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April 21st, 2019
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1. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 2. Vyper 'Prepared to Strike' 3. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die 'Der Rote Reiter' 4. Adagio 'Life' 5. Alpha Tiger 'Alpha Tiger' 6. Leprous 'Malina' 7. Paradise Lost 'Medusa' 8. Great White 'Full Circle' 9. Venom Inc. 'Avé' 10. Hell in the Club 'See You on the Dark Side' 11. Satyricon 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep' 12. Septic Flesh 'Codex Omega' 13. FB1964 'Störtebeker' 14. Air Raid 'Across the Line' 15. Panzer (Germany) 'Fatal Command' 16. Section A 'Wall of Silence' 17. Accept 'The Rise of Chaos' 18. Steelheart 'Through Worlds of Stardust' 19. Unity, The 'The Unity' 20. Desperados 'Call of the Wild'

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U.D.O.Mean Machine



Melodic Heavy Metal

No comment.

U.D.O.Faceless World



Melodic Heavy Metal

No comment.

U.D.O.Man And Machine


ID: SPV CD 085-57472

Heavy Metal

And what about Udo? Old wheezer wheezes in the same way, music is half Accept,half no Accept. Only different guitarists sound in a various way.



Breaker Records
ID: SPV 076-57342 CD

Heavy Power Metal

Do I need to compare great Udo with anybody else?! This album is just wonderful and powerful, I think that spiritually it's Accept's Metal Heart album with Power elements.



Breaker Records
ID: SPV 076-57352 CD

Heavy Metal

This album it just one of his works. I don't think that this album is worse than his other works but this one didn't make new positive impression on me.

U.D.O.Animal House


Breaker Records
ID: SPV 076-57292 CD

Heavy Metal

A distance between Accept's Russian Roulette and this U.D.O.'s album is small, so it isn't a surprise that this album is very similar to that Accept album with some Metal Heart influences.

U.D.O.Thunderball / Thundervision


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0604-1877 / DVD 004

Heavy Power Metal

I can't say anything fresh and interesting about another Udo's work, there is nothing new, there are no innovations, it's the same active Udo with the same good music. The second disk is DVD with some clips and audio section with some unreleased tracks.

U.D.O.Nailed to Metal ...the Complete History...


AFM Records
ID: cdm dvd 001

Heavy Metal

No comment.

U.D.O.Nailed to Metal... The Missing Tracks


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0903-1499

Heavy Metal

It's live album that almost completely consists of Accept tracks. It's a good live album because any Udo work is very good.



Breaker Records
ID: cdm 0604-1870

Heavy Metal

Udo still continues conSOLIDating his project that's always based on Accept music. I think no one needs my words of UDO music, I just say that there are many good guitar solos on this album.

U.D.O.No Limits


Breaker Records
ID: cdm 0604-1871

Heavy Metal

Udo is Udo, it's impossible to describe each of his albums and expose all new and new band features. Certainly, Udo is the big tree in the shadow of which many bands have eaten, but every next album is an acknowledgement of the achievement of his life, no breakout.

U.D.O.Mission No. X / 24/7


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0905-2381/d

Heavy Metal

Will Udo play anything different in the future? I don't think so. In this case we have every new U.D.O. album like the previous ones. But if you like Udo you accept everything from his works with pleasure.



AFM Records
ID: cdm 0607-2723/d

Heavy Metal

I have new idea about UDO music - his music has to be like a vine ageing, how many years it's old, so many treasures are in the taste. We'll see what pleasure will be to listen to this album in some years...



AFM Records
ID: AFM 258-2

Heavy Metal

It seems to me Udo again is back to Accept roots, I hear the music belonging to Metal Heart/Russian Roulette era. But it's still the same Udo on Gamma Ray/Manowar grand scale in the music.

U.D.O.Metallized - 20 Years of Metal, Best of U.D.O.


AFM Records
ID: cdm 0208-2806/d

Heavy Metal

It's U.D.O.'s compilation, it's really the best of his songs. There are some unreleased tracks as the bonuses there also.



AFM Records
ID: AFM 326-9

Heavy Metal

It's a rough and unshowy work in spirit of late Accept with Udo. The music has the cumbrous sound without the catching moments or memorable songs though there are at least few travail there.

U.D.O.Mastercutor Alive


ZYX Music
ID: cdm dvd 108 dvd 109

Melodic Heavy Metal

It's a live video with some bonus materials.



AFM Records
ID: fo915cd

Heavy Metal

It's UDO's compilation, true German Heavy Metal. It's not only well-known songs, there is a different rare or unreleased stuff on these 2 CDs.



AFM Records
ID: fo983cd

Heavy Metal

It's the next U.D.O. album, it's a new album's title with the same music inside. The new guitarists don't introduce new ideas to the songs.



Verdict Entertainment 

Power Metal

This power is really unleashed, there aren't the borders of the style in this music. Though it's mini album, this release is various from Thrash to Melodic Heavy.

Ufych SormeerCrazy Mac


Holy Records

experimental Progressive Power Metal

The experiments in the music aren't brand new idea but when Symphony X and Bal-Sagoth cross, it's really something new one. But there are so many experiments and musical discords on the album, I can't approve of such sound.

Ulan BatorCut



Power Heavy Metal

It's a simple, guitar oriented German Power, with a bit of Melodic music and without any originality.

UltimatumJeunes Et Europeens


Musique Et Tradition 

Thrash Metal

Did they plan to release nationalistic Black Metal album? Maybe. But music, for my pleasure, is real European chaotic headless Thrash with all classic, traditional European Thrash attributes, this album is just nice to hear because it's very unusual and unexpected for the current days.

UMPThe Jaguar Priest


Inner Wound Recordings
ID: IW83056

Melodic Heavy Progressive Power Metal

I swore off not once not to fall for supposedly Power with the female vocals. The result is the same: it's typical so called 'symphonic' Metal with Progressive elements and absolutely stereotyped songs.

Uncle SlamWill Work for Food


RoadRunner Records
ID: RR 9080 2

Thrash Metal

Everyone who still longs for early Metallica can find it in Uncle Slam music. It's that early Thrash with Speed elements, Metallica is the closest band for the comparison.



Silverdust Records
ID: SD 015

Doom Thrash Metal

It's complete Doom in Paradise Lost / Lake of Tears style but with some Thrash elements. But this band just works in the style of these bands, the music hasn't the parts from other bands' songs.

Undish... Acta Est Fabula


Massacre Records 

Heavy Gothic Metal

It's classic Dark Heavy with Gothic elements in Dreadful Shadows style. There are slow music, male-female vocals, etc. there...

UnicornThe 13th Sign


Steelheart Records
ID: STH 0522

Melodic Power Metal

It's mixture of early Helloween of 'Keepers' time and modern stuff like Edguy. As usual it's hard to say about originality of such band when it's just not bad Melodic Power, at most.

Union RadioThe Radio Waves Goodbye


Lion Music
ID: LMC 195

Progressive Metal

It's more experiments in the music than music itself. But some melodic touches make music more interesting than empty experimental Prog, and last Jazz song increases the value of this album for me.



Edel Records
ID: SZCD 7565-12

Melodic Heavy Metal

Unisonic is Kiske and Hansen of Helloween's Chameleon time. This project sounds in the complete traditions of Chameleon with many interesting songs.

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