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March 25th, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists S: 697

S.A. Slayer (US)
S.A.D.O. (Germany)
S.N.P. (Italy)
S.O.D. (US)
Sabatan (Spain)
Sabaton (Sweden)
Sabbat (UK)
Sabbat (Japan)
Sabbtail (Sweden)
Saber Tiger (Japan)
Sabotage (Italy)
Sabotazh (Russia)
Sacrament (Germany)
Sacrament (US)
Sacramentum (Sweden)
Sacrecy (Finland)
Sacred Blade (Canada)
Sacred Blood (Greece)
Sacred Chao (Germany)
Sacred Crucifix (Finland)
Sacred Denial (US)
Sacred Gate (Germany)
Sacred Guardian (Puerto Rico)
Sacred Heart (US)
Sacred Oath (US)
Sacred Reich (US)
Sacred Sinner (Brazil)
Sacred Steel (Germany)
Sacrifice (Canada)
Sacrilege (UK)
Sacrilegio (Puerto Rico)
Sad Gryoz (Russia)
Sad Legend (Korea)
Sadist (Italy)
Sadistic Kill (Argentina)
Sadness (Switzerland)
Sadus (US)
Saeko (Japan)
Saffire (Sweden)
Saga (Canada)
Sage's Recital (international)
Sagitta (Brazil)
Sagittarius (Norway)
Sagrado Coracao da Terra (Brazil)
Sahg (Norway)
Saidian (Germany)
Saigon Kick (US)
Saint (US)
Saint Deamon (Sweden)
Sainted Sinners (international)
Saintsbleed (Germany)
Sak Sok (Russia)
Salamandra (Czech Republic)
Saltatio Mortis (Germany)
Salvation (Germany)
Salvus (Hungary)
Samael (Switzerland)
Samsarra (US)
Samson (UK)
Sanction-X (Germany)
Sanctorum (US)
Sanctuary (US)
Sandalinas (Sweden)
Sands, Eric (US)
Sandstone (UK)
Sangara (Russia)
Sanguis Et Cinis (Austria)
Santa (Spain)
Santa Maria (Russia)
Santana, Carlos (US)
Santers (Canada)
Sanvoisen (Germany)
Saposmittz (US)
Sapphire (UK)
Saqqara (Spain)
Saracen (UK)
Saratan (Poland)
Saratoga (Spain)
Saraya (US)
Sarcasm (Sweden)
Sarcasm (Slovenia)
Sarcofago (Brazil)
Sardo (US)
Sardonic (Germany)
Sargant Fury (Germany)
Saris (Germany)
Sarissa (Greece)
Satan (UK)
Satan's Host (US)
Satanic Rites (UK)
Satanochio (Romania)
Satrox (Switzerland)
Saturnus (Denmark)
Satyricon (Norway)
Saurom (Spain)
Saurom Lamderth (Spain)
Savage (UK)
Savage Circus (Germany)
Savage Grace (US)
Savage Messiah (UK)
Savage Steel (Canada)
Savallion Dawn (Germany)
Savatage (US)
Savers (Italy)
Savior from Anger (Italy)
Saviour Machine (US)
Saxon (UK)
SBK (Russia)
Scanner (Germany)
Scapegoat (Germany)
Scar Symmetry (Sweden)
Scarlatyna (Germany)
Scarlet Anger (Luxembourg)
Scarlet Wizard (Brazil)
Scars (Brazil)
Scary German Guy (US)
Scary Hairy (US)
Scavenger (The Netherlands)
Scavengours (France)
Scelerata (Brazil)
Scelet (Czech Republic)
Scenes (Germany)
Scepter (US)
Sceptre (US)
Schattentantz (Germany)
Scheepers, Ralf (Germany)
Scheetz, Jeff (US)
Scheitan (Sweden)
Schenker Barden Acoustic Project (US)
Schenker, Michael (Germany)
Schenker-Pattison Summit (Germany)
Schmidt, Manni (Germany)
Schtimm (Norway)
Schubert (Austria)
Schumann, Volker (Germany)
Schutt, Gary (US)
Schwarz (Germany)
Schwarzarbeit (Germany)
