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August 18th, 2017
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P.oS.T.Bol' (Pain)


ID: cdm 1107-2773

Heavy Metal

It's good but not original Heavy Metal band. The most important thing of this act is that this not old band plays real Heavy without any modern stuff.

Pacto de SangreAlerta



Heavy Metal

Maybe this band spreads the right ideas through the lyrics, but pertinacity in the verbal ideas harms the music as a rule. This music is Heavy, not bad Heavy, but there is something fleeting on the album that spoils music.



US Metal Records
ID: CD US 18

Melodic Hard Heavy Metal

It's a commercial-oriented music in the traditions of relevant European and US bands. Sometimes I feel some subtle taste of Queen.

PaganThe Weight


Brave Records
ID: BRAVE 93001

Melodic Heavy Metal

Probably it's really more Heavy than the debut album. But anyway the music sounds commercially though there are some really interesting songs there.

Pagan's MindCelestial Entrance


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0211-046 CD

Progressive Heavy Power Metal

I prefer such bands that don't reject Prog difficulties and vary their music by good Heavy or Power elements. This album can be compared with Prog-playing Primal Fear, because music is a bit similar to Primal Fear, the vocals remind me of Scheepers also.

Pagan's MindInfinity Divine


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0410-069 CD

Progressive Power Metal

Mentally it's a mixture of Queensryche and Royal Hunt (DC Cooper era). Though they are re-issued and remastered early band's works, they sound like a full-fledged miraculous album with just wonderful music. Norway gives many great bands to the world, this one is a confirmation of the rule.

Pagan's MindEnigmatic: Calling


Limb Music Products
ID: cdm 0406-2477

Power Progressive Metal

Probably, it's one of the most intense Pagan's Mind albums I've ever heard up to now. This music depth calls to listen to this album with the thrill of anticipation of something very special.

Pagan's MindGod's Equation


Limb Music Products
ID: LMP 0711-103 Ltd. 2CD

Progressive Power Metal

It's obscurely but I didn't find there any fresh ideas which this band gave us usually. It's good Progressive with some powerful rhythms, but that's all I can say about this release.

Pagan's MindHeavenly Ecstasy


ID: SPV 309272 CD

Progressive Metal

It's a quite good music though it's again the music without anything new. There is still something special in the sound but it's already not the first band's works.

PaganiniIt's a Long Way to the Top



Glam Hard Heavy Metal

There is nothing outstanding there. I remember no tunes, I also don't see highly skilled musician work.



Tyrolis Music
ID: TYROLIS 375 480

Stoner Alternative Metal

Can you imagine Alternative Alice Cooper's variant? Don't try to imagine, all of it is in Paganini music of modern period of band's life. Music is Stoner with Alternative contents and modern sound.

PaganiniMedicine Man


PaZouZou Recods
ID: 10055

Punk Hard Rock

So... I as usual got this album for familiarization of this next Paganini album. Unfortunately, it's again fade for me music, commercial Hard Rock with Punk or Alternative elements.

PaganiniWeapon of Love


Polygram Records
ID: 826 068-2 Q

Hard Heavy Metal

It's nice typical Hard&Heavy of 80s, with some not bad guitar solos and some seemingly already known songs. So it's just not bad work for that time.



Gruezi Records
ID: CD TOP 20023

Heavy Metal

As for me it's the best Paganini album. The music is powerful Heavy with the interesting guitar solos and memorable songs and without many boring Hard&Heavy cliche.

PaganizeEvolution Hour


Candlelight Records

Heavy Metal

Such type of Heavy is passing, forgettable, not fast but powerful, without recollections after listening. But I'd like to note very good screaming vocals.

Pain (US)`Tage Mahal


ID: SPV 085-99122 CD

Melodic Heavy Metal

It sounds like a new album of classic Savatage of 80s-90s, e.g. after Streets, with Jon Oliva on vocals. Oliva can revive the spirit of Savatage by himself without other members of the band, this project is like a mixture of Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and some Funky things.

Pain (US)Maniacal Renderings


AFM Records
ID: cdm 1006-2599/d

Melodic Heavy Metal

If Savatage is on hold, Oliva's Pain absolutely substitutes this band in terms of classic Savatage music and ideas. It's real Savatage continuation!

Pain (US)Festival


AFM Records
ID: AFM 288-2

Heavy Metal

To say it's Savatage is to say nothing. Yes, there are some known moments taken from Savatage there but this album has some new experimental for previous Oliva's works touches.

Pain of SalvationOne Hour by the Concrete Lake



Progressive Metal

It's very interesting heavy Progressive, there is almost no melodism but presented tunes are exempt from criticism. The most significant thing is that this work isn't similar to Dream Theater.

Pain of SalvationEntropia



Progressive Metal

It's very interesting heavy Progressive, there is almost no melodism but presented tunes are exempt from criticism. The most significant thing is that this work isn't similar to Dream Theater.

Pain of SalvationThe Perfect Element



Progressive Metal

It's very interesting heavy Progressive, there is almost no melodism but presented tunes are exempt from criticism. The most significant thing is that this work isn't similar to Dream Theater.

Pain of SalvationRemedy Lane



Progressive Metal

It's very original music. There are many uncommon sound harmonies and uncommon guitar sound. Everything is very difficult for describing that is the power of this band.

Pain of Salvation12:5




This album is acoustic, balladish and almost always in melancholic key. Imagine, they collected all the best from Queensryche, Dream Theater, Savatage,from many Glam bands or Prophecy Records bands ballads and acoustic songs and performed it in very calm and excellent arrangements.

Pain of SalvationBe (Chinassiah)



Melodic Heavy Progressive Metal

This band began for me as another average but good Prog Metal band, but what's happen on the last albums? They are all masterpieces! This album is something like slow Heavy with atmospheric harmony, impossible combination of Prog ideas and outstanding melodies.

Pain of SalvationScarsick



Melodic Progressive Metal

If band decided to use rapsh*t in the music and not to loose their fans, they're wrong. At least I'm out of conceit with this album, when I just heard the first chords with rap, I have a great mind to discard it. Yes, these guys are still that excellent Melodic Progressive band but with the different non-Metal declensions and with some late The Gathering elements, so a sense of music reminds me of pain of salvation to find some drugs.

Pain of SalvationLinoleum


ID: 0505122

Progressive Rock

This EP is already modern music in comparison with the early band's works. It's better than Scarsick but it's still close to this work.

Pain of SalvationRoad Salt One



Avant-Garde Pop Rock

I was given deep concern, did it mistake and I listen to not Pain of Salvation? No, it's they with the sound of 60-70s. Some tracks are the real masterpiece, but many of them are just music from 60s.

Pain of SalvationFalling Home


ID: mzr cd 690

Melodic Jazz acoustic

Pain of Salvation experienced the music of 60s-70s, and this work isn't an acoustic album! It's better to say about light version of band's songs performed in 60s style, in some Jazz style, anyway it sounds very original!

PainmuseumMetal for Life


Demolition Records
ID: amg 307

Thrash Speed Power Metal

Indeed, I thought it's a quite different music (something near Heavy Metal) and was surprised. This is fast music in Thrash style with Thrash/Death/Black vocals and with some songs that reminded me of Grave Digger.

Palace of BlackPalace of Black


Steelheart Records
ID: cdm 0303-1322

Hard Heavy Metal

It's very strained description. Really it's Black Sabbath totally, but the vocalist has Byron's (Uriah Heep) influences. The music is with stodgy cycles as in Black Sabbath, but sometimes I heard good melodic music and nice acoustic guitar.

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