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March 24th, 2019
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C.I.A.In the Red


Combat Records
ID: 88561-2012-2

Thrash Speed Heavy Metal

Everybody who got tired from an ordinary life every day, this album can present some moments of the good impressions from not spoiled music of 80s. It's excellent Thrash with many Speed and Heavy elements from Nuclear Assault drummer who's a good judge of the good music.



Shark Records
ID: RBR/LCR 2490

Melodic Speed Power Heavy Metal

Every Coe's bands and projects are a bright event in the music, this solo work isn't an exception. It's excellent Melodic Speed&Power with superb Coe's vocals.

C4Call to Arms


Rock Brigade Records
ID: RBR/LCR 2920

Hard Heavy Metal

Who knows maybe such music is still required somewhere in US for radio, I don't know. This is common album with the same Hard&Heavy guitars' squeals of 80s. But the last track is instrumental experimental Prog Metal, it's unexpectedly...

Cabal (US)Midian


Red Stream Records
ID: RSR-0143

Thrash Death Metal

US Thrash of course is based on Slayer on similar bands. It's not so fast as it's usual for European Thrash, it's really something taken from Slayer.

CacophonySpeed Metal Symphony


Shrapnel Records 

Melodic Speed Heavy Thrash Metal

I can't understand how two brilliant masters of the guitar were able to play together? Cacophony is the biggest treasure of the musical world with their guitar and melodic works.

CacophonyGo Off!


Shrapnel Records 

Heavy Power Metal

This music is closer to following Friedman and Becker's solo albums, but it's heavier and more various. It would be absolute masterpiece without the vocals.



LZ Records
ID: irond cd 05-dd299

Melodic Hard Rock

It's a debut album and it sounds so soft and simple, with some Rock'n'Roll elements, I think it could be average release for that time. Anyway, it was 25 years ago, now this music is very good in any condition, quality and originality.

CacumenBad Widow


LZ Records
ID: irond cd 05-dd300

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

I think indeed this is the first real album of pre-Bonfire, where I can hear that music which is a basement for these bands. This release already has many very good songs with Klaus Meine-like vocals.

CacumenDown to Hell


LZ Records
ID: irond cd 05-dd301

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

I guess everything good from Hard&Heavy was left in 80s exactly. It hadn't Bonfire yet but music's so splendid! The band performed the best Scorpions elements on this album.

CadacrossSo Pale Is the Light


Low Frequency Records
ID: cdm 0402-822

Melodic Black Death Metal

It's fairly good album. It reminds me of Dimmu Borgir but with original songs.

CadacrossCorona Borealis


Low Frequency Records
ID: cdm 1202-1273

Melodic Death Metal

To a greater degree it's a copy of Dismal Euphony and Catamenia, to a smaller degree it's a copy of all the rest - Cradle of Filth, Bal-Sagoth, Children of Bodom and the like. It's more primitive and more pop-ish than their first album. It's hollow pop music absolutetly lacking of musical ideas.



RM Records 

Speed Power Heavy Metal

To listen to this band or not to listen to this band is the same. It's an absolutely platitudinous music with the common songs which have nothing interesting.

Caffery, ChrisFaces / God Damn War


Black Lotus Records

Melodic Power Heavy Progressive Metal

The main album (90) is played in classic Savatage Melodic Metal style with many great ideas in guitar work, melodic parts and in arrangements. Music is very delicious. Prog/Heavy. The second disk (70) with different album named 'God Damn War' is as experimental as the last for this time Savatage album is. There are many unexpected rhythmical changes which are typical for true Prog, some pieces of Funk there. I can't understand why many people like the first CD only but don't like the second one at all...

Caffery, ChrisPins And Needles


Metal Heaven
ID: myst cd 228

Heavy Power Metal

Caffery, Savatage son, goes away from the motherband music, there are still several Savatage elements and the vocals sound so native for Savatage, but the music shifts to faceless non-melodic Heavy/Power with Progressive influences. It's a work between past success and indefinite future.

