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April 26th, 2015
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IbridomaPage 26



Heavy Metal

It's really not bad though short album with very interesting and original enough songs. The vocals sometimes reminds me of Dave Mustaine in very barbed variant.



SG Records

Heavy Metal

It's not bad album with some raw vocals which sometimes remind me of Dave Mustaine. The music is basically Heavy Metal with a few Power Metal elements.

IbridomaNight Club


SG Records

Heavy Metal

Ibridoma don't make changes in the music so we have the same Heavy Metal during all band's career. So it's still the same powerful Heavy Metal with some Dave Mustaine tone.

Icarus WitchRise


Cleopatra Records
ID: CLP 8844-2

Heavy Metal

This Heavy mixed up a traditional sound and something experimental. This work is another step of US Heavy with few Progressive elements.

Ice AgeLiberation


Magna Carta
ID: MA-9051-2

AOR Progressive Metal

This music is just special for/from Magna Carta. Almost a half of label's albums sounds like this album. It's non-original keys-oriented Prog with Melodic elements, in general it can be compared with Arena also.

Iced EarthIced Earth


Century Media Records 

Power Thrash Heavy Metal

It's US music that smoothed out but some melodic and even some Prog elements. At the bottom it's Iron Maiden + Annihilator.

Iced EarthNight of the Stormrider


Century Media Records 

Power Heavy Metal

It's a dark side of Iron Maiden. We catch Iron Maiden, increase the guitars speed, add Annihilator for good Thrash rhythm, in result we've got Iced Earth.

Iced EarthBurnt Offerings


Century Media Records
ID: 77093-2

Power Metal

I don't like this album. Probably, it's very boring for me.

Iced EarthThe Dark Saga


Century Media Records 

Power Heavy Metal

This album is close to the next albums by the music, it's already more melodic and even more original.

Iced EarthSomething Wicked This Way Comes


Century Media Records
ID: fo173cd

Power Metal

It's the next step to late Judas Priest, but Iced Earth is more interesting than Judas Priest (with Owens), at first because of a good melodic sound, though it's powerful enough. I'd like to note this album has about half of itself by the ballad or balladish tracks.

Iced EarthHorror Show


Century Media Records
ID: 77305-8

Power Metal

I don't know why, but this album was between the best Iced Earth albums for this time, but I don't like Horror Show for undefined reasons. I think this album seems to me is boring again.

Iced EarthTribute to the Gods


Century Media Records
ID: 77406-8

Power Metal

These are cover versions on this album. Music is not absolute copy of original versions since musical styles are different. So I wasn't able to recognize some songs at all for the first time.

Iced EarthThe Glorious Burden


ID: SPV 085-74972 CD

Speed Power Heavy Metal

Great! Though almost all music seems to be very familiar, in general it's just a complete collection of the outstanding songs which unite all the best of Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, etc. Owens sings excellent and variously.

Iced EarthDays of Purgatory


Century Media Records
ID: fo517cd

Power Thrash Metal

It's a compilation on 2 CDs with very good recorded sound. This compilation consists of the few rare tracks but in general it's just the best of Iced Earth.

Iced EarthAlive in Athens


Century Media Records
ID: fo519-1cd, fo519-2cd, fo519-3cd

Power Thrash Metal

Live album is live album, even on 3 CDs. As usual it's just band's hits performed alive.

Iced EarthFraming Armageddon (Something Wicked part 1)


ID: SPV 98182 CD

Power Metal

Yes, it really has something similar with original Something Wicked... album. I think Owens fits in for this band, it's more successful than his Judas Priest time in my opinion.

Iced EarthThe Melancholy E.P.


Century Media Records
ID: fo558cd

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

EP is a part of the title and EP is a format; Melancholy is a song and melancholy is the main feature almost of all songs of this EP. So this is just a collection of Iced Earth songs and cover-versions of the other bands.

Iced EarthThe Crucible of Man (Something Wicked part 2)


ID: SPV 91592 CD

Power Metal

Who haven't heard yet Iced Earth's branded riffs and rhythm? For others it's just the same branded Iced Earth rhythm and riffs you've heard many times on every band's albums.

Iced EarthOverture of the Wicked


ID: SPV 98083 CD-S

Power Metal

This single previews very good songs for the new album, it's really very good stuff! There are old reissued newly songs there also.

Iced EarthDystopia


Century Media Records
ID: mzr cd 515

Power Metal

If I'd like to hear classic Iced Earth album Dystopia is that thing. The music reminds me of old good Iced Earth with branded band's sound.

Iced EarthPlagues of Babylon


Century Media Records
ID: 9983622

Power Heavy Metal

In principle I didn't find there anything new or catchy, it's the same Iced Earth with the same sound. The songs are typical enough though there are few Progressive elements in the music.

IcewindAgain Came the Storm


Metalogic Records
ID: MLC004

Melodic Speed Power Metal

It's typical Melodic Speed&Power with off the beaten track to the music. They have something imperceptible in the songs that can catch you.



Capitol Records
ID: 3056732

Hard Heavy Metal

It's typical for many US bands Hard&Heavy of 80s. Sometimes this band sounds with early W.A.S.P. intonations (or conversely).

IconNight of the Crime


Capitol Records

AOR Hard Heavy Metal

This work is trendier that the first album, the music is very typical for pop/soft Rock bands. But there are some nice songs there closer to the end of the album.

IconRight Between the Eyes


Atlantic Recording Corporation
ID: WOU 8201

AOR Hard Rock

They never so much as have old W.A.S.P. intonations so the music is just ordinary AOR/Hard Rock with few Glam elements. It's not bad for listening but it isn't good for originality's search.

Icy SteelIcy Steel


Pure Steel Records

Heavy Metal

It's traditional epical Heavy in spirit of Manilla Road or Manowar's hymns. There is nothing new in the music, it's just good Heavy.

Icy SteelKronothor


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-092

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's not fast, melodious Heavy with many balladish tracks and acoustic guitar's parts. This work is ten times better than their debut album.



MTM Music
ID: cdm 0503-1380

AOR Hard Heavy Metal

Oh, why can't all these bands play anything else? Why do they need to play the same music?! If they can play nothing else it would be better for them to be the caretakers. Ok, let's talk about Ignition. They've got a couple of the nice songs, all their music is Bonfire-like. That's all.

IliumSirens of the Styx


Adrenaline Records
ID: STH 0310

Melodic Power Metal

Though it's not bad Melodic Power, nevertheless it's not very original work. It's a nice music with the traditional sound and songs' structure.

IliumAgeless Decay


Escape Music
ID: ESM191

Melodic Power Metal

It's not bad Power though it's not very original Power, everything's in the common traditions. They have few interesting keys which sound good.

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