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April 24th, 2019
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There is a brief list of the albums that Denis has got

The last 20 entering albums are:

1. Operation: Mindcrime 'The New Reality' 2. Vyper 'Prepared to Strike' 3. Apokalyptischen Reiter, Die 'Der Rote Reiter' 4. Adagio 'Life' 5. Alpha Tiger 'Alpha Tiger' 6. Leprous 'Malina' 7. Paradise Lost 'Medusa' 8. Great White 'Full Circle' 9. Venom Inc. 'Avé' 10. Hell in the Club 'See You on the Dark Side' 11. Satyricon 'Deep Calleth Upon Deep' 12. Septic Flesh 'Codex Omega' 13. FB1964 'Störtebeker' 14. Air Raid 'Across the Line' 15. Panzer (Germany) 'Fatal Command' 16. Section A 'Wall of Silence' 17. Accept 'The Rise of Chaos' 18. Steelheart 'Through Worlds of Stardust' 19. Unity, The 'The Unity' 20. Desperados 'Call of the Wild'

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Artist: Title:

My Feeling of Masterpiece:

220 VoltPower Games
220 VoltMade in Jamtland
220 Volt220 Volt
220 VoltEye to Eye
220 VoltLethal Illusion
220 VoltMind Over Muscle
220 VoltWalking in Starlight
3The Ghost You Gave to Me
3 Inches of BloodAdvance And Vanquish
3 Inches of BloodFire Up the Blades
3 Inches of BloodHere Waits Thy Doom
3 Inches of BloodLong Live Heavy Metal
3rd And the Mortal, TheTears Laid in Earth
48 CrashSome Like It Hot
4th DimensionThe White Path to Rebirth
4th DimensionDispelling the Veil of Illusions
5 StihiyPepel I Sneg (Ash And Snow)
5 StihiyFeniks (Phoenix)
5 StihiyKolybel' Vremyon (Cradle of Times)
7daysInto Forever
7th Reign7th Reign
8-Point RosePrimigenia
Aaron, LeeMetal Queen
Aaron, LeeBodyrock
Aaron, LeeSome Girls Do
Aaron, LeeLee Aaron
Aaron, LeeCall of the Wild
Aaron, LeeEmotional Rain
Aaron, LeeFire And Gasoline
AB-CDThe Rock'n'Roll Devil
AB-CDCut the Crap
AbandonedThrash Notes
AbandonedThrash You
AbattoirVicious Attack
AbattoirThe Only Safe Place
AbigorSupreme Immortal Art
AbordazhAdskiy Shtorm (Hellish Storm)
AbordazhSpokoynaya Zhizn' Ne dlya Nas (Restful Life Is Not for Us)
AbraxasTomorrow's World
AbraxasThe Liaison
AbrinThe World of Evil
Absolute SteelThe Fair Bitch Project
Absolute SteelWomanizer
Abstrakt AlgebraAbstrakt Algebra
AbuserThreats of Fate
AbydosThe Little Boy's Heavy Mental Shadow Opera About the Inhabitants of His Diary
AbyssSin Angeles
AC-DCHigh Voltage
AC-DCDirty Deedes Done Dirt Cheap
AC-DCLet There Be Rock
AC-DCHighway to Hell
AC-DCBack in Black
AC-DCFor Those About to Rock
AC-DCFlick of the Switch
AC-DCFly on the Wall
AC-DCWho Made Who
AC-DCBlow Up Your Video
AC-DCThe Razor's Edge
AC-DCLet There Be Rock!
AC-DCLive in Castle Donington
AC-DCPlug Me In
AC-DCBlack Ice
AC-DCStiff Upper Lip
AC-DCBack Tracks
AC-DCRock Or Bust
AcceptI'm a Rebel
AcceptRestless And Wild
AcceptBalls to the Wall
AcceptMetal Heart
AcceptStaying a Life
AcceptRussian Roulette
AcceptEat the Heat
AcceptMetal Blast from the Past
AcceptDeath Row
AcceptBlood of the Nations
AcceptObjection Overruled
AcceptBlind Rage
AcceptThe Rise of Chaos
AccuserThe Conviction / Experimental Errors
AccuserTaken by the Throat
AccuserWho Dominates Who?
AccuserDouble Talk
AccuserDependent Domination
AccuserThe Forlorn Divide
Acid ReignThe Fear
Acid ReignObnoxious
AcllaLandscape Revolution
AcronLabyrinth of Fears
Act of DefianceBirth And the Burial
ActivatorHranitel' Zhizni (Life Keeper)
AdagioSanctus Ignis
AdagioArchangels in Black
AdamantKrov' Rassveta (Blood of Dawn)
AdamanterThe Shadow Mirror
AdamantraAct II: Silent Narratives
Adams, S.A.Stovepipe
Adams, S.A.Mutated
AdastraDeath Or Domination
AdemTime of Madness
AdgarMas Allá del Sol
AdgarSeguimos en Pie
AdiastasiaLife War
Adolf CastleReally Crazy Germans
AdramelchIrea Melanox
AdramelchBroken History
AdramelchLights from Oblivion
Adrenalin KickMassacre the Mainstream
Adrenaline MobOmertá
Adrenaline MobCovertá
Adrenaline MobMen of Honor
AdrenicidePioneers in the Land of the Mad
AdvocateWorld Without End
ADXWeird Visions
ADXIn Memorium
ADXLa Terreur
ADXNon Serviam
AedraTayny Zerkal
AellaNochnye Ved'my (Night Witches)
Afer VentusMuovendosi Appena
After AllMercury Rising
After AllDead Loss
After AllThe Vermin Breed
After AllThis Violent Decline
After AllCult of Sin
After ForeverMea Culpa
AftermathEyes of Tomorrow
Aftermath (US)Don't Cheer Me Up
AfterworldConnecting Animals
AfterworldDark Side of Mind
AgathodaimonHigher Art of Rebellion
AgattaPortrait in a Wall
Age of ArtemisThe Waking Hour
Age of NemesisPsychogeist
Age of NemesisTerra Incognita
Age of RebellionIkarus Dream
Age of RebellionDividing Horizons
Age of SilenceAcceleration
Agent SteelSkeptics Apocalypse
Agent SteelMad Locust Rising
Agent SteelUnstoppable Force
Agent SteelOrder of the Illuminati
Agent SteelOmega Conspiracy
Agent SteelAlienigma: Veil of the Gods
AggressionForgotten Skeleton
AggressionThe Full Treatment
Aggression (Spain)Moshpirit
AgonizerBirth / The End
AgonyThe First Defiance
AgressorMedieval Rites
AgressorThe Spirit of Evil
AgressorNeverending Destiny
AgressorTowards Beyond
AgressorSymposium of Rebirth
AgroRitual 6
Aime, AlainSurvivor
AinaDays of Rising Doom / The Story of Aina
Air ForceLegend
Air RaidAcross the Line
AirbornAgainst the World
AirbornDark Future Rising
AirdashThank God It's Monday
AirdashHospital Hallucinations Take One
AirdashBoth Ends of the Path
Airged LamhThe Silver Arm
AkashicTimeless Realm
AkelaA Felelem Szuletese
AkphaezyaAnthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity
AlastisThe Other Side
AlbatrhozLa Visión de los Profetas
AlbionGibel' Korolya (Death of the King)
AlcatrazzNo Parole from Rock'n'Roll
AlcatrazzDisturbing the Peace
AlcatrazzDangerous Games
AlchemistAustral Alien
AlchemistJar of Kingdom
Alchemy X11:59:59
Alcoholic ForceAlcoholic Force
Aleister WildChild's Play
Alekseevskaya PloschadDlinnee Veka (Longer Than Century)
Alekseevskaya PloschadZona Riska (Danger Area)
AlestormCaptain Morgan's Revenge
AlestormBlack Sails at Midnight
AlestormBack Through Time
AlestormNo Grave But the Sea
Alex Parche ProjectThe Alex Parche Project
Alex Parche ProjectSon of a Healer
Alex Parche ProjectProhibido el Paso
Alex Skolnick TrioTransformation
Alex Skolnick TrioLast Day in Paradise
Alex Skolnick TrioVeritas
AlexisBirds of Prey
Alfie, CarinaCuerdas Vitales
Alias EyeField of Names
Alias EyeIn-Between
Alice CooperBrutal Planet
Alice CooperDragontown
Alice CooperThe Eyes of Alice Cooper
Alice CooperThe Last Temptation
Alice CooperDirty Diamonds
Alice CooperParanormal
Alice CooperAlong Came a Spider
Alice CooperEasy Action
Alice CooperFlush the Fashion
Alice CooperRaise Your Fist And Yell
Alice CooperLove It to Death
Alice CooperKiller
Alice CooperDa Da
Alice CooperMuscle of Love
Alice CooperWelcome to My Nightmare
Alice CooperAlice Cooper Goes to Hell
Alice CooperLace And Whiskey
Alice CooperSpecial Forces
Alice CooperWelcome 2 My Nightmare
Alice CooperZipper Catches Skin
Alice CooperTrash
Alice CooperHey Stoopid
Alice CooperFrom the Inside
Alice CooperConstrictor
Alien ForceHell And High Water
Alien ForcePain And Pleasure
Alien on My MindAlien on My Mind
Alkana, DanneyRock the Bach
AlkemystMeeting in the Mist
AlkemystThrough Painful Lanes
Allen, Russel - Lande, JornThe Battle
Allen, Russel - Lande, JornThe Revenge
Allen, Russel - Lande, JornThe Showdown
Allen, Russel - Lande, JornThe Great Divide
AllthenikoWe Will Fight!
AllthenikoMillennium Re-Burn
AllthenikoBack in 2066 (Three Head Mutant Chronicles)
AlmafuerteMundo Guanaco
Almas MilitaresAlmas Militares
Almas MilitaresBatalla en el Séptimo Cielo
AlmoraGates of Time
AlmoraKalihora's Song
Alpha TigeriDentity
Alpha TigerAlpha Tiger
AlsionA Kingdom Beyond...
Alta DensidadPrincesa Aura
Alta TensaoMetalmorfose / Nigéria
AltairLost Eden
Altar BoysForever Mercy
AltariaThe Fallen Empire
Altars of DestructionGallery of Pain
AmadeusSign of Danger
AmalteyaKniga Myortvyh Imyon (Book of the Dead Names)
AmaranA World Depraved
AmaranPristine in Bondage
Amaran's PlightVoice in the Light
AmasefferExodus - Slaves for Life
Amberian DawnCircus Black
Amberian DawnDarkness of Eternity
Amberian DawnRe-Evolution
Amberian DawnInnuendo
AmorphisThe Karelian Isthmus
AmorphisPrivilege of Evil
AmorphisTales from the Thousand Lakes
AmorphisBlack Winter Day
AmorphisMy Kantele
AmorphisAm Universum
AmorphisFar from the Sun
AmorphisSilent Waters
AmorphisThe Beginning of Times
AmorphisUnder the Red Cloud
AmorphisQueen of Time
AmulanceFeel the Pain
AmulanceThe Rage Within And the Aftermath
Amun ReMagic Kingdom
AnacrusisScreams And Whispers
AnacrusisManic Impressions
AnacrusisAnnihilation Complete
AnacrusisSuffering Hour
AnathemaPentecost III
AnathemaThe Silent Enigma
AnathemaAlternative 4
AncientDet Glemte Riket
Ancient BardsA New Dawn Ending
Ancient CrossAncient Cross
Ancient DomeHuman Key
Ancient DomePerception of This World
Ancient DomeCosmic Gateway to Infinity
Ancient RitesDim Carcosa
And OceansThe Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts
And OceansThe Symmetry of I the Circle of O
AndemMayatnik Zhizni (Pendulum of Life)
AndemDoch' Lunnogo Sveta (Doughter of Moonlight)
AndemZimnie Slyozy (Winter Tears)
Andersen, AndreChanging Skin
Andersen, AndreBlack on Black
Andersen, AndreOceanView
Andersen, Andre - Laine, Paul - Readman, DavidIII
Andersson, RichardThe Ultimate Andersson Collection
Andi Deris And the Bad BankersMillion Dollar Haircuts on Ten Cent Heads
AndrallsFasthrash Live 2003
Andromeda (Sweden)Chimera
Andromeda (Sweden)II=I
Andromeda (Sweden)Extension of the Wish
Andromeda (Sweden)The Immunity Zone
Andromeda (Sweden)Manifest Tyranny
AnekdotenFrom Within
AnesthesiaThe State of Being Unable to Feel Pain
AngbandRising from Apadana
AngbandVisions of the Seeker
Angel DustBleed
Angel DustBorder of Reality
Angel DustEnlighten the Darkness
Angel DustOf Human Bondage
Angel DustInto the Dark Past
Angel DustTo Dust You Will Decay
Angel of EdenThe End of Never
AngelicaWalkin' in Faith
AngelicaRock, Stock & Barrel
AngelicaTime Is All It Takes
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Ein Schoner Tag...
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Ein Tropfchen Voller Gluk
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Ein Strauss Bunter Melodien
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Das Blaueste Album der Welt!
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Ich Glaub' Nicht an den Weihnachtsmann
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Lieder, die das Leben Schreibte
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)Nunc Est Bibendum
Angelripper, Tom (Onkel)H.E.L.D.
Angels GraceNew Era Rising
Angelus ApatridaEvil Unleashed
Angelus ApatridaGive 'Em War
Angelus ApatridaThe Call
Angelus ApatridaHidden Evolution
AngiziaDas Tagebuch der Hanna Anikin
AngiziaDas Schachbrett des Trommelbuben Zacharias
Angizia39 Jahre fur den Leierkastenmann
AngiziaDie Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter
AngiziaEin Toter Fahrt Gern Ringelspiel
AngraReaching Horizons
AngraAngels Cry
AngraSpecial Radio Acoustic Show
AngraHoly Land
AngraFreedom Call
AngraHoly Live
AngraCarolina VI Baptism of Fire
AngraHunters And Prey
AngraTemple of Shadows
AngraRebirth World Tour (Live in Sao Paolo'01) (Video)
AngraAurora Consurgens
AngraSecret Garden
Anguish ForceInvincible Imperium Italicum
Anguish ForceRRR 1988-1997
Anguish ForceCreated 4 Self-Destruction
Anguish ForceCry, Gaia Cry
Anguish ForceAtzwang
AngusTrack of Doom / Warrior of the World
AnimalViolent New Breed
AnnathemaEmpire of Noise
AnnathemaDon't Go Down!
AnnihilatorAlice in Hell
AnnihilatorNever, Neverland
AnnihilatorSet the World of Fire
AnnihilatorKing of the Kill
AnnihilatorRefresh the Demon
AnnihilatorCriteria for a Black Widow
AnnihilatorCarnival Diabolos
AnnihilatorWaking the Fury
AnnihilatorDouble Live Annihilation
AnnihilatorAll for You / The One
AnnihilatorSchizo Deluxe
AnnihilatorLive at Masters of Rock
AnnihilatorFor the Demented
AnthemHeavy Metal Anthem
AnthenoraThe Ghosts of Iwo Jima
AnthraxThrough Time P.O.V.
AnthraxReturn of the Killer A's
AnthraxFistful of Metal
AnthraxArmed And Dangerous
AnthraxSpreading the Disease
AnthraxAmong the Living
AnthraxState of Euphoria
AnthraxPersistence of Time
AnthraxWorship Music
AnthraxFor All Kings
AnthrielThe Pathway
AnthropiaThe Ereyn Chronicles - part I - The Journey of Beginnings
AntichrisisCantara Anachoreta
AntichrisisA Legacy of Love
AntichrisisNot Fade Away
AntithesisDying for Life
Antonini, EddyWhen Water Became Ice
AnvilAbsolutely No Alternative
AnvilSpeed of Sound
AnvilPlenty of Power
AnvilStrength of Steel
AnvilPound for Pound
AnvilWorth the Weight
AnvilPlugged in Permanent
AnvilStill Going Strong
AnvilBack to Basics
AnvilThis Is Thirteen
AnvilJuggernaut of Justice
AnvilHope in Hell
AnvilAnvil Is Anvil
AnvilPounding the Pavement
Apocalypse (Switzerland)Apocalypse
Apocalypse (Switzerland)Faithless
ApocryphaArea 54
ApocryphaThe Eyes of Time
ApocryphaThe Forgotten Scroll
ApokalipsisIshod Vozmozhen Odin (Outcome May Be the One)
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieSoft & Stronger
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieAllegro Barbaro
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieHave a Nice Trip
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieRiders on the Storm
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieLicht
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieMoral & Wahnsinn
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieSamurai
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieTief.Tiefer.
Apokalyptischen Reiter, DieDer Rote Reiter
ApostlePrepare to Meet God
Appearance of NothingAll Gods Are Gone
Aquarius, TheEra Rassveta (Age of Dawn)
Aquarius, TheNa Predele Vremyon (At the Breaking Point of Times)
Aquarius, TheMelodiya Planety (Melody of the Planet)
ArachnesPrimary Fear
Arcana XXIIThis Burning Darkness
Arcana XXIIYour Fatal Embrace
ArcanumControl of Insanity
ArcanumNo Past No Future SSDD
Arch - MatheosSympathetic Resonance
Arch EnemyStigmata
Arch EnemyWages of Sin
Arch EnemyAnthems of Rebellion
Arch EnemyBurning Bridges
Arch EnemyDead Eyes See No Future
Arch EnemyDoomsday Machine
Arch EnemyRise of the Tyrant
Arch EnemyThe Root of All Evil
Arch EnemyWill to Power
Arch EnemyKhaos Legions
Arch EnemyWar Eternal
Arch NemesisShadows in the Mirror
Arch RivalThird Degree Burns
Arch RivalIn the Face of Danger
Arch RivalWake Up Your Mind
Arch, JohnA Twist of Fate
Architects of ChaozThe League of Shadows
ArchontesSaga of Eternity
ArchontesBook One: the Child of Two Worlds
ArchontesKogda-Nibud' I Nikogda (Some Day And Never)
Arctic FlameDeclaration
Arctic FlameGuardian at the Gate
ArdaO Skitaniyah Vechnyh I o Zemle (About Eternal Wondering And About the Earth)
ArdaMore Ischezayuschih Vremyon (Sea of Vanishing Times)
ArdaV Nebo (Skyward)
ArdaTam, Gde Zemlya Stanovitsya Morem (Where Land Becomes Sea)
ArenaSongs from the Lions Cage
ArenaThe Cry
ArenaThe Visitor
ArenaCaught in the Act (video)
ArenaWelcome to the Stage
ArenaBreakfast in Biarritz
ArenaPepper's Ghost
ArenaThe Seventh Degree of Separation
ArenaThe Unquiet Sky
ArgentheaAllegro Non Troppo
ArghonVisions of the Future
ArgosGuerra Final
Argument SoulReviving the Truth
Arida VortexEvil Sorcery
Arida VortexFlames of Sunset
Arida VortexInvisible Tension
Arida VortexAve, Rok! (Hail to Rock)
Arida VortexThe Illustrated Man
ArionLast of Us
AriyaManiya Velichiya (Megalomania)
AriyaS Kem Ty? (With Whom Are You?)
AriyaGeroy Asfal'ta (Hero of a Speedway)
AriyaIgra s Ognyom (Playing with Fire)
AriyaKrov' za Krov' (Blood for Blood)
Ark StormBeginning of the New Legend
Ark, TheArk
Ark, TheBurn the Sun
Arkayic RevoltDeath's River
Arkham WitchLegions of the Deep
ArktidaNa Gorizonte (On the Horizon)
ArktidaSkvoz' Stoletiya (Through Centuries)
ArktidaMoy Drug (My Friend)
ArktidaPomni (Remember)
Armada, TheRage of the Armada
Armageddon (Yugoslavia)Heavy Metal Saga
Armageddon (Yugoslavia)Egyptian Suite
Armed Forces (US)Take on the Nation
Armored SaintA Trip Thru Red Times
Armored SaintRevelation
Armored SaintMarch of the Saint
Armored SaintDelirious Nomad
Armored SaintRaising Fear
Armored SaintSymbol of Salvation
Armored SaintLa Raza
Armored SaintWin Hands Down
ArmoryThe Dawn of Enlightenment
ArmoryEmpyrean Realms
ArrestNight Stalker
ArrivalAn Abstract of Inertia
Arrow, TheChildren of Gods
Arrow, TheHranitel' Dush (Keeper of Souls)
Arrow, TheLady Nite
Arruga, Lorenzo - Lombardo, Dave And FriendsVivaldi: the Meeting
Arryan PathRoad to Macedonia
Arryan PathTerra Incognita
Arryan PathIV: Stigmata
Arryan PathIra Imperium
ArtchFor the Sake of Mankind
ArtemisiaSo Legends Tell
ArtensionForces of Nature
ArtensionSacred Pathways
ArtensionNew Discovery
ArtensionInto the Eye of the Storm
ArtensionPhoenix Rising
ArtensionFuture World
ArteriyaLeti na Svet
ArteriyaV Poiskah Novoy Zhizni
ArthemisChurch of the Holy Ghost
ArthemisThe Damned Ship
ArthemisGolden Dawn
ArticalIllusion X
ArtilleryFear of Tomorrow
ArtilleryFear of Tomorrow / Terror Squad
ArtilleryBy Inheritance
ArtilleryDeadly Relics
ArtilleryWhen Death Comes
ArtilleryMy Blood
ArtilleryPenalty by Perception
ArtizanCurse of the Artizan
ArtrosisHidden Dimension
ArtrosisIn the Flowers Shade
ArwenMemories of a Dream
AsgardDark Horizons
Ash InheritanceDevastated by Fire
Ashes of AresAshes of Ares
Ashes to Ashes (US)Darker Side
Ashes You LeaveThe Passage Back to Life
Ashes You LeaveDesperate Existence
Ashes You LeaveThe Inheritance of Sin And Shame
AskaNine Tongues
AskaFire Eater
AsperityThe Final Demand
AsphyxiaExit: Reality
AspidKrovoizliyanie (Haemorrhage)
AspireQuest Eternal
Assailant (Sweden)Nemesis Within
Assailant (Sweden)Wicked Dream
AssassinThe Upcoming Terror
AssassinInterstellar Experience
AssassinThe Club
AssassinHoly Terror
AssassinBreaking the Silence
AssassinCombat Cathedral
Assassin (US)The Metal Knights
AssediumRise of the Warlords
AssediumFighting for the Flame
AssignmentProgressive Changes
AssignmentInside of the Machine
Astral DomineArcanum Gloriae
Astral DoorsOf the Son And the Father
Astral DoorsEvil Is Forever
Astral DoorsNew Revelation
Astral DoorsRequiem of Time
Astral DoorsJerusalem
Astral DoorsBlack Eyed Children
Asylum PyreNatural Instinct?
At VanceNo Escape
At VanceHeart of Steel
At VanceDragonchaser
At VanceOnly Human
At VanceThe Evil in You
At VanceVII
At VanceRide the Sky
At VanceFacing Your Enemy
AtaraxiaAd Perpetuam Rei Memoriam
AtheistPiece of Time
AtheistUnquestionable Presence
AthenaA New Religion?
AthenaTwilight of Days
AthenaInside the Moon
Atkins - May ProjectSerpents Kiss
Atkins, AlReloaded
AtlainLiving in the Dark
AtlainGuardian of Eternity (G.O.E.)
AtlantidaPainted Reality
Atlantis RisingCrimes of Virtuosity
Atomic SoulRussell Allen's Atomic Soul
AtrophySocialized Hate
AtrophyViolent by Nature
AttackDanger in the Air
AttackReturn of the Evil
AttackDestinies of War
AttackSeven Years in the Past
AttackThe Secret Place
AttackerBattle at Helm's Deep
AttackerThe Second Coming
AttackerThe Unknown
AttackerGiants of Canaan
Attick DemonsAtlantis
AttikaWhen Heroes Fall
AttilaRolling Thunder
AuraA Different View from the Same Side
Autumn TearsLove Poems for Dying Children... act 2
AutumnblazeMute Boy Sad Girl
AuverniaTowards Eternity
AvalanchLos Poetas Han Muerto
AvalanchLa Lama Eterna (Eternal Flames)
AvalanchEl Angel Caido
AvalonWhy Now
AvalonMystic Places
Avalon (Finland)The Land of New Hope
Avalon (Finland)Angels of the Apocalypse
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera
AvantasiaThe Metal Opera pt. 2
AvantasiaThe Scarecrow
AvantasiaThe Mystery of Time
AvantasiaLost in Space pt.1/pt.2
AvantasiaThe Wicked Symphony / Angel of Babylon
AvengerPrayers of Steel
AvengerDepraved to Black
AvgustOtvetnyy Udar (Strike Back)
AvgustZa Chertoy (Behind the Line)
AvianAshes And Madness
AwacksAtmosphere 136
Axe la ChapelleGrab What You Can
AxemasterThe Awakening 1985 - 1995
AxemasterDeath Before Dishonor
AxenstarPerpetual Twilight
AxenstarFar from Heaven
AxenstarThe Final Requiem
AxenstarThe Inquisition
AxenstarWhere Dreams Are Forgotten
AxevyperMetal Crossfire
AxxisKingdom of the Night
AxxisThe Big Thrill
AxxisMatters of Survival
AxxisVoodoo Vibes
AxxisBack to the Kingdom
AxxisEyes of Darkness
AxxisTime Machine
AxxisParadise in Flames
AxxisDoom of Destiny
AxxisKingdom of the Night II
AyreonThe Final Experiment
AyreonActual Fantasy
AyreonThe Dream Sequencer
AyreonFlight of the Migrator
AyreonThe Human Equation
AyreonThe Human Equation (video)
AyreonInto the Electric Castle
AyreonThe Theory of Everything
AyreonThe Source
AzazelloPreobrazhenie (Transformation)
AzoriaSeasons Change
Azotic ReignAbstract Maledictions
Azrael's BaneWings of Innocence
Aztec JadeConcrete Eden
Aztec JadeParadise Lost
Bach, SebastianBring'em Bach Alive!