Caffery, ChrisW.A.R.P.E.D.


Black Lotus Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd347

Heavy Power Metal

It's a compilation that contains almost all tracks from second CD of debut album Faces - God Damn War, with some bonus tracks. Caffery's vocals always associate with Savatage, so it's like another Savatage album again.

Caffery, ChrisHouse of Insanity


AFM Records
ID: AFM 297-2

Heavy Stoner Progressive Metal

This album is so long and so contradictory. The tracks with the leading guitars are interesting enough, especially by the guitar solos. But the vocals-oriented songs sometimes are boring enough...

Caffery, ChrisYour Heaven Is Real


ID: MV0083

Heavy Progressive Power Metal

I think everything that you know about more or less US Progressive music, you can find on this album. It's modern Prog/Power in US traditions, with Stoner, Blues, etc. elements.



Omega Records
ID: irond cd 01-119

Heavy Power Metal

Yes, Judas Priest is the great band, Cage proves it again. This band isn't a copy of Judas Priest, but music is very similar to Judas Priest. vocalist is very close to Halford. But the guitarist doesn't play like Tipton/Downing.

CageDarker Than Black


Massacre Records
ID: amg 115

Heavy Power Metal

It's Judas Priest with Mercyful Fate/King Diamond elements. It could be compared to Primal Fear, but Cage contains many slow (even Doomish) tracks. I'd like to note that their vocalist is very powerful and sings splendid.

CageHell Destroyer


MTM Music
ID: irond cd 07-dd499

Power Heavy Metal

At last we have an album of the band that restored true traditions of Judas Priest's Painkiller. Almost all fast songs is that excellent Judas Priest song, but some mid-tempo Heavy songs are based on Iron Maiden rhythm.

CageScience of Annihilation


Music Buy Mail
ID: CD6401

Speed Thrash Metal

I had not expected such pep from the band with Judas Priest-like music. They outran Judas Priest and reached Agent Steel by the rapidity so I can afford it to listen to this album twice with pleasure.

CageSupremacy of Steel


Music Buy Mail 

Power Metal

This album continues in a similar vein, it's Power/Speed Metal in Judas Priest spirit. Some vocals remind me of King Diamond very much.

CageAncient Evil


SMG Records

Speed Power Metal

Certainly Judas Priest's Painkiller is a masterpiece and it's nice to listen to the music in the same spirit. But we hear the same music from Cage during band's career, is it being a bore?

Cain's DinastyLegacy of Blood


Rompiendo Records
ID: 5RR017

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's an usual example of the band absolutely in Italian Speed&Power style (though they're Spanish), nothing else but Italian Speed&Power only. As things go there are many nice songs and the memorable tunes on the album.

Cain's DinastyMadmen, Witches And Vampires


ID: RRR-004

Speed Power Metal

Where may it come in handy? This is half one thing, half another, it's still the same Italian-like ordinary Speed&Power with ineffectual Progressive elements.

Cain's OfferingGather the Faithful


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd759

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Timo Kotipelto + Mikko Harkin + Jani Liimatainen = Sonata Arctica with Kotipelto's vocals and nothing else. This project is nothing new at all in the music.

Cain's OfferingStormcrow


Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 15-1864

Melodic Speed Power Metal

Nothing has changed since the last album, it's the same Sonata Arctica music with Kotipelto vocals. The music is typical enough Melodic Speed&Power under the genre.



Magna Carta
ID: irond cd 08-dd616

Art Progressive Rock

This album just depresses me by its monotonous songs. No, the songs in the solo parts aren't bad, but this music is not for me, not for me at all...

CairoConflict And Dreams


Magna Carta
ID: irond cd 08-dd616

Art Progressive Rock

This is snoppy sugar pop music, usually I can't listen to such noise, even if the music sometimes sounds like Queen a bit.

CairoTime of Legends


Magna Carta
ID: irond cd 08-dd617

Art Progressive Rock

I didn't hope to listen to something extra-interesting there. I was right, it's the same boring Art Rock without any bright moments (for me).

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