Schweisser (Germany)
Scimitar (UK)
Scintilla Project, The (UK)
Scornage (Germany)
Scorpions, The (Germany)
Scott, Bon (Australia)
Scream Clan, The (US)
Screamer (US)
Screamer (US)
Screaming Shadows (Italy)
Scum Rock
SDI (Germany)
Sea of Dreams (Norway)
SeaGall (Russia)
Seasons of the Wolf (US)
Sebastien (Czech Republic)
Secrecy (Germany)
Secret Discovery (Germany)
Secret Illusion (Greece)
Secret of Dawn (France)
Secret Sphere (Italy)
Section A (Denmark)
Security (Germany)
Sed Lex (France)
Sedition (Australia)
Seelenwinter (Germany)
Self Torture (Turkey)
Selfish Gene
Selidor (Argentina)
Selvageria (Brazil)
Senat (Russia)
Sencirow (Germany)
Senseless (Germany)
Senser (UK)
Sentenced (Finland)
Sentiment (Finland)
Sentinel Beast (US)
Sepsis (Austria)
Septic Flesh (Greece)
Sepultura (Brazil)
Seraphim (Taiwan)
Serenity (Austria)
Serious Black (international)
Serpent Saints (Denmark)
Serpenta (Mexico)
Serpentor (Argentina)
Seth (France)
Seven (Sweden)
Seven (Czech Republic)
Seven Angels (Brazil)
Seven Foot Spleen (US)
Seven Gates (Italy)
Seven Kingdoms (US)
Seven Seas (Germany)
Seven Seraphim (US)
Seven Sisters (UK)
Seven Tears (Sweden)
Seven the Hardway (US)
Seven Thorns (Denmark)
Seven Witches (US)
Sevendust (US)
Sevenseas (Japan)
Seventh Avenue (Germany)
Seventh Calling (US)
Seventh Gate (Germany)
Seventh Omen (US)
Seventh One (Sweden)
Seventh Seal (Brazil)
Seventh Seal (Italy)
Seventh Son (UK)
Seventh Void (US)
Seventh Wonder (Sweden)
Severe Warning (US)
Severed Serenity (Canada)
Sex Machineguns (Japan)
Sex Museum (Spain)
Sex Pistols, The (UK)
Seyminhol (France)
Shaark (Czech Republic)
Shadow Demon (US)
Shadow Gallery (US)
Shadow Host (Russia)
Shadow Mask (Brazil)
Shadow Theory, The (US)
Shadow Train (US)
Shadow's Mignon (Germany)
Shadowcast (Austria)
Shadowcaster (US)
Shadowdance (US)
Shadowgate (US)
Shadowkeep (UK)
Shadowkiller (US)
Shadowland (UK)
Shadowlord (South Africa)
Shadowquest (Sweden)
Shadows Fade (US)
Shadows Fall (US)
Shadows of Dawn (US)
Shadows of Iga (Germany)
Shadows of Steel (Italy)
Shadows Past (Sweden)
Shadowside (Brazil)
Shadrane (France)
Shah (Russia)
Shakra (Switzerland)
Shaman (Brazil)
Shamway (Germany)
Shaolin Death Squad (US)
Sharkrage (Germany)
Sharman, Dave (UK)
Sharon (Germany)
Shatter Messiah (US)
She (UK)
Sheavy (Canada)
Sheehan, Billy (US)
Shelter (US)
Sherinian, Derek (US)
Shermann, Hank (Denmark)
Shihad (New Zealand)
Shining Fury (Italy)
Shining Path (Sweden)
Shining Star (Brazil)
Shiranui (Japan)
Shiva (Germany)
Shiver (US)
Shock Troopers (Italy)
Shockmachine (Germany)
Shok Paris (US)
Shotgun Symphony (US)
Showdown, The (US)
Shylock (UK)
Siam (UK)
Sic Vikki (US)
Siddhartha (Turkey)
Siebenburgen (Sweden)
Sieges Even (Germany)
Siegfried (Austria)
Sigh (Japan)
Sigma (Italy)
Sigma 5 (Brazil)
Sign of the Jackal (Italy)
Signum Regis (Slovakia)
