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March 21st, 2019
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Bands W

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These are all artists of our database including completely supported, SPMML supported and unsupported bands. If it's unsupported band we don't guarantee full discography, correct lineup, hot news and changes.

Total artists W: 186

W.A.S.P. (US)
W.E.T. (international)
Walker, Brett (US)
Wallop (Germany)
Walpurgis Night (Italy)
Walsh, Joe (US)
Walsh, Steve (US)
Waltari (Finland)
Walter, Robert (US)
WAMI (international)
War (Sweden)
War & Peace (US)
War Cry (US)
War Machine (UK)
Warbringer (US)
Warcry (Spain)
Warcry (Germany)
Ward, Bill (UK)
Wardance (Germany)
Wardeath (Brazil)
Wardog (US)
Warfare (UK)
Wargasm (US)
Warhammer (Germany)
Warhammer Symphony (Germany)
Warhead (Belgium)
Warhead (Germany)
Warhorse (US)
Warlock (Germany)
Warlord (US)
Warmachine (Canada)
Warmen (Finland)
Warnament (Macedonia)
Warning SF (US)
Warrant (US)
Warrant (Germany)
Warrion (US)
Warrior (US)
Warrior Soul (US)
Warvenger (Brazil)
Wasted Youth (US)
Wastefall (Greece)
Wasteland (Germany)
Wasteland (Japan)
Watch Them Die (US)
Watchtower (US)
Waterland (Portugal)
Wayfarer (Greece)
Waysted (UK)
We Are Legend (Germany)
We Came As Romans (US)
Wead, Mike (Sweden)
Wednesday 13 (US)
Wehrmacht (US)
WehrwUlv (Canada)
Weinhold (Germany)
Weissglut (Germany)
Wellington (Hungary)
Wells Fargo (The Netherlands)
WeltenBrand (Liechtenstein)
West, Andy (US)
West, John (US)
Wheatstone Bridge (US)
Wheels of Steel (Germany)
While Heaven Wept (US)
Whiplash (US)
White Lion (US)
White Skull (Italy)
White Spirit (UK)
White Stains (Sweden)
White Wizzard (US)
White Wolf (Canada)
White Zombie (US)
White, Doogie (UK)
Whitesnake (UK)
Wicca (Germany)
Wicked Angel (US)
Wicked Maraya (US)
Wicked Minds (Italy)
Wicked Sensation (Germany)
Wicked Virgin (Germany)
Wicked Witch (US)
Widow (US)
Widowmaker (US)
Wikkyd Vikker (UK)
Wild (Spain)
Wild Dogs (US)
Wild Knight (Germany)
Wild Ride (US)
Wild Willy's Gang (Norway)
Wildestarr (US)
Wildfire (UK)
Wildhearts, The (UK)
Wildpath (France)
Williams, Wendy Orlean (US)
Wind Rose (Italy)
Windfall (Greece)
Windrunners (Ukraine)
Winds (Norway)
Winds of Plague (US)
Winds of Sirius (France)
Winds of Torment (France)
Wingdom (Finland)
Winger (US)
Winger, Kip (US)
Wings of Destiny (Costa Rica)
Winter (US)
Winter Rose (Canada)
Winter's Verge (Cyprus)
Winterborn (Finland)
Winterkill (US)
Winterlong (Sweden)
Winters Bane (US)
Winters Dawn (Greece)
Winterstorm (Germany)
Wintersun (Finland)
Wir Gegen Alle (Germany)
Wisdom (Italy)
Wisdom (Greece)
Wisdom (Hungary)
Wisdom Call (Sweden)
Wishbone Ash (UK)
Wishdoom (Greece)
Wishful Thinking (UK)
Wishing Well (US)
Witch Cross (Denmark)
Witch Meadow (US)
Witchburner (Germany)
Witchcraft (Russia)
Witchcurse (Greece)
Witchery (Sweden)
Witches (France)
Witches Mark (US)
Witchfynde (UK)
Witchhammer (Norway)
Witchkiller (Canada)
Witchking (Poland)
Witchslayer (US)
Witchsmeller Pursuivant (Belgium)
Witchtrap (Colombia)
Witchunter (Italy)
Witchunters (Italy)
Withered Beauty (Sweden)
Withering Soul (US)
Withering Surface (Denmark)
Within Another (US)
Within Silence (Slovakia)
Within Temptation (The Netherlands)
Without Face (Hungary)
Without Warning (US)
Wiz (Sweden)
Wizard (Germany)
Wizards (Brazil)
Wizards' Hymn (Japan)
Wohlhauser, Rene (Switzerland)
Wolf (Sweden)
Wolf, Lenny (Germany)
Wolfcry (Greece)
Wolfen (Germany)
Wolfenmond (Germany)
Wolfpakk (Germany)
Wolfram (Czech Republic)
Wolfs Moon (Germany)
Wolfsbane (UK)
Wolfshade (Belarus)
Wolters, Joop (The Netherlands)
Wolverine (Sweden)
Wompi (US)
Wonderland (Italy)
Wood Bell Corporation
Woodtemple (Germany)
Work of Art (Sweden)
World Lost (US)
World of Silence (Sweden)
World Trade (US)
World War III (US)
Wotan (Italy)
Wounded, The (The Netherlands)
Wraith (US)
Wrathchild (UK)
Wretched (US)
Wuthering Heights (Denmark)
Wyldfyre (Germany)
Wyvern (Sweden)
Wyvern (Italy)

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