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April 19th, 2019
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1. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 2. Vyper 'Prepared to Strike' 3. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die 'Der Rote Reiter' 4. Adagio 'Life' 5. Alpha Tiger 'Alpha Tiger' 6. Leprous 'Malina' 7. Paradise Lost 'Medusa' 8. Great White 'Full Circle' 9. Venom Inc. 'Avé' 10. Hell in the Club 'See You on the Dark Side' 11. Satyricon 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep' 12. Septic Flesh 'Codex Omega' 13. FB1964 'Störtebeker' 14. Air Raid 'Across the Line' 15. Panzer (Germany) 'Fatal Command' 16. Section A 'Wall of Silence' 17. Accept 'The Rise of Chaos' 18. Steelheart 'Through Worlds of Stardust' 19. Unity, The 'The Unity' 20. Desperados 'Call of the Wild'

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M-Pire of EvilHell to the Holy


Scarlet Records
ID: SC 217-0

Thrash Metal

This band's music is a mixture of Motorhead and Venom. It's fast and aggressive modern Thrash with some slow tracks to the end of the album.

M.ILL.IONSane And Insanity


Metal Heaven
ID: MHV00091

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's not very original Melodic Hard&Heavy in the traditions of many other similar bands. Nevertheless there are few interesting songs there.

M.S.Rugina Nu Moare



Melodic Heavy Metal

This music is based on Judas Priest ideas by the music and by the vocals also (by the way some singer's screams are very very good). But it's not the limit in the music: there are Accept and Grave Digger intonations also there. This album is excellent by memorable tracks and by non-standard tunes.

M.S.A Breath of Fresh Air



Hardcore Modern Heavy Metal

Judas Priest still lives in the music of this band but now it's Judas Priest of 90s only (Jugulator, Demolition). The music is even more modern than it's presented on those Judas Priest albums.



Thundering Association
ID: SS0910


It's not the brand new invention to make the variations on classic, near classic or classic-like music. This project was able to unite melodiousness of the guitars and low-activity choirs in the background (I think it's even so an instrumental album with the choirs as the additional decoration), an absence of stupid copying of Bach or Beethoven and at last - Power Metal.

MacAlpine - Aldridge - Rock - Sarzo (M.A.R.S.)Project: Driver


Shrapnel Records 

Heavy Metal

This album sometimes reminds of Grave Digger, War Games times. Music is good, guitars, keys and especially vocals are very interesting.

MacAlpine, TonyEdge of Insanity


RoadRunner Records
ID: SH-1021cd

instrumental Melodic Heavy Metal

All his early albums are very similar to Malmsteen. But if Malmsteen decided to use the vocals MacAlpine made wager thing: he refused to use them, so he won because of it.

MacAlpine, TonyMaximum Security


Polygram Records 

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

This album is the one of the most Malmsteen-like albums. But I defined a thought why MacAlpine differs from Malmsteen: MacAlpine doesn't use the vocals at all so he plays the solos permanently unlike Malmsteen.

MacAlpine, TonyFreedom to Fly


Shrapnel Records 

instrumental Funk Hard Rock

I'm already hard to find words for MacAlpine. His solo works are good but with very pop sound, so usually I don't like his albums because of it...

MacAlpine, TonyEvolution


Shrapnel Records
ID: SH-1087-2

instrumental Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's a good instrumental album in classic Malmsteen-like and bluesy-like style. The music is from Blues Hard Rock to fast Heavy.

MacAlpine, TonyMaster of Paradise


Shrapnel Records
ID: SH-11352

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

In spit of the fact that this album with the vocals, MacAlpine recognizes instantly.

MacAlpine, TonyViolent Machine


Lion Music
ID: LMC 2209 2

instrumental Hard Heavy Metal

It's not the best MacAlpine album in my opinion. It's simply tight guitar neo-classicism.

MacAlpine, TonyChromaticity


Shrapnel Records 

instrumental Progressive Metal

This album can't be compared at all with MacAlpine's early albums, it's the way he chose, it's Prog with some experimental touches, some Funk, some other original elements for such music.

MacAlpine, TonyTony MacAlpine


SunDog Records
ID: FN2730-2

instrumental Progressive Metal

As a continuation of the previous release ten-tears-old, there are no changes on this album. It's the same Progressive music with Funk, guitar shred, etc. elements in the boring enough (for me) music.