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (UK)
Silber (Germany)
Silencer (US)
Silent Assassins (US)
Silent Edge (The Netherlands)
Silent Fall (France)
Silent Force (Germany)
Silent Memorial (Switzerland)
Silent Moon (Brazil)
Silent Scythe (Sweden)
Silent Voices (Finland)
Silentium (Finland)
Silver Blade (Brazil)
Silver Dirt (Switzerland)
Silver Fist (Spain)
Silver Horses (international)
Silver Lake (Italy)
Silver Mountain (Sweden)
Silver Seraph (Sweden)
Silverback (Japan)
Silverlane (Germany)
Silvestri, Giuseppe (Italy)
Simanic, Slav (Canada)
Simic-Shime, Damir (Croatia)
Simonz, Kelly (Japan)
Sin City Six (Spain)
Sinbreed (Germany)
Sinergy (Finland)
Sinestesia (Italy)
Single Bullet Theory (US)
Sinheresy (Italy)
Sinister (The Netherlands)
Sinkadus (Sweden)
Sinner (Germany)
Sinner, Mat (Germany)
Sinners Bleed (Germany)
Sinphonia (Denmark)
Sins of Thy Beloved, The (Norway)
Sir (US)
Siracida (Spain)
Siren (US)
Siren (1) (Japan)
Sirenia (Norway)
Sirens (Germany)
Sirens Cry (Austria)
Sirrah (Poland)
Sistema (Russia)
Sister Sin (Sweden)
Sisthema (Italy)
Sitkovetsky, Sasha (US)
Six Beer (Mexico)
Six Degrees of Separation (Czech Republic)
Six Feet Under (US)
Six Feet Under (Sweden)
Six Magics (Chile)
Sixty Watt Shaman (US)
Skanners (Italy)
Skassapunka (Italy)
Skelator (US)
Skeletor (US)
Skeptiker, Die (Germany)
Skew Siskin (Germany)
Skid Row (US)
Skiltron (Argentina)
Skin Chamber (US)
Skinlab (US)
Skinless (US)
Skinny Puppy (UK)
Skipetr (Russia)
Skitzotik (US)
Skolnick, Alex (US)
Skrew (US)
Skull (US)
Skull (Colombia)
Skull Fist (Canada)
Skullview (US)
Sky of Avalon (Germany)
Skyclad (UK)
Skylark (Italy)
Skyliner (US)
Skymning (Sweden)
Skyrion (Brazil)
Skyscraper (Brazil)
Slade (UK)
Slammer (UK)
Slander (UK)
Slapdash (Sweden)
Slaughter (US)
Slayer (US)
Sleazy Wizard (Japan)
Sleeping Gods (Germany)
Sleepy Hollow (US)
Sleeze Beez (The Netherlands)
Slick, Earl (US)
Slipknot (US)
Slow (Brazil)
Smirnov, Andrey (Russia)
Smith, John A.B.C. (Germany)
Smith, Stuart (US)
Smoke (US)
Smokie (UK)
Smolski, Victor (Germany)
Snake Charmer (Sweden)
Snider, Dee (US)
Snotrocket (Sweden)
Snowblind (Greece)
Snowy Shaw (Sweden)
Sobygge, Michael (Denmark)
Sodom (Germany)
Soegijanty, Josephine (US)
Soil (US)
Soilwork (Sweden)
Sokolinaya Ohota (Russia)
Solace (US)
Solar (Russia)
Solar Fragment (Germany)
Solar Project (Germany)
Solarstorm (Colombia)
Solefald (Norway)
Solemnity (Germany)
Solicitude (Germany)
Solitaire (Finland)
Solitude (Japan)
Solitude Aeturnus (US)
Solstice (UK)
Solution .45 (Sweden)
Solvi (US)
Sombre Nostalgie (Canada)
Somerville, Amanda (US)
Something Wicked (US)
Somniae Status (Italy)
Son of a Bitch (UK)
Sonata Arctica (Finland)
Sonderangebot (Germany)
Sonic Debris (Norway)
Sonic Pulsar (Portugal)
Sonic Syndicate (Sweden)
Sonnengott (Germany)
Sons of Liberty (US)
