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April 19th, 2019
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1. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 2. Vyper 'Prepared to Strike' 3. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die 'Der Rote Reiter' 4. Adagio 'Life' 5. Alpha Tiger 'Alpha Tiger' 6. Leprous 'Malina' 7. Paradise Lost 'Medusa' 8. Great White 'Full Circle' 9. Venom Inc. 'Avé' 10. Hell in the Club 'See You on the Dark Side' 11. Satyricon 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep' 12. Septic Flesh 'Codex Omega' 13. FB1964 'Störtebeker' 14. Air Raid 'Across the Line' 15. Panzer (Germany) 'Fatal Command' 16. Section A 'Wall of Silence' 17. Accept 'The Rise of Chaos' 18. Steelheart 'Through Worlds of Stardust' 19. Unity, The 'The Unity' 20. Desperados 'Call of the Wild'

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Aaron, LeeMetal Queen


Attic Productions
ID: ACBD 1188

Heavy Metal

Though there is more Heavy than something else on this album however in the first half of 80s everything was in Hard&Heavy style, this album isn't an exception. Of course this band could be compared with Warlock but I think Lee sings better than Doro, her voice is various and has pretty timbre, music is better and more interesting also.

Aaron, LeeBodyrock


Attic Productions
ID: ACBD 1257

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

Unlike that Aaron's album that I've already got and that likes me, unfortunately this release has nothing catching or impressing. It's standard US Glam in the borders of this style.

Aaron, LeeSome Girls Do


Attic Productions
ID: ACD 1322

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

Probably those girls were ready to do everything for you, but Lee prepared the same US Glam Hard&Heavy that used to be popular during 80s-90s. The music is nice but not original.

Aaron, LeeLee Aaron


Attic Productions
ID: ACDM 1193

Hard Rock

It's not bad Hard Rock with early Heavy touches. The music doesn't cross the limits of Hard Rock traditions of that time, so it's too early to say about an originality on this album.

Aaron, LeeCall of the Wild


Attic Productions
ID: ATM-1212

Hard Heavy Metal

It's the second Lee Aaron's album that tugs at heartstrings (along with Metal Queen). At least it's not sugary pop Rock, it's more or less Hard&Heavy with really not bad songs.

Aaron, LeeEmotional Rain


Taragar Holdings
ID: SGR-CD-41021

Pop Rock

It's absolutely out of my line, such pop music can't appear in my collection for no reason in particular. This music is modern pop Rock with some traditions of Red Hot Chili Peppers and the similar bands.

Aaron, LeeFire And Gasoline


Big Sister Records
ID: 6 28055 24301 4

Pop Rock

Lee Aaron failed to do something a far cry from her last Rock albums from 90s. So it's pop Rock again, simple and unpretentious without any original idea.

AB-CDThe Rock'n'Roll Devil


ID: 74321 13450 2

Hard Rock

It's even not a copy, i's a mockery of AC/DC. We have a music similar to Brian Johnson and even Bon Scott era with the humorous lyrics.

AB-CDCut the Crap


ID: 74321 25309 2

Hard Rock

It's an absolutely continuation of the previous work without any changes. It's still the same AC/DC travesty with similar to Brian Johnson vocals and similar to Angus Young guitars.

AbandonedThrash Notes


Dockyard 1
ID: DY100172

Thrash Speed Metal

This debut album of German band sounds not in German Thrash traditions, it's very close to US Thrash, with the complex sound, sometimes with not very fast music and with really memorable and nice tunes and guitar solos. I tried to find something German in Abandoned music and I found just some early Rage touches...

AbandonedThrash You


Dockyard 1
ID: DY100432

Power Thrash Metal

This album allows us to feel old Rage (the band) more in Thrash performance than everybody got used to hear them. The music is really very interesting, with the good songs and very good musicians' works.

AbattoirVicious Attack


Combat Records
ID: 66011-2

Speed Heavy Metal

It's a nice and nostalgic music, fast US Heavy/Speed from 80s, that has never became Thrash. The rhythm section has some Motorhead influences at its core.

