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March 25th, 2019
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E-X-EStricken by Might


Axis Records

Speed Thrash Metal

It's a good disciple of US Speed/Thrash of 80s. I'm not sure the band reinvents something in the music, it's a simply presentable accordance with guideline of the genre.

E-X-ESicker Than I Thought


Shatter Records
ID: PRD 70102

Speed Thrash Metal

More Thrash than Speed, more Technique Thrash than chaotic Thrash, E-X-E is one of excellent US bands of 80s that give us a special music in my one of the favourite genre. The music is fast but not overloaded by the blustered guitars and with as usual more or less clear vocals.



Scarlet Records
ID: RBNCD 1089

Melodic Speed Power Metal

To say it's something in style of Stratovarius and Helloween is to say nothing. It's classic European Melodic Speed&Power with the memorable songs and some remarkable guitars.

Early ManClosing In


Matador Records
ID: OLE 648-2

Heavy Metal

It's not fast and bored enough music in Ozzy Osbourne style (especially by the vocals). Sometimes it sounds like Metallica in Heavy. Anyway, there is almost nothing new in the music.

EarthquakeThe Truth


ID: ERCD 922

Heavy Stoner Thrash Metal

Earthquake? No, earth's dead long ago with this music... I don't guess what the boiled brains can quake with this slow bored music. In general it's slow Metallica with the monotonous and endless album.

Easy RiderRegeneration


Locomotive Music
ID: LM085

Power Heavy Progressive Metal

Guitar sound of this band is similar to Rough Silk (not by the music). They play good music that in general is a mixture of Power / Heavy with Prog elements.

Easy RiderEvilution


Locomotive Music
ID: LM-062

Heavy Progressive Metal

It's Iron Maiden music in Progressive environment and it's not Queensryche: Iron Maiden + Progressive usually = Queensryche, but it doesn't work for this album. It's a ponderous mid-tempo music with few Stoner elements, Dickinson-like vocals and various (for Iron Maiden) music.

Eat the GunCross Your Fingers


Eattitude Records
ID: ER 001

Hard Heavy Metal

It's a new band that plays old music, I mean the music of 80s, Hard&Heavy with Glam, Blues etc. elements. Of course I can't omit it when such music is actually dead in new century.

Echoes of EternityAs Shadows Burn


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 09-1661

Gothic Heavy Death Progressive Metal

It's closer to Death/Gothic in some parts of the album but for the female vocals. So it's a powerful and complex enough music with not bad songs.

Eclipse HunterOne


New Rock Music 

Progressive Power Metal

As for notorious originality, you don't find here anything new in the music. It's typical enough Heavy/Prog/Power with some not bad songs.

Eclipse HunterUnlimited Edition


Metalism Records
ID: mr 072-11

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

This work is next better for me than band's debut work. This album sounds in some Royal Hunt style (not only because of Andre Andersen as a guest musician) with many excellent songs.



Frontiers Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd702

Heavy Power Metal

No, it's not standard Power of Heavy though it's hard to say about immense originality. I think it's above average band but it's still without real singularity.

EconomistNew Built Ghetto Status


Massacre Records

Progressive Doom Power Metal

It's a good idea for the first part of 90s to unite Power, Prog and Doom, isn't it? The music is slow, but powerful with many Progressive elements, it's really good stuff.

Eden LostRoad of Desire


AOR Heaven
ID: 00018

AOR Hard Rock

This artist follows the way of the bands like Bonfire. Yes, it's AOR/Melodic Hard Rock with the calm songs, which sound good but not outstanding.

Eden's CurseEden's Curse


AFM Records
ID: cdm 1107-2759

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

I don't know what such bands pursue a purpose steadily because it's absolutely ordinary German Melodic Hard&Heavy of already formed traditions. No new ideas are on this album at all.

Eden's CurseCondemned to Burn


Metal Mayhem Music
ID: MM00072

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

This EP is a collection of the different old stuff. Surprisingly, I recognized some of the songs from the albums without prompt.

Eden's CurseThe Second Coming


AFM Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd751

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

Why do they torture me again? The Second Coming and the second absolutely ordinary band's album are in standard modern Melodic Hard&Heavy style. Only Ferdy Doernberg sometimes saves the music by his skill.

Eden's CurseTrinity


AFM Records
ID: AFM 338-2

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

Well, it's actually the same music that we hear from one to another Eden's Curse album. It's a forcedly melodious music not for memorizing.

Eden's CurseSymphony of Sin


AFM Records
ID: fo1019cd

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

There are many bands in the world that have many albums but all of them can be described in short. This Eden's Curse album as well as other band's albums is just unremarkable Melodic Hard&Heavy.

Eden's CurseCardinal


AFM Records
ID: fo1248cd

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's already tedious practice for this band to play ordinary Hard&Heavy where you can find nothing catchy. So get another worthless album and enjoy it...

EdenbridgeSunrise in Eden


Massacre Records
ID: cdm 0901-682

Melodic Heavy Metal

Somebody say this new band is Nightwish clone, I say yes, it's not original at all, but it's not just Nightwish, sometimes it's closer to Within Temptation. I don't forget to say this album is arranged very well, better than Nightwith, I think.



Massacre Records
ID: amg 043

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's more melodic version of Nightwish. These tunes just pour every second, permanently.



Massacre Records
ID: amg 092

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

It's Very Melodic Power Heavy. It's the continuation of the previous album in the musical and melodic sense. They took the most lyrical sides of Nightwish and made music better than Nightwish did. Everything is melody and melody includes the vocals works, the guitar works and the keys works. Yes, it's more interesting than Nightwish.

EdenbridgeA Lifetime in Eden


Massacre Records
ID: amg 205L

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

The band presents us live album + DVD. This recording is classic made stuff, where everything was 100% remastered in studio - the songs sounded very good for live version.



Massacre Records
ID: amg 212L

Melodic Metal

It's already not even Heavy, it's just Within Temptation with Nightwish and The Gathering elements (everything as to the female vocals and songs for crying). Almost all album consists of slow songs but melodic parts are made from nothing, these tunes already don't catch me...

EdenbridgeThe Grand Design


Massacre Records
ID: MAS CL0502

Melodic Heavy Metal

At last, I'm already bored to listen to the same sound of this band, I fall asleep under these monotonous songs. It's still Within Temptation, Nightwish-like music with the sweet tunes, I feel the same from the album to the album.



Napalm Records
ID: irond cd 08-1455

Melodic Heavy Metal

The band continues to bored my by its music. No, the music is nice and interesting something, but this idea is closed for me! Stop to repeat threadbare trend with the same music! This album reminds me of Tarja solo albums, and what good can it do?



Napalm Records
ID: irond cd 10-1749

Melodic Heavy Metal

To wait for a miracle from this band is to dally away time. But we can wait for the nice unexpected tunes, guitar solos, etc., and fortunately we have them again on this work.

EdenbridgeThe Bonding


ID: SPV 265522 CD

Melodic Heavy Metal

No, the band didn't decide to write absolutely new interesting music. No, it's the same melodious music from the ballads to fast enough opuses with the permanently interesting and catchy music moments.

EdenbridgeThe Great Momentum


ID: SPV 270692 2CD

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's not an overstatement to say Edenbridge maintain their reputation! It's a melodious catchy music, it's not to be compared with the different similar bands that live in each other's pockets and don't offer anything original out for.

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