Sons of Seasons (Germany)
Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows (Germany)
Sorcerer (Poland)
Sorcery (Spain)
Sore Plexus (Germany)
Sorrowful Winds (Greece)
Sorrows Path (Greece)
Sortilege (France)
Sotajumala (Finland)
Soto, Jeff Scott (US)
Soul Demise (Portugal)
Soul Doctor (Germany)
Soul Enema (Israel)
Soul Mask (Italy)
Soul of Steel (Italy)
Soul Sign (US)
Soul Source (Sweden)
Soul Stealer (Lithuania)
Soul Takers (Italy)
Soulblaze (Italy)
Soulbreach (Sweden)
Soulfly (US)
Soulgrind (Finland)
Soulitude (Spain)
Soulless (US)
Soulmotor (US)
Soulreaper (Sweden)
Souls at Zero (US)
Souls of We (US)
Soulsecret (Italy)
Soulspell (Brazil)
Sound Barrier (US)
Sound of Silence (Greece)
Sound of Thunder, A (US)
Sound Storm (Italy)
Source of Tide (Norway)
Southern Cross (Canada)
Soylent Green (Germany)
Soyuz (Russia)
Soziedad Alkoholika (Spain)
Space Odyssey (Sweden)
Spartacus (Brazil)
Spastic Ink (US)
Speakers for the Dead (US)
Speckmann Project (US)
Specter (Russia)
Spectre Dragon (Germany)
Speed Limit (Austria)
Speed-Kill-Hate (US)
Speedealer (US)
Speeed (US)
Spellblast (Italy)
Spellbound (Greece)
Spellbound (Sweden)
Spellcaster (US)
Speranthas (Argentina)
Spermbirds (Germany)
Spheric Universe Experience (France)
Sphinx (Spain)
Spider (US)
Spiegel (Mexico)
Spike (UK)
Spinal Tap (UK)
Spineshank (US)
Spiral Architect (Norway)
Spiral Tower (Germany)
Spirit Heaven (Brazil)
Spirit Web (US)
Spiritual Beggars (Sweden)
Spitfire (Greece)
Spitfire (Italy)
Split Heaven (Mexico)
Spock's Beard (US)
Spudmonsters, The (Germany)
Sputniks (Germany)
Squealer (Germany)
Squealer (France)
St. Elmos Fire (US)
Stage Two (Germany)
Stahl (Germany)
Stahlhammer (Austria)
Stahlmann (Germany)
Stainless Steel (Hungary)
Stainless Steel (Germany)
Stairway (UK)
Stal'nye Nervy (Russia)
Stalker (Brazil)
Stallion (Germany)
Stalwart (Russia)
Stamina (Italy)
Stampin' Ground (UK)
Star One (The Netherlands)
Star Queen (Bulgaria)
Star Rats (Denmark)
Star Unknown (US)
Starbreaker (international)
Stargazer (Italy)
Stargazery (Finland)
Stark Raving Mad (US)
Staropoli, Alex (Italy)
Starr, Jack (US)
Starshie Arkany (Russia)
Starsoup (Russia)
Staryy Gorod (Russia)
Staryy Sklep (Russia)
Starz (US)
Statetrooper (UK)
Static (US)
Statue (Finland)
Status (Russia)
Status Quo (UK)
Staya (Belarus)
Steel Aggressor (US)
Steel Assassin (US)
Steel Attack (Sweden)
Steel Emblem (Japan)
Steel Horse (Spain)
Steel Maid (Germany)
Steel Prophet (US)
Steel Raiser (Italy)
Steel Seal (Italy)
Steel Warrior (Brazil)
Steeler (Germany)
Steeler (US)
Steelheart (US)
Steellord (Brazil)
Steeltower (Germany)
Steelwing (Sweden)
Steelwolf (US)
Steidl, Bernd (Germany)
Stella Us (US)
Stendal Blast (Germany)
Step Child (US)
Step Kings, The (US)
Steppenwolf (US)
Steve Morse Band (US)
Stevens, Steve (US)
Stevens, TM (US)
Stevenson, James (UK)
