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April 19th, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists O: 112

O'2L (US)
O.D. (US)
Obidil (Slovenia)
Obituary (US)
Obliveon (Canada)
Obscurant (Finland)
Obsecration (Greece)
Obsessed, The (US)
Obsession (US)
Obsession (Finland)
Obstruction (Hungary)
Occams Razor (Canada)
Oconnor (Argentina)
October 31 (US)
Oderzhimost' (Russia)
Odes of Ecstasy (Greece)
Odin's Court (US)
Odium (Germany)
Odyssea (Italy)
Of Mice And Men (US)
Ogre (Japan)
Ojeda, Eddie (US)
Old Grandad (US)
Old Man's Child (Norway)
Oliva, Jon (US)
Oliver - Dawson Saxon (UK)
Oliver Magnum (US)
Oliver, Graham (UK)
Olvi (Russia)
Olympos Mons (Finland)
Omega A.D. (Canada)
Omen (US)
Omen (Hungary)
Omnium Gatherum (Finland)
On the Rise (Norway)
On Thorns I Lay (Greece)
Onassis' Day (Spain)
Onbayraktar, Emre (Turkey)
One Machine (international)
One Man Army And the Undead Quartet (Sweden)
One Minute Silence (UK)
One of Sixx (US)
Onmyo-Za (Japan)
Onslaught (UK)
Onward (US)
Oomph! (Germany)
Opening Scenery (Italy)
Opera IX (Italy)
Opera Magna (Spain)
Operatika (US)
Operation: Mindcrime (US)
Opeth (Sweden)
Ophelia's Dream (Germany)
Opposite Earth (US)
Oppression (Sweden)
Opprobrium (US)
Opresor (Argentina)
Optimus Prime (US)
Opus Atlantica (Sweden)
Oracle (US)
Oracle (Spain)
Oracle Sun (Italy)
Orakul (Russia)
Orange Goblin (UK)
Oratorio (Finland)
Oratory (Portugal)
Orchid Void (Japan)
Orden Ogan (Germany)
Order of Nine (US)
Order of the Ebon Hand (Greece)
Organization, The (US)
Origin (US)
Original Sin (Sweden)
Original Sin (US)
Orion Riders (Italy)
Orion's Reign (Greece)
Orphanage (The Netherlands)
Orphaned Land (Israel)
Osamenta (Argentina)
Osiris (Canada)
Ossian (Hungary)
Ostrogoth (Belgium)
Osyris (Germany)
Ottmar, Andy
Otyg (Sweden)
Out of Order (Germany)
Out of the Lair (Greece)
Outbreak (Canada)
Outburst (Japan)
Outcast (Greece)
Outloud (international)
Outrage (Italy)
Overcast (US)
Overdose (Brazil)
Overdose (2) (Germany)
Overdose (Germany)
Overdrive (Sweden)
Overdrive (UK)
Overfiend (Germany)
Overkill (US)
Overlife (Spain)
Overload (Greece)
Overlord's Perpetual (Greece)
Overlorde (US)
Oversoul (US)
Overtures (Italy)
Owens, Tim Ripper (US)
Oz (Finland)
Ozirisz (Hungary)
Ozzy (UK)

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