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April 21st, 2019
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W.A.S.P.Unholy Terror


Metal Is Records

Heavy Metal

This album like the previous albums is heavier than early albums. In other respects it's classic WASP, but what can happen with WASP, what collisions can change their music?

W.A.S.P.Dying for the World


Metal Is Records

Heavy Metal

It's always hard to describe WASP for me. Yes, they play great music, every album isn't like the previous ones, but I have no words to say this album is different from others.

W.A.S.P.Still Not Black Enough


Sanctuary Records

Heavy Metal

This album is the last really good album for me, all next albums are just the poor shadows of W.A.S.P. 80s and the beginning of 90s.

W.A.S.P.The Neon God - part 1: The Rise


Sanctuary Records
ID: NO3782

Heavy Metal

Don't defraud yourself, that WASP can change itself, every album of the last ones is the copy of another one. This one begins from interesting sound and ends by good one but everything else is the same that has already been.



Capitol Records
ID: CDP 7 46661 2

Heavy Metal

It's the most classic band's album, probably every track is on many different compilations. No need to describe very popular album that was released more than 20 years ago. You don't know W.A.S.P.? Shame on you!

W.A.S.P.The Crimson Idol


Snapper Music

Heavy Metal

This album is still clinging to the early WASP works and ideas. The sound is the same including well-memorized refrains. This album consists of many balladish tracks and also many bonuses including 2nd CD with bonus materials (the tracks from B-sides).

W.A.S.P.The Headless Children


Snapper Music

Heavy Metal

I didn't wait from this album anything special, WASP already shows what this band can do, this album is just a reinforcement of that. A few of these tracks are well known, but the most part is disposable.

W.A.S.P.The Neon God part 2: The Demise


Noise Records
ID: NO3802

Heavy Metal

This album consists of the social lyrics about scale problem, I listen to the music but music is the same during the last albums. It's enough to listen to the first WASP albums in order to know what you can find on other band's albums.

W.A.S.P.The Sting


Snapper Music

Heavy Metal

It's another official W.A.S.P. live album. The tracklist is usual, the sound is usual, everything is usual.



Sanctuary Records

Industrial Stoner Metal

What's the worst in WASP life? Of course this unsuccessful child without head, extremities and mind. This is slow, industrial, maybe a bit atmospheric music without anything you need from WASP.



EMI Records
ID: M-6368

Heavy Metal

Do I sleep? I've never paid my attention to it, but now I hear very interesting guitar work, I mean the guitar solos. Let the music is the same but new guitar sound give us new apparition in W.A.S.P. music.

W.A.S.P.First Blood... Last Visions...


EMI Records
ID: NRR 3005

Heavy Metal

I already have this video collection on a shabby videotape. It's a video clips collection of early W.A.S.P. days.



Global Music

Heavy Metal

W.A.S.P., W.A...(yawn)...S.P. - it was ordinary for me during many-many previous band's albums. But from the preceding band's release to this current release we have small change - a good guitarist who varies one and the same W.A.S.P. songs.

W.A.S.P.Inside the Electric Circus


Capitol Records

Heavy Metal

It's hard to find something special in couple of the albums after bright debut W.A.S.P. work. This album is just one from many other band's albums forming official band's discography.



Snapper Music

Hard Heavy Metal

This work is not bad after KFD, but it's not a distinguished album as for the rest. This music is more Rock'n'Rollish than other works and sounds sometimes in AC/DC style.

W.A.S.P.The Last Command


Snapper Music
ID: SMM CD 502

Heavy Metal

Everything that wasn't played on the debut album was performed on this one. We have very interesting songs even in comparison with the first album, and very good guitars.

WallopMetallic Alps


Bonebreaker Records
ID: CultMetal 037

Melodic Heavy Metal

The best German Heavy Metal traditions were actualized in Wallop music. It's an excellent music in Accept style with dozens of the memorable songs.

Walpurgis NightUnder the Moonlight


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-079

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

Why do I like My Graveyard Productions releases? Almost all of them are music in 80s style, Walpurgis Night is also an excellent mixture of Heavy/Power/Speed with partially Udo-like vocals.

Walpurgis NightMidnight Wanderer


My Graveyard Productions
ID: MGP-101

Melodic Power Heavy Metal

In my opinion this work would be a debut album because this work exactly sounds as the first steps, not 'Under the moonlight'. There are just few magnetic screams, though there are enough the excellent guitar solos.

WAMIKill the King


Metal Mind Records

Hard Heavy Metal

I don't even know, it's hard to imagine more typical Hard&Heavy than WAMI album. This work is forgettable modern Hard&Heavy without any catchy moments.

War & PeaceTime Capsule


Shrapnel Records
ID: SH-1065-2

Glam Hard Heavy Metal

From year to year those men who still can't drop down the shackles of dead style try to revive it. The music is still the same: it's sugar sound with standard for Glam Hard&Heavy music ideas and riffs.

WarbringerWar without End


Century Media Records
ID: 9977462

Thrash Metal

It's modern (that means not old school) Thrash in the traditions of Kreator and Slayer. I don't think there is something new there, it's just good to hear true supporting of the old Thrash traditions.

WarbringerWaking into Nightmares


Century Media Records
ID: mzr cd 440

Thrash Metal

When the second album is the same as the first release and corresponds to early Kreator it's good but already not good. Of course it's nice to hear early Kreator, but the same twice...

WarbringerWorlds Torn Asunder


Century Media Records
ID: mzr cd 518

Thrash Metal

This band brings again aggressive Thrash in style of Kreator, Tankard and Slayer. The music is the same that they had on the previous albums.

WarbringerIV: Empires Collapse


Century Media Records
ID: mzr cd 637

Thrash Metal

Let empires collapse, this music is able to restore true spirit of unique Thrash, it's more important than some empires. This album is awesome Thrash with very special vocals, splendid guitars and catchy sound.

WarbringerWoe to the Vanquished


Napalm Records
ID: GQCS-90306

Thrash Metal

Well, Warbringer keep us in mind, they know such Thrash is highly anticipated. The band does a good job with high-speed Thrash, with the memorable songs and perceptible guitar work.



ID: AS/957-02

Melodic Speed Power Metal

This is the music that's worthy of many bands which tried to play such music. They were able to make its way through the wall of the standards and an ordinary sound. Their Melodic Speed&Power is on Spanish language, that increases an originality of the band.

Warcry (Germany)Revenge in Blood


Pure Steel Records

Speed Power Thrash Metal

Thankfully there is something to listen! It's interesting mixture of Speed, Thrash, Power and something more brutal with the harsh vocals. The music is various enough and spectacular.

Ward, BillWard One: Along the Way


Chameleon Records
ID: D2-74816

Hard Rock

I can say confidently - it's not Black Sabbath that's important in its own right. But in other respects it's an average enough music without the bright sides.

Ward, BillAccountable Beasts


Aston Cross Music
ID: 859714647663

Modern Hard Rock

That's a shame to hear such music, not classic Hard Rock or something time-proved. The music brings nothing, nothing new, nothing old, nothing at all.

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