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October 17th, 2018
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Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts

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Shadow Gallery'2009

Digital GhostsRelease by: InsideOutMusic

Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. With Honor


2. Venom


3. Pain


4. Gold Dust


5. Strong


6. Digital Ghost


7. Haunted


With Honor
Guns slung low and taught
Iron fists re-grip and tighten down
Pressing hard and close
Scanning eyes alive search all around
Unleash hell and fire
Raining chaos crashing in
The screaming in the streets calling far away
I taste the shock
The perfume of this war

Far away - Far away
I stand and dream of going home
Far away - Far away
I lay down in this mess
I'm scared and brave as stone

Foreign lands of sinking sands
So strange and unfamiliar
And Holden to the code of honor
Bound to defend
We are strong
Believe the warrior inside
Won't turn away
With honor we will not turn away

Don't forget about God's reason to be
It's all arranged
The ancient call
To one and all
Take arms and go
Don't you forget about it
Don't even set your mind to roam

Desert wind blows hot save for the night time
Turn your gaze to the mirage
A simple word can't describe the ruins
And you're burdened with the questions now at hand
They turn to dust

Sorrowful the dirge
The song
The wailing of the wounded
No respite from the battle at the
Edge of the fray
Night is falling
There's been funeral pyres
Been burning on for lifetimes
With honor we will not walk away

Keyboard solo - Gary

Harmony guitar solo - Gary

Guitar solo - Brian / Gary

When Consolation wears a hidden smile (hidden smile)

I erase my yesterdays
(All of them - every one)

And all my complaints fade into gray
(Fade to gray - fade, fading)

My faith aligned with my fate
(My spirit soars - I see your face)

Over again I set my aim
To the place that I call

Tension never lets
Always on the edge and on the guard
Never dream of sleep
Wayward flares illuminate the dark
Hold the line and run
Random sniper fire sends shots
I'm hurdling the snares
Trying to cripple me
Against bloodshot sky
And watching moon

Far away - Far away
We hunker down and disappear
Far away - Far away
In black we're waiting:
For the daybreak
And the earth shake
For sunrise

Heroes bleed the same as you
When smitten with the combat
You swallow fury
With every breath
Every breath
Set the flag and carry on
And carry on into unknown
With honor we will not walk away
Home some day
It was a cold night
But by the dawn's light
The city streets began to swell and crawl
I emerge then
From the alley
The tempest spirit now in my sight
Well I have seen you
You walk the wire
Oh yes I know you very well
You've got place in the Hamptons
Jet off to London
The threads are Italian
How very expensive

But oh you wear them well
As you serpentine

I am the bringer of the rain
And the foreteller of the pain
The end of days is near at hand
When God returns your just reward
Gets paid in Venom

Guitar Solo - Brendt

I will be with the others
When the day breaks
As the earth shakes
I will be with the numbers
When the earth breaks
Open for you

"Oh you kill me well it's quite amusing
I am drawn to your strength yeah you really believe
All the churning and discerning anger hatred and resentment
Bet you've gone catatonic yeah right on over the edge"

Guitar solo - Brendt

And the greed of hell
Burns like gasoline

No ransom for your petty soul
I wipe your ashes from your gold
The end of days is near at hand
When all that was becomes a vapor
Slain by Venom

I wrap a curse around your throat
God's wrath reserved through time for you
"How dare you proselytize me
I run the show you fool"
"Hell hath no fury"
Completely blind
"I ride the golden rail"
"From where?"
"I wait"
And so you ask and shall receive

Vengeance upon all evil men
Your time has come
All will repent

Guitar Solo - Brendt

All the riches all the gold
"Why so bitter mortal man?"
Gain the world loose your soul
"I am lion you are lamb"
Stallions from the sky
Hellfire rain and demons fly
From those of us sent here
To kill your false religion now
All the riches all the gold
"Into the wasteland of my life"
All the riches all the gold
"I lie in waiting here"
Day turn endless night
Burned alive and scream
The end of days you're all alone
When Jesus mighty from his throne
Drowns you in Venom

