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March 24th, 2019
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O.D.Mir bez Sveta (World without Light)


ID: cdm 0208-2837

Hard Heavy Metal

It's an unintelligible music, either Heavy, either Hard&Heavy or some pieces of AOR. Anyway it's more or less melodious music with the guitar sound of 70s.

ObidilThe Magic Word


On Parole Productions
ID: OPP CD 002

Melodic Heavy Progressive Power Metal

It's not bad act in Melodic Heavy style with Progressive and Power elements and the female vocals. But there is nothing new in the music but some nice songs.

ObliveonFrom This Day Forward


Active Records

Thrash Death Metal

It's entertaining Thrash/Death with some early Progressive elements and certain guitar technique. The music is technical, consequently it's an exciting and surprising album.



ID: OBL 102

Thrash Death Metal

The band doesn't change ideology, it's still the same sophisticated Thrash/Death. This band is worth noticing at least the circumstance that doesn't follow a typical way for many Thrash/Death Metal bands of the same time.

ObsecrationThe Inheritors of Pain


Hammerheart Records
ID: H.H.R. 003


ObsessionMethods of Madness


Metal Mayhem Music
ID: MM00003

Hard Heavy Metal

Vescera was very good in 80s, the music was really powerful and original. It's not lazy Hard&Heavy of 90s or even 21 century, the bands of 80s knew that they're pioneers of Heavy, who knows new Hard&heavy bands of current days?!

ObsessionCarnival of Lies


Metal Mayhem Music
ID: MM00062

Heavy Metal

Not bad for all US Heavy this album gives us a material in the traditions of many US Heavy Metal bands of 80 with some Speed elements. When we hear some Progressive notes it sounds similar to Queensryche.

ObsessionOrder of Chaos


Inner Wound Recordings
ID: IW83019

Heavy Metal

This album is powerful enough but not so fast. Now Obsession's album keeps the traditions of some US bands which are prone to slow Heavy.

ObstructionPokoli Szarnyakon


Nail Records

Melodic Heavy Metal

This mini album presents us ex-Ossian members, so the music is not bad, not average, it's really very good music. Probably, some Judas Priest is inside the song structure, but by melodic and by the guitar works it's something original again.

OconnorYerba Mala Nunca Muere


Fogon Musica
ID: FM-001

Heavy Alternative Metal

It's Heavy with some Alternative or even Punk elements. The music reminds something - what? I can't say, maybe because sound doesn't fill the minds by any brand new ideas.

OconnorEstamos Pariendo


ID: 8869 700454-2

Heavy Alternative Metal

I got Oconnor again and the music is Heavy with Alternative once again. The songs are mid-tempo with some Stoner elements and of course on Spanish language only.

October 31The Fire Awaits You


RIP Records
ID: cdm 1202-1269

Doom Heavy Power Thrash Stoner Metal

This album is like other one which was described by me earlier (Visions of the End) but the first one is less melodic than the second one. But the vocals sound better than earlier.

October 31Visions of the End


RIP Records
ID: cdm 1202-1270

Heavy Doom Stoner Metal

It's gloomy Heavy with some influence of Candlemass, but sound is too heavy for Heavy, it can be called slow Thrash (it probably is Stoner).There is similarity to Metallica of the end of 80s here. Splendid guitar riffs are often heard against the background of boring sound. Melodies which are heard not too often bewitches sometimes. The only bad thing is that their singer is absolute feebleness. He not only wheezes but also tries to sing in a clear voice but he doesn't have a good ear for music. But this album is a collection of their demos and bad adjustment of voice on a demo tape is not the trouble.

October 31Meet Thy Maker


RIP Records
ID: D&L 09

Heavy Metal

This band plays great non-standard for US music of great label RIP Records again. In general it's a mixture of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden with some Doom influences.

October 31Stagefright


Thrash Corner Records
ID: THCR-012

Heavy Metal

This live album is really honest recording - at least once there aren't studio editorship or re-recorings of unchancy parts of the live performance. The music is the same - gloomy Heavy with powerful sound in classic genre.

