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April 21st, 2019
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1. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 2. Vyper 'Prepared to Strike' 3. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die 'Der Rote Reiter' 4. Adagio 'Life' 5. Alpha Tiger 'Alpha Tiger' 6. Leprous 'Malina' 7. Paradise Lost 'Medusa' 8. Great White 'Full Circle' 9. Venom Inc. 'Avé' 10. Hell in the Club 'See You on the Dark Side' 11. Satyricon 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep' 12. Septic Flesh 'Codex Omega' 13. FB1964 'Störtebeker' 14. Air Raid 'Across the Line' 15. Panzer (Germany) 'Fatal Command' 16. Section A 'Wall of Silence' 17. Accept 'The Rise of Chaos' 18. Steelheart 'Through Worlds of Stardust' 19. Unity, The 'The Unity' 20. Desperados 'Call of the Wild'

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220 VoltPower Games


CBS Records
ID: MR01014

Heavy Metal

These guys play classic Metal music without any distinguishes, it seems to me they are a bit similar to Europe. Vocalist is very good, he's got powerful voice for Heavy/Glam music styles.

220 VoltMade in Jamtland


Swedmetal Records
ID: SM-01-Cd

Hard Heavy Metal

It's a live album, that consists of old band's songs. Who likes this music, probably this person values this album higher, I can't do it.

220 Volt220 Volt


Epic Records
ID: ESCA 7653

Hard Heavy Metal

Is the first the best? At least it's the only band's album that more or less interesting in comparison with all the rest albums which I've already heard.

220 VoltEye to Eye


Epic Records
ID: 25-8P-5089

Hard Heavy Metal

It's good enough album in the traditions of Europe (the band) and many similar US bands of the same genre. But there is nothing new there but the good music, the good vocals and the good guitar solos.

220 VoltLethal Illusion


Empire Records
ID: TECW-25520

Hard Heavy Metal

This Hard&Heavy is in the traditions of many-many bands of the same time and the same genre. Some guitars solos there really are not so bad.

220 VoltMind Over Muscle


CBS Records
ID: MR01013

Heavy Metal

It's again nice traditional Heavy Metal of 80s. There are some not bad for Heavy of 80s songs there but it's hard to say we have something very special there.

220 VoltWalking in Starlight


AOR Heaven
ID: AORH00103

Hard Heavy Metal

Actually it's good enough Hard&Heavy. Slight hitch: I've heard such Hard&Heavy many times, there are some modern touches (like modern Stoner) there also, that doesn't makes this music closer to me.

3The Ghost You Gave to Me


Metal Blade Records

Art Progressive Metal

You will lose nothing if don't listen to this album. It's absolutely typical Art/Prog without anything original, memorable or catching.

3 Inches of BloodAdvance And Vanquish


RoadRunner Records
ID: 168 618 274-2

Speed Power Heavy Metal

There are two vocals on this album - Udo-like (very similar) and standard for the bands like In Flames, I try to ignore this Death forming at all. So it's a mixture of Udo and Running Wild, usually on high speed.

3 Inches of BloodFire Up the Blades


RoadRunner Records
ID: RR 8023 2

Death Power Metal

Because there is more Death than Power on this album, this fact makes this work less interesting for me. It's the same two-vocals music with dominating Death vocals.

3 Inches of BloodHere Waits Thy Doom


Century Media Records
ID: 9979392

Heavy Speed Power Metal

Believe in our Metal, Believe in our Steel... This music doesn't exist Without Judas Priest. It's very exciting album in spirit of Painkiller's Judas Priest, it's traditional Melodic Heavy Metal with some Speed&Power parts.

3 Inches of BloodLong Live Heavy Metal


Century Media Records
ID: mzr cd 544

Speed Metal

Every new band's album is closer and closer to Judas Priest's Painkiller. This killer album present us admirable Speed Metal with the excellent songs.

3rd And the Mortal, TheTears Laid in Earth


Voices of Wonder Records 

Gothic Doom Metal

It's a sample of brilliant slow and sad Gothic music with the female vocals, very good and interesting vocals.

48 CrashSome Like It Hot


Fortune Records
ID: 84-69 502

Melodic Heavy Metal

48 Crash is Gravestone without doubt, it's the same people and probably the same music. This album is interesting melodious Heavy with the outstanding songs.

4th DimensionThe White Path to Rebirth


Crash & Burn Records
ID: G&B 013

Melodic Speed Power Metal

As Rhapsody followers this band is a presentable successor of its famous nationals. It's very good music with the outstanding keys.

4th DimensionDispelling the Veil of Illusions


Power Prog 

Melodic Power Metal

Surprisingly, it seems 4th Dimension present quite a new view of band's music. Now I hear something from non-aggressive German melodious Power like Edguy or Axxis, I think it's not worse than 'Rhapsody' of the debut band's work.

5 StihiyPepel I Sneg (Ash And Snow)


ID: cdm 0211-3003

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's the female anguishes in spirit of Within Temptation and alike. Nevertheless this music is more pop Melodic Heavy than weepy Gothic.

5 StihiyFeniks (Phoenix)


ID: cdm 1107-2777

Melodic Heavy Metal

There is nothing new or original there, this band just presents us not bad Melodic Heavy. The songs are very melodious and memorable, the vocals and the guitar work are good enough.

5 StihiyKolybel' Vremyon (Cradle of Times)


ID: cdm 0216-3080

Melodic Heavy Metal

This music is as melodic as cheesy, sometimes put on thinking cap - can it be a pop music in sober fact? The female vocals just aggravate this impression.




Alternative Punk Rock

It's a project of Taraxacum member Danny Klupp (also in Haggard). The music is Alternative/Punk/modern Rock variations which aren't for my ears.

7daysInto Forever



Progressive Power Metal

It's a collection not the songs but the different famous musicians. The music is not bad Progressive/Power with not very bright individuality.

7th Reign7th Reign


ID: 061297261895

Power Heavy Metal

The most songs of this band sound in US Power style (not fast tracks), but some of them correspond to fast European Power Metal. Generally speaking this band is worth noticing.

8-Point RosePrimigenia


Escape Music
ID: ESM211

Power Heavy Metal

It's a typical enough form many Swedish Power Metal bands music, such not fast but powerful Metal. I found nothing new and original there in the music.

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