Bach, SebastianKicking & Screaming
Bach, SebastianGive 'Em Hell
BadlandsVoodoo Highway
BagiraPo Krovi Zari (On Blood of Dawn)
BaileyLong Way Down
BajelHeavy Metal Opera
Bal-SagothA Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Bal-SagothStarfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule
Bal-SagothBattle Magic
Bal-SagothThe Power Cosmic
Bal-SagothAtlantis Ascendant
Bal-SagothThe Chthonic Chronicles
Balance of PowerTen More Tales of Grand Illusion
Balance of PowerPerfect Balance
Balance of PowerHeathen Machine
Balance of PowerWhen the World Falls Down
Balistik KickDestroy
BalrogA Dark Passage
BaltimooreQuick Fix
BaltimooreOriginal Sin
Bangalore ChoirOn Target
Bangalore ChoirCadence
Bangalore ChoirMetaphor
Bangin' MoonBlinded
BansheeRace Against Time
BansheeTake 'Em by Storm
Baron RojoDesafio
BarsoomUnder the Moons of Mars
Bastion Sud'byZhizn'
Batio, Michael AngeloHands without Shadows 2 - Voices
Batio, Michael AngeloShred Force 1: The Essential Michael Angelo Batio
Batten, JenniferAbove Below And Beyond
Batten, JenniferWhatever
Battle BeastSteel
Battle BeastBattle Beast
Battle BeastUnholy Savior
Battle BeastBringer of Pain
Battle BrattBattle Bratt
Battle BrattForged in Steel
Battle BrattThe Anthology
Battle RamSmash the Gates
Battle RamLong Live the Ram
BattleaxeBurn This Town
BattleaxePower from the Universe
BattleaxeHeavy Metal Sanctuary
BattlecrossRise to Power
BattleloreWhere the Shadows Lie...
BattlerageThe Slaughter Returns
BattlerageBlood, Fire, Steel
BattlerageTrue Metal Victory
BattleroarAge of Chaos
BattleroarBlood of Legends
Bay LaurelUnder a Clouded Sky
Beast in BlackBerserker
Beatles, TheA Hard Day's Night
Beatles, TheA Taste of Honey
Beau NastyDirty, But Well Dressed
Beautiful SinThe Unexpected
Becker, JasonPerspective
Becker, JasonThe Raspberry Jam
Bee GeesOdessa
Bee GeesTrafalgar
Bee GeesTo Whom It May Concern
Bee GeesSpirits Having Flown
Bee GeesE-S-P
Bee GeesBee Gees' 1st
Bee GeesMain Course
Bee GeesHorizontal
Bee GeesIdea
Bee GeesCucumber Castle
Bee Gees2 Years on
Bee GeesLife in a Tin Can
Bee GeesChildren of the World
Bee GeesLiving Eyes
Bee GeesSize Isn't Everything
Bee GeesOne
Bee GeesHigh Civilization
Before EdenBefore Eden
Before EdenThe Legacy of Gaia
BeholderThe Legend Begins
BejelitYou Die And I...
BejelitAge of Wars
BelicaFor All
BenedictumSeasons of Tragedy
Bercedes MenzLost in the City
Bereg NebaVstavay s Kolen (Get Up Off Knees)
Berkut, ArturPravo Dano
Berkut, ArturPobediteley Ne Sudyat (Success Is Never Blamed)
BerserkerBlood of the Warriors
BethzaidaNine Worlds
BetokenThe Gate of Nothing
BetokenDead Soul Insomnia
Betray My SecretsBetray My Secrets
BetrayerRusted Icons
Beyond FearBeyond Fear
Beyond the GraveThe Terror Beyond
Beyond TwilightThe Devil's Hall of Fame
Beyond TwilightSection X
Beyond TwilightFor the Love of Art And the Making
BibleblackThe Black Swan Epilogue
Big BallHotter Than Hell
Big CockYear of the Cock
Big CockBig Cock
Big CockMotherload
Billionaires Boys ClubSomething Wicked Comes
Bio-CancerTormenting the Innocent
BissJocker in the Deck
BitchA Rose by Any Other Name
Bitches SinInvaders
Bitches SinThe First Temptation
Bitter EndHave a Nice Death!
Black AbyssLand of Darkness
Black CoffeePridi I Vse Voz'mi (Come And Take Everything)
Black CoffeeSvetliy Metall (Light Metal)
Black CoffeeCherniy Kofe (Black Coffee)
Black CoffeePerestupi Porog (Step Over a Threshold)
Black CoffeeVol'nomu - Volya (Suit Yourself)
Black CoffeeGolden Lady
Black CoffeeLedi Osen' (Lady the Autumn)
Black CoffeePianaya Luna (Drunken Moon)
Black CoffeeOni Besy (They Are Demons)
Black Crowes, TheWho Killed That Bird Out on Your Window Sill... the Movie
Black Crowes, TheShake Your Money Maker
Black Crowes, TheBefore the Frost... Until the Freeze
Black DestinyBlack Is Where Our Hearts Belong
Black FateUncover
Black FateA Piece of Dream
Black Fate (Germany)Commander of Fate
Black HawkA Mighty Metal Axe
Black HawkDragonride
Black HawkThe Invasion
Black HawkStraight to Hell
Black JesterDiary of a Blind Angel
Black KnightBlack Knight
Black MajestySands of Time
Black MajestySilent Company
Black MajestyTomorrowland
Black MajestyIn Your Honour
Black MajestyStargazer
Black MessiahOf Myths And Legends
Black MessiahFirst War of the World
Black MessiahThe Final Journey
Black MessiahHeimweh
Black ObeliskOne More Day
Black ObeliskStena (The Wall)
Black ObeliskEshyo Odin Den' (One More Day)
Black ObeliskYa Ostayus' (I Stay)
Black Obelisk86-88
Black ObeliskZelyonyy Al'bom (Green Album)
Black ObeliskKogda-Nibud'
Black ObeliskChyornoe / Beloe (Black / White)
Black ObeliskMyortvyy Sezon (Dead Season)
Black ObeliskRevolutsiya (Revolution)
Black Rain (Canada)Black Rain
Black Rose20 Years Ago: A Night of Rehearsal
Black Rose (Sweden)Black Rose
Black SabbathSeventh Star
Black SabbathThe Eternal Idol
Black SabbathHeadless Cross
Black SabbathTYR
Black SabbathCross Purposes
Black SabbathThe Black Sabbath Story vol.2
Black SabbathParanoid
Black SabbathVol. 4
Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black SabbathHeaven And Hell
Black SabbathMob Rules
Black SabbathMaster of Reality
Black SabbathSabotage
Black SabbathBlack Sabbath
Black SabbathTechnical Ecstasy
Black SabbathNever Say Die!
Black SabbathBorn Again
Black SabbathForbidden
Black Sabbath13
Black SabbathThe End
Black SteelDestructor
Black SteelHellhammer
Black Symphony, TheBlack Symphony (Breathe)
Black Symphony, TheTears of Blood
Black TearsChild of the Storm
Black TearsThe Slave
Black Widow (US)Satan's Playground
Blackeyed SusanElectric Rattlebone
BlacklaceGet It While It's Hot
Blackmore's KingdomBlackmore's Kingdom
Blackmore's NightFires at Midnight
Blackmore's NightUnder a Violet Moon
Blackmore's NightThe Village Lanterne
Blackmore's NightAutumn Sky
Blackmore's NightWinter Carols
Blackmore's NightSecret Voyage
Blackmore's NightShadow of the Moon
Blackmore's NightGhost of a Rose
Blackmore's NightPast Times with Good Company
Blackmore's NightA Knight in York
Blackmore's NightDancer And the Moon
Blackmore's NightAll Our Yesterdays
Blackmore, J.R.Still Holding on
Blackmore, J.R.Between Darkness And Light
Blackmore, J.R.Voices part I
BlacksmithOnce Upon a Star
Blacksmith (US)Blacksmith / The Fire from Within
BlackwelderSurvival of the Fittest
Blade of SpiritShadow's Race
Blakk TotemThe Secret Place
BlasthrashNo Traces Left Behind
BlazeTenth Dimension
BlazeBlood & Belief
BlazePromise And Terror
BlazeThe King of Metal
BlazeSoundtracks of My Life
BlazeThe Man Who Would Not Die
BlazeThe Redemption of William Black (Infinite Entanglement part III)
BlazeInfinite Entanglement
BlazeEndure And Survive (Infinite Entanglement part II)
Blazon StoneReturn to Port Royal
Blazon StoneDown in the Dark
Blessed DeathKill Or Be Killed
Blessed DeathDestined for Extinction
Blezqi ZatsazRise And Fall of Passional Sanity
Blind FaithSign of the Times
Blind FaithThe Rule of Right
Blind FuryOut of Reach
Blind GuardianBattalions of Fear
Blind GuardianFollow the Blind
Blind GuardianYes We're Blind Guardian ...And So?
Blind GuardianTales from the Twilight World
Blind GuardianDemo
Blind GuardianSomewhere Far Beyond
Blind GuardianTokyo Tales
Blind GuardianImagination from the Other Side
Blind GuardianA Past And Future Secret
Blind GuardianBright Eyes
Blind GuardianThe Forgotten Tales
Blind GuardianMr. Sandman
Blind GuardianNightfall in Middle-Earth
Blind GuardianItalian Metal Monster
Blind GuardianLucifer's Heritage demos
Blind GuardianA Night at the Opera
Blind GuardianLive
Blind GuardianA Twist in the Myth
Blind GuardianFly
Blind GuardianAt the Edge of Time
Blind GuardianAnother Stranger Me
Blind GuardianWacken 2007
Blind GuardianMemories of a Time to Come
Blind GuardianBeyond the Red Mirror
Blind IllusionThe Sane Asylum
Blind PetitionPerversum Maximum
Blind PetitionThe Elements of Rock
Blind Rover10 Let Skitaniy (10 Years of Wandering)
BlitzkriegA Time of Changes
BlitzkriegUnholy Trinity
BlitzkriegTheatre of the Damned
BlitzkriegBack from Hell
Bloden-WeddTimes Go On
Bloden-WeddRaging Planet
Bloden-WeddEye of Horus
BlodwenBlack Symphony
Blood FeastKill for Pleasure
Blood FeastChopping Block Blues
Blood Thirsty DemonsMisanthropy
Blood TsunamiFor Faen!
BloodboundBook of the Dead
BloodboundTabula Rasa
BloodboundUnholy Cross
BloodboundIn the Name of Metal
BloodgoodRock in a Hard Place
BloodgoodOut of the Darkness
BloodgoodAll Stand Together
BloodgoodDangerously Close
BloodlustGuilty As Sin
BloodstainedGreetings from Hell
BloodthornIn the Shadow of Your Black Wings
BloodthornOnwards into Battle
Bloody HeraldLike a Bloody Herald Remains
Blue Oyster CultHeaven Forbid
Blue Season, TheSecede
Boals, MarkRing of Fire
Boals, MarkEdge of the World
Boals, MarkIgnition
Bodin, TomasAn Ordinary Night on My Ordinary Life
Bodin, TomasI AM
Bomb And ScaryBlack Wishing Well
BombarderLedena Krv
BombarderSpeed Kill
BombarderIma li Zivota Prije Smrti
BombnationCrossovered with Rage
Bon JoviBon Jovi
Bon JoviSlippery When Wet
Bon JoviWhat About Now
Bon JoviHave a Nice Day
Bon JoviLost Highway
Bon JoviThe Circle
Bon JoviNew Jersey
Bon JoviKeep the Faith
Bon JoviBurning Bridges
Bon JoviCrush
Bon JoviThis House Is Not for Sale
Bonded by BloodFeed the Beast
BonfireDon't Touch the Light
BonfirePoint Blank
BonfireFuel to the Flames
BonfireStrike Ten
BonfireBonfire - the Best (video)
BonfireKnock Out
BonfireFeels Like Comin' Home
BonfireRebel Soul
BonfireLive Over Europe
BonfireDouble X
BonfireOne Acoustic Night
BonfireThe Rauber
BonfireFire Works
BonfireByte the Bullet
Bonnet, GrahamHere Comes the Night
Book of ReflectionsBook of Reflections
Book of ReflectionsChapter II - Unfold the Future
BoomerangBalance of Hate
BoomerangSounds of Sirens
BorealisFall from Grace
BorknagarThe Archaic Course
Bozzio Levin StevensBlack Light Syndrome
Bozzio Levin StevensSituation Dangerous
Brain DeadIn the Deep of Vortex
Brain DeadMenace from the Sickness
Brain PoliceBeyond the Wasteland
BrainfeverCapture the Night
BrainfeverFace to Face
BrainstormMetus Mortis
BrainstormSoul Temptation
BrainstormLiquid Monster
BrainstormMemorial Roots
BrainstormOn the Spur of the Moment
BrainstormScary Creatures
Brats, TheThe Brats: 1980 Brats
Brazen AbbotLive And Learn
Brazen AbbotEye of the Storm
Brazen AbbotBad Religion
Brazen AbbotGuilty As Sin
Brazen AbbotMy Resurrection
Breaker (Germany)Dead Rider
BreakpointNone to Sell
BriarCrown of Thorns
Bride AdornedBlessed Stillness?
BrimstoneCarving a Crimson Career
Britny FoxBritny Fox
Britny FoxBoys in Heat
Britny FoxBite Down Hard
Britny FoxSpringhead Motorshark
Brocas HelmInto Battle
Brocas HelmBlack Death
Broken ArrowAbyss of Darkness
Broken BonesReligion Is Responsible
Broken GlazzDivine
Broken GlazzWithdraw from Reality
Brosh, EthanOut of Oblivion
Brutal HandPurgatory's Rage
Bud TribeRoll the Bone
BuffaloRide the Beast
BulldozerThe Day of Wrath
BulldozerThe Final Separation
BulldozerAlive... in Poland
BulldozerUnexpected Fate
BulletNo Mercy
Bullet (Sweden)Heading for the Top
Bullet (Sweden)Bite the Bullet
Bullet (Sweden)Highway Pirates
Bullet (Sweden)Full Pull
Bullet (Sweden)Storm of Blades
Bullet (Sweden)Dust to Gold
Burned in EffigyBurned in Effigy
Burning BlackRemission of Sin
Burning in HellBurning in Hell
Burning PointSalvation by Fire
Burning PointFeeding the Flames
Burning PointBurned Down the Enemy
Burning PointEmpyre
Burning PointThe Ignitor
Burning PointBurning Point
Burning RainEpic Obsession
Burning RainBurning Rain
Burning RainPleasure to Burn
Burning StarrBlaze of Glory
Burning StarrBurning Starr
Burning StarrBurning Starr (The Orange Album)
Burning StarrStand Your Ground
Burning StarrDefiance
Burning StarrLand of the Dead
BurzumBurzum / Aske
BurzumDet Som Engang Var
BurzumHvis Lyset Tar Oss
BurzumDaudi Baldrs
BurzumSôl Austan, Mâni Vestan
BurzumThe Ways of Yore
ByfistPreserving the Past: The Collection
ByrdFlying Beyond the 9
Byron Band, TheOn the Rocks
Byron, DavidTake No Prisoners
Byron, DavidBaby Faced Killer
C.I.A.In the Red
C4Call to Arms
Cabal (US)Midian
CacophonySpeed Metal Symphony
CacophonyGo Off!
CacumenBad Widow
CacumenDown to Hell
CadacrossSo Pale Is the Light
CadacrossCorona Borealis
Caffery, ChrisFaces / God Damn War
Caffery, ChrisPins And Needles
Caffery, ChrisW.A.R.P.E.D.
Caffery, ChrisHouse of Insanity
Caffery, ChrisYour Heaven Is Real
CageDarker Than Black
CageHell Destroyer
CageScience of Annihilation
CageSupremacy of Steel
CageAncient Evil
Cain's DinastyLegacy of Blood
Cain's DinastyMadmen, Witches And Vampires
Cain's OfferingGather the Faithful
Cain's OfferingStormcrow
CairoConflict And Dreams
CairoTime of Legends
CalibosAt to Boli
Campiglio, GuidoRumble in the Jungle
CancerTo the Gory End
CancerDeath Shall Rise
CandlemassEpicus Doomicus Metallicus / Live in Birmingham'88
CandlemassAncient Dreams
CandlemassTales of Creation
CandlemassDoomed for Live - Reunion 2002
CandlemassDocuments of Doom / Live at Fryshuset 1990
CandlemassKing of the Grey Islands
CandlemassLucifer Rising
CandlemassDeath Magic Doom
CandlemassPsalms for the Dead
CannonThunder And Lightning
CannonBack in Business
CannonMetal Style
CannonBurning Love
CansBeyond the Gates
CapricornRockin' Around the X-Mas Tree
Cardinal SinResurrection
Carpe TenebrumMajestic Nothingness
Carpe TenebrumMirrored Hate Painting
Carpe TenebrumDreaded Chaotic Reign
CasablancaAnother Day
CasablancaOnce Upon a Wasted Time
Cast AwayCast Away
Castillo, BillyArcano
Castillos de CristalVenceré
Casus BelliMirror Out of Time
Casus BelliIn the Name of Rose
CatameniaHalls of Frozen North
CatameniaMorning Crimson
CatameniaEternal Winter's Prophecy
CatameniaVIII - The Time Unchained
CatameniaWinternight Tragedies
CatameniaLocation: Cold
CatameniaThe Rewritten Chapters
Catch 22 Soulreaper: Evilution / Devilution
Catch 22Monumental
Catch the RainbowA Tribute to Rainbow
Catchin' 22Can't Steal Our Spirit...
CatharsisKryl'ya (Wings)
CatharsisDea & Febris Erotica
CatharsisSvetlyy Al'bom' (Light Album)
CatharsisBallada Zemli
CatharsisOstrova vo Sne (Islands in the Dream)
CathedralThe Ethereal Mirror
CathedralSupernatural Birth Machine
CathedralThe Guessing Game
Catley, BobThe Tower
Catley, BobLegends
Catley, BobMiddle Earth
Catley, BobWhen Empires Burn
Catley, BobSpirit of a Man
Catley, BobImmortal
CauldronChained to the Nite
Cauldron BornBorn of the Cauldron
Cauldron BornGod of Metal
Celestial OdeCelestial Ode
CelestyReign of Elements
CelestyLegacy of Hate
CelestyMortal Mind Creation
Cell DivisionTsunami / Hypnotized
CelladorEnter Deception
Celtic FrostEmperor's Return / Morbid Tales
Celtic FrostTo Mega Therion
Celtic FrostInto the Pandemonium
Celtic FrostCold Lake
Celtic FrostNemesis / Vanity
Celtic FrostLive at the Hammersmith Odeon
Celtic FrostMonotheist
CemetaryAn Evil Shade of Grey
CemetaryGodless Beauty
CemetaryBlack Vanity
CemetaryLast Confessions
Cemetery of ScreamMelancholy
CentaurMob Rules the World
CentaurPower World
CentaurGod Complex
CentinelaSangre Eterna
CentinelaLa Nueva Ira
Centr TyazhestiZvuki Vremeni (Sounds of Time)
Centr TyazhestiIgra (Game)
CenturionArise of the Empire
CenturionHyper Martyrium
CenturionNon Plus Ultra
CerebusToo Late to Pray
Ceremonial EmbraceOblivion
Chain LightningBolt from the Blue
Chainsaw (The Netherlands)Smell the Saw
Chainsaw (The Netherlands)Metal Missionary
ChalicePersistence of Time
ChaliceDigital Boulevard
Chaos MagicChaos Magic
CharnBlasts Off
Charon (Germany)Made in Aluminium
Charred Walls of the DamnedCold Winds on Timeless Days
Charred Walls of the DamnedCreatures Watching over the Dead
ChastainSick Society
ChastainThe Voice of the Cult
ChastainFor Those Who Dare
ChastainIn an Outrage
ChastainSurrender to No One
ChastainMystery of Illusion
ChastainRuler of the Wasteland
ChastainThe 7th of Never
ChastainWe Bleed Metal
Chastain - HarrisLive! Wild And Truly Diminished
Chastain, DavidMovements Thru Time
Chastain, DavidNext Planet Please
Chastain, DavidAcoustic Visions
Chastain, DavidRock Solid Guitar
ChateauPsychotic Symphony
Chernyshyov - BulgakovOkean Fantaziy (Ocean of Fantasies)
Children of a Lesser GodTowards a Grief
Children of BodomSomething Wild
Children of BodomHatebreeder
Children of BodomFollow the Reaper
Children of BodomHate Crew Deathroll
Children of BodomLive in Poland'01
Children of BodomSkeletons in the Closet
Children of BodomBlooddrunk
Children of BodomRelentless Reckless Forever
Children of BodomHalo of Blood
Children of BodomI Worship Chaos
ChimaeraMyths And Legends
ChimaeraRebirth - Death Won't Stay Us
China BeachSix Bullet Russian Roulette
ChinchillaThe Last Millenium
CholaneBlack Box
Chown, KevinFreudian Sleep
Christian, JamesRude Awakening
Christian, JamesLay It All on Me
Chroma KeyDead Air for Radios
Chrome MastersFight for the Right
Chrome MollyGunpowder Diplomacy
Chroming RoseThe Gift
Chroming RoseLouis XIV
Chroming RoseGarden of Eden
Chroming RosePressure
Chroming RoseNew World
ChronologyThe Eye of Time
ChryztyneTales of Paradise
CinderellaTales from the Gypsy Road
CinderellaHeartbreak Station
CinderellaNight Songs
CinderellaLong Cold Winter
CinderellaLive at the Mohegan Sun
CinderellaStill Climbing
Circle II CircleWatching in Silence
Circle II CircleThe Middle of Nowhere / All That Remains
Circle II CircleBurden of Truth
Circle II CircleDelusions of Grandeur
Circle II CircleRevelations
Circle II CircleConsequence of Power
Circle II CircleSeasons Will Fall
Circle II CircleReign of Darkness
Circle of PainParadox of Destitution
Circle of SilenceThe Blackened Halo
Circles of MindRevelation Insight
Circus MaximusThe 1st Chapter
Circus MaximusIsolate
Circus MaximusNine
Circus MaximusHavoc
Cirith UngolFrost And Fire
Cirith UngolKing of the Dead
Citadel (2)Igra Sveta I T'my (A Game of Light And Darkness)
CitiesAnnihilation Absolute
CitronSex Bomby
Civil WarThe Killer Angels
Civil WarGods And Generals
Civil WarThe Last Full Measure
Civilization OneRevolution Rising
CJSSKings of the World
Claymore, TheDamnation Reigns
CloudscapeCrimson Skies
CloudscapeNew Era
CloudscapeGlobal Drama
CloudscapeVoice of Reason
Cloven HoofA Sultan's Ransom
Cobra (US)First Strike
Codex, TheThe Codex
ColdspellFrozen Paradise
ComeconFable Frolic
CommaElusive Dreams
CommandmentNo Mercy
CommunicThe Bottom Deep
ConceptReason And Truth
ConceptionParallel Minds
ConceptionThe Last Sunset
ConceptionIn Your Multitude
Concerto MoonRain Forest
Concerto MoonFragments of the Moon
Concerto MoonLive the End of the Beginning
Condition CriticalOperational Hazard
Condition RedCondition Red
Condition RedII
Confessor (US)Unraveled
Confessor (US)Live in Norway
Conquest (Ukraine)Endless Power
Conquest (Ukraine)Frozen Sky
Conquest (Ukraine)IV
Conquest (Ukraine)Empire
Conquest of SteelConquest of Steel
Consortium ProjectIan Parry's Consortium Project
Consortium ProjectConsortium Project III - Terra Incognita (The Undiscovered World)
Consortium ProjectConsortium Project IV - Children of Tomorrow
ConstanciaLost And Gone
ContagiousThe Calling
ConvictionDecline / Rebirth
Cooper, DCDC Cooper
Cooper, DCNo More Wasted Time
CornerstoneHuman Stain
CornerstoneOnce Upon Our Yesterdays
CornerstoneIn Concert
CornerstoneTwo Tales of One Tomorrow
CoronerPunishment for Decadence
CoronerNo More Color
CoronerMental Vortex
CoronerNo More Color Tour
CoronerDeath Cult
CourageVeter v Grivah (The Wind in the Long Manes)
Coven-Pitrelli-ReillyCoven, Pitrelli, O. Reilly
CovenantIn Times Before the Light
CovenantNexus Polaris
Coverdale PageCoverdale Page
CowersPity Park
Cradle of FilthThe Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Cradle of FilthVempire or Dark Faery Tales in Phallustein
Cradle of FilthDusk And Her Embrace
Cradle of FilthCruelty And the Beast
Cradle of FilthBitter Suites to Succubi
Cradle of FilthMidian
Cradle of FilthDamnation And the Day
Cradle of FilthNymphetamine
Cradle of FilthThornography
Cradle of FilthGodspeed on the Devil's Thunder
Cradle of FilthDarkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
Cradle of FilthMidnight in the Labyrinth
Cradle of FilthThe Manticore And Other Horrors
Cradle of FilthHammer of the Witches
Cradle to GraveCradle to Grave
CraniumSpeed Metal Satan
CraniumSpeed Metal Slaughter
CraniumSpeed Metal Sentence
Crank County DaredevilsKings of Sleaze
Crank County DaredevilsLivin' in the Red
CrashdietGeneration Wild
CrashdietThe Savage Playground
CrawlerKnight of the Word
Creation's EndA New Beginning
Creation's EndMetaphysical
CreatureWay to Paradise
Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River
Creedence Clearwater RevivalWilly And the Poor Boys
Creedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum
Creedence Clearwater RevivalLive in Europe'71
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival
Creedence Clearwater RevivalMardi Gras
Creedence Clearwater RevivalTraveling Band
Crematory...Just Dreaming
CrematoryAct Seven
Crimson CultTales of Doom
Crimson GloryCrimson Glory
Crimson GloryTranscendence
Crimson GloryStrange And Beautiful
Crimson GloryAstronomica
Crimson WindThe Wings of Salvation
CrisesBroken Glass
Crom (Germany)Vengeance
Crom (Germany)The Fallen Beauty
Crom (Germany)Of Love And Death
Cross BornsLegend of the Four Rings
Cross BornsTales of Winter Night
CrossfireSee You in Hell
CrossfireSecond Attack
CrossfireLive Attack
CrosswindOpposing Forces / Beyond
Crown of AutumnThe Treasures Arcane
Crown of AutumnSplendours from the Dark
Crown of GloryA Deep Breath of Life
Crown of ThornsKarma
Crucified BarbaraIn the Red
Crucified BarbaraThe Midnight Chase
Cruel AdiccionResurgir
CruellaVengeance Is Mine / Shock the World
CruiseCulture Shock A.L.S.
