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March 27th, 2017
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Metal Mind Records
ID: cdm 1004-2067

Gothic Progressive Metal

This is Progressive The Gathering with the traditional Polish Gothic ideas. Is there anything original on this album? I think so, because the music unites The Gathering, Gothic and many Progressive elements - it's a good idea.

NamelessThe Overcome of the Portuguese Bastards


Guardians of Metal

Thrash Metal

It's classic European Thrash without any Industrial, Death or Alternative touches, unlike it usually happens with some modern Thrash bands. The guitars sometimes sound in melodious Speed key.

Nameless CrimeNameless Crime


Nocturnal Music
ID: NMCD 046

Heavy Thrash Metal

This not bad album contains Flotsam&Jetsam, Megadeth, Annihilator elements and some Prog elements also. There are some good solos and tunes on this album. I can say that their music is original enough and they can continue their work with more inspiration.

Nameless CrimeLaw And Persecution


Powerzone Records
ID: MFM CD 001

Heavy Power Metal

I am in a quandary, this music is powerful Heavy but without special features on the album. Sometimes it reminds me of Megadeth.

NanowarOther Bands Play, Nanowar Gay


ID: myst cd 032

Heavy Metal

It's another parody-band for all those mighty warriors of Manowar and Rhapsody. Music is partially borrowed from the other bands with the humorous lyrics.

NapalmCruel Tranquility


ID: SPV 85-7565

Thrash Metal

It's good, not very bright Thrash in the traditions of some Bay Area Thrash bands. The music of this debut album has nothing new or memorable.

NapalmZero to Black


ID: SPV 084-76222

Modern Thrash Heavy Metal

It's a different music just to call it Thrash. Sometimes it's a modern music with Punk elements. There is even ballad, the ballads and true Thrash are incompatible things.

Napalm DeathLeaders Not Followers: Part 2


Century Media Records
ID: fo400cd

Death Thrash Metal

It's cover-versions' collection of the extreme bands which have never been trendy or simple and melodic. But music didn't become more important after Napalm Death performance.



Zenor Recordz
ID: Zenor 001

Melodic Power Progressive Heavy Metal

This Brazilian band continues all Brazilian Melodic Metal traditions. I wasn't able to understand if they have an originality or not but music is good, the solos and the tunes are on the high level. There is even Viper cover-version on this album, it's the first Viper's cover that I've ever heard from the band which is not Andre Matos's one.




Melodic Power Metal

It's good to listen to the demo albums, when the music's presented in a clear raw type, when you hear real musicians' possibilities. This demo is a demonstration of band's talent, this is really very good Melodic Power band.



Pony Canyon International 

AOR Hard Heavy Metal

It's something between standard AOR, John West solo albums (he has nothing common with Narita of course), some Andre Andersen guests projects, The Scorpions, etc. I guess I'm getting liking this band.

NarniaLong Live the King


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 359-2

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's Malmsteen variation with very nice tunes.

NarniaDesert Land


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 01-1

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

What's the difference between Malmsteen and Narnia exactly? I know - it's melodiousness, Narnia has more hyper melodic songs than Malmsteen's projects.

NarniaThe Great Fall


Nuclear Blast
ID: irond cd 03-483

Melodic Power Metal

Fortunately the band left Malmsteen's way and tried to make more original music. In general they kept their melodic feature, so this album was very interesting and significant. Sometimes the music is close to Kamelot and Symphony X.

NarniaEnter the Gate


Massacre Records
ID: MAS CD0517

Melodic Power Progressive Heavy Metal

Narnia isn't false to its traditions. It's still Melodic Metal without doubt with some touches of Labyrinth (keys) and Conception/Kamelot (the vocals, melodic parts) and decreasing of Malmsteen's music dependance.

NarniaCourse of a Generation


Massacre Records

Power Progressive Metal

It's average enough Power with Progressive elements. It's a music in haste without aspiration to create something new and interesting.



Stormspell Records

Heavy Metal

It's a wonderful work with very interesting songs and many catching things. Sometimes the vocals (single and chorus) sound with the normal male voice diapason range (not falsetto or screaming), let it sound a false note sometimes but it's very in place in this music.

Nasty SavageWage of Mayhem


ID: CR2002

Heavy Thrash Metal

It's reissued first demo with two tracks from 2002. It's Agent Steel+Iron Maiden+Mercyful Fate by the music, the bonus tracks contributed some Slayer sound also.

Nasty SavageIndulgence


Metal Blade Records
ID: 3984-14064-2

Thrash Speed Metal

It's 2 in 1 edition. The music is strong and powerful Thrash with Speed elements, with some Metallica and Mercyful Fate (the screams) elements.

Nasty SavagePenetration Point


Rotten Records 

Power Thrash Metal

Probably no one knows how the bands reach the level when they are already separated from average bands playing common similar music and are original and the sample for others. This band found its place in music long ago and continues to demonstrate us excellent and powerful music with some Prog elements.

Nasty SavagePsycho Psycho


Crook'd Records
ID: CD2004

Thrash Metal

It's not just Thrash, US or European, it's something various. E.g. it contains something from classic US Thrash but with some European Thrash elements like those of Mekong Delta. Anyway, this band is unique and can be used for comparison with others in my reports coming.

Nasty SavageCleveland'87


Marquee Records
ID: MR005

Thrash Heavy Metal

It's a live album with an audio-tape quality. Though it's 1987, this record was released in 2003 only.

Nasty TendencyWild And Nasty


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-073

Heavy Metal

It's Heavy Metal but with Hard&Heavy spirit. This album with the female vocals is a nice music with a special sound that shows us Hard&Heavy core.

Nasty TendencyHello Suckers!


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-073

Heavy Metal

This work is already true Heavy Metal without any Hard&Heavy touches. The male vocals sound better than the female vocals on the debut album.

National Napalm SyndicateResurrection of the Wicked


Poison Arrow Records
ID: TRHK 009

Thrash Metal

This Thrash is in the traditions of US Thrash of 90s. This music is intricate and because of it it's sometimes bored. This album doesn't lead you to the new horizons in the music.

National SuicideThe Old Family Is Still Alive


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-057

Thrash Metal

It's like a mixture of very early Kreator, very early Accept with young Udo's vocals and early Overkill. Moreover the music is just perfect! Early Thrash with the screaming vocals, lots and lots of the guitar solos in style of early Jeff Waters.

NatiskNebo v Ogne (The Sky in the Fire)


ID: cdm 0504-1808

Heavy Metal

Almost all Heavy bands in Russia dance around local band Ariya, that has got Iron Maiden heart inside. Yes, this band is a mixture of Iron Maiden, Accept with some unique Russian bands ideas, which have never been used by the bands from other countries.

NatiskVtoroe Dyhanie (Second Breath)


ID: cdm 0306-2461

Heavy Metal

Probably, this album is the twin with the previous album, I just want to say the same words that it is like local band Ariya based on Iron Maiden music. It's nice melodious mid-tempo Heavy.

NatiskTyazhelaya Noch' (Hard Night)


ID: cdm 1107-2778

Heavy Metal

This work is EP, the music is the same powerful Heavy which this band already played in the past. The songs aren't bad but there is not anything new there.

NatiskVolch'i Slyozy (Wolf's Tears)


ID: VN 010

Heavy Metal

There are no changes in the music again. It's the same powerful Heavy with some not typical guitar solos and songs, in other respects this album differs nothing from other band's works.

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