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March 21st, 2019
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1. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 2. Vyper 'Prepared to Strike' 3. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die 'Der Rote Reiter' 4. Adagio 'Life' 5. Alpha Tiger 'Alpha Tiger' 6. Leprous 'Malina' 7. Paradise Lost 'Medusa' 8. Great White 'Full Circle' 9. Venom Inc. 'Avé' 10. Hell in the Club 'See You on the Dark Side' 11. Satyricon 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep' 12. Septic Flesh 'Codex Omega' 13. FB1964 'Störtebeker' 14. Air Raid 'Across the Line' 15. Panzer (Germany) 'Fatal Command' 16. Section A 'Wall of Silence' 17. Accept 'The Rise of Chaos' 18. Steelheart 'Through Worlds of Stardust' 19. Unity, The 'The Unity' 20. Desperados 'Call of the Wild'

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Noise Records
ID: WK 44460-2

Hard Heavy Metal

Indeed it's not weird Thrash or even pitiless early Black. This name hides nice Hard&Heavy, some pieces of Glam with the piece of AC/DC and pinch of German Melodic.

S.A.D.O.Dirty Fantasy


Noise Records
ID: N 0115-3

Hard Heavy Metal

It's simply nice again Hard&Heavy with some early Accept sound. The music is in the typical traditions of many similar bands of the same time, so don't wait for anything special.

S.O.D.Speak English Or Die


Megaforce Records
ID: 99820-2

Thrash Punk Hardcore Metal

This music liked suddenly at that time though I've never yielded to such type of music.

S.O.D.Bigger Than the Devil


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 383-2

Punk Hardcore Thrash Metal

I got this album just in memory of the first band release, almost 15 years ago. The music is nearly the same, but already isn't the same...

SabatonPrimo Victoria


Sound Pollution
ID: amg 296

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

Based on Manowar ideas this album presents classic or even standard Scandinavian Power, powerful, more mid-tempo than fast songs. This music's made professional, so album is not bad for such music.

SabatonAttero Dominatus


Black Lodge Records
ID: amg 310

Melodic Power Metal

This release reminds me of Nightwish (by the music only) and Edguy. This music more or less is on high qualitative level of European Melodic Power.



Black Lodge Records
ID: irond cd 08-1392

Melodic Power Metal

Every band's album brings the difference from other their works. It doesn't mean it's a brand new music, but it definitely isn't the one musical stream of all albums. This album presents us powerful enough music with the thick vocals and really not bad songs.

SabatonThe Art of War


Black Lodge Records
ID: irond cd 08-1535

Melodic Power Metal

It seems the band had very good previous album, would they come up to the mark on the next album? Unfortunately, the last work is just good Melodic Power without extra catching songs.

SabatonCoat of Arms


Nuclear Blast 

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It's not bad music though there isn't anything new or original. It's just many nice melodious songs, maybe even memorable songs, more Heavy than something powerful or fast.



Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 3244-0

Melodic Heavy Power Metal

It was the time when Sabaton tried to break into the music trendmakers. Now it's the simply good music makers in the traditions of Manowar and the similar anthemic songmakers.

SabatonCarolus Rex


Nuclear Blast
ID: 27361 28272

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

It's again good but just good album. This release consists of the powerful sound and memorable songs but you've already heard such music many times.

SabatonThe Last Stand


Nuclear Blast
ID: NB 3734-0

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's again the same and the same, I feel pretty sick about it. I don't even know how many twin albums this band will make ready in the future. It makes my skin crawl.

SabbatMourning Has Broken


Noise Records 

Doom Thrash Metal

It's a boring music, it's unsuccessful Candlemass with Thrash elements. As Thrash it's very good chaotic music but in general they don't like me on this album.

SabbatThe End of the Beginning (video)


Fotodisk Video 

Thrash Metal

No comment.

SabbatHistory of a Time to Come


Noise Records
ID: NO0992

Thrash Metal

It's very easy just to say about the band with the famous members that it's standard European Thrash. But it's true, it's really that European Thrash in spirit of Kreator (especially by the vocals).

SabbatDreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays)


Noise Records
ID: WK 45180

Thrash Metal

I was bored again during the listening to this band's album. It seems the music is various but nevertheless it's monotonous and īverintellectualizing.

Sabbat (Japan)Karmagmassacre


Iron Pegasus Records
ID: I.P.031

Thrash Heavy Metal

It's typical for many Japanese Thrash bands to play not fast chaotic European Thrash, not technical US Thrash, but to play some spectacle based on pompous Heavy and dashing Thrash. Listen to Sabbat and it explains you what I said.

Sabbat (Japan)...To Praise the Sabbatical Queen


Iron Pegasus Records
ID: I.P.038

Thrash Metal

This is a compilation, but the music is really perfect for any Thrash bands. This Sabbat's sound is very close to early Black Metal though it's Thrash in any cases.

SabbtailNight Church


Massacre Records
ID: amg 159

experimental Progressive Heavy Doom Metal

This band welded very good musical mixture. You can find there the parts of Black Sabbath, Rainbow, extreme Prog (e.g. Magna Carta's releases). Hammond and complex Jazzy guitar sound are just an ample garnish for this dish.

SabotageHoka Hey


Metal Master
ID: MGP-047

Speed Power Metal

It's not blithesome Italian Speed&Power we already know. It's a rough fast and powerful music with few slow parts in Black Sabbath style.

SabotageRumore Nel Vento



Heavy Power Metal

Early Italian Heavy is a rare thing itself but when it's with early Power elements, on Italian language and was released in 1984, it can't be lesser than very-very interesting band from the past. This music unites the simply nice and memorable songs, excellent guitars and vocals.

SabotazhNe.Soblaznyay.Nebo (Don't.Tempt.Sky)


ID: cdm 0909-2947

Modern Alternative Doom Metal

Couldn't they say it's a modern sh*t and didn't mess with people's head? It's a modern insufferable prolixity from the first notes until I threw out it.

SabotazhParus Major


ID: cdm 0312-3030/dvd114

Modern Alternative Metal

Shame on me! I absolutely forgot what played this band. It's again a modern stuff with annoying sound and with the songs which I'd like to stop them quick.

Sacrament (US)Haunts of Violence


M8 Records
ID: M8D-1115

Thrash Metal

Don't wait for classic US Thrash (of 80s) or even European Thrash of all times, it's not that music. I can describe it as not very fast complex Thrash with Death elements but the music doesn't allow to call it as I say - they digressed from the genre.

Sacrament (US)Testimony of Apocalypse


R.E.X. Music
ID: REXD 1421

Thrash Metal

It's a fast, complex music with a different rhythm structure. This album is as in US so in European Thrash traditions with the interesting sound.

Sacred BloodThe Battle of Thermopylae: The Chronicle


Eat Metal Records
ID: E.M.R. 017

Melodic Power Metal

Why, why did the band choose this voiceless/earless singer among others?! The music is not bad Melodic Power but the singer sings on his own and other musicians are in themselves.

Sacred BloodAlexandros


Pitch Black Records
ID: PBR 015

Melodic Heavy Folk Power Metal

It's very typical 'epical, historical' Heavy/Power with some Folk touches. The music is in the traditions of many different bands that try to tell us about mighty warriors and great heroes.

Sacred CrucifixAeon of Chaos


Poison Arrow Records

Death Black Thrash Metal

In my understanding it's something Black/Death with probably some Cradle of Filth influences but with Thrash technique and Death vocals. Unstoppable music makes this album very aggressive and ...aggressive again.

Sacred GateWhen Eternity Ends


Metal On Metal Records
ID: MOMR12032

Heavy Metal

I can just say that it's another modern Heavy Metal in some Iron Maiden spirit. The songs are quite good and interesting, that's enough for such type of music.

Sacred GuardianSacred Guardian


Stormspell Records

Power Heavy Metal

Of course this band doesn't invent anything new, it's just another band that plays Power Metal. There are some good songs and guitar solos there but in general you already heard such music many times.

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