Stigmata (Austria)
Stigmata IV (Austria)
Still Alive (Brazil)
Stille Volk (France)
Stillife (Russia)
Stilverlight (Russia)
Stone (Finland)
Stone Fury (US)
Stone Sour (US)
Stonehand (Russia)
Stonelake (Sweden)
Stoner Kings, The (Finland)
Stonewall (Italy)
Stormage (Germany)
Stormblade (Germany)
Stormblast (France)
Stormbound (Germany)
Stormbreaker (Russia)
Stormbringer (Germany)
Stormbringer (Italy)
Stormbringer (Switzerland)
Stormhammer (Germany)
Stormhunter (Germany)
Stormlord (Italy)
Stormrider (Germany)
Stormrider, The (Spain)
Stormwarrior (Germany)
Stormwind (Sweden)
Stormwitch (Germany)
Stormy Atmosphere (Israel)
Storyteller's Rain (Germany)
Storyteller, The (Sweden)
Stramonio (Italy)
Strana Officina (Italy)
Strange Mind of Buddy Lackey, The (US)
Stranger (Germany)
Stranger Aeons (Lithuania)
Strangeways (UK)
Stranglehold (UK)
Strapping Young Lad (Canada)
Stratovarius (Finland)
Stravaganzza (Spain)
Stream (US)
Street Fighter (Germany)
Stress (Brazil)
Strict Line (Italy)
Strike, Alexey (Russia)
Strikelight (Greece)
Striker (Canada)
Strings 24 (Italy)
Stryper (US)
STS 8 Mission (Germany)
Stuck Mojo (US)
Stump, Joe (US)
Sturm Und Drang (Finland)
Stygia (US)
Stygma IV (Austria)
Stylo Livre (Brazil)
Styx (US)
Sub7even (Germany)
Subacid (Austria)
Subcutane (Germany)
Submerse (US)
Subotovsky, Adrian (Argentina)
Subsignal (Germany)
Substyle (Germany)
Subway (Germany)
Subway to Sally (Germany)
Succubus (Germany)
Such a Surge (Germany)
Sudden Death (Germany)
Sudden Death (1) (Germany)
Sudnyy Den' (Russia)
Sufferage (Germany)
Suffocation (US)
Suicidal Angels (Greece)
Suicidal Tendencies (US)
Suicide Contest (US)
Suicide Silence (US)
Suicides, Die (Germany)
Suidakra (Germany)
Sultan (Switzerland)
Summer, Henry Lee (US)
Summoning (Austria)
Sun Caged (The Netherlands)
Sun of a Beach Blues Band (Portugal)
Sun Red Sun (US)
Sundown (Sweden)
Sunrise (Ukraine)
Sunstorm (US)
Sunwalter (Russia)
SUP (France)
Supared (Germany)
SuperCharger (Denmark)
Superior (Germany)
Superjoint Ritual (US)
Supershine (US)
Supersoma (Germany)
Suprema (Brazil)
Supreme Lord (Poland)
Supreme Majesty (Sweden)
Surgeon (US)
Susperia (Norway)
Suspyre (US)
Swan Christy (Greece)
Swano - Tagtgren (Sweden)
Swano, Dan (Sweden)
Swarf Sisters (UK)
Swashbuckle (US)
Swedish Erotica (Sweden)
Sweet Cheater (Germany)
Sweet Pain (Brazil)
Sweet Savage (UK)
Sweet Sick (Italy)
Sword (Canada)
Swordfish (Czech Republic)
Sygnet, The (Germany)
Sykes, John (US)
Sylencer (US)
Sylosis (UK)
Sylvan (Germany)
Symbols (Brazil)
Symfonia (international)
Symmetry (The Netherlands)
Symphonity (Czech Republic)
Symphony X (US)
Symphorce (Germany)
Synasthasia (Germany)
Syndrome (Brazil)
Synthesys (Italy)
Synthphonia Suprema (Italy)
Syrens Call (France)
Syris (US)
Syrius (Spain)
Syth (UK)

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