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February 18th, 2019
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Trick Or Treat - Evil Needs Candy Too

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Trick Or Treat'2005

Evil Needs Candy TooRelease by: Adrenaline Records

Trick Or Treat - Evil Needs Candy Too
The length can be different in the booklet, in the player and on the different disks.
1. It's Snack Time


2. Evil Needs Candy Too


3. Time for Us All


4. Like Donald Duck


5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun
    (by Cindy Lauper.)


6. Joyful in Sadness


7. Sunday Morning in London


8. Who Will Save the Hero


9. Back As a Pet


10. Perfect Life


11. Back to Life


12. Neverending Story


It's Snack Time
Evil Needs Candy Too
We are convict forever in a lonely world
We are immortal after every show

Our life is full of evil and pain
the joy, my dear, we'll never see
but we have a secret in our hidden-place

Deep in our room
we haven't only skeletons
Human flesh is very good but we eat also other things
Into the closet you will hear "crunch"
We are eating fastly our lunch
We're so greedy 'cause
Evil needs candy too...
Evil needs candy too!

Unpleasant time in the night when you stay awake
In front of TV you eat so much ice cream

We cannot kill the people in peace
If you dissuade us with your cakes
Smell of candy is more godd than blood
"Please, throw it away!!"


solo guitars

We love to eat children, their stomach is full of sugaries and chocolate
Their parents neglect them and the next child will come soon!

Time for Us All
Take my hand, chiromancer
I wanna say what will happen to me
Maybe I'll be millionaire? (I wanna know)

Every night in my dreams
I can see, I can feel
Many "whys" many things they scream in my mind
Every day in my thoughts
I can see I can feel
Many "why"? many things
1) they make a hole in me
2) always they're obsessing me

I always buy journals and I read the horoscope everyday
Searching for some advice (by the stars)



Who knows the time for us all
How many times to understand
One day the answer you will find
Don't you stand (don't you stand)

solo: Guido / Cabri / both

I search in every place
Everyday and every night
I search in all that ways the answer isn't found
Why don't you want to help me?
I think I'm going mad
The question is the same everywhere

Like Donald Duck
Welcome into my tale
I think it's like a game but I swear if you laugh
I'll put you inside a microwave!
Now have you understood?
Listen to me until the end the story is not too long
And I'll tell you through my song

Yesterday, I went to the market
I bought a beautiful shirt
It was very expansive and ill luck was near
Outside there was a big carpet and a child stumbled over it
He spilled on me his colored ink and fuck, fuck everything!!

Why am I always fucked?
I can't find my sure way the people tell me I'm a grumbler
Only you Daisy Duck stay together with me and I love you today and again and again
I think my life is a joy when you are with me my problems are all closed outdoors
But when I am alone I make only disasters It's true I am like Donald Duck

Now I throw away my shirt
I'm very, very hurt
I've lost big wallet's part, oh Daisy forgive me!!!
I have another one this is not very funny it happened this morning when I went to the park

I met a pretty girl and she was looking for me
I didn't want to make it but she came near me she said to me "I want you"
I said to her "I need you" she kissed me and... ha ha! don't worry I'm making fun


solo: both

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
(by Cindy Lauper.)
I come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right
Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones
And girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun

The phone rings in the middle of the night
My father yells what you gonna do with your life
Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one
But girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls - they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun

Some boys take a beautiful girl
And hide her away from the rest of the world
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have

That's all they really want
Some fun
When the working day is done
Girls - they want to have fun
Oh girls just want to have fun,
They want to have fun,
They want to have fun...
Joyful in Sadness
Silence is all around me
Recalls are monsters that I can't see
divided by uncertainties where is the chance to set me free?
Looking at the empty shadows tryin' to find out you left behind
The past is the same trouble fighting the secrets close in my mind

I'm screaming my own
I'm searching for this evil one

When you can't understand where is your happy hand you may search to find joyful in sadness
When your strengths are in vain when you feel only pain you may search to be joyful in sadness
I found a new direction when looking for my peace of mind
This place with no compassion is going to leave you forever more
Lookin' at your empty shadow
I see the darkness of your thoughts
The past will get you in trouble
Destroying your wishes that I know

You're feeling alone
You're falling and justice is done

solo: Cabri / Guido / both

Sunday Morning in London
Today, maybe it's going to rain cloudy like all the things
I keep close inside my mind
The shine, I hope (it) shows me the way
Like the winds with the waves sweep away all my fears