AbattoirThe Only Safe Place


Combat Records
ID: 66020-2

Speed Heavy Metal

Actually it's already very familiar sound of many US bands, I can't say this Abattoir's album opens us new Metal horizons, we already know such fast sound, Heavy parts are similar to many US bands from 80s like Armored Saint and alike.

AbigorSupreme Immortal Art


Napalm Records 

Death Black Metal

It's classic high qualitative Black Metal. It's not a stupid raw music, there are enough classic Black Metal elements there which always decorate such music.

AbordazhAdskiy Shtorm (Hellish Storm)


ID: cdm 0908-2908

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

The first thing hitting the eye is very interesting, high-pitched and strong vocals. The music is melodious Power with some sea/pirates themes.

AbordazhSpokoynaya Zhizn' Ne dlya Nas (Restful Life Is Not for Us)


ID: cdm 1010-2988

Melodic Speed Power Metal

The music is still the same: the fast and interesting songs, the good vocals. Anyway there is something there to catch you without fail.



Megahard Records
ID: MHR 028

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's a mixture of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Manowar. This music unites as you can guess yourself Brazilian Melodic traditions (nice tunes, very good guitar solos, etc.) with the classic world sound.

AbraxasTomorrow's World


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 9802-002

Melodic Speed Power Progressive Metal

It's a mixture of early Blind Guardian, early Helloween, early Scanner, Queensryche and, of course, Mania. But they aren't in these borders, Abraxas music is more and more various and original, the main their feature is the great tunes.

AbraxasThe Liaison


Limb Music Products
ID: TECX-25584

Melodic Speed Power Progressive Metal

This album is completely similar to the re-edition under the different album title "Tomorrow's World".

AbrinThe World of Evil


Life Music
ID: AB2_LM_27_0314

Speed Thrash Heavy Metal

I didn't expect to hear something new, nevertheless this band presents us a various music, interesting enough, from Heavy to Speed/Thrash. In my opinion this music is fully various because the band is still in search of its own way.

Absolute SteelThe Fair Bitch Project


Edgerunner Records
ID: cdm 0702-902

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's just a wonderful masterpiece! It seems a simple mockery of Manowar, Iron Maiden and other 'monsters' but it's so dexterous, inimitable and magnificent, I think Absolute Steel beat the lot! The vocals are excellent, the guitars are very technique, the tunes are magnetic, the arrangement is outstanding.

Absolute SteelWomanizer


Black Lotus Records

Melodic Heavy Metal

The band still makes a parody for 'true Metal bands' like Manowar and any other Unlimited Irons and Aluminium Warriors. But music lose catching tunes, there are good music, very good guitar work and splendid vocals on this release, but the tunes is weaker than on the first band's work.

Abstrakt AlgebraAbstrakt Algebra


Megarock Records

Heavy Doom Metal

It's one of the side-projects when new band sounds in the general traditions of the main band - Candlemass. The music isn't so bad though it's not better than Candlemass.

AbuserThreats of Fate


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-034

Thrash Progressive Metal

These traditions belong to Thrash of 90s. It's already not Speed/Thrash of 80s and not modern Thrash, it's a complex music with many good and interesting songs.

AbydosThe Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About the Inhabitants of His Diary



Melodic Hard Rock Progressive Metal

It's not rival for Ayreon (though they are alike by musical spirit) and for Vanden Plas (this project is with participation of Vanden Plas members). Anyway, it's echo of melodic and experimental music of 70 with many keys,which is not aggressive and has space mood.



ID: GOI 2002-05

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This band is very typical representative of cheerful Melodic Speed&Power in 'Italian' style. There are memorable songs together with very interesting keys work.

AbyssSin Angeles


ID: GOI 2004 25

Melodic Heavy Power Progressive Metal

The main feature of this album is fact that the music differs from the first release. Now it's more Heavy, less fast music with many Progressive elements.



Atlantic Recording Corporation 

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

No comment.

AC-DCHigh Voltage


Atlantic Recording Corporation 

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

No comment.

AC-DCDirty Deedes Done Dirt Cheap


Atlantic Recording Corporation 

Rock'n'Roll Hard Rock

No comment.

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