CruiseVolchok (Humming-Top)
Crusader (US)Rise of the Templars
Crusader (US)Onward into Battle
CrusherEndless Torment
Crushing BlowFar Away
Crushing BlowCease Fire
CryhavocPitch-Black Blues
Crying SteelThe Steel Is Back!
CrylordGates of Valhalla
Cryonic TempleChapter 1
Cryonic TempleBlood, Guts And Glory
Cryonic TempleIn Thy Power
Cryonic TempleImmortal
Cryptic CarnageRetrospect 2000
Cryptic SlaughterConvicted
Cryptic SlaughterMoney Talks
Cryptic SlaughterStream of Consciousness
Cryptic SlaughterSpeak Your Peace
CryptopsyWhisper Supremacy
Crystal BallVirual Empire
Crystal BallHelvetia
Crystal BallHard Impact
Crystal BallIn the Beginning
Crystal BallTimewalker
Crystal BallSecrets
Crystal BallLifeRider
Crystal BallDéjà-Voodoo
Crystal CastleOctober Hymns
Crystal ClearPayback Time
Crystal EyesWorld of Black And Silver
Crystal EyesIn Silence They March
Crystal EyesVengeance Descending
Crystal EyesConfessions of the Maker
Crystal EyesChained
Crystal EyesKiller
Crystal PrideCrystal Pride
Crystal SharkMegalodon
Crystal TearsChoirs of Immortal
Crystal TearsHellmade
Crystal ViperCrimen Excepta
Crystal ViperPossession
Crystal ViperThe Curse of Crystal Viper
CulpritGuilty As Charged
Cult DisciplesHang by the Cross
Cult of the FoxAngelsbane
Cultus SanguineThe Sum of All Fears
CurareRadical Accion
CustardFor My King
CustardKingdoms of Your Life / God of Storm
CustardInfested by Anger
CycloneBrutal Destruction
CycloneIn the Grip of Evil
CycloneInferior to None
Cyclone TempleI Hate Therefore I Am
Cyclone TempleMy Friend Lonely
CymorylStrange Evocation
CynicTraced in Air
CynicKindly Bent to Free Us
Cypher SeerAwakening Day
D.A.D.Milestone Material 85-95
D.A.D.Monster Philosophy
D.I.V.Diavol'skiy Shabash (Devilish Sabbath)
D.I.V.Moya Bor'ba (Mein Kampf)
D.I.V.Noch' Dlinnyh Nozhey (A Night of the Long Knives)
D.I.V.Russkiy Moroz (Russian Frost)
D.I.V.Zabytyy Geroy (Forgotten Hero)
D.I.V.Oboroten' (Werwolf)
D.I.V.Myortvaya Golova (Dead Head)
D.I.V.Umiray! (Die!)
D.I.V.A.Angel Sveta (Angel of Light)
D.I.V.A.Net Puti Nazad (No Turning Back)
DaedalusThe Never Ending Illusion
DaggerNot Afraid of the Night
Dagger (US)Fate of a Violent World
Dagger, TheThe Dagger
DagothNew Empire
DakruaShifting Realities
Dale, DickSpacial Disorientation
Dali's DilemmaManifesto for Futurism
DAMInside Out
DamageHopes And Fears
DamienEvery Dog Has Its Day
DamienStop This War
Damned NationGrand Design
Dane, WarrelPraises to the War Machine
Danger Zone (Italy)Line of Fire
DantescoSeven Years of Battle
DantonWay of Destiny
DanzigDanzig (video)
DanzigArchive de la Morte
DanzigI Luciferi
DanzigCircle of Snakes
DanzigDeth Red Sabaoth
DarkEndless Dreams of Sadness
Dark AngelLeave Scars
Dark AngelWe Have Arrived
Dark AngelDarkness Descends
Dark AngelTime Does Not Heal
Dark at DawnCrimson Frost
Dark at DawnOf Decay And Desire
Dark at DawnBaneful Skies
Dark at DawnFirst Beams of Light
Dark at DawnDark at Dawn
Dark Avenger (Brazil)Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger (Brazil)Tales of Avalon part I
Dark FuneralVobiscum Satanas
Dark IllusionBeyond the Shadows
Dark IllusionWhere the Eagles Fly
Dark MirrorVisions of Pain
Dark MirrorPortrait of Evil
Dark MoorThe Hall of the Olden Dreams
Dark MoorThe Gates of Oblivion
Dark MoorBetween Light And Darkness
Dark MoorShadowland
Dark MoorDark Moor
Dark MoorBeyond the Sea
Dark MoorTarot
Dark MoorAutumnal
Dark MoorAncestral Romance
Dark MoorArs Musica
Dark MoorProject X
Dark QuartererDark Quarterer
Dark QuartererThe Etruscan Prophecy
Dark QuartererSymbols
Dark RealityBlossom of Mourning
Dark RealityOh Precious Haze Pervade the Pain
Dark RealityUmbra Cineris
Dark SkyBelieve It
Dark SkyEmpty Faces
Dark SkyLiving & Dying
Dark SkyInitium
Dark StarDark Star
Dark SunsSwanlike
Dark SunsExistence
Dark TranquillityThe Gallery
Dark TranquillityThe Mind's I
Dark TranquillityProjector
Dark TranquillityHaven
Dark TranquillitySkydancer / Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Dark TranquillityDamage Done
Dark TranquillityConstruct
Dark TranquillityCharacter
Dark TranquillityFiction
Dark TranquillityWe Are the Void
Dark TranquillityAtoma
DarkingSons of Steel
DarknessDefender of Justice
DarknessConclusion And Revival
DarknessDarkness (Death Squad)
DarknessThe Gasoline Solution
Darkness, TheOne Way Ticket to Hell... And Back
DarkologyAltered Reflections
DarkologyFated to Burn
DarkseedRomantic Tales
DarkstarDarkstar 2 - Heart of Darkness
DarksunEl Legado
DarkthroneTransilvanian Hunger
DarkthroneTotal Death
DarkthroneRavishing Grimness
DarkthroneNWOBHM / Too Old, Too Cold
DarkthroneDark Thrones And Black Flags
DarkthroneCircle the Wagons
DarkwaterWhere Stories End
Darkwoods My BetrothedWitch-Hunts
Dawn of OblivionYorick
Dawn of OblivionMephisto's Appealing
Dawn of SilenceMoment of Weakness
DawnriderFate Is Calling (pt. I)
DayVinoven Tem, Chto Zhiv (Guilty That Is Alive)
DayDemos '90 - '92
Daylight TornDeath Alone From Life Can Save
Daylight TornNew Skin
Days of YoreThe Mad God's Wage
De RosUniverse
Dead HeadKill Division
Dead HeadDepression Tank
Dead Means NothingNothing of Devinity
Dead PoeticVices
DeadlineDressed to Kill
Deadly BlessingAn Eye to the Past
Deadly FateShine Again
Deadly Sin (2)Sunborn
DeadnaturePure Impressions
DeadringerElectrocution of the Heart
Deadsoul TribeDeadsoul Tribe
Deadsoul TribeA Murder of Crows
Deadsoul TribeThe January Tree
Deadsoul TribeThe Dead Word
Deadsoul TribeA Lullaby for the Devil
DeadxheadRegressive by Default
Deafening SilenceEdge of Life
DealerFirst Strike
Dearly BeheadedTemptation
DeathScream Bloody Gore
DeathSpiritual Healing
DeathIndividual Thought Patterns
DeathThe Sound of Perseverance
Death AngelThe Art of Dying
Death AngelKilling Season
Death AngelRelentless Retribution
Death AngelThe Ultra-Violence
Death AngelFrolic through the Park
Death AngelAct III
Death AngelThe Dream Calls for Blood
Death AngelThe Evil Divide
Death DealerCoercion to Kill
Death Dealer (US)Hallowed Ground
Death Or GloryIn the Middle of the Storm
Death Over ThreatSangre
Death RidersThrough Centuries of Dust
Death VomitDeath Vomit
DeathrowSatan's Gift (Riders of Doom)
DeathrowRaging Steel
DeathrowDeception Ignored
DeathrowLife Beyond
DeathwishAt the Edge of Damnation
DeathwishDemon Preacher
DebustrolSvet co Zatocí s Tebou
December 9thArt / Mind / Destruction
December XIITwelve Candles
DeceptorThe Legend
DecoryahWisdom Floats
DecoryahFall-Dark Waters
DecoryahBreathing the Blue
DecoyCall of the Wild
DedicationThe Enemy Within
Deep PurpleLive Encounters...
Deep PurpleLive at Montreux 2006
Deep PurpleShades of Deep Purple
Deep PurpleThe Book of Taliesyn
Deep PurpleDeep Purple
Deep PurpleDeep Purple in Rock
Deep PurpleFireball
Deep PurpleMachine Head
Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are
Deep PurpleBurn
Deep PurpleStormbringer
Deep PurpleCome Taste the Band
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers
Deep PurpleThe House of Blue Light
Deep PurpleSlaves And Masters
Deep PurpleThe Battle Rages On...
Deep PurplePurpendicular
Deep PurpleAbandon
Deep PurpleBananas
Deep PurpleRapture of the Deep
Deep PurpleNow What?!
Deep PurpleInfinite
Def LeppardHigh 'n' Dry
Def LeppardHistoria
Def LeppardOn Through the Night
Def LeppardPyromania
Def LeppardAdrenalize
Def LeppardHysteria
Def LeppardDef Leppard
Defender (Sweden)They Came Over the High Pass
Defender (The Netherlands)City Ad Mortis
Defending the FaithRadical Change
DefiantMaskarad (Masquerade)
DefyBlossom of Pain
Deja VuDecibel Disease
DekapitatorThe Storm Before the Calm
DelanyBlaze And Ashes
DelightLast Temptation
Delirium TremensThrashing Warthogs
DelphtLiving in Fantasy
DemonNight of the Demon
DemonThe Unexpected Guest
DemonBritish Standard Approved
DemonBetter the Devil You Know!
DemonSpaced Out Monkey
DemonThe Plague
DemonHeart of Our Time
DemonTaking the World by Storm
DemonHold on to the Dream
DemonCemetery Junction
Demon AngelsTime of Confusion
Demon EyesRites of Chaos
Demon LordAdventures in Hell part I
Demon LordHelltrust
Demon LordHellforged
Demon LordOnly the Dead Are Safe
Demons & WizardsDemons & Wizards
Demons & WizardsTouched by the Crimson King
Demons of DirtKiller Engine
Demons SeedDawn of a New World
Denial PriceFarewell Within Remains
Denner - ShermannSatan's Tomb
Denner - ShermannMasters of Evil
Denners TrickbagDenners Trickbag
DepressionLegions of the Sick
Der BoteKalt!
DerdianNew Era pt. 1
DerdianNew Era pt. 2 - War of the Gods
DerdianHuman Reset
DerdianRevolution Era
DesdemonaLady of the Lore
DesdemonaLook for Yourself (A Tale of Love And Pride)
DesekratorMetal for Demons
DesertStar of Delusive Hopes
DesertNever Regret
Desert SinThe Edge of Horizon
Desert SinDestination Paradise
Desolate WaysEternal Dreams
DespairHistory of Hate
DespairDecay of Humanity
DespairBeyond All Reason
DesperadoBloodied, But Unbowed
DesperadosThe Dawn of Dying
DesperadosThe Legend And the Truth
DesperadosAn Eye for an Eye
DesperadosDead Man's Hand
DesperadosCall of the Wild
DesperationWinter 1945
DestilleryBehind the Mask
DestilleryImmortal Sun
Destination's CallingInvisible Walls
DestiniaRequiem for a Scream
DestinyAtomic Winter
DestinyNothing Left to Fear
DestinyThe Undiscovered Country
DestinyFuture of the Past
Destiny's EndTransition
Destiny's EndBreathe Deep the Dark
DestraSea of Doubt
DestructionInfernal Overkill
DestructionEternal Devastation
DestructionRelease from Agony
DestructionCracked Brain
DestructionAll Hell Breaks Loose
DestructionThe Antichrist
DestructionMetal Discharge
DestructionLive without Sense
DestructionInventor of Evil
DestructionThrash Anthems
DestructionThe Curse of the Antichrist - Live in Agony
DestructionDay of Reckoning
DestructionSpiritual Genocide
DestructionThrash Anthems II
DestructionUnder Attack
DestructorMaximum Destruction
DestructorSonic Bullet
DestynationRising Up
DetenteRecognize No Authority
DetestThundersteel (compilation)
DethroneLet the Day Begin
DethroneThe Decay of a Man
DevastateArmies of Hate
DevastatorThe End
Devil on EarthHunting, Shooting, Slashing And Thrashing
Devil's TrainDevil's Train
Devil's TrainDevil's Train II
Devil'smileHell's Smokes
Devyatyy ValPo Tu Storonu Lzhi (Beyond the Lie)
DGMHidden Place
DGMWings of Time
DGMDifferent Shapes
DGMThe Passage
Di'Anno, PaulNomad
Di'Anno, PaulThe Living Dead
Di'Anno, PaulThe Worlds First Iron Man
Diablo Swing OrchestraThe Butcher's Ballroom
Diablo Swing OrchestraSing-Along Songs for the Damned And Delirious
Diablo Swing OrchestraPandora's Piñata
Diablo Swing OrchestraPacifisticuffs
Diabolical MasqueradeNightwork
Diamond HeadLightning to the Nations (The White Album)
Diamond HeadWhat's in Your Head?
Diamond HeadBorrowed Time
Diamond HeadCanterbury
Diamond HeadAm I Evil
Diamond HeadSingles
Diamond HeadDeath And Progress
Diamond HeadDiamond Head
Dickinson, BruceTyranny of Souls
Dickinson, BruceThe B-Sides
Dickinson, BruceTattooed Millionaire
Dickinson, BruceBalls to Picasso
Dickinson, BruceSkunkworks
Dickinson, BruceAccident of Birth
Dickinson, BruceThe Chemical Wedding
DiggerStronger Than Ever
DignityProject Destiny
Dimension ActManifestation of Progress
Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's PowerSquad…From the GlassVoid
Dimmu BorgirFor All Tid
Dimmu BorgirStormblast
Dimmu BorgirEnthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dimmu BorgirGodless Savage Garden
Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black Dimensions
Dimmu BorgirPuritanical Euphobic Misanthropia
Dimmu BorgirDeath Cult Armageddon
Dimmu BorgirIn Sorte Diaboli
Dimmu BorgirAbrahadabra
DioMaster of the Moon
DioAngry Machines
DioKilling the Dragon
DioLock Up the Wolves
DioTime Machine
DioHoly Diver Live
DioHoly Diver
DioThe Last in Line
DioSacred Heart
DioDream Evil
DioStrange Highways
DionysusSign of Truth
DionysusAnima Mundi
DionysusFairytales And Reality
DisdainLeave This World
DisincarnateDreams of the Carrion Kind
Dismal EuphonySoria Moria Slott
Dismal EuphonyAutumn Leaves - the Rebellion of Tides
Dismal EuphonyAll Little Devils
DissectionThe Past Is Alive (the Early Mischief)
Distant ThunderWelcome the End
Divine LustDivine Lust
Divine RuinsSign of the Times
Divine: DecayMaximize the Misery
Divine: DecaySongs of the Damned
DivinefireGlory Thy Name
Divinity (Canada)Allegory
DivulI Az Vozdam (I Will Repay)
DjizoesIn the Papers
Doernberg, Ferdy...'Till I Run Out of Road
DogfaceBack on the Streets
Dogma, TheBlack Roses
Dogma, TheIn the Name of Rock
Dogma, TheA Good Day to Die
Dogma, TheBlack Widow
Dogs d'AmourIn the Dynamite Jet Saloon
Dogs d'AmourA Graveyard of Empty Bottles
Dogs d'AmourErrol Flynn
Dogs d'AmourStraight??!!
Dogs d'Amour...More Unchartered Heights of Disgrace
Dogs d'AmourHappy Ever After
Dogs with JobsShock
Dogs with JobsPayday
DokkenBreaking the Chains
DokkenTooth And Nail
DokkenUnder Lock And Key
DokkenBack for the Attack
DokkenErase the Slate
DokkenLong Way Home
DokkenHell to Pay
DokkenFrom Conception Live 1981
DokkenLightning Strikes Again
DokkenBack in the Streets
DokkenBroken Bones
Dokken, DonUp from the Ashes
Dol AmmadOcean Dynamics
Dom VetrovOt Zemly (From the Earth)
DomainOne Million Lightyears from Home
DomainThe Artefact
DomainThe Six Dimension
DomainCrack in the Wall
DomainLast Days of Utopia
DomainOur Kingdom
DomainBefore the Storm
DomainThe Chronicles of Love, Hate And Sorrow
DomineStormbringer Ruler - The Legend of the Power Supreme
DomineDragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel)
DomineChampion Eternal
DomineEmperor of the Black Runes
DomineAncient Spirit Rising
DominiciO3 - A Trilogy part 3
DominiciO3 - A Trilogy part 2
Dominus PraeliiHolding the Flag of War
Dominus PraeliiBastards And Killers
Donahue, TimMadmen And Sinners
Doors, TheWaiting for the Sun
Dorian GrayWorld of Lies
Dorian GrayMan in the Dark
DornBrennende Kalte
DoroForce Majeure
DoroRare Diamonds (video)
DoroCalling the Wild
DoroClassic Diamonds / Let Love Rain on Me
DoroWarrior Soul
DoroFor Love And Friendship / We're Like Thunder
Doro20 Years a Warrior Soul
DoroFear No Evil
DoroAll We Are - The Fight
DoroRaise Your Fist
DoroTrue at Heart
DoroAngels Never Die
DoroPowerful Passionate Favorites
Double ActionSokaris
Double DealerDouble Dealer
Double DealerDeride at the Top
Double Dealer (Canada)Moving Target
Double DiamondStand Up And Fight
Down BelowSilent Wings: Eternity
DownfallMy Last Prayer
Dr. ButcherDoctor Butcher
Dr. MastermindDr. Mastermind
Dr. SinBrutal
Dr. SinShadows of Light
Dr. SinBravo
DrackoEl Mundo de los Dioses
DracmaPerfect Creation
DraconianTo Outlive the War
Dragon GuardianDestiny of the Sacred Kingdom
Dragon LordDive
DragonforceSonic Firestorm
DragonforceValley of the Damned
DragonforceInhuman Rampage
DragonforceUltra Beatdown
DragonforceThe Power Within
DragonforceMaximum Overload
DragonforceReaching into Infinity
DragonhammerThe Blood of the Dragon
DragonhammerTime for Expiation
DragonheartThe Gods of Ice
DragonheartThrone of the Alliance
DragonlandThe Battle of the Ivory Plains
DragonlandHoly War
DragonlandUnder the Grey Banner
DragonneOn Dragons Wings
DragonsfireMetal Service
DragonwyckBorn into Madness
DrakherPrimal Machine
DrakkarWhen Lightning Strikes
DrakkarRun with the Wolf
Dreadful ShadowsEstrangement
Dreadful ShadowsHomeless
Dreadful ShadowsBuried Again
Dreadful ShadowsBeyond the Maze
Dreadful ShadowsThe Cycle
DreadnoxDance of Ignorance
Dream ChildTorn Between Two Worlds
Dream ChildReaching the Golden Gates
Dream DevoidAeons of Forgetfulness
Dream EvilDragonSlayer
Dream EvilEvilized
Dream EvilThe Book of Heavy Metal
Dream EvilUnited
Dream EvilIn the Night
Dream SteelYou
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day Unite
Dream TheaterImages And Words
Dream TheaterAwake
Dream TheaterA Change of Seasons
Dream TheaterFalling into Infinity
Dream TheaterScenes from a Memory
Dream TheaterSix Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Dream TheaterTrain of Thought
Dream Theater5 Years in a Lifetime
Dream TheaterMetropolis 2000: Scenes from New York (video)
Dream TheaterLive at Budokan
Dream TheaterMaster of Puppets (bootleg)
Dream TheaterThe Number of the Beast (bootleg)
Dream TheaterWhen Dream And Day Reunite
Dream TheaterOctavarium
Dream TheaterSystematic Chaos
Dream TheaterThe Majesty Demos
Dream TheaterBlack Clouds & Silver Linings
Dream TheaterA Dramatic Turn of Events
Dream TheaterDark Side of the Moon
Dream TheaterDream Theater
Dream TheaterThe Astonishing
DreamakerHuman Device
DreamhunterThe Hunt Is on
DreamhunterRoll Back
DreamlandFuture's Calling
DreamlandEye for an Eye
DreamlandExit 49
DreamquestLost Horizons
DreamscapeEnd of Silence
Dreamscape5th Season
DreamsfearPrelude to Destiny
DreamtaleBeyond Reality
DreamtaleOcean's Heart
DreamtaleWorld Changed Forever
DreamtideHere Comes the Flood
DreamtideDreams for the Daring
DreamtideDream And Deliver
DrearylandsSome Dreary Songs And Other Tunes from the Shadow
DrifterThe Demos: 1985 & 1986
DrifterReality Turns to Dust
DrifterNowhere to Hide
DriverSons of Thunder
Drunken BastardsPosercrusher
DSGAshes to Ashes
DSGStill a Warrior
DuBrow, KevinIn for the Kill
DukeEscape from Reality
DunedainLa Luz de Mi Oscuridad
DungeonA Rise to Power
DungeonOne Step Beyond
Dust BoltAwake the Riot
Dust BoltMass Confusion
Dying TearsAmnesia
DyluvianThe Fall of the House of Usher
DyslesiaMy Own Revolution
DyslesiaWho Dares Wins
DyslesiaYears of Secret
E-X-EStricken by Might
E-X-ESicker Than I Thought
Early ManClosing In
EarthquakeThe Truth
Easy RiderRegeneration
Easy RiderEvilution
Eat the GunCross Your Fingers
Echoes of EternityAs Shadows Burn
Eclipse HunterOne
Eclipse HunterUnlimited Edition
EconomistNew Built Ghetto Status
Eden LostRoad of Desire
Eden's CurseEden's Curse
Eden's CurseCondemned to Burn
Eden's CurseThe Second Coming
Eden's CurseTrinity
Eden's CurseSymphony of Sin
Eden's CurseCardinal
EdenbridgeSunrise in Eden
EdenbridgeA Lifetime in Eden
EdenbridgeThe Grand Design
EdenbridgeThe Bonding
EdenbridgeThe Great Momentum
EdenshadeThe Lesson Betrayed
Edge of SanityThe Spectral Sorrows
Edge of SanityCrimson
EdgedownStatues Fall
EdguyKingdom of Madness
EdguyVain Glory Opera
EdguyTheater of Salvation
EdguyThe Savage Poetry (2000)
EdguyKing of Fools
EdguyHellfire Club
EdguyBurning Down the Opera
EdguyLavatory Love Machine
EdguyRocket Ride
EdguyHall of Flames
EdguyTinnitus Sanctus
EdguyAge of the Joker
EdguySpace Police - Defenders of the Crown
EdhellenSombra Y Anhelo
Edling, LeifThe Black Heart of Candlemass
Edwin DareMy Time to Die
EidolonHallowed Apparition
EidolonNightmare World
EidolonComa Nation
EidolonThe Parallel Otherworld
EidolonSacred Shrine
EisheiligDie Gärten des Herrn
EkpyrosisAfter War
EkzistenciaPovelitel' Grozy (The Storm Master)
EkzistenciaLyudi I Bogi (People And Gods)
ElaMake My Day
Elbereth... And Other Reasons
EldritchSeeds of Rage
EldritchEl Nino
EldritchPortrait of the Abyss Within
EldritchUnderlying Issues
EldritchTasting the Tears
Eldritch Ritedemo 86
Electric SunBeyond the Astral Skies
Electric SunFire Wind
Electric SunEarthquake
ElegeionThe Last Moment
ElegyLabyrinth of Dreams
ElegyState of Mind
ElegyManifestation of Fear
ElegyForbidden Fruit
ElegyPrinciple of Pain
ElendLecons de Tenebres
ElendSunwar the Dead
ElfCarolina County Ball
ElfTrying to Burn the Sun
Elm StreetBarbed Wire Metal
ElvaronThe Buried Crown
ElvaronThe Five Shires
ElvenkingThe Winter Wake
ElvenkingThe Scythe
ElvenkingTwo Tragedy Poets (...And a Caravan of Weird Figures)
ElvenkingRed Silent Tides
ElvenkingThe Pagan Manifesto
Elvira MadiganWitches - Salem (1692 vs 2001)
ElwingImmortal Stories
EmbargoThe Red Tide
EmeradaVremya T'my (Time of Darkness)
EmeraldCalling the Knights
EmeraldForces of Doom
EmeraldHymns to Steel
Emerald SteelEmerald Steel
Emerald SunEscape from Twilight
Emerald SunRegeneration
EmperorIn the Nightside Eclipse
EmperorAnthems to the Welkin at Dusk
EmperorIX Equilibrium
EmpireTrading Souls
EmpireThe Raven Ride
EmpireChasing Shadows
Empires of EdenReborn in Fire
Empires of EdenSongs of War And Vengeance
Empires of EdenChannelling the Infinite
Empires of EdenArchitect of Hope
Empty TremorThe Alien Inside
Empty TremorApocolokyntosys
Empty TremorIridium
EmpyriaBehind Closed Doors
EmpyriaThe Long Road Home
EmpyriumA Wintersunset
EmpyriumSongs of Moors & Misty Fields
EmpyriumWhere at Night the Wood Grouse Plays
EnboundAnd She Says Gold
EnchanterSecrets vol. 1 / Symbols in Stone
EncryptionPerishing Black Light
End AmenYour Last Orison
End ZoneEclectica
End ZoneThalatta Et Thanatos
EndoveinWaiting for Disaster
Enemy InsideExplicit Treatment
EnemynsideIn the Middle of Nowhere
Energy VampiresEnergy Vampires
Enevoldsen, TorbenHeavy Persuasion
EnforcerFrom Beyond
EnforcerDeath by Fire
EngraveLegacy of a Time
Eniac RequiemSpace Eternal Void
Enola GayStrange Encounter
EnslavedMardraum - Beyond the Within
EnslavedAxioma Ethica Odini
EnslavedIn Times
EntombedLeft Hand Path
EntwineThe Treasures Within Hearts
Ephemera's PartyLamento Ostinato
EpicaThe Phantom Agony
EpicaThe Solace System
EpicaThe Divine Conspiracy
EpicaDesign Your Universe
EpicaRequiem for the Indifferent
EpicaThe Quantum Enigma
EpicaThe Holographic Principle
EpidemiaEl'fiyskaya Rukopis'
EpidemiaZhizn' v Sumerkah (Life in the Twilight)
EpidemiaHroniki Sumerek (Twilight Chronicles)
EpidemiaEl'fiyskaya Rukopis' - Skazanie na Vse Vremena
EpidemiaDoroga Domoy (Way to Home)
EpidemiaVsadnik iz L'da (Rider from Ice)
EpitafiaPerevyornutyy Mir (Inverted World)
EpitafiaZalozhniki Sistemy (Hostages of System)
EpohaKleymo Vechnogo Dolga (Stigma of Eternal Debt)
EpohaNovaya Krov' (New Blood)
Equinox (Norway)Auf Wiedersehen
Equinox (Norway)promo
Equinox (Norway)The Way to Go
Equinox (Norway)Xerox Success
Equinox (Norway)Labyrinth
Equinox ov the Gods, TheImages of Forgotten Memories
Estatic FearSomnium Obmutum
Estatic FearA Sombre Dance
EternaTerra Nova
EternaThe Gate
Eternal ChampionThe Armor of Ire
Eternal FlameKing of the King
Eternal FlightEternal Flight
Eternal FlightPositive Rage
Eternal FlightUnder the Sign of Will
Eternal IdolThe Unrevealed Secret
Eternal MourningDelusion&Dementia
Eternal ReignThe Dawn of Reckoning
Eternal ReignForbidden Path
Eternal SkyLabirint Gryoz (Labyrinth of Imaginings)
Eternity XZodiac
Eternity XMind Games
EtherniaFuera de Este Mundo
EtrusgraveMasters of Fate
EuropeWings of Tomorrow
EuropeThe Final Countdown
EuropeOut of This World
EuropePrisoners in Paradise
EuropeEurope in America
EuropeRock the Night
EuropeStart from the Dark
EuropeSecret Society
EuropeLast Look at Eden
EuropeBag of Bones
EuropeWalk the Earth
EuropeWar of Kings
EuthanasiaCeremony of Innocents
Evans, DaveSinner
Evans, DaveJudgement Day
Evenstorm...Attacks the Town
EvenstormThe Return of the Storm
Event HorizonNaked on the Black Floor
EvergreySolitude - Dominance - Tragedy
EvergreyThe Dark Discovery
EvergreyIn Search of Truth
EvergreyRecreation Day
EvergreyThe Inner Circle
EvergreyMonday Morning Apocalypse
EvergreyGlorious Collision
EvergreyHymns for the Broken
EvergreyThe Storm Within
EverloudAu Dela de l'Irreel
Evidence OneThe Sky Is the Limit
Evil MasqueradeWelcome to the Show
Evil MasqueradeTheatrical Madness
Evil MasqueradeThird Act
Evil MasqueradeFade to Black
Evil MasqueradePentagram
Evil MasqueradeThe Digital Crucifix
Evil MasqueradeThe Outcast Hall of Fame
Evil SurvivesMetal Vengeance
EvildeadAnnihilation of Civilization
EvildeadThe Underworld
EvileEnter the Grave
EvileInfected Nations
EvolThe Saga of the Horned King
EvolAncient Abbey
Evolution (Germany)Dark Dreams of Light
Excalibur (UK)One Strange Night
ExcalionPrimal Exhale
ExcelThe Joke's on You
ExcelsisKurt of Koppigen
ExcelsisTales of Tell
ExcelsisThe Legacy of Sempach
ExciterViolence & Force
ExciterExciter (O.T.T.)