Harmony guitar solo - Brendt

Keyboard solos - Gary

Gloria Agnus Dei
Of all the stories that have ever been written
I've been assailed
Right off the page
Winter fell across the floor in silence
I just stopped and wondered why

Well it's a cold and strange sad situation
Off the shore tossed by by the waves
My every other word misunderstood why
I'd ever speak out loud again

Clinging on so tight
I bled my hands
I draw the shades
And hang my head and run

All those simple things
Essential to me
You cast aside
To go and be alone

You can't see the way I grieve
Love's the air I need to breath
I hope you understand
Just need to find myself again
I see no choice but leaving
So tired of flying alone

On the battlefield
You were never there beside me
Who will I be if I recover from this?
I'm not the enemy
There's so much good inside me
The real you left and never came back home

Round and round oh
There is a rhythm where
Two hearts should meet
A sense of comfort and
A point of common ground

To have and then to hold and then to cry
And then to break upon the waves

You see me through dark eyes
That color me wrong
Immersed inside a world
Where charity dies

And what of all that talk of
How two become one and
I hope you understand
Just need to find some grace again
There seems to be no reason
Rejected off and away

On the battlefield
You were never there beside me
Who will I be should I recover from this?
There are no enemies
Just death of love inside me
The bitter truth of this has come back home

Guitar and keyboard solos - Gary
Gold Dust
You and I
Lie awake for hours
Separated by the world
Well I can't see you
You can't see me
But somehow I can feel you
Slip inside my soul

Gold dust in my hands and always in my eyes
I wait in the desert for you
Moonbeams on my waves and always in my skies
I close my eyes as I'm soaring for you
You float you're a dream you take my hand and we run
We run we run
'Cause you are the one

Guitar solo - Brendt

So lucid alone I crystallize all my thoughts
Resolute I spin my compass as I chart my course
Onward through the haze you know I feel you
I reach out through the black you know I feel you
So torrid the dream this could be so unreal
Who says I can't feel just what I want to feel
You trip through my skies I'm captivated
One look in those eyes I'm captivated

One lone silhouette is frozen dancing in time
Out over the edge out over the line
Who are you?
I'm questioning you
And who am I?
Who am I?
All this so lavishly displayed
(Won't you come over to my side)
Pure essence I can't turn away
(Only if you're in the light - in my life)

Gold dust in my hands and always in my eyes
I wait in the desert for you
Moonbeams on my waves and always in my skies
I close my eyes as I'm soaring for you
You float you're a dream you take my hand and we run
We run we run
'Cause you are the one

Keyboard solo - Vivian
Guitar Solo - Gary

Cold night on the mountain top
And it's the dead of the winter and the
Snow and the ice swirlin' all around
But we're not climbing down
From the top of the tower
We are filled with the power of our age

Young and proud
Hard and loud
On the wing
You know?

There are those that talk the talk
But fail when fire burns them
(They are weak)
What gives you strength
What gives you courage for tomorrow
Is inside
We learned to let experience go turn us into men

Concrete running through our veins
And it's the still of the morning long
Before dawn has broken
Hangin' so listless
Deep in the wilderness
We ride so silent and focused
All the rest of the world
Can fade to grey

In the dark
From the heart
Take the fight
All our might
And on

The boys are tough as nails and
Killer under pressure
(The time has come)
To kill the king cause we are heading for tomorrow
On the run
We gotta let the anger burn until the bitter dawn

I've just never known nobody quite as strong

Keyboard solo - Gary

Guitar solo - Brendt

So silent stands the archer
Silent in the rain
You just don't breath
Draw back waiting for the kill shot
Street walking again

And then
We've been goin' all night
Fists pumped in the air
Time to sigh no more
Sing hail to the Chief and scream

