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March 21st, 2019
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Bands V

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists V: 132

V2 (Germany)
V8 Wankers (Germany)
Vacant Throne (US)
Vacuum (Japan)
Vader (Poland)
Vai, Steve (US)
Vainglory (US)
Valdez (US)
Valentine (US)
Valentines (Australia)
Valhalla (Spain)
Valhalla (US)
Valiance (Italy)
Valinor (Poland)
Valkija (Italy)
Valkyria (Russia)
Valkyrie's Cry (Canada)
Valley's Eve (Germany)
Valor (US)
Valsans (Austria)
Vampyr (Germany)
Van Canto (Germany)
Van Halen (US)
Van Helsing's Curse (US)
Van-Denner (Denmark)
Vanden Plas (Germany)
Vanderhoof (US)
Vanexa (Italy)
Vanguard (Finland)
Vanilla Resident (Italy)
Vanishing Point (Australia)
Vanitas (Austria)
Vanize (Germany)
Vanlade (US)
Various Artists (international)
Vastator (Chile)
Vavel (Greece)
Vectom (Germany)
Vehemence (US)
Vektor (US)
Velvet Viper (Germany)
Vendaval (Spain)
Vendetta (Germany)
Vendetta (UK)
Vengeance (The Netherlands)
Veni Domine (Sweden)
Venom (UK)
Venom Inc. (UK)
Venus (Brazil)
Vera, Joey (US)
Verbannten Kinder Eva's, Die (Austria)
Verdict Denied (Greece)
Versailles (Japan)
Versover (Brazil)
Vertex (US)
Vescera, Michael (US)
Veto (Germany)
Vexillum (Italy)
Vhaldemar (Spain)
Vice Human (Greece)
Vicinity (Norway)
Vicious Mary (Italy)
Vicious Rumors (US)
Victorius (Germany)
Victory (Germany)
Vigilance (Germany)
Vigilante (Japan)
VII Gates (Sweden)
VII Sins (Germany)
Viking (US)
Vikont (Russia)
Villa Cabrio
Villain (US)
Villains (US)
Vincent, Phil (US)
Vinder (Germany)
Vindex (Slovakia)
Vindicator (US)
Vindictiv (Sweden)
Vintersorg (Sweden)
Vio-lence (US)
Violated (Norway)
Violator (Brazil)
Violent Breed (Germany)
Violent Omen (Ukraine)
Violent Storm (Argentina)
Violet Samudra (US)
Violet Sun (Italy)
Violeta de Outono (Brazil)
Viper (Brazil)
Viperine (Sweden)
Virgin Sin (Sweden)
Virgin Steele (US)
Virgo (Germany)
Viron (Germany)
Virtuocity (Finland)
Virus (Czech Republic)
Virus (UK)
Virus 7 (Denmark)
Visigoth (US)
Vision (Sweden)
Vision Bleak, The (Germany)
Vision Divine (Italy)
Visionary (US)
Visions of Atlantis (Austria)
Vital Remains (US)
Vitaly, Tommy (Italy)
Viva (Germany)
Vivaldi Metal Project (Italy)
Vixen (US)
Vixit (Mexico)
Voice (Germany)
Voices of Destiny (Germany)
Voices of Rock (international)
Voices of Silence (Romania)
Void of Silence (Italy)
Voivod (Canada)
Volbeat (Denmark)
Volch'ya Sotnya (Russia)
Volfeed (Japan)
Volnaya Staya (Russia)
Voltax (Mexico)
Vomitory (Sweden)
Voodoo Circle (Germany)
Voodoo Hill (Italy)
Voodoo Temple (US)
Voodooland (US)
Vorpal Nomad (Colombia)
Vortex (The Netherlands)
Vrata (Russia)
Vulture (The Netherlands)
Vyper (US)

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