ExciterKill After Kill
ExciterThe Dark Command
ExciterBlood of Tyrants
ExciterHeavy Metal Maniac
ExciterLong Live the Loud
ExciterUnveiling the Wicked
ExciterNew Testament
ExciterThrash Speed Burn
ExciterDeath Machine
ExhibitionThe Sign of Tomorrow
ExiledFortune Teller
ExisterGet Your Money
ExodusBonded by Blood
ExodusTempo of the Damned
ExodusPleasures of the Flesh
ExodusFabulous Disaster
ExodusShovel Headed Kill Machine
ExodusThe Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A
ExodusExhibit B: The Human Condition
ExodusImpact Is Imminent
ExodusForce of Habit
ExodusBlood In Blood Out
ExorcistNightmare Theatre
ExoristoiWrath of Zeus
ExothermProject 47
Experience, TheInsight
ExplodeLive Forever
Explorers ClubAge of Impact
Explorers ClubRaising the Mammoth
ExtolThe Blueprint Dives
ExtremeIII Sides to Every Story
ExtremeWaiting for the Punchline
ExtremeSaudades de Rock
ExtrovertRazbudiv Okean (Making the Ocean Awake)
ExtrovertSerebryanaya Nit', Ili Tam, Gde Zakanchivaetsya Yav' (Silver Thread Or Where Reality Ends)
ExumerPossessed by Fire / Rising from the Sea
ExumerFire & Damnation
ExumerThe Raging Tides
ExxplorerA Recipe for Power
ExxplorerVengeance Rides an Angry Horse
Eyefear9 Elements of Inner Vision
EyefearA World Full of Grey
EyefearThe Unseen
Eyes of ShivaEyes of Soul
EZ Livin'After the Fire
F5A Drug for All Seasons
Faces of MadnessRusted Memories
Factory of ArtThe Tempter
Factory of DreamsMelotronical
Fahrenheit (Chile)Chain Reaction
Fair WarningGo!
Fair Warning4
Fair WarningBrother's Keeper
Fair WarningFair Warning
Fair WarningRainmaker
Fair WarningAura
Fair WarningSundancer
Fair WarningPimp Your Past
FairylandOf War in Osyrhia
FairylandThe Fall of an Empire
FairylandScore to a New Beginning
Faith No MoreKing for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
Faith No MoreAlbum of the Year
Faith No MoreAngel Dust
Faith No MoreSol Invictus
Faith No MoreThe Real Thing
Faith No MoreWe Care a Lot
Faith Or FearPunishment Area
FaithealerWelcome to the Edge of the World
Faithful BreathFading Beauty
Faithful BreathBack on My Hill
Faithful BreathGold 'n' Glory
Faithful BreathSkol
Faktor StrahaTvoy Ideal'niy Mir (Your Ideal World)
Falaschi, EduardoFragile Equality
Falaschi, EduardoAlmah
Falaschi, EduardoMotion
FalconerChapters from a Vale Forlorn
FalconerThe Sceptre of Deception
FalconerGrime vs. Grandeur
FalconerAmong Beggars And Thieves
FalconerBlack Moon Rising
Falkenbach...En Their Medh Riki Fara...
Falkenbach...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintri...
FalkenbachOk Nefna Tysvar Ty
FalkenbachHeralding - The Fireblade
FalkirkThe Day Will Come
FalkirkGates of Dawn
Fallen Angels (US)Rise from Ashes
Fallen Angels (US)Engines of Oppression
FantomChas Rasplaty (The Day of Reckoning)
Far'n'HighAttraction of Fire
Fast Eddie ClarkeIt Ain't Over 'Till It's Over
Fast Eddie ClarkeMake My Day - Back to the Blues
Fast TakerFast Tracker
FastkillNuclear Thrashing Attack
Fatal EmbraceThe Ultimate Aggression
Fatal ForceUnholy Rites
Fatal OperaFatal Opera
Fatal OperaThe Eleventh Hour
Fatal SmileWorld Domination
Fatal ViolenceAshes Tell No Tales
FateScratch'n Sniff
FateA Matter of Attitude
FateCruisin' for a Bruisin'
FateGhosts from the Past
FateIf Not for the Devil
Fates WarningPerfect Symmetry
Fates WarningParallels
Fates WarningNight on Brocken / The Spectre Within
Fates WarningAwaken the Guardian / No Exit
Fates WarningInside Out
Fates WarningChasing Time
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade of Gray
Fates WarningStill Life
Fates WarningDisconnected
Fates WarningThe View from Here
Fates WarningX
Fates WarningDarkness in a Different Light
Fates WarningTheories of Flight
Fatima HillValhalla
Fatima HillAion
Fatima HillThe Snow Tower
Faustus...And Still We Suffer
FeinsteinThird Wish
FeinsteinBitten by the Beast
FeinsteinClash of Armor
Feline MelindaThe Felines Await You
Feline MelindaMorning Dew
FenrisOfferings to the Hunger
Fenris (2)Fill the Void
FerngullyTunnel Visions
Ferrari, MarcGuestlist
Ferrari, MarcLights, Camera, Action!
Ferrigno-Leal-KuprijPromised Land
Fifth AngelFifth Angel
Fifth AngelTime Will Tell
Fifth ReasonWithin Or Without
FightWar of Words
FightInto the Pit
Filii Nigrantium InfernaliumFellatrix Discordia Pantokrator
Final ChapterThe Wizard Queen
FingernailsFingernails / Hell 'n' Back
FinntrollMidnattens Widunder
Fire TrailsVanadium Tribute
FirecrackerBorn of Fire
FirehouseHold Your Fire
Fires of BabylonFires of Babylon
FirewindBetween Heaven And Hell
FirewindBurning Earth
FirewindForged by Fire
FirewindThe Premonition
FirewindDays of Defiance
FirewindFew Against Many
First AidReanimator
First AidSvoimi Rukami (By Hands)
FiscBreak Out
FiscToo Hot For Love
FiscHandle with Care
Fischel's BeastCommencement
FistTurn the Hell on
FistBack with a Vengeance
FjoergynErnte im Herbst
Flash of AggressionSeed of Hate
Flashback of AngerT.S.R. (Terminate And Stay Resident)
Flotsam & JetsamWhen the Storm Comes Down
Flotsam & JetsamMy God
Flotsam & JetsamLive in Phoenix (video)
Flotsam & JetsamUnnatural Selection
Flotsam & JetsamHigh
Flotsam & JetsamDoomsday for the Deceiver
Flotsam & JetsamThe Cold
Flotsam & JetsamCuatro
Flotsam & JetsamDrift
Flotsam & JetsamNo Place For Disgrace
Flotsam & JetsamDreams of Death
Flotsam & JetsamUgly Noise
Flotsam & JetsamNo Place for Disgrace 2014
Flotsam & JetsamFlotsam and Jetsam
Flower Kings, TheMeet the Flower Kings
FogalordA Legend to Believe in
FogalordMasters of War
Fogerty, JohnThe Blue Ridge Rangers
Fogerty, JohnJohn Fogerty
Fogerty, JohnCenterfield
Fogerty, JohnEye of the Zombie
Fogerty, JohnBlue Moon Swamp
Fogerty, JohnPremonition
Fogerty, JohnDeja Vu All Over Again
Fogerty, JohnThe Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again
Fogerty, JohnWrote a Song for Everyone
ForbiddenForbidden Evil
ForbiddenTwisted into Form
ForbiddenOmega Wave
Force MajeureFrozen Chambers
Force of EvilForce of Evil
Force of EvilBlack Empire
Forced EntryUncertain Future
Forced EntryAs Above, So Below
Ford, LitaThe Complete Video Collection
ForeignerDouble Vision
ForeignerHead Games
ForeignerAgent Provocateur
ForeignerInside Information
ForeignerUnusual Heat
ForeignerMr. Moonlight
Forgotten RealmPower And Glory
Forgotten SunsInnergy
Forgotten TalesThe Promise
Forgotten TalesAll the Sinners
Forgotten TalesWe Shall See the Light
Formula 1Queen of Lie
ForsakenArts of Desolation
Forsaken, TheEvermore
Forsaken, TheDominaeon
Forsaken, TheAnima Mundi
ForsazhRamki Prilichiya (Taste And Decency)
ForsazhArea II
ForteStranger Than Fiction
ForteRise Above
Fragile VastnessExcerpts...
Fragile VastnessA Tribute to Life
FrameshiftUnweaving the Rainbow
FrameshiftAn Absence of Empathy
Frank, HermanLoyal to None
Frank, HermanRight in the Guts
FraternityBon Scott & Fraternity - Complete Sessions 1971-72
Fredianelli, TonyBreakneck Speed
Freedom CallStairway to Fairyland
Freedom CallCrystal Empire
Freedom CallEternity
Freedom CallLive Invasion
Freedom CallThe Circle of Life
Freedom CallDimensions
Freedom CallLegend of the Shadowking
Freedom CallLand of the Crimson Dawn
Freedom CallBeyond
Freedom CallMaster of Light
FreefallMagnus Karlsson's Free Fall
FrequencyWhen Dream And Fate Collide
FrequencyCompassion Denied
FreterniaWarchants & Fairytales
FreterniaA Nightmare Story
Friedman, MartyDragon's Kiss
Friedman, MartyScenes
Friedman, MartyIntroduction
Friedman, MartyTrue Obsessions
Friedman, MartyMusic for Speeding
Friedman, MartyLoudspeaker
Friedman, MartyExhibit A - Live in Europe
Friedman, MartyExhibit B - Live in Japan
Friedman, MartyTokyo Jukebox
Friedman, MartyWall of Sound
Friedman, MartyFuture Addict
Friedman, MartyBad D.N.A.
Friedman, MartyTokyo Jukebox 2
Friedman, MartyInferno
FrontMetallizatsiya XXV
FrontMortal Surgery
FrontearsPull Push Power
FrontearsCommitter / Victim
Frost BiteCarousel
Frost, JackRaise Your Fist to Metal
Frozen CrossFrozen Heaven
Frozen TearsWay of Temptation
Frozen TearsMetal Hurricane
Frozen TearsNights of Violence
Frozen TearsSlaves
Full StrikeWe Will Rise
Funeral NationAfter the Battle
Furious TraumaRoll the Dice
Furious TraumaEclipse
Furious TraumaPrimal Touch
FuryBlood, Sweat & Iron
Fury I Hide, TheInnerkiller
G., MikeThe Black Gibson Soundtrack
G3Live in Denver
Gae BolgAucassin Et Nicolette
Gaia EpicusSatrap
Gaia EpicusSymphony of Glory
Gaia EpicusVictory
Gaias PendulumScarlet Visions
GainaSnova Tvoy
GainaS Kem Ty Igraesh' I Poyosh'?! (With Whom Are You Playing And Singing?!)
GalatheaIz Glubiny
GalloglassLegends from Now And Nevermore
Gallows PoleGallows Pole
Gallows PoleExorcism
Gallows Pole (Austria)We Wanna Come Home
Gallows Pole (Austria)Revolution
Gama BombCitizen Brain
Gama BombThe Terror Tapes
Gama BombUntouchable Glory
Game OverFor Humanity
Game OverCrimes Against Reality
Gamma RayHeading for Tommorow
Gamma Ray(From russian magazine Krugozor)
Gamma RayHeaven Can Wait
Gamma RayWho Do You Think You Are?
Gamma RayHeading for the East
Gamma RaySigh No More
Gamma RayInsanity And Genius
Gamma RayFuture Madhouse
Gamma RayLust for Live
Gamma RayLand of the Free
Gamma RayRebellion in Dreamland
Gamma RaySilent Miracles
Gamma RayAlive'95
Gamma RaySomewhere Out in Space
Gamma RayPowerplant
Gamma RayBlast from the Past
Gamma RayNo World Order
Gamma RaySkeletons in the Closet Tour 2002
Gamma RayMajestic
Gamma RayLand of the Free part II
Gamma RayHell Yeah! The Awesome Foursome (And the Finnish Keyboarder Who Didn't Want to Wear His Donald Duck Costume) Live in Montreal (CD)
Gamma RayTo the Metal
Gamma RaySkeletons & Majesties Live
Gamma RayMaster of Confusion
Gamma RayEmpire of the Undead
GammacideVictims of Science
Gardner, HirshWasteland for Broken Hearts
GargoyleNothing Is Sacred (Gargoyle)
Gate, TheEarth Cathedral
Gates of IshtarA Bloodred Path
Gates of WinterLux Aeterna
Gathering, TheAlways
Gathering, TheAlmost a Dance
Gathering, TheNighttime Birds
Gathering, TheHow to Measure a Planet?
Gathering, TheLiberty Bell
Gathering, TheIf_Then_Else
Gathering, TheSouvenirs
Gathering, TheBlack Light District / Monsters
Gathering, TheSleepy Buildings
Gathering, TheMandylion
Gathering, TheAccessories: Rarities & B-Sides
Gathering, TheHome
Gathering, TheSuperheat
Gathering, TheThe West Pole
Gathering, TheDownfall: the Early Years
Gathering, TheAfterwords
Gathering, TheDisclosure
GB ArtsThe Lake
GB ArtsReturn to Forever
GeffLand of the Free
GeniusEpisode 1 - A Human into Dreams' World
GeniusEpisode 2 - In Search of the Little Prince
GeniusEpisode 3 - The Final Surprise
GenocideThe Rites
Gentle Storm, TheThe Diary
GepA Gep
GermanyLenny Wolf's Germany
GeyserLivin' Fast
Ghost MachineryHaunting Remains
Ghost MachineryOut for Blood
Ghost Ship OctaviusGhost Ship Octavius
Giant XI
Gideon Smith And the Dixie DamnedGideon Smith And the Dixie Damned
Gilbert, PaulKing of Clubs
Gilbert, PaulBurning Organ
Gilbert, PaulAlligator Farm
Gilbert, PaulPaul the Young Dude / Gilbert Hotel
Gilbert, PaulAcoustic Samurai
Gilbert, PaulSpace Ship One
Gilbert, PaulGet Out of My Yard
Gilbert, PaulSilence Followed by a Deafening Roar
Gilbert, PaulGet Out of My Yard (DVD)
Gilbert, PaulFuzz Universe
Gilbert, PaulVibrato
Gilbert, PaulStone Pushing Uphill
Gilbert, PaulI Can Destroy
Gilbert, Paul & Kidd, JimiRaw Blues Power
Gilbert, Paul & Nelson, FreddieUnited States
GirlschoolHit And Run
GirlschoolScreaming Blue Murder
GirlschoolPlay Dirty
GirlschoolNightmare at Maple Cross
GirlschoolTake a Bite
GirlschoolRunning Wild
GirlschoolGuilty As Sin
GiuffriaSilk And Steel
Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project II
Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project vol.1
Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project III
Giuntini ProjectGiuntini Project IV
GladiatorsBound to Steel
GladiatorsSteel Vengeance
GloryCrisis vs. Crisis
GloryDanger in This Game
Glory2 Forgive Is 2 Forget
GloryPositive Buoyant
Glory Bell's BandDressed in Black
Glory Bell's BandCentury Rendezvous
GloryhammerTales from the Kingdom of Fife
GloryhammerSpace 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Glossy TeriaGlossy Teria
Glossy TeriaTochka Nevozvrata (Point of No Return)
God's ArmyGod's Army AD
Goddess of DesireConquerors Divine
Goddess of DesireAwaken Pagan Gods
Goddess of DesireSymbol of Triumph
Goddess ShivaGoddess Shiva
GodivaCall Me Under 666
Gods of FireWrath of the Gods
Golden DawnMasquerade
Golden FarmAngel's Tears
Golden ResurrectionGlory to My King
Gordian KnotGordian Knot
Gordian KnotEmergent
Gorgons EyesInglorious Birth
GorgorothUnder the Sign of Hell
Gorky ParkStare
Gorky ParkProtivofazza (Anti-phazze)
Gorky ParkPark Gor'kogo (Gorky Park)
Gorky ParkMoscow Calling
Gothic KnightsUp from the Ashes
Gothic KnightsKingdom of the Knights
Gran-KurazhNovoy Nadezhdy Svet... (New Hope's Light...)
Gran-KurazhVechnaya Igra (Neverending Game)
Gran-KurazhSerdtsa v Atlantide (The Hearts in Atlantis)
Grand MagusHammer of the North
Grand MagusThe Hunt
Grand MagusTriumph And Power
Grand MagusSword Songs
Granovskiy, AlikBol'shaya Progulka (Grand Walk)
Granovskiy, AlikBass Manuscript
Grapow, RolandThe Four Seasons of Life
Grapow, RolandKaleidoscope
Grave DiggerHeavy Metal Breakdown
Grave DiggerShoot Her Down
Grave DiggerLive in Hamburg
Grave DiggerWitch Hunter
Grave DiggerWar Games
Grave DiggerThe Best of the Eighties
Grave DiggerSymphony of Death
Grave DiggerThe Reaper
Grave DiggerHeart of Darkness
Grave DiggerTunes of War
Grave DiggerKnights of the Cross
Grave DiggerExcalibur
Grave DiggerThe Grave Digger
Grave DiggerTunes of Wacken
Grave DiggerRheingold
Grave DiggerThe Last Supper
Grave Digger25 to Live
Grave DiggerYesterday
Grave DiggerLiberty Or Death
Grave DiggerBallads of a Hangman
Grave DiggerPray
Grave DiggerThe Clans Will Rise Again
Grave DiggerClash of the Gods
Grave DiggerHome at Last
Grave DiggerReturn of the Reaper
Grave DiggerHealed by Metal
Grave DiggerExhumation - The Early Years
Grave ForsakenThis Day Forth
GravestoneCreating a Monster / Victims of Chains
GravestoneBack to Attack
GravewormWhen Daylight's Gone
GravewormUnderneath the Crescent Moon
GravewormAs the Angels Reach the Beauty
GravewormScourge of Malice
GravewormEngraved in Black
GravewormCollateral Defect
GravewormDiabolical Figures
GravewormFragments of Death
GravewormAscending Hate
Great Discord, TheDuende
Great Kat, TheWorship Me Or Die!
Great Kat, TheRossini's Rape
Great Kat, TheBloody Vivaldi
Great WhiteStick It
Great WhiteOnce Bitten
Great White...Twice Shy
Great WhiteHooked
Great WhiteMy... My... My...
Great WhitePsycho City
Great WhiteSail Away
Great WhiteCan't Get There from Here
Great WhiteLet It Rock
Great WhiteGreat Zeppelin: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin
Great WhiteRecover
Great WhiteBack to the Rhythm
Great WhiteRising
Great WhiteElaton
Great WhiteFull Circle
GreenleafAgents of Ahriman
GriffinWasteland Serenades
GriffinThe Sideshow
GriffinThe Ultimate Demise
Griffin (US)Flight of the Griffin
Griffin (US)Protectors of the Lair
Grim ReaperRock You to Hell
Grim ReaperSee You in Hell / Fear No Evil
Grim ReaperWalking in the Shadows
GrimlordDolce Vita Sath-anas
Grimmett, StevePersonal Crisis
GrinderDawn for the Living
GrinderDead End
GrinderThe 1st EP
GrinderNothing Is Sacred
Ground ControlInsanity
GuardianFirst Watch
GuardianFire And Love
GuardianMiracle Mile
Guardians of the FlameUnder a Savage Sky
Guardians of TimeEdge of Tommorow
Guardians of TimeMachines of Mental Design
GuarneriusArcanos Abismos
GuerrillaNo Inch Back
Guilt MachineOn This Perfect Day
Guitar HeroesGuitar Heroes
Guitar ZeusCarmine Appice's Guitar Zeus
Guitar ZeusChannel Mind Radio
Gun BarrelPower-Dive
Gun BarrelBattle-Tested
Gun BarrelBombard Your Soul
Gun BarrelOutlaw Invasion
Gun BarrelDamage Dancer
GunfireThunder of War
GunjahManic Aggression
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion I
Guns N' RosesWelcome to the Videos
Guns N' RosesLive Like a Suicide / Guns n' Roses Lies
Guns N' RosesChinese Democracy
Guns N' RosesAppetite for Destruction
Guns N' RosesUse Your Illusion II
Gus G.I Am the Fire
Gus G.Brand New Revolution
GutrixMushroom Songs
GutturalSet Swords to Music
Guy Mann-DudeMannic Distortion
GWARScumdogs of the Universe
GWARAmerica Must Be Destroyed
GWARLust in Space
GWARBattle Maximus
HackerVzlom (Hacking)
HacrideDeviant Current Signal
HadesThe Downside
HadesResisting Success
HadesIf at First You Don't Succeed
HadesLive on Location
HadesExist to Resist
HagenCorridors of Time
HaggardAnd Thou Shalt Trust... the Sheer
HaggardAwakening the Centuries
HaggardEppur Si Muove
HaggardTales of Ithiria
Hair of the DogRise
HakenThe Mountain
HalfordLive Insurrection
HalfordHalford III - Winter Songs
HalfordMetal God Essentials: vol. 1
HalfordHalford IV - Made of Metal
HallowedForgotten People
HalloweenDon't Metal with Evil
HalloweenVictims of the Night
HalloweenNo One Gets Out
HallowmasOctober Burning
Hallows EveEvil Never Dies
Hallows EveDeath & Insanity
Hallows EveTales of Terror
Hallows EveMonument
Hame-leonPoprobuy na Vkus Etu Dushu! (Taste This Soul!)
