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April 24th, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists P: 243

P.oS.T. (Russia)
Pacto de Sangre (Puerto Rico)
Pagan (Sweden)
Pagan's Mind (Norway)
Pagandom (Sweden)
Paganini (Switzerland)
Paganize (Norway)
Page, Jimmy (UK)
Pain (Sweden)
Pain (US)
Pain Killer
Pain of Salvation (Sweden)
Painflow (Finland)
Painmuseum (US)
Palace of Black (US)
Palace Terrace (US)
Pallas (UK)
Pan Ram (Germany)
Pan.Thy.Monium (Sweden)
Pancho Villa (US)
Pandaemonium (Italy)
Pandea (Germany)
Pandemonium (Greece)
Pandemonium (Poland)
Pangaea (US)
Pantera (US)
Pantheon (Sweden)
Panzer (Brazil)
Panzer (Germany)
Paper Parrot
Paradigma (Norway)
Paradise Lost (UK)
Paradox (Germany)
Paradoxx (US)
Paragon (Germany)
Paralysis (The Netherlands)
Paranoia (Germany)
Paranoia (Russia)
Parastos (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Pariah (UK)
Paris, Jeff (US)
Parish (US)
Parry, Ian (The Netherlands)
Parsifal (Norway)
Passenger (Sweden)
Past M.D. (Germany)
Pat Travers Band (Canada)
Patan (Argentina)
Pathfinder (Poland)
Pathos (Sweden)
Pathosray (Italy)
Patriarch (Belgium)
Pazuzu (Austria)
Peace, Love & Pitbulls (Sweden)
Peacemaker (US)
Peer & Karsten
Peer Gunt (Finland)
Pegazus (Australia)
Pell, Axel Rudi (Germany)
Penalty Kick (Hungary)
Pendragon (UK)
Penetrator (Canada)
Penna, David (US)
Pentakill (US)
Pentapus (US)
Penumbra (France)
Perfect Murder, A (Canada)
Perpetual Dreams (Brazil)
Perpetualfire (Italy)
Perry, Joe (US)
Perry, Steve (US)
Persefone (Andorra)
Persian Risk (UK)
Persuader (Sweden)
Pertness (Switzerland)
Perzonal War (Germany)
Pesnyary (Belarus)
Pessimist (US)
Pestilence (The Netherlands)
Peterik, Jim (US)
Petrucci, John (US)
Petrucci, John And Rudess, Jordan (US)
Pettypew (Germany)
Phantasma (international)
Phantom (US)
Phantom Blue (US)
Phantom Lord (Greece)
Phantom Lords (Italy)
Phantom V (Germany)
Phantom Witch (US)
Phantoms of Future (France)
Pharao (Germany)
Pharaoh (US)
Phenomena (UK)
Philiae (Germany)
Phobic Instinct (Germany)
Phoenix Rizing (Norway)
Piel de Serpiente (Spain)
Pigheaded (Germany)
Piledriver (Canada)
Piligrim (Russia)
Pilson, Jeff (US)
Pink Cream 69 (Germany)
Pinnella, Michael (US)
Pinnick, Dug (US)
Piramide (Argentina)
Pirana (Mexico)
Pirates, Los (Italy)
Pissing Razors (US)
Pit (Germany)
Pitch Shifter (UK)
Pitiful Reign (UK)
Place Called Rage (US)
Place Vendome (Germany)
Places of Power (US)
Planet Alliance (Sweden)
Planet X (US)
Plasmatics (US)
Platinum (US)
Platitude (Sweden)
Plattform (Germany)
Platypus (US)
Plexus (Brazil)
Plunkett, Steve (US)
Poder Oculto (Mexico)
Poison (US)
Poison Sun (Germany)
Poisonblack (Finland)
Pokerface (Russia)
Pokolgep (Hungary)
Polak, Milan (Germany)
Poland, Chris (US)
Poltergeist (Switzerland)
Pontiy Pilat (Russia)
Poodles, The (Sweden)
Pookah (Germany)
Porfiriah (Italy)
Porra, Lauri (Finland)
Porretas (Spain)
Portnoy, Mike (US)
Portrait (Brazil)
Portrait (Sweden)
Portrait (US)
Poseidon (Brazil)
Possessed (US)
Posthumous (Brazil)
Poteryannyy Vek (Russia)
Pothead (Germany)
Poundhound (US)
Poverty's No Crime (Germany)
Powell, Cozy (UK)
Power (US)
Power Crue (Greece)
Power of Omens (US)
Power Quest (UK)
Power Symphony (Italy)
Power Theory (US)
Powerage (Germany)
Powerdise (Sweden)
Powerdrops (Greece)
Powerful (Italy)
Powergod (Germany)
Powerlord (US)
Powermad (US)
Powers Court (US)
Powersource (Chile)
Powersteel (Brazil)
Powersurge (US)
Powersword (Norway)
Powervice (The Netherlands)
Powerwolf (Germany)
Powerworld (Germany)
Precipice (US)
Predador (Argentina)
Predator (Germany)
Prellude (Brazil)
Prelude (UK)
Preludio (Mexico)
President Evil (Germany)
Presto Ballet (US)
Pretty Boy Floyd (US)
Pretty Maids (Denmark)
Preyer (UK)
Pride & Glory (US)
Pride of Lions (US)
Prih Lop (Russia)
Primal Fear (Germany)
Primal Rock Rebellion (UK)
Prime Time (Denmark)
Primesth (Sweden)
Primordial (Ireland)
Primus (US)
Princess Pang (US)
Privateer (Poland)
Pro-Pain (US)
Probot (US)
Prodigal Earth (Cyprus)
Prodigal Sons (Italy)
Profanator (Mexico)
Profecia (Ecuador)
Profetica (Guatemala)
Progredior (Ukraine)
Project Alcazar (US)
Project Arcadia (Bulgaria)
Projecto (Italy)
Prollhead (Germany)
Prolopower (Germany)
Promises (Czech Republic)
Prong (US)
Prophecy (Italy)
Prophet (Finland)
Prophexy (Italy)
Protector (Germany)
Prototype (US)
Prowlers, The (Italy)
Prozack Staple (US)
Psy Voyny (Russia)
Psycho Scream (US)
Psychopunch (Sweden)
Psychotic Waltz (US)
Psychotron (Germany)
Psyco Drama (US)
Psycore (Sweden)
Psycroptic (Australia)
Puls (Czech Republic)
Pulsar (Belarus)
Pump (Germany)
Pungent Stench (Austria)
Punishable Act (Germany)
Pure Inc. (Switzerland)
Purgatory (US)
Purged (Australia)
Push (Brazil)
Pyogenesis (Germany)
Pyorrhoea (Poland)
Pyracanda (Germany)
Pyramaze (Denmark)
Pyramid (Spain)
Pyramid (UK)
Pyrolyse (Germany)
Pyrotoxic (Finland)

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