October 31No Survivors


Thrash Corner Records
ID: THCR 017

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

What waits beyond. This band doesn't put an end to the war for Heavy Metal purifying. This band became stronger and faster, the some songs shift close even to Speed/Thrash.

Oderzhimost'Hozyain Zla (Master of Evil)


ID: irond cd 10-1744

Heavy Metal

It's very typical Heavy with some raw sound for a normal release, with some not bad guitar solos. Maybe there are few fans of this band somewhere, not me.

Odin's CourtDeathanity


Progrock Records
ID: SPV 452562 CD

Progressive Metal

I haven't heard such plangent Progressive long ago. It's experimental Prog with some Dream Theater touches but with the absolutely insipid songs.

OdysseaTears in Floods


Scarlet Records
ID: SC 093-2

Power Heavy Progressive Metal

As marked on the disk box, this band features Labyrinth members. Yes, it's true and musical direction is close to Labyrinth, but it's not a copy, that's good. But in other respects music doesn't have anything original, it brings us already known sound.

OHMOHM: Chris Poland, Robertino Pagliari, David Eagle


Lion Music
ID: LMC 069

Progressive Metal

While there are people in the world who don't afraid to create instrumental music I'll live peacefully knowing that the real musicians still exist. This music as is usually for Prog instrumental albums is between experimental Jazz Rock and Melodic acoustic music.

OHMCircus of Sound


Mascot Records
ID: irond cd 09-dd729

instrumental Fusion Progressive Rock

As for such music it's not my favourite genre though I've never refused to listen to the similar works. It's as is wont complex Jazzy sound in Progressive atmosphere.

Ojeda, EddieAxes 2 Axes


Black Lotus Records
ID: irond cd 06-dd345

Hard Heavy Metal

Eddie invited many famous musicians for this album, so there weren't any Twisted Sister's similarities though Mr. Snider didn't forget to take part on this project also. The music is mid-tempo Hard&Heavy with many musical influences from 70s.

Old Man's ChildBorn of the Flickering


Hot Records 

Black Death Metal

It's not pure Black or classic Death, it's something between. There are standard for Black Metal guitar riffs and rhythm, but the guitar works are closer to Death.

Old Man's ChildThe Pagan Prosperity


Century Media Records 

Melodic Black Death Metal

This album doesn't lose contact with the other similar albums of the masses of Melodic Black/Death bands. I don't want to compare it with someone else, this album is like others at all.

Old Man's ChildIll-Natured Spiritual Invasion


Century Media Records 

Death Black Metal

It's something in Death Metal key with some Rotting Christ and In Flames elements. But the part of the album is closer to standard Melodic Black in Catamenia style.

Old Man's ChildIn Defiance of Existence


Century Media Records
ID: fo208cd

Melodic Death Black Metal

It's a clone of Dimmu Borgir, Catamenia, etc. It's loud and fast music with all attributes of Melodic Black/Death. This album has no originality, there is high quality only there.

Oliva, JonRaise the Curtain


AFM Records
ID: fo989cd

Heavy Metal

I can describe this long awaited solo album as another musical-like work of Oliva's genius. It's not TSO, but it's some mixture of TSO, Pain and Savatage.

Oliver - Dawson SaxonRe://Landed


Phoenix Music
ID: cdm 0701-619

Heavy Metal

It's a live album with band's original members.

Oliver MagnumOliver Magnum


Restless Records
ID: 7 72616-2

Heavy Metal

This Heavy isn't typical Heavy because of some complex, Progressive sound. But this music doesn't bring anything special to you, it's just not very fast and not very traditional Metal.

Oliver, GrahamEnd of an Era


Angel Air Records

Blues Hard Rock

Everything but Hendrix songs is more or less pop Hard Rock/Hard&Heavy with the modern influences of pop Rock and Alternative. And you don't find any Saxon touches!

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