HamerMysli Vsluh (Thoughts Aloud)
HamerBivni (Tusks)
HamletWilliam Shakespeare's Hamlet
Hammer KingKing Is Rising
HammerfallLegacy of Kings
HammerfallGlory to the Brave
HammerfallCrimson Thunder
HammerfallChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
HammerfallNo Sacrifice, No Victory
HammerfallBuilt to Last
HammerforceAccess Denied
HammerhawkBreaks Loose
Hammerhead (The Netherlands)Heart Made of Steel
Hammers of MisfortuneDead Revolution
Hammerschmitt (Germany)Still on Fire
HangarLast Time (Last Time Was Just the Beginning...)
HangarThe Reason of Your Conviction
HankerIn Our World
HankerThe Dead Ringer
Hanoi RocksSelf Destruction Blues
Hanoi RocksBack to Mystery City
Hanoi RocksStreet Poetry
Hansen, KaiHansen & Friends - XXX - Three Decades in Metal
HardlineLive at the Gods Festival
HardlineLeaving the End Open
HardlineDanger Zone
HardlineHuman Nature
HarizmaOtklyuchis' ot Seti (Disconnect from the Network)
HarizmaSila I Vera (Strength And Faith)
HarizmaBrat'ya, v Boy! (Brothers, Fight!)
HarmonyDreaming Awake
HarmonyChapter II: Aftermath
HarmonyTheatre of Redemption
Harris, MichaelWords Collide
Harris, MichaelSketches from the Thought Chamber
Harris, MichaelOrchestrate
Harris, MichaelTranz-Fused
HarrowThe Pylon of Insanity
HarrowEmbrace the World
HartmannOut in the Cold
HateRepublica de Odio
HaterushMark of the Warrior
HatredDark Trauma
Hatred (Germany)Destruction Manual
Haven DeniedIllusions (Between Truth And Lie)
HavocElimination Process
Havoc (US)The Grip
Havoc MassKilling the Future
HawaiiThe Natives Are Restless
HawaiiOne Nation Underground / Loud, Wild And Heavy
HeadhunterA Bizarre Gardening Accident
HeadhunterParody of Life
HeadhunterParasite of Society
HeadlessGrowing Apart
HeadlineVoices of Presence
HeadquakesFallout Diaries
Heads Or TalesEternity Becomes a Lie
HeadspaceI Am Anonymous
HeadspaceAll That You Fear Is Gone
Headstone EpitaphWings of Eternity
Headstone EpitaphPower Games
HeartJupiters Darling
HeartRed Velvet Car
Heart of SunHeart of Sun
Heat, TheThe Heat
Heat, TheGoldfinger
HeathenBreaking the Silence
HeathenVictims of Deception
HeathenThe Evolution of Chaos
Heathen's RageThe Years of Rage
HeathendomThe Symbolist
HeavenTwilight of Mischief / Bent
Heaven And EarthWindows to the World
Heaven And EarthDig
Heaven And HellLive at Radio City Music Hall (DVD)
Heaven And HellThe Devil You Know
Heaven And HellNeon Nights: 30 Years of Heaven & Hell
Heaven FallsEthereal Dreams
Heaven FallsReality in Chaos
Heaven WardDangerous Nights
Heaven's CryPrimal Power Addiction
Heaven's CryFood for Thought Substitute
Heaven's GuardianStrava
Heaven's GuardianD.O.L.L.
HeavenlyComing from the Sky
HeavenlySign of the Winner
HeavenlyDust to Dust
HeavenlyCarpe Diem
Heavens GateIn Control
Heavens GateOpen the Gate And Watch!
Heavens GateLivin' in Hysteria
Heavens GateMore Hysteria
Heavens GateHell for Sale!
Heavens GateLive for Sale!
Heavens GatePlanet E.
Heavens GateIn the Mood
Heavens GateMenergy
Heavy BonesHeavy Bones
Heavy LoadDeath Or Glory
Heavy LoadStronger Than Evil
Heavy LoadFull Speed at High Level
Heavy LoadMetal Conquest
Heavy Metal KidsKitsch
Heavy PettinLettin Loose
Heavy PettinRock Ain't Dead
Heavy PettinBig Bang
HecateOppressed by Sorrow
Hecate EnthronedThe Slaughter of Innocence, a Requiem for the Mighty
HeedThe Call
HefeystosPsycho Cafe
HeimdallLord of the Sky
HeimdallThe Almighty
HeimdallHard As Iron
Heir ApparentTriad
Heir ApparentOne Small Voice
HeliconMysterious Skipjack
HelixWhite Lace & Black Leather
HelixNo Rest for the Wicked
HelixWalkin' the Razor's Edge
HelixLong Way to Heaven
HelixS.E.X. Rated
HelixWild in the Streets
HelixBack for Another Taste
HelixVagabond Bones
HelixThe Power of Rock And Roll
HelizerTales from a Damaged Mind
HelkerSomewhere in the Circle
HellHuman Remains
HellCurse And Chapter
Hell in the ClubSee You on the Dark Side
Hell TheaterReincarnation of Evil
Hell's Thrash Horsemen...Till Violence
HelldoradosLessons in Decay
HellfireRequiem for My Bride
HellhammerApocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D.
HellhammerDemon Entrails
HellhoundMetal Fire from Hell
HellionWill Not Go Quietly
HellionThe Black Book
HellionScreams in the Night
Hellish WarDefender of Metal
Hellish WarHeroes of Tomorrow
Hellish WarKeep It Hellish
HelloiseFata Morgana
HelloiseA Time & a Place for Everything
HelloweenWalls of Jericho
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys part I
HelloweenFuture World
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys part II
HelloweenDr. Stein
HelloweenLive in the UK
HelloweenPumpkins Fly Free
HelloweenThe Best, the Rest, the Rare
HelloweenPink Bubbles Go Ape
HelloweenKids of the Century
HelloweenLive in Koln, Germany (video)
HelloweenNumber One
HelloweenStep Out of Hell
HelloweenMaster of the Rings
HelloweenPerfect Gentleman
HelloweenWhere the Rain Grows
HelloweenThe Time of the Oath
HelloweenHigh Live
HelloweenHigh Live (video)
HelloweenForever & One (Neverland) (Japanese)
HelloweenBetter Than Raw
HelloweenLay All Your Love on Me
HelloweenMetal Jukebox
HelloweenThe Dark Ride
HelloweenThe Dark Ride Videos
HelloweenTreasure Chest
HelloweenRabbit Don't Come Easy
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy
HelloweenMrs. God (digi)
HelloweenLight the Universe
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live on 3 Continents (DVD)
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 - Live in Sao Paulo
HelloweenGambling with the Devil
HelloweenUnarmed - Best of 25th Anniversary
Helloween7 Sinners
HelloweenStraight Out of Hell
HelloweenMy God-Given Right
Hellraiser (Russia)03
Hellraiser (Russia)We'll Bury You!
Hellraiser (Russia)No Brain, No Pain
HelreidFingerprints of the Gods
HelstarA Distant Thunder
HelstarBurning Star
HelstarRemnants of War
HelstarTwas the Night of a Hellish Xmas
HelstarSins of the Past
HelstarThe King of Hell
HelstarGlory of Chaos
HelstarThis Wicked Nest
HemisphereMind's Door
HemoptysisMisanthropic Slaughter
Hensley, KenProud Words on a Dusty Shelf
Hensley, KenEager to Please
Hensley, KenFrom Time to Time
Hensley, KenBlood on the Highway
Hensley, KenWith Live Fire in Concert / Norway
Hensley, KenFree Spirit
Hensley, KenThe Last Dance
Hensley, KenRunning Blind
Hensley, KenFaster
Hensley, KenLove & Other Mysteries
Hensley, KenTrouble
Hensley, KenA Glimpse of Glory
HeraldHeavy Metal Wakes the Beast
HeraldryShadows of Ancient Skies
HeresyKnights of God
HereticA Time of Crisis
Hersey, Iain AshleyFallen Angel
HexenhausThe Edge of Eternity
HexenhausA Tribute to Insanity
HexfireThe Fire of Redemption
HexxNo Escape
HexxUnder the Spell
HexxMorbid Reality
HibriaDefying the Rules
HibriaThe Skull Collectors
HibriaBlind Ride
HibriaSilent Revenge
Hide with Spread BeaverJa, Zoo
Hieronymus BoschEquivoke
Hieronymus BoschThe Human Abstract
Hieronymus BoschArtifical Emotions
High PowerLes Violins de Satan
High TensionWarrior
High TensionUnder Tension
High TensionMasters of Madness
High Tension4
High'n DryHands Off My Toy!
Highland GloryFrom the Cradle to the Brave
Highland GloryForever Endevour
HighlordHeir of Power
HighlordWhen the Aurora Falls...
HighlordBreath of Eternity
HighlordMedusa's Coil
HighlordThe Death of the Artists
HighlordThe Warning After
Highway KillerLost Metal Tales
Higuchi, MunetakaFree World
HiraxThe New Age of Terror
HiraxAssassins of War
HiraxNot Dead Yet
HiraxEl Rostro de la Muerte (The Face of Death)
HittmanVivas Machina
HjallarhornIron Clad Soldiers
HMRProtiv Vseh (Against All)
HMRProsto I Grubo (Simply And Roughly)
HMRKontrol'nyy Vystrel (Confirming Kill)
HMRAd Uzhe Zdes' (Hell Is Already Here)
Hobbs Angel of DeathHobbs' Angel of Death
Hobbs Angel of DeathInheritance
Hoffmann, WolfClassical
Hoffmann, WolfHeadbangers Symphony
HollowModern Cathedral
HollowArchitect of the Mind
Hollow HazeHollow Haze
Hollow HazeCountdown to Revenge
Hollow HazeMemories of an Ancient Time
Holy CrossUnder the Flag
Holy CrossPlace Your Bets
Holy DragonsDragon Steel
Holy DragonsJudgement Day
Holy DragonsGotterdammerung
Holy DragonsHouse of the Winds
Holy DragonsThunder in the Night
Holy DragonsVolki Odina (Odin's Wolves)
Holy DragonsVoshod Chyornoy Luny (Black Moon Rising)
Holy DragonsLabirint Illyuziy (Labyrinth of Illusions)
Holy DragonsZheleznyy Rassudok (Iron Mind)
Holy DragonsZerstörer
Holy GrailRide the Void
Holy GrailTimes of Pride And Peril
Holy KnightsGate Through the Past
Holy MosesWorld Chaos
Holy MosesTerminal Terror
Holy MosesFinished with the Dogs
Holy MosesThe New Machine of Liechtenstein
Holy MosesQueen of Siam
Holy MosesDisorder of the Order
Holy MosesNo Matter What's the Cause
Holy MosesStrength, Power, Will, Passion
Holy MosesReborn Dogs
Holy MosesToo Drunk to Fuck
Holy MosesAgony of Death
Holy MosesRedefined Mayhem
Holy MotherToxic Rain
Holy MotherCriminal Afterlife
Holy MotherMy World War
Holy MotherAgoraphobia
Holy RageHoly Rage
Holy SaggaPlanetude
Holy SoldierHoly Soldier
Holy SoldierLast Train
Holy TerrorTerror And Submission
Holy TerrorMind Wars
HorakaneEternal Infinity
HorcasReinara la Tempestad
HorfixionInstigators of Chaos
HorizonThe Sky's the Limit
HorizonWorlds Apart
Horizon's EndConcrete Surreal
HorrifierGrim Fate
HorrorscopePictures of Pain
Hot, EmirSevdah Metal
House of LordsHouse of Lords
House of LordsThe Power And the Myth
House of LordsWorld Upside Down
House of LordsCome to My Kingdom
House of LordsSahara
House of LordsDemons Down
House of LordsCartesian Dreams
House of LordsBig Money
House of LordsPrecious Metal
House of LordsIndestructible
House of ShakiraPay to Play
Human ClayHuman Clay
Human ClayU4ia
Human FortressLord of Earth And Heavens Heir
Human FortressDefenders of the Crown
Human FortressThieves of the Night
Hundred YearsHundred Years
HuntedWelcome the Dead
HunterSign of the Hunter
HuntersBreak the Rules
HuntersNight Shadows
HurricaneTake What You Want
HurricaneOver the Edge
HurricaneSlave to the Thrill
Hurry ScuaryBreak It Up
HybridThe Will to Create
HyperionWhere Stone Is Unscarred
HypnosIn Blood We Trust
HypnosThe Revenge Ride
HypocrisyOsculum Obscenum
HypocrisyThe Fourth Dimension
HypocrisyThe Final Chapter
HypocrisyInto the Abyss
HypocrisyCatch 22
HypocrisyThe Arrival
HypocrisyA Taste of Extreme Divinity
HypocrisyEnd of Disclosure
IbridomaPage 26
IbridomaNight Club
Icarus WitchRise
Ice AgeLiberation
Iced EarthIced Earth
Iced EarthNight of the Stormrider
Iced EarthBurnt Offerings
Iced EarthThe Dark Saga
Iced EarthSomething Wicked This Way Comes
Iced EarthHorror Show
Iced EarthTribute to the Gods
Iced EarthThe Glorious Burden
Iced EarthDays of Purgatory
Iced EarthAlive in Athens
Iced EarthFraming Armageddon (Something Wicked part 1)
Iced EarthThe Melancholy E.P.
Iced EarthThe Crucible of Man (Something Wicked part 2)
Iced EarthOverture of the Wicked
Iced EarthDystopia
Iced EarthPlagues of Babylon
Iced EarthIncorruptible
IcewindAgain Came the Storm
Ichabod KraneDay of Reckoning
IconNight of the Crime
IconRight Between the Eyes
Icy SteelIcy Steel
Icy SteelAs the Gods Command
Icy SteelKronothor
IliumSirens of the Styx
IliumAgeless Decay
ImageRazor's Edge
Images of EdenSunlight of the Spirit
Imagika...And So It Burns
ImagikaMy Bloodied Wings
ImagikaFeast for the Hated
Imago MortisVida - The Play of Change
ImmaculateAtheist Crusade
Immaculate MaryThrough the Eyes of Youth
ImmortalDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
ImmortalPure Holocaust
ImmortalBlizzard Beasts
ImmortalBattles in the North
ImpactTake the Pain
ImpaktSyny Voyny (Sonss of War)
Impaled NazareneUgra-Karma
ImpalerIf we Had Brains... We'd Be Dangerous
ImpalerOld School Ghouls
Impaler (Japan)Nightmare Attack
ImpellitteriStand in Line
ImpellitteriScreaming Symphony
ImpellitteriSystem X
ImpellitteriEye of the Hurricane
ImpellitteriPedal to the Metal
ImpellitteriWicked Maiden
ImperioAbismos en el Cielo (Abysses in the Sky)
In ExtremoWeckt die Toten!
In ExtremoVerehrt Und Angespien
In ExtremoSünder Ohne Zügel
In ExtremoMein Rasend Herz
In ExtremoSterneneisen
In ExtremoKunstraub
In ExtremoSængerkrieg
In ExtremoQuid Pro Quo
In FlamesLunar Strain
In FlamesSubterranean
In FlamesThe Jester Race
In FlamesBlack-Ash Inheritance
In FlamesWhoracle
In FlamesColony
In FlamesClayman
In FlamesReroute to Remain
In FlamesSoundtrack to Your Escape
In FlamesThe Quiet Place
In FlamesUsed & Abused - In Live We Trust
In FlamesCome Clarity
In FlamesA Sense of Purpose
In FlamesSounds of a Playground Fading
In FlamesSiren Charms
In FlamesBattles
In Search ForFaith
In SolitudeOpus: Universe
In Solitude (Sweden)In Solitude
In the WoodsStrange in Stereo
In VirtueDelusions of Grandeur
IncWar of the Godz
IncubusBeyond the Unknown
IncubusSerpent Temptation
Indigo DyingIndigo Dying
Infernal MajestyOne Who Points to Death
Infernal MajestyNone Shall Defy
InfernoPsychic Distance
Infinita SymphoniaInfinita Symphonia
Infinite HorizonThe Prophecy
InfinityBeyond Space without Limits
InishmoreTheatre of My Life
InmeDaydream Anonymous
InmoriaInvisible Wounds
InmoriaA Farewell to Nothing - The Diary part 1
Inner FearSymbiotry - Dark Cyber Orchestra
Inner TerrorBehold the Inner Terror
Inner WishSilent Faces
Inner WishWaiting for the Dawn
Inner WishInner Strength
Inner WishNo Turning Back
InquestedThe Red Chambers
InsaniaHymns of Insania I: World of Ice
InsaniaHymns of Insania II: Sunrise in Riverland
InsaniaFantasy: A New Dimension
InsaniaAgony - Gift of Life
Insania (Germany)One More... One Less
Insania (Germany)Fear
InspectorRussian Prayer
IntenseSecond Sight
IntenseAs Our Army Grows
IntenseThe Shape of Rage
Intense (Hungary)Black Dawn
Interitus DeiUnholy
Into EternityInto Eternity
Into EternityDead Or Dreaming
Into EternityThe Scattering of Ashes
Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy
IntrinsicDistortion of Perspective
IntruderA Higher Form of Killing
IntruderLive to Die
IntruderPsycho Savant
InvocatorThrough the Flesh to the Soul
InvocatorDying to Live
InvocatorExcursion Demise
InvocatorWeave the Apocalypse
Iommi, TonyEighth Star
Iommi, TonyFused
Iommi, TonyIommi
Iommi, TonyThe 1996 Dep Sessions with Glenn Hughes
IraGesta Heroica
IrencrosAlchemy of Destruction
Iron AngelHellish Crossfire
Iron AngelWinds of War
Iron FireThunderstorm
Iron FireOn the Edge
Iron FireRevenge
Iron FireBlade of Triumph
Iron FireTo the Grave
Iron FireMetalmorphosized
Iron FireVoyage of the Damned
Iron FortressIron Fortress
Iron MaidenFear of the Dark
Iron MaidenThe B'Sides
Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron MaidenDance of Death
Iron MaidenIron Maiden
Iron MaidenKillers
Iron MaidenThe Number of the Beast
Iron MaidenNo Prayer for the Dying
Iron MaidenThe X Factor
Iron MaidenVirtual XI
Iron MaidenBrave New World
Iron MaidenPiece of Mind
Iron MaidenPowerslave
Iron MaidenSomewhere in Time
Iron MaidenThe Final Frontier
Iron MaidenThe Book of Souls
Iron MaskRevenge Is My Name
Iron MaskShadow of the Red Baron
Iron MaskHordes of the Brave
Iron MaskBlack As Death
Iron MaskFifth Son of Winterdoom
Iron MaskDiabolica
Iron SaviorIron Savior
Iron SaviorUnification
Iron SaviorInterlude
Iron SaviorDark Assault
Iron SaviorTitans of Our Time
Iron SaviorCondition Red
Iron SaviorBattering Ram
Iron SaviorTime Will Tell
Iron SaviorMegatropolis
Iron SaviorThe Landing
Iron SaviorRise of the Hero
Iron SaviorMegatropolis 2.0
IronswordReturn of the Warrior
IronwareBreak Out
IrreverenceTotally Negative Thoughts
Is Pain1999
IsengardCrownless Majesty
IssaSign of Angels
IvanhoeVisions And Reality
Ivory GatesShapes of Memory
Ivory KnightUnconscience
Ivory MoonHuman Nature
Ivory TowerBeyond the Stars
JackalVague Visions
JackalA Safe Look in Mirrors
Jackal (The Netherlands)Cry of the Jackal
Jacobs DreamJacobs Dream
Jacobs DreamTheater of War
Jacobs DreamDrama of the Ages
Jacobs DreamDominion of Darkness
Jaded HeartInside Out
Jaded HeartSlaves And Masters
Jaded HeartMystery Eyes
Jaded HeartFight the System
Jag PanzerThe Age of Mastery
Jag PanzerThane to the Throne
Jag PanzerMechanized Warfare
Jag PanzerThe Era of Kings And Conflict
Jag PanzerThe Fourth Judgement
Jag PanzerCasting the Stones
Jag PanzerThe Scourge of Light
Jag PanzerThe Deviant Chord
JaguarMetal X
JaguarPower Games
JamilyaOver the Edge
JavelinFragments of the Inner Shadow
Jelly Jam, TheThe Jelly Jam
Jelly Jam, The2
Jelly Jam, TheProfit
JeremyTrivial Life
Jerusalem SlimJerusalem Slim
Jester's FuneralQuicksilverlight
Jester's FuneralLabyrinth
JetboyOne More for Rock 'n' Roll!
JetboyFeel the Shake
JetboyDamned Nation
JetboyLost And Found
JewelLa Morta!
JezabelA Todo O Nada
JezabelLegiones del Sur
JinBreaking the Sky
JohanssonThe Last Viking
JohanssonSonic Winter / The Johansson Brothers
Johansson, Anders - Johansson, Jens - Holdsworth, AllanHeavy Machinery
Johansson, JensTen Seasons
Johnson, EricSeven Worlds
Johnson, EricAh Via Musicom
JokerCool Deal
Jonas Hansson BandSecond to None
Jonas Hansson BandThe Rocks
JornOut to Every Nation
JornLive in America
JornUnlocking the Past
JornThe Gathering
JornThe Duke
JornSpirit Black
JornLonely Are the Brave
JornBring Heavy Rock to the Land
JornHeavy Rock Radio
JoshuaIntense Defense
JoshuaThe Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye
JoshuaChapter One
JoshuaSomething to Say
Judas PriestSin After Sin
Judas PriestStained Class
Judas PriestHell Bent for Leather
Judas PriestBritish Steel
Judas PriestPoint of Entry
Judas PriestScreaming for Vengeance
Judas PriestDefenders of the Faith
Judas PriestTurbo
Judas PriestRam It Down
Judas PriestPainkiller
Judas PriestJugulator
Judas PriestDemolition
Judas PriestRocka Rolla
Judas PriestAngel of Retribution
Judas PriestLive in London
Judas PriestNostradamus
Judas PriestA Touch of Evil: Live
Judas PriestRedeemer of Souls
Judas PriestFirepower
Juglans RegiaVisioni Parallele
Jumper LaceThe Last Jump
JustOld Lands
KairaVolya Roka
KairaKoleso Fortuny
KairaHischnitsa (Vamp)
KairaDitya Ognya
KairaLate Stone Age
KalapacsAz Elso Merenylet
KalapacsDühös Nemzedék
KalapacsAkusztikum Hungarikum
KaledonLegend of the Forgotten Reign
KaledonChapter 4: Twilight of the Gods
KaledonChapter 6: The Last Night on the Battlefield
KaledonAltor: The King's Blacksmith
KaledonAntillius: The King of the Light
KalibanThe Tempest of Soughts
KallistoDoroga (A Road)
KamelotSiege Perilous
KamelotThe Fourth Legacy
KamelotThe Black Halo
KamelotThe Expedition
KamelotGhost Opera
KamelotOne Cold Winter's Night (CD)
KamelotPoetry for the Poisoned
KaminariFaraday's Daydream
Kapel MaisterInto Salvation
KareliaUsual Tragedy
Karma RageSoCiym
KarmakanicEntering the Spectra
KarmakanicWheel of Life
KarmakanicWho's the Boss in the Factory
KarmakanicIn a Perfect World
KatMind Cannibals
KatatoniaDance of the December Souls
KatatoniaJhva Elohim Meth... The Revival
KatatoniaFor Funerals to Come
KatatoniaBrave Murder Day
KatatoniaSounds of Decay
KatatoniaDiscouraged Ones
KatatoniaTonight's Decision
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone Down
KatatoniaViva Emptiness
KatatoniaThe Great Cold Distance
KatatoniaNight Is the New Day
KatatoniaDead End Kings
KatatoniaDethroned & Uncrowned
KayserThe Good Citizen
KayserFrame the World... Hang It on the Wall
KeeganAgony in Despair
KeeganMind No Mind
KeldianDarkness And Light
KenzinerThe Prophecies
KenzinerThe Last Horizon
KhalliceThe Journey
Kick AxeVices
Kick AxeWelcome to the Club
Kick AxeRock the World
KickhunterHearts & Bones
KickhunterAll In
KillerReady for Hell
KillerWall of Sound
KillerShock Waves
KillerFatal Attraction
KillerBroken Silence
KillerMonsters of Rock
Killer (Switzerland)Stronger Than Ever
Killer (Switzerland)Ladykiller
Killer (Switzerland)Thriller
Killer (Switzerland)Young Blood
KillersKilling Games
KillersDanger de Vie
KillersMise aux Poings
KillersHabemus Metal
Killers (UK)Murder One
Killers (UK)Menace to Society
Killers (UK)South American Assault Live
Killin' KindMetal Rage
Killing MachineKilling Machine
Killing TouchOne of a Kind
King DiamondFatal Portrait
King DiamondAbigail
King DiamondThem
King DiamondThe Dark Sides
King DiamondConspiracy
King DiamondThe Eye
King DiamondLive in Concert 87 (Abigail Live)
King DiamondThe Spider's Lullabye
King DiamondThe Graveyard
King DiamondVoodoo
King DiamondHouse of God
King DiamondAbigail II: The Revenge
King DiamondThe Puppet Master
King DiamondDeadly Lullabyes Live
King DiamondGive Me Your Soul... Please
King of DarknessTriple Whammy
King's EvilSacrosanct
King's EvilDeletion of Humanoise
King's XKing's X
King's XBlack Like Sunday
King's XDogman
King's XPlease Come Home... Mr. Bulbous
King's XTape Head
King's XFaith, Hope, Love by King's X
King's XXV
King, LanceA Moment in Chiros
KingcrowSomething Unknown
Kingdom ComeHands of Time
Kingdom ComeIndependent
Kingdom ComeToo
Kingdom ComeIn Your Face
Kingdom ComeKingdom Come
Kingdom ComeTwilight Cruiser
Kingdom ComePerpetual
Kingdom ComeBad Image
Kingdom ComeMaster Seven
Kingdom ComeAin't Crying for the Moon
Kingdom ComeLive & Unplugged
Kingdom ComeRendered Waters
Kingdom ComeMagnified
Kingdom ComeOutlier
Kings of the SunFull Frontal Attack
KipelovReki Vremyon (Rivers of Times)
KipelovZhit' Vopreki (To Live Athwart)
KirkThe Final Dance
Kiske SomervilleKiske Somerville
Kiske SomervilleCity of Heroes
Kiske, MichaelInstant Clarity
Kiske, MichaelThe Calling
Kiske, MichaelR.T.S. (Readiness to Sacrifice)
Kiske, MichaelKiske
Kiske, MichaelPast in Different Ways
KissHot in the Shade
KissHotter Than Hell
KissDressed to Kill
KissRock And Roll Over
KissLove Gun
KissMusic from "The Elder"
KissCreatures of the Night
KissLick It Up
KissPsycho Circus
KissSonic Boom
Kissin' DynamiteAddicted to Metal
Kissin' DynamiteMoney, Sex & Power
Kissin' DynamiteMegalomania
Kissin' DynamiteGeneration Goodbye
Knapp, TobyPolarizing Lines
Knapp, TobyMisanthropy Divine
Knell OdysseySailing to Nowhere
Knight FuryTime to Rock
KOBMekanism of Time
Kobra And the LotusKobra And the Lotus
Kobra And the LotusHigh Priestess
Kobra And the LotusPrevail I
Koksal, Cem...Just Set Me Free!!