MacAlpine, TonyConcrete Gardens


SunDog Records
ID: SDR 20151

instrumental Progressive Metal

This work is again of the same cut of cloth as all last MacAlpine's works. It's Progressive, even experimental music with a special shred guitar sound, that many solo guitarists like to use left, right, and centre.

Macbeth (Germany)Macbeth


European Music Group (EMG)
ID: 00430

Heavy Metal

It's slow enough Heavy on German language. The language and low speed make the sound like some Gothical-pop band, thought the band doesn't follow any definite trendy way. There aren't melodious or memorable songs at least for me, so I can't say any rapt words.

Macbeth (Germany)Gotteskrieger


Massacre Records

Thrash Power Metal

It's as Thrash as Doom or Death, it's more than Thrash, Power or Heavy! As for me, I hear powerful, noizzzy but an excellent music, sometimes reminding me of different Power/Prog acts like Evergrey, Nevermore, etc.

Macbeth (Germany)Wiedergänger


Massacre Records
ID: mzr cd 558

Thrash Death Metal

I would rather have such music, this sound is very specific and interesting. This work is fast and powerful, every song has something unusual.

Machine MenScars & Wounds


Dynamic Arts Records
ID: cdm 0804-1960

Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal

When this band plays Prog it's Queensryche, when it's just melodious Heavy, we hear different but the same side of the music - Iron Maiden. The only difference is that Machine Men uses heavier guitar sound than Queensryche and Iron Maiden do.

Machine MenElegies


Century Media Records
ID: fo521cd

Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

It's a musically complete continuation of the previous work. It's still Iron Maiden in Progressive - Queensryche from the first notes of this album.

Machine MenCircus of Fools


Century Media Records
ID: fo661cd

Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal

What does the band need? Play the music what they like to play. Do they need Queensryche again? No problem! Dream Theater? Everything's possible! So this release brings us their new wishes with something melodious and even catching, not bad wishes to play worthy music!

Machines of GraceMachines of Grace


SAOL (Service for Artist Owned Labels)
ID: SAOL 029

Hard Heavy Metal

Ex-Wicked Witch, ex-Savatage members decided to release an album for some purpose. It's absolutely average Hard&Heavy in the common traditions of the alike US bands.

Mad DragzterStrong Mind



Thrash Metal

Thrash is Thrash, No one can be wondered at US way Thrash. But this guys try to vary music by acoustic parts, some Doom tracks or just Heavy. So something good is in this music.

Mad MaxNever Say Never


Point Music
ID: 10095

AOR Glam Hard Heavy Metal

This music sets me thinking it's Heavy Metal version of Bee Gees, of course in the mixture of many Hard&Heavy/Glam bands. Also there are some NWoBHM elements on this album, e.g. something similar to Def Leppard.

Mad MaxNight of White Rock


Metal Heaven
ID: myst cd 085

Melodic AOR Hard Heavy Metal

This music is still based on European pop Hard&Heavy traditions with Smokie and Europe (the band) elements (especial the choirs, the vocals and musical themes). This album is really AOR because of calm and trendy sound with nice but standard musicians' work.

Mad MaxWhite Sands


AOR Heaven
ID: myst cd 230

AOR Melodic Hard Rock

Mad Max continues to play melodic Hard Rock in the traditions of the past times. The music is calm and soft, it's a really music for retirees.

Mad MaxHere We Are


Point Music
ID: A-Minor 2008-003

Pop AOR Melodic Hard Rock

Do you wanna softer, lighter and more popular? Here they are! It's trendy enough Rock with few Hard Rock elements and few not bad songs.

Mad MaxRollin' Thunder


RoadRunner Records
ID: RR 9838 2

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's an outstanding representative of early German Melodic Metal. It unites the superb tunes, guitar and vocals works which you've never found on their last works.

Mad MaxNight of Passion


RoadRunner Records
ID: RR 9666 2

Heavy Metal

What's happen with this band after this album in ten years?! They played true Heavy (just with few pop Rock elements), sometimes it was even early Power! This last their good album is an excellent work of German ex-Heavy ex-Metal band.

Mad MaxMad Max



Melodic Hard Rock

It's not bad Melodic Hard Rock for the debut. This work sounds more in the traditions of 70s than their next albums of 80s.

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