)
Mahatma (Korea)
Mahogany Head Grenade (US)
Majestic (Sweden)
Majestic Vanguard (Sweden)
Majesty (Finland)
Majesty (Germany)
Majesty of Revival (Ukraine)
Malakis Reign (US)
Malediction (France)
Malevolent Creation (US)
Malice (US)
Malicia (Argentina)
Malmsteen, Yngwie (US)
Malon (Argentina)
Malpractice (Finland)
Maltese Falcon (Denmark)
Mama's Boys (Ireland)
Mambo Kurt (Germany)
Man (UK)
Mandator (The Netherlands)
Mandragora Scream (Italy)
Mandrake Garden (Australia)
Manegarm (Sweden)
Manhole (US)
Mania (Germany)
Maniac (Austria)
Maniac (Canada)
Manic Depression (Russia)
Manic Eden (The Netherlands)
Manifest Destiny (US)
Manigance (France)
Manilla Road (US)
Manimal (Sweden)
Maninnya Blade (Sweden)
Manitou (Finland)
Maniya Velichiya (Russia)
Manowar (US)
Manring, Michael (US)
Mantas (UK)
Mantic Ritual (US)
Manticora (Denmark)
Mantris (Brazil)
Many Moons (US)
Maple Cross (Finland)
Marauder (Greece)
Maraya (US)
Marble (Italy)
Marcello, Kee (Sweden)
Marduk (Sweden)
Margenta (Russia)
Marillion (UK)
Marilyn Manson (US)
Marriott, Steve (UK)
Marshall Law (UK)
Martin, Eric (US)
Martin, Tony (UK)
Martiria (Italy)
Martone, David (Canada)
Martyr (Canada)
Martyr (The Netherlands)
Mary Beats Jane (Sweden)
Maryann Cotton (Denmark)
MarysCreek (Sweden)
Maryslim (Sweden)
Masahiro, Chono (Japan)
Masi, Alex (Italy)
Maskim (Italy)
Masquerade (Sweden)
Mass (US)
Massacra (France)
Massacre (US)
Master (Russia)
Mastercastle (Italy)
Mastermind (US)
Masterpiece (Canada)
Masterpiece (Japan)
Masterplan (Germany)
Masters of Disguise (Germany)
Masters of Metal (US)
Masterstroke (Finland)
Mastodon (US)
Materia Prima (Russia)
Matheos, Jim (US)
Matos, Andre (Brazil)
Mattsson (Finland)
Matveev, Gennadiy (Russia)
Maudlin of the Well (US)
Maverick (Japan)
Mavrin, Sergey (Russia)
Max Overheat (Japan)
Max Pie (Belgium)
Mayadome (Sweden)
Mayall, John (UK)
Mayan (The Netherlands)
Mayhem (Norway)
Maynard, Robert (US)
MCB (Germany)
Mean Machine
Meanstreak (US)
Mecca (US)
Mechanical Poet (Russia)
Mechanix (Germany)
Mechanizm (US)
Mediaeval Baebes (UK)
Medication (US)
Medieval (US)
Medieval Steel (US)
Medina Azahara (Spain)
Medusa (France)
Meduza (Sweden)
Megace (Germany)
Megadeth (US)
Megahera (Italy)
Megaherz (Germany)
Mehida (Finland)
Mekong Delta (Germany)
Melancholy (Russia)
Melechesh (The Netherlands)
Meliah Rage (US)
Melvins, The (US)
Memento Mori (Sweden)
Memorain (Greece)
Memorized Dreams (Norway)
Memory Garden (Sweden)
Menace (Italy)
Mendacious Messiah (Germany)
Mendeed (UK)
Mennen (The Netherlands)
Mental Hippie Blood (Sweden)
Mental Home (Russia)
Mental Vortex (Germany)
Mephisto (Germany)
Mer 2we (Switzerland)
Merauder (US)
Merciless (Sweden)
Mercury Rising (US)
Mercury Tide (Germany)
Mercyful Fate (Denmark)
Merendine Atomiche (Italy)
Meridiam (Spain)
Meridian (Switzerland)
Meridian (Denmark)
Meshuggah (Sweden)
Mesmerize (Italy)
Mess (Finland)
Mess Age (Poland)
Messenger (Germany)
Messiah (Switzerland)
Messiah Force (Canada)
Messiah's Kiss (Germany)
Messina (The Netherlands)
Metafora (Russia)
Metal Allegiance (US)
Metal Church (US)
Metal Illusion (US)
Metal Inquisitor (Germany)
Metal Jan (Czech Republic)
Metal King (Colombia)
Metal Majesty (The Netherlands)
Metal Mercy (Sweden)
Metal Pesado (Brazil)
Metal Scent (Israel)
Metal Sword (Germany)
Metal Warriors (Italy)
Metal Witch (Germany)
Metalforce (Germany)
Metalian (Canada)
Metalium (Germany)
Metallian (Germany)
Metallica (US)
Metalmorphose (Brazil)
Metalsteel (Slovenia)
Metalstorm (Germany)
Metalucifer (Japan)
Metatrone (Italy)
Methedras (Italy)
Mezarkabul (Turkey)
MG66 (Italy)
Midas Fate (international)
Midas Touch (Sweden)
Midevil (US)
Midgard (US)
Midnattsol (Germany)
Midnight (US)
Midnight Chaser (US)
Midnight Darkness (Germany)
Midnight Forces (Italy)