Koksal, CemSiyah Beyaz Masallar
KolizeyZhit', Chtoby Zhit' (Live to Live)
KorsikaIgray! (Play!)
KorsikaApokalipsis Afterparty
KorzusTies of Blood
KorzusDiscipline of Hate
Kotipelto - LiimatainenBlacoustic
Kotipelto, TimoWaiting for the Dawn
Kotipelto, TimoColdness
Kotipelto, TimoTimo Kotipelto's Episode
Kotipelto, TimoSerenity
KotiteollisuusTomusta Ja Tuhkasta
Kotzen, RichieMother Head's Family Reunion
Kotzen, RichieInto the Black
Kotzen, RichiePeace Sign
Kotzen, Richie24 Hours
Kovenant, TheAnimatronic
KrabathorOnly Our Death Is Welcome...
KrabathorCool Mortification
Kraljevski ApartmanRocker
KrayChudesa za Den'gi (Miracles for Money)
KrazeDevil in Disguise
KreatorExtreme Aggression (video)
KreatorEndless Pain
KreatorPleasure to Kill
KreatorTerrible Certainty
KreatorExtreme Aggression
KreatorComa of Souls
KreatorCause for Conflict
KreatorViolent Revolution
KreatorEnemy of God
KreatorHordes of Chaos
KreatorPhantom Antichrist
KreatorGods of Violence
KreysonAngel on the Run
KreysonCrusaders (Krizaci)
Kris Norris Projekt, TheIcons of the Illogical
Kristine, LivDeus Ex Machina
KrokusTo Rock Or Not to Be
KrokusThe Video Blitz
KrokusMetal Rendez-Vous
KrokusOne Vice at a Time
KrokusThe Blitz
KrokusChange of Address
KrokusAlive And Screaming
KrokusHeart Attack
KrokusRound 13
KrokusTo You All
KrokusPainkiller (Pay It in Metal)
KrokusDirty Dynamite
KrokusBig Rocks
KrugerRozhdennyy Mrakom (Born by the Dark)
KrugerDeti Vrazhdy (Children of the Hostility)
KrugerNo Kompromiss
KrugerDusha Izuvera (Soul of Bigot)
KrugerZhivaya Stal' (Live Steel)
KrugerEmbrion Satany (Satan's Embryo)
KrugerMy - Rok (We Are Rock)
KrugerVera I Religiya (Faith And Religion)
KrugerSkaly I Stal' (Rocks And Steel)
KrugerDevyatyy Messiya (Ninth Messiah)
KrugerShipy I Rozy (Torns And Roses)
KrugerTol'ko dlya Belyh Dushoyu (Only for Kind-Hearted) - Ordamor part II
KrugerZov (Call)
KrugerDikiy (Savage)
Kruger (1)Pamyati Druga (In Memory of Friend)
Kryl'yaV Krayu Poteryannyh Dush (In the Land of the Lost Souls)
Kryl'yaGorizont (Horizon)
KryptosThe Coils of Apollyon
KryptosBurn Up the Night
KryzalidSecond Life
Kublai KhanAnnihilation
Kulick, BruceTransformer
KuniLookin' for Action
Kuprij, VitalijVK3
Kuprij, VitalijForward & Beyond
Kuprij, VitalijRevenge
Kuprij, VitalijGlacial Inferno
Kupriyanov, IgorBelyy Veter (White Wind)
L.A.GunsMan in the Moon
L.A.GunsWaking the Dead
L.A.GunsGolden Bullets
L.A.GunsLoud & Dangerous
L.A.GunsHollywood Forever
L.A.GunsL.A. Guns
L.A.GunsCocked & Loaded
L.A.GunsHollywood Vampires
L.A.GunsVicious Circle
Laaz RockitCity's Gonna Burn
Laaz RockitNo Stranger to Danger
Laaz RockitKnow Your Enemy
Laaz RockitAnnihilation Principle
Laaz RockitNothing's Sacred
Laaz RockitTaste of Rebellion
Laaz RockitLive Untold
Laaz RockitLeft for Dead
LaBrie, JamesElements of Persuasion
LaBrie, JamesStatic Impulse
LaBrie, JamesImpermanent Resonance
LabyrinthNo Limits
LabyrinthReturn to Heaven Denied
LabyrinthSons of Thunder
Labyrinth6 Days to Nowhere
LabyrinthReturn to Heaven Denied pt. 2 - A Midnight Autumn's Dream
LabyrinthArchitecture of a God
Lacrimas Profundere...And the Wings Embraced Us
Lacrimas ProfundereLa Naissance d'un Reve
Lacrimas ProfundereMemorandum
Lacrimas ProfundereBurning: A Wish
LacrimosaLichtgestalt / The Party Is Over
Lacuna CoilLive at Wacken Open Air'2007
Lake of TearsGreater Art
Lake of TearsHeadstones
Lake of TearsA Crimson Cosmos
Lake of TearsForever Autumn
Lake of TearsThe Neonai
Lake of TearsBlack Brick Road
Lake of TearsMoons And Mushrooms
Lake of TearsIllwill
LancerSecond Storm
Lande, Jorn & Holter, TrondDracula - Swing of Death
LandevirSueños Celtas
LandguardEden of a Parallel Dimension
Lane, LanaProject Shangri-La
Lane, LanaCovers Collection
Lane, LanaStorybook: Tales from Europe And Japan
Lane, LanaReturn in Japan
Lane, LanaLady Macbeth
Lane, LanaQueen of the Ocean
Lane, LanaSecrets of Astrology
Lane, LanaBallad Collection Special Edition
Lane, LanaLove Is an Illusion Special Edition
Lane, LanaCurious Goods Special Edition
Lane, LanaGarden of the Moon Special Edition
Lane, LanaWinter Session
Lane, LanaRed Planet Boulevard
Lane, LanaEl Dorado Hotel
LanfearThe Art Effect
LanfearAnother Golden Rage
LanfearThis Harmonic Consonance
LanvallMelolydian Garden
LaosWe Want It
Lapadakis, GiorgiosAgyoste Hora
Last Autumn's DreamLast Autumn's Dream
Last Autumn's DreamLast Autumn's Dream II
Last Autumn's DreamDreamcatcher
Last Autumn's DreamA Touch of Heaven
Last Autumn's DreamYes
Last Autumn's DreamNine Lives
Last Autumn's DreamWinter in Paradise
Last Autumn's DreamSaturn Skyline
Last Autumn's DreamTen Tangerine Tales
Last Autumn's DreamFourteen
Last Autumn's DreamPaintings
Last Autumn's DreamIn Disguise
Last EmpireLast Empire
Last in LineHeavy Crown
Last RebelsBite Tonight
Last Things, TheCircles And Butterflies
Last TribeThe Ritual
Last TribeWitch Dance
Last TribeThe Uncrowned
Last Vegas, TheWhatever Gets You Off
Last WarningFrom the Floor of the Well
Last WarningUnder a Spell
Last WarningThroughout Time
LaudamusLost in Vain
LawdyOutlaw Invasion
LawdyNo Chance for Mercy
LawlessRock Savage
Lazarus SinIntracranial Mass
Lead WeightPenetrator
Leash LawDogface
LeatherShock Waves
Leather NunAll Your Kin
LeatherwolfWorld Asylum
LeatherwolfStreet Ready
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin III
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV
Led ZeppelinHouses of the Holy
Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti
Led ZeppelinPresence
Led ZeppelinIn through the Out Door
Led ZeppelinCoda
LefayThe Seventh Seal
LegacyStand And Conquer
Legacy (Colombia)Metallic Assault
Legen BeltzaNeed to Suffer
Legend MakerThe Path to Glory
Legend MakerLies Bleeding the Blind
Legend of Valley DoomMarius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom part 1
LegionDay Mne Imya (Give Me the Name)
LegionU Okna (By the Window)
Legion1980 - 1987
LegionMayatnik Vremyon (Pendulum of Times)
LegionStihiya Ognya (Element of Fire)
LegionChetyre Stihii (Four Elements)
LegionMify Drevnosti (Myths of Antiquity)
LegionNevidimyy Voin (Invisible Warrior)
Lemur VoiceInsights
LeonardoThe Absolute Man
LeprousThe Congregation
Lessman - ZillerGlaub Dran
LethalYour Favourite God
LethalPoison Seed
Lethal FearLethal Fear
Lethal FearMephisto
Lethal SaintLethal Saint
Letter XTime of the Gathering
Level 10Chapter One
LeverageCircus Colossus
LeviathanDeepest Secrets Beneath
LeviathanRiddles Questions Poetry & Outrage
LeviathanBeholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then
Leviathan (US)demo
LeviticusSetting Fire to the Earth
LeviticusKnights of Heaven
LiarNothing But the Truth
LiarCheatin' Games
Liar SymphonyThe Symphony Goes On
Liar SymphonySpirit Machine
Liar SymphonyChoose Your Side
Liege LordMaster Control
Liege LordFreedom's Rise
Liege LordBurn to My Touch
LightmareThe Fool
Lightning StrikesLightning Strikes
Lillian AxeSad Day on Planet Earth
Lillian AxeLillian Axe
Lillian AxePoetic Justice
Lillian AxePsychoschizophrenia
Lillian AxeDeep Red Shadows
Lillian AxeFields of Yesterday
Lillian AxeXI: The Days Before Tomorrow
Lillian AxeLove + War
Limbonic ArtMoon in the Scorpio
Limbonic ArtEpitome of Illusions
Lion's ShareFall from Grace
Lion's SharePerspective
Lion's ShareEntrance
Lion's ShareEmotional Coma
Lion's ShareDark Hours
Lions BreedDamned the Night
LionsheartPride in Fact
LionsheartUnder Fire
Lipstixx'n'BulletzBang Your Head
Liquid HorizonThe Script of Life
Liquid SteelFire in the Sky
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension Experiment 2
Liquid Trio ExperimentSpontaneous Combustion
LithiumLiniya Krovi (Bloodline)
Liv SinFollow Me
Liverani, DanieleFantasia
Living DeathMetal Revolution
Living DeathBack to the Weapons / Protected from Reality
Living DeathKilling in Action
Living DeathVengeance of Hell / Watch Out
Living DeathWorld Neuroses
Living LoudLiving Loud
Lizzy BordenDeal with the Devil
Lizzy BordenMenace to Society
Lizzy BordenTerror Rising / Give'em the Axe
Lizzy BordenThe Murderess Metal Road Show Live
Lizzy BordenAppointment with Death
Lizzy BordenLove You to Pieces
Lizzy BordenVisual Lies
Lizzy BordenMaster of Disguise
LoaderMind for a View
Loch VostokDark Logic
Loch VostokDestruction Time Again
Loch VostokReveal No Secrets
Locomotive BreathChange of Track
Logar's DiaryBook I: Iostros
LonewolfUnholy Paradise
LonewolfMade in Hell
LonewolfThe Dark Crusade
LonewolfThe Heathen Dawn
LonewolfRaised on Metal
Loomis, JeffZero Order Phase
Loomis, JeffPlains of Oblivion
LoonatikkGorilla Beat
Loosely TightFightin' Society
LordA Personal Journey
LordSet in Stone
Lord BrummellPh-Aces
Lord GreyLady of the Lake
Lord VaderGoliath
Lord VoltureWill to Power
Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheThe Lord Wierd Slough Feg
Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheTwilight of the Idols
Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheAtavism
Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheHardworlder
Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheApe Uprising
Lord Weird Slough Feg, TheDigital Resistance
Lordian GuardLordian Guard
Lordian GuardSinners in the Hands of an Angry God
Lords of BlackLords of Black
Lords of BlackII
LorienSecrets of the Elder
Los Asesinos del PentagramaDuenos del Universo
Lost Boyz, TheDiamond Dust
Lost CenturyPoetic Atmosphere of Seasons
Lost FateWhere Dreams... Have No End
Lost HorizonA Flame to the Ground Beneath
Lost HorizonAwakening the World
Lost SocietyFast Loud Death
Lost SocietyTerror Hungry
Lost SocietyBraindead
LoudnessLive in Tokyo - Lightning Strikes
LoudnessBlack Widow (Live in Kawasaki)
LoudnessLive at NHK Hall
LoudnessSoldier of Fortune
LoudnessOn the Prowl
LoudnessHurricane Eyes
LoudnessEve to Dawn
LoudnessRise to Glory
Loureiro, KikoNo Gravity
Loureiro, KikoFullblast
Lucassen, Arjen AnthonyLost in the New Real
LullacryBe My God
Lunatic AsylumLunatic Asylum
LunaticaFables & Dreams
LunaticaThe Edge of Infinity
LunaticaNew Shores
Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc.Welcome to the Asylum
LustWe'll Never Die
Lux OccultaForever Alone Immortal
Lux OccultaDionysos
Lux OccultaMy Guardian Anger
Lux OccultaThe Mother And the Enemy
LvzbelMirada Electrica - Tributo a Judas Priest
Lynch MobRevolution
Lynch MobLynch Mob
Lynch MobSmoke And Mirrors
Lynch MobSun Red Sun
Lynch, GeorgeFurious George
Lynch, GeorgeOrchestral Mayhem
Lynch, GeorgeKill All Control
M-Pire of EvilHell to the Holy
M.ILL.IONSane And Insanity
M.S.Rugina Nu Moare
M.S.A Breath of Fresh Air
MacAlpine - Aldridge - Rock - Sarzo (M.A.R.S.)Project: Driver
MacAlpine, TonyEdge of Insanity
MacAlpine, TonyMaximum Security
MacAlpine, TonyFreedom to Fly
MacAlpine, TonyEvolution
MacAlpine, TonyMaster of Paradise
MacAlpine, TonyViolent Machine
MacAlpine, TonyChromaticity
MacAlpine, TonyTony MacAlpine
MacAlpine, TonyConcrete Gardens
Macbeth (Germany)Macbeth
Macbeth (Germany)Gotteskrieger
Macbeth (Germany)Wiedergänger
Machine MenScars & Wounds
Machine MenElegies
Machine MenCircus of Fools
Machines of GraceMachines of Grace
Mad DragzterStrong Mind
Mad MaxNever Say Never
Mad MaxNight of White Rock
Mad MaxWhite Sands
Mad MaxHere We Are
Mad MaxRollin' Thunder
Mad MaxNight of Passion
Mad MaxMad Max
Mad MaxStormchild
Mad MaxWelcome America
Mad MaxAnother Night of Passion
Mad MaxInterceptor
Mad SmileUnleash the Lightning
Madam XWe Reserve the Right
Madam XMonstrocity
Madd HunterMadd Hunter
Madd HunterSilence of the Lamb (Raiders from the North)
Made of IronMade of Iron
MadisonDiamond Mistress
MadisonBest in Show
MadogFairytales of Darkness
MadswordThe Global Village
MaelstromDecline of the West
MafiaTayny (Secrets)
MagellanHour of Restoration
MagellanImpending Ascension
MagellanTest of Wills
MagellanHundred Year Flood
Magic KingdomThe Arrival
Magic KingdomMetallic Tragedy
Magic KingdomSavage Requiem
MagicaThe Scroll of Stone
MagicaDark Diary
MagicaWolves And Witches
MagicaCenter of the Great Unknown
MagicianTales of the Magician
Magister (Russia)Korporatsiya Illuziy (Corporation of Illusion)
Magister (Russia)Bog Obmana (God of Deception)
Magister (Russia)Krible Krable
MagnitDen' Gneva (The Day of the Anger)
Magnitude 9Chaos to Control
Magnitude 9Reality in Focus
Magnitude 9Decoding the Soul
Mago de OzMago de Oz
Mago de OzJesus de Chamberi
Mago de OzLa Leyenda de la Mancha
Mago de OzFinisterra
Mago de OzGaia
Mago de OzA Costa da Rock
Mago de OzBelfast
Mago de OzGaia II - La Voz Dormida
Magri'sIn Rock
MajesticAbstract Symphony
MajesticTrinity Overture
Majestic VanguardBeyond the Moon
MajestyThe Crown of Scorpio
Majesty (Germany)Keep It True
Majesty (Germany)Sword & Sorcery
Majesty (Germany)Reign in Glory
Majesty (Germany)Metal Law (video)
Majesty (Germany)Hellforces
Majesty (Germany)Thunder Rider
Majesty (Germany)Banners High
Majesty (Germany)Generation Steel
Majesty (Germany)Rebels
Majesty of RevivalThrough Reality
Majesty of RevivalIron Gods
Majesty of RevivalDualism
MaledictionEsclave du Vice
MaliceIn the Beginning
MaliceLicense to Kill
MaliceNew Breed of Godz
Malmsteen, YngwieTrilogy
Malmsteen, YngwieEclipse
Malmsteen, YngwieFire And Ice
Malmsteen, YngwieThe Seventh Sign
Malmsteen, YngwieMagnum Opus
Malmsteen, YngwieInspiration
Malmsteen, YngwieFacing the Animal
Malmsteen, YngwieConcerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra in E Flat Minor Op. 1
Malmsteen, YngwieThe Video Colection
Malmsteen, YngwieConcerto Suite For Electric Guitar And Orchestra in E Flat Minor Op. Live with the New Japan Philharmonie (video)
Malmsteen, YngwieAngels of Love
Malmsteen, YngwieHigh Impact
Malmsteen, YngwieThe Genesis
Malmsteen, YngwieRelentless
Malmsteen, YngwieWorld on Fire
MalonJusticia O Resistencia
MalpracticeDeviation from the Flow
MalpracticeTurning Tides
MandatorInitial Velocity
MandatorPerfect Progeny
ManegarmHavets Vargar
ManiaChanging Times / Wizard of the Lost Kingdom
ManiacLook Out
Maniac (Canada)Fast And Deadly
Manic DepressionYou'll Be with Us Again
Manic DepressionImpending Collapse
Manic DepressionBox of Lies
Manic DepressionTechnocracy
Manifest DestinyWhat You Fear
Manifest DestinyWithin
Manifest DestinyYour World Has Died
ManiganceSigne de Vie
ManiganceAnge ou Demon
ManiganceD'un Autre Sang
Manilla RoadInto the Courts of Chaos
Manilla RoadCrystal Logic
Manilla RoadInvasion
Manilla RoadMetal
Manilla RoadThe Deluge
Manilla RoadLive Roadkill
Manilla RoadOut of the Abyss
Manilla RoadThe Circus Maximus
Manilla RoadAtlantis Rising
Manilla RoadSpiral Castle
Manilla RoadGates of Fire
Manilla RoadVoyager
Manilla RoadPlayground of the Damned
Manilla RoadMysterium
ManimalThe Darkest Room
ManimalTrapped in the Shadows
Maninnya BladeUndead, Unborn... Alive
ManitouThe Mad Moon Rising
ManitouNo Signs of Wisdom
Maniya VelichiyaLiki Teney (Images of Shadows)
ManowarBattle Hymns
ManowarInto Glory Ride
ManowarSign of the Hammer
ManowarHail to England
ManowarFighting the World
ManowarKings of Metal
ManowarLouder Than Hell
ManowarThe Triumph of Steel
ManowarWarriors of the World
ManowarHell on Earth III
ManowarGods of War
ManowarHell on Stage
ManowarThunder in the Sky
ManowarThe Lord of Steel
Mantic RitualExecutioner
ManticoraRoots of Eternity
ManticoraDarkness with Tales to Tell
Manticora8 Deadly Sins
ManticoraThe Black Circus part 1 - Letters
ManticoraThe Black Circus part 2 - Disclosure
Maple CrossNext Chapter
MarauderSense of Metal
MarauderFace the Mirror
MarauderElegy of Blood
Marcello, KeeMelon Demon Divine
Marcello, KeeJudas Kiss
Marcello, KeeScaling Up
MargentaDinastiya Posvyaschyonnyh (Dynasty of Initiate Ones)
MargentaNeytralizator Mrachnosti (Blackness's Neutralizator)
MargentaTsvetok Mayorana (Marjoram's Flower)
Marshall LawLaw in the Raw
Martin, TonyScream
Martin, TonyBack Where I Belong
MartiriaThe Eternal Soul
MartiriaThe Age of the Return
Martyr (The Netherlands)You Are Next
MarysCreekSome Kind of Hate
Masi, AlexFire in the Night
Masi, AlexDowntown Dreamer
Masi, AlexAttack of the Neon Shark
Masi, AlexThe Watcher
Masi, AlexIn the Name of Bach
Masi, AlexEternal Struggle
Masi, AlexIn the Name of Mozart
Masi, AlexIn the Name of Beethoven
Masi, AlexLate Nights at Desert's Rimrock
Masi, AlexTheory of Everything
MassNew Birth
MassTake You Home
MassVoices in the Night
MassacraFinal Holocaust
MassacraEnjoy the Violence
MassacraSigns of the Decline
MassacreFrom Beyond
MassacreThe Second Coming
MasterS Petlyoy na Shee (With the Noose Around the Neck)
MasterTalk of the Devil
Master33 Zhizni (33 Lives)
MasterAkustica (Acoustic)
MasterPo Tu Storonu Sna (Behind the Dream)
MasterManiac Party
MasterPesni Myortvyh (The Songs of the Dead)
MastercastleEnfer (De la Bibliothèque Nationale)
MastermindAngels of the Apocalypse
MasterplanEnlighten Me
MasterplanMK II
MasterplanTime to Be King
MasterplanNovum Initium
Masters of DisguiseThe Savage And the Grace
Masters of DisguiseAlpha / Omega
Masters of MetalFrom Worlds Beyond
MasterstrokeAs Days Grow Darker
Materia PrimaVechnost' I Pokoy (Eternity And Quietude)
Matheos, JimFirst Impressions
Matheos, JimAway with Words
Matos, AndreTime to Be Free
Matos, AndreMentalize
Matos, AndreThe Turn of the Lights
MattssonPower Games
MattssonAnother Dimension
MattssonDream Child
Matveev, GennadiyMoy Rok
Mavrin, SergeyOtkrovenie (Revelation)
Mavrin, SergeyFortuna
Mavrin, SergeyNeformat-2
Mavrin, SergeyMoya Svoboda (My Freedom)
Mavrin, SergeyIllyuziya (Illusion)
Mavrin, SergeyProtivostoyanie (Confrontation)
Mavrin, SergeyNeotvratimoe (Unavoidable)
Mavrin, SergeyEchoes
Max OverheatWicked Songs
Max PieInitial Process
MCM1900 - Hard Times
Mechanical PoetWoodland Prattlers
Mechanical PoetWho Did It to Michelle Waters?
Mechanical PoetEidoline: The Arrakeen Code
Mechanical PoetGhouls
Mechanical PoetCreepy Tales for Freaky Children
MechanixHistory Re-Rotten
MechanixSonic Point Blank
Mediaeval BaebesMirabilis
Medina AzaharaLa Estacion de los Suenos
MeduzaNow And Forever
MeduzaUpon the World
MegaceHuman Errors
MegadethRusted Pieces
MegadethExposure of a Dream
MegadethKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good
MegadethThe System Has Failed
MegadethPeace Sell... But Who's Buying?
MegadethSo Far, So Good... So What!
MegadethRust in Peace
MegadethCountdown to Extinction
MegadethCryptic Writings
MegadethUnited Abominations
MegadethSuper Collider
MegaheraMetal Maniac Attack
MehidaBlood & Water
Mekong DeltaThe Music of Erich Zann
Mekong DeltaThe Principle of Doubt
Mekong DeltaDances of Death (And Other Walking Shadows)
Mekong DeltaKaleidoscope
Mekong DeltaVisions Fugitives
Mekong DeltaPictures at an Exhibition
Mekong DeltaMekong Delta
Mekong DeltaLurking Fear
Mekong DeltaClassics
Mekong DeltaWanderer on the Edge of Time
Mekong DeltaIntersections
Mekong DeltaIn a Mirror Darkly
Meliah RageSolitary Solitude
Meliah RageUnfinished Business
Meliah RageBarely Human
Meliah RageKill to Survive
Meliah RageLive Kill
Meliah RageWarrior
Memento MoriSongs for the Apocalypse vol. IV
MemorainZero Hour
Memorized DreamsTheater of Life
Memory GardenTides
Memory GardenVerdict of Posterity
Memory GardenMirage
Memory GardenCarnage Carnival
Memory GardenDoomain
MenaceHeavy Lethal
MennenPlanet Black
Mental Hippie BloodPounds
Mercury RisingUpon Deaf Ears
Mercury TideWhy?
