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March 21st, 2019
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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists T: 309

T.A.R. (Sweden)
Taboo Voodoo (international)
Tabor, Ty (US)
Tacere (Finland)
Tactile Gemma (Norway)
Tad Morose (Sweden)
Tafolla, Joey (US)
Tai-Pan (Germany)
Tailgunners (Brazil)
Tainted Nation (UK)
Takara (US)
Taking Over (US)
Talamasca (US)
Talas (US)
Talion (UK)
Talisman (Sweden)
Talon (US)
Talon (Germany)
Tamerlan (Chile)
Tank (UK)
Tank (UK)
Tankard (Germany)
Tankwart (Germany)
Tapping the Vein (US)
Taramis (Australia)
Tarantula (Portugal)
Tarantula (Czech Republic)
Taraxacum (Germany)
Target (Belgium)
Tarja (Finland)
Tarot (Finland)
Tarot Sutra (UK)
Tarot's Myst (Germany)
Taste of Doom (Germany)
Tate, Geoff (US)
Tattoo (US)
Tattooed Love Boys (UK)
Taurus (Brazil)
Taylor, Jeff (US)
Tchort (Canada)
Tea (Spain)
Tears (Turkey)
Tears of Anger (Sweden)
Tears of Joker (Brazil)
Teatr Teney (Russia)
Telergy (US)
Tempest (US)
Tempest, Joey (Sweden)
Tempesta (Italy)
Tempestt (Brazil)
Templaria (Argentina)
Temple of Your Soul (Germany)
Templerion (Argentina)
Tempter, The (Spain)
Ten (UK)
Ten Ton Tide (US)
Ten2Nine (Canada)
Tenebrarum (Colombia)
Tenhi (Finland)
Teos (US)
Teramaze (Australia)
Terentiev, Sergey (Russia)
Terra Caput Mundi (US)
Terra Prima (Brazil)
Terran (Russia)
Terrana, Mike (US)
Terror 2000 (Sweden)
Terror Squad (Japan)
Terrorvision (US)
TerzoLivello (Italy)
Tesla (US)
Tesseract (UK)
Testament (US)
Testimony (US)
Teutonic (Germany)
Textures (The Netherlands)
Thal, Ron (US)
Thalion (Brazil)
Thaurorod (Finland)
Theatre of Tragedy (Norway)
Them (international)
Theocracy (US)
Theory in Practice (Sweden)
Therianor (Argentina)
Therion (Sweden)
Thespian (Brazil)
Thin Lizzy (Ireland)
Thinking Principle, The (UK)
Thomas, Maylee (US)
Thomas, Mickey (US)
Thompson-Smith, Mark (UK)
Thomsen (Germany)
Thor (Canada)
Thora (Germany)
Thorazine (Canada)
Thorium (Denmark)
Thornclad (Sweden)
Thorns (Norway)
Thorr's Hammer (US)
Thorrent (Germany)
Thoten (Brazil)
Thought Chamber (US)
Thought Industry (US)
Thoughtsphere (Germany)
Thram (Brazil)
Thrashera (Brazil)
Threat Signal (Canada)
Threnody (The Netherlands)
Threshold (UK)
Throne of Chaos (Finland)
Throttle O.H. (US)
Thrust (US)
Thrustor (US)
Thulsa Doom (Norway)
Thunder (UK)
Thunder And Lightning (Germany)
Thunder Axe (Italy)
Thunder Reigns (US)
Thunder Rising (US)
Thunder Tribe (US)
Thunder Way (Albania)
Thunderblast (Colombia)
Thunderbolt (Norway)
Thunderbolt (Poland)
Thundercross (Italy)
Thunderhead (Germany)
Thundersteel (Germany)
Thunderstick (UK)
Thunderstone (Finland)
Thunderstorm (Italy)
Thunderstorm (Germany)
Thundertale (Lithuania)
Thy Majestie (Italy)
Thy Serpent (Finland)
Thy Symphony (Brazil)
Tia Carrera (US)
Tiamat (Sweden)
Tiara (Russia)
Tidfall (Norway)
Tieflader (Germany)
Tierra del Dragon (Venezuela)
Tierra Santa (Spain)
Tiglath (Brazil)
Tiles (US)
Time Machine (Italy)
Time Requiem (Sweden)
Timeless Miracle (Sweden)
Timelord (US)
Timescape (Sweden)
Timestorm (Italy)
Tipton, Entwistle & Powell (UK)
Tipton, Glenn (UK)