Midnight Idols (US)
Midnight Priest (Portugal)
Midnight Scream (Slovakia)
Midnight Sun (Sweden)
Midvinter (Sweden)
Midwinter (France)
Mighty D. (Germany)
Militia (US)
Militia (US)
Milking the Goatmachine (Germany)
Millenium (US)
Minas Tirith (Norway)
Minaton (Germany)
Mind Colour (Italy)
Mind Eclipse (Russia)
Mind Key (Italy)
Mind Odyssey (Germany)
Mind's Eye (Sweden)
Mindala (Germany)
Mindcage (US)
Mindfeed (UK)
Mindfeeder (Portugal)
Mindflow (Brazil)
Mindland (Greece)
Mindscape (US)
Mindset (US)
Mindstorm (US)
Minotauro (Italy)
Minstrelix (Japan)
Minuetum (Greece)
Minus (Iceland)
Miracle (Brazil)
Mirage (Denmark)
Miriada (Russia)
Mirrored Mind (Germany)
Misanthrope (France)
Misbegotten (Austria)
Miscreant (Sweden)
Misery Index (US)
Misery Loves Co. (Sweden)
Misfits (US)
Mishin, Oleg (Russia)
Miss Behaviour (Sweden)
Miss I May (US)
Missa Mercuria (Germany)
Missing Link (Denmark)
Missing Tide (Denmark)
Mistheria (Italy)
Mistreater (US)
Mithotyn (Sweden)
Mitika (Mexico)
Mitrium (Brazil)
Mizar (Italy)
Mnemic (Denmark)
Moahni Moahna (Sweden)
Mob Rules (Germany)
Moby Dick (UK)
Moby Dick (Hungary)
Modern Age Slavery, The (Italy)
Mogg-Way (UK)
Mojo Bros. (US)
Mollo, Dario - Martin, Tony (international)
Molly Hatchet (US)
Monastery (Germany)
Monomah (Russia)
Monomania (Denmark)
Monster (Brazil)
Monster Magnet (US)
Monstrosity (US)
Montany (The Netherlands)
Monte Cazazza (US)
Monte Kristo (Russia)
Montreal (Argentina)
Montrose (US)
Monument (UK)
Monumentum (Italy)
Mood (Hungary)
Moody Marsden (UK)
Moon Dog Mane (US)
Moon of Steel (Italy)
Moon'Doc (Germany)
Moonchild (Finland)
Moondive (Serbia)
Moonlight Agony (Sweden)
Moonlight Circus (Italy)
Moonlight Comedy (Italy)
Moonlyght (Canada)
Moonsorrow (Finland)
Moonspell (Portugal)
Moonstone Project (Italy)
Moore, Gary (Ireland)
Moore, Vinnie (US)
Moray Eel (Russia)
Morbid Angel (US)
Morbid Death (Portugal)
Morbid Jester (Germany)
Morbid Saint (US)
Morbid Sin (US)
Mordred (US)
More I See, The (UK)
Morgana (Italy)
Morgana (Italy)
Morgana Lefay (Sweden)
Morgenstern (Germany)
Morgion (US)
Morgoth (Germany)
Morifade (Sweden)
Morning (The Netherlands)
Morning Wood (US)
Morningstar (Finland)
Morrigan (Germany)
Mors Principium Est (Finland)
Morse Portnoy George (US)
Morse, Alan (US)
Morse, Neal (US)
Morse, Steve (US)
Mortal Passion (Germany)
Mortal Sin (Australia)
Mortician (US)
Mortician (Austria)
Mortifer (Russia)
Mortification (Australia)
Mortiis (Norway)
Mortillery (Canada)
Morton (Ukraine)
Mortus (Austria)
Mos Generator (US)
Moshquito (Germany)
Most (Russia)
Mostly Autumn (UK)
Mother of Sin (The Netherlands)
Motive (US)
Motley Crue (US)
Motorcity Brags (Italy)
Motorhead (UK)
Motorjesus (Germany)
Mott the Hoople (UK)
Mountain (US)
Mournblade (US)
Mourning Caress (Germany)
MP (Germany)
Mr. Big (US)
Mr. Ego (Brazil)
Mr. Mister (US)
Mr. Perfect (Germany)
Mrs. Hippie (Sweden)
Mucc (Japan)
Mucky Pup (US)
Mud Slick (Switzerland)
Mullmuzzler (US)
Mundane (The Netherlands)
Mundanus Imperium (Norway)
Municipal Waste (US)
Munroe, Ronny (US)
Murder 1 (US)
Murder One (Germany)
Murderdolls (US)
Muren (France)
Muro (Spain)
Murphy, James (US)
Mushroom River Band (Sweden)
Mushroomhead (US)
Mutiny (Greece)
Mutoh, Keiji (Japan)
My Darkest Hate (Germany)
My Dying Bride (UK)
My Own Victim (US)
My Ruin (US)
My Universe (Russia)
Mydra (Germany)
Myon (Finland)
Myrath (Tunisia)
Myriad (Germany)
Myriads (Norway)
Mysterell (Denmark)
Mystery (Canada)
Mystery (Greece)
Mystery Blue (France)
Mystery, The (Germany)
Mystic Circle (Germany)
Mystic Prophecy (Germany)
Mystic-Force (US)
Mystical Warning (Brazil)
Mystik (US)
Mysto Dysto (The Netherlands)
Mystrez (Change of Seasons) (The Netherlands)
Mythodea (Greece)
Mytholic (The Netherlands)

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