One for all
All for one

All for one
Rise or Fall

Guitar solo - Srdjan

Keyboard solo - Gary
Digital Ghost
I believe in the afterlife
We walk the ancient pathways of the sky
Through the Heavens hallowed halls
Cross the epochs and the eons carved in time
Our drift through life is mist
A smoke filled mirror gone
Returned to dust
There's a chill in the air tonight
As what once was has passed on through
And gone

Enduring anthems crossing
Time and crossing miles
Charismatic countenance
Upon a distant fading smile
I walked for hours and
I never felt the rain
And through your window
Just your shadow will remain
Only your shadow remains

Ashes to ashes they say
Then dust to dust
And what was unbroken divides
And the answer to this mortality walking on by
The circle remains here my friend
We guard it with trust
And cast what remains to the sea
In our wailing we will suffer
No last goodbye

The empty days go by
Fending off the slow decline of fall
Raise your head up high
And let the sorrow sing into your soul
Oh I'm never gonna be the same
Echoes of this ghost song fade away

Enduring anthems crossing
Time and crossing miles
Sail on forever sail unto
Your rest from trials
Sing songs of wisdom sing that
Chilling last refrain
And through your window
Just your shadow will remain
Only your shadow remains

You chart
Your life into
A tidy little graph of where you've been
All you've seen

But then
There suddenly comes a day
You reach the end but only to
The life you knew

Guitar solo - Brendt
Between the whispers
A lonely candle flickers and it slowly fades
Into its grave
And as if knowing
Enchantment slowly runs her fingers down my spine
A jagged line

Who waits for me
Now who waits for me
Who waits so long so long so long

And shall I wait for dawn won't come
Or shall I sink into myself

All is disquiet
A dark assassin spirit draws back from the room
Time folds in two
I've vexed him surely
I'm ravaged by my need for light
It's all I feel all I see
I live and breathe and cry and die
For love

And shall I cast composure down
And shall I wait forevermore
I hear so sorrowful a sound

Maybe in time I'll fly away
And trade these wings in for a life

A life where I am stronger and
A place where there's no sleepless nights
Or Moonlit arches cover me
These paintings and these statues stare
Chastised and imprisoned here alone
Under your stairs

Guitar solo - Gary

Keyboard/Guitar solo - Gary

So was it all worth it?
To sing out my song and to scream
I had the fire
The passion and will
My dedication mistaken for disloyalty
I'm lost in the heavens
Statue in time
Like ghosts in a prison
And come undone

And all those living out their lives in company of riders
Silent and deliberate as they're counting out their coin
I just can't relinquish my opinion that I'm so much different
Insolent their sins have drug them down into the deep
The deep
The deep

The race not to the swift
The prize she just never fell right to the brave
A long long time ago
And somewhere lost in all the rage
I was just a brush stroke away
And the wind has caught the sails
No one who's ever knelt here before
Has stopped to count up the cost
They're gone gone lost in time
Can love be so indulgent that it blinds you to your faith?

And in the end the weight is all but lifted off
The stars continue on their course
And you fall away
Fall away
And it all comes around
Another good man goes down
He floods away

Sorrow cannot bind me like the common thief
I'll come out and I'll shine
Just like a caustic ray of light

All of the raised here the choirs alive
It's just a matter of words spoke out over the river of time

Gone off to war or gone off to hate
You see me brandish the torch and
The sword of your fate is real

I walk alone through the spiritless void
All account of my love oh
My sweet flowing love lost in vain
On and on... and on and on
Brian Ashland - vocal, guitar
Brendt Allman - guitar, bass guitar, keys, vocal
Gary Wehrkamp - guitar, bass guitar, keys, vocal, drums
Carl Cadden-James - bass guitar, vocal
Joe Nevolo (Joey Nevolo) - drums

Ralf Scheepers - vocal
Clay Barton - vocal
Vivien Lalu - keys
Srdjan Brankovic - guitar
Ricky Dean Fisher - back-vocal
John Zadeh - back-vocal
Jim Roberti - back-vocal
Mike Strunk - back-vocal
Gene Oliver - back-vocal
Produced by Gary Wehrkamp.

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