TIR (Italy)
Tishamingo (US)
Titan (France)
Titan (Russia)
Titan Force (US)
Titan Steele (Germany)
Tivoli Boy (Norway)
TNT (Norway)
To Elysium (The Netherlands)
To-Die-For (Finland)
Toad (Switzerland)
Tokyo Blade (UK)
Tolkki, Timo (Finland)
Tomorrow's Eve (Germany)
Tomorrow's Outlook (Norway)
Tone (Canada)
Top Banana
Tora Tora (US)
Toranaga (UK)
Torch (Sweden)
Torman Maxt (US)
Torment (Germany)
Tornado (Serbia)
Torpey, Pat (US)
Tortoise Corpse (UK)
Tortuga Bay (Hungary)
Torture (US)
Torture Boat (US)
Torture Squad (Brazil)
Tortured Soul, A (US)
Torturer (Chile)
Total Eclipse (US)
Totalisti (US)
Toten Hosen, Die (Germany)
Totenmond (Germany)
Toto (US)
Tourniquet (US)
Tower of Babel (US)
Townsend, Devin (Canada)
Toxic Shock (Germany)
Toxic Taste (Germany)
Toxik (US)
Traceelords, The (Germany)
Tragedian (Germany)
Tragedy Begins (Greece)
Tragedy Divine (Germany)
Trail of Tears (US)
Tramp, Mike (US)
Trampled Underfoot (US)
Trance (Germany)
Trancemission (Germany)
Trans Am (Germany)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (US)
Transatlantic (US)
Transcendence (Germany)
Transit (Switzerland)
Transnight (Germany)
Transport League (Sweden)
Trashmachine (Ukraine)
Trauma (US)
Traumor (US)
Treasure Land (Sweden)
Treasure Seeker (Germany)
Treat (Sweden)
Tredegar (UK)
Tree (US)
Treibhaus (Germany)
Tren Loco (Argentina)
Trezor (Czech Republic)
Tribal Rage (US)
Tribe (UK)
Tribe After Tribe (US)
Tribuzy, Renato (Brazil)
Trick Or Treat (Italy)
Trident (UK)
Trident (Argentina)
Trillium (international)
Trinity (Germany)
Triosphere (Norway)
Tripping Horse (Austria)
Triptykon (Switzerland)
Tristania (Norway)
Tristitia (Sweden)
Triumfator (Ukraine)
Triumph (Canada)
Trivium (US)
Trizna (Russia)
Troccoli, Kathy (US)
Trojan (UK)
Trollfest (Norway)
Trollheim's Grott (Finland)
Tropa de Shock (Brazil)
Trouble (US)
Troy (Russia)
Truncator (US)
Trust X (Russia)
Trypes (Greece)
Tsar (international)
Tsepnaya Reaktsiya (Russia)
Tsunami (US)
TT Quick (US)
Tuatha de Danann (Brazil)
Tuff (US)
Tulus (Norway)
Tungsten (US)
Tunnel Vision (Germany)
Tura Satana (US)
Turbo (Poland)
Turbo Rexx (Italy)
Turboangel (Italy)
Turbonegro (Norway)
Turilli, Luca (Italy)
Turisas (Finland)
Turmoil (US)
Turner, Joe Lynn (US)
Turunen, Tarja - Terrana, Mike (international)
Tush (Germany)
Tusk (Germany)
Tuzmadar (Hungary)
Twelfth Gate (US)
Twilight (Denmark)
Twilight (Brazil)
Twilight (Spain)
Twilight Force (Sweden)
Twilight Guardians (Finland)
Twilight Hall (Canada)
Twilight Messenger (international)
Twilight Odyssey (US)
Twilight of the Gods (international)
Twilight Ophera (Finland)
Twilightning (Finland)
Twins Crew (Sweden)
Twisted Sister (US)
Twisted Tower Dire (US)
Twizted Toyz (Germany)
Two Fires (US)
Two-Bit Thief (US)
Twyster (Germany)
TX Barryt (Germany)
Tyazhyolyy Den' (Russia)
Tygers of Pan Tang (UK)
Tyketto (US)
Tyler, Bonnie (US)
Type O Negative (US)
Tyr (Faroe Islands)
Tyran' Pace (Germany)
Tyrant (Japan)
Tyrant (Germany)
Tyrant (US)
Tyrant Eyes (Germany)
Tyrant's Reign (US)
Tyrantz (Denmark)
Tyrus (US)
Tysondog (UK)
Tzuke, Judie (UK)

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