Mercyful FateMelissa
Mercyful FateDon't Break the Oath
Mercyful FateThe Beginning
Mercyful FateReturn of the Vampire
Mercyful FateIn the Shadows
Mercyful FateThe Bell Witch
Mercyful FateTime
Mercyful FateThe Oath (=The Live Oath?) (Live in Philadelphia)
Mercyful FateInto the Unknown
Mercyful FateDead Again
Mercyful Fate9
Merendine AtomicheWalk Across Fire
MeridiamEl Fin de los Dias
MeridianThe Seventh Sun
Meridian (Denmark)Metallurgy
MesmerizeVultures Paradise
MesmerizeTales of Wonder
Mess AgeCrushed Inside
MessengerStarwolf pt. 1: The Messengers
MessengerStarwolf pt. 2: Novastorm
MessiahHymn to Abramelin
MessiahExtreme Cold Weather
MessiahChoir of Horrors
MessiahRotten Perish
Messiah ForceThe Last Day
Messiah's KissMetal
Messiah's KissDragonheart
Messiah's KissGet Your Bulls Out!
MetaforaFlores Alvarez
Metal AllegianceMetal Allegiance
Metal ChurchMetal Church
Metal ChurchThe Dark
Metal ChurchBlessing in Disguise
Metal ChurchThe Human Factor
Metal ChurchHanging in the Balance
Metal ChurchMasterpiece
Metal ChurchThe Weight of the World
Metal ChurchA Light in the Dark
Metal ChurchThis Present Wasteland
Metal ChurchGeneration Nothing
Metal ChurchXI
Metal InquisitorDoomsday for the Heretic
Metal InquisitorUltima Ratio Regis
Metal JanThe Best of...?!
Metal KingAny Warrior Dies without Honour
Metal MajestyMetal Majesty
Metal PesadoMetal Pesado
Metal ScentMetal Scent
MetalianRock Solid
MetaliumMillenium Metal chapter one
MetaliumState of Triumph chapter two
MetaliumHero Nation chapter three
MetaliumAs One chapter four
MetaliumDemons of Insanity chapter five
MetaliumNothing to Undo - chapter six
MetaliumIncubus - Chapter Seven
MetallicaKill 'em All
MetallicaMaster of Puppets
MetallicaCliff 'em All
MetallicaLive USA
MetallicaRide the Lightning
Metallica...And Justice for All
MetalmorphoseNossa Droga É o Metal
MetaluciferHeavy Metal Hunter
MetaluciferHeavy Metal Chainsaw
MetatroneThe Powerful Hand
MG66In the House of Liv
Midas TouchPressage of Disaster
Midnight ChaserRough And Tough
Midnight DarknessHolding the Night
Midnight ForcesRaystorm
Midnight IdolsSworn to the Night
Midnight PriestRainha da Magia Negra
Midnight PriestMidnight Priest
Midnight ScreamMy Girlfriend Death
Midnight SunAnother World
Midnight SunAbove & Beyond
Midnight SunNemesis
Midnight SunMetal Machine
Militia (US)Fiend of Misery
Minas TirithThe Art of Becoming
Minas TirithDissertatio Prophetae
MinatonOne Day in Paradise
Mind ColourMind Colour
Mind EclipseUtopia: Formula of God
Mind KeyJourney of a Rough Diamond
Mind KeyPulse for a Graveheart
Mind OdysseySigns
Mind OdysseySchizophenia
Mind OdysseyNailed to the Shade
Mind OdysseyKeep It All Turning
Mind's EyeA Work of Art
Mind's EyeWalking on H2O
Mind's EyeA Gentleman's Hurricane
Mind's Eye...Waiting for the Tide
Mind's Eye1994: The Afterglow
MindcageOur Own Devices
MindfeedPerfect Life?
MindfeedTen Miles High
MindflowMind Over Body
MindflowJust the Two of Us... Me And Them
MindflowWith Bare Hands
MindlandFinal Frontier
MindscapeDismantling Evolution
MinotauroMaster of the Sea
Mirage...And the Earth Shall Crumble
MiriadaIllyuziya Lyubvi
Mirrored MindAt Meridian
MisbegottenTo End All Lies
MiscreantDreaming Ice
Mishin, OlegAngel
Mishin, OlegBestiya (Cunning Dog)
Miss BehaviourLast Woman Standing
Missa MercuriaMissa Mercuria
Missing LinkLobotomized
Missing LinkWhen the Door Is Closed
MistheriaDragon Fire
MistheriaKeys of Eternity
MistreaterHell's Fire / Swami
MithotynGathered Around the Oaken Table
Moahni MoahnaWhy
Mob RulesSavage Land
Mob RulesTemple of Two Suns
Mob RulesHollowed Be Thy Name
Mob RulesAmong the Gods
Mob RulesRadical Rules
Mob RulesCannibal Nation
Mob RulesTales from Beyond
Moby Dick (Hungary)Ugass Kutya!
Mollo, Dario - Martin, TonyThe Cage
Mollo, Dario - Martin, TonyThe Cage 2
Mollo, Dario - Martin, TonyThe Third Cage
MonomahYa Hotel Uvidet' Angela (I Wanted to See an Angel)
MonsterNo One Can Stop Us!!!
MontanyNew Born Day
Monte KristoZolotoy Fakel (Golden Torch)
MontrealEntre el Bien Y el Mal
MonumentumIn Absentia Christi
Moon of SteelBeyond the Edges
Moon'DocRealm of Legends
MoondiveDive with Me
Moonlight AgonyEchoes of a Nightmare
Moonlight AgonySilent Waters
Moonlight CircusOutskirts of Reality
Moonlight CircusMadness in Mask
Moonlight ComedyThe Life Inside
Moonlight ComedyDorothy
MoonsorrowVoimasta Ja Kunniasta
MoonsorrowSuden Uni
MoonspellUnder the Moonspell
MoonspellNight Eternal
MoonspellUnder Satanae
Moonspell2econd Skin
MoonspellThe Butterfly Effect
MoonspellDarkness And Hope
MoonspellThe Antidote
MoonspellAlpha Noir
Moonstone ProjectTime to Take a Stand
Moonstone ProjectHidden in Time
Moonstone ProjectRebel on the Run
Moore, VinnieTime Odyssey
Moore, VinnieOut of Nowhere
Moore, VinnieThe Maze
Moore, VinnieDefying Gravity
Moore, VinnieTo the Core
Moore, VinnieMind's Eye
Moore, VinnieAerial Visions
Moray EelPriest Hunter
Morbid DeathSecrets
Morbid JesterGates to Valhalla
Morbid SaintSpectrum of Death
Morbid SaintDestruction System
Morbid SinSins of the Flesh
MordredThe Next Room
MordredFool's Game
MordredIn This Life
More I See, TheThe Wolves Are Hungry
Morgana (Italy)Rose of Jericho
Morgana LefayMaleficium
Morgana LefayKnowing Just As I
Morgana LefaySanctified
Morgana LefayGrand Materia
Morgana LefayAberrations of the Mind
Morgana LefayMorgana Lefay
MorifadePossession of Power
MorifadeEmpire of Souls
MorningHour of Joy
MorningstarWeight of the Hammer
MorningstarKalevala Mysticism
MorningstarFinnish Metal
MorriganForgoden Art
Mors Principium EstThe Unborn
Morse Portnoy GeorgeCover to Cover
Morse, AlanFour o'Clock And Hysteria
Morse, Neal?
Morse, NealSola Scriptura
Morse, NealTestimony 2
Morse, NealMomentum
Morse, NealLife & Times
Morse, SteveMajor Impacts 2
Morse, SteveMajor Impacts
Morse, StevePrime Cuts
Mortal SinPsychology of Death
Mortal SinMayhemic Destruction
Mortal SinFace of Despair
Mortal SinEvery Dog Has It's Day
Mortician (Austria)Mortician
Mortician (Austria)No War & More
MortiferTotal Darkness
MortiferBessmyslennaya Voyna
MortiisCrypt of the Wizard
MortiisThe Stargate
MortilleryOrigin of Extinction
MortonCome Read the Words Forbidden
MortusExploring New Horizons
Mos GeneratorSongs for Future Gods
MoshquitoWorlds End
MostMost (Bridge)
Mostly AutumnThe Lord of the Rings
Mostly AutumnThe Ghost Moon Orchestra
Mostly AutumnDressed in Voices
Mostly AutumnGlass Shadows
Mostly AutumnSight of Day
MotiveRock 'N' Roll Terrorist
Motley CrueGreatest Video Hits
Motley CrueShout at the Devil
Motley CrueLive: Entertainment Or Death
Motley CrueGirls, Girls, Girls
Motley CrueDr. Feelgood
Motley CrueToo Fast for Love
Motley CrueTheatre of Pain
Motley CrueSaints of Los Angeles
MotorheadNo Sleep 'til Hammersmith
MotorheadNo Sleep at All
MotorheadOvernight Sensation
MotorheadSnake Bite Love
MotorheadWe Are Motörhead
MotorheadKiss of Death
MotorheadAce of Spades
MotorheadThe Wörld Is Yours
MotorheadIron Fist
MotorheadAnother Perfect Day
MotorheadRock 'n' Roll
MotorheadMarch Or Die
MotorheadBad Magic
MotorjesusWheels of Purgatory
MotorjesusElectric Revelation
Mourning CaressImbalance
MPBursting Out Live & Loud
MPShow Down
MPMelting Point
MPBursting Out - The Beast Became Human / Get It Now
Mr. BigBig Bigger Biggest!
Mr. BigLean into It
Mr. BigMr. Big
Mr. BigBump Ahead
Mr. BigHey Man
Mr. BigGet Over It
Mr. BigBack to Budokan
Mr. BigWhat If...
Mr. Big...The Stories We Could Tell
Mr. BigDefying Gravity
Mr. EgoEgocentric
Mr. EgoMythology
Mr. PerfectFasten Seat-Belts
Mrs. HippieLotus
MSGWritten in the Sand
MSGBe Aware of Scorpions
MSGTales of Rock'n'Roll - Twenty Five Years Celebration
MSGHeavy Hitters
MSGThe Michael Schenker Group
MSGAssault Attack
MSGBuilt to Destroy
MSGRock Will Never Die
MSGPerfect Timing
MSGSave Yourself
MullmuzzlerKeep It to Yourself
MullmuzzlerMullmuzzler 2
Mundanus ImperiumThe Spectral Spheres Coronation
Munroe, RonnyThe Fire Within
Munroe, RonnyElectric Wake
MVPThe Altar
My UniverseInfinite Spaces
MyonGhost in Paradise
MyrathLegacy - ميراث
MyrathTales of the Sands
MyriadsIn Spheres without Time
Mystery (Greece)Fatal Passion
Mystery (Greece)Destiny
Mystery (Greece)Angelo Perlepes' Mystery
Mystery BlueMetal Slaves
Mystery, TheApocalypse 666
Mystic ProphecyRegressus
Mystic ProphecyVengeance
Mystic ProphecyNever-Ending
Mystic ProphecySavage Souls
Mystic ProphecySatanic Curses
Mystic ProphecyRavenLord
Mystic ProphecyKillhammer
Mystic ProphecyWar Brigade
Mystic ProphecyMonuments Uncovered
Mystical WarningThird Millennium
MystikPerpetual Being
Mysto DystoThe Rules Have Been Disturbed
Mystrez (Change of Seasons)The Indictment
Mystrez (Change of Seasons)Cold Sweat
NamelessThe Overcome of the Portuguese Bastards
Nameless CrimeNameless Crime
Nameless CrimeLaw And Persecution
NanowarOther Bands Play, Nanowar Gay
NapalmCruel Tranquility
NapalmZero to Black
Napalm DeathLeaders Not Followers: Part 2
NarniaLong Live the King
NarniaDesert Land
NarniaThe Great Fall
NarniaEnter the Gate
NarniaCourse of a Generation
Nasty SavageWage of Mayhem
Nasty SavageIndulgence
Nasty SavagePenetration Point
Nasty SavagePsycho Psycho
Nasty SavageCleveland'87
Nasty TendencyWild And Nasty
Nasty TendencyHello Suckers!
National Napalm SyndicateResurrection of the Wicked
National SuicideThe Old Family Is Still Alive
National SuicideAnotheround
NatiskNebo v Ogne (The Sky in the Fire)
NatiskVtoroe Dyhanie (Second Breath)
NatiskTyazhelaya Noch' (Hard Night)
NatiskVolch'i Slyozy (Wolf's Tears)
Native ConstructQuiet World
Neal Morse Band, TheThe Grand Experiment
Nebular MoonMetamorphosis
NecromanciaCheck Mate
NecromantiaCrossing the Fiery Path
NecromantiaCutts of the Shadow
NecromantiaThe Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven
NecromassAbyss Calls Life
Necronomicon (Germany)Revenge of the Beast
Necronomicon (Germany)Apocalyptic Nightmare
Necronomicon (Germany)Necronomicon
Necronomicon (Germany)Escalation
Necronomicon (Germany)Construction of Evil
Necronomicon (Germany)Invictus
Necronomicon (Germany)Pathfinder... Between Heaven And Hell
NecropsyaSlaves of the Magic
NefastoTierra Sin Memoria
NefelimA Gate of the Universe (Vrata Mirozdaniya)
NemesisGoddess of Revenge
Nemeth, Byron2000
Nenia C'AlladhanNenia C'Alladhan
NeonflyStrangers in Paradise
NeoperaDestined Ways
NerthusScattered to the Four Wainds
NeurastheniaYour Omen
NeverevenThe Progress of Disaster
NeverlandReversing Time
Neverland (Brazil)Megalomania
NevermoreDreaming Neon Black
NevermoreDead Heart in a Dead World
NevermoreEnemies of Reality
NevermoreThe Politics of Ecstasy
NevermoreThis Godless Endeavor
NevermoreThe Obsidian Conspiracy
New EdenObscure Master Plan
New EdenStagnant Progression
New EdenSolving for X
NicodemusVanity Is a Virtue
Night DemonCurse of the Damned
Night DemonDarkness Remains
Night MistressInto the Madness
NightcloudDefeated by the Innocents
NightfallParade into Centuries
NightfallI Am Jesus
NightfallAstron Black And the Thirty Tyrants
NightingaleThe Closing Chronicles
NightmareSilent Room
NightmareThe Dominion Gate
NightmareAstral Deliverance
NightmareThe Burden of God
NightmareThe Aftermath
Nightshade (US)Dead of Night
NightshadersRougayah's Revenge
NightwishAngels Fall First
NightwishOver the Hills And Far Away
NightwishCentury Child
NightwishBless the Child
NightwishDark Passion Play
NightwishEndless Forms Most Beautiful
NiobethThe Shining Harmony of Universe
NitrogodsRats & Rumours
NitrogodsRoadkill BBQ
No BrosReady for the Action
No FearOur Saying
No RemorseSons of Rock
No TroubleWatch Out
No TroubleLooking for Trouble
Nocturnal RitesTales of Mystery And Imagination
Nocturnal RitesThe Sacred Talisman
Nocturnal RitesAfterlife
Nocturnal RitesShadowland
Nocturnal RitesNew World Messiah
Nocturnal RitesGrand Illusion
Nocturnal RitesThe 8th Sin
Nocturnal RitesLost in Time
NocturnusThe Key
NoekkThe Water Sprite
NoisehunterTime to Fight
NoisehunterSpell of Noise
NoisehunterToo Young to Die
NoisehunterRock Shower
NomaChange Me
Non-FictionIn the Know
Norlander, ErikMusic Machine
Norlander, ErikThreshold
Norlander, ErikInto the Sunset
Norlander, ErikSeas of Orion
Norlander, ErikThe Galactic Collective
NortherDreams of Endless War
Northwind (Spain)Viento del Norte
Northwind (Spain)Chronicas de Aravan: El Retorno del Rey
Norum, JohnFace the Truth
Norum, JohnOptimus
Norum, JohnPlay Yard Blues
NostradameusWords of Nostradameus
NostradameusThe Prophet of Evil
NostradameusThe Third Prophecy
NostradameusIllusion's Parade
NostradamusNikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus
Not FragileHard to Be Alive
Not FragileLost in a Dream
Not FragileThe Return
Not Fragile21st Century Ballroom
Not FragileYesterday's Heroes
Not FragileTime to Wonder
Notre DameAbbatoir, Abbatoir du Noir
Nova ArtFollow Yourself
Nova ArtThe Art of Nova
NovellaOne Big Sky
Novyy ZavetApocalypse
Now Or NeverNow Or Never
Now Or NeverII
Nox Mortis7 Lies
Nuclear AssaultGame Over / The Plague
Nuclear AssaultSomething Wicked
Nuclear AssaultHandle with Care
Nuclear AssaultThird World Genocide
Nuclear AssaultSurvive
Nuclear AssaultOut of Order
Nuclear AssaultFight to Be Free
Nuclear WarfareGod of Aggression
O.D.Mir bez Sveta (World without Light)
ObidilThe Magic Word
ObliveonFrom This Day Forward
ObsecrationThe Inheritors of Pain
ObsessionMethods of Madness
ObsessionCarnival of Lies
ObsessionOrder of Chaos
ObstructionPokoli Szarnyakon
OconnorYerba Mala Nunca Muere
OconnorEstamos Pariendo
October 31The Fire Awaits You
October 31Visions of the End
October 31Meet Thy Maker
October 31Stagefright
October 31No Survivors
Oderzhimost'Hozyain Zla (Master of Evil)
Odin's CourtDeathanity
OdysseaTears in Floods
OHMOHM: Chris Poland, Robertino Pagliari, David Eagle
OHMCircus of Sound
Ojeda, EddieAxes 2 Axes
Old Man's ChildBorn of the Flickering
Old Man's ChildThe Pagan Prosperity
Old Man's ChildIll-Natured Spiritual Invasion
Old Man's ChildIn Defiance of Existence
Oliva, JonRaise the Curtain
Oliver - Dawson SaxonRe://Landed
Oliver MagnumOliver Magnum
Oliver, GrahamEnd of an Era
OlviT'ma I Svet (Darkness And Light)
OlviPoslednee Nebo (The Last Sky)
Olympos MonsConquistador
OmenBattle Cry
OmenWarning of Danger
OmenReopening the Gates
OmenEternal Black Dawn
OmenThe Curse / Nightmares
OmenHammer Damage
Omen (Hungary)Jelek
Omen (Hungary)Koncert
Onbayraktar, EmreOnlar ve Digerleri
One MachineThe Final Cull
OnslaughtKilling Peace
OnslaughtSounds of Violence
OnslaughtThe Force
OnwardThe Neverending Sun
Opera MagnaPoe
OperatikaThe Calling
Operation: MindcrimeThe Key
Operation: MindcrimeResurrection
Operation: MindcrimeThe New Reality
OpethStill Life
OpethMy Arms, Your Hearse
OpethPale Communion
Ophelia's DreamNot a Second Time
Opus AtlanticaOpus Atlantica
OracleAs Darkness Reigns
Oracle SunDeep Inside
OrakulIspoved' Angela (Angel's Confession)
OratoryBeyond Earth
OratoryIllusion Dimensions
Orden OganEaston Hope
Orden OganVale
Orden OganTo the End
Orden OganRavenhead
Order of NineOf Once And Future Kings
Order of NineSeason of Reign
Order of NineA Means to Know End
Order of NineSeventh Year of the Broken Mirror
Organization, TheSavor the Flavor
Original SinTemptation
Original Sin (US)Sin Will Find You Out
Orion RidersBrothers of Another Time
Orion's ReignNuclear Winter
Orphaned LandSahara
Orphaned LandEl Norra Alila
Orphaned LandMabool (The Story of the Three Sons of Seven)
Orphaned LandAll Is One
Orphaned LandThe Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR
Orphaned LandUnsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
OSIOffice of Strategic Influence
OSIFire Make Thunder
OssianAz Utolso Lazado
OssianTitkos Unnep
OssianArnyekbol a Fenybe
OssianA Szabadsag Fantomja
OssianOrok Tuz
OssianLétünk a Bizonyíték
OssianEgyszer az Életben
OssianAz Lesz a Győztes
OstrogothFull Moon's Eyes
OstrogothEsctacy And Danger
OstrogothToo Hot
OstrogothFeelings of Fury
OtygSagovindars Boning
OutbreakMaster Stroke
OutloudWe'll Rock You to Hell And Back Again!
OutloudLove Catastrophe
OutloudLet's Get Serious
Overdose (2) (Germany)Tight Action
Overdose (Germany)To the Top
OverdriveLet the Metal Do the Talking
OverdriveMetal Attack
OverdriveSwords And Axes
Overdrive (UK)The Final Nightmare
OverfiendThrone of Bones
OverkillI Hear Black
OverkillWrecking Everything
OverkillKillbox 13
OverkillThe Years of Decay
OverkillUnder the Influence
OverkillFrom the Underground And Below
OverkillTaking Over
OverkillThe Electric Age
OverkillWhite Devil Armory
OverkillThe Grinding Wheel
OverlifeLast Millennium?
OverlifeBetween Passion & Madness
OverloadNever Again
Overlord's PerpetualOverlord's Perpetual
OverlordeReturn of the Snow Giant
Owens, Tim RipperPlay My Game
OzBurning Leather
OzTransition State
Ozirisz...Mint a Jeg
P.oS.T.Bol' (Pain)
Pacto de SangreAlerta
PaganThe Weight
Pagan's MindCelestial Entrance
Pagan's MindInfinity Divine
Pagan's MindEnigmatic: Calling
Pagan's MindGod's Equation
Pagan's MindHeavenly Ecstasy
PaganiniIt's a Long Way to the Top
PaganiniMedicine Man
PaganiniWeapon of Love
PaganizeEvolution Hour
Pain (US)`Tage Mahal
Pain (US)Maniacal Renderings
Pain (US)Festival
Pain of SalvationOne Hour by the Concrete Lake
Pain of SalvationEntropia
Pain of SalvationThe Perfect Element
Pain of SalvationRemedy Lane
Pain of Salvation12:5
Pain of SalvationBe (Chinassiah)
Pain of SalvationScarsick
Pain of SalvationLinoleum
Pain of SalvationRoad Salt One
Pain of SalvationFalling Home
Pain of SalvationIn the Passing Light of Day
PainmuseumMetal for Life
Palace of BlackPalace of Black
Palace TerraceFlying Through Infinity
PallasBeat the Drum
Pan RamRats
Pan.Thy.MoniumDawn of Dream / Khaooohs
Pancho VillaCampanas del Diablo
Pandaemonium...And the Runes Begin to Pray
PandaemoniumReturn to Reality
PandaemoniumThe Last Prayer
PandeaSoylent Green
PanteraProject in the Jungle / I Am the Night
PanteraCowboys from Hell
PanteraVulgar Display of Power
PanteraFar Beyond Driven
PanteraThe Great Southern Trendkill
PanteraMetal Magic
Panzer (Germany)Send Them All to Hell
Panzer (Germany)Fatal Command
Paradise LostShades of God
Paradise LostIcon
Paradise LostDraconian Times
Paradise LostGothic
Paradise LostIn Requiem
Paradise LostFaith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
Paradise LostTragic Idol
Paradise LostTragic Illusion 25
Paradise LostThe Plague Within
Paradise LostParadise Lost
Paradise LostMedusa
ParadoxProduct of Imagination
ParadoxCollision Course
ParadoxRiot Squad
ParadoxTales of the Weird
ParadoxThe Demo Collection 1986-1987
ParadoxxPlan of Attak
ParagonThe Final Command
ParagonLaw of the Blade
ParagonThe Dark Legacy
ParagonForce of Destruction
ParagonHell Beyond Hell
ParalysisArchitecture of the Imagination
Paranoia (Russia)Mest' Zla (Evil's Revenge)
PariahThe Kindred
PariahBlaze of Obscurity
Parry, IanShadowman
Past M.D.Part Time Rebellion
PathfinderFifth Element
PathosraySunless Skies
PatriarchWorld Within Worlds
PazuzuAnd All Was Silent...