Now I feel like something strange
I'm realizing the truth
Now I can see, everything strange

Sunday morning in London to take my dreams
Sunday morning in London to reach all my ways what's the future for me?
No more time and we'll see

My friends, many beautiful time,
Only fun and jokes, didn't think 'bout tomorrow
Sometimes, I am sad and alone
Only your recalls give me strength to go on



How can I follow the shine?
I'm not sure of my choice
I can change all my life but not myself

Who Will Save the Hero
I tried but I had only illusions
Now I know people's goodness is a big lie
All of you have two hands to take
Only favors without thanks
But the guilt of it all is mine
I can see all your eyes searching only me
Every trouble, was my trouble
I am sure I've spent my life to save your souls
I became a burned star
I remember when you called me "hero"

Between clouds from the streets
To the underground (Who will save the hero)
When he gave all his strength
To save our souls (Who will save the hero)

I can't choose
I'll never be in memories it's too late, I've wasted my days
I am sure I've spent my life to save your souls
I became a burned star
I remember when you called me "hero"
I see them they are asking for a new hero
I see you preparing to help them
And now I am laughing 'cause you don't know
You'll be forgotten, I am sure there's no place for heroes

solo: Cabri / Guido


We are saved thanks to you
But nobody will save the hero

Back As a Pet
Jumping into my shoes and walk alone the road that others wrote for me
Where I see the faces of the world
I scream we need to take a break to think
We're closed in a cage made of rule that we have followed for all this time
Crushed by the pressure of this life
I think is now the better time to change

Rancour, rage hypocrisy, whispered words inside my ears
Need to twist the wheel of time
To go back where there's no crime

I'm gonna get back as a pet
I want loose the human aspect change the way of my fate, run away
I'm gonna get back as a pet
I want loose the human aspect free my soul from the gray, run away

If you wanna try to be yourself
Don't follow steps they want you'll do
When you've found your way
Begin to walk and see the people
Want to join to you


solo:Guido / Cabri / both

Rancor, greed hypocrisy, whispered words inside my ears
Need to twist the wheel of time
To go back where there's no crime



Perfect Life
Many people live from day to day
Many people put is life on a plan
Many people are waiting for tomorrow
And a few people are at peace with themselves

Inspiration ,concentration, satisfaction, education
Ooh... They're living on our brain
Irritation, desolation, exitation, exaltation
Ooh.. They're covering our freedom

I am searchin' in my life
You are searchin' in your life
He is searchin' in his life
And we aren't peaceful

We have time to feel love and hate every day we dream with open eyes
We can be puppets in politician's hands and thus we must keep close to our strings



solo: Cabri / Guido / Cabri / both

'Cause life is precious and there's only one and we must live it as best we can
We don't be afraid, we never turn back and so, we can play... forever
Back to Life
Many times we see words on the wall telling tears (of) someone
Has lost something to believe in everyday reality got won
There's no way to know where our feelings are fading out

You'll see what you always wanted to be
Taking the way that you want to follow
We have time to watch tomorrow's news
'Cause we'll not understand when fate takes us away

Back to life and leave your past behind
We're the ones that can save ourselves
Turn on the light and go inside your mind
Take a look at yourself and tell that you're there

All the tears the people cried too hard are a sea of blood
And a reason to be reflect(ed) now is time to leave the human race
Made of decadence and cold memories: the essence of pain



solo: both / Guido / Cabri / Guido / Cabri / Guido / both

(variation 1)
What is the reason to carry on?
What is the reason to know?
What is the reason to stand?
Follow the way that you want out fate it's taking your life


(variation 2)
I don't feel warmth in my heart
I don't feel pain inside myself
I try to realize why I'm sinking
There's only (a) fog that surrounds me
Staying on a wall I'm alone and I feel strange to trust my own once again I fall
To see
To be

(variation 3)
Watch me, watch me, watch me
I'm waiting to be deleted but things will never be the same
Watch me, watch me, watch me your waiting is in vain
Feelings are only in your mind
What is the reason to carry on?
What is the reason to know?
This is the season to change the course of sorrow's rising
And at the end we're left only with the things that hurt us

Neverending Story
Alessandro Conti - vocal
Guido Benedetti - guitar
Luca Cabri - guitar
Leone Villani Conti - bass guitar
Nicola Tomei - drums


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