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April 19th, 2019
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Bach, SebastianBring'em Bach Alive!


Eagle Records
ID: cdm 0606-2554

Pop Hard Rock

It seems it's a new wave of old-timers (of 80s). The songs from Skid Row as usual aren't bad but the music of this semi-work, semi-live-compilation sucks.

Bach, SebastianKicking & Screaming


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 518

Pop Hard Rock

It was bad luck that Sebastian Bach released the solo albums. This work is a boring music with some Stoner elements and absolutely common songs.

Bach, SebastianGive 'Em Hell


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 641

Modern Stoner Rock

It's more and more unfortunate album for my ears. Besides that the music has a modern sound with Stoner and alike elements again, the songs give me an excuse for yawning.



Atlantic Recording Corporation 

Melodic Glam Blues Hard Heavy Metal

I think the band with Paul O'Neill's participation as a music and lyrics author can't be bad. It's classic US Melodic Hard&Heavy of 80s with some good musical ideas.

BadlandsVoodoo Highway


Atlantic Recording Corporation
ID: 7 82251-2

Blues Funk Hard Rock

This album takes us back to the past. It's a bluesy music of 70s with (probably) some Led Zeppelin and Hendrix elements. Maybe it's not bad music for 70s but everything must be in time.



Pony Canyon International
ID: PCCY-01334

Blues Hard Rock

It's more common sounded Uriah Heep than Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Anyway, this music belongs to those times and that sound.



ID: cdm 0911-3012

Heavy Metal

It's absolutely uninteresting music, Heavy Metal without soul. There are the screamy female voices, forgettable songs and invisible musicians.

BagiraPo Krovi Zari (On Blood of Dawn)


ID: fop040cd

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's typical melodious Heavy without anything special. There are few interesting moments there but it's not enough to be something immense.

BaileyLong Way Down


Frontiers Records
ID: FR CD 671

AOR Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

There is the difference in one letter in the name, but for the fact that the difference! I thought it's lost/forgotten Blaze BaYley album, not for the life of me! It's simply typical AOR/Melodic Hard&Heavy album of the man with just the concordant names.

BajelHeavy Metal Opera


ID: MR - 040

Melodic Power Metal

In comparison with the other similar bands Bajel has something really interesting in the music. Actually it's typical Power/Heavy but with some catchy songs.

Bal-SagothA Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria


Cacophonous Records 

Black Death Metal

This album depends on Black&Death, I don't feel anything interesting there.

Bal-SagothStarfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule


Cacophonous Records 

Melodic Death Metal

I don't want the superfluous words, but it's still ideologically Manowar of popular Death Metal.

Bal-SagothBattle Magic


Cacophonous Records 

Melodic Death Progressive Metal

It's one of the type of a trendy music based on Melodic Death ideas.It's a music with many very synthesized keys and simple chords though these keys sound very Progressive!

Bal-SagothThe Power Cosmic


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 421-2

Melodic Death Metal

Bal-Sagoth doesn't aspire to reach other skies, the music is still the same - overloaded by the keys music, with Death/Black vocals and epical music that's close to Speed&Power than to Death.

Bal-SagothAtlantis Ascendant


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 01-37

Melodic Death Metal

It's standard Bal-Sagoth album, they don't think up anything new, this album is similar to all their previous albums, but this album has better arrangements than previous ones, I think.

Bal-SagothThe Chthonic Chronicles


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 06-1153

Melodic Death Metal

It's actually the chronicles of 'something' with the music in the background. In other respects it's absolutely the same Bal Sagoth that I've already known.

Balance of PowerTen More Tales of Grand Illusion


Massacre Records 

Heavy Progressive Metal

It's just another good album of this interesting band that's oriented on the melodic music with some original touches.

Balance of PowerPerfect Balance


Nightmare Records
ID: irond cd 02-386

Power Progressive Metal

This album is very good, I like it at once. I can say the good words about the original musical decisions, powerful sound and catching tunes.

Balance of PowerHeathen Machine


Massacre Records
ID: amg 127

Heavy Progressive Power Metal

This band grows from album to album. This one reminds me of Kamelot arrangements with classic European Heavy / Prog elements.

Balance of PowerWhen the World Falls Down


Point Music 

Melodic Heavy Metal

This album is just music in standard melodic traditions of many other bands. There are many ballad songs with clean guitars and unmemorable tunes, especially closer to the end of the album. This release could hardly open us anything new.

Balistik KickDestroy


Brennus Association
ID: BRI 8304.AR

Heavy Metal

I've never heard their previous album which reviewed everywhere as fantastic Power Metal, but I think this release has nothing with all that delight about Warhead album. I hear something slow but powerful (actually Doom/Stoner touches) in simple Mercyful Fate style, with out of tune vocals which make the music Punk-like.

BalrogA Dark Passage


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-063

Power Metal

This Power is closer to beginnings than to modern time. Musically it's fast and powerful Metal Church with the interesting enough material on this debut.



Lion Music
ID: LMC 149

Hard Rock

It's definitely AC/DC rhythm and guitar sound, but the music is more commercial, the vocals aren't similar to Scott or Johnson. I see in the music the bearded men with the guitars, in the heart of the steppe, on the abandoned road... Oh, did I paint ZZ Top?

BaltimooreQuick Fix


BLP Music
ID: BLP 2009-01

Hard Rock

As it's usual for modern Hard Rock this work is melodious and bluesy. There are many interesting songs, the bonus tracks are just the same tracks performed instrumentally (without the vocals).

BaltimooreOriginal Sin


Lion Music
ID: fo74cd

Blues Hard Rock

Indeed it's really not bad Blues Hard Rock even for my liking. It's the calm bluesy and melodious songs with the typical for such music sound.

Bangalore ChoirOn Target


Giant Records
ID: irond cd 10-dd813

Hard Rock

It's very typical US Hard Rock with absolutely droningly the same songs played everywhere at that moment. There are many Hard Rock ballads on the album - absolutely typical.

Bangalore ChoirCadence


AOR Heaven
ID: irond cd 11-dd849


20 years has gone by and absolutely nothing's changed in the music. It's still the same typical AOR without anything new, memorable or catchy.

Bangalore ChoirMetaphor


AOR Heaven
ID: AORH00071

AOR Hard Rock

I hope everytime to find another good work with Reece. Bangalore Choir isn't that case, it's typical Hard Rock/AOR without anything special.

Bangin' MoonBlinded



Punk Hard Rock

It's raw enough, very Punk-noised music, Hard Rock or even Hard&Heavy but with the sound of 70s. It's absolutely not everybody's cup of tea.

BansheeRace Against Time


Atlantic Recording Corporation
ID: 7 82025-2

Hard Heavy Metal

It's traditional enough Hard&Heavy with some Heavy-only songs. It's a good and interesting album in spite of some lack of an originality.

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