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April 19th, 2019
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Bands R

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists R: 227

R-Genium (Russia)
R.I.P. Soldier (Brazil)
R.P.W.L. (Germany)
R.U.S.T. (Romania)
Ra's Dawn (Germany)
Racer X (US)
Rachels Coven (US)
Radakka (US)
Radiance (Italy)
RAF (Sweden)
Rage (Germany)
Rage of Angels (US)
Rage of Romance (Greece)
Raging Force (Germany)
Raging Speedhorn (UK)
Raging Storm (Greece)
Ragnarok (Norway)
Railway (Germany)
Rain (Italy)
Rainbow (UK)
Rainspawn (Italy)
Raintime (Italy)
Raise Hell (Sweden)
Raising Fear (Italy)
Ralphs, Mick (UK)
RAM (Sweden)
Rammstein (Germany)
Ramos (US)
Rampage (Germany)
Rampart (Bulgaria)
Randagi (Italy)
Randalica (Germany)
Random (Germany)
Random Damage (Canada)
Randy (Sweden)
Rankelson (UK)
Rapid Fire (Italy)
Rapid Tears (Canada)
Rapidfire (US)
Rata Blanca (Argentina)
Rated-X (Germany)
Ratt (US)
Raunchy (Denmark)
Rautiainen, Timo & Trio Niskalaukaus (Finland)
Ravage (US)
Raven (UK)
Raven Woods (Turkey)
Ravenheart (Switzerland)
Ravenlord (Norway)
Raventhrone (international)
Raw (Italy)
Raw Deal (UK)
Rawhead Rexx (Germany)
Raymen, The (Germany)
Razor (Canada)
Razor Fist (US)
Razorback (Germany)
Razormaid (US)
RD (Russia)
Re-Animator (UK)
Re-Vision (Germany)
Re:Aktor (Portugal)
Rea Silvia (Czech Republic)
Reaccion (Argentina)
Reactor (Germany)
Readman, David (Germany)
Realm (US)
Reanimacia (Ukraine)
Reaper (Germany)
Reapers (Italy)
Rebellion (Germany)
Reckless (Sweden)
Reckless Tide (Germany)
Red Circuit (Germany)
Red Dawn (Russia)
Red Dogs (UK)
Red Fire Rain (Germany)
Red Right Hand (US)
Red Square (Russia)
Red Tide (Canada)
Red to Grey (Germany)
Red Warlock (Italy)
Red Wine (Spain)
Redemption (US)
Redkey (Germany)
Redox (Spain)
Redrum (US)
Redrum (Greece)
Redstorm (Sweden)
Reece (US)
Reece Kronlund (international)
Reflection (Greece)
Regency (France)
Regicide (Germany)
Regime (US)
Reign of Terror, The (US)
Reincidentes (Spain)
Reinxeed (Sweden)
Reitmeier, Olaf (Germany)
Released Anger (Greece)
Renacer (Argentina)
Renegade (UK)
Renegade (Italy)
Renstrom, Rick (US)
Reptilian (Sweden)
Requiem (Germany)
Requiem (Finland)
Requiem (Russia)
Resistance (US)
Resistance (Belgium)
Restless (Germany)
Restless Breed (US)
Resurrection (US)
Resurrection Kings (US)
Retriem (Russia)
Rev 16.8 (Sweden)
ReVamp (The Netherlands)
Revenant (US)
Revenant (Finland)
Revenge (Brazil)
Reverb Motherfuckers (US)
Reverence (US)
Reviver (The Netherlands)
Revoltons (Italy)
Revolution Renaissance (Finland)
Reward (Austria)
Rhapsody (Italy)
Rhapsody of Fire (Italy)
Rhevan (Brazil)
Rhythm Trip (US)
Richman, Jonathan (US)
Richthofen (Germany)
Ricochet (Germany)
Riddlemaster (US)
Ride the Sky (Germany)
Rider (US)
Riders of Odin (US)
Riefenstahl (Germany)
Riff (Argentina)
Riff-Raff (Germany)
Riger (Germany)
Righteous Pigs (US)
Rights of the Accused (US)
Rigor Mortis (US)
Rimortis (Czech Republic)
Ring of Fire (US)
Ring, The (Sweden)
Rio, Jose Del (Chile)
Rios (Canada)
Riot (US)
Riot on Mars (US)
Ripio (Argentina)
Ripper (US)
Rising Faith (Sweden)
Rising Force (US)
Rising Kingdom (Italy)
Risk (Germany)
Ritual (US)
Ritual Spirit (Germany)
Ritual Steel (Germany)
River of Change (Italy)
Riverside (Poland)
Rizon (Switzerland)
Roa, Carl (US)
Rob Tognoni Band (Australia)
Rochus (Germany)
Rock'n'Raw Bottled Band (Russia)
Rock'n'Roll Stormtroopers (Germany)
Rock, Rob (US)
Rocka Rolla (Greece)
Rocka Rollas (Sweden)
Rodgers, Paul (UK)
Rods, The (US)
Rogue Mahone (Germany)
Rogue Male (UK)
Rohr, Chris von (Switzerland)
Roko (Germany)
Rolfus Schwachsinniges Geklimper (Germany)
Rollins Band (US)
Romanoff, Igor (Russia)
Romeo, Michael (US)
Rondat, Patrick (France)
Rondinelli (UK)
Ronson, Mick (UK)
Room with a View (Italy)
Rosae Crucis (Italy)
Rose Tattoo (Australia)
Ross the Boss (US)
Ross, Stephen (US)
Rossi, Giulio (Italy)
Rossomahaar (Russia)
Rostok Vampires (Germany)
Roswell Six (US)
Roth, David Lee (US)
Roth, Uli Jon (Germany)
Rotor (Hungary)
Rotors to Rust (US)
Rotten Sound (Finland)
Rotting Christ (Greece)
Rotting Head (Poland)
Rough Cutt (US)
Rough Silk (Germany)
Rox (UK)
Roy Last Group (Germany)
Royal Hunt (Denmark)
Rude Awakening (US)
Rudess - Morgenstein (US)
Rudess, Jordan (US)
Rugged, The
Ruination (Lithuania)
Ruined Soul (Sweden)
Ruinthrone (Italy)
Ruler (Italy)
Rumble Militia (Germany)
Rumsfield (Canada)
Runamok (Germany)
Runaways, The (US)
Runestaff (UK)
Rungren, Todd & His Friends (US)
Running Wild (Germany)
Rush (Canada)
Rust (Greece)
Ruthless (US)
Rykers (Germany)

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