PazuzuAwaken the Dragon
PazuzuThe End of Ages
Peer GuntDon't Mess with the Countryboys
PegazusWings of Destiny
PegazusBreaking the Chains
PegazusThe Headless Horseman
Pell, Axel RudiThe Masquerade Ball
Pell, Axel RudiWild Obsession
Pell, Axel RudiNasty Reputation
Pell, Axel RudiEternal Prisoner
Pell, Axel RudiBetween the Walls
Pell, Axel RudiBlack Moon Pyramid
Pell, Axel RudiMagic
Pell, Axel RudiOceans of Time
Pell, Axel RudiKnight Treasures
Pell, Axel RudiShadow Zone
Pell, Axel RudiKnights Live
Pell, Axel RudiKings And Queens
Pell, Axel RudiMystica
Pell, Axel RudiDiamonds Unlocked
Pell, Axel RudiTales of the Crown
Pell, Axel RudiThe Crest
Pell, Axel RudiCircle of the Oath
Pell, Axel RudiInto the Storm
Pell, Axel RudiGame of Sins
PendragonThe Masquerade Overture
PenetratorUnleash the Fury (Penetrator)
PentakillSmite And Ignite
PentakillGrasp of the Undying
PenumbraThe Last Bewitchment
Perpetual DreamsEyes of Infinite
PersefoneTruth Inside the Shades
PersuaderEvolution Purgatory
PersuaderThe Hunter
PersuaderWhen Eden Burns
PersuaderThe Fiction Maze
Perzonal WarDifferent But the Same
Perzonal WarFaces
Perzonal WarWhen Times Turn Red
Perzonal WarBloodline
PestilenceConsuming Impulse
PestilenceTestimony of the Ancients
PestilenceMalleus Maleficarum
PestilenceResurrection Macabre
Petrucci, JohnSuspended Animation
Petrucci, John And Rudess, JordanAn Evening with John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess
PhantasmaThe Deviant Hearts
PhantomDead Or Alive
Phantom BluePhantom Blue
Phantom BlueBuilt to Perform
Phantom LordCircle of the Wasted
Phantom LordEvil's Domain
Phantom LordIn Twilight World
Phantom LordImperial Fall
Phantom LordsTemple of Metal
Phantom VPlay to Win
PharaoRoad to Nowhere
PharaohAfter the Fire
PharaohThe Longest Night
PhenomenaBlind Faith
PhenomenaDream Runner
PhenomenaInner Vision
Phobic InstinctA Second of Thought
Phoenix RizingEternal Crusade
Piel de SerpienteEl Veneno Se Extiende
PiledriverMetal Inquisition
PiledriverStay Ugly
PiligrimSlava Rossii (Glory to Russia)
PiligrimVybora Net (There Is No Choice)
Pink Cream 69Thunderdrome
Pink Cream 69Food for Thought
Pink Cream 69In10sity
Pink Cream 69Sonic Dynamite
Pink Cream 69Endangered
Pink Cream 69Ceremonial
Pinnella, MichaelEnter by the Twelfth Gate
Pinnick, DugEmotional Animal
Pinnick, DugStrum Sum Up
PiramideMaquina de la Eternidad
PiranaDestructive Animal Revolution
Pirates, LosHeavy Piracy
Pitiful ReignVisual Violence
Place VendomePlace Vendome
Place VendomeStreets of Fire
Planet AlliancePlanet Alliance
Planet XMoonBabies
PlasmaticsPut Your Love in Me
PlasmaticsFinal Days - Anthems for the Apocalypse
PlatitudeSecrets of Life
PlatitudeSilence Speaks
Poder OcultoLegionarios
Poison7 Days Live
PoisonLook What the Cat Dragged In
PoisonOpen Up And Say... Ahh!
PoisonFlesh & Blood
PoisonNative Tongue
PoisonCrack a Smile... And More!
PoisonPower to the People
Poison SunVirtual Sin
PokerfaceDivide And Rule
PokolgepTe Sem Vagy Más
PokolgepVedd El Ami Jár!
PokolgepPokoli Mesék
Polak, MilanStraight
Poland, ChrisChasing the Sun
Poland, ChrisReturn to Metalopolis
PoltergeistBehind My Mask
PoltergeistNothing Lasts Forever
PoltergeistBack to Haunt
Porra, LauriLauri Porra
Portrait (Sweden)Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
Portrait (Sweden)Crossroads
Portrait (US)Portrait
PossessedBeyond the Gates / The Eyes of Horror
PossessedSeven Churches
Poteryannyy VekNe Stoit Zhizni
Poverty's No CrimeSlave to the Mind
Poverty's No CrimeOne in a Million
Poverty's No CrimeThe Chemical Chaos
Poverty's No CrimeSave My Soul
Poverty's No CrimeSpiral of Fear
Power QuestWings of Forever
Power QuestNeverWorld
Power QuestMaster of Illusion
Power QuestBlood Alliance
Power SymphonyEvillot
Power SymphonyLightbringer
Power TheoryOut of the Ashes, into the Fire... And Other Tales of Insanity
PowerageBusiness Toys
PowerfulWelcome to the Slaughterhouse
PowergodEvilution part I
PowergodEvilution part II: Back to Attack
PowergodBleed for the Gods
PowergodEvilution part III: Nemesis
PowergodLong Live the Loud - That's Metal Lesson 2
PowermadAbsolute Power
Powers CourtNine Kinds of Hell
PowersurgeEye of the Storm
PowerwolfReturn in Bloodred
PowerwolfLupus Dei
PowerwolfBible of the Beast
PowerwolfBlood of the Saints
PowerwolfBlessed & Possessed
PowerworldHuman Parasite
PrelludeA Estrada do Rock
PrelludeMáquina do Tempo
Presto BalletThe Lost Art of Time Travel
Presto BalletInvisible Places
Presto BalletRelic of the Modern World
Pretty MaidsRed, Hot And Heavy
Pretty MaidsFuture World
Pretty MaidsJump the Gun
Pretty MaidsFirst Cuts... And Then Some / Red, Hot And Heavy
Pretty MaidsScream
Pretty MaidsSpooked
Pretty MaidsAnything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
Pretty MaidsCarpe Diem
Pretty MaidsIn Santa's Claws / Stripped
Pretty MaidsPlanet Panic
Pretty MaidsAlive at Least
Pretty MaidsSin-Decade
Pretty MaidsWake Up to the Real World
Pretty MaidsOffside
Pretty MaidsPandemonium
Pretty MaidsIt Comes Alive - Maid in Switzerland
Pretty MaidsMotherland
Pretty MaidsLouder Than Ever
Pretty MaidsKingmaker
Prih LopPuppet of the Faith
Primal FearPrimal Fear
Primal FearJaws of Death
Primal FearNuclear Fire
Primal FearBlack Sun
Primal FearThe History of Fear
Primal FearDevil's Ground
Primal FearSeven Seals
Primal FearNew Religion
Primal Fear16.6
Primal FearUnbreakable
Primal FearDelivering the Black
Primal FearRulebreaker
Primal Rock RebellionAwoken Broken
Prime TimeThe Unknown
Prime TimeThe Miracle
Prime TimeFree the Dream
PrivateerThe Traitors
Prodigal EarthZenith II Zero
Prodigal SonsOn Our Last Day
ProfanatorLibido Clerico
ProfeciaVII Veces VII
ProgrediorAre You Ready?
Project ArcadiaA Time of Changes
ProjectoCrown of Ages
PromisesIn the Pharmacy
ProtectorLeviathan's Desire
ProtectorWelcome to Fire
ProtectorUrm the Mad
ProtectorA Shedding of Skin
ProtectorThe Heritage
ProtectorReanimated Homunculus
ProtectorCursed And Coronated
Prowlers, TheRe-Evolution
Prozack StapleThe Calm Behind the Chaos
Psy VoynyVne Proigrysha (Out of Loss)
PsychopunchKamikadze Love Reducer
Psychotic WaltzA Social Grace
Psychotic WaltzInto the Everflow
Psychotic WaltzMosquito
Psychotic WaltzBleeding
Psychotic WaltzLive & Archives
Psychotic WaltzA Social Grace / Mosquito box
Psychotic WaltzInto the Everflow / Bleeding box
PsychotronPray for Salvation
Psyco DramaThe Illusion
Psyco DramaBent
PulsBigbit Je v Nas
PumpAgainst Everyone's Advice
Pure Inc.A New Day's Dawn
Pure Inc.Parasites And Worms
PurgatoryTied to the Trax
PushRunning to the Top
PyracandaTwo Sides of a Coin
PyramazeMelancholy Beast
PyramazeLegend of the Bone Carver
PyramazeDisciples of the Sun
PyramidThe Immaculate Lie
Q5Steel the Light
Q5When the Mirror Cracks
Q5New World Order
QanticeThe Phantonauts
QuartzAgainst All Odds
QuartzStand Up And Fight
QuartzFear No Evil
QueenQueen II
QueenSheer Heart Attack
QueenA Night at the Opera
QueenA Day at the Races
QueenNews of the World
QueenThe Game
QueenFlash Gordon
QueenHot Space
QueenThe Works
QueenA Kind of Magic
QueenThe Miracle
QueenMade in Heaven
QueensrycheThe Warning
QueensrycheRage for Order
QueensrycheOperation: Mindcrime
QueensrychePromised Land
QueensrycheHear in the Now Frontier
QueensrycheThe Art of Live
QueensrycheLive in Tokyo
QueensrycheOperation Mindcrime II
QueensrycheTake Cover
QueensrycheAmerican Soldier
QueensrycheDedicated to Chaos
QueensrycheCondition Hüman
Queensryche (US)Frequency Unknown
QuelonioVicio Y Virtud
Quiet RiotMetal Health
Quiet RiotAlive And Well
Quiet RiotBang Thy Head
Quiet RiotRehab
Quiet RiotQR III
Quiet RiotRoad Rage
Quiet RiotTerrified
Quiet RiotCondition Critical
Quiet RiotDown to the Bone
Quiet RiotQuiet Riot
Quiet RiotQuiet Riot II
Quiet RiotQuiet Riot I
Quiet Room, TheIntrospect
Quiet Room, TheReconceive
R-GeniumKuda Privodyat Mechty (Where Dreams Lead)
R.I.P. SoldierThe True Soldiers Never Die
Ra's DawnScales of Judgement
Racer XStreet Lethal
Racer XSuperheroes
Racer XGetting Heavier
Racer XSecond Heat
Racer XTechnical Difficulties
Rachels CovenRachels Coven
RadakkaMalice And Tranquility
RadakkaRequiem for the Innocent
RadianceUndying Diabolyca
RageReign of Fear
RageExecution Guaranteed
RagePerfect Man
RageSecrets in a Weird World
RageReflections of a Shadow
RageExtended Power
RageBeyond the Wall
RageThe Missing Link
RageThe Video Link
Rage10 Years in Rage
RageBlack in Mind
RageLingua Mortis
RageEnd of All Days
RageHigher Than the Sky
RageLive from the Vault
RageIn Vain edit I
RageIn Vain edit II
RageIn Vain edit III
RageLingua Mortis (live video)
RageWelcome to the Other Side
Rage20 Years Anniversary - From the Cradle to the Stage
RageSpeak of the Dead
RageCarved in Stone
RageFull Moon in st. Petersburg (CD)
RageGib Dich Nie Auf
RageStrings to a Web
RageThe Soundchaser Archives
RageThe Devil Strikes Again
RageSeasons of the Black
Rage of AngelsRage of Angels
Rage of RomanceRage of Romance
Raging StormRaging Storm
RailwayRailway II
RailwayPersecution Mania
RainBigditch 4707
RainbowRitchie Blackmore's Rainbow
RainbowOn Stage
RainbowLong Live Rock'n'Roll
RainbowDown to Earth
RainbowDifficult to Cure
RainbowStraight Between the Eyes
RainbowBent Out of Shape
RainbowStranger in Us All
RainbowLive in Munich 1977
RainbowBlack Masquerade
RainspawnNo Escape
RaintimeFlies & Lies
Raising FearEternal Creed
RampartVoice of the Wilderness
Random DamageRandom Damage
RankelsonHungry for Blood
RankelsonThe Bastards of Rock 'n' Roll
Rapid TearsHonestly / Cry for Mercy
RapidfireSettle the Score
Rata BlancaRata Blanca
Rata BlancaEl Libro Occulto
Rata BlancaEntre el Cielo Y el Inferno
Rata BlancaEl Camino del Fuego
Rata BlancaThe Forgotten Kingdom
RavenMind Over Metal
RavenEverything Louder
RavenArchitect of Fear
RavenRock Until You Drop
RavenOne for All
RavenNothing Exceeds Like Excess
RavenWalk through Fire
RavenWiped Out
RavenAll for One
RavenThe Pack Is Back
RaventhroneEndless Conflict Theorem
Rawhead RexxRawhead Rexx
Rawhead RexxDiary in Black
RazorArmed And Dangerous
RazorExecutioner's Song
RazorEvil Invaders
RazorMalicious Intent
RazorCustom Killing
RazorViolent Restitution
RazorShotgun Justice
RazorOpen Hostility
Razor FistMetal Minds
RazorbackAnimal Anger
RazormaidFirst Cutt
RDKarusel' Epoh (Carrousel of Epochs)
Re-AnimatorCondemned to Eternity
Re-AnimatorThat Was Then... This Is Now
Re-VisionWhore Venus
ReaccionFuerza Plena
ReactorFarewell to Reality
ReactorA Short Fairy Tale
Readman, DavidDavid Readman
RealmEndless War
ReanimaciaRassvet (Dawn)
Reaper (Germany)The Years Within
Reaper (Germany)Beyond All Time
Reaper (Germany)An Atheist Monument
RebellionBorn a Rebel
RebellionA Tragedy in Steel - Shakespeare's Macbeth
RebellionSagas of Iceland
RebellionMiklagard - The History of Vikings part II
RebellionArise: from Ragnarok to Ginnungagap, The History of the Vikings volume III
RebellionArminius - Furor Teutonicus
RebellionWyrd Bið Ful Aræd – The History of the Saxons
RebellionA Tragedy in Steel part II: Shakespeare's King Lear
Reckless TideHelleraser
Red CircuitTrance State
Red CircuitHomeland
Red CircuitHaze of Nemesis
Red DawnPlohoe Predchuvstvie (Bad Presentiment)
Red SquareRed Square (Krasnaya Ploshad')
Red WarlockServe Your Master
Red WineEl Fin de los Tiempos
Red WineCenizas
RedemptionThe Fullness of Time
RedemptionSnowfall on Judgment Day
RedemptionThe Origins of Ruin
RedemptionThis Mortal Coil
RedemptionThe Art of Loss
RedkeyRage of Fire
RedoxForgotten Nature
RedrumPower Corrupts
Redrum (Greece)No Turning Back
RedstormNo Exception of a Victim of Crime
ReeceUniversal Language
Reece KronlundSolid
ReflectionThe Fire Still Burns...
Regimedemo 1991+3
Reign of Terror, TheSacred Ground
Reign of Terror, TheConquer & Divide
Reign of Terror, TheSecond Coming
ReinxeedWelcome to the Theater
ReinxeedA New World
Released AngerFaces of Fate
RenacerSenderos del Alma
Renegade (Italy)Straight to the Top
Renegade (Italy)W:A:R
Renegade (Italy)Thunder Knows No Mercy
Renstrom, RickUntil the Bitter End
ReptilianCastle of Yesterday
Requiem (Finland)The Arrival
Requiem (Finland)Mask of Damnation
Requiem (Russia)Obnovlyonnyy Mir (Renewed World)
RestlessHeart Attack
RestlessWe Rock the Nation
Restless BreedNo Walls Can Hold: The Demo Anthology
Resurrection KingsResurrection Kings
RetriemBelyy Gorod (White Town)
RevengeRhapsody from Brontoland
RevoltonsNight Visions
RevoltonsUnderwater Bells
Revoltons386 High Street North: Come Back to Eternity
Revolution RenaissanceNew Era
Revolution RenaissanceAge of Aquarius
Revolution RenaissanceTrinity
RewardBreak Out
RhapsodyLegendary Tales
RhapsodySymphony of Enchanted Lands
RhapsodyDawn of Victory
RhapsodyEternal Glory And Land of Immortals demos
RhapsodyRain of a Thousand Flames
RhapsodyPower of the Dragonflame
RhapsodyEmerald Sword Saga
RhapsodyThe Dark Secret
RhapsodySymphony of Enchanted Lands Part 2 - The Dark Secret
RhapsodyTales from the Emerald Sword Saga
RhapsodyAscending to Infinity
RhapsodyPrometheus: Symphonia Ignis Divinus
Rhapsody of FireTriumph Or Agony
Rhapsody of FireThe Frozen Tears of Angels
Rhapsody of FireThe Cold Embrace of Fear - A Dark Romantic Symphony
Rhapsody of FireFrom Chaos to Eternity
Rhapsody of FireDark Wings of Steel
Rhapsody of FireInto the Legend
RhevanDrunk with the Blood of Saints
RiddlemasterBring the Magik Down
Ride the SkyNew Protection
RiderDavid Thompson's Rider
RiffRuedas de Metal
Riff-RaffRock'n'Roll Mutation vol.1
Riff-RaffLeaving D.C.
RigerRiger (Der Wanderer)
Rigor MortisRigor Mortis
Ring of FireThe Oracle
Ring of FireDreamtower
Ring of FireBurning Live in Tokyo
Ring of FireLapse of Reality
Ring of FireBattle of Leningrad
Ring, TheTales from Midgard
Rio, Jose DelJourney into the Fourth Dimension
RiotThe Breathren of the Long House
RiotSons of Society
RiotThrough the Storm
RiotThe Privilege of Power
RiotArmy of One
RiotImmortal Soul
Riot on MarsFirst Wave
RipioEn Alguna Parte de Este Mundo... Volvere
RipioVengador de Perdedore
Ripper...And the Dead Shall Rise
Rising ForceBirth of the Sun
Rising ForceRising Force
Rising ForceMarching Out
Rising ForceOdyssey
Rising ForceWar to End All Wars
Rising ForceAlchemy
Rising ForceAttack!!
Rising ForceUnleash the Fury
Rising ForcePerpetual Flame
Rising ForceSpellbound
Rising KingdomCurse of Mind
RiskThe Daily Horror News
RiskHell's Animals
RiskDirty Surfaces
RiskThe Reborn
Ritual SpiritRitual Spirit
Ritual SteelBlitz Invasion
Ritual SteelInvincible Warriors
River of ChangeWhere Reality Cannot Enter
RiversideAnno Domini High Definition
RiversideMemories in My Head
RiversideShrine of New Generation Slaves
RiversideLove, Fear And the Time Machine
RiversideEye of the Soundscape
RizonSudden Life
RizonPower Plant
Rock'n'Raw Bottled BandNa Dne Butylki (At the Bottom of the Bottle)
Rock, RobRage of Creation
Rock, RobEyes of Eternity
Rock, RobHoly Hell
Rock, RobGarden of Chaos
Rock, RobThe Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta
Rocka RollasThe War of Steel Has Begun
Rocka RollasMetal Strikes Back
Rocka RollasThe Road to Destruction
Rods, TheLet Them Eat Metal
Rods, TheThe Rods
Rods, TheWild Dogs
Rods, TheIn the Raw
RokoOpen Invitation
RokoThink About Tomorrow
Romanoff, IgorUgarochki
Romeo, MichaelThe Dark Chapter
Rondat, PatrickOn the Edge
RondinelliOur Cross - Our Sins
Room with a ViewCollecting Shells at Lighthouse Hill
Rosae CrucisFede Potere Vendetta
Rose TattooPain
Rose TattooScarred for Life
Rose TattooRose Tattoo
Rose TattooAssault And Battery
Rose TattooSouthern Stars
Rose TattooBeats from a Single Drum
Rose TattooBlood Brothers
Ross the BossNew Metal Leader
Ross the BossHailstorm
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: Beyond the Horizon
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: A Line in the Sand
Roth, David LeeDavid Lee Roth (video)
Roth, Uli JonTranscendental Sky Guitar (The Dragon / The Phoenix)
Roth, Uli JonMetamorphosis
Roth, Uli JonUnder a Dark Sky
Rotting ChristPassage to Arcturo
Rotting ChristTriarchy of the Lost Lovers
Rotting ChristA Dead Poem
Rotting ChristSleep of the Angels
Rotting ChristKhronos
Rotting ChristGenesis
Rotting ChristSanctus Diavolos
Rotting ChristThy Mighty Contract
Rotting ChristNon Serviam
Rotting ChristTheogonia
Rotting ChristAealo
Rotting ChristΚατά Τον Δαίμονα Του Εαυτού
Rough SilkRoots of Hate
Rough SilkWalls of Never
Rough SilkCircle of Pain... Or: the Secret Lies of Timekeeping
Rough SilkMephisto
Rough SilkBeyond the Sundown
Rough SilkSymphony of Life
Rough SilkEnd of Infinity
Rough SilkA New Beginning
Royal HuntLand of Broken Hearts
Royal HuntClown in the Mirror
Royal HuntMoving Target
Royal HuntLive in Japan
Royal HuntLive in Japan (video)
Royal HuntParadox
Royal HuntParadox (US)
Royal HuntClosing the Chapter
Royal HuntClosing the Chapter (video)
Royal Hunt1993-1997
Royal HuntFear
Royal HuntIntervention
Royal HuntThe Mission
Royal HuntThe Watchers
Royal HuntEye Witness
Royal HuntPaper Blood
Royal Hunt2006 Live
Royal HuntCollision Course - Paradox II
Royal HuntA Life to Die for
Royal HuntX
Royal HuntShow Me How to Live
Royal HuntDevil's Dozen
Rude AwakeningSilent Cry
Rude AwakeningA Tribute to Thin Lizzy
Rudess, JordanFeeding the Wheel
Rudess, JordanRhythm of Time
Rudess, Jordan4NYC
Rudess, JordanPrime Cuts
Rudess, JordanThe Road Home
Rudess, JordanAll That Is Now
Rudess, JordanExplorations
RuinationVisionary Breed
RulerEvil Nightmares
Runaways, TheThe Runaways
Runaways, TheWaitin' for the Night
Runaways, TheQueens of Noise
Running WildGates to Purgatory
Running WildBranded And Exiled
Running WildBlack Demons on Stage
Running WildUnder Jolly Roger
Running WildReady for Boarding
Running WildPort Royal
Running WildLive in Bochum
Running WildDeath Or Glory
Running WildWild Animal
Running WildDeath Or Glory (video, live)
Running WildBlazon Stone
Running WildLittle Big Horn
Running WildLive & Rare (Live in Hannover / Bochum)
Running WildLead Or Gold
Running WildPile of Skulls
Running WildLive in Zurich (video)
Running WildThe Privateer
Running WildBlack Hand Inn
Running WildMasquerade
Running WildThe Rivalry
Running WildVictory
Running WildThe Brotherhood
Running WildActivities in the Pirate's Hideout / Brotherhood Live
Running Wild20 Years in History
Running WildRogues en Vogue
Running WildThe Final Jolly Roger
Running WildShadowmaker
Running WildResilient
Running WildRapid Foray
RustShoot Them Higher
RuthlessMetal Without Mercy
S.A.D.O.Dirty Fantasy
S.O.D.Speak English Or Die
S.O.D.Bigger Than the Devil
SabatonPrimo Victoria
SabatonAttero Dominatus
SabatonThe Art of War
SabatonCoat of Arms
SabatonCarolus Rex
SabatonThe Last Stand
SabbatMourning Has Broken
SabbatThe End of the Beginning (video)
SabbatHistory of a Time to Come
SabbatDreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays)
Sabbat (Japan)Karmagmassacre
Sabbat (Japan)...To Praise the Sabbatical Queen
SabbtailNight Church
SabotageHoka Hey
SabotageRumore Nel Vento
SabotazhNe.Soblaznyay.Nebo (Don't.Tempt.Sky)
SabotazhParus Major
Sacrament (US)Haunts of Violence
Sacrament (US)Testimony of Apocalypse
Sacred BloodThe Battle of Thermopylae: The Chronicle
Sacred BloodAlexandros
Sacred CrucifixAeon of Chaos
Sacred GateWhen Eternity Ends
Sacred GuardianSacred Guardian
Sacred HeartThe Vision
Sacred OathDarkness Visible
Sacred OathSacred Oath
Sacred OathWorld on Fire
Sacred OathFallen
Sacred ReichThe American Way
Sacred ReichSurf Nicaragua
Sacred ReichIndependent
Sacred ReichIgnorance
Sacred ReichHeal
Sacred SinnerSacred Sinner
Sacred SteelReborn in Steel
Sacred SteelSlaughter Prophecy
Sacred SteelIron Blessings
Sacred SteelHammer of Destruction
Sacred SteelCarnage Victory
Sacred SteelHeavy Metal Sacrifice
SacrificeTorment in Fire
SacrificeForward to Termination
SacrificeSoldiers of Misfortune
SacrificeApocalypse Inside
SacrilegeBehind the Realms of Madness
SacrilegeWithin the Prophecy
SacrilegeTurn Back Trilobite
Sad LegendSad Legend
SadistAbove the Light
SadistSeason in Silence
SadusIllusions (Chemical Exposure)
SadusSwallowed in Black
SadusA Vision of Misery
SadusElements of Anger
SaekoAbove Heaven Below Heaven
SaffireFrom Ashes to Fire
Sage's RecitalSage's Recital
Sage's RecitalThe Winter Symphony
SagittariusVoice of Doom / Loahpa Jienat
SagittariusSainity of Madness
Saidian...For Those Who Walk the Path Forlorn
SaintTime's End
SaintToo Late for Living
Saint DeamonIn Shadows Lost from the Brave
Saint DeamonPandeamonium
Sainted SinnersBack with a Vengeance
Sainted SinnersSainted Sinners
SaintsbleedThe Mighty Monster
SalamandraTwilight of Legends
SamaelWorship Him
SamaelCeremony of Opposites
Sanction-XThe Last Day
SanctuaryRefuge Denied
SanctuaryInto the Mirror Black
SanctuaryThe Year the Sun Died
SandalinasFly to the Sun
SandalinasLiving on the Edge
SandstoneDelta Viridian
SangaraSimfoniya Zla (Symphony of Evil)
Sanguis Et CinisSchicksal
Santa MariaSea Serenade
Santa MariaZhizn' na Grane (Living on the Edge)
SanvoisenExotic Ways
SanvoisenSoul Seasons
SaratanThe Cult of Vermin
SarayaWhen the Blackbird Sings...
Sarcasm (Slovenia)Igra Narave / Crematory
Sarcasm (Slovenia)Revolt
SarcofagoThe Laws of Scourge
Sargant FuryStill Want More
Sargant FuryLittle Fish
Sargant FuryTurn the Page
SarissaMasters of Sins
SatanSuspended Sentence
SatanCourt in the Act
SatanLife Sentence
SatanAtom by Atom
Satan's HostMetal from Hell
Satanic RitesWhich Way the Wind Blows
Satanic RitesNo Use Crying
SatroxHeaven Sent
SatyriconThe Shadowthrone
SatyriconDark Medieval Times
SatyriconNemesis Divina
SatyriconRebel Extravaganza
SatyriconNow, Diabolical
SatyriconTen Horns - Ten Diadems
SatyriconThe Age of Nero
SatyriconDeep Calleth Upon Deep
Savage CircusDreamland Manor
Savage Circus<